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  1. Ultimate drag cam for stock heads?
  2. Turbo Cam....
  3. TSP "Magic Stick" Camshaft
  4. Update on my car - bigger and better things!
  5. Replace 1 lifter or all 16? Best brand?
  6. Where do i get Valve spring shimms
  7. How much did you spend on cam setup?
  8. engine shaking...normal???
  9. Its alive!!!
  10. Powdercoating the block....
  11. Cylinder Bore Wear, how's this look, pic inside
  12. what is oil pan drain plug thread size?
  13. Can I just change springs?
  14. do i need new seats when i buy Springs...
  15. cam and spring install.. springs 1st??
  16. valves hit pistons?
  17. ?were to get lt1 heads that will flow over 300cfm???
  18. how do i get to a 10.7:1 CR?
  19. MTI Stage 2R Ls1 Heads
  20. Cam or Converter?
  21. 2004 LS1 & 2001 LS6 Heads, which gaskets?
  22. Valve Stem Help Please
  23. If I decide to do a 2nd cam, should I replace my factory timing chain?
  24. Milled heads with LS6 intake?
  25. oil pressure?
  26. click/tick....diagnose??? help??
  27. Im confused
  28. how much to forge my bottom end
  29. any dual spring install tips???
  30. Help with CAM plz
  31. 2000 SS with 231/237 cam only?
  32. Heads and exhaust tone ?
  33. Short duration, Tight LSA Cams
  34. TRex Cam
  35. Best way to Determine if you've got a miss without a diagonostic tool
  36. Texas Speed 5.3L Race Heads Pics
  37. porting heads
  38. 225/225 Camshaft Sound Clips FINALLY!!
  39. valve laper
  40. DON'T use pen magnets while doing a cam swap!!
  41. How much power?
  42. Mismatched Heads
  43. What makes a car NOT streetable?
  44. Harland Sharp install with pics :)
  45. engine specs
  46. Differences in these cams...224 228 232
  47. Is this a good CAM for a stock head?
  48. C6 Vette engine - what is it?
  49. Engine out of balance question?
  50. LS1 long block 10,000 miles, Price???
  51. LT1 block ???
  52. What Mods with $500
  53. Do i need a new oil pan gasket for cam swap?
  54. Motor Rebuild Questions - Sleeve Type, Heads, Cam ???
  55. TCS is acting weird lately...
  56. Good shortblock... questions
  57. 241 Heads vs. 317 castings
  58. Ape 408 Engine Dyno Results, Link!
  59. How much oil do you run with?
  60. Say I wanted to buy the Lunati 408CI rotating assembly kit...
  61. Raw oil out exhaust !!
  62. REV double-valve springs...
  63. Symptons of spun rod bearing??..??
  64. If you were gonna buy a new set of heads..
  65. Valve lash adjustment
  66. Help! Should I do H/C or wait?
  67. Use F/R O2 sensors with long tubes
  68. Do I have to modify anything for Double row timing set?
  69. G5 cam.. What kind of lobes does it have.
  70. Engine to Bellhousing Bolt Pattern
  71. Ring Gap on a forged 346 with small shot
  72. what kind of power do you thinkd my 383 LT1 will make?
  73. does anyone have vid clip of TR224?
  74. TR 220 or TR 224????
  75. What Year Is My Motor???
  76. LS1 head *
  77. G5X-2 Cam going in, what else should I do?
  78. Any running TSP 232/228?
  79. 98' T/A "Low Oil" On, then off? New here, TIA
  80. Best Stock Heads For Blower Motor
  81. What does it take to turn my LS1 into a 422ci?
  82. ticking under valve covers
  83. What is needed for Jesel SS's on PP 5.3 S2's??
  84. Help me decide...408+200shot vs. 370+turbo
  85. newbie cam question
  86. Looking for ultimate drag cam for stock heads, but will compliment future heads?
  87. Aight wtf is this about?
  88. engine build up questions...
  89. Crankcase evac, from valvecovers to header collector?
  90. Do I need a converter right away?
  91. Filing oil control rings....?
  92. Going from stock to forged.Will you lose HP?
  93. Help Please
  94. shifting at 7000 RPM's
  95. does chrisARE360 answer PM's??
  96. Should I get my heads milled?
  97. Decided on a setup. What do you guys think..
  98. car acting funny, help
  99. callies crank requires grinding block, lunati doesn't?
  100. Wanna Get New Cam But Have a Few Questions?
  101. How much will the stock bottem end take?
  102. Keep A4 or go with t56 m16 out of a gto?
  103. Flycutting opinions?
  104. (sponsers)- Any of you guys sell good, used stock 5.7l valves?
  105. How to get 400RWHP from A4????
  106. Longer crank bolt with new crank pulley??
  107. Question about installing my rockers.
  108. Double roller question
  109. The best street cam with big numbers
  110. where to buy an EASY OUT???
  111. Need input on this combo...
  112. Cam Guys Inside Plzzzz
  113. Update on the new engine, driving to VA and oil consumption
  114. new o-ring problem
  115. Patriot heads yes or no?
  116. Quick cam question
  117. Locked up my engine today, need idea's (sponsors inside please)...
  118. Installed my cam yestderday
  119. Thunder Motorsports Reverse Split cam
  120. lunati 408 stroker notch block/#8 piston?
  121. ? About Comp Cam
  122. Texas-speed 408 stroker
  123. How are cam bearings installed?
  124. Cam/Headers Install Complete
  125. Head & Cam Question
  126. Want to order head s2 how?
  127. I'm upset with my mods/performance... What should I do?
  128. The teardown begins....and already finding and handful of problems...
  129. ATAP/LS1-edit whats the advantages?
  130. Cylinder Head Choices??? Please Help
  131. Lucas oil?
  132. Oil starvation under high G loading - opinions and solutions?
  133. Explain timing to me........
  134. my stupid camswap mistake
  135. Cam?
  136. Spinning to 7500
  137. HEADS...stg I, II, III....whats the difference?
  138. Just did my first oil change and have a few questions
  139. FM13 is in!
  140. 54CC heads and STOCK short block (COMPRESSION???)
  141. Started the car this morning after letting the seafoam
  142. FMS F13 ok to use stock seats/seals? HELP QUICK
  143. patriot heads and 224
  144. Part # for Valve spring seats seals
  145. PP Stage ll LS1 heads $999.99!?!?!?
  146. Little diagonosis help please(off idle hesitation)
  147. New motor ready to assemble
  148. LS1/LS6 rod question
  149. LS1 Hot Cam and Stage 1 Heads Question
  150. oil presure
  151. stock rod langth
  152. FM 11=awesum
  153. Curiosity
  154. Engine builders come in, have some q's
  155. Questions about stock ls1 blocks
  156. CI Displacement Forumla????
  157. Why does high rpm cause an engine to "let go"???
  158. Squeaking Noise from Engine?
  159. It is safe to put rev limiter at 7000 rpm w/stock bottom end?
  160. My JPR HVLD Head flow numbers
  161. Yes, Another TSP 231/237 Thread...
  162. LS6 swap
  163. Am I being ripped off?!
  164. Well I am down to PP 5.3 Race heads or Forcefed HP 5.3 or/5.7 heads.
  165. Audible Knock coming from Water Pump area?
  166. Throttle Sticking?
  167. width of ported intake ports, please(stg 2,3)
  168. please help me figure out why I am pinging, going insane here
  169. WTF, GM guy says they don't sell injector o-rings!!!
  170. are these the pushrods i need??
  171. afr headed 427 in hotrod mag.
  172. PV clearance with this big of a cam???
  173. clicking sound, help...
  174. As long as we're asking, what does it take for 10's with...
  175. g5x2 vs. tr224
  176. Best cam for this combo ?????
  177. Which Cam
  178. quick timing chain question
  179. Help!!! Needle Bearings In Oil!!!
  180. Anyone running 11s with 224 224?
  181. Is it worht using the sea foam?
  182. Stroke Me!
  183. TEA Stage III LS6 Head Flow #s
  184. how streatable is this cam
  185. My Heads and Cam are finally in.....
  186. L-19 studs ready for shipment
  187. How Many Cams
  188. California Cam
  189. Balanced/Blueprinted LS1
  190. F T&D
  191. dished piston
  192. Head and Cam questions
  193. "Bolt on" cam with best power from 4500-7000?
  194. Motor or Tune
  195. Pre-load Adjustment
  196. Stock block
  197. Felpro 9284 head gasket
  198. Head Gasket
  199. How to build an Ls1 ?
  200. Roller rockers??
  201. 241 castings to 317's
  202. Drivetrain Loss
  203. Opinions on thunder racing's T-rex cam...
  204. Compressed head gasket thickness?
  205. how much valve train noise is normal?
  206. F5 cam install Q?
  207. g5x2 and other parts going in this weekend.
  208. spark plug gap
  209. I need a lil help getting started in the right direction.
  210. 5.3L TEA 1.5's going on soon...gaskets, tuning questions.
  211. Tips needed for Comp Check and leak down
  212. What cam are you guys running with PPstgII LS6 heads
  213. need cam suggestions, lightweight and 4.10 geared
  214. cam 224 street/strip
  215. Stock gaskets in a superstroker at SPEED INC. ?
  216. Input on Valve seal replacement.
  217. cam question?????
  218. can i drive my car untuned after heads, cam, headers, lid?
  219. all bore engines
  220. Clearance??
  221. I have a mrable noise coming from inside my intake...
  222. Got my FM4 Cam today
  223. Placed 2grand order at TSP today
  224. Do i have to buy seals for my engine rebuild?
  225. Compression check gone POSTAL!! 231 237 What should it be???
  226. Stock ls1 cam specs
  227. What have you noticed thats different about your car after a cam swap?
  228. Built LS1! Where to get one?
  229. Need some speed
  230. Who makes an aftermarket oil pump?
  231. What head gaskets for 61CC 5.3 heads
  232. mods
  233. Power Sealed Lifters?
  234. Crank bolt question
  235. LS6 Cam - Double Timing Chain and Ported Oil Pump Worth it?
  236. HS rockers... is any one having any issues with them?
  237. Breaking valve springs!!
  238. ls6 cam or b1
  239. Oil pump help
  240. DIY headwork basics
  241. Patriot 5.3 Stage II Race-Series Heads
  242. new set of pushrods
  243. C2 cam vs. comp 224/224 .581 112 (same?)
  244. Do ported heads affect drivablity?
  245. Installing Rollmaster Double Roller
  246. Who makes the best valves?
  247. looking for X-ER lobe chart 250 and up !
  248. What's the latest on the Patriot shaft-rockerarms
  249. New LS-1stroker crank by Crower
  250. "Change Oil" light question on 99 Camaro