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  1. Importain Question???
  2. Head/Cam cars????
  3. What are the torque specs on stock rocker arm
  4. Need Help with Cam choice
  5. Pack your oil pump w/grease - WTF?
  6. Hotcam Dyno
  7. Where do I put rev limit on 224/228 581 112 cam?
  8. 6.0 heads?
  9. how to quiet down valve train?
  10. Great, probably bent pushrods, need help
  11. How can I use solid lifters with the stock lifter tray?
  12. weight of stock connecting rod bolts
  13. SES w/ bent push rod or valve
  14. Where did Yella Terra come from???
  15. Pushrod Length with .020 milled heads and a B1cam??
  16. DRE/Comp Rockers....
  17. flashing SES ...
  18. Stock pushrods.
  19. Post Head Install Problems (STILL DOING IT, NOT o2 SENSOR)
  20. JMX and his install notes OWN YOU ALL
  21. Rockers on Stock Engine?
  22. which stage 2 ls6 heads are...
  23. 95K Miles: Piston Rings bad or do I need thicker oil?
  24. What is the difference in perofrmance between these two TSP
  25. how much HP does the Borla plat cost you? Answer inside
  26. Piston selection
  28. Running Leaded gas
  29. How to test for good oil pump ?
  30. whats the difference between ls1 and ls6 heads?
  31. 485hp slp package
  32. Where can i find this
  33. patriot stage 3 heads
  34. question on 6.0L retrofit
  35. What does LSA directly affect? (112 -vs- 114)
  37. White smoke after WOT
  38. Anybody got a pic of a 772 comp Ti retainer?
  39. Anyone know anything of the Hammer XRE Cam?
  40. Will a TR230 Run and Idle w/o a Tune?
  41. cam
  42. Best Patriot Head for G5X2 cam
  43. Car Boggin?help
  44. Ok, valvetrain setup questions.....
  45. 417 RWHP and 394 TQ after UD pulley install
  46. Is anybody using a 4.250 stroke?
  47. Oil Pressure Problem Fixed!!!
  48. new 396
  50. g5X2 intake/exhaust duration and lift????
  51. TEA 6.0 head dyno's 502 rwhp
  52. double roller install Q.....
  53. TEA head port stalling test #1, buy an LSX intake!
  54. Federal Mogel VS Clevitte 77 bearings
  55. Prices on some Z06 parts (cam, lifters, springs)
  56. Jesel non-adjustable rockers tq specs?
  57. How do these cam specs look for stock heads?
  58. Buying a '00 SS w/ Lingenfelter 350 pacakage...Input?
  59. BAD Idle. Need HELP!!
  60. 806 casting heads
  61. Dynojet 248c, heavier rotating parts how much does it change
  62. how many wires going to oil pressure sending unit sensor
  63. Tell me how this cam would operate....
  64. How Hard is an LS1/LS6 to build?
  65. Patriot Stage 2 LS6/LQ9 Heads Now Available!!!
  66. Batman #1 - oil question
  67. how to test for good spark plug wires?
  68. Function of LSA; Duration; Lift
  69. OIL PAN LEAKS!!!!!
  70. Corvette oil pan on F-body LS1?
  71. How much does a LS1 Block weigh?
  72. Where can I get the tools to flycut my pistons, ASAP?????
  73. Dyno question.....
  74. Back Fire Diagnosis Anyone?
  75. biggest cam with TEA heads (5.3 or LS6) - post your cams
  76. Periodic stall - 150 miles after c1 install
  77. What brake fluid do you guys use for our cars?
  78. What brake fluid do you guys use for our cars?
  79. any open header tr224/112 sound clips?
  80. Cylinder numbers please.
  81. doing cam swap NOW...few Q's...
  82. another cam quetion for A4 car
  83. Damaged heads, are they repairable? Pics inside.
  84. How important is Lift on Camshafts? Experts
  85. Things to do before cam/heads
  86. Question about changing cams...X1 to G5x2 clone/almost
  87. How exactly are some people getting 420+rwhp/410+rwtq...
  88. Broken valve spring &$#@%^&%*$# !!!!!
  89. quick waterpump removal question
  90. 400 RWHP
  91. How can you get more than 260cfm through a LS6 intake?
  92. Oil Pressure Questions ... Info Needed
  93. Questions on Heads & Cam Install
  94. PCV mod. oil in the intake.......why?
  95. any 110lsa sound clips
  96. MTI Introduces New Stage IIE Cylinder Head!
  97. Need Help with Cam
  98. Mathmatical Way to figure PTV clearance??(valve relief size)
  99. tr220 question
  100. Absolute Speed 6.0l heads, trap 128.9mph
  101. Should i get a 02 or 03 Z06 cam?
  102. Has anyone sleeved a 6.0L iron block?
  103. cam suggestion for new heads
  104. new tr 224 sound clips
  105. How far past 0 lash to preload lifters with adj. rockers??
  106. HELP! Thinking about switching from a XE to a XE-r cam
  107. These Huge Cams..... Why do I feel small now?
  108. TR 224//114 Passes Cali Smog!
  109. What happened to GMMGs website?
  110. Opinions on Patriots new LS6/LQ9 heads
  111. Piston speed rule of thumb??
  112. ISKY Flycutting Tool for LS1
  113. GM head bolts, vs. ARP bolts, VS ARP studs
  114. piston ? for 408 stroker...
  115. Common question...head casting numbers and details
  116. what should i get done to the heads
  117. How to setup and LS6 PCV Valley
  118. Emmissions friendly cam for a 427?
  119. Ok quick comparision here on two different camshafts
  120. Crank - 4.0 vs 4.125
  121. tunning after ls6 intake install?
  122. Oil Leaks
  123. Good shop in South Florida to assemble a short block?
  124. Cam install Q
  125. Rough Idle, Lack of Power, etc
  126. Rod Bearing?
  127. LS6 cam ?
  128. how high to spin 918s+stock vt?
  129. Need P/N for LS1 Clevite77 main & rod bearings
  130. pushrods...stock vs hardened
  131. With all these H/C cars
  132. Would an 02 LS1 with a H&C package be able to an 02 Z06?
  133. Will a granatelli MAF for an LS1 fit a 2002 Silverado 5.3??
  134. Milled heads and intake alignment
  135. what happened MTI?
  136. ls6 vs weiand intakes
  137. Torque specs on head bolts
  138. How do you check PtV clearance
  139. Titanium valves
  140. looking for a good cam
  141. 1.75 rockers
  142. 6.0 head and future S/C Q
  143. o-ring part number please
  144. Cam Ideas for a all out LS1 346 bracket racing Hot Rod
  145. Crankshaft?
  146. Bore gauge accuracy - .0005 - enough for engine assembly?
  147. What is the norm for head flow through a LS6 intake?
  148. rattles from the manifold???
  149. dry vs wet ... ??
  150. My 1999 Z28 hit the 100,000 mile mark today.....
  151. Largest Hydraulic XE-R grind
  152. Update on broken springs:
  153. News on AFR heads
  154. Holden V8 = LS1 correct?
  155. how much flycut to fit G5X-2 cam?
  156. Shrouding or Unshrouding?
  157. NEW HEADS??
  158. How much to mill stock heads
  159. Carfax Help Please!
  160. What mill on 5.3 heads would you reccomend for G5X2 cam?
  161. Need opinions ... tap, tap, tap ...
  162. LS-1 Hot cam
  163. Patriot Performance...
  164. why is one LSA better than another
  165. what length rod?
  166. LS6 cam with stock A4 converter and stock tuning?
  167. Operating temp after head and cam
  168. rods
  169. question about strokers versus all bore
  170. Setting up 977 springs....
  171. final say on this.....
  172. New LS1 performance mods
  173. Signs of a cracked head??
  174. P/N for .050 keepers...
  175. 01-02 LS6 head differences?
  176. Great article on "beehive" aka 918 springs
  177. I got AS heads and track results
  178. paging Pro Stock John...................>
  179. How important is the low-end?
  180. LS6?
  181. Idle Speeds for 112LSA Cams on M6 Cars
  182. timing cover part number
  183. LS1 hot cam tunning
  184. question about 6.0 and 5.3 truck blocks for stokers
  185. LS6 heads on LS1 Block
  186. I need big time help here! (what sounds like it's broke?)
  187. Need opinions on a couple brands of connecting rods...
  188. any info on the G5x3...i've got my x1 sold and i'm lookin ..
  189. Please Post a Clip of a C1 Hammer cam Idle 222/222 112 Autos
  190. Any power to be found in advancing or retarding stock cam?
  191. Patriot LS6 head updates ??
  192. TEA Stg 1.5 heads go 9.87 @ 138.9
  193. Any Ideas on what this might be?
  194. Best heads for G5X2 cam?
  195. anybody have a dyno graph of a G5X2???
  196. Locks/Keepers....WTF?!?!?!?!?
  197. G5X2
  198. 1.8 Rockers and High Ramp Rates??
  199. Should I replace oil pump during cam swap?
  200. Valve train tapping
  201. Best way to check valvetrain........???
  202. Calling all 430+ rwhp cars, what E.T. MPH and weight?
  203. How do I measure the ACTUAL oil pressure?
  204. Thread size for the Oil Pressure Sensor
  205. Oil leak on the 6.0L
  206. Why does the oil pressure drop?
  207. Has ANYONE broken a "blue stripe" 918?
  208. Matching heads and cam??
  209. CombinationMotorsports springs $200- good springs
  210. Oil pressure slowly dropping....worried!!!
  211. cam installation
  212. cheap 382
  213. Problem with yella terra install - 911 Help!
  214. 430 RWHP w/228/224 cam. Should I go bigger?
  215. cams..and what can go wrong?
  216. Cost of a 382???
  217. Oil pressure problem
  218. Valvetrain geometry...DRE/T&D/Jessel
  219. Uh Oh!... I think I hurt something!
  220. Comp Cams adjustable shaft mounted rockers...
  221. What are benefits to going w/aftermarket lifters please??
  222. Head porters , tuners , I'm looking for a yea or nay on this
  223. Sourcing a 382 ci stroker kit
  224. cam install question...
  225. solid roller version of the G5X-2 or 3?
  226. How much RWHP on cam only, stock ls1 head/intake??
  227. LS6 PCV Upgrade
  228. Solvent to clean head gasket off block
  229. Do the Jesel SS rockers fit under the valve covers...??
  230. At what spring pressure does a stock lifter fail?
  231. Cam To Big????
  232. My X1 #'s??? good/bad??? thoughts???
  233. Help w/ HP/TQ figures
  234. What is a good oil to use when first doing H/C?
  235. Double-roller Timing chain vs. Single-roller
  236. Custom cast aluminium intake plenum.
  237. what is the stock redline
  238. symptoms of intake leak?
  239. 8.1 liter
  240. Any sound clips of a C2 (or TR224) on a 114?
  241. What are comp 978's rated to for lift?
  242. Flycutt question.
  243. Show room stock racing cam? Work in daily driver?
  244. mti s2 heads and mti c2 cam
  245. Stroker Motor 382.....422 numbers?
  246. Going with G5X2 concerned with size of valves
  247. X1or TR230 Valvesprings??
  248. New springs from Combination MotorSports, inexpensive, .600+
  249. SDPC adjustable timing set ?????
  250. Comp 987s with G5X cam?