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  1. Lunati pro springs
  2. Will this require flycutting?
  3. Cam Clips
  4. Need Help Comparing Timing Sets...
  5. 109-110 LSA cams, is there a benefit?
  6. Oil pressure
  7. What tap size to clean head bolt holes?
  8. Re-Sleeved cast Iron Block
  9. Just turned 432rwhp/407rwtq (Cam only)
  10. Looking for a CAD file for the LS1 engine.
  11. Can I just shim rockers instead of using shorter pushrods?
  12. Mis-matched valve springs question?
  13. Thinking about a Setup for When I get an ls1
  14. 382 stroker -vs- 346 H/C......
  15. Does 10% increase in CI= 10% increase in HP/TQ?
  16. RMS 427 Hyd Roller results!
  17. Scraping off head gasket material
  18. Need a new Cam that Produces Torque
  19. Low oil pressure??
  20. Crank and Piston, etc. Question
  21. Lost 3 rwhp changing to a bigger cam?
  22. Copper gasket users inside please...
  23. Looking for Cams that produce good Low end TQ ..
  24. Stroker Motors
  25. PATRIOT shaft mounted rocker arms
  26. evaluate this cam plz
  27. Cam chose.
  28. New to the boards... and I gotta question.
  29. Getting TR224, What else to get?
  30. .035 gap or .050??
  31. 224 sound clip
  32. Got my Patriot heads with the bling springs! pics
  33. whats better TEA 5.3L Stage2 or MTI 2E?
  34. Duration and lift of a cam (cam experts)
  35. whats the deal with TEA Judson Masengill heads?
  36. backfire?!?!? help me please....
  37. PP Stage II 5.3/5.7
  38. Hot Cam Install issues
  39. TR224 Guys inside
  40. For dependability, how much stroke is too much
  41. Installed G5X1 and REV duals. I like it alough.
  42. It's official! I've decided on my H/C combo for the Vette.
  43. Head questions...
  44. Anyone running Trick Flow 7.350" pushrods?
  45. How bad will shorty headers hurt me
  46. Does Anyone have a formula to calculate
  47. Know this cam? - 224/228 587/571 on a 113
  48. 230/224-111 is this to much for a daily driver ?
  49. Patriot drop racing springs
  50. Many collapsed lifters -- how does this happen?
  51. Whats the chamber volume of a 6.0L head decked 40thou?
  52. Need help! How many PCV connections (hoses) are on the passenger side valve cover?
  53. cam comparison -- area under the curve
  54. odd oil pressure behavior
  55. Cam swap trick
  56. Thunder Racing cam swap package
  57. what cam for an auto?
  58. Will this be a good cam for my application? (quick)
  59. What are the limits of the LS1, and will they ever be reached??
  60. 408/9 vs 383 vs H/C 346?
  61. Difference in Power between X1 and a
  62. Who has the most miles on their 918's - and your setup?
  63. What cam do i go with?
  64. Just got back from the Dyno
  65. Will these springs work with a .556 lift cam?
  66. Should I PORT and POLISH my intakes
  67. What is the sickest H/C setup on a 346?
  68. Water in PVC oil catch can?
  69. LS1 Cams for $175
  70. Torque spec questions...
  71. New Round Of 'choose A Cam'!
  72. Approx cost of minor head work?
  73. What do I need to buy with a cam
  74. stroker question and Lunati 395" advice
  75. Anyone make LS1 rockers less than 1.7 ratio??
  76. Torque specs
  77. 388 vs 427, will there be a gain in peak rwhp?
  78. Need dyno sheets of TR224 cam and MTI SSII cam
  79. Tr230 and Double Roller timing chain settings
  80. Anyone using new Comp behive style valve spring?
  81. ? on patriot LS6 heads
  82. Help on mild ls1 buildup
  83. suggestions please (cam install ?'s)
  84. i need help
  85. Lower Half
  86. 8.1 liter Ls1?
  87. Aftermarket rockers?
  88. Noisy Valvetrain?
  89. Intake ?
  90. exhaust fumes in the HVAC
  91. hole betweenthe chambers?
  92. today's pump gas?
  93. LS6 or Comp cam Stealth
  94. 485 hp SLP H/C package??
  95. push rods
  96. oil pump mod idea to think about
  97. How to achieve 450rwhp? (All Engine)
  98. Installing Lunati Pro Mod rods, which way....
  99. Most heads/cam power with stock manifolds/cats?
  100. Head question
  101. Received my PP LS6 HEADS!!!
  102. compression ratio question
  103. oil pressue problems
  104. Bent rod?
  105. Help, missing HP
  106. Why do no one use the 26915 valve spring?
  107. Check out pictures of new GM/Katech 16 cylinder engine
  108. C5R Block
  109. whats the best cam head valve rocker combo?
  110. LS1 Crack Cap Rods
  111. Low oil light came on when I hammer on my car..
  112. Rebuilding stock bottom end question.
  113. Largest Engine??
  114. Is 285cfm any good for ported heads?
  115. here i go again
  116. Post up your dyno numbers with PP Heads..All Types
  117. Rockers out of order??
  118. How do you take the pins out of a stock rod/piston?
  119. help decide on which motor
  120. Chrome Plating an Iron Block?
  121. HELP! from anyone who has done an oil pump
  122. LQ9 (035) v.s. LQ4 (317) cylinder head
  123. LS1 block v.s. LS2 block
  124. LS1/6 crank vs. 6.0 crank...
  125. Dyno stuff
  126. Anyone used "LA Sleeves" to resleeve a block? very cheap
  127. Best cam only setup requiring no flycutting???
  128. Cam only vs heads/cam area under curve???
  129. What are soem of the B1 cam cars dynoing at? 380+?
  130. Cam specs
  131. Cam specs
  132. stock cam numbers for.....
  133. 150mph run,, oil everywhere,, Uh oh!
  134. lunati flat top question
  135. Re-sleaving
  136. Wanna' be able to remove a valve spring in 20 seconds flat?
  137. 232/232 with 602.lift?
  138. Head/Cam Combo
  139. SLP adj. timing chain....Needs shimming?
  140. where can i find a TR224 114lsa?
  141. still lookin
  142. Improvement from PP Stage II 5.3 to PP Stage III LS6...
  143. how big of a difference
  144. New ls1 rwhp n/a record on my dyno, also hypertechs hurt HP
  145. Another 231/237 Install Results!
  146. Thoughts on this rev. split cam
  147. I need help bad!
  148. wrong springs
  149. GT2-3 vs. B1
  150. will ls1 heads fit on a 89-92 z28 350?
  151. What's more important?
  152. Yella Terra Problem...
  153. Comp R's Extremely Sensitive to Preload
  154. do i have a head gasket prob???
  155. Leak down test on core engine...need suggestions
  156. Who's running Patriot stage II LS1 heads?
  157. What do you think broke
  158. 382 ci
  159. Slightly low oil pressure, which ported pump to order?
  160. HELP! So many problems
  161. Building 383 SBC can you guys PLEASE HELP ME??? (im so mad I could cry!!!)
  162. new rockers
  163. faster street/cam f-body?
  164. Direct call out to FlowTech & EDS - flowbench shoot out
  165. need help!!!!!!!
  166. Swaping in '02 LS6 cam-can i just use '01 springs?
  167. Machine work needed for ARP Main Studs?
  168. Anyone use Gunson Gastester?
  169. Bigger Valves ?
  170. Quickie: (Searched...) Any Sound clips of TR224's on 114?
  171. ARE 436 stroker, if anyone is interested what was wrong with it......................
  172. MTI stage 2E head or Patriot ls6?
  173. need new bolts?
  174. Stealth cams for big motors (409-427ci)
  175. if i do heads and cam......
  176. How much HP gain from just swapping to LS6 patriot heads vs stock heads on LS6 motor?
  177. Installing a cam
  178. looking for LQ9 piston P/N and specs
  179. Shims or a 7.370" pushrod?
  180. XER lobe vs XE lobe etc
  181. ASA Hotcam
  182. 6.0 head's on stock shortblock for boost...
  183. FMS Cams ?????
  184. Piston Slap Solution, raplace pistons?
  185. Cam question X1 vs TR224
  186. need some help on what stroker kit to get?
  187. who makes the best heads
  188. Scoggin Dickey Valve Spring Kit , Who makes it ??
  189. What about Meaux Racing Heads?
  190. Which TSP cam for my 6.0?
  191. titanium retainers from Thunder Racing
  192. Shift Point w/LS6 Springs?
  193. burning oil????? tips/help please
  194. Zo6 Ls6 springs color ?
  195. Dropped sleeve...
  196. startup
  197. 6.0 help
  198. Stock sized forged bottom end?
  199. b383 strokers - any pass tuff emissions tests?
  200. polished Patriot's, decent power?
  201. which cam?
  202. How fast are you guys going with H/C on a stock shortblock?
  203. 918 springs and 987 springs
  204. Oil Filters
  205. How would TR224 cam Vs. MTI Stealth cam sound with LT Headers & aft. market catback?
  206. ? for tr230 owners
  207. How much HP on ARP bolted stock rods
  208. I need a good stroker*
  209. Lightweight valves
  210. 330 hp 346 torque any good?
  211. Looking for stock ls1 rod specs
  212. Can I get H/C for under 3k installed
  213. Does anybody have their intake off?
  214. push rod length???
  215. New Mobil 1 Syn To Debut In Spring 04
  216. Putting in my TSP 231/237 in tomorrow
  217. 5.3 heads: are they aluminum?
  218. Lg Motorsports
  219. Best camshaft for my 02 LS1
  220. Crane Duals?
  221. Stronger: Crower Sportsman Rods VS Eagle LS1 rods
  222. What is everyones take on the AFR heads?
  223. Anybody running a big split duration on a 112+4?
  224. ticking
  225. Worth the extra $ to go to Patriot Stage II LS6 heads for agressive cam on my Z06?
  226. What springs does MTI use on their stage III LS6 heads for big cubed motors?
  227. is this a common thing to happen to gtp heads??!!?!!?
  228. Power Difference
  229. LS6 head conversion
  230. How can i tell if i am burning oil?
  231. Any Good Replacement Springs for the CC 941s?
  232. Fastest TR224 cam in the Country?
  233. Oil priming on new engine build??
  234. talk about TSP 231/237@0.050 lift, .598/.595,112 LSA
  235. dual springs
  236. Paging 383 and 395 stroker guys
  237. Please check these cam specs for me !!
  238. GM Service data manual?
  239. LS6 in a 1972 DeTomaso Pantera?
  240. Can someone post dyno charts for a 230 cam with heads?
  241. iron block extra 60lb weight worth the extra 20 cubic inches?
  242. Comp Roller Lifters advatnages and installation
  243. Anybody notice AFR has the LS1 heads on their site now?
  244. A few Cam Choices
  245. news and development from absolute speed headquarters
  246. TR224/224 112LSA for a daily driver
  247. 4.0" Stroke, 383 or 427 with Absolute x2 heads?
  248. crane duals
  249. Thicker oil for worn rings?
  250. roller rockers?