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  1. Factory pushrods are how strong/weak?
  2. Cartek 3X cam adds ~26 RWHP/6 RWTQ over B1 cam in my application!
  3. T1 Cam Install Help
  4. Head and Cam, or Cam and Tuning?????
  5. 54-412-11 CompCam
  6. StealthII Cam
  7. Need Help Troubleshooting Problem: Possible Bent Valve?
  8. first stab @ ls1 head porting pics inside
  9. What is the baddest cam for the LS1?
  10. Can you guess the port inside
  11. cam with itnake and exhuast
  12. to high of compression if...
  13. Technical links and technical discussion forums.
  14. ts@p heads and cam dyno results, but had 1 problem
  15. Trex cam is made for the stock heads right?
  16. What do you think it will put out?
  17. Is it a MUST to pull the heads to install lifters?
  18. LG Motorsports - 02 sensor question (2yrs ago)
  19. Newbie- Advice on overrrrrevved motor?
  20. About halfway through my header/cam/pulley install...
  21. oil on a plug?
  22. 427 small block
  23. What camshaft for a max effort street 408?
  24. best spring for stock pockets
  25. drove car for 1st time w/ x2 cam and other mods.
  26. LS6 conversion???
  27. top end noise...
  28. Ls6 Titanium Retainers
  29. anyone who has bent pushrods, please help
  30. TSP cam fouling plugs, increases idle ** Need help **
  31. oil in the TB?
  32. Need advice for oil
  33. cam and valve spring install completed :)- now o pump and t chain- almost finished!
  34. Need help ASAP, trouble removing cam
  35. 231/237, Pacesetter LT's *vid*
  36. LS1 Oil pump ..
  37. the camshaft & its noise
  38. valve spring question
  39. How long would stock springs last
  40. 224 is in
  41. Choosing a cam!
  42. Anyone have a Vinci accelerated lift cam???
  43. 430rwhp+ guys. What cam and heads are you using??
  44. What to do
  45. Hats off to thunder racing.
  46. Cam and pistons for Big HP
  47. Which cam for Drag
  48. 224/224 .581,112lsa shift points
  49. Post your gas milage on all 400+ rwhp h/c m6 cars
  50. Perfect Cam for this stall
  51. Cincinnati Dyno Day
  52. I Have 224/224 112lsa now I want bigger
  53. TSP Custom 220 Cam: 220/220, .564"/.564", 114 LSA
  54. FM13 Sound clip
  55. Cam is in!!!!
  56. How would the ASA cam run on Hotcam tuning?
  57. a very very newbie question
  58. FM11 Sound Clip
  59. Best internal engine treatment/cleaner/restorer? When should it be done?
  60. All Of My Pp Valve Seals Look The Same?
  61. help me get to 360 rwhp
  62. need Drag cam for 383 stroker
  63. bonehead question ls1 vs ls6
  64. Ticking noise
  65. Warranty Issue
  66. Need info on head studs
  67. Timing HP loss.
  68. I take the key out, CAR WON'T SHUT DOWN!!!
  69. Help ID these heads "CNC2350"
  70. comp cams 212/218 question
  71. Needle bearing stuck to oil drain plug
  72. Heads for 5.3Liter?
  73. Picking a cam...
  74. TSP PP Stage 2 LS1 perimiter bolt head flow numbers!!($999.99)
  75. Harlan sharp rocker arms?
  76. Which heads to go with with 02 Z06 Cam?
  77. Anyone running "The Boss" cam from Vinci?
  78. head bolt solutions???
  79. Cam going in today
  80. g5x3 on a stock GTO??
  81. 6.0L block install
  82. Anybody had experience with the SDPC Double Row HD Timing Chain Set?
  83. How thick are the stock LS1 Head Gaskets?
  84. any one using ASP-KICKER CAM?
  85. Longer pushrods?
  86. ape 427 vs. modding 346........
  87. Anyone have the X1?
  88. torquing down rocker arms question?
  89. GN 3.8 turbo motor swap
  90. Power difference between XE lobes and XER lobes
  91. Absolute Speed Stg 2 5.3L heads are on the way!!
  92. What is this popping noise?
  93. Pics of my FMS Stage 3 Ported LS6 5.7 Heads
  94. LS1 windage trays
  95. 6.0 liter heads
  96. will my new camallow me to raise my RPM redline?
  97. best heads????
  98. Got my cam installed!
  99. Best performing cam for drag strip with stock heads?
  100. Oil on the plug threads!!
  101. Shifted 3-2 at the track...what could I have broken?
  102. Low oil level sending unit.
  103. RPMS wont go down
  104. Few general questions
  105. going with the trex, just a few questions
  106. TEA Stage 2.5 LS6 with LS6, Ported LS6, and Ported LSX
  107. Question about Comp R lifters.
  108. Trying to decide on a cam for my application.
  109. Pics of my APE motor :)
  110. Jittery stock oil pressure gauge...a failing oil pump?
  111. gallant technical performance stage one heads
  112. Tsp 225
  113. 436 stroker with STAGE II heads............
  114. Which CAM to build on...
  115. Bone Stock LS1
  116. Oil pressure
  117. Torque sequence for main caps...
  118. Quick Question..
  119. Want to build a bigger cube ls1
  120. Who in here has used the metal rods from Home Depot to do your cam swap?
  121. How many miles do you XE-R guys have on your valvesprings?
  122. whats the difference? ls6 block-ls1 block?
  123. Cam info
  124. Bought a cam
  125. Hot cam for the Z06
  126. Help me to make a choice!
  127. Free Synthetic Oil!!!
  128. Who runs Crower Rods?
  129. What Causes Spun Bearings?
  130. Dyno Problem @ 5700 RPM
  131. Who Sells Rev Springs???
  132. Here's my LS1 parts list for the very mild rebuild
  133. Help with Cam package selection
  134. Calling Diamond Pistons?
  135. How often will I have to replace valve springs
  136. What is the biggest cam I should go with on my stall
  137. Question About 5.3L Heads
  138. main studs inventory, am i missing parts?
  139. Identifying LS6 cam and springs
  140. Pushrods
  141. ZO6 cam into a stock LS1
  142. Does the LS1 hot cam need a tune?
  143. looking for a good cam
  144. Helacoiling a block, what can it hold?
  145. .927" or .944" Pin Diameter Rods?
  146. Rocker arm questions
  147. HUGE cam that i just bought.......
  148. Eagle 383 Stroker Kit
  149. Why does a solid roller cam make more power than hyd.......
  150. Vortech Head Machining
  151. going to solid roller..??
  152. removing driver side head on a c5?
  153. Flow #'s for AS 5.3's
  154. How long did you have to wait for your TSP Cam to arrive?
  155. Cam for a 400-600 mile a week driver.
  156. Biggest cam??
  157. Aftermarket Cam Prep.
  158. Oil pump bypass???
  159. What do you guys think about this setup?
  160. Any reasons not to put 5.3 heads on an LS1?
  161. Difference in 97 Vette vs. 98 Z28
  162. Need help choosing a cam
  163. Which cam?......
  164. Mounting degree wheel to crank??
  165. Changing out Rod Bolts???
  166. questions for those with a TRex cam
  167. What H/C package are you running?
  168. Problems with 918's and stock retainers
  169. Can you tell a 918 spring from stock by just looking at them?
  170. Max Lift on Z06 springs?
  171. How to Tighten Crank Bolt?
  172. oil gauge
  173. help a newbie with heads
  174. cryoing crank ?
  175. 383/395 all stroke motors
  176. TR230 no tune??????
  177. Big cam users spring question ?
  178. Screeching noise on new engine start up?
  179. 5.7
  180. Hot Rod mags "worlds most extreme ls1s"
  181. ? about Darton block w/ pic
  182. Ok... final decision... help me decide!
  183. Patriot Performace Heads?????
  184. Where is my oil going?
  185. Loud ticking
  186. 5.3,5.7, or6.0l I can't decide!
  187. Advantage to use unported 6.0 heads?
  188. Crane Cams - why the lack of popularity?
  189. buying a LS1 to put in my truck, rebuild questions...
  190. Pics of engine refresh at Don Lee Auto
  191. 386 CI for $2,000.. Should I buy it?
  192. Big cam, no tune?
  193. Base Circle of MMS 229V2 cam
  194. gains from 2.08 to 2.05 valves on stock bore motor?
  195. Common for lifters to die in LS1?
  196. Heads or 4.10' 12-bolt
  197. Injector Orings
  198. The Vinci spring tool is the shit
  199. Cam Powerbands...
  200. how hard to convert to an ls6?
  201. stroker kit?
  202. Hot cam #'s
  203. how much milling off 6.0s for 11:1
  204. DId a cam install this weekend
  205. just finished cam and spring swap.
  206. Valve spring help please.............
  207. A couple of ?
  208. what is the best camshaft
  209. Thinking about Head/Cam...Suggestions please
  210. Weird Compression test results....
  211. Blew my engine PART 2, more PICS....
  212. Looking to buy Ls1...need a lil info
  213. Ported/Polished Heads with Stock Valves
  214. thniking of doing heads cam and intake hae some ?'s
  215. to anyone running a large cam
  216. Total parts cost/machining for a 408 iron block and bottom end?
  217. T Rex Cam Question
  218. stock head cam queston..
  219. decent streetable cams?
  220. Comp 216/220, what lobes??
  221. Mechanics of the Cam
  222. Just finished Cam install!
  223. Mobil 1
  224. pulling oil pan
  225. Which aftermarket head with my trex cam?
  226. cam for my 6.0l
  227. Position for preload???
  228. is regular fuel ok for the LS1 engine
  229. HELP, Does any one know where I can get flycut pistons?
  230. Rear seal?
  231. Need opinions on cylinder wall wear, pics inside 56k warning
  232. 6 liter into my 97 Z
  233. Can the stock locks be used
  234. Looking for a head that flows around 320cc's BUT doesn't cost $3K!
  235. sensor that goes on drivers head?
  236. Broken sensor behind intake
  237. CC978 springs hitting rocker arms?
  238. torque specs on ARP rod bolts and rest of shortblock?
  239. Gapping rings for Diamond nitrous pistons?
  240. Bearings
  241. some cam help please , i am all stock !!! need to change
  242. quick response please
  243. Just installed cam only and have results posted
  244. what should the rev limit be
  245. torqey cam
  246. CNC'd LT4 flow numbers..
  247. What springs are being used for these bigger cams on stock heads?
  248. Stock '00 LS1 cam specs
  249. Question about valvetrain noise
  250. Double REV 1116 Springs