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  1. Knock Knock, Who's there?
  2. Care to suggest a cam for an LS6?
  3. Question about Comp XE 224 114cam
  4. High flowing heads and LS6 intake?
  5. Heads/Cam Install Results
  6. C1 specs
  7. Why aren't more of us running huge duration cams and advancing the piss out of it?
  8. Percentage loss threw a 12-bolt ???
  9. Where can i find the best...
  10. ASA hot cam stock heads M6 anybody?
  11. Need 2002 Z06 Intake and Exhaust valve part #'s please.
  12. need your opinion on a good oil pump
  13. MTI R1 cam in 346 ci??
  14. Has anyone shimmed their own oil pump?
  15. Cam reco's for GTP Stg 2's
  16. G5X2 w/ 382 Stroker?
  17. Stock flow numbers inside - LS1, 5.3l, 6.0l, and LS6
  18. Are any of you guys out there using the CNC ported LS-6 heads? Milled .055
  19. Wanting to build budget motor
  20. Darton Pix
  21. Comp Cams 930 Springs
  22. whats wrong with rpm?
  23. Chapter 2/LS1Tech Project/ Supercharged Formula
  24. Is this to much??? (cam)
  25. 5.3L vs. 5.7L Heads
  26. 5.3 Heads Question
  27. low coolant light, plenty of coolant (on dipstick)
  28. engine problems rod bearings
  29. C1 cam
  30. 112 LSA in A4 with dyno numbers
  31. Please help me choose a cam
  32. **Analyze 6.0L home ported flow numbers vs. CNC flow numbers**
  33. What is involved to upgrade to a larger rotating assembly
  34. .055 milled heads and .550 lift cam - anyone?
  35. Oil pressure prob fixed!!
  36. Is this cam too big?
  37. Head Porting Questions...
  38. Piston to Valve Clearance Experts Inside...
  39. Heads gaskets to use with 5.3 heads..
  40. engine size calculation again
  41. Any decent shops in Maryland to rebuild shortblock?
  42. Need help! I am overheating ...
  43. G5X2 cam with 5.3 heads? Will it fit?
  44. shops
  45. Broke JWIS Timing Chain
  46. 5.3 heads
  47. NE1 familiar with this cam?
  48. Question for you Head Experts
  49. ARP rod bolt torque specs?
  50. What should a GREAT LS6 S2 head flow?
  51. How much advance is usually ground into COMP CAMS?
  52. For all who have cam questions.
  53. ls6 heads on an ls1?
  54. Cam Experts Please ,,, Question about Idle?
  55. gm hot cam?
  56. Who stocks Cometic gaskets?
  57. Piston Slap Lemon Law
  58. Car Math - Good stuff
  59. Anyone used 4.125" Crank?
  60. thick gasket for .055 milled heads
  61. Do You Flow Heads With Rocker Stud In Or Out ??
  62. Looking for best Head/Cam package..
  63. Camming a C5
  64. Anyone have GTP heads flow #s?
  65. best cam for stock motor
  66. help!! a4 cam questions... read ALL the posts....
  67. Anyone in Illinois running Lou's (g5x2 ) cam?
  68. replacing pushrods and cam
  69. GIVE ME YOUR #'S
  70. Shift points and rev limiter ? on an a4
  71. Thunder Racing H/C customers
  72. Anybody seen this????
  73. LS1 compessed Head gasket???
  74. Anyone know how much advance is in the HOT/ASA cams?
  75. pistons slapping valves around
  76. A4 Comp Cam with dyno numbers
  77. Rod Side, Rod Bearing, and Main Clearance
  78. Best valve angle's to cut?
  79. Trading compression for CFM
  80. I purchased TSP228/224 .571/.568 112LSA +2
  81. Stage 1 Z06 heads.... opinions....
  82. Block weight comparison?
  83. Is 420 rwhp to high
  84. help!!
  85. Engine swap
  86. anyone ever changed rod and main berings?
  88. how to know how much is milled off head?
  89. do i need to clearance rockers ??
  90. lifters on cam install
  91. oil pump/pressure question - a little long
  92. G5X2 dyno results and thumbs p to LG
  93. 1.85 SLP rocker arms
  94. Help with my TR 230/ TEA 5.3 combo
  95. Oil coming out of intake
  96. TR230/224 110 LSA in A4 car Impossible?
  97. X1 cam and ls6 intake ?
  98. I need some help please
  99. Help with this cam
  100. Removing Knock Sensors - How to
  101. 5.3 liter gmc cam change
  102. adjusting LS1 rockers
  103. porting tips for LS1 heads
  104. About to get and cam and just need some help
  105. Effect on different LSA and ADV. ground into the cam?
  106. H/C install coolant leak - HELP!!!
  107. Anyone ever flow an LS6 intake vs. the 6.0L truck intake?
  108. Cam advance/retard setting - Any ideas?
  109. What head work\which cam????
  110. to anyone using a 112Lsa on a A4
  111. Head gasket question??? Please help
  112. LS6 Heads, ported ,shaved, no P/V clearence
  113. THE cam has arrived, M2 the most powerful LS1 camshaft on the market
  114. Stock 99 SS, Z06 Cam Swap Dyno Results, 23 rwhp
  115. valve train noise
  116. G5 cam???.....
  117. what are the best springs, hands down?
  118. For those who think they have blowby > Easy no-tools Check >
  119. 222/224 566/568 lift 112LSA
  120. My Camaro's S1 TR224 cam dyno numbers
  121. I now know what it sounds like when pistons hit valves.
  122. I need some quick cam help....
  123. 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 Head Casting Numbers
  124. Gains?
  125. CR on 5.3 heads
  126. Head Porting Tutorial
  127. Time to change my C1 cam??
  128. double chain
  129. New cam and lifters installed, now it sounds like a diesel!!!!!!!
  130. ARP crank bolt for the LS1:
  131. H/C installed Flow and Dyno inside!
  132. What Heads & Cam best for my 422 shortblock ??
  133. MTI vs. TR for spring durability?
  134. Down to the wire:
  135. Help me read my campro print out.
  136. GrandAM cam and support bits
  137. After cam install. What's the "proper way to recharge AC system?
  138. dual spring dampeners neccesary?
  139. Early shifting problem, possibly cam related? Please Help.
  140. Intake manifold idea....
  141. LS6 cam/springs question
  142. grand am cam
  143. AC Not working. May need new compressor.
  144. Would a C1 cam be OK for Blower use?
  145. ARP Head studs.What lube for threads
  146. 5.3 heads??
  147. Advertised duration vs. duration at .006?
  148. FELTON316-Oil pressure
  149. Why is the PCV valve grounded?
  150. Anyone know the Comp Cam 228 XE-R?
  151. Should I trade my TR224 114 cam for a TR224 112 LSA? Anyone else want to trade?
  152. LG G5X2 GAINS?
  153. Poor idle with TR220 > Anyone use Thunder's mail order tuning?
  154. I NEED HELP!!!
  155. 5.3L Heads
  156. High Idle and Oil Consumption Issues
  157. HPPIII???
  158. Contimplating bigger cam??? like advice
  159. INSTALLED G5X-2 ....OMG!!!
  160. how many have done the 02 Zo-6 cam
  161. Need suggestions on what head/cam package to go with.
  162. C5R Block
  163. 222/226 .566/.569 112 ??
  164. Help me pick a cam!!
  165. Total engine airflow users dyno results...
  166. hemi heads on LS1?
  167. Aftermarket Heads for LS1
  168. Help with ticking noise.
  169. What do you guys think about this cam?
  170. pcv ?'s
  171. need some serious help...
  172. Heads/Cam Combo
  173. head flow and cam duration disscusion
  174. 5.3L or 5.7L stgII heads....which would be better?
  175. Bore or Stroked which works better with nitrous?
  176. Titanium retainers Vs. weight of double springs
  177. Decisions ...I need some help
  178. Comp Cams LS1/LS6 Shaft Rocker System ??
  179. what to expect?
  180. Absolute Heads & Cam here tomorrow!
  181. Are new valve cover gaskets necessary?
  182. Cam ?'s
  183. 5.3 Cam????
  184. what size drill bit to use on my TB to make a 5.3 idle
  185. ? about heads/cam
  186. does anyone have problems w/ their engine w/ a 224 cam?
  187. HELP bought used cam and cant find correct part #, hotcams owners come in
  188. What do you guys think of AP-Engineering 383 Shortblock?
  189. Loss of HP
  190. Stripped oil pan bolt? quick fix?
  191. 6.0L heads with 5.7L gaskets
  192. What do I need to put 5.3L heads on my 98?
  193. 224/228 .581 .588 inputs?
  194. Roller Rocker upgrade question
  195. piston dia. measure
  196. Which CaM??????
  197. 6.0 Liter truck heads
  198. sorry, another cam question.
  199. ls6 Intake swap -- oily mess (pics)
  200. hydraulic vs roller setups?
  201. jesel street/strip roller rockers
  202. Dyno tuning results and major props in here...
  203. Bushed Lifter Bores
  204. A4 Cam Question.... Help
  205. 6.0 head gasket PN for the GM MLS gaskets?
  207. cam in and now the valve train is loud as hell
  208. max 99' block bore
  209. Got my dyno numbers
  210. Anyone try coating their valvesprings?
  211. Question about Comp Cam 224/224 .581/.581 112 LSA?
  212. What cam to buy??
  213. G5X2 with stock manifolds
  214. What are the advantages of...
  215. G5X1 or G5X2 in an a4 car
  216. What is cost of getting a block bore'd?
  217. Do you know A.R.E. stage 2 flow #"s ... ??
  218. I need help with a timing gear(s?) quick
  219. ARP head stud users inside...
  220. Can anybody tell me what compression this setup would give me
  221. help with cam swap
  222. What would you do?
  223. Is it possible to Over-Cam an LS-1??
  224. Dyno Guesses w/C1 Cam?
  225. Trading Duration For Lift ?
  226. Head Swap Question
  227. Parts needed
  228. porting oil pump?
  229. Cam and lifter surfaces disintegrated
  230. G5X2 stuff + Quench height?
  231. Paging LoNSlo or anyone who knows him...
  232. Max flow numbers ?
  233. What Cam should i get?
  234. 5.3 casting number?
  235. cam suggestions??
  236. fitting grand am cam into aussie ls1
  237. Do I have a blown head hasket?
  238. Aftermarket or stock pushrods?
  239. MTI T1 Users Please Come Inside!
  240. head flow
  241. Cam only going with ported heads ?'s
  242. If you've broken a rod bolt ever, come on in....
  243. Difference betweeen these 2 cams
  244. need help ASAP
  245. is it time for bigger injectors?
  246. what sort of power to expect expect from MTI B1 cam?
  247. Build Me an Engine!!
  248. I can't believe it lg 's stick is bigger than mine
  249. stupid question: What causes a dyno graph to have a spike?
  250. Mike Norris building my 382 Stroker...what to expect?