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  1. Help with cam choice. Lift, LSA and degree?
  2. Does anyone have a link to cam only install instructions?
  3. 346 Forged internals
  4. *-*-*-* 112 OR 114 *-*-*-*
  5. still no info on assembling ls6 heads
  6. Working stock heads?
  7. 220/220 would be more streetable than 224 right?
  8. Need an " Diagnosis" - please take a look (long)
  9. 6.0 block
  10. stock lifter ok with high lift cam????
  11. who runs a cam and stock manifolds
  12. Gm Hot Cam, again
  13. Stroker Crank
  14. HELP ASAP!!
  15. What gains with stock LS6 heads?
  16. Is my cam too big for an auto??? help needed inside.
  17. what springs with the GM ASA cam...
  18. Blower cam w/o the blower
  19. Who makes undercut valves like Manley?
  20. Opinions on Hammer Cam wanted
  21. Sttroker combinations
  22. Sttroker combinations
  23. need head
  24. 1:15:03 @ 7pm... First phase of archiving is complete!
  25. 17x11s on dyno runs????
  26. piston slap ?
  27. Dyno Numbers For Comp 224/.581 112 LSA
  28. Dyno Numbers For Comp 224/.581 112 LSA
  29. What do you think about this cam?
  30. tachs up quick but...
  31. Which oils to use??????
  32. What effect does the cam have on emmissions?
  33. At My Wits End! (???) HELP!
  34. spray and tr230/224
  35. Valvetrain noise after H/C???
  37. TR220, MMS 218, or B1 cam for A4
  38. Is there a cam out there that offers good gas milage?
  39. Does anyone know where I can buy a 02 zo6 cam?
  40. Old Man Cam - dyno results
  41. What's the best timing chain?
  42. head install question
  43. head problems?
  44. What do you think of N/A Ford Engine development?
  45. Motor is ready to go in!!!!
  46. TR 227 224 114LSA??
  47. LS1 Hot Cam Feedback Still trying to pick a cam LOTS OF Questions
  48. Are 918s ok for X1??
  49. Anyone have a stock-head "T-1" Dyno Sheet Handy??
  50. How quickly can Comp grind a cam?
  51. Milling LS6 Heads
  52. How much can LS6 heads be cut?
  53. Cam with stock manifolds a good idea?
  54. Cam with stock manifolds a good idea?
  55. Whats the best cam for.......
  56. Should i have advanced / retarded my cam??
  57. absolute 5.3 stg2 tr 227 dyno results
  58. After heads/intake isntall on 99 Firehawk, car has a miss at idle/low speed
  59. Too much compression - stroker setup
  60. oil on spark plug?
  61. oil on spark plug?
  62. Best how-to guide for cam swap on 01-02 LS1???
  63. curious - what could be the reason oil would be getting into the intake?
  64. ASA 110 LSA Cam. Anyone have info?
  65. any site with pics / how to for assembling heads
  66. Felpro Head gaskets
  67. Finished head swap.......
  68. Best valve spring tool?
  69. do LS6 's have a installed height for springs?
  70. what valve stem seals to get
  71. when installing arp head studs does the chamfer ono the washer face up or down
  72. Almost done with heads install, but I forgot to put something in, is it important?
  73. 2000 or 2001 and 1998 engine differences?
  74. hammer c2 question
  75. New Quaker State Synthetic Oil
  76. LS1 Tech Sponsors
  77. wtf is up with my car
  78. LS-6 valve seals with LS-1 heads
  79. Ran the car tonight with new heads and cam....
  80. degreeing cam: is it necessary?
  81. Any reason NOT to get the X1 cam?
  82. Did I pick the right cam.
  83. Anyone have DARTON sleeves installed in a block yet?
  84. degreeing a cam,is it a must do?
  85. FYI we are creating an archive for this section
  86. MAINS
  87. TR 224 vs. smaller Comp stick with 1.8's what do you think?
  88. Minimum oil level for drag racing?
  89. Need help trouble shooting a car wont stay on problem
  90. Aftermarket Timing Chain users come in >>>>>>
  91. "Yella Terra" Stealth Street Rockers
  92. Help with shopping list if I get TR224 .563 112?
  93. Piston to wall clearance on a 383 stroker??
  94. Best Valve-Springs on the market.....
  95. Biggest Exhaust valve on stock seat
  96. Pewter00TA's dyno report
  97. slp h/c
  99. Anyone have some pics of a Rollmaster install?
  100. Need help with next mod, please come in!
  101. Paging Brian Tooley
  102. Brent, Mark, Bill, Robert and Les win the first five places in the Breathless shoot o
  103. What parts are needed?
  104. Any updates on the Eastside Performance Cams yet?
  105. Blown motors?
  106. Got a nice set of LS6 heads today...
  107. How can I determine if this cam needs to be advanced or not?
  108. Head and cam swap?
  110. Calculating compression...
  111. h/c ? based on 2000ss's ?
  112. Quick Diamond Piston Q (FI)
  113. valve length
  114. Water Pump R&R instructions
  115. Stroke and S/C???
  116. Cams
  117. Head Gaskets?
  118. All 987 Comp dual spring users, need help FAST!
  119. Internals & Balancing
  120. Over heating problem-slow loss of coolant?
  121. Lunati Stroker Kit Dyno Numbers
  122. Anybody dynoed in cold weather? How does it effect it?
  123. cam help
  124. Stroked iron block
  125. need some head pictures
  126. It piston slap from oil through the PVC valve?
  127. 5.3L TEA S2 question......
  128. How to change pushrods?
  129. What Houston Machine Shops?
  130. Iron Block Solid rolla 408 .... trap speeds?
  131. Question for people running the Thunder Cam and Stage 2 LS1 heads:
  132. 6.0l with cam bearings
  133. Help me choose from the following cams
  134. Those w/5.3L heads & TR224 cam , P/V question
  135. lumpy cam for a stock 98 ls1?
  136. Simple spark-plugs question
  137. Will I need longer push rods with this cam?
  138. Paging Cammin' Beast
  139. Flowtested Lingenfelter CNC heads, MMS Stage II's, sell or are these good #'s??
  140. Loud clicking noise and smoke at high RPMs
  141. combustion chamber size to achieve 12:1 compression w/ truck heads.
  142. FI vs Head/ Cam/ Nitrous
  143. Some say that a rebuild will not fix the problem?
  144. Suggestions for heads and cam??
  145. can a cam be installed 180 degrees off from the crank?
  146. dual springs or singles for X1??
  147. Morgan Motorsports?
  148. VERY interesting thread on leaks with Cometic gaskets and 5.3L heads on a Corvette
  149. Hot Cam + 1.8 Rockers
  151. How much will head cam car gain w/ dyno tune?
  152. Experience w/ Yella Terra Stealth Roller Rockers?
  153. is it ok to use 87 octane in my 8.5:1 motor?
  154. Cam Install
  155. Please help, car is acting up.
  156. Cam cars: did you see any big gains from a ported TB?
  157. I'm contemplating going with a 427ci
  158. How strong are Stock Crank and Main Caps?
  159. G5X1 first impressions... stock heads
  160. are these dyno numbers alright
  161. 2002 ls6 heads and cam
  162. Headgasket part number for 02 LS6 heads on LS1 engine
  163. Question about A/F vs. KR vs rwHP
  164. TR230/224 vs. X-ER230/224
  165. Before I call the speed shops - Valve Spring Question
  166. Need a few tips on removing valve springs. (not on car)
  167. H/C + A/F Dyno Numbers on A4 - Do these sound good?
  168. Quick ARP head stud question.
  169. Is anybody running milled heads and TR227/224?
  170. Stock Crank Offset Ground to 3.82, 1.888 rod journals, safe?
  171. X1/F1 or TR230 on stock heads
  172. removed EGR and AIR during H/C swap..need help
  173. Will this work with stock heads?
  174. Working on Frozen Engine - Head Removal
  175. big cam in truck?
  177. 98-00 vs 01-02 heads?
  178. Should i put a little loc-tite on rocker-arm bolts?
  179. Will the 99-224/224-114 Thunder Racing cam pass the sniffer?
  180. Please post your 224/224 .581/.581 112 sound clips please!
  181. Can This Be Right? (Hammer Cam)
  182. 382 all bore + 382 stroker = ???
  183. Forged LS1 Internals???
  184. LS1 engine part numbers
  185. Help with CAM
  187. I need some advice!
  188. Tampa, FL, looking for good speed shop!!!
  189. COMP 977 dual valve springs
  190. Camshaft and induction questions? Input needed
  191. Dyno #'s on 'cam only' cars
  193. head bolt diagram
  194. Heads
  195. Help my Setup
  196. Ticking Noise in Engine
  197. missed shift - *another update*
  198. Observations during head cam swap --- help!!!
  199. LS6 Heads
  200. Questions about yella terra roller rockers
  201. Advice on Stage 1 heads
  202. Matching Exhaust to Intake Flow
  203. will 2002 ls1 heads work on a 99 ls1?????
  204. need some head.......
  205. leak down kit a must?
  206. leak down kit a must?
  207. Is it worth it? Removing the EGR and Air Tubes?
  208. Where can i buy electric cuts outs (Two (2) "2.5 inch Kits, ASAP?
  209. A little off topic, but...
  210. A little off topic, but...
  211. What parts/cost needed to go solid roller??
  212. Studding the mains? Overkill for the LS1/LS6?
  213. What Valve Springs???
  214. Aftermarket Valve Covers
  215. Isky Springs info needed
  216. Retainers for Crane cams 99893 springs
  217. How to get proper preload, 5.3L heads, TR224
  218. Stock Lifters ok?
  219. It's alive!!
  220. I need help please, car is dead.
  221. What should I do, help please?
  222. LS6 cam -VS- LS1 hot cam
  223. what is the best camshaft for me?
  224. 02 LS6 springs in an 01 FBody?
  225. 02 LS6 springs in an 01 FBody?
  226. ATI damper problems - too long?????
  227. missed shift - broken what? *** update
  228. Cam Installation parts, are these good parts? OPINIONS PLEASE!
  229. help????sound under hood?
  230. Worth extra $ for ARP Head Bolts on new MTI 427 Motor?
  231. *******HELP - need ARP bolt torque specs. - head studs, and flywheel bolts!*******
  232. l s 6
  233. Should my converter have bearing on cam selection?
  234. BIG QUESTION????
  235. Question about heads?
  236. Break in period on new lifters?
  237. Dyno #'s LS6 S2 with C1
  238. Weight of STOCK LS1 vavles and Material???
  239. cam swap: remove heads or not?
  240. Oil Pressure Rises When I Brake, And More Oil Pressure Questions?
  241. are 409
  242. zo6 cam
  243. Wiseco Forged Pistons for $500?? Anyone used them?
  244. Joe Prince Racing ROCKS!!!!!
  245. Huge heads/cam claims by sponsors (Discussion please)
  246. Cam # 1721 S04 2123
  247. Where to get a crank offset ground?
  248. How would this motor combo work?
  249. Props to CARTEK!
  250. Shim the oil pump relief spring or not?