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  1. 383 stroker or allbore?
  2. Biggest cam with .055 milled heads?
  3. Some simple cam questions...
  4. Someone please tell me what u think
  5. warning to those flycutting with the isky tool
  6. 02 Silverado
  7. B1 installed, questions
  8. SLP timing chain/oil pump clearance?
  9. Who knows of a cheap valve spring pressure tester?
  10. Well guys burnt some plugs on Nitro and guess what.....
  11. I NEED A LS6!!!
  12. pace performance ls6 conversion package
  13. Can't find pen magnets, HELP!!!
  14. Are these heads too much?
  15. do I need to hone the block?
  16. Removing crank timing sprocket?!?!
  17. hot cam
  18. Does an LS6 cam require different pushrods with stock heads?
  19. long tube header problem
  20. If you had to speculate....
  21. BLOWN LS1?
  22. ARE Cast intake, pics:
  23. ARE 393 All bore is complete!!
  24. Started car with 227/227 cam tonight!
  25. tapping / ticking after broken spring
  26. How much rwhp will I gain with TR224 cam only?
  27. Valve spring life
  28. Getting rid of the EGR SES light without LS1 Edit
  29. Anybody done a leak down test on their engine?
  30. Valve Springs / Cam Install
  31. 360rwhp possible with TEA Stage 1.5 5.3L Heads/Hammer Cam?
  32. Going to mod my WS6 heres my list
  33. Converterting 422 to solid roller; what size cam?
  34. I drive 60miles a day...would it be bad to get a cam?
  35. Going to replace rings and go solid roller; what else do I need?
  36. Going to mod my WS6 heres my list
  37. Cars with aftermarket cams
  38. 5.3 Heads
  39. TR 224 on 346....what on 383???
  40. Finally Dynoed the new set up
  41. MAF drop after head swap????
  42. Parts needed for cam swap
  43. ls6 cam swap
  44. Does anyone know the stock piston weight..
  45. cam of choice for auto-trans
  46. Oil Catch Can???????
  47. GM 2002 ring and coated piston set?
  48. Another cam question
  49. ls6 cam,emission legal?
  51. return fuel line for Z28's
  52. ported LS1/LS6/6.0L heads between GTP and race-prep, who is better?
  53. Split/ Reverse- split or "standard".... have some questions
  54. Any way to prime motor and get oil pressure on fresh motor before starting it?
  55. Heads freshened up and flowed today...BIG THANKS TO JPR!!!
  56. Excessive Crank Case Pressure - Need some Help
  57. redline water wetter
  58. Help! Piece of Lokar Oil dipstick broke off in block, how to get it out??
  59. Adv. duration??
  60. Heads/Cam break in period... (what oil to use Dino or Synth? and weight)
  61. 6.0 Crankshaft Help Please
  62. TR230 cam sheet?
  63. I use Redline 10w40, any reason to switch?
  64. Radiator backflush question....
  65. MTI B1 cam?
  66. Rebuild / Engine Swap ??'s
  67. Spark Plug Reccomendation
  68. What cam is right for me
  69. how do i clean motor out after cracking heads?
  70. what are these heads worth?
  71. I can't seem to find what I need to keep cylinder compressed
  72. Analyze my spark plugs and tell me what is going on....
  73. cam swap
  74. LS1 block ... 2 bolt main or 6 bolt main?????
  75. TR224 OR C2?
  76. LS6 Cam WOT Impressions
  77. does anyone have a 227 w/ a 113lsa??
  78. Need help, SS won't stay running
  79. Lobe seperation 112+ 2
  80. It's a done deal now.....
  81. Will this net me what I want?
  82. New Cam for AAP 388 all bore - 243/250 .610/.612 114 lsa
  83. Cartek X package?
  84. Heads/Cam experts, spend my money!
  85. what piston rings are you guys using?
  86. TR224 - 112 or 114 LSA?
  87. Any difference between 2001 and 2002 LS6 springs?
  88. Can I mix 5W-30 with 10W-30 ?
  89. oil pressure problem
  90. Is it okay to REMOVE head bolts with air tools?
  91. Has anyone heard about the new intake manifolds from Vararam and Cartek? +50HP ???
  93. All things being equal is there a difference in idle from .56x lift to 58x lift?
  94. will 2.02/1.575's fit in stock LS1 valve seat's?
  95. Please tell me how to identify ls6 heads from ls1 heads. (by looking at a set)
  96. *** Question: Need help!!!!
  97. How do I get the crank gear off?
  98. Wierd PCM issue, looking for info
  99. LS6 Cam Initial Impressions
  100. pushrod length
  101. eric here is the link i told u about
  102. Comp 947 springs...
  103. 6.0 block
  104. Help- Finally took apart blown LS1/noticed Piston is very tight on wrist pin......?
  105. Support bits for a GrandAM Cam
  106. Took my Car for a long ride with TR 224/112 cam...
  107. T1 Question.
  108. valve seals
  109. any problems running LS6 springs, stock cam?
  110. Help me chose please. H/C setup
  111. How long have your 918's Lasted
  112. Low Coolant Sensor
  113. How much can you bore an ls1?
  114. Age old debate: Hotcam v others...
  115. what size spring shims with hotcam kit?
  116. Some New Comp Cam Grinds
  117. completly stock except cam?
  118. Looking for TR230 cam or similiar
  119. What are some of the largest cams in, and highest HP 422s you have seen/ heard about?
  120. Rear main seal
  121. has anyone ever heard of street arsenal
  122. How long does it take to get a custom ground cam from Compcams?
  123. Start cam install in the morning, damn I'm nervous
  124. Anyone using the Rev dual valvesprings for stock valve pockets?
  125. new cam info....
  126. 500 RWHP - LS6 or LS1
  127. Need Help ASAP!!!! Antifreeze leaking from back of block??!!??!?
  128. New LS1/LS6 Book
  129. Anyone know where I can find...
  130. WTF is this vibration
  131. need advice on a good cam
  132. polishing out CNC gouges/cuts?
  133. LS1 style heads on old motor
  134. G5x2 cam----> any valve train noise?
  135. Please evaluate suggested cam....
  136. Update with my car
  137. Absolute Heads and Cam installed
  138. Rocker Arm Questions
  139. Want to change my CAM again, NEED YOU HELP.
  140. LS-6 heads on a 5.3L (combustion chamber sizes)
  141. TR 230, do anything with plugs?
  142. Do titanium retainers "wear out"?
  143. 408 combo/hp/heads
  144. 425/411tq stock heads/G5X-2 cam
  145. Top End Off, need help diagnosing issue
  146. P/V clearance opinions
  147. Block is being done. Expirenced engine builders w/in
  148. Where did you buy your Hot Cam from?
  149. Car's coming out of storage...
  150. Identify LS6
  151. Valvetrain noise after pushrods replaced
  152. Valvetrain noise after pushrods replaced
  153. Update on my situation... still problems
  154. Legal Cams in California
  155. pre-load on hyd. lifters
  156. Replace valvesprings before roadtrip?
  157. 226/575/114 IN AN A4 WITH 3.23S?
  158. for you guys with H/C need advise
  159. What do you think about this cam???
  160. ASA CAM
  161. LS6 Block, anyone have a part number
  162. Anyone have a HOTCAM sound clip?
  163. Are these 2003 CNC ported LS6 heads worth this deal?
  164. Thinking of moving to a bigger cam....
  165. New short block break in?
  166. How hard to install double springs on stock heads?
  167. Goin' for a cam!! (and other goodies) .. Is this too much?
  168. Ported LS6 Heads and TR224 dyno #'s
  169. Are LS6 heads really like a stage I or II LS1 head?
  170. 228/228 .588/.588 112 Cams Power Range and Shift Point?
  171. Cam Q for 500rwhp motor
  172. exchange heads in car?
  173. Picked up the car from Speed Inc today...
  174. Any Dyno Predictions?
  175. Cam Question!
  176. Check out what I bought instead of....
  177. New Dyno #'s.... heads, C1, cutout
  178. pushrod lenght,, whats the deal
  179. Lingenfelter GT1 cam....
  181. Andy's Auto Performance 388 (pictures)
  182. My Camaros S2 Heads and experimental "cam only" dyno report.
  183. oil and buildup on spark plugs
  184. stroker ?
  185. 6.0 L Combos?
  186. Knocking
  187. Who says a big cam cant pass emissions!! (Thanks ARE!!)
  188. cam is in!!!.....
  189. Question on LS 6 block in F-Body
  190. G5X-2 Results for an A4
  191. Post real gains from heads/cam swaps!
  192. What Parts are needed 4 Head install?
  193. Best cam for blown 382?
  194. Build up on valves, disassembled top end...also new cam?
  195. Looking for Help
  196. Hotcam powerband questions
  197. Need some HELP please...Car idleing weird
  198. !!!!! PATMAN!!!!!!! Kendall Oil!!!!
  199. Jackson Auto
  200. high mile motors???
  201. What is the most power possible out of a 346 Hyd. cammed engine?
  202. Installing cam in 2000 Z-28
  204. Max valve lift possible without machining in LS1
  205. Spring Heat Cycle Question
  207. Does a cam need to be broken in?
  208. Anyone deal with Norris Motorsports in Orlando?
  209. Dyno results from my first cam install.. TR220
  210. comp cams rocker arms on HP Tv
  211. Which ram air kit for my 3.8 camaro?
  212. LS1 head porting suggestions
  213. LS1 head porting suggestions
  214. TR224 installed, Questions!!
  215. Spring installed height HELP?
  216. GTP S2 & TR224 dyno results
  217. What Cam for my A4
  218. starting a buildup
  219. Lets talk head flow
  220. Futral Motorsports Cam ?
  221. Crane Cams/Lifters
  222. About the Knock Sensors
  223. How do you tell bad springs?
  224. springs..
  225. Thumbs up to MTI!
  226. Paging all members who live in Pearland or surrounding areas
  227. 99 TA...getting 5.3L heads..what gaskets?
  228. TR220 or TR224 @114?
  229. Anyone running High Boost #'s on an LS1?
  230. TR 230 untuned
  231. 6.0 Truck heads... how much better than stock LS-1's?
  232. Oil additives-yay or nay
  233. HOT cam sound clips
  234. Engine noise, compression test and HELP!
  235. speedtek F1 cam
  236. LS1 to LS6 PCV system conversion howto inside
  237. Hot Cam user inside please
  238. Installing 918 Springs, Installed height is wrong, where to get .015 shims?
  239. Cold knock
  240. Oil Pumps for Big bore engines
  241. Dirty cam - heads up
  242. LT1 Head Swap instructions needed!
  243. New timing chain question
  244. Spring, Retainer & keeper recommendation
  245. Oversized valve springs / retainers from MTI????
  246. Pushrod Weight Info...
  247. Did my first cam install Sunday!
  248. Yella Terra Rocker Arms - anyone have experience with these?
  249. LS1 Hot Cam??
  250. Thinking about doing a cam