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  1. Piston Slap Solution, raplace pistons?
  2. Cam question X1 vs TR224
  3. need some help on what stroker kit to get?
  4. who makes the best heads
  5. Scoggin Dickey Valve Spring Kit , Who makes it ??
  6. What about Meaux Racing Heads?
  7. Which TSP cam for my 6.0?
  8. titanium retainers from Thunder Racing
  9. Shift Point w/LS6 Springs?
  10. burning oil????? tips/help please
  11. Zo6 Ls6 springs color ?
  12. Dropped sleeve...
  13. startup
  14. 6.0 help
  15. Stock sized forged bottom end?
  16. b383 strokers - any pass tuff emissions tests?
  17. polished Patriot's, decent power?
  18. which cam?
  19. How fast are you guys going with H/C on a stock shortblock?
  20. 918 springs and 987 springs
  21. Oil Filters
  22. How would TR224 cam Vs. MTI Stealth cam sound with LT Headers & aft. market catback?
  23. ? for tr230 owners
  24. How much HP on ARP bolted stock rods
  25. I need a good stroker*
  26. Lightweight valves
  27. 330 hp 346 torque any good?
  28. Looking for stock ls1 rod specs
  29. Can I get H/C for under 3k installed
  30. Does anybody have their intake off?
  31. push rod length???
  32. New Mobil 1 Syn To Debut In Spring 04
  33. Putting in my TSP 231/237 in tomorrow
  34. 5.3 heads: are they aluminum?
  35. Lg Motorsports
  36. Best camshaft for my 02 LS1
  37. Crane Duals?
  38. Stronger: Crower Sportsman Rods VS Eagle LS1 rods
  39. What is everyones take on the AFR heads?
  40. Anybody running a big split duration on a 112+4?
  41. ticking
  42. Worth the extra $ to go to Patriot Stage II LS6 heads for agressive cam on my Z06?
  43. What springs does MTI use on their stage III LS6 heads for big cubed motors?
  44. is this a common thing to happen to gtp heads??!!?!!?
  45. Power Difference
  46. LS6 head conversion
  47. How can i tell if i am burning oil?
  48. Any Good Replacement Springs for the CC 941s?
  49. Fastest TR224 cam in the Country?
  50. Oil priming on new engine build??
  51. talk about TSP 231/237@0.050 lift, .598/.595,112 LSA
  52. dual springs
  53. Paging 383 and 395 stroker guys
  54. Please check these cam specs for me !!
  55. GM Service data manual?
  56. LS6 in a 1972 DeTomaso Pantera?
  57. Can someone post dyno charts for a 230 cam with heads?
  58. iron block extra 60lb weight worth the extra 20 cubic inches?
  59. Comp Roller Lifters advatnages and installation
  60. Anybody notice AFR has the LS1 heads on their site now?
  61. A few Cam Choices
  62. news and development from absolute speed headquarters
  63. TR224/224 112LSA for a daily driver
  64. 4.0" Stroke, 383 or 427 with Absolute x2 heads?
  65. crane duals
  66. Thicker oil for worn rings?
  67. roller rockers?
  68. how big SHOULD I bore the Dartons?
  69. 6.0 litre block problems
  70. where can i buy the extra pulley crank bolt?
  71. winding out the ls6 cam
  72. code 1415 after heads/cam install
  73. replacing push rods?
  74. First time at the dyno...
  75. hotcam install
  76. What cam will make the most power on my stock LS6 motor in my 03 Z06 no flycutting.
  77. Head flow numbers...look at this:
  78. Need recomendations for very aggessive cam for Z06 with minimal lope for stealthness.
  79. Anyone know if a MMS 229 cam will pass sniffer w/tuning?
  80. Someone confirm 2000 stock valve spring lift?
  81. IAC count
  82. Did anyone see the GP on for Kooks Headers???
  83. need some help on determining a few things...
  84. mysterious ticking that magically went away?
  85. How do people crate up motors?
  86. Paging ARE
  87. How big can I go?
  88. (insider info) carbarated intake by Edelbrook to be released in january
  89. 6.0 swap help
  90. a couple of H/C install questions
  91. Stealth II cam Q's
  92. im disappointed
  93. What alloy are the Wiseco forged pistons made of?
  94. Cleaning Piston Tops
  95. Manley 221423-16 Springs
  96. cometic gaskets
  97. So many choices, so little money. just need to cure that craving for rice,lol
  98. LS6 cam & valve upgrade question
  99. JE spiro locks & stock rods
  100. Stock cam HELP????
  101. Will compression increase w/ stroker?
  102. Blown Head Gasket?
  103. breather smoke
  104. X1 cam for an A4.. should I get 112 or 114 lsa?
  105. MTI Stage 2 LS6 & X1 clearance problems! Pro's inside please!
  106. Can someone explain LSA on cams?
  107. how many miles before u have to replace the crane dual springs
  108. Patriot Stage II, LS6cam, SLP 1.85...
  109. How critical is piston deck height & quench distance for an LS1?
  110. ? about oil pressure
  111. Sound clips of my motor
  112. Pulley ?
  113. How to fix a flooded engine?
  114. Link to a pic of what blue striped 918's did to my motor.
  115. 224/224 .581/.581 112 LSA Anyone w/ this cam chime in please.
  116. Would a serious vacuum leak cause oil consumption?
  117. How can i find how much compression my motor has?
  118. LS6 Cam dyno graph
  119. Just ordered some heads. What gaskets to get though?
  120. Noise??
  121. 98' Valve guide seal part #
  122. TR224 Owners Come Inside!
  123. LQ9 (6.0) Patriot head question
  124. what rockers is best for TSP 231/237
  125. which valve springs
  126. Spun Main bearing.
  127. Using 7.350's or less pushrods on unmilled heads..
  128. what cam should i look into?
  129. Question
  130. 400rwhp...who's making it and how (LS1)
  131. Head Swap tomorrow....any actual ft-lb torque specs...?
  132. What heads for my set up??
  133. Whining noise after H/C install
  134. LS6, Z06 cam
  135. LS6 Cam Install
  136. Got my car tuned at Last
  137. How far can a stock LS1 block be bored?
  138. Drag Race in So Cal
  139. Need some help.....
  140. Needing some smart advice ('02 LS6 cam)
  141. Rear crankshaft gasket ??? for shortblock build-up
  142. Stroker vs. Heads cam car ?
  143. X Pipe Vs. LM
  144. G5X-3 on 112 w/PP LS6 59cc on A4, Streetable???
  145. TSP231 with shorties and a ls1 intake??
  146. P0300 Code (Misfire at low RPM range) Need LS1Tech Diagnostics.
  147. after headers
  148. what is the best LSA for an A4 tranny??
  149. Be careful with old pre-bluestripe 918s
  150. Biggest CID to go with MTI Stg 2 heads?
  151. Need help with math?
  152. new motor??? what kind?
  153. Tea 1.5 And Cam Problems?
  154. good write-ups for h/c install?
  155. Possible set-ups?
  156. Eagle stroker crankshafts?
  157. 6.0l block question for a friend
  158. 230/222 112* cam
  159. Cam install walk through.
  160. $850 a good price for heads,cam& header install?
  161. Crane Springs
  162. slp head and cam package
  163. How to clean/flush the intake manifold/combustion chambers?
  164. lq9-lq4 heads
  165. Cumbustion Chambers?
  166. 1.8 rockers with a 224 .563 114 cam
  167. Absolute Heads track results (interesting findings - dyno versus track)
  168. paging TR
  169. well i hope this works with the new bolt!!!
  170. Need info on valve cover clearancing for Yella Terras
  171. Finally - H/C car passes NY emmissions test!!!
  172. Can an LS1 be stroked to 377 ci?
  173. Cylinder Heads: TEA vs. Patriot Performance
  174. Is this a good plan, (cam, stock heads, headers 99+ LS1 A4)
  175. Gas Mileage after Cam?
  176. Professional Opinions on COMP CAM
  177. What does this cam look like?
  178. Anyone got heads and cam from Speed Demon?
  179. which heads for ZO6???
  180. Why aren't 396 LS1 Strokers popular?
  181. which cam 2 pick
  182. TSP 231/237 on 112 or 114 for NITROUS??
  183. Any one using TSP 228R cam only?
  184. My car is pinging(confused)?
  185. Small crack in Stock sleeve??
  186. More Performance?
  187. Is it faster to drop subframe to remove engine on a lift?
  188. P2V Clearance Calculation
  189. TR230 vs TSP 231/237 vs X1 (stock heads)
  190. Comp 222/224 XE vs. TR224
  191. ASA cam and yella terra's P-to-V?
  192. Who heard my Stealth II idle at the Thunder Shootout?
  193. Thanksgiving Cam Install Specials!!!
  194. AFR's and Big Cubes
  195. Stock PR's - Largest Cam?
  196. Please Vote and elect my heads
  197. Cam Question In 5.3?????
  198. Looking for dyno graphs of the patriot performance 5.3L (stage II) or 6.0L (LQ9)
  199. H20 in PCV catch can ????
  200. new springs needed with mild cam swap
  201. Car wont start after head gasket replacement
  202. Coating Engine Internals...
  203. Question about AFR heads?
  204. best springs?
  205. TR236 installed
  206. CompCams 26921 Dual Springs ... Need Specs
  207. Planning a cam install, which is easiest on springs?
  208. Anybody got any times after TSP LS6 & 231/237 cam install
  209. need help with cam selection
  210. Ls1 rods
  211. ?? about rockers
  212. What cam to get?
  213. Need advice for my LS6 headed engine build for my RS
  214. low oil pressure after cam/oil pump install. help please!
  215. Lunati 230/237 112lsa cam
  216. About to order Rollmaster timing chain, do I really need the Torrington bearing?
  217. Will a high stall converter let me get away with a more aggressive cam?
  218. any1 ever have the crank pulley loosen up and back out?
  219. balance questions?
  220. Mod advise
  221. Looking for a cam file
  222. Install Problems; Need Help Quick!
  223. TR224/112,918, TI Retainers Installed!
  224. Need cometic gasket help quick
  225. LS6 Block question.....?
  226. agostino camshaft
  227. tapping noise
  228. Comp Cams Shaft mounted rockers
  229. patriot heads are installed
  230. Where do you get head gaskets for strokers?
  231. Clearances!!!!engine build up.
  232. MTI Stealth Cam idle problems
  233. Moderators/Admins
  234. Stealth II cam and tuning ?
  235. What Do You All Think of a 226/226 .584/.584 112?
  236. Anyone dyno their MTI 2E's yet??
  237. Brand New GM cylinder Head !!!???
  238. In middle of cam swap.....Getting ASP off?
  239. Odd Question: Anyone Know Anything About the 302 Project Camaro Cam?
  240. what would you do in my postion?
  241. Hotcam before and after dyno sheet
  242. Am I forgetting anything?
  243. cam help
  244. Advancing Camshafts: Physical vs. Built-in
  245. Nitrous/Turbo cam
  246. Any data on the Darton MID block setups?
  247. Colonel Please give your wisdom.
  248. My Plan of Action!
  249. Who all has a TSP 231/237 cam??
  250. Torque Specs