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  1. ?
  2. creat motor
  3. Longblock finally assembled - with new intake!
  4. Would 6.0 heads give me any power?
  5. question about running temperature
  6. 115 mph engine dies WTF
  7. Will this cam give me any power before I install ProCharger?
  8. what exactly is included/excluded in a shortblock?
  9. SLP Appreciation Day Race - Yeh or Neh?
  10. ??5.3L's and 5.7L's Differences?
  11. Engine assembly questions lots of them?
  12. Picked up a TSP ported oil pump w/Autometer oil psi guage...
  13. Valve Float, can someone explain
  14. Milling 5.3L heads
  15. oil presure,WTF..
  16. Missing ground, help!
  17. what is a stroked engine?
  18. Another YT rocker question
  19. 2.05 valve fit with .595 lift?
  20. Trying to help a friend solve KR Problems.. Please come in,,
  21. LS6 block...LS1 oilpan TROUBLE
  22. When the cam dot and the crank dot
  23. Who sells AFR heads for an LT1
  24. Oil Help
  25. Oil question 10-30W or 0-50W?
  26. Head Cam Swap Scheduled; What Else is Needed?
  27. Ordered LS6 Intake; Need Gaskets?
  28. stroke = 4.165 vs. bore = 3.55???
  29. Replaced timing chain and still LOTS of SLACK.....
  30. Opinions on 230/228 112LS ??
  31. Found the problem, fuel pump!
  32. Well, it's done... Neptune's oil study
  33. Need some quick casting number help on 5.3 heads
  34. ? about LS6 heads.
  35. Need advice on my MTI 383 Stroker
  36. Anyone running the GM Grand Am cam
  37. cam with 1:85 rockers?
  38. Doing a cam install this weekend
  39. What Company has the most aggresive Ramp Rates and Lobes?
  40. 03 ZO6 valve springs
  41. Thinking about 01 Z06 cam and and 1.8 Jesels
  42. Max RPM for Hydraulic Lifters????
  43. Any benefits from pulling the engine w/ the tranny attached
  44. to stroke or not to stroke
  45. H/C/I/LT swap finished tonight, starting it up tommorow.....
  46. Best cam for the mod's
  47. ticking noise
  48. Which are the best heads for porting?
  49. can anybody tell me what this noise is
  50. Wierd sonds coming from motor
  51. PP S2 Heads, TSP 228R, Pacesetter LTs = DYNO result
  52. '02 z06 cam swap dyno (335rwhp/340 torq)
  53. how many degrees is one tooth on the cam sprocket?
  54. Ramp Rate
  55. Intake manifold PN# has me stumped
  56. help, need torque specs asap
  57. Which is better? X1 or TR230?
  58. How to rev ETC engine from under the hood
  59. LS1 vs. LS6 vs. 6.0 intake
  60. TEA 6.0 heads track results
  61. blower friendly cam, is there such a thing?
  62. Dynoed Tr224 cam with stock heads on Mustang Dyno..
  64. Failures of stock lifters??
  65. Which Cam is the Most Fun on the Street?
  66. Intake Manifold Question
  67. Car Tuned and Dyno graph inside..
  68. 2000 ls1 stock heads #'s
  69. cheapest place to buy amsoil
  70. Replacing valve springs
  71. Who's got the fastest 2.73 geared car out there?
  72. Bad Comp 918 springs - offical company policy
  73. Patriot Stage II 5.3L's installed
  74. Valve Cover spacers...
  75. whats the best cam for the ls1?
  76. New Warranty on TEA Heads
  77. A warning about buying used cylinder heads...
  78. 160 Stat with H/C Cars?
  79. Why cant we use SBC valve springs on are heads??
  80. What are some symptoms
  81. Comp/DRE rockers.....
  82. LS6 donor into my 98 six speed
  83. MTI Stage 2E head opinions...
  84. need head torque specs for an '02...
  85. TR215
  86. what would you do
  87. For those with X1 or TR230 can I see your dyno sheet?
  88. biggest best cam for a Vig 3200?
  89. Comp 921 Dual Springs @
  90. stock cam and aftermarket springs
  91. Anybody wanna Host the 93-02 Full Parts Manual....???????
  92. Patriot Rock's!
  93. What is the deal with Gen 3 rods
  94. Low $ stroker kit
  95. Need clarification on REV 1116 spring issue
  96. Intake Centerline (ICl) question
  97. Ok so my pushrods arent bent, what IS the problem?
  98. tr224 owners
  99. Dyno'ed my car. Nothing special.
  100. Just Passed Utah Emissions with TR224!
  101. Misfires: Causes of
  102. cam bearings, should i change them?
  103. cam advance?
  104. Which cam, help
  105. Any good write ups on Roll Master Double Roller Timing Chain
  106. bent pushrod?
  107. Hotcam + stage 1 or 2 heads?
  108. OK Dyno experts....Little wisdom here?
  109. Best cam for ZO6 2002 .... ???
  110. Custom cam question for cam gurus
  111. What is the reset IAC park position?
  112. Which Heads/Cam for Daily Driven '98 Z-28?
  113. AFR Heads?
  114. Suggestions for rev limit of a 422?
  115. Anybody hear of a new "drop in" dual comp spring?
  116. Anyone using a vacuum pump on their drag motors?
  117. Changing to Synthetic oil.. more to it, pls read...
  118. LPE releases Darton wet sleeve LS1/LS6 block conversions
  119. LSX Intake manifold power gains on stock cubed heads/cam car
  120. TR 230 / Stock Heads Dyno *** Updated w/ Dyno Sheet***
  121. TSP 231/237 or TR 230/224
  122. For those who want big nasty cams with lots of lift, etc...
  123. oil leak...
  124. How to clean a rusty cam?
  125. How much can my rod bearings hold?
  126. Who sells sleeved LS1 blocks?
  127. will a 3500 stall work with the tr230
  128. I think i know whats wrong with my car, now how can i fix it
  129. LS1 ASA cam???
  130. What size hole in throttle body?
  131. Wheres the torque???
  132. Solid rollers - show me your cam size
  133. talk me into or out of a tsp 231/237
  134. Buying unassembled heads
  135. Building 6.0
  136. what are the specs of stock ls1 spring retainers
  137. Where to shift a C2 on a 114?
  138. Burned Valves
  139. Need Codes for ScanMaster!
  140. Cam Experts Please Help!!
  141. X1 Dyno
  142. Patriot Perf lying about spring vendor
  143. Just ordered my cam!!!
  144. Smokin bad after heads/cam install
  145. What length pushrods do I need?
  146. need some info from the "gm know it alls"! quick!!!
  147. new cam
  148. Plug removal during cam install?
  149. Aftermarket lifters
  150. OIL Question
  151. BROKEN Blue stripe 918
  152. Why all of the bent pushrods??
  153. MTI C2 or X1, help me choose!
  154. Initial impressions Patriot LS6 style head &TSP231/237
  155. TR224 w/ATI Procharger?
  156. Is my car getting stronger with more miles
  157. Stock cam specs
  158. Timing chain and oil pump absolutely necessary?
  159. Back to stock - dyno #s inside
  160. Cam swap on 176,000 mile LS1
  161. Which connecting rods for 6.0 build up?
  162. DRE/Comp rockers installation, part 1
  163. Will this clear on stock heads?If P/P stage II's were added?
  164. Which Patriot head?
  165. Checking for bent valves
  166. Good Head
  167. Priming Oil pump
  168. Questions about 6.0 block in F-body
  169. Pulling old engine out, have some questions...
  170. Flywheel HP vs. RWHP
  171. Dear oil guru......
  172. What is it?
  173. Blackstone Labs oil analysis - spectrometer out
  174. those with cams and m6
  175. 429hp from LT1
  176. do this sound like a spun bearing?
  177. good price on machine work?
  178. Cam LSA and advance questions..... [Large cams]
  179. Importain Question???
  180. Head/Cam cars????
  181. What are the torque specs on stock rocker arm
  182. Need Help with Cam choice
  183. Pack your oil pump w/grease - WTF?
  184. Hotcam Dyno
  185. Where do I put rev limit on 224/228 581 112 cam?
  186. 6.0 heads?
  187. how to quiet down valve train?
  188. Great, probably bent pushrods, need help
  189. How can I use solid lifters with the stock lifter tray?
  190. weight of stock connecting rod bolts
  191. SES w/ bent push rod or valve
  192. Where did Yella Terra come from???
  193. Pushrod Length with .020 milled heads and a B1cam??
  194. DRE/Comp Rockers....
  195. flashing SES ...
  196. Stock pushrods.
  197. Post Head Install Problems (STILL DOING IT, NOT o2 SENSOR)
  198. JMX and his install notes OWN YOU ALL
  199. Rockers on Stock Engine?
  200. which stage 2 ls6 heads are...
  201. 95K Miles: Piston Rings bad or do I need thicker oil?
  202. What is the difference in perofrmance between these two TSP
  203. how much HP does the Borla plat cost you? Answer inside
  204. Piston selection
  206. Running Leaded gas
  207. How to test for good oil pump ?
  208. whats the difference between ls1 and ls6 heads?
  209. 485hp slp package
  210. Where can i find this
  211. patriot stage 3 heads
  212. question on 6.0L retrofit
  213. What does LSA directly affect? (112 -vs- 114)
  215. White smoke after WOT
  216. Anybody got a pic of a 772 comp Ti retainer?
  217. Anyone know anything of the Hammer XRE Cam?
  218. Will a TR230 Run and Idle w/o a Tune?
  219. cam
  220. Best Patriot Head for G5X2 cam
  221. Car Boggin?help
  222. Ok, valvetrain setup questions.....
  223. 417 RWHP and 394 TQ after UD pulley install
  224. Is anybody using a 4.250 stroke?
  225. Oil Pressure Problem Fixed!!!
  226. new 396
  228. g5X2 intake/exhaust duration and lift????
  229. TEA 6.0 head dyno's 502 rwhp
  230. double roller install Q.....
  231. TEA head port stalling test #1, buy an LSX intake!
  232. Federal Mogel VS Clevitte 77 bearings
  233. Prices on some Z06 parts (cam, lifters, springs)
  234. Jesel non-adjustable rockers tq specs?
  235. How do these cam specs look for stock heads?
  236. Buying a '00 SS w/ Lingenfelter 350 pacakage...Input?
  237. BAD Idle. Need HELP!!
  238. 806 casting heads
  239. Dynojet 248c, heavier rotating parts how much does it change
  240. how many wires going to oil pressure sending unit sensor
  241. Tell me how this cam would operate....
  242. How Hard is an LS1/LS6 to build?
  243. Patriot Stage 2 LS6/LQ9 Heads Now Available!!!
  244. Batman #1 - oil question
  245. how to test for good spark plug wires?
  246. Function of LSA; Duration; Lift
  247. OIL PAN LEAKS!!!!!
  248. Corvette oil pan on F-body LS1?
  249. How much does a LS1 Block weigh?
  250. Where can I get the tools to flycut my pistons, ASAP?????