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  1. G5X2
  2. 1.8 Rockers and High Ramp Rates??
  3. Should I replace oil pump during cam swap?
  4. Valve train tapping
  5. Best way to check valvetrain........???
  6. Calling all 430+ rwhp cars, what E.T. MPH and weight?
  7. How do I measure the ACTUAL oil pressure?
  8. Thread size for the Oil Pressure Sensor
  9. Oil leak on the 6.0L
  10. Why does the oil pressure drop?
  11. Has ANYONE broken a "blue stripe" 918?
  12. Matching heads and cam??
  13. CombinationMotorsports springs $200- good springs
  14. Oil pressure slowly dropping....worried!!!
  15. cam installation
  16. cheap 382
  17. Problem with yella terra install - 911 Help!
  18. 430 RWHP w/228/224 cam. Should I go bigger?
  19. cams..and what can go wrong?
  20. Cost of a 382???
  21. Oil pressure problem
  22. Valvetrain geometry...DRE/T&D/Jessel
  23. Uh Oh!... I think I hurt something!
  24. Comp Cams adjustable shaft mounted rockers...
  25. What are benefits to going w/aftermarket lifters please??
  26. Head porters , tuners , I'm looking for a yea or nay on this
  27. Sourcing a 382 ci stroker kit
  28. cam install question...
  29. solid roller version of the G5X-2 or 3?
  30. How much RWHP on cam only, stock ls1 head/intake??
  31. LS6 PCV Upgrade
  32. Solvent to clean head gasket off block
  33. Do the Jesel SS rockers fit under the valve covers...??
  34. At what spring pressure does a stock lifter fail?
  35. Cam To Big????
  36. My X1 #'s??? good/bad??? thoughts???
  37. Help w/ HP/TQ figures
  38. What is a good oil to use when first doing H/C?
  39. Double-roller Timing chain vs. Single-roller
  40. Custom cast aluminium intake plenum.
  41. what is the stock redline
  42. symptoms of intake leak?
  43. 8.1 liter
  44. Any sound clips of a C2 (or TR224) on a 114?
  45. What are comp 978's rated to for lift?
  46. Flycutt question.
  47. Show room stock racing cam? Work in daily driver?
  48. mti s2 heads and mti c2 cam
  49. Stroker Motor 382.....422 numbers?
  50. Going with G5X2 concerned with size of valves
  51. X1or TR230 Valvesprings??
  52. New springs from Combination MotorSports, inexpensive, .600+
  53. SDPC adjustable timing set ?????
  54. Comp 987s with G5X cam?
  55. Nasty Performance sheet metal intake Gains 43rwhp
  56. Flycut piston questions......
  57. How much HP from heads on a built stock head motor?
  58. Anyone know the stock lifter bore diameter?
  59. Stage 3 MTI heads and a 346 shortblock?
  60. Installing SLP 1.85:1 Rocker Arms?
  61. 98Z28 Oil psi low.....
  62. Dual springs ?
  63. Couple of Spring questions
  64. Well, so much for stealth ...
  65. need engine assembly tools
  66. OEM engineer: new lifters w/ any new cam is REQUIRED (!?)
  67. Installed new valvesprings, now a slight misfire...
  68. What pistons to use for stock rod 346 blower motor?
  69. slp 485 hp head and cam package?
  70. how much difference if I switch to roller rockers
  71. pulley machine with rollmaster double?
  72. Combating KR and true knock.
  73. 5.3l heads vs 5.7l heads
  74. what PSI for holding valves up?
  75. please post your before/after cam dyno's!!!!
  76. Opinion's to rebuild my engine
  77. Anyone have the part number for the stock lifters?
  78. Camshaft Discussion part II
  79. Will a T1 cam w/o header and tuning run ok???
  80. anybody have a dyno graph of g5x2 vs x1 cam??
  81. Any problems with oil pumps ???
  82. X1 cam owners... Would you do it again?
  83. Duration vs Lift vs ICL...Which is a bigger impact on PV
  84. Which connecting rods? manley or....
  85. 216 duration cams faster/more powerful than 230+???? TELL ME
  86. Dyno Numbers with 224 Cam
  87. Measuring Pre-load with a dial indicator?
  88. Patriot Stg II 5.3L pics, flow numbers, questions (no 56k)
  89. X1 People...... Why do Do Cams Sell with Advance ground in??
  91. Interesting rockers....
  92. Q about TDC and getting there.
  93. Well, My engine is SCREWED!
  94. cooling system?
  95. Z06 cam unsafe for LS1?
  96. FM4 vs. TR227
  97. Need Advice ... No spark after H/C install
  98. what do u guys think of the absolute heads?
  99. New England Dragway results
  100. Let's compare LS2/6.0 alum block rumors please
  101. I need the shipping address for Absolute Speed
  102. Do same ratio rockers help?
  103. Heat Cycle, Break In & General Use (?).....Springs (manley)
  104. SAE paper on new 6.3L 500HP LS7 3 valve engine.......
  105. A4 Cam guys please post your cam size and what 1/4 Times
  106. WASHER
  107. How Much Does it Cost to Go Solid Roller?
  108. Someone who knows their crap about threads come in here
  109. Lifter preload?
  110. Your 2 cents appreciated...
  111. Engine rebuild
  112. For those with sewing machines
  113. Going to have comp custom grid a TR230 what springs
  114. switching from 987s to 977s....
  115. engine restore does it work????
  116. tensioner issues
  117. Cam only install question (no spring swap here)...
  118. Back 2 lifters won't stay up for cam install
  119. Whats the best Heads and Cam package out there?
  120. Retainer question - Crane Dual springs
  121. Do heads worsen emissions??
  122. Berger Chevy - $100K F-body 427CI - Wow!
  123. JPR S2 Pkg..BLK01WS6 sheets are up from SLP independent dyno
  124. Comp R lifters...
  125. Speed Inc. Does it again!!!
  126. CC 977 springs, AS heads, what lifters....
  127. couple o-ring questions
  128. Super Chevy mag. - 550 HP 383CI - LS6?
  129. head studs
  130. Tip on Cometic head gasket install
  131. Comp 978 vs 987 Springs???
  132. swap TR224 to G5X-2?
  133. 2000 M6 Trans Am 707 HP, 805 TQ
  134. Fel Pro gasket part numbers?
  135. Help me chose a Cam TR230 or TR224
  136. What is up with my cam?
  137. Heads & Cam swap in Progress - Questions
  138. [Oil pump] Anyone try two O-rings?
  139. Cam Question
  140. comp r lifters and non-adjustable rockers
  141. guess this lobe.. and asses this cam
  142. "BIG" cam guys (230+), what lifters and rockers......
  143. LS6 Port Oil Pump Guys Come In Please...
  144. Patriot Head ETs
  145. head gasket
  146. missfires after LS6 cam install..
  147. gears and raised limmiter from cam..?
  148. Headers with high flow cats and y-pipe or cam?
  149. MTI X1 cam the best for a daily driver?
  150. are heads worth it?
  151. Experts.. Need help Badly.. What connection is this
  152. Advise on stock rockers that lost bearings
  153. Stock Crank and Stock Rods
  154. need torque specs .....
  155. What could cause this smoke????
  156. TR220 guys come in please
  157. What is so special about...
  158. ARE 436 shortblock
  159. Horrible dyno results, Heads/Cam/bolt on = 310 rwhp
  160. Now that ProStockJohn's 918 post is gone...
  161. Explain Rod Ratios and Over/Under square motors...
  162. Stock sprigs
  163. Advancing/Retarding cam effect P to V clearances?
  164. Update ! Yella Terras and lots of noise! Still!
  165. 427 head gasket
  166. X1 People Post Your HP #s
  167. Anyone ever gotten a Miss-Packaged set of 918s????
  168. Do I need new lifters with 977's and a 230/236 cam?
  169. pace parts CNC LS6 head/cam package?????
  170. what's the biggest cam i can go with using the 918 springs?
  171. Are flow #'s really that important?
  172. JPR's 1.5 flow numbers >
  173. heads and cam order soon...need some advice...
  174. 232+ duration XER lobe, what valve spring...
  175. 224/224 .581 cam- how long will my "918" springs last?
  176. question about the Hot Cam
  177. Springs and high RPM question....
  178. Single car results by vendors and customer expectations
  179. Can you run 918s on 5.3 heads?
  180. TEA heads dyno 403 on a LT1 A4
  181. What should the WOT AF Ratio be?
  182. Cheapest place to get Cometic HP head gaskets?
  183. LQ9 6.0 head milling question
  184. MTI B1 cam Vs. TR 227/224 cam?
  186. Let's Have Sound-Clip Sound-Off
  187. Boost on a sleeved motor??
  188. difference between XE-R cams and "regular" cams?
  189. what i need to take into consideration before buying heads?
  190. How come autos. use 114 LSA & manuals use 112 LSA?
  191. LG Motorsports dyno numbers Cam/heads and LG Pro Long Tu
  192. Affordable Jesel ADJUSTABLE rockers
  193. What's the most appropriate stage head for LS6 cam
  194. Cam before headers
  195. Predicted HP specs
  196. Dual Valve Spring recommendations that don't need machining?
  197. Stock Heads what Lift?
  198. Head Studs or Bolts?
  199. after i put my tr224 cam in
  200. Radiator catch can overflowing
  201. to port my 5.7L or go with a 5.3 ported
  202. How much bore is possible with 6.0L block with stock crank?
  203. ARP Header Studs
  204. Last post today i swear cam springs..where?
  205. Max valve diameter in stock valve seat's?..for the 5.3 head
  206. Anyone having problems with ARP head bolts!
  207. PtoV clearance with 5.3 motor?running S2 5.3 head's
  208. REV Dual Springs? Manufacturer? Their website or phone?
  209. Can you run the Fel Pro 1041 gaskets on a stock cube motor?
  210. Where can I find the Torque Spec's for ARP head Bolts? *DELETED*
  211. Any correlation between 450rwhp and LS6 blocks?
  212. how much of a horsepower gain with an ls6 cam
  213. Head Porting Question-Can the valve guides be shortened?
  214. patriot heads package
  215. Switching Cams have Question about piston to valve clearance
  216. Question on timing?
  217. Need pricing information on motor rebuild from Vendors..??
  218. Cam and H/C guys, c'mon in.. ??'s about your MAF ends
  219. Can Break in Prcedures?
  220. Cam for a A4 how big to go
  221. Cam for 427 A4 street machine
  222. How can Yella Terra rockers help
  223. Big problem after heads/cam...
  224. Solid Motor Mounts-What to use on the A4 trans mount ?
  225. Ficking leaking cometic head gaskets...
  226. Rocker change with 02 LS6 Cam........
  227. Tell me if you think i really am Krazy *DELETED*
  228. Disadvantages of a 4.125 bore/4.125 stroke ci LS1 motor....
  229. Top End Noise
  230. New head question?
  231. recommend a cam for me
  232. 420rwhp to 450rwhp.....
  233. Going bigger... cam choices.
  234. compression ratio ?
  235. Darton sleeves - Anyone know ""
  236. What direction should I go?
  237. all i can say is changing valve springs sucks
  238. What springs with X1 Cam?
  239. Valve Stem Ht.?
  240. Oil Pressure Problem! Please HELP me
  241. Big Cam needed for twin turbo C-5
  242. I'm getting closer on a cam choice... give me some insight
  243. Updated Cylinder head flow numbers spreadsheet
  244. Using '98 Heads on an '02 - What Parts Will I Need???
  245. Need help on Crane solid lifters....
  246. GM Hot Cam vs. MTI C1 Cam
  247. compression?
  248. Anyone have dyno plot of 224 vs. 230 cam?
  249. 98 heads