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  1. What size pushrods do I need
  2. Oil pump pickup tube bolt
  3. custom grind + TEA stage II=
  4. Who here has run an aftermarket cam w/ the stock LS1 springs???
  5. 01 ls1 - 02 ls6 valve covers
  6. Should I get new lifters while heads are off?
  7. ok motors out
  8. Where's a good write-up on Head and Cam Install?
  9. Base circle of a comp cam?
  10. How strong are the stock Rods?
  11. timing chain
  12. Cam install - gaskets
  13. Yall gotta see this beast.........
  14. What size pushrods for TR224/224 112LSA with stock LS1 heads?
  15. Article - conical springs
  16. .583 lift with stock Z06 heads
  17. timing chain?
  18. Head Gakets motor blown
  19. Fastest way to change O - ring on oil pickup tube?
  20. Went from 3rd to 2nd....
  21. will a TR220 112lsa pass NYS emissions?
  22. should i get titanium with ASA cam?
  23. Got The Cam Now What Else?
  24. Need part numbers.....
  25. Working on drivers side head now. HHEELLPP
  26. my car NEVER sees 60 psi oil pressure...
  27. ASP pulley wont fit on new ARE 393. How much to mill off?
  28. Adjustable timing chain and ASP pullies
  29. Removing the heads today, need help
  30. CARTEK email adress??
  31. What sponsors have 10 sec, stocked cubed, H/C cars?
  32. How much is a complete LS1 shortblock with 0 miles worth?
  33. P/V clearance
  34. What cam with 02 LS6 springs.....
  35. heads/cam 400+rwhp???
  36. .043 Head Gasket Options
  37. Head Studs Installation Question?
  38. The perpetual Cam search
  39. cam numbers?
  40. Comp Cam 941 Spring Question
  41. Absolute Speed Cams? Are they good?
  42. Wiseco Stock Replacement Piston?
  43. 918's and Stock pushrods
  44. What is the part # for the coolant pipe .. ls6?
  45. TEA Stage 1.5 Heads, Have questions
  46. Need help removing dual springs ASAP!!
  47. general question
  48. Aftermarket Valve Covers needed
  49. tea heads on a zo6?
  50. Cam and Fuel Pump for a 409 Buildup?
  51. Power loss through tranny??
  52. those with wiseco pistons come in
  53. ARP rodbolts and bearings..... inside please
  54. Absolute Speed heads + 215/220 old man cam = :-) ?
  55. Hypothectical question
  56. blower cam ?
  57. 02 LS6 cam,where does it peak?
  58. B1 cam dyno results
  59. CNC LS6 heads + 216/220 cam = street monster ?
  60. Best Rev Limit for stock LS1
  61. cam install parts needed??
  62. Whats the best way to do a radiator flush?
  63. different ratio roller rockers?
  64. SLP's new oil pump?
  65. RMS Stage 2 head results
  66. compression ratio
  67. Bad gas symptoms?
  69. anyone have mad mans phone number??
  70. ls6 cam with rockers
  71. 02 ls6 cam results (long)
  72. porting LS1 heads
  73. Which piston rings?
  74. 2001-2003: Service Bulletin: Engine Knock or Lifter Noise
  75. Symptoms of a collapsed lifter
  76. 1999-2002: Service Bulletin: Higher Than Expected Oil Consumption
  77. best way to pull motor
  78. LS1 Speed Inc. 224/224 .581 cam How much power??
  79. heads/cam or supercharger
  80. 450 h/c
  81. Ordered a Comp Cam...have questions about ICL
  82. What are the specs on the Stock Cam?
  83. Differant pcv fitting on center bolt/perimeter valve covers??
  84. Great article on N/A 440 cubed LS6 making 700 crank horsepower!
  85. 7000-7500RPM
  86. h/c install myself. Anything suggestions are appreciated.
  87. Anyone running LG motorsports H/C package?
  88. B1 cam questions
  89. Can a loose rocker arm cause a misfire?
  90. PCV On Dry Sump Setup
  91. Which Heads?
  92. Some results from the Raging MS dyno lately.
  93. Oil Pressure Issues
  94. Installed ZO6 Intake manifold, now car stumbles from a stop
  95. Chapter 3/ LS1Tech Project/ Supercharged Formula
  96. Best cam for an 02 LS6 engine?
  97. 02 LS6 cam.....?
  98. Hot Rod Mag. Article - 400rwhp LS1
  99. Is PCV valve useless ?
  100. ARP head bolt kits?
  101. Need opinions on these heads and flow #s..
  102. Shaft-mount Rocker arms
  103. New to the board > Hello Everyone
  104. What is EVERYTHING needed for 02 LS6 cam swap?
  105. Necessary to replace ARP head bolts?
  106. Can someone explain this to me
  107. need opinions
  108. Want to get the best head gaskets; which ones?
  109. line boring the 6.0 ? can it be done?
  110. Appx gains from heads/cam ?
  111. crower rods
  112. Paging anyone running TEA heads
  113. offset ground crank motor build up questions....
  114. Well, I cant get 5.3 heads so 5.7 heads are it....
  115. paging RAGEman
  116. 5.3L motor into f-body... (Reckless / Noone)
  117. Crazy amounts of oil consumption; fixes?
  118. LS1/LS6 Spring Seat Explanation
  119. Fuel in oil, running very rough...Help
  120. Sheetmetal intake Qs........
  121. Best Cam for cartek ls6 stage2x heads
  122. how big is too big for a daily driver (cam)
  123. Head / Cam Question. Need Help - Tell me what you think!
  124. What size orifice for leak down test?
  125. Tried to start car today after coil relocation, loud popping noises!!
  126. Want to Change my cam
  127. Why dont larger cams pass emission tests?
  128. coolant in oil???
  129. ASA CAM!!!
  130. GMPP head gasket kits?? whats the diff in these?
  131. How come more guys aren't running LS6 heads
  132. Which Rods???
  133. a few questions about the ls6 cam, looking for UNBIASED answers
  134. GM specialty tools
  135. Oil pump question
  136. Who sells Katech oil pumps and C5-R timing sets?
  137. choices
  138. Cam for blower motor, duration, lift, want to shift around 6800rpms
  139. Chevy
  140. Losing alot of oil since Cam instal HELP!
  141. Sound clip of cam + stock exhaust?
  142. Comp Type "R" lifters
  143. What valve springs with stock cam
  144. Solid Roller for Daily Driver?
  145. Best cam for NA AND N20?
  146. After TR230 Cam install questions? And Results. Long
  147. Comp 918's or Rev dual springs?
  148. Need Help With Cam Install...
  149. Piston Question ...........
  150. What H//C Combos run over 120mph in the 1/4
  151. Dyno results with new TR220 cam..
  152. 230/236 -.592/.578 on a 112 opinions...
  153. Cam will not fit past new cam bearing in new shortblock, need tech help..
  154. Pushrod length needed
  155. ESP cars Part 2
  156. How can I support motor from above to change rod bolts?
  157. Low dyno after H/C install... Some thoughts?
  158. Ironblock for sale
  159. How can stock heads make 425 rwhp & ported only go 450 rwhp?
  160. Who designed the Piglet cam?
  161. whats my HP??? (idea before dyno)
  162. TR224 112 users and similar come inside
  163. Who does the best blocks??.I heard Katech...
  164. What is the highest RWHP NA TR 220 to date?
  165. Need Rod, Piston and bearings
  166. Anyone using "Patriot Performance" heads?
  167. most hp,nicest lope, pass smog???
  168. LS1 Oil pump gasket material
  169. What mates well with a G5X2 in an AUTO
  170. 2002 LS1 Normal Oil Consumption
  171. 5.3 heads that flow better than LS6 Stage 2 heads
  172. 5.7 heads mil .025 224/244 p/v?
  173. Help no oil pressure ...
  174. with this cam, are heads needed?
  175. Piston Slap?
  176. stage 2 ls1 heads that flow 315 int 230exh for $1500 but what cam should i use?
  177. Cams, cams, cams! Thinking about mti c1 cam (hammer?)- anyone running it?
  178. heads,cam,and bolt ons= how much hp??
  180. Eastside Performance cars?
  181. 6.0 HEADS WORTH IT?
  182. Help, found spring in oil?
  183. TSP 396 Off-Set Stroker Dyno Results! ! !
  184. Question: Can the rotating assembly be balanced....
  185. Turbo 400 behind LS1
  186. 383 stroker or allbore?
  187. Biggest cam with .055 milled heads?
  188. Some simple cam questions...
  189. Someone please tell me what u think
  190. warning to those flycutting with the isky tool
  191. 02 Silverado
  192. B1 installed, questions
  193. SLP timing chain/oil pump clearance?
  194. Who knows of a cheap valve spring pressure tester?
  195. Well guys burnt some plugs on Nitro and guess what.....
  196. I NEED A LS6!!!
  197. pace performance ls6 conversion package
  198. Can't find pen magnets, HELP!!!
  199. Are these heads too much?
  200. do I need to hone the block?
  201. Removing crank timing sprocket?!?!
  202. hot cam
  203. Does an LS6 cam require different pushrods with stock heads?
  204. long tube header problem
  205. If you had to speculate....
  206. BLOWN LS1?
  207. ARE Cast intake, pics:
  208. ARE 393 All bore is complete!!
  209. Started car with 227/227 cam tonight!
  210. tapping / ticking after broken spring
  211. How much rwhp will I gain with TR224 cam only?
  212. Valve spring life
  213. Getting rid of the EGR SES light without LS1 Edit
  214. Anybody done a leak down test on their engine?
  215. Valve Springs / Cam Install
  216. 360rwhp possible with TEA Stage 1.5 5.3L Heads/Hammer Cam?
  217. Going to mod my WS6 heres my list
  218. Converterting 422 to solid roller; what size cam?
  219. I drive 60miles a day...would it be bad to get a cam?
  220. Going to replace rings and go solid roller; what else do I need?
  221. Going to mod my WS6 heres my list
  222. Cars with aftermarket cams
  223. 5.3 Heads
  224. TR 224 on 346....what on 383???
  225. Finally Dynoed the new set up
  226. MAF drop after head swap????
  227. Parts needed for cam swap
  228. ls6 cam swap
  229. Does anyone know the stock piston weight..
  230. cam of choice for auto-trans
  231. Oil Catch Can???????
  232. GM 2002 ring and coated piston set?
  233. Another cam question
  234. ls6 cam,emission legal?
  236. return fuel line for Z28's
  237. ported LS1/LS6/6.0L heads between GTP and race-prep, who is better?
  238. Split/ Reverse- split or "standard".... have some questions
  239. Any way to prime motor and get oil pressure on fresh motor before starting it?
  240. Heads freshened up and flowed today...BIG THANKS TO JPR!!!
  241. Excessive Crank Case Pressure - Need some Help
  242. redline water wetter
  243. Help! Piece of Lokar Oil dipstick broke off in block, how to get it out??
  244. Adv. duration??
  245. Heads/Cam break in period... (what oil to use Dino or Synth? and weight)
  246. 6.0 Crankshaft Help Please
  247. TR230 cam sheet?
  248. I use Redline 10w40, any reason to switch?
  249. Radiator backflush question....
  250. MTI B1 cam?