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  1. TSP 231/237 with TCI 4400 stall
  2. what size pushrods?
  3. help i have 4 grand!!!
  4. Fuel for 13:1 compression?
  5. Burning oil, BIG TIME!
  6. Anticipation is killing me
  7. Any more soundclips of the T-ReX camshaft?
  8. GM performance parts LS1/LS6 timing chain?
  9. Is the tsp 231/237 to big to get for a 3500 stall
  10. GM Top Engine Cleaner
  11. compression with PP heads...
  12. Can We See A "Cam" Sticky?
  13. What rods and ported oil pump to use?
  14. Here's how JD's Screwed Me
  15. what springs, lifter, rocker arms, pushrods????
  16. How fast are folks going with ls6 cams
  17. Budget minded heads - who has the best bang for the buck?
  18. Another oil consumption question...
  19. tr 224/224 installed this weekend!!!!
  20. Upgrading lifters, is it worth it?
  21. Question for you guys with heads/cam
  22. cam question please
  23. Who's switched from a 21x/22x to a 23x/22x cam?
  24. Crank pulley milled for double timing chain?
  25. Oil pressure went up?
  26. THANK YOU in advance to Agostino Racing Engines
  27. ? about advance ground in
  28. Ticking- lifter or check valves?
  29. Help in Cam Selection
  30. Comparison of TSP 228R cams LS1 vs LQ9, Abs STIIvsSDPCLS6,YankvsVig,DualsvsMufflex
  31. Chamber size of .050" shaved 5.3 heads?
  32. 55cc combustion what Compression?
  33. AFR's 225cc CNC Heads ... Want specs
  34. CompCams Dual Springs ... need specs
  35. PolyDyn Coating intake valves and runners?
  36. Cr W/ Pp 5.3 Heads?
  37. Lung vs. H/C
  38. stock rocker arms?
  39. Torco
  40. IF you made the decsion on the stock LS1?
  41. need some suggestions for springs
  42. Explane lifter preload and why and how I do it ....
  43. Need cam suggestions, please
  44. Gained 40 hp with ported LS6 heads
  45. Why did my oil pressure go up?
  46. pro autocenter heads
  47. LG motorsport LS6 heads
  48. Cam only vs H\C package
  49. Gettin ready to rip it apart
  50. Installed and rancustom Comp Cams stuff from CMotorsports...gained .8 and 12mph!
  51. Scared about my cam situation.
  52. Stalling idle in gear ?
  53. Ticking noise coming from LS6
  54. What Engine Oil To Use?
  55. Help P/V clearence and push rod length problem!!
  56. oil pressure steady at 20
  57. 427 conversion
  58. piston2vavle clearance
  59. Cam is ordered!!!!
  60. What do you think of this engine????
  61. Cam Question...Hr 112+2
  62. Whats considered "Old man" or "Stealth"
  63. Z06 H/C car added CR
  64. I finally cracked the seal...
  65. Help me out fellas
  66. Installed the Harland Sharp Rockers.
  67. Need help finding some cam events
  68. If 2 cams have the same specs can they still be different?
  69. Heads/Cam?
  70. decent cam?
  71. Cam info needed please?
  72. What Cam would be best
  73. Need some suggestions
  74. Important question
  75. Rockers???
  76. Rod bearings and bolts
  77. L-19 stud GP
  78. dex cool concern
  79. Cam install.. OOHH.. Tell me.
  80. changing valve springs..need some help
  81. me pissed
  82. Answer this question about cam install...
  83. about to order this cam 252/256 .620/.624 112lsa XER, should I bo bigger?
  84. Why mobile 1 rocks
  85. Tr 230/224?
  86. What is the degree of the valve angle of an LS1 head? LS6?
  87. Cam Question 224/226 581/581
  88. Will my car run at all with the stock tune? A4 with FMS F4 Cam
  89. enough flow?
  90. any gain going from 230/224 to tsp 231/237?
  91. Lifter Holding tool
  92. Does anyone have this cam? AMSRS230
  93. Rocker & Spring Question
  94. Milling and Patriot 5.3's?
  95. New setup running well!!!
  96. Stock block power rating?
  97. 232/240 @50 595/609 LIFT 113LSA +4 & P/V Clearance
  98. helping me get a 6 liter
  99. comps 216/220
  100. Is This A Better Deal Than Patriot?
  101. lunati cam
  102. LS6 pushrods....Same as LS1????
  103. Do I need different heads for ATI blower?
  104. One LTerm at +25 and the other normal at -1.6 at idle!!!
  105. one more time with the oil pump
  106. L19 head studs, who wants them??
  107. question about patriot performance heads
  108. Which valve spring kit is for me?
  109. cam
  110. TSP Cam 228I/224E .588I .581E 112lsa
  111. Big Problem
  112. JPR S2 HVLD flow #'s and cam info
  113. AFR Cylinder Head Update
  114. putting the trex in first part of the week
  115. THIS is my plan
  116. LS1 Stroker
  117. new x1 cam going in on monday
  118. Compression Test or Leakdown.
  119. >>> Paging Patriot Performance<<<
  120. Will my set-up be reliable?
  121. GM high tech ad
  122. I got a chance to check out Patriot heads shop yesterday
  123. Need help on cam decision
  124. Simple Question
  125. Any suggestions on an engine builder for a 406 ls1?
  126. Strongest spring that will fit in stock head without machining?
  127. what heads
  128. Those with the double o'ringed oil pumps.
  129. Who can port/polish my heads?
  130. Heads or Bigger Cam?
  131. Zo6 PVC mod
  132. P1153 code and black smoking
  133. what's a good heades& cam package
  134. whats the compression should be at
  135. getting GT2-3 have ?'s
  136. tightest LSA for street?
  137. Futral Fm10 Cam Vs Hot Cam
  138. CAN i use stage 2 heads with 6liter short block
  139. Which cam?
  140. will it idle???????
  141. Single vs. Double Timing Chain Install
  142. cam question
  143. 02 LS6 valve spring????
  144. Patroit Valve Springs Anybody Have Any Broken Springs
  145. Anyone ever do a TR224 to TSP231/237 swap...
  146. Cold weather and valve sprngs
  147. Getting some fault codes
  148. Cam Install
  149. JPR Cam tool
  150. What is the deck height on a 6.0 iron block?
  151. Warning!! YT rockers+Comp 987 springs+TR230/224=valvefloat=bent exhaust valves
  152. Anyone install Comp Cam Pro Magnum Rockers
  153. woohoo, time for the TRex cam in the car
  154. Where is the milling -vs- compression chart at?
  155. Is anyone using a sheetmetal intake on a 346 with any success?
  156. building a 98'??
  157. Heads and cam
  158. Meziere EWP with stock crank pulley?
  159. I've got myself a problem.
  160. 5.3l miss and oil consumption problems
  161. Where to get a good single chain, and timing sprockets?
  162. what are the ft/lbs of torque on the stock head bolts???
  163. a lifter fell while swapping cam please help!!!
  164. How to set lifter preload?
  165. Serious issue with Eagle stroker crank
  166. TR230 with Milled 5.3L heads...
  167. TSP 231/237 With Manley Springs (Single)
  168. I'm totally lost!!!
  169. LS1 Head casting #GO29????
  170. Head bolt tourqe?
  171. Need Help!! Problems with my TEA heads, my TR 230/224 cam and intake valve clearances
  172. No Oil Pressure?
  173. Difference in spring logevity.....918s vs. 921s
  174. Be honest how reliable is it.........
  175. what size cam to get?
  176. Sneek peek at my LS1 (now LS6) for the '63 Grand Sport
  177. 5.7L Heads on a Iron Block?
  178. Thinking of going bigger than my B1
  179. best spring for .620/.624 lift?
  180. Cam question
  181. Ups Man Was Just Here!
  182. Those who built/had motors built...
  183. How deep is a 2cc valve relief, anyone know?
  184. TPIS cams and heads
  185. 4" crank clearance
  186. Any new "middle of the road" cams from Thunder?
  187. C5R head specs
  188. What are the "NEEDED" upgrades for a 408?
  189. What cam for a 408 strocker?
  190. Valve spring pressure?
  191. The formula for figuring valve events. ..would that be helpful
  192. 18 rwhp too much to ask.....
  193. What if Dot-Dot was off by a tooth?
  194. Head Stud Instal Problem
  195. Ceramic Coatings and Turbos
  196. TSP 231/237 users with milled heads....
  197. Curious-Would LS6 springs be sufficient for 224/224, .563, 112 cam?
  198. California CAM
  199. What diameter dual spring ?
  200. Dynoed my car and had some trouble can anyone help??
  201. Rod knock???
  202. Heads help
  203. Heads Cam Setup
  204. Bent Pushrod
  205. Which Springs
  206. Question about REV duals
  207. Time for a new cam! Opinions?
  208. Anyone help me out
  209. What happened here?
  210. 918s or the new LS6 springs?
  211. Retainers
  212. How will my car run without tuning after a cam?
  213. Lunati and Hypertech working together?
  214. biggest cam with 5.7 heads milled .030?
  215. What length pushrods with GMPP LS6 heads?
  216. Using too much
  217. LS6 valve springs
  218. gasoline in my oil?
  219. Lifter noise?
  220. FMS F13 is in!!
  221. whats the biggest cam used with 987s
  222. Need Dyno Graph on FM11
  223. SLP H/C package
  224. burning oil at high RPM
  225. Will comp 941's hold up???
  226. This is a poll on Yella Terra rockers
  227. Anybody done heads before cam?
  228. everything for cam?
  229. AFR heads...
  230. What Heads for TR220
  231. 224 and lsx
  232. Need some idea/tips
  233. Trying to understanding CC 987/978/921 springs and max lift
  234. Whos still running stock pushrods.
  235. Is the LS6 cam better than the LS1
  236. OK now i'm serious about HEADS!!!
  237. where do i find the id stamped on TEA heads
  238. Stock head casting?
  239. 6.0 buildup
  240. 436 CI broken SB
  241. Loudmouth's plug/rich problem; little assistance please :)
  242. Yellow residue on bottom of oil cap. HELP
  243. ORinging 6L Block...
  244. few pics of head swap
  245. Lifters/removal
  246. Coating internal engine parts......
  247. Cam suggestions please
  248. Compressed head gasket thickness.....
  249. Every single plug fouled?
  250. What springs and push rods are right for me with my new cam?