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  1. crank relearn ???
  2. Block O-rings
  3. Leak down test??
  4. Successful Cam install
  5. People with G5X3 + M6 + 4.10s
  6. Patriot 5.3 truck heads exhaust leak?
  7. H/C plug choice.
  8. What Is the Best LS6 Intake To Get?
  9. Saw something interesting today: Big Cam doesn't work????
  10. few more cam questions, overlap and lift...
  11. Main torque specs with studs?
  12. Could a botched rocker arm install cause one cyl. bank to run super rich?
  13. Lifter Collapsed
  14. Great now that i just bought the ls1 crane gold 1.8 roller rocker kit I find out i
  15. 6.0 block, where to get one?
  16. Harlanf Sharp 1.8 RR are junk!
  17. 422 high compression & spark plug gap?
  18. Cam advance
  19. TSP 228R cam?
  20. pushrod
  21. Car revs up 1000 rpms when put into P or N is this normal?
  22. Good cam kit for a ls6 motor?
  23. few cam questions
  24. What's needed with the T-Rex v.2?
  25. Anyone worry about Metco valve cover breather...
  26. h.p difference in heads?
  27. C5R Valve Covers, Where to buy?
  28. What am I missing? Help me spend some money
  29. what to do, cam bearing has deep scratch NEW shortblock
  30. AFR Heads in stock!
  31. Quick sanity check question
  32. Cam Newb
  33. LSX intake w/ 224 cam only package?
  34. disadvantages of upgraded heads
  35. Re-Use felpro head gaskets
  36. '72 Suburban LS1
  37. Gasket???????
  38. Dry sump? wet sump? which to go with?
  39. 98' head questions
  40. What happened to the G5 thread???
  41. Tink tink tink
  42. 2nd design cast iron blocks.
  43. Hot cam question.
  44. What cam to get?
  45. Can I chasis dyno a brand new motor?
  46. Will it drive 100 miles to tunning spot???
  47. Ls1 To Ls6 Motor Swap??
  48. "CFM" Discussion
  49. Oil Pressure fell to 0! Help
  50. Stock Ported ls1 heads OR aftermarket which way should I go???
  51. what head gasket do i use for 5.3 heads
  52. Any advice please....
  53. SHOP FEE's For Head Work
  54. Bottom end assembly question
  55. Release date of SLP ZL402
  56. what do you guys know about thunderracings Thunder RacingT-ReX cam??
  57. what do you guys know about thunderracings Thunder RacingT-ReX cam??
  58. Does Eagle make 4.125 Cranks??
  59. 01 LS6 Head Question...
  60. Block questions???
  61. H/C package=485hp ??Q's??
  62. Head question LS1 or LS6...
  63. Heads / Cam installed - now getting about 8.5mpg
  64. 02+ LS6 Cam Idle speed?
  65. TREX and G5X2/3 CAM Q's!
  66. hot cam questions
  67. anyone ever have a bad reluctor wheel on thier crank?
  68. Need help with cams!
  69. LS-1 .vs. LS-6 design differences?
  70. How to build up the c5?...
  71. Bent rod? Broken ring?! Help!
  72. PF44 still made?
  73. Torque Question
  74. everyone who has aftermarket cam please help
  75. Harland Sharpe rocker arm failure....
  76. stroker questions
  77. Building a shortblock on a budget
  78. tr224 cam only sound clips?
  79. head swap then cam swap?
  80. Help! 0PSI oil pressure after bearing swap
  81. The best cam for stock heads
  82. Blue Smoke...
  83. Need a low RPM cam and advice!
  84. 2nd post: Anyone try Patriot's new Rocker arms?
  85. How do you calculate lift
  86. collapsed lifter again?! comp r this time
  87. 1st post ever on Cams
  88. Last 10 sets of ARP L19 Head Studs - get them while you can!
  89. Oil Leak from "left bank cylinder head"
  90. flow question about heads
  91. oil in throttle body and intake
  92. Nos with Trex cam only
  93. help with engine build
  94. Comp Cam
  95. question about camshaft LSA
  96. tsp 231 237 vs g5x2
  97. Big cube peeps, come inside.....
  98. 02 LS6 cam in 6.0 L ..... valvetrain geometry???
  99. Harland Sharp rocker install questions...
  100. High idle.
  101. comp cam
  102. Anyone have any experience *good or bad* with tuning in NY,PA,CT,or NJ?
  103. Something to share about an experience swapping an LS1 from a GTO to F-Body
  104. Cam change on 8.1
  105. cam recommendation please....??
  106. who's using patriot gold springs withOUT comp R's
  107. can install a Trex cam myself????
  108. low oil light?
  109. partiot gold springs NEED COMP R LIFTERS?
  110. Torque Specs for Crank Bolt?
  111. High millage worries?
  112. LSA Facts and Myths
  113. Oil level sensor
  114. What about this cam
  115. Will my stock LS1 crank work?
  116. Breaking In Cam / Springs
  117. G5X3 cam and Vacuum???
  118. Plug Diagnosis Please...
  119. 6.0 heads, are they good for N/A
  120. Looking For A Sleeper Cam
  121. Cam for a stocker A4
  122. Cam or Stall?
  123. how do i get 10.8:1CR ?
  124. 112 lsa cam in cali
  125. Opinions on this cam...
  126. Bad seal on Knock Sensor = Oil Consumption?
  127. cam selection for a 408
  128. when cam was installed i purged my what?
  129. Oil pump o-ring questions...
  130. 1.60 vs. 1.57 exh. valve
  131. head gasket????
  132. For All You Cam Only Guys
  133. Anyone ever get work done by TPIS in MN?
  134. Questions for you Cam brains 218 224/529 534/114+4
  135. engine tapping after clutch install
  136. Easiest way to determine if and where a vaccum leak is?
  137. Is the g5x2/g5x3 as radical as the t-rex?
  138. Metal Shavings in my oil now.
  139. update to my broken spring
  140. 5.3 heads milled .020 what push rods are needed?
  141. LS1 Heads on an LT1
  142. Coating valve springs?
  143. All Bore 387 Power laying down after 5900 with X1... ideas?
  144. GM's "Gen 3" camshaft
  145. Heads and stock cam
  146. Flycutting Pistons?
  147. Recommended this cam...
  148. Black smoke at WOT
  149. H/C swap - AC questions - help!
  150. HELP Bent Pushrod
  151. Help White Smoke!!!
  152. HPE iron block 408
  153. Broken comp 921's ???
  154. Valve Seals with Patriot Gold Springs
  155. push rod length math
  156. Guys with Cam or heads and Cam in here
  157. Car smokes between shifts and on decel
  158. Do I need to drill a hole im throttle body?
  159. Slp Cam Question
  160. yellow depostis on the coolant stick
  161. Good LS2 article
  162. Oil on spark plugs?
  163. Please explain advancing and retarding cam geometry...
  164. Who sells the ISKY flycutting tool?
  165. Porting, blueprinting oil pump how to?
  166. Let me see if I've got the whole intake/cam/heads/header thing figured out.
  167. Additives
  168. Odd stumble on hot start
  169. New guy pondering stroker
  170. Cam differences????
  171. h/c swap related questions...
  172. HELP, Did Cam install, now no oil pressure, PLZ read
  173. cam? for newb
  174. Blue Flame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. Question for the cam gurus (pardone my ignorance)
  176. T-rex buildup plan, all input wanted please
  177. i need the smartest ls1 builders
  178. Question about G5x3?
  179. VHP Springs???
  180. Quick question for you head cam cars...
  181. Ls6 block???
  182. LPE GT2 Cam
  183. Where can I buy 6.0 Block (iron)
  184. FFHP heads (pics and flow #)
  185. What kind of power will I be looking at??
  186. Important please : How is Eagle Crank Shaft ??
  187. dual springs... no machining??
  188. I'm camtarded, need some help choosing a cam
  189. G5x3 Sound clip!
  190. Adjusting stock rockers with tr224/.561 cam
  191. How much seat pressure do you need with a "mild cam" and light valves...
  192. Best way to remove oil pan w/engine in car?
  193. Lost several mph in my trap speed, please help me find it.
  194. Holy Shit! G5x3! Sound Clip!
  195. help please !!!
  196. how do lifter rods work and why arent they working for me?
  197. Comp OEM replacement lifters - orientation?
  198. afr head?
  199. Is there a way of telling if i have the lifter guides installed w/o taking off heads?
  200. Is the TRex & G5X-2 the only 2 cams that have pushed stocked headed cars into the 10s
  201. Newb Alert
  202. LS1 have a few ?
  203. Burning oil help~!
  204. What kind of gains?
  205. A completely subjective cam question
  206. any G5x3 guys running heads without having to flycut pistons?
  207. Looking for someone reputable to install cam, springs, oil pump, and timing set
  208. 10 seconds heads cam only
  209. What do you think of these heads?
  210. Milling Stock LS1 Heads?
  211. cant figure out what size or kind
  212. Eagle crank durability
  213. milling 6.0L heads and a cam choice???
  214. ? for those with G5X2
  215. The Colonels Car is Real
  216. Hand finishing CNC heads
  217. TREX question........again with nitrous too
  218. oil prob.
  219. best motor rebuild shop in dfw area?
  220. T-Rex guys, Crane or Comp springs???
  221. a good roller rocker for stock LS1
  222. ls6 cam stamping number
  223. New LS1 Hyd and Solid roller lifters. . .
  224. G5x3 IN CAR!!!!!
  225. Cam...Should i go large???
  226. Anyone ever had to change their knock sensor??
  227. Are there any double springs in stock diameter?
  228. AFR + Lingenfelter
  229. stock 6.0l cam spec???
  230. Finally Finally Doing It!!!
  231. Compression Difference in two cyl
  232. stock heads core refund
  233. T-Rex v.2 Install Results
  234. Ported LS6 Heads vs. LS1 Heads?
  235. Will my 236-232 on a 113 work well with my supercharger in 404 stroker?
  236. 408
  237. tsp 231/237 in a 383/408?
  238. make stock head better?
  239. What can I do with a 6.0L?
  240. Need cam spec ideas 383 stroker!
  241. A little different oil question...
  242. Weight of a fully assembled LS1 engine
  243. 12.4 with H/C TH400 and 9in WTF?
  244. Average oil pressure on stock gauge?
  245. gasket match intake to head? how?
  246. Oil Level sensor delete - any performance issues?
  247. Another "no oil pressure" thread. Solutions??
  248. Bolts?
  249. Trying to decide which TSP package..input?
  250. Engine getting hot with AC on