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  1. what does this mean?
  2. Head & Main bolts - Fel-Pro vs. ARP
  3. weird misfire
  4. New Dyno # with stock heads and custom cam.
  5. Got my cam today...a bit confused!
  6. GM 8.1L engine
  7. My cam vs. TR230
  8. Need help finding parts
  9. How do you put this aluminum crank plug in and which side?
  10. ls1 hot cam
  11. Idle quality of a 110 LSA cam....
  12. 6.0L heads: What casting number/vehicles they came on
  13. Gaskets
  14. H/C package arrived!! Have a few ?`s.
  15. When talking about heads and valves, what does splayed mean?
  16. I am in the market for a new cam can anyone help me
  17. Is there any differences between the ls1 and ls6 head?
  18. Solid lifter lash question
  19. solid roller lifters
  20. heads & cam combo questions/advice
  21. how do I check piston to valve clearance?
  22. Need C5R valve cover part number
  23. Need Pics of Metco Valve Cover Breather!!
  24. Are 02 camaro heads ls6 heads?
  25. Jesel Rocker Arms
  26. What is Comp Cams 26918 spring installed height?
  27. unsure about heads...
  28. Double roller adjustable timing chain install guide?
  29. controlling knock
  30. patriot performance heads
  31. coated bearings?
  32. Installing a cam this weekend... tips & tricks??
  33. What does detonation sound like?
  34. Paging Patman!
  35. If I wanted to clean up my own combustion chambers....
  36. Stock PushRods with High Lift Cams
  37. Help with valve springs
  38. Anyone swap a TR230/224 for a G5-X2 ?
  39. CNC LS6 Heads bigger valves or stock size and gains from it?
  40. No more.. How does this set-up sound questions.. cuz I
  41. ok Stock head question
  42. LS1 bore = 3.898"; Lunati stroker bore = 3.903 - WTF?
  43. To cam or not to cam
  44. New block - will it be ready to install rotating assembly?
  45. ARE Stage 1 heads, which valve locks?
  46. stock bore and stroke
  47. Torque Specs
  48. What cam should I use?
  49. technical work..code of ethics..who is responsible for what
  50. small nick in the top of my piston???
  51. adjustable timing chain?
  52. IAC's How else can i get them down?
  53. different viscosities for different climates
  54. Torque specs
  55. 454cid LS1 ... Anyone got it?
  56. ls6 cam, tuning necesary?
  57. Where to get a torque plate?
  58. Should Absolte Speed's 5.3 (no milling) have a PVC ...
  59. GM sleeves for small blocks?
  60. SF Bay area machine shop?
  61. Oil EVERYWHERE. Need a li'l help please :)
  62. head bolt tightness......
  63. Well, got my dyno numbers.....lower than I hoped. UPDATE
  64. New block - what is included?
  65. smoking issue after cam install......
  66. vacuum pump?
  67. Will "finish" hone require new pistons
  68. What's The Best Value Cam?
  69. Got My Car Back
  70. Cam for a 388 All Bore
  71. Engine missing when you mat it....then cleans up...WTF???
  72. Any new dyno numbers or ET's w/ Patriot Heads?
  73. Is there a such a thing as a "streetable" solid roller cam?
  74. Unported Heads------Lift vs. Duration
  75. Intake have to come off?
  76. Comp 918 springs ok with a .591/.569 lift cam?
  77. Engine bogs/misses at 5500+rpms
  78. cam install questions
  79. head numbers?
  80. HELP! How did you get your oil pan out???
  81. Heads Question?
  82. wtb stock 00-02 heads asap
  83. Chatter under the valve cover
  84. Installing New Heads - Prep Questions
  85. Cam Install Screw-Up Results...
  86. G5X2 bandwagon
  87. how can you tell what year block you have?
  88. front oil galley plug
  89. Stroker kits with low compression?
  90. Heads/cam questions
  91. Yella Terra dyno'd
  92. Converting to an auto., will I need to do anything with...
  93. How much power does the stock oil pump hold up to?
  94. 1/2 qt. low within 3 to 4 weeks, is this normal?
  95. FAST intake
  96. ICE BOX in place of battery
  97. Help with TR 224 cam install
  98. real low vacuum after cam install
  99. Could header heat cause a sending unit to give bad readings? *DELETED* *DELETED*
  100. Tuner bent valves, now what????
  101. HELP: Building an engine and it wont spin!
  102. Aliminum Block Vs. Iron Block
  103. Heads and Cam
  104. G5X2
  105. head flow numbers...
  106. What does 241 casted on the heads mean?
  107. Timming Chain (Rollmaster) and Underdrive pulley ?
  108. What are typical "224 cam" times?
  109. Best cam for stock heads, intake? TR230?
  110. Oil pump/Timing Chain install
  111. Does this sound like a oil pump O-ring problem??
  112. Pics of my ported 6.0 FI heads
  113. Engine Builders...vacuum pump question.
  114. LSM valve spring tool
  115. torque sequence?
  116. Anyone install a big cam after putting in 1.8 rockers
  117. LS1 Bolts reuseable?
  118. TR224 Cam N00bie
  119. Got a problem and need some help
  120. who makes the "F1" cam ?
  121. Guys w/ aftermarket clutch..go to manual trans forum!!
  122. Deck height - LS1 block
  123. Can someone w/ a rollmaster double give me some help
  125. Comp 230..G5X-2..check chart and answer question..thanks
  126. How do you check if a piston is at or near TDC?(tips/tricks)
  127. comp r lifter question
  128. Will 93 octane be ok for Stage 2 5.3's (11:1 CR).
  129. limits of the aluminum block???
  130. What kind of gain have you saw from 1.8 or 1.85 rockers?
  131. hotcam=low vacuum?
  132. Can somebody explain what a good bore/stroke ratio is?
  133. hp per point of compression?
  134. Newbie Needs Cam help....
  135. Cam question.....
  136. Do I need a new oil pump passed 430 rwhp?
  137. TR224 -114 initial impressions!
  138. Opinions on Eagle "SIR" Connecting Rods
  139. 382 all Bore's.....where you at?
  140. Comp 230/230/112 and G5X2 Comparison
  141. Crower sportsman connecting rods - LS1 6.125
  142. definition of Long/shortblock?
  143. New Cam, Need reassurance please..
  144. Anyone install a bigger cam after putting in 1,8 rockers?
  145. Need Help fast,With this cam any tuning required with an A4.
  146. PAGING ZAngel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Lkdwn/compr. test result-12k mi. of 7000rpm-stock bottom end
  148. You think this will make 600+rwhp?
  149. what size valves?
  150. best LS6 heads regardless of price?
  151. How do you prep a cam for install?
  152. will a TR 224 on a 114 LSA pass california emissions???
  153. thank you Allan Futral.........
  154. Big cam as a daily driver
  155. Dyno'd TEA Stage 1.5's/Sleeper cam/A4/Stock exh. manifolds
  156. Thunder racing blower cam experience?
  157. a4 +g5x2+patriot stg 2=410 rwhp????
  158. Just wanted to say...
  159. Let's talk Eng Temps.
  160. Car is sluggish after cam install
  161. valve train / misfire ????
  162. 6.125 rods and pistons?
  163. What size Alum. Solid Roller Strokers?
  164. Why all the big tradtional split and not reverse split cams?
  165. All my customers inside please!!!
  166. TSP 231/237 - Possible to hit 390???
  167. what cam only for 02-ZO6
  168. WTF-Post Lock Because-- *DELETED*
  169. GM hot cam + 1.8 rockers
  170. 382 vs 396 stroker
  171. To drill or not to drill ?
  172. Goofy old Desktop Dyno 2000 Question
  173. cyl head special and lowered core pricing from absolute spee
  174. Absolue Speed heads-224/224 DYNO RESULTS
  175. 11.2 CR, no tuning - a problem?
  176. Solid Roller or Hydraulic
  177. Anyone using the TR 224/227 Split Reverse?
  178. MAJOR Cam Install Screw-Up! Please Help!
  179. TSPs 3.82 stroker crank
  180. Whats the highest mileage on a stock set of lifters?
  181. Cam timing?
  182. Cylinder Head Flow ?????
  183. Timing Chains
  184. Low oil pressure problems continue > Read Again >
  185. Wonder If it will do well?
  186. cam question?
  187. Finally i'm doing my H/C swap...
  188. Undercut stems on valves...
  189. Got the "Nickle Tour" of the TEA facility today >
  190. Opinions on Eagle "SIR" Connecting Rods
  191. The TR224 is in!
  192. Comp Cam w/o Tuning/
  193. How to mount a LS1 to a engine stand?
  194. Trick Flow pushrods... as opposed to Comp Cams
  195. How many pickup teeth are on the LS1 cam position sensor?
  196. 98 heads with lightened Z06 valves?
  197. How are the 918s holding up in cold weather?
  198. 6.0L Build-up Question?
  199. Input on plugs/wires for larger displacement engines
  200. Will I need new pushords w/ new H/C setup?
  201. New heads and pricing starting 8-1
  202. few questions about MTI's 427ci "Z07" package
  203. GM world cup cam
  204. CAM
  205. Cam help
  206. ok to run this??
  207. Changed cam and oil pump, now 18lbs at idle.(REVISED) Help!
  208. Yella Terra's Installed
  209. Sluggish after H/C????
  210. What are the specs of the G2 cam?
  211. Cam
  212. smallest cam for 400 rwhp???????????
  213. Big cam = no ASR?
  214. Identifying A MTI B1 Cam
  215. Link up for G5X2 on 114 in 02 Z06......
  216. where can I get the best heads for the money
  217. absolute speed web site down temporarily-- contact info
  218. Anybody running Mandley springs 221423 with over .550 lift?
  219. Check out this C5R engine....
  220. Sponsors/Engine Builders - Need ring gap info
  221. Few pic's of motor (one that blew at shootout)
  222. LS6 Block
  223. Can anyone help troubleshoot knock/ping?
  224. Not happy with my dyno numbers
  225. What are the differences in head casting numbers?
  226. Removing Timing Chain Crank Sproket??
  227. rev limit for stock 2002 LS1
  228. sleaving blocks
  229. Swapping LS1 heads for LS6 heads............
  230. MTI resleeved vs ARE resleeved
  231. front and rear seals
  232. 987 double valve springs?
  233. Running cats and cam choice
  234. GM oil leak?
  235. problems -- what is wrong with my car now??
  236. Porting with Carb Cleaner!
  237. I have a couple of camshaft questions!
  238. Comp 987 springs....
  239. Changed Stock to 918's W/ More Peformance Tool
  240. How did I blow my head gasket?
  241. Oil Pressure Gauge Pegged
  242. Crank/Pulley Seal Install Question
  243. C5R heads?
  244. what is this cam
  245. Replaced Rod Bearings, How long...
  246. Someone please help me/Cam Surge...
  247. $7000
  248. new head designation from absolute speed
  249. How much wil 28" tires affect my dyno results?
  250. Big cam for stock cubes????