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  1. Porting with Carb Cleaner!
  2. I have a couple of camshaft questions!
  3. Comp 987 springs....
  4. Changed Stock to 918's W/ More Peformance Tool
  5. How did I blow my head gasket?
  6. Oil Pressure Gauge Pegged
  7. Crank/Pulley Seal Install Question
  8. C5R heads?
  9. what is this cam
  10. Replaced Rod Bearings, How long...
  11. Someone please help me/Cam Surge...
  12. $7000
  13. new head designation from absolute speed
  14. How much wil 28" tires affect my dyno results?
  15. Big cam for stock cubes????
  16. PCV/valley cover breather MOD
  17. Wrench in oil pan...
  18. Whos running a decent cam on stock programming?
  19. TR224 112 vs. MTI X1
  20. Are there any differences in Head Casting Numbers???
  21. Timing Chain and oil pump on 02'?
  22. Cam to reach 390HP in an A4??
  23. Head Flow numbers Tell me what you think?
  24. c5r block
  25. Car is having trouble idling...lots of surging.
  26. im getting tired
  27. qick question. rod bolts...
  28. HELP!! Have 18 barrel shaped bearings on oil drain plug!!
  29. X1 Vs G5X2 Cam...
  30. LS6 Cam Timing For Truck
  31. MTI heads
  32. Sanity check after YT install - preload, p-rod length, etc.
  33. Yella Terra installed
  34. Arias Forged Pistons....good thing?
  35. REV retainer install ?'s
  36. Carrillo Rods?
  37. Nervous about new motor start up
  38. Pics of my PCV mod + engine pics
  39. gap for plugs, for a stroker motor........................
  40. Just about burned myself changing oil, WTF?
  41. who will host my G2x2 114 video clip with audio?? 10meg
  42. More on new Wilson intake manifold
  43. Who would you call to touch up some cylinder heads...
  44. How do I know if pully needs machined??
  45. Hammer Cam Dyno Results w/ Ls1Edit Tune
  46. Possibly swtiching to LS6 cam, springs necessary?
  47. too much CR on stroker applications
  48. New to Cam Only , need help...
  49. My car started running really hot in the afternoon 235*
  50. Got use of a bore gage for free... brand new... questions...
  51. Z1 cam ??
  52. 224/224/570 570 106icl 110lsa hmmmmmmmm
  53. anybody use lucas oil?
  54. Rod Bearing Question
  55. Problems....
  56. stage II Valve Covers?
  57. What should oil look like after first 500 miles of break in?
  58. LS1 cam replacement
  59. 5.3 heads on a 6.0 block
  60. limited budget stroker build,how do you make 475rwhp
  61. How much HP & TQ should a 427 cid C5R make.
  62. Question about lift and duration with 1.8 rockers
  63. ls1 ported heads compare to ls6 heads
  64. Checking lifter preload?
  65. Can the admins please define "sponsor bashing" for us?
  66. What is the most common Intake Centerline for big cams?
  67. Do my Wiseco pistons have larger valve reliefs than stock?
  68. Block clearancing for a stroker 383?
  69. average HP of 383 all bore???
  70. Big cams & High CR ... Got sound or video?
  71. CR for a stoker
  72. What are the stock LS1 cam specs?
  73. Patman#1 - oil question - please!
  74. yella's on a 98?? worth it?
  75. hows this custom grind look?
  76. Poll: best cam for the TRACK with stock heads?
  77. who knows about this cam?
  78. New Dyno Numbers for AAP 388: 511rwhp/478rwtq!
  79. Sleeper cam on 115lsa
  80. TEA 1.5 5.3 heads flow more than Stage II 5.3 heads?
  81. Track results: TEA '1.5' 5.3L heads & sleeper cam
  82. putting motor back together....QUESTION
  83. Great article for Racers
  84. Pushrod Length
  85. Okay I am out of ideas...I need YOUR suggestions.
  86. LS6 springs on LS1 engine
  87. Where to get Yella Terra's
  88. Need some flow #'s for stock LS1 and LS6 heads please!
  89. Search cant help- Best piston
  90. Anyone running 11's w/ cam and botl ons? No heads
  91. Power gains from an LS6 cam?
  92. Replacing Crank/pulley seal On car?
  93. 424RWHP with Z06 Cam
  94. LQ4 stock crank - what stroke - 4"?
  95. New TSP Cam Goes 400rwhp With LS1 Intake!
  96. G5X2 Style, Custom grind with .20 less lift from CompCams??
  97. what can I expect from this cam?
  98. 6.0L Iron Block, .030 over, stock LS1 Crank
  99. MTI has gone nuts! Giving away a 427ci
  100. Callies new crankshaft
  101. Can I use the stuff from one set of heads in another set???
  102. Oil consumption for LS1?
  103. MTI Stage 2 Heads??
  104. Any 400hp cars with stock heads?
  105. Any dyno # with the 231/237 TSP cam?
  106. Is it alright to use used pushrods?
  107. LS1 Piston Rod info???
  108. Dave Hill's comments on the upcoming C6 powerplant
  109. who makes stroker cranks
  110. Mild Cam for an A4 with standard converter?
  111. You Never Know What Your're Getting Plus a Helluva Day
  112. Stock Cam and 918 springs?
  113. LG G2x2 on 114 ROCKS!!! ..... 445RWHP.. THANKS LG
  114. Nodular Iron - stroker crank - Australia??
  115. State Patrol Camaro
  116. after head/cam install
  117. How much pressure do I need to swap valve springs?
  118. piston knock
  119. How to attach 98 PCV system to 99 valve covers??
  120. ANy flow or dyno # on Patriat Heads
  121. Giving up on modded LS1, need new stock motor
  122. forged internals
  124. Stock Crank Power Handling?
  125. When do Comp 987s' float....
  126. Looking into H/C Setup Opinions needed!
  127. How do you get oil filler neck off valve cover?
  128. Engine stumbles badly upon accelleration
  129. What's wrong with my car, very low dyno numbers with new cam
  130. LS6 Heads+Cam
  132. Billet cranks.
  133. How to remove rocker bolts?
  134. ARP head stud torque with iron block
  135. Failed Sniffer with TR224 112LSA
  136. colder than TR6?
  137. Pre 2002 graphite HGs or 2002+ steel shim HGs????
  138. Need Tuning? TR224
  139. Head milling questions...
  140. Do I need programming MOD with ported heads???HELP
  141. LSA Question
  142. Shopping for a cam..... Help me make up my mind
  143. Squeaking clacking sound in Valvetrain?
  144. 6.0 heads vs Ls6 heads
  145. Advantages of LS6 valves over stock LS1 valves?
  146. TR227/224 A4 guys come on in
  147. What do you all think about my cam?
  148. MTI SII LS6 Heads questions.
  149. Might be a stupid question but.....
  150. More RMS heads/cam auto dyno results!
  151. What length pushrods with this combo?
  152. Can I mill my heads with this cam?
  153. Dyno tuning - or not?
  154. Milled .030 - Will there be a P/V Issue with this cam ???
  155. Yet another ticking question.
  156. Is there any adavantage to using the Comp "R" lifters?
  157. Valve spring height/pushrod length
  158. Fresh engine how many miles before....
  159. What's a good cam without upgrading heads?
  160. Need Opinion on Futral 228/230 574/591 112
  161. Patriot Heads
  162. p/v clearance on this set-up....please come in
  163. flywheel to rearwheel A4 power?
  164. LS6 PCV is sucking more oil than my LS1 PCV system?
  165. Installing REV springs...
  166. How hard to machine spring pockets for 987 springs?
  167. What are the differences between LS6 and LS1 short blocks?
  168. what do yall think of this custom baby cam
  169. Air in the oil
  170. Please Help me out...What's wrong with my engine?
  171. TR224 or TR220 users with Diablo Predator come in..
  172. How many cubes can we get out of the LS1?
  173. Compression check and big cams...
  174. Would I want a longer duration on a stock cubed H/C motor?
  175. What is the compression ratio for 6.0 heads??
  176. Are there perimeter bolt 5.3 heads?
  177. 918 spring life
  178. Should I switch my TR224 cam to G5X2 to go w/S2 GTP heads?
  179. How do you port an Oil Pump?
  180. what cam is best for an all around pulling street cam
  181. Anyone using the TR227/224 on a 114 LSA
  182. Need Cam Idea for "Patriot Heads" - Input please.
  183. Comp cams
  184. Leak down or compression test?
  185. funny noises........?
  186. A4 guys with 230/224 cam
  187. How are you guys heat cycling comp 918's
  188. Strange harmonic vibration- HELP- getting worse
  189. what happens if i bolt up 5.3 heads.
  190. how do you tell if the sending unit is bad or bad oil pump
  191. Rollmaster timing chain install
  192. Big Cam Guys with A4's come in please, need opinions.
  193. Piston Wrist pin removal
  194. Compresion Ratio?
  195. How long did it take to receive your heads?
  196. Spark Knock! Help?!
  197. Finally! Big cam+aluminum flywheel=good idle!!!
  198. Comp cams 228/230 571/573 dyno sheet
  199. Stock ls6 valve size is?
  200. What are some of the better heads out there?
  201. How do you pull the crank pulley bolt?
  202. How can I tell if i have a collapsed lifter????
  203. Stock LS1 Modifications
  204. Patriot Heads - any dyno/track numbers yet?
  205. Cranking Pressure on Stock Engine???
  206. Reinventing the Wheel
  207. 03 ls6 valvetrain
  208. Difference in heads??
  209. G5X2 CAM...GAIN?
  210. What do you really gain with Lunati stroker vs. good h/c ?
  211. engine problems, need help!!!
  212. How to break in 987 springs?
  213. 4.8 gmc mod's
  214. Do I need longer(then stock) pushrods???
  215. People that have passed smog with a cam
  216. Sdpc rollmaster double users with ASP pully!!?
  217. G5X2 Sound Clip! - Here's one of a C5...
  218. Opinion on REV double springs for LS1 heads.
  219. ls1 removel
  220. spark plug gap.......?
  221. Timing chain
  222. Quick oil question
  223. K+N Valve Cover breather part #????????
  224. Cheap LS1 stroker crank?
  225. B1 C1 or T1 what the hell
  226. 99 Valve Guide OD
  227. Dyno results @ MTI
  228. Anyone try this cam?
  229. Oil leaking from crank pulley snout WTF?
  230. What would the gain be going from Cam A to B
  231. Advantage to higher ratio rockers?
  232. Have an idea on a cam setup need some advice
  233. Did anyone try TR224/227 cam?
  234. installing a b1 or c1 cam
  235. new motor
  236. rods
  237. What to spend $1500 on?
  238. Looking for cheap cam install, CT
  239. cam preference
  240. Am I going to have issues :(
  241. Where to get Katech oil pump?
  242. how do you know?
  243. Rocker Arm ?
  244. Fluxuating oil pressure? > Once again > a FIX
  245. Best oil pump for tr224?
  246. Why are LS1 valve springs so damm hard to perfect?
  247. Questions for Big cubes
  248. TR 224 cam users, how long have you been running it?
  249. Cost of mild rebuild?
  250. Updated pic of needle bearings from destroyed Rocker!