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  1. Crane doubles
  2. Question about Ramp Rates
  3. Anyone use the PolyDyn coatings on pistons?
  4. What is an acceptable price for a cam install?
  5. ANYONE with cam.....COME IN!!
  6. cold start
  7. What is an acceptable valvespring life to YOU?
  8. why do people shim valvesprings?
  9. Lidt above .600" worth any power on stock heads?
  10. Any body have this cam...
  11. halfway through cam instal
  12. GrandAM cam?
  13. What cam to produce 420+ on stock 346 with s1 heads
  14. need rebuild parts list.....everyone take a look
  15. Roller Rockers ???????
  16. CONCERNED... what should I do????
  17. *new Ls6 Heads*
  18. Oil passages in a cam..
  19. If someone dropped your motor, would you be worried?
  20. Piston and connecting rod?
  21. CompCams & Crane Suggest cams for 409/427, which to use, 236/240 or 250/258??
  22. Call Me Crazy, & Beat me Silly. Im sticking with JPR.
  23. LS1's were the buzz at PRI this year. . .
  24. Which cam should I buy?
  25. TR 224/227 114lsa
  26. To bore or not (6.0L)?
  27. Anyone heard of melling LS1 oilpump?
  28. Eagle cranks: where are they
  29. Question about patriot ls6 style heads...
  30. Do Patriot STG LS6 heads surpass the stg2 5.3's?
  31. Signs/Symptoms of Hitting the Rev Limiter
  32. ASA dyno graphs wanted
  33. Best Cam Suggestions for these Mods?
  34. PP Stage 3 LS6 heads...who's got em...
  35. ARE 4.8 Liter Heads
  36. Oil pressure
  37. Got my vette back with JPR's old motor
  38. Whats considered good #s for heads/cam
  39. blood,sweat,& beers
  40. Using perimeter bolt heads (and other compression q's)...
  41. CC vol of 5.3 heads and LS1 heads?
  42. how to figure out when the valves are shut to torque rocker arms
  43. TR Compression Tester
  44. bush stock rods?
  45. Best cam for TQ peak at 3500-4000rpm
  46. What to set Preload for on Comp R Lifters?
  47. Who's Running Patriot 5.3's
  48. tunning and the TSP 231
  49. 02 Z06 cam in my FRC
  50. What do you guys think of this cam 228/234 607/598 110 + 2 for my z06/stock heads
  51. Anyone have dyno numbers and or track times with MM2 cam 228/234?
  52. Looking to get a CAM but what one?
  53. Anyone thought about an 8.1 motor in an F-body??
  54. HotCam Question
  55. 427 stroker
  56. Head Porting
  57. When I do install new heads and cam....
  58. people using GTP heads,please read
  59. 6.0L crank w/ F-Body flexplate?
  60. Anyone in the Raleigh/Durham area
  61. compression
  62. Paging Terry @ Patriot
  63. ARP torque specs.
  64. Finally Got my TR224 cam Installed by NITRO DAVE!!! AWESOME customer service!
  65. Broken crank bolt in crankshaft, Disaster?
  66. 430.5rwhp396rwtq sae any good
  67. More Stealth II cam/MTI LS6 heads times...
  68. Jesel JKR Rocker Arms - POS or Bad Luck?
  69. At what point will I need to consider a solid roller setup?
  70. Any way to check for a bad lifter short of removing the heads?
  71. The funeral was today at noon and the
  72. TSP 231/237,.589"/.595" BUT on a 115LSA
  73. Cam only car starts making great torque, then torque falls off bad
  74. 6 liter crank...what connecting rod length?
  75. Any info of flycutting pistons?
  76. Question on head sitting over the winter
  77. I thinking about a new cam, which 1?
  78. Valve Springs for GT2-3
  79. The proud pappa of a 400+hp lil' boy!!
  80. best cam to go with
  81. G5X2 cam only dyno graph???
  82. Built Engine & Emissions
  83. Can I make a 224/230 @ 114 Idle without tuning?
  84. LS6 valley cover install - don't cut block!!!
  85. c5r block
  86. Getting ready to install TR224 cam ? inside
  87. Major engine problems with JPR 388
  88. Broken spring, maybe some other damage?
  89. Best pistons for ls1?
  90. TSP custom 231/237,.589"/.595"112
  91. Why would a spring go at only 5K?
  92. Easiest way to modify the port shape?
  93. what is the advantage or disadvantage to a reverse split cam?
  94. Bent push rods question
  95. anyone with the 238/240 comp XE-R cam?
  96. Differences Between Heads?
  97. misfire code
  98. Need some knowledge here
  99. Will I have to get my pistons b-fly cut with this cam?
  100. How about these cam specs?
  101. New! MTI Billet Throttle Body
  102. TSP 231/237 w/ PP stage II heads installed
  103. I have a 6.0L block lined up to buy, have questions...
  104. Starting an engine for the first time in two years
  105. I think I may have bent some pushrods
  106. I want to raise my compression
  107. Ok, ready for a cam, which one?
  108. What heads to go with this cam: 226/224 110LSA
  109. Cam only enthusiest and racing series people within.
  110. LS6 heads, are these good #'s
  111. opinions on this cam please
  112. 422,what Cam will be best for my setup?
  113. Dropped valve?
  114. Another Q this time about lifters
  115. TR230 Cam what springs
  116. TEA Stage 1.5 vs Stage 2 Heads
  117. Valve spring pressure questions ??
  118. TSP 231/237 or 232/232 or 228/228 from stock headed street driven z06 with 4.10s?
  119. valve guide seals???
  120. 6.0L question
  121. Gonna be any P/V Clearance probs with this setup?
  122. Cam suggestions for a truck
  123. engine mock-up?
  124. break in ?
  125. LS1 or LS6
  126. Which cam best goes with this set up
  127. Best choice springs for .607 lift cam crane dual revs vs. isky 295d tool room springs
  128. i need part numbers with pictures
  129. Crankshaft Kaos!
  130. What is your opinion on this cam?
  131. Breakin and rebuilt questions
  132. TR 224/224/114 Warranty Problems?
  133. 64 cc CC vs 74cc CC
  134. UMM please help
  135. LS1 Cams
  136. Do Hotcam's have part #'s on them?
  137. Starting the engine w/o oil.
  138. Stroker motor owners inside
  139. Do PP heads effect emissions?
  140. ? about pullin motor out!
  141. How long does it take to recieve Patriot Performance heads?
  142. 427 Almost Finished!! Pics inside.
  143. cooling ?'s disconnecting heater core feed/return..
  144. How much gain with this cam?
  145. ? on Heads
  146. More Performance H/C
  147. Is there more power to be had..
  148. comp cam 918 blue strip springs
  149. do heads without cam?
  150. size intake valve
  151. G5X-2 P/V clearence question
  152. Help me with next project...10's NA, stock race weight
  153. Cam problem??
  154. Lingenfelter Head?
  155. How streetable is this cam?
  156. What's the casting number for a 6.0L Iron Block
  157. Questions about G5X2 Cam with FMS/Meaux Stg 2 Heads?
  158. oil consumption
  159. Stock cam dyno sheet?
  160. Do heads affect emissions?
  161. Extending Cam Install Special thru Christmas!!
  162. Pulling heads with Studs?????
  163. I know nothing about internals... please help with a cam
  164. Racers! Build your engines - LS1TECH Series
  165. main cap side bolts
  166. Engine Build up
  167. Dyno lower than expected
  168. How big is "too big"?
  169. "Inverse Radius Cams/ do they mean "reverse split' cams?"
  170. Oil discoloration?
  171. What is the biggest cam that would pass emissions?
  172. 6.2 Liter LS7?
  173. Need help flycutting pistons in Houston area
  174. manley 23632 retainers
  175. good used block?
  176. Flow Question
  177. Questions about my setup
  178. Stock Rev limit?
  179. 382 Strokers Come In
  180. Passing emissions with a cam....
  181. strange please
  182. Bore Block First or Buy Pistons First Then Bore Block
  183. Crank weights 6.0 vs LS1
  184. Buildup suggestions
  185. Texas Speed 224 guys
  186. Total lift with 1.8's & 7.25 pr's?
  187. Dyno Numbers-Input Please
  188. Anyone familiar with SLP's head and cam package for the LS1 for 485HP??
  189. Why are there not more 383 strokers? Pros and Cons...
  190. Yella Terra Shims Thickness
  191. valve size for 5.3lt heads
  192. so...installed my cam. Snag at the very end!
  193. Valve springs?
  194. Need help for new motor
  195. $1,000,000 question-What cam for best perf.-TSP 231 or LG G5x2 with stock LS6 heads
  196. clearance in piston to valve
  197. ls6 heads and shaft mount rocker arms
  198. 'ChevyNo1' just pulled 575 / 624 with stock bottom
  199. 6.0 chevy heads on ls1
  200. Timing cover part #?
  201. Input on my dyno numbers
  202. Piston to valve clearance issues with ASA cam and 1.85:1 rocker arms?
  203. Should I go to a higher vol. oil pump?
  204. cam off a tooth
  205. how strong is stock bottom end?
  206. Opinions: TSP Ported LS6 Oil Pump
  207. 346ci rotating assembly??
  208. All guys with the G5X-2 cam and the like, come in.
  209. Got my TR224 114 in the mail!
  210. Unfamilar cam with stock heads sets Vette A4 1/4 record with 10 sec ets via bolt ons!
  211. Staying away from dealing with sleeves..
  212. all new absolute stg2.5 heads pics and details
  213. G5x2?
  214. Ls1 427?
  215. Hammer Cam Question
  216. My Spark Plugs keep fouling out....?
  217. Cartek x-package
  218. Gain from G5X-2 and patriot ls6 heads
  219. ????h
  220. Need quick help on ARP head studs!!
  221. Lunati 221/221 - 559/559 114 LSA Camshaft
  222. Best Prices on Stroker R/A
  223. who's got the best deals........?
  224. Heads Cam List, please help
  225. Patriot Heads - where best deal?
  226. valve train noise
  227. T1 Sound Clip anyone?
  228. LS1 Valve Springs in a LT1?
  229. What can i expect out of this Cam?
  230. web link quest?
  231. Engine vibration at 2k, 4k...harmonic
  232. I need 2000 LS1 stock specs
  233. LS6 cam in LS1
  234. How much power is a full point of compression worth...
  235. Piston to Valve Clearance Question
  236. P/V clearance...
  237. cam help?
  238. New pushrods for ls6 cam?
  239. ATI superdamper available in an underdrive version?
  240. MMS 230 Agressor Cam
  241. Any 383 strokers run 10's all motor?
  242. desktop dyno 2k info?
  243. full length headers lt1
  244. Who has back-back dyno graphs from cam swaps?
  245. just wondering?
  246. which heads
  247. Need info: Coated pistons and bearings, pros/cons??
  248. Cam to Maximize midrange area under HP curve
  249. Quickest way to pull motor ???
  250. Lift question