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  1. Mac vs. SLP
  2. Valve Spring Colors
  3. Is this normal?
  4. TSP 231/237 .598/ .595 cam?
  5. going from a big valve back to small valves
  6. bone stock a4 - 99 ws6 head/cam combo?
  7. Need help quick. ??? on removing pully.
  8. Starting heads/cam install tonight!!!
  9. SLP 1.85 Rockers have Studs?
  10. hitting rev limiter..any damage?
  11. old post...987s and valve float...update
  13. Help Me Troubleshoot...
  14. ARE s2 or MTI s2 heads ,?cam?
  15. 407.9 rwhp 400.0 rwtq w/stock heads and hotcam
  16. G5X2 Cam?
  17. Need Your Opinion On This Setup PLZ
  18. ? about solid roller
  19. Got my car back from dealership for piston slap.
  20. Single vs split pattern N20 cams - any comparos
  21. Looking for a bare set of (6.0L Truck Heads)
  22. Looking for dyno info regarding Yella Terra rockers
  23. From Admin - My thoughts regarding the bad batch of 918's...
  24. Sludge buildup in engine. What to do?
  25. cam and n2o
  26. Difference Between Corvette and Camaro blocks
  27. larger seats and valves 346cid...
  28. 405.5 RWHP 385.1 RWTQ Should I be expecting more?
  29. Need a quick answer fast please! (oil pump)
  31. Looking for info on upgrading/improving oil system
  32. oil presure problem!!!!! Please help
  33. what do u need to polish the heads
  34. C2 Cam Input?
  35. Oil fluctuation?
  36. Please post Cam sound clips at idle with stock displacement
  37. Stock Short Block with H/C and Nitrous ... Reliable?
  38. New Cam Only Dyno #s...
  39. can i run a 1.8 rocker arm w/ a tr224cam
  40. Big Cube Blues: Which size do I get?
  41. Hot cam/ a4 combo?
  42. Got dyno #'s for mild AAP cam.
  43. Differences between these two cams??
  44. need to know if anyone can tell me approximate idle
  45. Stock Cam Advertised Duration?
  46. Any reason that one of my Head bolt holes would be...
  47. Rocker question
  48. Removing oil pan, motor in car, PA K member?
  49. which rods/ what length???
  50. TSB out on LS1 Lifters and Rockers....
  51. Rocker Arm Adjustment???
  53. Heads
  54. Port matching....LS6 intake to 5.3/ LS1 or 6 heads...
  55. dyno numbers
  56. Calling BLK02WS6 - knock destroyed new LS6 engine?
  57. Engine Block Powdercoating
  58. got some options, need opinions
  59. Determining Compression Ratio
  60. Who makes a good 427?
  61. Typical gains from Stage II heads?
  62. How to advance cam timing on a Rollmaster?
  63. Oil Change?
  64. G5x2 guys where do you peak/shift?
  65. If I had $4000-$5000 can I do a stroker or all bore?
  66. tr224 112 redline?
  67. TSP 224 112lsa
  68. Anybody dynoed with SLP's H/C package?
  69. ARP head studs
  70. Where can I get a LS6 block... and is it worth it?
  71. Anyone running Jesel 1.75:1 Rockers
  72. 390 RWHP With These Mods?
  73. ported throttle body for a c5?
  74. What the hell now?
  75. ? about 5.3L heads?
  76. HELP Ticking Noise!!!!
  77. Need info on the Austrailian drop in, double valve spring
  78. Where's is the best place to buy Ferrea valves?
  79. looking for 450Rhp from heads and cam
  80. Where is a good place to buy LS6 springs?
  81. Custom Grind Specs....
  82. ASA cam suggestions and advice, please help.
  83. Main journal bearing clearance question...
  84. engine vibe after vig.3200 tc installed??
  85. what does a above average cooper content in oil anlysis mean
  86. (rename) adjustable 1.8 rockers?
  87. Dyno #'s: LS6 crate w/ TR224 in an A4
  88. Timing chains? Why the price vary?
  89. Which springs to get with TR230/224?
  90. Oil leaking - help!
  91. Installing Comp 918 springs/772 tit. retainers
  92. Installed cam and now my ASR doesn't work. Any ideas?
  93. Torn Up Cam Bearings!! (Suggestions)
  94. Rollmaster problem cleared up
  95. 112 or 114 LSA & should I do heads too?
  96. Dyno'd the new motor for the first time on Friday...
  97. heads cam ???
  98. Any Patriot updates??????
  99. Double Timing Chain Set Install???
  100. When changing lifters!!!
  101. how long did your first LS1 cam swap take?
  102. 2000 C5 M6 DYNO RESULTS - Absolute 5.3L Stage-2 & G5X2
  103. Can you re-use ARP head studs?
  104. #6 misfires under 2000RPM, #2 misfires above 2000 RPM, PSJ?
  105. Is my lifter toast?
  106. rev question
  107. can you use the 2002 Steel Head Gasket on 2000 Block?
  108. absolute speeds new web domain
  109. Can someone explain the difference to me
  110. Elliot's Portworks
  111. Whats the diff. between TEA stage 1.5s and IIs
  112. rev kit?
  113. Does anyone have A4 1/4 time's with a LS-6 cam and bolton's
  114. Absolute Speed....
  115. Should I get TEA's or Absolute?
  116. Does stock 6.0L block and stroker crank = 396
  117. ported oil pump and clean pistons
  118. Oil catch can mounting point? > Need a picture
  119. Hey guys ... Do the stock pistons have valve notches?
  120. Doing the LS6 cam install, what will i need
  121. need cali help
  122. G5X2 spec. ??
  123. ok clear this up plz C/R issue
  124. Help Replacing Head gasket
  125. Dyno Results with Hotcam and LS6 intake
  126. How long to install a cam, springs, double roller chain?
  127. For those interested my problem is solved
  128. M.T.I. Z1 CAM USERS
  129. I have lots of ticking sounds after tr224 install!
  130. Comp Valve Keepers
  131. Who's running 5.3L Heads with a TR220?
  132. Alum. Block vs Iron Block
  133. WHERE TO BUY A CAM LOW COST???????????
  134. Question about cam noise
  135. stock rockers, will they interchange with vortec heads?
  136. CR for 5.3 heads milled .015..
  137. Schubeck Lifters input please
  138. New plastic intake - flows great!
  139. Am I having a detonation problem? HELP!
  140. Largest cam with heads milled .030/stock deck height
  141. NGK TR6 on a N/A engine and no N20...
  142. Anybody with 5.3 heads milled .015 come on in....
  143. Dyno results.. Nothing too special. Updated with Dyno Sheet
  144. Comp Cams 232/236 Whos got it
  145. Which Motor Oil to use after engine hone and break in?
  146. SERIOUS detonation issues..Anybody who knows their sh!t c'in
  147. New Dyno with H/C's
  148. should I go solid
  149. Ready to order new cam, quick question.
  150. Ok, dyno numbers are in....what next?
  151. such a deal ! 427 shotblock giveaway!!
  152. Anyone runnin a 228/236 588/595 114 cam?
  153. 6.0 heads - sodium valves?
  154. Changed oil brand, now PCV catch can collects much more oil!
  155. Found a LS1
  156. Camshaft experts PLEASE...custom grind ???'s...
  157. Oil pressure question
  158. One plug is clean, the rest are fuel or no spark?
  159. I Sliped a rod and need advise
  160. MTI 387 All Bore???
  161. Patriot performance heads
  162. What i need for G5X-2?? In stock Internal??
  163. What head and cam package
  164. idle qual. between these two cams...
  165. CC26918-Complete Junk After 2000 mile-Opinions Please
  166. New Cam and Spring install writeup done
  167. Who sells 6L ported heads?
  168. what does this mean?
  169. Head & Main bolts - Fel-Pro vs. ARP
  170. weird misfire
  171. New Dyno # with stock heads and custom cam.
  172. Got my cam today...a bit confused!
  173. GM 8.1L engine
  174. My cam vs. TR230
  175. Need help finding parts
  176. How do you put this aluminum crank plug in and which side?
  177. ls1 hot cam
  178. Idle quality of a 110 LSA cam....
  179. 6.0L heads: What casting number/vehicles they came on
  180. Gaskets
  181. H/C package arrived!! Have a few ?`s.
  182. When talking about heads and valves, what does splayed mean?
  183. I am in the market for a new cam can anyone help me
  184. Is there any differences between the ls1 and ls6 head?
  185. Solid lifter lash question
  186. solid roller lifters
  187. heads & cam combo questions/advice
  188. how do I check piston to valve clearance?
  189. Need C5R valve cover part number
  190. Need Pics of Metco Valve Cover Breather!!
  191. Are 02 camaro heads ls6 heads?
  192. Jesel Rocker Arms
  193. What is Comp Cams 26918 spring installed height?
  194. unsure about heads...
  195. Double roller adjustable timing chain install guide?
  196. controlling knock
  197. patriot performance heads
  198. coated bearings?
  199. Installing a cam this weekend... tips & tricks??
  200. What does detonation sound like?
  201. Paging Patman!
  202. If I wanted to clean up my own combustion chambers....
  203. Stock PushRods with High Lift Cams
  204. Help with valve springs
  205. Anyone swap a TR230/224 for a G5-X2 ?
  206. CNC LS6 Heads bigger valves or stock size and gains from it?
  207. No more.. How does this set-up sound questions.. cuz I
  208. ok Stock head question
  209. LS1 bore = 3.898"; Lunati stroker bore = 3.903 - WTF?
  210. To cam or not to cam
  211. New block - will it be ready to install rotating assembly?
  212. ARE Stage 1 heads, which valve locks?
  213. stock bore and stroke
  214. Torque Specs
  215. What cam should I use?
  216. technical work..code of ethics..who is responsible for what
  217. small nick in the top of my piston???
  218. adjustable timing chain?
  219. IAC's How else can i get them down?
  220. different viscosities for different climates
  221. Torque specs
  222. 454cid LS1 ... Anyone got it?
  223. ls6 cam, tuning necesary?
  224. Where to get a torque plate?
  225. Should Absolte Speed's 5.3 (no milling) have a PVC ...
  226. GM sleeves for small blocks?
  227. SF Bay area machine shop?
  228. Oil EVERYWHERE. Need a li'l help please :)
  229. head bolt tightness......
  230. Well, got my dyno numbers.....lower than I hoped. UPDATE
  231. New block - what is included?
  232. smoking issue after cam install......
  233. vacuum pump?
  234. Will "finish" hone require new pistons
  235. What's The Best Value Cam?
  236. Got My Car Back
  237. Cam for a 388 All Bore
  238. Engine missing when you mat it....then cleans up...WTF???
  239. Any new dyno numbers or ET's w/ Patriot Heads?
  240. Is there a such a thing as a "streetable" solid roller cam?
  241. Unported Heads------Lift vs. Duration
  242. Intake have to come off?
  243. Comp 918 springs ok with a .591/.569 lift cam?
  244. Engine bogs/misses at 5500+rpms
  245. cam install questions
  246. head numbers?
  247. HELP! How did you get your oil pan out???
  248. Heads Question?
  249. wtb stock 00-02 heads asap
  250. Chatter under the valve cover