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  1. Anyone have experience with dropped sleeves?
  2. Benefit of Jesel 1.7 shaft mounted rocker arms?
  3. Finally Running Again!!
  4. Smog legal heads and cam?
  5. Project Hugger Dyno Results w/ dyno sheet
  6. My Dyno Sheet....
  7. what heads for a 224/581 cam??
  8. Am I maxed out with stock heads?
  9. Cam. question 224/581
  10. Cam. question 224/581
  11. Any difference between 98-02 LS1 heads?
  12. Head and Cam Combo
  13. Oil pans.
  14. Any difference in 01 and 02 LS6 heads?
  15. Cranks: Billet vs. Forged?
  16. Coolant seeping out of the oil pan gasket area
  17. Offset ground stock crank + stock cubes. What CI and how much extra power?
  18. Hey 463rwhp LG naysayers I challenge you!!!
  19. ** question regarding cam install **
  20. checking the cc's?
  21. Where can I find the part # for the side main bolts.
  22. TR224 Vs. TR224/227 Vs. Futral F4 226(ALL 114)
  23. Need help with Cold Aluminum weld that can be Polished..?
  24. combination motorsports???
  25. Timing Advance ???
  26. Pistons for lower CR 4.125 bore and LQ9 heads??
  27. 7000 rpm
  28. what now?! lol damn my car is weird
  29. Cam Question
  30. Cam Question
  31. Head Swap ?'s
  32. Injector Question ?
  33. Injector Question ?
  34. KR problem solved...
  35. 408 Is In!!!!
  36. Building a 375" Ls1 What's involved??
  37. MTI X1 cam installed with stock LS6 heads
  38. Heads/Cam and never broke anything POLL
  39. Coating the pistons?
  40. noise coming from intake
  41. a few basic question on Larger Engines
  42. Lingenfelter Head/Cam Question
  44. 382 All bore vs 346 H/C: HP & TQ differences?
  45. MTI is selling sleeved blocks for $1995.00
  46. Comparing LS1 and LS6 heads and Cam for Power
  47. Check out my dyno sheet
  48. Question on average H/C install Prices?
  49. How can I tell if I have valve float???
  50. Big numbers on SDPC ported heads
  51. ARP rod bolts
  52. Anyone in Inland Empire (So.Cal.)
  53. Help me out here....
  54. N20 CAM - Who makes a 230/236 for n20?
  55. i need a better understanding of how ....... (long)
  56. Why engine oil cause noise
  57. Head Casting Differences??
  58. LS6 heads /cam/ intake worth it?
  59. Coated pistons Vs uncoated pistons...... step inside
  60. OK...I'm a Dummy!
  61. HELP! Which cam to use
  62. Cam for a o2 a4 that cam be tuned with diablo
  63. what bearings do you guys use? which double roller timing chain?
  64. A few cam swap questions??
  65. Where do I find a GReddy oil catch can?
  66. cam with little valve train noise (sewing machine)?
  67. LS6 Head milling question
  68. The Final Combination; 414" Solid Roller
  69. Who sells valve cover spacers and what is included?
  70. Another 460+ RWHP G5X-2 Heads/Cam Car in the making
  71. Stage II heads VS. Stage I heads track results within. What’s wrong?
  72. max compression on a street car
  73. new products and delelopment from absolute speed
  74. is this cam a good choice
  75. Stock ls1 cam?
  76. TEA vs GTP
  77. What oil pressure does your ARE motor read
  78. Teardown report on my old 422ci ironblock
  79. Help > Do I need a new oil pump gasket ?
  80. Decisions, Decisions, HELP me out!
  81. Anyone have any experence with the Rev 1116 valve springs?
  82. heads what's best to do to them?
  83. Valve float....
  84. Damn GM valve springs
  85. HELP!! Car won't start...
  86. 370 CI Questions-Help me out please!!
  87. Has anyone noticed that there is no gasket or anything where oil pump meets block
  88. How far does the piston protrude from the bore?
  89. How would this cam perform vs. the S1 in a 422?
  91. Paging JasonT/A or 2TR227/224 owners
  92. Best cam for unported heads and stock manifolds or macs?
  94. What is the Ultimate 346 c.i. N/A here ??
  95. injector sizing???
  96. Oil pump drive???
  97. Oil Pressure Survey...
  98. 98 LS1 crank, rods and pistons in a 02 LS1/6 block?
  99. All of a sudden... Eating oil & smoking! HELP!
  100. Why port factory heads?
  101. Trying to pick a Cam for a A4
  102. Question about a cam
  103. Is there a stroker kit available for the 6.0?
  104. 4.8/5.3l head valve sizes?
  105. 4.8/5.3l head valve sizes?
  106. LS6 0r stage 2 ls1
  107. Big cam w/o a big stall?
  108. Cam for supercharger application
  109. Rocker Arm what is the best??
  110. What "could" happen if you use 6 quarts of oil?
  111. How much can I mill a 5.7?
  112. list high hp 100% emissions legal combos!!
  113. engine problem.....!
  114. thunder cam ?
  115. ASE heads
  116. TEA S1.5 5.3's pick up 25.1 rwhp
  117. Highest rpm that a Hydraulic cam car has ever seen
  118. ATTENTION: Chevy 6.1 and 6.125 Rod Users
  119. question about 5.3 heads
  120. What's a better head? 00 Vette head "853" casting or 01 SS head "241" casting?
  121. rpm range
  122. Honing question
  123. Can I use synthetic oil?
  124. Daily Driver Set-up Help???
  125. Oil in the Tunnel
  126. Damnit :(
  127. webpage H/C install please
  129. stock springs o2
  130. Good Plan?
  131. 4.125 Bore 4.250 Stroke = 454 LS1
  132. will 2002 head gaskets work on 1998 camaro?
  133. will 2002 head gaskets work on 1998 camaro?
  134. The perfect street/strip cam on stock heads.....
  135. How about this cam?
  136. Installation Info
  137. ok, getting new oil pump and chain.. which??
  138. which cam is best for me
  139. INSTALLING crank pulley
  140. B1 vs Hot Cam
  141. What cam for a 382???
  142. Which lifters should I use?
  143. need part #'s.....
  144. Lingenfelter GT1 cam swap
  145. Comp 987's vs 978's
  146. Installing Rocker Arms
  147. If standing in front of car which way does crankshaft rodate. Clockwise or counterclo
  148. WTF car still won't idle! EXPERTS?
  149. Ordered my stage II TEA 5.3's today!! power predictions??
  150. Why 6k for LS1 and 6500 rpm for LS6
  151. 02 zo6 valve springs work/ TR220 cam
  152. Head work?
  153. Help with advancing cam
  154. Crane 1.8 roller rocker
  155. Anyone try a TR227/224 cam with a 111 LSA?
  156. Specification
  157. Heads need to be reworked
  158. What Timing set to use???
  159. I start cam project next week.. do I need a new chain and Oil pump??
  161. PN for the GM tri-metal gaskets??
  162. How would this cam do?
  163. Will this cam work with FI - 224/224 .535/.535 114?
  164. Post Pics of Ported & Polished Heads Please
  165. Internals
  166. i need a custom grind cam for my truck.....
  167. Torque Arm Gains
  168. Stock LS1 Heads, what do they Flow?
  169. cam decisions.... big low end, big high end possible?
  170. Lunati 382 Kit Issue/ATI Damper Question
  171. What Cam profile do you have.. Single or Split,
  172. anyone know the number's stamped on ls6 intake?
  173. anyone know the 02 Z06 cam specs?
  174. 0 oil pressure warranty info need imm reply
  175. X1 cam install in progress
  176. O-ringing?
  177. Is it possible to change a piston without removing the motor from the car?
  178. Switching Cams can i keep my pushrods
  179. Cam installed,but problems HELP
  180. Getting the best of both worlds out of an LS1 cam...
  181. Finally Done With Cam Install!!!!!
  182. Had to post this C5R block here
  183. What pistons for 4" stroke?
  184. Opinions needed
  185. Whats the biggest size valve for a LS1/6 style head?
  186. If I bought a cam and all the needed parts, could I install it in a weekend?
  187. Oil filter Q
  188. Intake Manifold Pressure dropping at Higher RPM..
  189. About the reverse split fad
  190. Inspecting 6 liter short block
  191. Cryo treating the crank?
  192. 6.0L n2o setup?
  193. Comp Cam Lifters
  194. Got my Absolute Speed Stage II's today
  195. Cam...Decided on my new grind!
  196. stock fuel pump question
  197. Replace Valve Guides?
  198. Will these rods work???
  199. How Much Power Increase with these Mods?
  200. 6.0 Heads Vs 5.3 Heads
  201. If my car is cold, makes some back fires !!!
  202. Anyone here of Ferrera Valves and Springs?? I need some help
  203. Open/closed pressure of 987's vs 918's
  204. spinning a ls1 to 7500 rpm....
  205. Should i switch my 99 LS1 heads for the 01 castings??
  206. TEA 1.5
  207. Low oil pressure??
  208. Advice needed please help!
  209. Building an iron block FI motor for Project Dragula
  210. Only 23 mpg with my '02 M6???
  211. does anyone know how it will sound
  212. Which head gaskets for 422 w/LS6 heads
  213. Stock Valves Vs Aftermarket
  214. Having my valve springs Cryo Treated! Opinions?
  215. Yellow liquid under oil cap??
  216. Ticking noise and a slight miss..Any ideas?
  217. Installed 224/.581 surging, and cutting off after warm up
  218. Heads cam ?????????
  219. what kind of power would I get with this setup
  220. who has REV 1116 springs on a 600+ lift cam setup without problems??
  221. HELP!! All cyl. bank 1 valves are closed at once!
  222. Anyone swap a TR224 to a X1 or F1-HP gain?
  223. Camaro won't start looking for help on problem!!
  224. Fuel Economy after Cam Swap
  225. hot cam tunning
  226. Tuning a H/C car?
  227. New cam and p to v ?'s
  228. pcv question
  229. Have I wrung all I can out of this combo?
  230. All of the stock diameter valve springs suck?
  231. Barry Grant LS1 Intake?
  232. Flow # question
  233. HP/RPM how much stock rod bolts?
  234. need cam suggestions for SDPC cnc LS6 heads
  235. Just broke a 2ND REV 1116 Valve spring, this is crap
  236. BIG cubes LS1 Guys-Do you have any knowledge of dyno increase when runing no mufflers
  237. Comp 918 VS REV dual Springs
  238. cam suggestions for SDPC CNC LS6 heads
  239. LS1 Hotcam Idle Tips
  240. aluminum conn. rods
  241. engine builders inside
  242. stock block
  243. Yella Terra Shaft Rocker's
  244. Yella Terra Shaft Rocker's
  245. rocker question
  246. Is anybody runing a 372 or 375 with.
  247. 5.3 LS1 questions.
  248. TEA Stage 1.5 heads 216/220 CC results
  249. What is the best bolts to use for my engine stand ?
  250. I need your help ...