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  1. How Much HP can MY stock motor Handle?
  3. Pen magnets not pulling out of pushrod hole?!?!
  4. F4 cam with 918's
  5. HELP. Installing hotcam's LS6 springs and shims don't fit?
  6. If you have changed out your knock sensors, inside please
  7. 6.0L heads part number?
  8. Couple of question in ONE TREAD.
  9. Plug Gap and Pinging?
  10. New Cam Bearing ??
  11. Porting an LT1 head vs. LS1 head...
  12. offset ground crank owners....
  13. Is there such a thing as a bad bore/stroke combination?
  14. Just ordered TEA Heads
  15. what cam to use????
  16. low oil pressure
  17. Spun a rod bearing and bent the crank :(
  18. a tapping sound coming from....
  19. 5.3 what does it take to make them worth while??
  20. How does Intake and Exhaust flow on heads effect...
  21. CR on a 382 Stroker.
  22. Tell me how to replace knock sensors.
  23. What gaskets should I replace?
  24. need web site with oil info
  25. shims with springs
  26. Valve noise with TR 224
  27. 1998 camaro ls1 stock cam specs?
  28. hey, what do you guys think about this? Opinions, please
  29. Can 98 blocks be resleeved as reliably as 99+ blocks?
  30. OK to dab keepers in grease during install?
  31. Low Oil Pressure after cam install
  32. Burnt piston ----- pic inside !!!!!!!!!!
  33. ASA Cam and LS6 Springs
  34. G5X-2 Cam - PTV
  35. Lets see your Absolute Speed Flow Numbers
  36. 1.8/1.85:1 Roller Rockers...Yea or Nay?
  37. home built vs. sponsor built engine ?
  38. anyone tried mti"s S1 cam grind in a lunati 383 stroker ?
  39. Biggest Cam on 346cid?
  40. What pushrods to use?
  41. just installed new cam WOW!
  42. Stock Bottom End Reliable?
  43. what else with a H/C package
  44. New h/c Dyno #'s
  45. should i get slicks and skinnies or a cam first?
  46. Head bolt broken and stuck
  47. What will this sound like (CAM)
  48. Part 2 on H/C install
  49. LS1 vs. LT1
  50. lifter differences?
  51. Cam only results 2001 A4 Vette with G5X-2
  52. using 6.0 heads on a 346 block?
  53. Rocker arm upgrade worth it??
  54. Prolly a stupid ? here but ...
  55. Clean new cam before oiling and installing?
  56. 224/224 .581/.581 112 LSA, 918 Springs _ Springs Service&Maint.
  57. Help me pick a cam
  58. Schubeck lifter users, come in please!!!!
  59. Has anyone done a back to back omparison between the 224/581 and the F1/X1 type cams?
  60. New motor break in....
  61. PCV fitting on center bolt valve covers
  62. Is it ok to use the 3M Rolock Cookies to clean the deck (block)
  63. What's the best cam
  64. Big bore, short stroke, long rod LS1
  65. ls1 timing chain noise
  66. MTI X1 Cam Impressions...
  67. need help with passenger side valve cover
  68. engine balanced... got specs
  69. Who has before/after dynos or track mphs with juts cam change?
  70. Need some help picking a bigger cam...
  71. Need help: Low oil pressure
  72. Driveability with the new LG 2x cam..
  73. I've got the broken rod blues...
  74. bolt holes behind oil pump?
  75. Boring a 5.3 to 3.905
  76. needle cam bearings???
  77. Would LG's G5x2 cam work well in an A4?
  78. What are the specs on the G5x2 cam?
  79. Attn:C5 owners-cam install ?
  80. Just received my stage II heads today...:)
  81. are dynaflo rods on ebay worth buying?
  82. Help!! Reading that MTI H/C thread, now I have a question?
  83. Need some predictions on a Cam
  84. uniform valvetrain?
  85. Ported runner size?
  86. heads and 6.0 block question
  87. TEA or Absolute Speed heads? Which ones
  88. G5X-2 Dyno Results
  89. Will the idle on an X1 be a lot harder than the TR224 112lsa?
  90. Big Cam LS6 question
  91. '02 LS1 Cam specs
  92. what engine bearings to use?
  93. Where to get 6.0 block
  94. Cam only A4's who now have heads: few ?'s
  95. Rod Bolts
  96. 388 "Big Bore" is in!!! Thank you AAP!!!
  97. LS6 and LS1 heads intake ports short side radius and floor diffeences
  98. X1 cam an milled heads. Ya thanks alot MTI
  99. Going to try another cam...
  100. Pre-2001 Rod Bolt Paranoia
  101. C5 dynoed
  102. camshaft position sensor, cylinder #2 misfire, throttle sensor bad...????
  103. Engine Builders inside???
  104. My progress On my H/C install/PREP
  105. 212/218 or 218/224 Cam Opinions?
  106. can i tell a difference in power if i ported and polished my stock heads
  107. Impressions on MTI's X1 cam...
  108. Cam swap question??
  109. Royal Purple - synthetic oil
  110. Are these LS1 heads Casting Number (806)
  111. mechanical information
  112. heads and cam help please
  113. Larger valves
  114. Slight single tick, but not a lifter
  115. Slight backfire
  116. 222/232 540/568 on a 112 Cam impressions
  117. Moser 12 Bolt fluid
  118. Looking at TEA heads got questions
  119. whats the max that can be flycut off the stock pistons?
  120. Building 346
  121. Those installing double roller timing chains with the ASP pulley:
  122. Is anyone running Yella Terra roller rockers on 97-98 perimeter bolt heads?
  123. Can someone tell me whats going on in my motor?
  124. HELP! doing cam swap can't find pulley puller
  125. Got it; now how do I get the valve seal off of the valve?
  126. What type of new engine breakin Oil?
  127. removing springs; can't get retainer to turn loose of the lock
  128. For those with Scoggin Dickey Timing Sets
  129. ASAP!! How to tell if piston is at TDC.
  130. Anything special needed to put 03 heads on a 99?
  132. Need gears before cam?
  133. Heads and Cam LS1 + 4.10's, yes or no?
  134. Heads and Cam LS1 + 4.10's, yes or no?
  135. Is this true--> 01/02 got better rod bolts?
  136. misfires and wet plugs
  137. How high can you spin a stock btm end?
  138. a tapping on driver side
  139. 7.350 Pushrods long enough?????
  140. So some are saying the LS1 bottom end is not strong enough
  141. Is it possible to make 500 NA rwhp with stock crank
  142. Road Racing Cam?
  143. Base circle
  144. finding bearings
  145. what numbers to expect?
  146. How much to port my heads?
  147. which cam?
  148. Made up my mind with what H/C package to go with.
  149. Rocker Arms... bolts rounding! :(
  150. Lets see some TEA dyno numbers please
  151. MTI re-port of older ARE LS6 heads yeilds excellent results.
  152. good speed shops in Georgia
  153. 4.100 piston, stock crank, and 6.125 rods
  154. Where can I find?
  155. Rollmaster chain install???
  156. best heads for emissions legal package
  157. Bore and Stroke of LS1
  158. 02 LS6 springs or 918's
  159. What to do with junk block???(Pics of blown motor)
  160. Budget FI engine build up.
  161. SDPC timing set with German chain?
  162. rocker ratois
  163. Will I get Knock retard from LS6 Valve Springs
  164. Springs making a conical visit!
  165. Anyone Tried the SLP 1.85 Rocker Kit and Have KR City
  166. oil leak on oil pan
  167. Little tiny air bubbles in oil on dipstick
  168. Budget 382 Stroker ?
  169. More low end torque on an LS1
  170. 2002 LS6 Cam Prices?
  171. LS6 / Z06 Cam questions (easy)
  173. zo6 cam
  174. What would damage the plugs like this?
  175. Cam Duration Affects?
  176. 382 (alum block) vs 408 (iron block) ------- HELP!!
  177. I need help with a PCV problem..
  178. What size pushrods do I need
  179. Oil pump pickup tube bolt
  180. custom grind + TEA stage II=
  181. Who here has run an aftermarket cam w/ the stock LS1 springs???
  182. 01 ls1 - 02 ls6 valve covers
  183. Should I get new lifters while heads are off?
  184. ok motors out
  185. Where's a good write-up on Head and Cam Install?
  186. Base circle of a comp cam?
  187. How strong are the stock Rods?
  188. timing chain
  189. Cam install - gaskets
  190. Yall gotta see this beast.........
  191. What size pushrods for TR224/224 112LSA with stock LS1 heads?
  192. Article - conical springs
  193. .583 lift with stock Z06 heads
  194. timing chain?
  195. Head Gakets motor blown
  196. Fastest way to change O - ring on oil pickup tube?
  197. Went from 3rd to 2nd....
  198. will a TR220 112lsa pass NYS emissions?
  199. should i get titanium with ASA cam?
  200. Got The Cam Now What Else?
  201. Need part numbers.....
  202. Working on drivers side head now. HHEELLPP
  203. my car NEVER sees 60 psi oil pressure...
  204. ASP pulley wont fit on new ARE 393. How much to mill off?
  205. Adjustable timing chain and ASP pullies
  206. Removing the heads today, need help
  207. CARTEK email adress??
  208. What sponsors have 10 sec, stocked cubed, H/C cars?
  209. How much is a complete LS1 shortblock with 0 miles worth?
  210. P/V clearance
  211. What cam with 02 LS6 springs.....
  212. heads/cam 400+rwhp???
  213. .043 Head Gasket Options
  214. Head Studs Installation Question?
  215. The perpetual Cam search
  216. cam numbers?
  217. Comp Cam 941 Spring Question
  218. Absolute Speed Cams? Are they good?
  219. Wiseco Stock Replacement Piston?
  220. 918's and Stock pushrods
  221. What is the part # for the coolant pipe .. ls6?
  222. TEA Stage 1.5 Heads, Have questions
  223. Need help removing dual springs ASAP!!
  224. general question
  225. Aftermarket Valve Covers needed
  226. tea heads on a zo6?
  227. Cam and Fuel Pump for a 409 Buildup?
  228. Power loss through tranny??
  229. those with wiseco pistons come in
  230. ARP rodbolts and bearings..... inside please
  231. Absolute Speed heads + 215/220 old man cam = :-) ?
  232. Hypothectical question
  233. blower cam ?
  234. 02 LS6 cam,where does it peak?
  235. B1 cam dyno results
  236. CNC LS6 heads + 216/220 cam = street monster ?
  237. Best Rev Limit for stock LS1
  238. cam install parts needed??
  239. Whats the best way to do a radiator flush?
  240. different ratio roller rockers?
  241. SLP's new oil pump?
  242. RMS Stage 2 head results
  243. compression ratio
  244. Bad gas symptoms?
  246. anyone have mad mans phone number??
  247. ls6 cam with rockers
  248. 02 ls6 cam results (long)
  249. porting LS1 heads
  250. Which piston rings?