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  1. how can i tell.
  2. ls1 strokers
  3. TSP .231/.237 is in
  4. timin chain install
  5. Good Camshaft to get
  6. Finding out if your running a LS1 or LS6 block?
  7. Help Me Build a Chevy 350
  8. TR224/112 Guys inside Please!
  9. stock 6.0 heads with tr224?
  10. where can i get the best...
  11. Update to broken timing chain.
  12. Cam experts come inside...
  13. X1 cam question
  14. Single or double chain?
  15. Yella Terras, worth it or not?
  16. Custom Intakes??
  17. Low oil light? What to check besides oil level?
  18. What Cam?
  19. crackling sound at high rpm's please help
  20. Need Pistions
  21. Broken ARP head bolt
  23. Tuning w/ the HPP3
  25. timing chain
  26. Parasitic loss of upgraded oil pump
  27. Broken timing chain question.
  28. Quieting the Valvetrain after big cams
  30. Posted this in the Auto trans section,but no reply's help :)
  31. how to tell if head gasket is leaking?
  32. Camshaft recommendations for a newbie
  33. X1 Cam and Ported LS1 heads
  34. Spring swap help
  35. Rev duals vs. 918's.
  36. Loss of low end power with H/C?
  37. moore tool
  38. A4 Cam Question
  39. Cam Experts.. Question
  40. Cam Relearn?
  41. Eagle rod install stupid Question
  42. Cam Install -gone bad- HELP NEEDED ASAP!
  43. How much am I leaving on the table?
  44. So I'm told all LS1 heads stall at .500 lift with ls6 intake
  45. This isn't rocket science
  46. Lost 15 hp w-Y/T rockers help!
  47. Power gain going from TR220/114 to TSP 228R/112
  48. LS1 and Ls6 cam Specs?
  49. Over-gapped Diamond rings from .018 to .022, still good?
  50. What is the max BMEP a LS1 can handle?
  52. I'm worried about some things....
  53. Is this a smart thing to do? Trade LS1 for 6.0 block?
  54. Engine Calculations
  55. Car is stumbling in low RPM range when Cold...
  56. Polish my ported heads?
  57. Bennett Racing Ls1 Heads
  58. 918 springs How many miles tell replace?
  59. No oil pressure after cam install?
  60. how much h.p./tq can stock crank take if all else is forged?
  61. 1/4 Mile ET / Speed / RWHP Calculator > inside
  62. spring swap
  63. gx52 114 or 112 with a4
  64. 5.3 heads on a 98
  65. Hardened pushrod discussion...come on in...
  66. my car is throwin codes. HELP!!!!!!!
  67. ??? cam
  68. how will this cam idle ??
  69. Will this Cam work with a stock 99 heads setup?
  70. Cam Install
  71. Stroker Cranks
  72. Making an intake work on heads that have been milled alot
  73. Clearance issues with Patriot heads and stock rocker arms.
  74. Do I really need machine work? *DELETED*
  75. Stock Pushrods
  76. New MTI 387 running with not a single code :-)
  77. Rollmaster + nylon tensioner?
  78. TEA Stage II / FMS custom cam results inside
  79. Cylinder pressure vs. Volumetric efficiency
  80. oil pressure question
  81. i have a problem i need help A.S.A.P
  82. my cam install in motion
  83. Anyone running 918's with a .590- .600 lift Cam
  84. install snags
  85. Necassary upgrades for LS6 cam..?
  86. What are the dowels in the heads for?
  87. What will happen if the coolant temp sensor is bad?
  88. Engine Rattle
  89. C5R block Vs. Darton wet sleeves
  90. JPR new release heads...
  91. Speaking of cams........
  92. Thinking of 228/232 108lsa 588/573 cam, what icl?
  93. Valve stem seal question
  94. how do i drain the radiator on the c5?
  95. Help Identify these springs
  96. ARP rod bolt install question....
  97. Heads will be off of the car for 3-4 weeks, what .....
  98. cnc roughness?
  99. Head Swap - Problems.....
  100. what is the max overbore on a stock LS1 block?
  101. T1 Cam
  102. Cam in a A4
  103. Stage 2 Heads Flow numbers inside.
  104. New Crane Cams Dual Springs Question
  105. How Important is CR.
  106. Got the car re- dynoed today..semi pleased actually :)
  107. Cam replacement, what else should I look at
  108. TSP 231/237 or G5X2
  109. Part number for the oil gally plug w/ 0-ring...
  110. Should ARP make hardened rocker arm bolts for LS1's
  111. With all these cam setups i see (newb question on advancing)
  112. Who is Valvegod?
  113. Are S3 heads a must with bigger cubes???
  114. Any non-header cars with cams???
  115. Top end upgrade, stock motor
  116. How bad is it to bounce off the rev limiter in an A4?
  117. Patriot S3 heads? When, what and how much?
  118. Changing heads, any need to drain oil and coolant?
  119. TR224/114 Clip inside.....
  120. NOT just another cam thread....
  121. High Performance Pontiac - 427CI - 9 second F-body
  122. Will standard SBC Eagle rods work in our motors?
  123. Sound and Video of my 409 Stroker Update Video @ track added
  124. anyone using the ASA cam?/info
  125. Info for Porting my own Heads
  126. MTI 347, opinions wanted
  127. Bank #1
  128. Milling heads, how much...
  129. G5X-2 Cammed and H/C cars inside please!
  130. Rebuild bottom end for under 2K???
  131. LS1 vs. LS6 cam?
  132. Same ol' Cam Selection Questions >> Jeeze, use the "Search"
  133. Question for engine builders re. main bearing clearances
  134. Spring Installation
  135. Cam install Cost?
  136. 1961 LS1 Powered VW Bug making knocking sound, need advice
  137. Crane Duel valve springs?
  138. I dont know why my car is leaking oil please help me
  139. TEA's Ebay Store, some LS1 engine stuff including heads
  140. Would either of these cams give me a noticeable gain?
  141. I need help with a cam selection
  142. Mild Cam Setup
  143. 3.905 pistons fit a new stock block?
  144. Where are the results of Thunders new Cam???
  145. tr224/561 114lsa
  146. Help!! Please!!! Need some LS1 Block info!!!
  147. Correct lifter height?
  148. Part number please - belt tensioner
  149. Dished pistons with a 396 stroker?
  150. What could cause engine to break up 5% of the time
  151. Are Ti retainers worth an extra $160?
  152. engine vibration after mods
  153. Rocker arm bolt broke off in head, wtf?
  154. Cam Installation
  155. Possible to flycut pistons with shortblock in the car?
  156. Piston Change...need info
  157. g5x3
  158. Anyone use the SDPC Valve Spring Compressor?
  159. anyone here install a Comp Cam 216/220 114lsa?
  160. where to get harlan shift light bulbs?
  161. About to order Rollmaster timing chain, couple of questions
  162. Can I replace timing cov gasket/water pump W/O pull radiator
  163. Exhaust smoking
  164. What do you think this heads/cam combo will do?
  165. Does anyone make a 427 Sroker for a 6.0L Iron Block?
  166. g5x2 cam on stock stuff???
  167. Do i have to break in Cam/Springs/retainer/ pushrods??
  168. G5X-2 cam only cars in here please
  169. slp rockers
  170. Knocking question
  171. Cam question regarding idle speed and very low rpm driving
  172. How many of you daily drive, H/C cars and large cube motors?
  173. What sorta powerband would this cam have...
  174. Removing Rust on Cylinder Walls
  175. Flow #s for Stock Heads?
  176. MTI B1 or T1???
  177. ?? for those with built motors.... (non stock internals)
  178. cam install
  179. engine vibration after mods??
  180. How many miles on your cam?
  181. Want to get a cam but not sure what one to get
  182. CC 224/228 581/588 112 A4 idle
  183. The cams keep getting bigger - are the cars still drivable?
  184. Timing and tuning questions
  185. Anyone needing a valve spring tool?
  186. Whats the biggest cam I can
  187. Paging PRO STOCK -LS6 VS LS1 heads
  188. Amsoil
  189. Low coolant light on??
  190. I have a question about an erratic idle....
  191. PP S2 5.3L & TSP 232R Dyno Graphs
  192. MorganCam
  193. Anything I need to know about installing new O2's?
  194. Whats the difference between wet and dry sleeve?
  195. What RPM to shift at with new cam???
  196. Strange Sound Under the Rear End
  197. Z06 CAM
  198. Bearing Clearances & Ring Gaps
  199. Having a new motor built. Have a couple questions.
  200. My new cam showed up today...they sent the wrong one
  201. Confusion on Stock Cams.
  202. need a cam with stock heads
  203. Help me out..List all causes of Knock Retard....Diagnose me!
  204. do i need diff. heads if i go from a 346 too a 422?
  205. Whoo hoo!! TSP cam came in today!!
  206. TSP 231/237 and JPR S1 LS6 heads dyno
  207. Regarding the issue of a shop warrantying a stroker engine
  208. Got my TR 224/224 112 Cam today.
  209. Previous problem before blown engine
  210. Fly Cutting Pistons
  211. Double Valve Spring Question
  212. thoughts on a 228/232 .580'ish 112 ?
  213. FYI: AFR is releasing some LS1 heads real soon
  214. Dyno clip pump swap.
  215. What makes for a really good set of heads?
  216. pro's and cons between 112 & 114 LSA
  217. 60K miles w/metal shavings and bottom end knock!!!!
  218. Word to the wise
  219. New motor eating a little oil?
  220. TSP 228R installed!
  221. Which Do You Prefer for Sound: 112 or 114 LSA?
  222. max valve lift with stock pistons?
  223. Ive got Tiny Valve Reliefs Now!!!!!!
  224. Bad spring?
  225. what gaskets do i need for cam swap?
  226. What Rings and how to gap?
  227. PP S2 5.3L & TSP Cam Track Results
  228. New Cam, New Oil Pump 2?
  229. GM Hot Cam + 1.85 Rocker Arms? Will it work?
  230. repairing cylinder liners
  231. All stroke 395 CI motor?
  232. Ordering Lifters...Crane or Comp??
  233. Better with stock heads - TR230 or X1
  234. all motor or forced induction?
  235. Vette or SS
  236. Need suggestions on what Cam would be best for my appl.
  237. Stock Oil Pump; Failures?
  238. P to V clearance checks, use hydraulic or not?
  239. whining noise solved - important info!
  240. ls6 heads vs ls1 heads
  241. Engine Knocking After cam install
  242. Ring gap? Diamond forged/blower motor
  243. Biggest Cam on A4 Stock Stall, Heads, no Tuning
  244. Head gaskets and bolts
  245. who's got the best heads?
  246. Pics of updated head work..kinda big....
  247. heads
  248. Titanium v stock retainers
  249. Some questions on Performance Crate Motors....???
  250. Down Over A Quart