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  1. who has spun a main bearing in here?
  2. Name that noise
  3. Guys with fast n/a cars
  4. Flow bench #'s ?????
  5. Head install / Gasket question...
  6. What am I leaving on the table
  7. Anyone have a dyno chart after a '02 LS6 cam swap?
  8. car is misfiring, need some autotap help
  9. Slightly low oil pressure at idle with a hot motor
  10. What gap for NGK TR55s?
  11. Head gasket questions round 2...
  12. 439.7 HP /399.0 TQ
  13. How would this cam run NA vs N20?
  14. Anyone have a F1/X1 cam in an Auto?
  15. Working Engine Question (pretty easy I think)
  16. 918 Titatium retainer weight verses factory steel
  17. Intresting link on running in procedure.
  18. oil pressure droping under hard accelaration WTF?
  19. No more piston slap
  20. 10 sec. daily driver owners >> inside
  21. Internal Engine for Dumbies ?
  22. 1-3/4 ~ 2 turns of lifter preload???
  23. Is there a GOOD book on building/rebuilding the LS1/6?
  24. Cam/pulley-fair price to install
  25. O-ring heads or block for FI?
  26. Air Flow Research LS1/LS6 Cylinder Heads
  27. ? about 5.3 heads vs 5.7
  28. Problem after cam install
  29. What Engine? Short Block
  30. Patriot Head Owners step inside
  31. Piston to Valve clearence
  32. about to have a h/c car
  33. Peak of a 232/236 on a 113?
  34. Heads ?s
  35. Need help with engine build
  36. last post! what is the height of an ls6 head ?
  37. what is the compression on an ls1?
  38. stock cam and lift question?
  39. Help find out CC
  40. TR230 ????
  41. SqueeEEeek
  42. Just bought my cam from ls1speed, thanks Tom Izzo.
  43. How good are Crane 1.8 rockers?
  44. What do stock ls6 heads flow and is this a good deal?
  45. Vibration at 2100 rpm
  46. A fun little pushrod swap turned horibly awry...HELP PLEASE!
  47. double roller timing chain.
  48. car won't idle after hot cam install
  49. what lift are 03 z06 valve springs are good for?
  50. Serious Serious problem!!! PLEASE COME IN
  51. Uh, Oh...Something's Knocking Internally! HELP!
  52. what would cause my miss?
  53. valve springs?cams?
  54. Absolute/TEA/Patriot Stage II heads - confused.
  55. gains from 1.8 rockers on stock engine?
  56. Where's
  57. Should I advance my cam more? TSP 228R
  58. Oil pressure is dropping {HELP}
  59. Oil Question Patman...
  60. How much can I mill heads with TR230?
  61. Something wrong with car! Help!
  62. C'mon guys... help me pick a cam!
  63. Forged motor break-in procedure?
  64. Gained 15 rwhp over MTI C2 with the TSP 231/237!!!
  65. Bore with what cam?
  66. Patriot Stage 2 Heads - Initial Reactions
  67. GTP Stage 2 Heads
  68. Oil change question
  69. Anyone running an MTI Z1 cam in a 382 Stroker?
  70. Texas Speed Cam & Patriot Heads Results! ! ! !
  71. Minus EGR -- UH, wtf??
  72. Head/Cam install DONE!
  73. Hot Rod Mag - 450CI - bLS6
  74. Where can i buy a 6.0 block?
  75. ***** F1 Valve Spring Question *******
  76. how much does a bare 5.3L iron weight?
  77. Is this B.S. or what? concerning a stroker motor
  79. Iridium plugs....
  80. Bad misfire on two cylinders
  81. need opinions on this product !
  82. Metal Shavings in The Oil Bolt??
  83. what is the lockup speed on a stock tuned tq converter?
  84. How many miles?
  85. LS6 Intake Gains please...
  86. Bolt in/Weld in rollcage install, how much on average?
  87. Help, Not getting any Idle Air Counts
  88. Short Belt Question-Pro's vs Con's
  89. torque specs for heads
  90. Can anyone tell me where to get info on repairing a grand am
  91. Is anyone running a Lunati Cam?
  92. Oil Consumption **Pic**
  93. ls6 block or not ??
  94. Reusing old parts in rebuild
  95. MTI Stealth Cam
  96. cam install gone wrong
  97. Stock Lifters how good are they?
  98. Opinions/Experience w/More Performance re: LS1 Shortblocks?
  99. Decisions, Decisions...Intake or Exhaust.
  100. Can anyone offer advice/help or explanation on cam problems?
  101. cam shaft choice help?????
  102. Anyone out there tried the 4.120" dalton sleeves yet?
  103. Removing Crank Sprocket???
  104. ASA hotcam vs. regular hotcam
  105. forged stock bore/stroke LS6?
  106. What Pushrod length?
  107. 228'/230 .571"/.573" 112.....concerned :(
  108. Rocker arm bolt specs
  109. Anyone with the TR 236/230 yet? Any numbers?
  110. member paige!!!
  111. Cam info needed (zo6 cam)
  112. I'm new, I have a question. can i get this?
  113. Ls6 heads vs. Ls1 heads
  114. help code with cam install
  115. Stock internals
  116. Need help with spring choice
  117. Who has a G5X2 with a A-4
  118. Need lots of advise
  119. 1,3,5 carbon fouled plugs
  120. Anybody seen these? Comp Cams Rockers
  121. Torque Specs for Jessel non-adj rockers?
  122. Running problem on warn starts any ideas!
  123. MTI Stealth Cam vs. z06 Cam
  124. 409 Stroker motor will NOT idle! HELP!
  125. Milled Heads = More Valve Lift ?
  126. Max lift for LS6 springs?
  127. Offset Stroker - any disadvantages?
  128. Idle counts 145 in Vette do they have a Idle Air Motor?
  129. Adjustable Timing Sets. How to determining proper position?
  131. LS6 Cam Dyno Results
  132. SS is back from ESP how did I do?
  133. Compression Test: What is a normal reading for LS1?
  134. Bench racer combo
  135. Replacing Clutch Slave Cylinder
  136. Bore? Stroke? both?
  137. What are typical gains w/ '02 LS6 cam?
  138. Texas Speed's New Project Car!!
  139. Before & after results 216/220, tell me what you think.
  140. Good deal????
  141. Wear on Cam after 6k miles?
  142. Cam, and rocker?
  143. Test for oil pressure??
  144. Need instructions oil Vette Oil Pump install.
  145. First fire, horrible noises!! Any ideas?
  146. Need help with iron block buildup
  147. quick question.. drivers side front piston #1?
  148. Help!! Car is breaking up at 5600 rpms?
  149. Problem Solved! BROKEN REV...
  150. Engine Builders Inside...I have some issues
  151. Does top end cleaner go into the MAF?
  152. Reverse Split cam vs Standard cam?
  153. How to get cam out of block?
  154. 228/228 .588 lift 112 dyno numbers
  155. Will they notice?
  156. Reverse split on a bigger motor?
  157. 1.8 rockers and GM cams
  158. Head Gaskets....
  159. i need help!! my car is running horrible!!
  161. 11:1 compression
  162. what springs to run??
  163. which cam for my M6? C-1,C-2, or TR Reverse split??
  164. Please help me chose between these few cams for my A4.Thanks
  165. 232/236 cam in a ZO6...advice
  166. looking for DYNO# MMT H/C m2
  167. cam and head suggestions
  168. howto install valves ?
  169. 5.3L head questions
  170. TR230 a good cam to use with stock heads/bolt-on's?
  171. any hp help would be appreciated???????????????????
  172. You guys think I would have a problem with this setup????
  173. Cam for stock engine?
  174. Removing coolant from block? Head swap
  175. How to use search feature within
  176. What kind of power could / would this motor produce?
  177. When will a better intake actually be AVAILABLE?
  179. Lets Talk Heads and Cam Package with an A4
  180. Specs for stock LS6 cam?
  181. thanks a.r.e.
  182. Wanting a little more power (cam)
  183. Thoughts and/or opinions on my cam set-up!
  184. How much power from this setup??? Anyone runnin this???
  185. Stroker turbo motor questions
  186. H/C done just right..
  187. SES light code P0108
  188. ARE; Out of business?????????
  189. Would I need a new tune?
  190. 224/228 .581/.581 114LSA any running stock heads or info
  191. cam?
  192. Main Bolts
  193. misfire on number 4 applies here to
  194. Total Engine Airflow S2 5.3s flowed on an independant bench!
  195. What are the specs on the M2 camshaft from MMT?
  196. Cylinder Compression?
  197. 6.0
  198. BEST oil pump!
  199. Head gasket blown?
  200. BEST oil pump!!
  201. Rollmasters the same? TSP vs. SD
  202. What would be the difference between these two cams?
  203. Anyone know P/N#'s for the Katech C5R Heads and Cam?
  204. sleeper cam W/ headers no cats and stock muffler
  205. hotcam or thunder racing old man cam
  206. How many bolt turns to reach .010-.020 lifter preload???
  207. What is the ICL of the C2 Cam and Effect of ICL in General?
  208. rod bolts on a 99?
  209. Lingenfelter GT-2 cam
  210. 400 RWHP With Stock Heads?
  211. New guy......upgrading '98 A4
  212. ASP pulley + rollmaster timeing set???
  213. 98-99 Stock Heads, Cam Only cars..Come In!
  214. How much different are the 98-99 ls1 heads than 2000+?
  215. Why are my 7.400'' Pushrods longer than my ls1 Pushrods?
  216. Need help....
  217. 8# ATI reliable on LS1 Engine?
  218. LQ9 Deck Height
  219. Will this engine combo work alright?
  221. Is this right ???
  222. TEA headed cars..... post your dyno #s inside
  223. main caps and bearings
  224. Can't seem to find info regarding...
  225. Time for a new cam (milled heads)
  226. Question about 5.3 heads?
  227. need help dyno #low
  228. One last knock question
  229. MMS 224/224 .570/.570?
  230. Looking for cam info..what should I try!?
  232. futral cams
  233. building bottom end to handle big shot......>
  234. What gains will I see from the following mods?
  235. double roller timing chain install help
  236. tr236?
  237. Numbers from cam swap
  238. Crane cam "Truck Power" cam kit for 5.3L, questions!!
  239. Max. valve size
  240. Patriot heads using bad valves?????
  241. Need a nitrous cam ... what do recommend?
  242. Factory Hardware ... Strong Enough?
  243. Cam suggestions please - stock heads.
  244. Removing magnets after cam install?
  245. Whats the MOST NA power seen to date with LS6 heads?Big cube
  246. Help with cam choice on 2001 A4? Thanks
  247. getting MTI S2 H/ C2cam
  248. Sound of 114 LSA Rev vs 112 LSA Rev?
  249. g5x2 or tr230 on a 114lsa
  250. looking for mti stg2 dyno results