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  1. Build Me an Engine!!
  2. I can't believe it lg 's stick is bigger than mine
  3. stupid question: What causes a dyno graph to have a spike?
  4. Mike Norris building my 382 Stroker...what to expect?
  5. FI cam gains without FI?
  6. What will be my rwhp be with a comp cam 224/224 .581/.581 112 LSA?
  7. Need help Finding tools for Heads and Cam swap.
  8. Started new motor. heard loud noise
  9. LS6 cam question
  10. cam only progress
  11. Glenn's G5X-2 Heads/Cam Dyno
  12. Total cost of a H/C setup?
  13. not sure if this goes here...
  14. Best shop for engine work in WI
  15. G5X1 stock heads - NEW numbers
  16. LS6 Head Porting & RWHP help...
  17. 1.8 Roller Rocker Questions
  18. Rapid Motorsports Stage 2 Heads and Cam
  19. Will switching to the ASA Hotcam give me 20 more ponies over my current set-up?
  20. Need help with valvetrain choice!
  21. Cam and header install. How Long?
  22. Anyone use MMS stage II heads
  23. Who has the best heads hands down?
  24. Who has the best heads hands down?
  25. Now that the secret is out.......
  26. What is the stock cam spec's for a 98 Z28?
  27. Will these springs fit the LS1 head?
  28. best cam slection
  29. What can I expect from this cam ...
  30. How do you break in a cam on a LS1?
  31. What stock cam spec's for a 01 SS?
  32. Trying to pick next mod help me out
  33. Found my oil leak...
  34. 1.8 Rockers installed (Dyno results)
  35. C5R heads questions
  36. Which heads to go with?
  37. A new LQ4 block
  38. TR reverse split
  39. S1 Heads, who can make the most power and quickest car with the following:
  40. .650+ solid rollers.... low oil pressure
  41. G5X-2 cam being installed
  42. need to know ASAP couple oil questions.
  43. Thanks, MTI (Jayson)!
  44. need advice on cam w/ 5.3 truck heads!!
  45. How to change valve springs leaving the heads on?
  46. Explain to me the process of "filling an engine with hard block".
  47. Help me pick a Cam for my forged block build....
  48. Valve spring recommendation needed
  49. G5X2
  50. Question on GTP Stage 2 heads and 218/224 cam
  51. Attention: making a public apology to Agostino Racing Engines
  52. Everyone inside please
  53. MILD Cam help, tuning, HP, KR, Xtrooper, etc.
  54. I'm the newest member of the Boom Bitch Club. HELP!
  55. TR 230/224 vs TR 227/224 cam questions
  56. Yella Terra Rockers, worth any HP?
  57. Comp Cam - 918 spring breakage....
  58. Ordered cam today 224/222 .568 .566 112 +4
  59. can i hit my goal w/ this cam
  60. LS1 block casting #?
  61. cam selection - passing smell test NY
  62. heads - stage 1 vs stage 2
  63. 02 LS6 cam
  64. Someone explain to me the theory behind Reverse Split cams?
  65. New member Question? Stock ls1 Motor Rebuild
  66. Stock vs Titanium Retainer Weight Info..
  67. New to the realm and need some advice
  68. Schubeck Lifters-anyone using them?
  69. what kind of cam!
  70. Question about stock heads
  71. Pulling heads, then leaving them off for a month
  72. Raging Motorsports News! Must read!
  73. cam
  74. Lunati 382 kit, who has the best price?
  75. ReSleeved Block Question
  76. To people curious about part specifications - cams, cranks, blocks, etc.
  77. I want the tr 230 cam ,but have ?
  78. Question......
  79. hEAD INSTALL ......
  80. gaskets for cam swap
  81. Question about C2 hammer Cam
  82. boring 5.3 block
  83. Is My Alternator Going Out?
  84. Oil Temps???
  85. How to tell a Z06 block from regular ls1 block?
  86. Car in for Cam and Macs what est.HP
  87. Car in for Cam and Macs what est.HP
  88. how do you pronouce cam specifications
  89. Solid Roller guru's inside please
  90. Cam and Head ?
  91. LGM G5x-2 Cam Only Dyno Graph within
  92. LGM G5x-2 Cam Only Dyno Graph within
  93. How much to have heads machines to fit 987s?
  94. Titanium retainer question
  95. Got the car dynoed today :(
  96. what is the best sounding (loping) and best hp cam?
  97. What's harder, cam swap or header install?
  98. ASA Cam?
  99. In middle of race car gave up...please read...
  100. Any A4s making 400rwhp ( 346CID NA ) ?
  101. shift points?
  102. Cam install
  103. new timing chain with new cam?
  104. What do you think of this cam...
  105. A word about Norris Motorsports,
  106. Checking on Thunder's 346ci Solid Roller...
  107. A word about Norris Motorsports,
  108. East Side Packages tested and ready for sale
  109. rocker arm deflection
  110. Junk Yard Dog 346ci motor completed!!
  111. Need suggestions on what cam to replace T1
  112. Who makes the best Stroker motors
  113. 160 t- stat
  114. Stock rocker arms and lifters question
  115. Jesel Adjustable rockers question -- I see MTI sells them
  116. Cylinder Head Porting...
  117. dyno tune Monday night at Cartek
  118. Heads/Cam Install Price
  119. How Much To Mill Heads
  120. what cam + 150 shot on stock bottom end...
  121. Who was making those LS6 Heads that flowed 300+ @ 570ish lift?
  122. What lift #'s with a 228/228 on a 112?
  123. ITS ALIVE-Initial Dyno Results on my new MTI 427 Z07 Ironblock Inside!
  124. When did 6.0L heads go aluminum
  125. Oil question for Patman or other oil gurus
  126. Possible power loss from...?
  127. Lifters are shot, which lifters for replacement?
  128. H/C for ATI blown C5
  129. Crank bolt during cam swap.......
  130. $3,000 for cam install ?!!!? WTF!!!!! Archer racing gone mad??
  131. Any other SECRET cams out there?
  132. stock heads with 224 561 112lsa ????
  133. Stock Rocker Arm Ratio?
  134. Do I have everything I need to install this cam?
  135. identifying LS6 blocks?
  136. Buying a CAM, does COMPANY matter?
  137. Used cams.....
  138. I wish people would keep their mouths shut :(..........
  139. are the 987 &978 better than the 918's??
  140. DIY head porting?
  141. If you have low oil pressure after cam install, heres info for you.
  142. opinions on these flow numbers...
  143. Question about Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 heads
  144. MTIs New Website!
  145. Biggest cam with LEAST amount of lope... Heres why I need it.
  146. 224/224 .581 114 LSA can it be used with stock heads and 918s??
  147. think my oil pump may be going?
  148. Why no hyd. cams over 230 duration?
  149. Wet flow bench
  150. Need Opinions on this Cam
  151. T-1 to a C-1
  152. LS1 cam swap on engine with 65000 miles? bearing safe?
  153. Changing Pistons
  154. pcv ?'s
  155. Any FLP Header Gains Changing Y and Collector?
  156. any drawbacks to retaining stock lifters..?
  157. XER 224/228 .581/.588 112+2
  158. what exactly is lope? any sound clips?
  159. Little worried about cam choice TR 224
  160. What kind of power from this cam??
  161. Quick i could buy a cam cheap but need to know if it is good
  162. New style cam in old style block
  163. Help Please
  164. Should I be concerned with my oil pressure?
  165. Oil gauge question, stock to mechanical
  166. Do Cartek heads perform?
  167. opinions on the .581/581 .224/.224 112lsa cam
  168. cam/heads dyno #'s with cutout open and closed?
  169. Automatic Vs. 6-speed
  170. How much can I mill stock heads with an X1 cam?
  171. (Pics inside) need an expert opinion on what I thought to be a spun bearing
  172. Question for ALL aftermarket cam guys > slight "rattling" at 2000 rpm
  173. Cracked Sleeves in cylinder, now what?
  174. Benifits of honing
  175. Milled Heads How Much Compression
  176. inch-pound and Foot pounds
  177. Best timing chain?
  178. Will 918 springs hold this cam?
  179. whats the max rev limit to set a stock ls1 at?
  180. TR 224 / 227
  181. 230/591/111 - 7.40 or 7.35 PR?
  182. Stock LS1/ LS6 deck height ?
  183. Anyone familiar with HESCO in Birmingham, AL?
  184. G5X-2 cam with stock LS1 heads...dyno results within!!!
  185. Crank pulley removal tip
  186. what to do about heads....?? have the HotCam
  187. Does my engine build plans sound good for 400+rwhp?
  188. Quick cam Q....please
  189. Valve Spring question
  190. Head options, need input.
  191. Dyno results with SLP 1.85 rockers
  192. What Cam Shaft should i get?
  193. How many hours labor for cam swap on 5.3 truck?
  194. how much will a cam help et
  195. 275RWHP @ 4000 rpms, then shut down...
  196. B1 cam (only) my TORQUE low?
  197. 422 dyno results within
  198. Cam Difference
  199. Cam question
  200. MMS 388 Dyno Results
  201. LS1 to LS6 Z06 Swap
  202. Failed emissions What now?
  203. Thinking about a cam which one?? your opinoins please!!!!!!!
  204. F**K! Broke an oil pan bolt
  205. 02 Z0-6 cam -- SLP 1.85 rockers??
  206. broken valve cover bolt...
  207. ARP High Performance vs. Pro Series Rod Bolts
  208. I just got a cam, springs, and retainers for $250
  209. Possible colapsed lifter.....
  210. Analyze these flow numbers...
  211. A/C disconnect during cam install?
  212. Opinions needed - comparison between 10-bolt, 12-bolt, and 9" on the dyno
  213. When after 99 did the valve covers change?
  214. APE S2 dyno #'s
  215. What is the most reliable sleeve setup now?
  216. What RWHP for a f-body to hit 140 trap speed
  217. Used Cam
  218. LS6 stock springs OK with new TR cam?
  219. cam opinion please
  220. I need your opinion's
  221. How do I take my motor out?
  222. Comp vs Crane Lifters
  223. C5R Twin Turbo info
  224. Best Cam For Stock Exhaust Manifolds and Cats
  225. Service Engine Soon
  226. Very impressed with LGM
  228. Cam/spring ?
  229. Where should I set my rev limiter at?
  230. What cam to get? I have aTR224 want bigger
  231. cam intake ceterline ?
  232. installation instructions h/c
  233. What gains to expect from MTI T1 Cam?
  234. Retainer weight, Titanium vs. Steel for 918 springs?
  235. GM documentation on new engine sizes (6.4L), and also including new v12....
  237. Why am i not making THAT much hp??
  238. Need sound clips on a 224/224 .581/.581 112.
  239. What heads should I get to go with my TR224 cam? Or
  241. Biggest cam I can fit Possible?
  242. Which heads? 5.3 or 5.7
  243. Power loss...please help!!
  244. Started for the first time with new cam.
  245. Anybody have the absolute speed S2 LS1 heads?
  246. Big Block Questions
  247. Motor in car ARP Rod bolt swap......
  248. What kind of compression?
  249. Too much cam?
  250. JPR scores again!!!!