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  1. ASA cam and yella terra's P-to-V?
  2. Who heard my Stealth II idle at the Thunder Shootout?
  3. Thanksgiving Cam Install Specials!!!
  4. AFR's and Big Cubes
  5. Stock PR's - Largest Cam?
  6. Please Vote and elect my heads
  7. Cam Question In 5.3?????
  8. Looking for dyno graphs of the patriot performance 5.3L (stage II) or 6.0L (LQ9)
  9. H20 in PCV catch can ????
  10. new springs needed with mild cam swap
  11. Car wont start after head gasket replacement
  12. Coating Engine Internals...
  13. Question about AFR heads?
  14. best springs?
  15. TR236 installed
  16. CompCams 26921 Dual Springs ... Need Specs
  17. Planning a cam install, which is easiest on springs?
  18. Anybody got any times after TSP LS6 & 231/237 cam install
  19. need help with cam selection
  20. Ls1 rods
  21. ?? about rockers
  22. What cam to get?
  23. Need advice for my LS6 headed engine build for my RS
  24. low oil pressure after cam/oil pump install. help please!
  25. Lunati 230/237 112lsa cam
  26. About to order Rollmaster timing chain, do I really need the Torrington bearing?
  27. Will a high stall converter let me get away with a more aggressive cam?
  28. any1 ever have the crank pulley loosen up and back out?
  29. balance questions?
  30. Mod advise
  31. Looking for a cam file
  32. Install Problems; Need Help Quick!
  33. TR224/112,918, TI Retainers Installed!
  34. Need cometic gasket help quick
  35. LS6 Block question.....?
  36. agostino camshaft
  37. tapping noise
  38. Comp Cams Shaft mounted rockers
  39. patriot heads are installed
  40. Where do you get head gaskets for strokers?
  41. Clearances!!!!engine build up.
  42. MTI Stealth Cam idle problems
  43. Moderators/Admins
  44. Stealth II cam and tuning ?
  45. What Do You All Think of a 226/226 .584/.584 112?
  46. Anyone dyno their MTI 2E's yet??
  47. Brand New GM cylinder Head !!!???
  48. In middle of cam swap.....Getting ASP off?
  49. Odd Question: Anyone Know Anything About the 302 Project Camaro Cam?
  50. what would you do in my postion?
  51. Hotcam before and after dyno sheet
  52. Am I forgetting anything?
  53. cam help
  54. Advancing Camshafts: Physical vs. Built-in
  55. Nitrous/Turbo cam
  56. Any data on the Darton MID block setups?
  57. Colonel Please give your wisdom.
  58. My Plan of Action!
  59. Who all has a TSP 231/237 cam??
  60. Torque Specs
  61. WS6 what does it stand for really?
  62. Is 380 through cats good for a hotcam?
  63. Install done by a local shop... (PICS)
  64. Anyone have dyno sheets from cam installed str8 up, +4 -4 etc
  65. ls6 heads and intake?
  66. ticking sound....bad lifter??
  67. Valvetrain Noise on a TR224
  68. What would cause these spots and oil on a set of heads?
  69. SEMA 2003 Photos - Great Event!
  70. TSP 231/237, QTP LT's installed
  71. Installing new heads with '02 LS6 cam
  72. What CI would this make?
  73. piston ring swap?
  74. What size Pushrods for S2 LS6 Style Patriots?
  75. got me patriot heads today
  76. Comp 987 Springs
  77. upgrading my cam...
  78. oil pressure question
  79. ATTN: TEA need cam help
  80. Looking for a good single roller timing set!
  81. SEMA..any news on the GEN IV motors yet?
  82. which type of cam will work best with the 'equal length' SLP designed header
  83. What range of lift to maximize spring life?
  84. TR224 in a stock A4
  85. what cam makes the most power?pleasse help!
  86. New Comp 921 springs ok with stock lifters?
  87. what happens to a 427
  88. hotacam????
  89. Iron ?
  90. ARP bolts
  91. Anyone bore or stroke a 5.3 liter?
  92. How big is the exhaust port on the ls6 heads?
  93. rocker bolts?
  94. tuning for heads/cam
  95. Tr 236
  96. Patriot head guys... Question
  97. Crankcase ventilation
  98. Moving Motor forward in a F-Body
  99. TR 224 Cam users question
  100. Comp 850 lifter question
  101. C5-R Block Markings
  102. Found a spring-lock in my oil...
  103. resleeving blocks...
  104. 383 Or 396
  105. Which Heads are best for MTI B1 Cam? 5.7, 5.3, PP LQ9/LS6
  106. TR 224/224 561.561 112 lsa will this cam idle poorly? decent power?
  107. Do cams 'wear' any?
  108. JPR 1.5's and ASA Cam opinions
  109. CAM will NOT go in! HELP
  110. Installing cam HELP!!
  111. Cam Suggestions?
  112. I have issues.
  113. 382 Stroker Emissions?
  114. 222/226/.566/.569/114 will this cam have a good idle for an M6 w/o tuning?
  115. Effects of compression
  116. Will a 222/226/.566/.569/114 have a good idle?
  117. 396 stroker
  118. Advice on Roller Rockers - Strange Setup
  119. Maximum bore withough sleeving?
  120. engine is bogging/sputtering at 3500rpm
  121. Max Stroke For Stock LS1 Block
  122. Can LS6 Cam See Over 400 rwhp?
  123. G5x3
  124. 918s or crane duals for TR230?
  125. Threw a code, P0343, NEED HELP AND ADVICE.
  126. PP 5.3L Stage 2 heads, where did they all go?
  127. GM Perfomance Parts sleeves???
  128. Mti 382 Stroker 1/4mi Times
  129. SD Pro Springs.........
  130. To those w/ compression ratio calc abilities
  131. stock Ls1 with compression change
  132. Have Turbo Andls1 Live
  133. Looking for a cam That will help at 4800rpm
  134. FWIW, my new TEA Stg 2.5 flow #'s
  135. My list of best max effort cams inside
  136. Spring question
  137. Diamond or JE
  138. Quick Compression ratio question...
  139. How long will head bolt threads in the block last?
  140. A -2cc valve relief equals approx. how much of a flycut?
  141. I need a bigger CAM!!
  142. tr224 question
  143. TSP Prototype Camshaft & Patriot LQ9 Dyno Results!
  144. whats flycutting the pistons??
  145. Getting bored with my Heads / Cam
  146. 383 vs 383 stroker??? i'm lost....
  147. Anyone have problem with Comp Promagnums for LS1
  148. Looking for cam install walk through..
  149. cam help
  150. cam swap parts?
  151. Clnking noise from engine, help
  152. 6.0 liter build up
  153. How would this cam work on a stock headed LS1?
  154. Am I overdoing it with dual springs?
  155. 98-00 LS1 heads different than 01,02???
  156. Anyone break springs with the LPE 207/220 .571/.578 118.5 LSA?
  157. Whats the best CAM + Header combo for max power on 99 firehawk???
  158. oil pressure WTF??????
  159. Forged pistons
  160. need help asap
  161. MTI SS2 Cam Info On Assuring Its Stealthness - Inside
  162. Bigger cam suggestion help?
  163. More info on the new AFRs
  164. looking for tr227 dyno charts
  165. Weird Problems after Head Swap
  166. What cam for my setup?????
  167. How much can I mill my heads? 6.0 HO LQ9
  168. water wetter ?
  169. AC or Bosch sparkplugs
  170. What are the differences between LS1 and LS6 heads?
  171. LSx Timing Chain Verify
  172. Cam Recommendations for 429
  173. Do I really need aftermarket Lifters?
  174. Independant Dyno numbers G5X-3 cam and head
  175. 409 Stroker cam???
  176. Your Opinion on Flow Numbers...
  177. TDC or compressor for valve springs?
  178. P2V clearance on MTI stage2 LS6 & X1
  179. What did everyone use to seal their rocker bolts with?
  180. Rocker Arm help
  181. So I'm going to have my Comp 987 Valvesprings Cryogenically Frozen.........
  182. I need to choose a heads/cam combo for my Corvette hybrid...
  183. Drilling TB after cam
  184. Anyone running ASA cam with edit tuning?
  185. i need the specs on crankshaft threads?
  186. destroked motor?
  187. what cam for lots of low end power
  188. Stock rod strength?
  189. Head guskets?
  190. What heads should I get???
  191. ASA Cam Soundclip
  192. crankshaft thread specs? anybody know?
  193. Difference between G5X2 and G5X3?
  194. my would this H/C setup work?
  195. UNTUNED dyno numbers..whatcha think?
  196. What does "REVERSE SPLIT PATTERN CAM" mean?
  197. A4 guys inside
  198. opinions on these heads/flow numbers
  199. How much $$$ for a new set of Ross pistons???????????
  200. What's involved with swapping a year 2000+ C5 pcm with the pcm in my 98C5?
  201. Anyone use tubing for a lifter tool?
  202. What size valve relief tool?and stem diameter?
  203. Can someone explain to me what
  204. Can anyone give me examples of having too much cylinder pressure?
  205. stock LS1 heads VS stock 5.3s...
  206. whats next??
  207. Yella Terra's and sounds....
  208. TSP 231/237 on a Cam only A4??
  209. TR227/224, TR224, or TR230/224
  210. new #'s with hammer c1 cam
  211. Which cam for my setup?
  212. Sleeper Cam Comparison
  213. Total Seal piston rings
  214. Anyone running the JPR 1.5's with the TR 230?
  215. Pics Of Patriots 59cc LS6/LQ9 Chambers!!
  216. Cam/Header Install--1 hour into it.
  217. Winston Cup Technology coming to LS1. . .
  218. Cam swap on high mileage motor?
  219. What might this be???
  220. puff of blue smoke on start up???
  221. Rev dual springs w/ G5X2 cam?
  222. 1st Patriot Heads & G5X-#3 dyno #;s
  223. Ideal big HP spray cam for 6.0L 372 Iron block motor
  224. Jesel users inside please
  225. Compression Ratio for Milled heads
  226. Bottom end build up
  227. What is the maximum lift LS1/LS6 and LQ9
  228. Help me pick my heads and cam!
  229. Help me fool my friendly local GM tech - which cam is stealth enough?
  230. Compression Experts....who has calculated Dynamic Compression Ratio?
  231. any1 waiting for there patriot heads???
  232. Which Block
  233. standard oil consumption for aftermarket Cam cars
  234. TR220 and 1.85 rockers
  235. Thinking of trying a new cam setup
  236. ARP head studs torque specs?And wath head guskets
  237. anyone have pics of ls1 vs ls6 block?
  238. crane cams dual valve spring
  239. Any sites on degreeing cam on LS1?
  240. Hot cam vs.. Tr 220 ????
  241. LS1 Heads .vs LS6 Heads
  242. Need a couple of LSx specs
  243. Received my Patriot LS6/LQ9 heads today!
  244. Cam Advance and Retard... which do i do to make this change?
  245. will oil analysis show if bearings are hurt?
  246. Why are stroker motor tolerances "looser"?
  247. 1.8 Rockers and TR 230
  248. anyone with the origional G5 cam and the new patriot 5.3 or LS6 heads?
  249. Degreeing the G5X2... Who's all done it?
  250. If the ASA cam makes good torque