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  1. Thinking about stroking it? Lunati kits inside!
  2. GT2-3 users please post your times & Dyno numbers/graphs
  3. What is the max compression I can run with 8 psi
  4. installed cam, am I running rich?
  5. Wrist pin will not fit into Eagle rod? Help!
  6. Question for the guys with ARP main studs
  7. Need help from internals experts, what amount of blowby is normal at idle?
  8. thinest head gasket?
  9. w/ Darton many 0.001" lost deck?
  10. which 02 sensors for leaded gas?
  11. Help on timing chain !!
  12. Patriot Heads.
  13. No Oil Pressure Help!!!
  14. Which LSA???
  15. Differences in 98 ls1 vs 00 ls1
  16. can someone explain the difference in dry and wet sumps?
  17. Cam "Wish list" - Need your input
  18. Coolant for a newly Darton MID Sleeved block
  19. 220 v. 224: which cam will pass smog easier?
  20. crank sizes and bores question
  21. Piston-valve problem with TR230 cam
  22. Help me choose a cam!!
  23. help.. how 2 get rollers out?
  24. No one has G5X2 or X3 cam only dynoes?
  25. Tapping sound on cold start???
  26. Changing the B1 cam to the C2 or TR230:what would i gain?
  27. My goal is 400 rwhp w/o heads
  28. Whats the talk of not being able to use SBC 6.125" rods on a ls1 ??
  29. Just got a 4" Eagle crank...
  30. Iron Block folks in here.
  31. Daily driver A4 cam?
  32. Has anyone seen this timing chain before
  33. Installation of a cam
  34. compare motors
  35. Surely after almost two years its not true!
  36. Rumpity Rumpity, 230/236 108lsa 108icl cam on the way
  37. X1 vs TR230 for best et
  38. Degreeing Cam??????? Please help!
  39. Cam experts come inside!
  40. 6.0 block .060 over??
  41. LS1 valve spring install height
  42. wrist pin Q's, diamond pistons
  43. need cam install in texas, where to go?
  44. Expectations of LS6 intake
  45. double roller timing chain....stock pulley
  46. WTF is this noise (soundclip included)
  47. LS6 cam/srings A4 shift points?
  48. What is reasonable/practical to expect from a 409 stroker?
  49. Offset Grinding a stock Crank? Cost?
  50. ls6 cam
  51. Bore vs. Stroke with a LS1 ???
  52. Can my 5.7 ltr .030 milled heads be used on 383 stroker?
  53. 382 cubic inch motor
  54. Taking apart my motor, have questions
  55. Think I have enough cam...
  56. HP from heads only?
  57. CR increase gains?
  58. Fly Cutting stock pistons
  59. Can LS1 heads be used on a 42x c.i. motor?
  60. Which cam is better for my needs TR224 or the Comp XER 224 581"
  61. 402 vs 408
  62. More updates on our Stage 3X on a stock 346 short block, 491 RWHP and 431 RWTQ.
  63. Thoughts on a new combo
  64. Which Patriot Heads For My Cam
  65. Question About Cam Lift
  66. Who does custom camshafts?
  67. Why not 2.055" Int. Valves???
  68. Why LS1 solid rollers do not pick up 40 to 50rwhp like Stangs?
  69. Strokers & Rod length
  70. Who's Flycut Pistons?
  71. A few cam questions
  72. C5R Valve Covers and Jesel JKR Rockers
  73. Newbie here/cam expectations
  74. LS1 5.3L vs 5.7L bore difference?
  75. Telling driver side from passenge side coil packs
  76. Does anyone have a cam they consider NON STREETABLE?
  77. head gaskets?
  78. Anyone running a 393 ci all bore?
  79. No oil to the top of the Engine?
  80. Stock head bolt size (LS1)?
  81. ARP/Head bolt TQ question
  82. '035' die cast or 317'' sand cast heads ? Which process makes fora better head ???
  83. Mounting block to engine stand, what bolts?
  84. 380CI iron motor completed. pics inside.
  85. whats the strongest streetable cam on the market for ls1?
  86. When do you need shorter pushrods?
  87. Stock install heights of the 02 ZO6 heads
  88. Cam Swap Questions.......
  89. What are the specs on a stock '00 SS cam?
  90. Is my 6.0L Iron Block damaged?
  91. thinking about a cam
  92. TR224 with 1.85 rockers?
  93. REV 1116 specs
  94. LS6 HEads vs. LS1 Heads
  95. Has anyone ever slipped a stock sleeve?
  96. which heads to go with?
  97. Switching from 1.7 stock rockers to 1.85. How much does this change the lift of cam?
  98. Aftermarket vs Stock lifters, Benefits?
  99. XER Lobe chart...
  100. Be very careful about blem/ overstock blocks/ parts.
  101. Just finished heads/cam install
  102. TR224 112 cam with dual springs?
  103. Why aren't super-strokers making a lot more power than the all bore motors?
  104. Cam
  105. Can a 99 block go to 3.905
  106. I need Absolute Speed's address...
  107. Poll on Big Bores 382-388 & leaking issues
  108. Need 400hp Cam Only...what Cam?
  109. Biggest cam with stock converter?
  110. How about a Sticky for Cam selection & experiences?
  111. What rocker setup to use with solid
  112. To Degree in a cam wouldnt we need and adjustable cam sprocket?
  113. best aftermarket head
  114. long ratio rod?
  115. 6.0L is almost built.
  116. cam specs
  117. Higher oil pressure after
  118. Question about p-v clearance 228/237 cam
  119. Need a bigger cam!Give me cam suggestions on a all bore motor
  120. Anyone ever break a Comp 918 on a .590+ cam?
  121. Which cam should I go with?
  122. Cam chose.
  123. Not for sure if this should go here....
  124. Which tuners cnc and do there own valve job
  125. Piston to head clearence??
  126. Can I hit 400rwhp without heads?
  127. New pan and water pump
  128. interchangeable???
  129. degree wheel?
  130. How would I go about this ... ?
  131. MTI Stealth Cams and Supercharging
  132. SBC rod vs. LS1 rod
  133. Best/Safest Valve Springs for cams with...
  134. Yellow residue on bottom of oil filler cap?
  135. patriot stg II 5.3's/ 224-581-112 dyno numbers
  136. Compression test results
  137. Proper way to use Top End Cleaner?
  138. curious about cam performance?
  139. Check out my Dyno/Air/Fuel Gragh, tell me what you think.
  140. 600HP internals???
  141. Need help with cam?
  142. will these heads be enough?
  143. Big Cams cause to low of vacuum?
  144. Rod knock?
  145. Why did the ARE 436 thread disappear?
  146. Replacing HotCam. Any suggestions?
  147. Arp Rod Bolts
  148. Leakdown tester question...
  149. LS6 Conversion Kits
  150. When doing a compression test.......
  151. Oil Pump Mods?
  152. Stock bottom end ('98)
  153. Whos got PP LS6 Style Heads?
  154. Upping CR using smaller head gasket?
  155. How often does a stock LS1 oil pump fail?
  156. Trying to better understand Solid Rollers
  157. What causes a lifter to collapse?
  158. Need To Pick A Cam For My 6.0l 372 Motor............
  159. What do yall think about these heads?
  160. New Numbers, Before and after Wide Oval manifold and TB, w/G5X-3
  161. How many times can the main cap bolts be retorqued?
  162. Got my Ported LS6 Oil Pump, Quick Q's
  163. 419 rwhp, cam only....
  164. What sponser sells...
  165. TSP custom 231/237,.589"/.595"112
  166. g5x-3...drilling throttle body?????
  167. reuse ARP head studs?
  168. Reuse main bolts or not?
  169. Ls1 Heads On A Roller 350
  170. So I've heard from multiple vendors the Eagle Crank quality isn't all that great....
  171. rev kit
  172. Part No... for Timing Chain and Crank Bolt?
  173. engine stand help asap!!!
  174. My "Winter Project".. give your input.
  175. Engine Assembly questions
  176. Getting a cam installed should I worry about my rockers?
  177. Valve Springs with this cam....?
  178. internal balancing question Guru's inside please
  179. Got a new cam...Need help choosing springs/retainers
  180. Latest RMS stock cube H/C numbers
  181. Does the motor have to be hot to get accurate results with a leakdown?
  182. oil pump pressure???
  183. Heads and cam?
  184. Anyone with Comp Cam 232/234?
  185. can oil affect yoru power out put?
  186. 2226/26/111cam #s
  187. My new Cam??
  188. what do you think this cam will make?
  189. 6.0L build - what do you think?
  190. piston comparison
  191. Do New Blem engine blocks = big problems?
  192. Differences between 1999 and 2001 LS1 ?
  193. TSP231/237 Vs MTI stealth cam
  194. Crank Shaft Main Housing Bore Diameter
  195. Anyone use 224/230 581/588 114 inside
  196. PP Stage III LS6 Heads on the way....
  197. The December Cam Install Special!!!
  198. How to go about freshening up an LS1
  199. Vendors Speed Pro piston questions
  200. 224/230 - 228/230...would it be worth it?
  201. 514rwhp Na!!
  202. Drastic measure. Engine transplant !
  203. Eagle Crank GMPP Single Plane Intake
  204. ? about custom grind cams (long)
  205. Bottom end?
  206. Has anyone shortened their oil dipstick and tube?
  207. Any "Stealth" cam-only cars?
  208. just finished cam swap
  209. has anyone actually cracked a main cap in half?
  210. Stroke/rod legnth question
  211. headers or lifters
  212. Need help on new motor
  213. Crane doubles
  214. Question about Ramp Rates
  215. Anyone use the PolyDyn coatings on pistons?
  216. What is an acceptable price for a cam install?
  217. ANYONE with cam.....COME IN!!
  218. cold start
  219. What is an acceptable valvespring life to YOU?
  220. why do people shim valvesprings?
  221. Lidt above .600" worth any power on stock heads?
  222. Any body have this cam...
  223. halfway through cam instal
  224. GrandAM cam?
  225. What cam to produce 420+ on stock 346 with s1 heads
  226. need rebuild parts list.....everyone take a look
  227. Roller Rockers ???????
  228. CONCERNED... what should I do????
  229. *new Ls6 Heads*
  230. Oil passages in a cam..
  231. If someone dropped your motor, would you be worried?
  232. Piston and connecting rod?
  233. CompCams & Crane Suggest cams for 409/427, which to use, 236/240 or 250/258??
  234. Call Me Crazy, & Beat me Silly. Im sticking with JPR.
  235. LS1's were the buzz at PRI this year. . .
  236. Which cam should I buy?
  237. TR 224/227 114lsa
  238. To bore or not (6.0L)?
  239. Anyone heard of melling LS1 oilpump?
  240. Eagle cranks: where are they
  241. Question about patriot ls6 style heads...
  242. Do Patriot STG LS6 heads surpass the stg2 5.3's?
  243. Signs/Symptoms of Hitting the Rev Limiter
  244. ASA dyno graphs wanted
  245. Best Cam Suggestions for these Mods?
  246. PP Stage 3 LS6 heads...who's got em...
  247. ARE 4.8 Liter Heads
  248. Oil pressure
  249. Got my vette back with JPR's old motor
  250. Whats considered good #s for heads/cam