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  1. A thing or 2 about a thnig or 2 without bashing.
  2. MTI's C2 vs. Stealth II
  3. Cam install
  4. Help me pick a Cam please?
  5. Anyone have Valvegod's number?
  6. Setting Rev limiter
  7. LS6 to 5.3 head-how much is compression increased?
  8. Best heads and cam for a stock lower end
  9. least expensive good oil pump
  10. Cam gurus, V6 Cam question...
  11. Stripped crank!! What have I done??
  12. TR 224/224/112 ok with nitrous?
  13. Cam choice
  14. Are LS1's fully rollerized?
  15. Bigger Valve shroud CC?
  16. hotcam max rpm's
  17. What would I need to make a "almost" bullet proof 346 and...
  18. Knock Sensor Part No
  19. valve spring question
  20. great power from a MTI T1 Cam
  21. Springs for .615 lift???
  22. Need ideas for getting valve keepers loose
  23. where to get used LS6 block?
  24. New cam
  25. how bad is the stock valve spring compared.......
  26. Which head gasket for Patriot LS6/LQ9 style heads?
  27. Cleaning up heads
  28. ARP head studs
  29. +7000rpm guys, in here please....
  30. Patriot Head Technical Thread
  31. General prices on a 400+ CID LS1 based motor?
  32. questions on a 6.0 408 ci set up
  33. What heads will give most HP with this cam?
  34. Best heads for G5X2 cam
  35. Info about "prepping" a head?
  36. what spring and pushrods with TR230
  37. How would you build up a 427 LS6 for boost?
  38. Flow numbers for stock 6L heads?
  39. looking for a N.A. 730+ rwhp?
  40. What viscocity of oil flows best when motor is cold?
  41. What exactly is cam surge?
  42. solid roller questions...
  43. What could be wrong with my car? Oil in air lid and...
  44. Looking at a MONSTER solid roller....
  45. MTI X1 Cam and Heads?
  46. Used Block, What to have done.
  47. quick help. Doing a valve spring swap
  48. After 40K miles, I'm going back to Dyno Oil > (per TSB)
  49. Blower cam people please respond...
  50. Help new heads and cam and car wont respond
  51. TR 220 cam....
  52. New engine break in procedure?
  53. Where are the Knock Sensors?
  54. Which lsa ??
  55. How do you get to 750rwhp?
  56. AMSOIL
  57. G5X-3 out yet?
  58. G5X2 A4 guys
  59. stock bore on ls1, will it fit a 3.905" piston??
  60. More engine math...
  61. Cam and springs
  62. Ideling problems
  63. what needs to be done to go from a 346ci - 382 ?
  64. G5X2 what gains will I see
  65. Anyone have a Cartek Stage IIx pkg they have installed?
  66. Its time for a new cam (recomondations)
  67. could stiffer valve springs cause false knock?
  68. hotcam and stock exhaust please?
  69. New JPR heads on all-bore 388 dyno
  70. Flycutting: Safe Solution to my problem? **HELP!**
  71. crankshaft question
  72. Pic of Crane Dual Springs
  73. Project Retro is Done! Video of new engine & more
  74. 6.0 Block..what need's to be changed??
  75. question on head install
  76. More Performance Stroker ?
  77. dyno question
  78. another TSP231/237 installed
  79. Need Help!
  80. What cam won't set a misfire code??
  81. What head flows the best?
  82. Pushrods too short = misfire?
  83. X1 cam redline?
  84. Does Katech or any other vendor offer a high volume oil pump
  85. piston-valve clearance
  86. TR230 Sound Clip.......
  87. Just Installed... TSP231/237 Cam
  88. ???
  89. Anyone think of a 230+ cam w/ mild lift (easy on springs)???
  90. Somthing strange
  91. Stock Lifter Question
  92. need recomendation.......
  93. broken rev 1116
  94. fastest an A4 can be w/head/cam/boltons???
  95. When to change to synthetic oil on new 427 C5R Block Engine?
  96. Need .015 rocker arm shims..What are you guys using?
  97. What is the hot start/ cold start problem???
  98. how stiff are the "r" lifters?
  99. New M6 dyno
  100. Anyone know the adv duration
  101. HELP!!! motor ate the dipstick
  102. New Heads?
  103. opinions on scat cranks?
  104. Max Rev Limiter on TR230 Cam
  105. bearings coming out my azz!!
  106. ??Anyone else waiting for ARP head bolt kits??
  107. P to V question, "valve drop method" questions.....
  108. ?? Part# for the multilayer steel head gaskets for an '02??
  109. 2nd to 1st shift - how serious
  110. what is the optimum oil pressure range?
  111. HOT cam HP increase
  112. C5R block, what can it be bored out too, safely?
  113. Which lifter...need help
  114. Oil pressure falls suddenly?!?!?
  115. I would like to get a Truely Custom grind...sponsors???
  116. Oil Leak!!!!
  117. SLP high-flow oil pump
  118. Anyone with TR224 Inside please
  119. X1 or TR230 Pros and cons in a stock head A4
  121. GM to use full floating wrist pins in the GEN IV piston slap
  122. What is the best way to detrmine if you have piston slap
  123. Vibration noise from valve cover? underneath?
  124. do i need bigger fuel injectors?
  125. More Performance
  126. Twitchy tach?
  127. go back to synthetic before dyno tune tomorrow?
  128. need drop in Solid roller lifter.
  129. ?
  130. Dyno graph 439.9 UNTUNED
  131. GM Long Block Gasket Set for rebuilding P/N????
  132. Damaged head...revisited
  133. Anyone adjust their own valves?
  134. got my patriot ls6 heads today!!
  135. cams and fuel economy
  136. Best Springs?
  137. what do i need to do a head install?
  138. Low dollar heads/cam Dyno results
  139. Think I bent a valve so....
  140. Did I make the right choice ??
  141. Racing Gas vs Airplane Gas
  142. 26# to 29# LS6 Injectors
  143. no tach after cam install? help please?
  144. orderding patriot ls6 stage 2 heads
  145. engine rebuilders check this out
  146. 10's NA?
  147. How to check Piston to Valve Clearance?
  148. 224/110 cam is in and running...
  149. upgrading my cam...
  150. LS1 vs LS6 cam dyno graph
  151. LS1 build question...
  152. ?
  153. creat motor
  154. Longblock finally assembled - with new intake!
  155. Would 6.0 heads give me any power?
  156. question about running temperature
  157. 115 mph engine dies WTF
  158. Will this cam give me any power before I install ProCharger?
  159. what exactly is included/excluded in a shortblock?
  160. SLP Appreciation Day Race - Yeh or Neh?
  161. ??5.3L's and 5.7L's Differences?
  162. Engine assembly questions lots of them?
  163. Picked up a TSP ported oil pump w/Autometer oil psi guage...
  164. Valve Float, can someone explain
  165. Milling 5.3L heads
  166. oil presure,WTF..
  167. Missing ground, help!
  168. what is a stroked engine?
  169. Another YT rocker question
  170. 2.05 valve fit with .595 lift?
  171. Trying to help a friend solve KR Problems.. Please come in,,
  172. LS6 block...LS1 oilpan TROUBLE
  173. When the cam dot and the crank dot
  174. Who sells AFR heads for an LT1
  175. Oil Help
  176. Oil question 10-30W or 0-50W?
  177. Head Cam Swap Scheduled; What Else is Needed?
  178. Ordered LS6 Intake; Need Gaskets?
  179. stroke = 4.165 vs. bore = 3.55???
  180. Replaced timing chain and still LOTS of SLACK.....
  181. Opinions on 230/228 112LS ??
  182. Found the problem, fuel pump!
  183. Well, it's done... Neptune's oil study
  184. Need some quick casting number help on 5.3 heads
  185. ? about LS6 heads.
  186. Need advice on my MTI 383 Stroker
  187. Anyone running the GM Grand Am cam
  188. cam with 1:85 rockers?
  189. Doing a cam install this weekend
  190. What Company has the most aggresive Ramp Rates and Lobes?
  191. 03 ZO6 valve springs
  192. Thinking about 01 Z06 cam and and 1.8 Jesels
  193. Max RPM for Hydraulic Lifters????
  194. Any benefits from pulling the engine w/ the tranny attached
  195. to stroke or not to stroke
  196. H/C/I/LT swap finished tonight, starting it up tommorow.....
  197. Best cam for the mod's
  198. ticking noise
  199. Which are the best heads for porting?
  200. can anybody tell me what this noise is
  201. Wierd sonds coming from motor
  202. PP S2 Heads, TSP 228R, Pacesetter LTs = DYNO result
  203. '02 z06 cam swap dyno (335rwhp/340 torq)
  204. how many degrees is one tooth on the cam sprocket?
  205. Ramp Rate
  206. Intake manifold PN# has me stumped
  207. help, need torque specs asap
  208. Which is better? X1 or TR230?
  209. How to rev ETC engine from under the hood
  210. LS1 vs. LS6 vs. 6.0 intake
  211. TEA 6.0 heads track results
  212. blower friendly cam, is there such a thing?
  213. Dynoed Tr224 cam with stock heads on Mustang Dyno..
  215. Failures of stock lifters??
  216. Which Cam is the Most Fun on the Street?
  217. Intake Manifold Question
  218. Car Tuned and Dyno graph inside..
  219. 2000 ls1 stock heads #'s
  220. cheapest place to buy amsoil
  221. Replacing valve springs
  222. Who's got the fastest 2.73 geared car out there?
  223. Bad Comp 918 springs - offical company policy
  224. Patriot Stage II 5.3L's installed
  225. Valve Cover spacers...
  226. whats the best cam for the ls1?
  227. New Warranty on TEA Heads
  228. A warning about buying used cylinder heads...
  229. 160 Stat with H/C Cars?
  230. Why cant we use SBC valve springs on are heads??
  231. What are some symptoms
  232. Comp/DRE rockers.....
  233. LS6 donor into my 98 six speed
  234. MTI Stage 2E head opinions...
  235. need head torque specs for an '02...
  236. TR215
  237. what would you do
  238. For those with X1 or TR230 can I see your dyno sheet?
  239. biggest best cam for a Vig 3200?
  240. Comp 921 Dual Springs @
  241. stock cam and aftermarket springs
  242. Anybody wanna Host the 93-02 Full Parts Manual....???????
  243. Patriot Rock's!
  244. What is the deal with Gen 3 rods
  245. Low $ stroker kit
  246. Need clarification on REV 1116 spring issue
  247. Intake Centerline (ICl) question
  248. Ok so my pushrods arent bent, what IS the problem?
  249. tr224 owners
  250. Dyno'ed my car. Nothing special.