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  1. standard oil consumption for aftermarket Cam cars
  2. TR220 and 1.85 rockers
  3. Thinking of trying a new cam setup
  4. ARP head studs torque specs?And wath head guskets
  5. anyone have pics of ls1 vs ls6 block?
  6. crane cams dual valve spring
  7. Any sites on degreeing cam on LS1?
  8. Hot cam vs.. Tr 220 ????
  9. LS1 Heads .vs LS6 Heads
  10. Need a couple of LSx specs
  11. Received my Patriot LS6/LQ9 heads today!
  12. Cam Advance and Retard... which do i do to make this change?
  13. will oil analysis show if bearings are hurt?
  14. Why are stroker motor tolerances "looser"?
  15. 1.8 Rockers and TR 230
  16. anyone with the origional G5 cam and the new patriot 5.3 or LS6 heads?
  17. Degreeing the G5X2... Who's all done it?
  18. If the ASA cam makes good torque
  19. Quick question..
  20. how the pro magnum's?
  21. 1,200 for cam install... WHAT...
  22. Anyone able to get the Comp adjst shaft rockers to work.?....
  23. Can ls1 head bolts be reused?
  24. What kind of cam in firehawk
  25. TR224/112.....Rev limit?
  26. What cylinder is what?
  27. Where would you go for a 427 package
  28. Future 3 valve heads that bolt to LS1 block
  29. 6.0L 372C.I. Iron Block N/A Power.....??
  30. Need info on fly cutting
  31. Streetable compression?
  32. I have an X1 MTI cam...I'd like something bigger...
  33. Still sucking oil w/ LS6 valley cover and catch can...
  34. Working on being in the 10's cam only
  35. What does a new cam cost and which should I get
  36. Heads-Cam Installed; Early Impressions
  37. Am I getting beat up on this deal??
  38. H/C or Stroker
  39. cam install gaskets
  40. Cam install nightmare! broken crank bolt!
  41. Patriot LS6 Heads with 6.0 liter iron block
  42. difference between 806 and 853 heads?
  43. A4 W/224
  44. head gasket or cracked block?
  45. LSX intake and camshaft design
  46. 5.3 or 5.4 engine?
  47. SLP 1.85 Rocker Arms
  48. C5R heads VS LS6 heads
  49. Rocker Arm bolts and Loctite?
  50. Oil Pump porting
  51. AFR New LS1 Heads
  52. ABS heads/TR230 update...Track results!
  53. Looking for 382(3) & 402-408(9) Dyno#'s
  54. How to install LS6 intake manifold?
  55. How do istall valve springs and retainers?
  56. Pulled the intake and found this....
  57. Who makes a solid roller head setup?
  58. H/C installed/tuned 421.2rwhp/387.5rwtq
  59. Still looking for Hp after cam install.
  60. Heads/cam/LT install. Any tips for 1st install.
  61. When to change injectors
  62. Heads/Cam= maxed out injectors???
  63. Stroker-Explain Piston,Rod,Crank Events Please
  64. Colonel (update On Ss2)
  65. compression test of z06
  66. Problem with cam swap
  67. Darton Wet Sleeves
  68. Dyno today - 6.0L, Absolute Heads, etc
  69. The real deal on the ASA cam?
  70. Yet another new best thread w/ Absolute Speed Heads
  71. Can I replace just my rods and pistons myself?
  72. When to change oil???
  73. AFR heads?
  74. TEA Juding Massengile seris heads - Can anyone post pictures?
  75. Which Cam??
  76. Best Cam with stock-heads,ExManifolds and tuning
  77. Cam specs of Cartek "X" pkg, or JPR pkg?
  78. 383 Stroker LS1
  79. LPE's GT2-3 Cam.. Do i need new Pushrods?
  80. Valve stems 11/32" or 8mm
  81. 2002 Zo6 PVC system
  82. who makes a 4.125" Crank?
  83. Get My TR224 on the 28th
  84. hehehehehe!!!!!!!
  85. Got into a discussion today about Iron vs Alum and Nitrous..
  86. Rod Bolts
  87. Absolute Heads rock! Just back from the track
  88. HELP, engine noise?
  89. Vacuum pump to evacuate the crankcase and pull rings to the
  90. Need valve spring reccomendation.
  91. HELP, engine noise?
  92. Cam swap and tuning.
  93. Can I dyno like this...?
  94. MTI changed, now need resleeved block for under $2k.
  95. Lunati Cam 242/242
  96. How can you determine how much advance is ground into a cam?
  97. Cam gurus: please assist ...
  98. What is a good price for rods/piston install??
  99. cam/spring help needed....
  100. How can I tell what block I have?
  101. Anyone with big bore motors have 2 different size pushrods..
  102. TR224 with a 7.350" Pushrod?
  103. Any negative affects running a 90MM LSX intake on H/C 346ci?
  104. Reverse split for a n/a stroker?
  105. ZO6 valve springs
  106. Anyone had 02/03 ZO6 valvesprings go bad.
  107. Comp R lifters, do i need new rockers?
  108. So my fuel pressure was 100psi at idle all week thanks to..
  109. need HELP deciding which cam
  110. Valve spring install tools?
  111. More info on the Gen IV
  112. valvoline racing synthetic oil???
  113. taping noise
  114. TR220 guys inside
  115. Anyone know the compressed thickness of a Fel Pro 9284PT?
  116. Anyone got a 224/226 .567/.569 112lsa? Dyno/powerband ?
  117. need help deciding on a cam
  118. Need help with valve spring pressure gauge.
  119. 230+ duration cam cars.. how useable is 6th gear?
  120. Specification Comp 26921
  121. wt do yall think
  122. What affect does advance ground into a cam have?
  123. TPIS cam recommendations
  124. Question about higher ratio rocker arms
  125. combustion chamber on heads
  126. Crank Bolt
  127. new lifters ?
  128. AFR heads
  129. Got a cam and want some opinions???
  130. numbers from C2 cam?
  131. cam question/ can I do this?
  132. Anybody here got a Lunati 408 stroker?
  133. Putting in ARP Rod bolts, should I replace rod bearings?
  134. 3k in engine???
  135. Alright guys, my car is almost back together! Whatcha think?
  136. Crane Cams Dual Valve Springs drop in no head work?
  137. The comp R series lifters are in the car now,have a question
  138. Oil pump w/ heads/cam setup...
  139. Would you buy a used cam with 10k on it?
  140. How thick is the metal 2001-2002 head gasket?
  141. F1 Cam From Speedtek Performance
  142. Two part question about dynos and flow numbers.....
  143. I have had 3 shops wanting to build me a 370ci motor. *DELETED*
  144. P.O. 342 After Heads Cam Swap...
  145. estimated whp loss with moser 12 and 4.11 gears?
  146. Good Sparkplugs
  147. Need some help!
  148. anyone have the thunder racing 227/224 'reverse split' cam?
  149. Opinions on RR's?
  150. GUESS MY Horsepower
  151. Lunati 382 guys....please look
  152. Any Tips to Tell My H/C Installer Before Starting?
  153. Didn't Get "Flow Sheet" with my New Heads
  154. DRE rockers, the untold story
  155. Flycutting in car in Fbody?
  156. T&D rockers with non solid roller heads?
  157. need help w/ heads and cam issue...
  158. Dyno question......
  159. post media clips of "stealth" cam or similar cams
  160. What makes a camshaft fail a smog test??
  161. I was in my friend's Z28 w/ the G5X-2
  162. thinking of another cam swap (is this too small)
  163. what cam should I use?
  164. Would too much oil in cylinder cause engine to die?
  165. How to remove ASP Pulley
  166. Broken Timing Chain?
  167. 2002 LS6 Cam Upgrade. What is needed to do it right?
  168. Colapsed lifter symptoms?
  169. Crane Cams Dual Valve Spring and TR230 good combo?
  170. Cam spec questions
  171. What symptoms and signs of sugar in the gas tank??
  172. Lunati stroker kits
  173. Dyno #s
  174. It's alive, video w/in of how she sounds
  175. New Dyno numbers with TR230, graph inside
  176. what do ya think of comp 921 springs?
  177. Who wants to play the guess my compression ratio game?
  178. ring end gaps on nitrous engines.
  179. Anyone ever figure out flywheel imbalance problem?
  180. bent valve?
  181. gremlins in my engine!!! HELP!!!
  182. How long should Comp 987 dbl springs last on a 231/224 cam?
  183. Engine smoking, heard whirring noise from fuel tank, & codes
  184. will tsp231/237 cam clear with my heads
  186. AS heads G5X2 update
  187. all cleaned and ready...
  188. DON'T Strip Your Crank Threads > Here is some info you need!
  189. If your Dyno Graph looked like this....
  190. Do I need a special pushrod for Comp R lifters??
  191. Has anybody seen this site??
  192. Comp26921 Dual Springs
  193. Need a site to print out good info on cam install please
  194. Anyone running this cam?
  195. How Much HP can Ported LS1 stock heads support?
  196. Dynoed my WS6 today
  197. Stock rocker arm lost its bearings???
  198. Old vs New Lifters
  199. Question..........LS6 "CNC" Heads + Intake:
  200. Do New LS6 Longblocks Have Piston Slap/Oil Consupt. Issues?
  201. i dropped a lot of coolant in the cylinders...
  202. Good heads cam for a blower ls1
  203. what could cause 16 bent pushrods on start up after cam swap
  204. tr 230
  205. Yes, Another Cam Question
  206. i need cam recomendations please?
  207. lift vs rocker ratio
  208. 02 ls1 auto cam
  209. OK guys, help me figure this one out.
  210. for all those boasting high #s NON tuned...
  211. Ported head people, please post......
  212. Lifter Change Question?
  213. Why would sponser basher have 330+ post and only 2 show up
  214. what cam are the guys with stock heads running?
  215. anyone use the comp cams renegade lobes yet?
  216. Repost: 439rwhp untuned
  217. TSP231/237 cam in a A4
  218. Pondering new cam...
  219. Flycut the pistons for G5X2 Cam?
  220. AFR heads available soon!
  221. New cam coming for the 427...
  222. 2001 need rockers in cam swap??
  223. Quick Question
  224. TR224/224 112 LSA when does it fall off?
  225. any new tr230 soundclips
  226. Cam "experts", what would you......
  227. 6.0 aluminum block rumours
  228. Anybody with Cylinder Heads and Cam....
  229. PCV question
  230. GM bringing GEN IV to the SEMA show NOV 5 in Las Vegas....
  231. weight of comp magnum roller rockers
  232. Max Safe RPM For LS1 Valve Springs?
  233. 231/237 yes it sounds good but how does it run
  234. TR230/224 + Comp 987 Springs = valve float????
  235. Bent pushrod?
  236. Just another Z06 cam question
  237. Melted a piston...
  238. paging colonel and pro stock john or anyone that can help
  239. got my TR230 today cam card say ex is 225.5 and lobe is 110
  240. Cam & Emissions???
  241. cutting spring pockets. which dual springs to go with?
  242. 6.0L Iron stroker question
  243. ABS heads/TR230...415 rwhp on my A4!!
  244. A thing or 2 about a thnig or 2 without bashing.
  245. MTI's C2 vs. Stealth II
  246. Cam install
  247. Help me pick a Cam please?
  248. Anyone have Valvegod's number?
  249. Setting Rev limiter
  250. LS6 to 5.3 head-how much is compression increased?