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  1. can i use a g5x3 in a all stock motor??
  2. Manley springs reliablity..
  3. looks like i hit the piston with a valve
  4. CRANE Valvesprings out of Jegs
  5. Patriot Performance Adjustable shaft rockers..
  6. Crank Pulley Installer Tool
  7. Plug Gap Question
  8. Stealth Cam's?
  9. Which cam...need advice
  10. what is the best cam for a 383 stroker?
  11. Started my cam install!!! got a question
  12. Need tips to insure proper valve-train setup
  13. what is the cheapest 383 stroke kit for ls1?
  14. what do yall think???
  15. Mobil 1 & oil leaks
  16. $15k ls1
  17. need cam advise
  18. How does the stock crank gear come off please///
  19. rollmaster install with stock damper
  20. Piston slap in all bore....
  21. Question about PTV clearance with a few cams inside…
  22. Rotating Assembly!!! Need Help Please!!!
  23. Anyone Know????? Cam Question
  24. think i broke something
  25. Cut Pistons w/ Epoxy = Pinging???
  26. My SLP (Rollmaster) Double roller timing set was -2 degrees off
  27. Cartek 3x Cam with Nitrous
  28. Use stock or forged connecting rods for new engine?
  29. PP Race Style Heads
  30. TRex Cam Install, What Am I Forgetting?
  31. Deck height?
  32. Serious vacuum leak, a loud tick, Oil EVERYWHERE!
  33. Cam Install Magnet trick failure
  34. How to use Larry spring compressor tool
  35. Oiling system schematic, anyone know where oil travels first on a LS1
  36. G5x3 with N2O?
  37. MTI cam swap-G1 or R1"??
  38. Cam only Comp XER220, 0.561" lift 113 LS1 anyone tried one?
  39. Piston swap, engine still in car??? 2001 C5
  40. who has only a cam?
  41. Loose rockers?
  42. Cam for Big Cubes. How do I scale up from a 346?
  43. If you're installing a cam this weekend....
  44. Question about Coolant Temp Sensor
  45. ATTENTION: A Cure for ticking
  46. which heads are better patriot 5.3 or patriot cnc ls6
  47. Large cam
  48. Stock lifter preload?
  49. What would be the difference in running these two cams?
  50. c5r will come down in price?
  51. blew my car up
  52. Before and after tuning.
  53. B1 is in
  54. 231/237 can i go supercharged with it
  55. I received my Lunati 935 kit today!!!
  56. Affordable rotating assemblies are just around the corner!
  57. What sensor/plug?
  58. What did we break off on my friends 98 SS while doing the ls6 intake?
  59. C2 or X1
  60. 402 short blocks for under $3500.
  61. Lets play guess this neat part.....
  62. spring help
  63. AFR avalibility?
  64. C5R Alum Block
  65. which gaskets are best for nitrous?
  66. LQ4 pistons hypereutetic?
  67. point me to head gskts
  68. Engine swap, what do I need?
  69. Cam Install-Do my Heads need to come off? I think my shop is dicking me around.
  70. G5X3 owners (Exhaust fumes)
  71. Broke a valvespring
  72. just got new cam and springs want to replace timing chain ??
  73. Perimeter Bolt Options
  74. Let's hear your GM Hot Cam numbers
  75. 02 seats on 98 heads ok??
  76. Car shakes really bad at WOT
  77. hi guys
  78. Two springs removed in two hours....
  79. Cleaning the tops of pistons?
  80. Cam make decent power?
  81. ready to change cams ls6 just not enough
  82. cartek heads?????
  83. Does the TDC method work?
  84. Half way into the cam change.....
  85. Rollmaster double roller + TSP ported LS6 oil pump=no clearence!!!
  86. pondering cam swap...input?
  87. Car is acting up! Need help quick! please!
  88. Checked my valve lash last night
  89. LS1 service/tech questions...
  90. ls6 cam dropping off at 6000
  91. Help me build my 427 . . . details inside
  92. Flat crank shaft for LS1?
  93. Cylinder Compression
  94. What are the symtoms of a broken spring?
  95. What Block Is Stronger Ls1 Or Ls6
  96. Valve spring break in poeriod
  97. heads/cam numbers to be expected from this setup?
  98. What am I forgetting for shortblock swap?
  99. Name this sound...
  100. 7.4 Truck Heads
  101. Head Milled....same gasket???
  102. Heard some horror stories...
  103. can someone check my math (static compression)
  104. Cam ? - I'm afraid to ask -
  105. Do larger cams= valve train noise?
  106. cheapest place to buy new oe lifters or equivalant
  107. Head And Cam Combo To Choose?
  108. My Oil Pressure Sucks
  109. comp 918 dependablility???
  110. Forged Crank Questions
  111. Who in your opinion makes a better custom cam..
  112. 1.8 Rockers lame question
  113. Difference between Fbody and Corvette LS1
  114. Problems starting up
  115. Fan Question
  116. cam for stock engine
  117. 02 valve seals on 00 heads
  118. About to order, pls take a look at my list
  119. loctight + rocker arm bolts
  120. Valvetrain questions, please help me!
  121. Toughest Part Of Cam & Spring Install?
  122. Is there a better stock head cam than 224/228?
  123. Is 427 the biggest available for our cars?
  124. How much HP can stock LS1 block hold up too?
  125. I need head gaskets!
  126. Home much cam with these heads?
  127. "Low Oil" light wont go off
  128. Needed ASAP....
  129. 383 stroker w/ supercharger need your opinions(I'm trying to buy this vette)
  130. 427 Questions.
  131. Big Cam Autos Check In
  132. Think I've got my combo worked out... Except for the cam
  133. oil pump advice..
  134. Another satisfied G5X3 install! (C5 coupe MN6)
  135. Did I just screw it up (more cam install help please)
  136. Who builds the best forged shortblock?
  137. guesstimation??
  138. Tip for crank bolt removal
  139. idle
  140. do heads really add that much power?
  141. Bent valves repair question
  142. mixing valvetrain components
  143. Changing O ring on the oil pump
  144. 6.0 liter heads lower the compression to............................
  145. Heads milled at 5 thousands
  146. Who has an Iron Block in their Daily Driver?
  147. G5X3 questions??
  148. HPE 408 Pics
  149. Anyone buy the SLP 402 LQ4 yet?
  150. Aftermarket shortblocks
  151. Lunati 55002LUN Cam
  152. Understanding PCV
  153. cam swap change oil?
  154. valve clearance?
  155. How many have had their valve train
  156. Bolt off, now I cant get the pulley!
  157. cam for magnacharged cobra replica
  158. Question for you guys
  159. Offset grinding crankshaft questions...
  160. LS6 intake worth it.
  161. ls6 intake and?
  162. help - locking flywheel for cam swap...
  163. magic stick 3
  164. Finally got my new shortblock, pics inside...
  165. '03 LS6 Springs with Hotcam Okay?
  166. head question
  167. video: Hotcam, LT's, 2.5" with X and bullets
  168. Rod bolt install DONE!!!
  169. TSP 220 or B1 Cam?
  170. 224/224 114 with advance for my mods???
  171. parts diagram
  172. 1998 LS1 Issue?
  173. TSP torquer 233/233 cam
  174. Deck Clearance Question...
  175. Slight Knock in valvetrain?
  176. TREX cam for stock heads
  177. Valvetrain noise???
  178. I Need Help Asap
  179. eagle vs lunati
  180. Good books on engine building?
  181. anyone have ap engineering heads? (new 5.3 head maybe)
  182. 99-00 truck crank offset question
  183. Engine Removal Time
  184. Externally balanced LQ4 - bad idea?
  185. Cam Reccomendation for LS1 powered Cobra.
  186. stealth cam
  187. stock head bolt pattern/specs
  188. Solid Roller Questions?
  189. another tb question
  190. Will GM quit building the LS1 engine
  191. Pics of engine carnage:
  192. i need to get this cam...
  193. Cam Choice
  194. C5-R block prices
  195. Help w/ building first forged bottom end
  196. Preferred So Cal LS 6 Engine Builder
  197. Head/cam combo
  198. Boring the Stock Bore Question
  199. Dropping K-Member for rod bolt install, what am I missing?
  200. Roughly 6500 shiftpoints, would I be ok to set the limter at 7000?
  201. REV Limiter with Patriot Heads?
  202. TSP 231/237 become popular
  203. Any one running the new magic stick (TSP)
  204. Edelbrock LSx Heads ?
  205. How big of a difference is a solid cam on a LS1
  206. best cam for 395cid
  207. Smog Legal CA Road Racing H/C Recommendation
  208. Looking for HD connecting rods for TT project
  209. Swapped to CC978 per TEAs recomendation
  210. 3rd failed lifter in 3 months, help
  211. wrecked 02 ta! engine removal im having frame repair, do i take it out top or bottom
  212. Changing rings
  213. Another heads question.
  214. Do Heads=Louder Exhaust??
  215. 427s and Emissions?
  216. TSP 231/237 Sounds awesome
  217. ls1 speeds full engine packages..looking new block
  218. If you install a cam on an early LS1, consider removing EGR.
  219. spark plugs with H/C?
  220. What could this be?
  221. valve seals bad
  222. Nervous about TR "Old Man" cam
  223. What should a forged 408 long block cost?
  224. What the diff. btw stock head and MTI 5.7 head?
  225. ASP PULLYS and double roll timing chains
  226. AFR/Tony - Minor Head Problem
  227. Cam Install??
  228. 2001 LS6 Block??
  229. O-ring with MLS gasket and copper oring??
  230. Is this a LS6 oil pump?
  231. Need some Help and Ideas
  232. LS6 oil pump part #?
  233. which heads to get
  234. what hp?
  235. 225cc AFR Mongoose heads. Too much for stock displacement?
  236. dominator package
  237. Anyone using SD LS1 performance springs come in?
  238. Cooling
  239. Quick and painless spring advice needed.
  240. Was the head swap worth it.
  241. Fm13 vs. TSP custom Torquer
  242. possible blown rocker
  243. Guys with Patriot 5.7 S2 heads come on in.
  244. Getting H/C in October, have some questions...
  245. Eagle or Callies LS1 Rotating Assembly sale - ONE WEEK ONLY!
  246. How much noise with aftermarket pistons?
  247. G5X3 is IN!!!!!!!
  248. TSP 228R alive and kicking!
  249. crane rockers and schubek lifters?'s
  250. 232/240 593/603 112 cam... what pushrods?