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  1. PP S2 5.3L & TSP 232R Dyno Graphs
  2. MorganCam
  3. Anything I need to know about installing new O2's?
  4. Whats the difference between wet and dry sleeve?
  5. What RPM to shift at with new cam???
  6. Strange Sound Under the Rear End
  7. Z06 CAM
  8. Bearing Clearances & Ring Gaps
  9. Having a new motor built. Have a couple questions.
  10. My new cam showed up today...they sent the wrong one
  11. Confusion on Stock Cams.
  12. need a cam with stock heads
  13. Help me out..List all causes of Knock Retard....Diagnose me!
  14. do i need diff. heads if i go from a 346 too a 422?
  15. Whoo hoo!! TSP cam came in today!!
  16. TSP 231/237 and JPR S1 LS6 heads dyno
  17. Regarding the issue of a shop warrantying a stroker engine
  18. Got my TR 224/224 112 Cam today.
  19. Previous problem before blown engine
  20. Fly Cutting Pistons
  21. Double Valve Spring Question
  22. thoughts on a 228/232 .580'ish 112 ?
  23. FYI: AFR is releasing some LS1 heads real soon
  24. Dyno clip pump swap.
  25. What makes for a really good set of heads?
  26. pro's and cons between 112 & 114 LSA
  27. 60K miles w/metal shavings and bottom end knock!!!!
  28. Word to the wise
  29. New motor eating a little oil?
  30. TSP 228R installed!
  31. Which Do You Prefer for Sound: 112 or 114 LSA?
  32. max valve lift with stock pistons?
  33. Ive got Tiny Valve Reliefs Now!!!!!!
  34. Bad spring?
  35. what gaskets do i need for cam swap?
  36. What Rings and how to gap?
  37. PP S2 5.3L & TSP Cam Track Results
  38. New Cam, New Oil Pump 2?
  39. GM Hot Cam + 1.85 Rocker Arms? Will it work?
  40. repairing cylinder liners
  41. All stroke 395 CI motor?
  42. Ordering Lifters...Crane or Comp??
  43. Better with stock heads - TR230 or X1
  44. all motor or forced induction?
  45. Vette or SS
  46. Need suggestions on what Cam would be best for my appl.
  47. Stock Oil Pump; Failures?
  48. P to V clearance checks, use hydraulic or not?
  49. whining noise solved - important info!
  50. ls6 heads vs ls1 heads
  51. Engine Knocking After cam install
  52. Ring gap? Diamond forged/blower motor
  53. Biggest Cam on A4 Stock Stall, Heads, no Tuning
  54. Head gaskets and bolts
  55. who's got the best heads?
  56. Pics of updated head work..kinda big....
  57. heads
  58. Titanium v stock retainers
  59. Some questions on Performance Crate Motors....???
  60. Down Over A Quart
  61. Getting ready to start the rebuild! Some ?'s.... *DELETED*
  62. what does degree in a cam mean?
  63. Oil: Switching to synthetic.
  64. rod swap
  65. Custom head gaskets?
  66. stroker or all bore - milled head delima??
  67. Rocker clearance???
  68. PV clearance a prob with a 236/236 cam ?
  69. need to know what size cam????
  70. anybody with a cam this....
  71. What HP gains will I see with C2 cam over Hot cam???
  72. what do u think about my set up
  73. [Videos] Stock Idle vs G5X2 H/C Package (wow!)
  74. Where can I buy Toluene or Xylene from? (Specifically AZ)
  75. ok down to 2 TR224 or TR227 with a 100-125 shot?
  76. Some questions for a turbo motor build
  77. Patriot Performance Flow sheets
  78. removing engine
  79. MONSTER Katech Cam
  80. GM top end engine cleaner???
  81. LS6 heads milled .030---CR?
  82. OK take a guess at what my HP will be
  83. 431RWHP A4 346"
  84. How much does the Yella Terra rocker weigh??
  85. Woohoo! 87 Octane + 110 degree weather + 10.8:1 compression
  86. need opinions for cam
  87. Anybody running MTI's new Z1 cam yet? 236/236/.585 112? *DELETED*
  88. Whats the best Intake Manifold?
  89. Hot Rod - Engine Master Challenge - Chevy
  90. 382 and 395 people
  91. Anyone Broken A MTI Manley Spring?
  92. 382 vs H/C cars
  93. Patroit Heads and Cam Users Post your rwhp & 1/4 mile data
  94. can this cause knock?
  95. Solid lifters
  96. Check this out > My new LS1 Head chamber volume vs CR table
  97. I need someone to help me put in a cam (kansas City Area)
  98. Boring
  99. Desperately Need Some Help From the Experts
  100. going to be doing my cam...
  101. Can bad o2's affect engine/coolant temps and make idle bad?
  102. Valve Clearance
  103. pushrod hhhheeeeellllpppppp.......
  104. Upgrading from MTI TI CAM
  105. Picking a cam
  106. LS6 cam VS TR220 114
  107. Stealth cam and tuning
  108. Weird oil pressure problem after H/C
  109. Clicking noise after head swap? *Problem Fixed*
  110. The Biggest Cam
  111. Rock and a Hard spot
  112. Quick question about piston to valve clearance
  113. Looking for some help.
  114. 227/224 Anyone running this Cam?
  115. what kind of time frame for a cam swap???
  116. More Performance H/C ?
  117. Head flow - what counts?
  118. Which Cams are to Big For Stock Heads??
  119. Starting to think about winter build up and want opinions
  120. No more PF58? Recent changes to PF59? >> Patman
  121. Desktop Dyno
  122. Need Straight answer on rings ASAP!
  123. Adding cats, do I need a cam w/more exhaust duration?
  124. Top Dead Center
  125. Car is LOUD as hell after Advancing Cam
  126. Is anybody running the MTI X1 cam 230/227 - .591/.571- 112
  127. Cam Retainer
  128. Should I PRIME the oil pump after cam and Rollmaster install
  129. wiring meizere WP?
  130. I need Help Picking a CAM.
  131. Darn good thing I got my internals balanced
  132. Install 1.8 Crane rocker... Help
  133. Which Way to Turn Rollmaster Sprocket to Advance Cam?
  134. car just died today
  135. LS6 cam with 1.8 rockers questions
  136. crank pully is almost off but the bolt is to short
  137. 440+ RWHP your cam and flow data please...
  138. what is the best cam
  139. RGR Heads-Any Comments?
  140. Hydrolock/Warraty Issue??
  141. Good Price for used Katech LS6 Heads ?
  142. Just put in 382 and had some questions Please help
  143. I think I have a problem
  144. Blown Engine?
  145. Running Lean, HP & TQ gains from LS1 Edit
  146. Has this ever happened to you? revs going up
  147. P?V cal
  148. MTI - - H/C dyno not too bad but looking for more >>?'s<<
  149. Rod and Piston Upgrade
  150. Shifted from 3rd to 2nd, think rod is knocking.......
  151. FTRA...A Good Boost for H/C Set Up?
  152. Updated TEA 5.3 truck heads flow #s within...
  153. spring removal tool
  154. oil consumption only on even side?
  155. Installing new engine from above....With or without m6 tran?
  156. finally did it
  157. piston preference for blown 408?
  158. re-build, how soon to change the oil?
  159. Gen 3 Vs. new Dodge/Benz 350CI hemi
  160. Rocker Bolt Problems
  161. New cam dyno numbers!
  162. About to take the heads off and put a cam!
  163. how and why? keyed crank
  164. Cam install
  165. Patriot Performance S2 & TSP 232/228 Cam DYNO NUMBERS!!!
  166. LS6 Cam?
  167. 6.0 liter info needed
  168. Raging MotorSports Heads, Who else is running them?
  169. hellllllllppppppp........
  170. Valve springs
  171. LS6 heads milled - pushrods?
  172. crankcase vent filter
  173. wtf? what is wrong here
  174. tr 224/561 112lsa
  175. Heard anything about 3-valve GEN III heads?
  176. Rapid Heads - Mild Cam - 12 Bolt = 430rwhp
  177. 382 Stroker 2.020 or 2.055 Intake Valves?? *DELETED*
  178. Wouldn't I see a DTC if I lost a cylinder?
  179. Buying an LS6 cam..
  180. Sorry guy' last cam question! :)
  181. TR230 or F1 w/ a 114 LSA
  182. Kind anybody tell me how to lighten up my T/A?
  183. REV-1116 springs...what's the verdict on these?
  184. Single pattern vs standard split with TEA's?
  185. Valve train geometry problem...
  186. diffrence in lifters.
  187. Please help...mysterious leak in my LS1
  188. 500+ RWHP, N/A, A4, Full Interior, Daily drivers............
  189. Congrats to LG Motorsports!
  190. Low Idle
  191. cams??? what dose it mean
  192. Anyone have these Crane Rockers???
  193. Calculating new motor redline
  194. Anybody else trying to make horsepower?
  195. Engine Builders - Listen-up
  196. 226/226 112 Cam.......?
  197. suggestions for a cam with TEA 1.5's ?
  198. What kind of oil should i use
  199. To change cams or not.....
  200. removing oil pan - need help please
  201. Anyone using the SDPC fliud damper pulley?
  202. Are valves interchangeable in new LS6 heads?
  203. Relating flow #'s to cam selection?
  204. Does anyone have a simaliar set up?
  205. Oil filter threads
  206. Installing a Cam
  207. heads and cam need UD pulley
  208. c5 cam choice
  209. What power should this big cube setup make?
  210. ls6 buildup piston and rod pics
  211. Is there a replacement for the 941 spring without machining?
  212. freeze plug on head/block?
  213. Loud whine from engine and knock at idle...HELP!!!!
  214. ADJ. TIMING SET...
  215. what is the difference between the heads of an LS1 and a LS6
  216. Using Timing Chain to advance Cam
  217. Rollmaster timing set in stock anywhere? + Qs
  218. Need opinions on this Lingenfelter XER cam. Is it too much?
  219. Help, car running like crap!
  220. Questions in regards to heads, cams, compression, milling...
  221. New dyno #s. 02 Z06. 400 RWHP with boltons coming soon!
  222. Tulip valve????
  223. cam install on c5
  224. New engine being built, should I prelube it, and if so, how?
  225. NEW NX CAM ??
  226. cracked oil pan
  227. LSA vs. horsepower
  228. Cometic gaskets, Clevite mains, Cloyes timing = $$$$$$ ?
  229. Super Chevy - Gen 3 - $25,000 build up
  230. TR 227/224 users inside
  231. what to expect from a 232/237...571/.577 112* cam in a LS6
  232. Oil Pump Failure Questions....
  233. C5R head flow numbers
  234. Which cam is best for low-end grunt? *DELETED*
  235. Some Research for New motor (Guru's inside Please)
  236. I NEED DYNO# MMS stage 2 5.3l heads
  237. Katech heads?
  238. Cam ?
  239. snapped cam
  240. opinions wanted on piston coatings
  241. Do I really need to have my internals balanced?
  242. Need opinion on cam for my set current cam sux!
  243. Pistons in correct?
  244. cam for c5
  245. new cam
  246. What size pushrods?
  247. Just how good are MTI Stage II LS6 heads?
  248. MMS - What have they been up to lately?
  249. Compression test + cam input results inside...
  250. Are there any guides on the net