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  1. How do you scan for misfires on a cammed car?
  2. Need new oil pump and baffeled oil pan
  3. Cam install...Umm, what's this piece of metal my pen magnet pulled out?
  4. Sleep Cam Suggestion(used Search)
  5. Installing Patriot Gold dual aprings, quick question
  6. Question about cam only dyno numbers
  7. Ls6
  8. G5X3 or TR224 cam work well with 01 ZO6 springs?
  10. Livernois Motorsports Stage One head and cam Results
  11. head torque specs?
  12. Rebalancing internals
  13. TSP 231/237 cam problems
  14. SLP Cam And Head
  15. Help testing vacuum leak
  16. G5X2 vs T-Rex
  17. New cam, brakes suffer from vaccum loss?
  18. HELP needed ASAP!!! Patriot Gold Spring users inside please!
  19. what head/cam package to run with 6.0L?
  20. Lingenfelter Heads??? Good or bad
  21. need some help please
  22. pgrading just vavle springs
  23. Max bore on stock LS1 block
  24. Any New Sound Clips On The T-rex
  25. Mike From FMS ( Cam Question )
  26. swapping oil pick up tube...
  27. 4.130" gasket on a 4.000" bore block
  28. Best cam combo?
  29. Not sure what to do about my problem. Maybe someone else has ran into it can help me.
  30. Tapping 6.0 Block for Alt. Bracket
  31. newest MTI project car - ProCharged Vette
  32. How Much Total timing advance should I see @ WOT with X1 Cam?
  33. ls1 or 6.0L crate motor?
  34. What shims to use for setting preload??
  35. Current valve spring of choice?
  36. Something is acting up. HELP PLEASE!
  37. patriot heads are they worth it???
  38. stalling
  39. 6.0L motor swap?
  40. Researching cam options for my car, suggestions?
  41. do i have to flycut my pistons
  42. Shimming Valve springs
  43. SS truck need cam help
  44. Good cam????
  45. making a list, checking it twice.. 80k mile rebuild on a beat up ls1
  46. How does this cam compare to the TR224 114LSA
  47. 408 guru's inside please
  48. PVc how often to change
  49. just got patriot 6.0 heads which gaskets?
  50. Absolute Best Overall Cam for my setup ???
  51. Patman - Oil question
  52. Comp pro mags or Harland Sharps
  53. Colapsed Lifter possibly??
  54. Introducing myself
  55. x1 on 112lsa in an a4?
  56. spun bearing,crank wore too much?
  57. Engine Temp, How Hot Is too Hot?
  58. Milling on 317's
  59. Can You Break This Down For Me
  60. Problems Bad or Real Bad??
  61. New Dual Springs installed!!! break in question...
  62. What do you think about my cam idea for my C5
  63. machine shop options
  64. Technical dusscusion on split pattern cams
  65. Ordering cam today, do I need a double roller timing set?
  66. valve retainer locks wont come loose!!!!
  67. Need some help and advice on cam swap quick! Thanks
  68. timing chain for cam swap, where to get?
  69. Pulling Motor!!!!
  70. Need cam Suggestion Please....
  71. Oil pump internals
  72. TREX PTV problem
  73. Cam question??
  74. best cam for my car?
  75. 500 h.p. 346/347 N/A LS1....????????
  76. Cam Install Help!
  77. LS-6 Bare Block and Heads
  78. How long are the stock LS1 rods?
  79. Ticking AND NOW Grinding
  80. ??? Stock rods VS. RWHP
  81. PTV clearance? je pistons/ g5x2 .030 mill
  82. Fuel Injector Harness Adaptors ??
  83. best heads to go with the g5x2 cam?
  84. Need some Help
  85. Do I need to pin my crank?
  86. Grand-am cup came fuel milage
  87. 402-408 Stroker & 116-118 LSA 240+ Cam
  88. Piston to cylinder wall clearance, diamond pistons/forced induction
  89. Take a guess....
  90. Oil passage diverter plate torque specs!!
  91. Pen Magnet & Lifter OOpsy
  92. need an early LS6 cam
  93. Z06 Valve Specs
  94. ls1 heads
  95. New Cam (video clip)
  96. Comp 224/228 581/588 112 output?
  97. Anyone know the site for
  98. Any suggestions on dropping oil pressure?
  99. What causes a lifter to collapse?
  100. Should I replace my Rocker Arms
  101. Which one is more economic 5.3 or 5.7 head?
  102. Paging H82BBad....
  103. crank pulley on for engine removal
  104. G5X1 cam and 921 springs
  105. VW Bug Sounding LS1?!?!
  106. rounded arp head bolt...please help!!!!
  107. H/C install 1/2 done!
  108. Do heads heads directly effect emissions?
  109. AFR heads are NICE!
  110. Cam Help and other questions!!
  111. Cam base circle/Valve lift question
  112. need help deciding on what 5.3l heads?
  113. Oops, wrong oil!
  114. ASP Pulley & Rollmaster Dbl Chain = 0 Oil?
  115. What are the best flowing heads??
  116. spes on a g5X2 and G5X3
  117. Installed FMS F11 cam, lost power??
  118. local engine builder milling ls1 heads ok?
  119. I need help save me from headswap hell
  120. crane lifters preload?
  121. Lunati rod bolt, same as ARP? Whats the torque spec equal to 5 1/2 stretch gauge?
  122. Degreeing a cam in...
  123. very concerned about oil pressure
  124. pushrod preload, how much "spin"
  125. AFR Heads, FI, and cam.
  126. Stuck Clutch. Spec 3
  127. Trying to ask the right CAM question
  128. oil pressure?
  129. Anyone using the MTI R1 or Z1 cams?
  130. 91 octane highest compression ratio?
  131. How much does a shop usually charge to put in a new motor?
  132. Ls1 Hot Cam
  133. Best place to get custom cam ground?
  134. Tight LSA/Tri-y headers, Why?
  135. Need a front timing chain cover quick
  136. Does anybody plan on swapping to LS2 intake?
  137. 10.1 upto 11:1 comp. HP difference?
  138. afr heads, mill how much for 10.5-11.1 comp?
  139. G5x2 and G5x3 specs and Dyno
  140. TSP225 or TSP228R for A4??
  141. Plz Confirm GM MLS Head Gasket Bore
  142. alumium 6.0 block
  143. Something is Pressurizing our Coolant
  144. who has a hotcam AND heads? please come inside
  145. rockers and lifters
  146. what is the best cam for my car!!!
  147. cam selection X1 vs. G5X3
  148. question about timming
  149. 3.90 bore with 3.90 stroke?
  150. What Type Of Heads And Cam To Use
  151. Ordering cam soon, good choice?
  152. Installed TSP 231 237 Cam and lost 30 RWTQ Need Help
  153. Plz Help: Coolant Pressurized due to LS6 Intake/PCV mis-config??
  154. LS1 engine girdle
  155. i have a ugly problem and NEED everyones help on this one.
  156. warped ls6 driver head
  157. valve spring question
  158. HELP, my car keeps spitting up
  159. 382 question
  160. Spun bearing?
  161. Crankshaft questions, pics inside
  162. t-rex and braking (daily driver)
  163. T-rex cam or Hotcam
  164. Check out APE's New 5.3 Race Heads!
  165. H/C for FI 6.0
  166. Aftermarket Head Gaskets
  167. What size rods for 427?
  168. how can u tell when a duel spring breaks?
  169. My motor makes a "clacking" noise
  170. One quick question (cam/stock valvetrain)
  171. Stock LS1 cam specs?
  172. Oil Pan
  173. Stage 2 5.3L heads benefits?
  174. CA build-up questions
  175. Can someone help
  176. Cam Gas Miliage
  177. Installing Balancer???
  178. Will 3.907 pistons work in a stock 98 LS1 block
  179. anyone with traction control and a cam...
  180. Lifting heads please explain...
  181. anyone else ever have a lifter turn sideways and freeze??
  182. started car and 0 oil psi. NEED HELP ASAP!!!
  183. Head swap
  184. just to clearfiy about the crank bolt
  185. Comp 26915 Valve springs and 231/237?
  186. 6.0l Heads And Crank
  187. New Lunati Solid Roller Lifters
  188. Water Damage?
  189. Who has 418+ci with the 6.0 block
  190. The Ultimate Small Street-Cam Stackup - Help in Choosing....
  191. help me find the cause and some solutions for my oil consumption..
  192. Theoretical Heads Design Idea
  193. pulling engine,leave intake on??
  194. help about taking out motor
  195. AFR 225 Info...
  196. Quick cam help...
  197. ls6 ported please??
  198. XE-R 224/224 .581/.581 on 114lsa how do you liek it?
  199. wut effect does LSA have on a cam?
  200. Should i trade H/S rr for adj RR
  201. Bad Smell
  202. Life span of the LS-1?
  203. TSP 224/.581/112 vs TR 224/.563/112
  204. Race Car PCV setups
  205. Critique my cam choice
  206. Balancer question
  207. 6.0L THIN head gaskets
  208. what could be wrong?
  209. Found some metal shavings in my oil today.
  210. Leaking oil pan - porosity? Comments please
  211. Who sells Valve cover spacers
  212. Expected cam gains?
  213. hot oil pressure?
  214. Anybody running SLP 402 LQ4?
  215. anyone have any personal experience with the LS6 vs LSX
  216. any1 have a comparo between the afr heads and sum ls6 heads yet?
  217. Rear cover seal is a PITA
  218. Engine Block
  219. Quick ? about Crank bolt removal
  220. Any one elses car running like this this weekend
  221. Just finished my CAM Install, WHAT FUN!
  222. How long should it take a new stroker engine to stop burning oil ?
  223. TR224/112lsa is the Bomb...
  224. Gas Pedal Goes Soft & Stumbles??
  225. How many quarts?
  226. how to use pushrod length checker?
  227. how long (miles) before you dyno?
  228. Leaking Antifreeze :*(
  229. MTI C2 v. GM Hot Cam?
  230. Comp Pro Magnum
  231. A.S. 5.3L S2 heads .. anyone know what size valves Jay uses???
  232. Forged LS1
  233. CC 7.350" PR?
  234. SLP 1.85 Rockers
  235. 243 heads,gaskets,p/v clearance
  236. Marks on Valve Stems
  237. Will a roots blower benefit from cylinder heads?
  238. What cam you got?
  239. Crank and piston ?
  240. cam install questions
  241. Synthetic or regular?
  242. 10+ compression on a 6.0 head
  243. studs
  244. stock ls6 heads...what cam?
  245. Am I running wrong CAM for boost?
  246. lifters necessary?
  247. AFR 205 vs 225s on max effort 346
  248. Tranny Question??
  249. Please identify this cam for me.
  250. Proper way to "prime" and fire a H/C car first time, need help QUICK...