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  1. DIY head porting?
  2. If you have low oil pressure after cam install, heres info for you.
  3. opinions on these flow numbers...
  4. Question about Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 heads
  5. MTIs New Website!
  6. Biggest cam with LEAST amount of lope... Heres why I need it.
  7. 224/224 .581 114 LSA can it be used with stock heads and 918s??
  8. think my oil pump may be going?
  9. Why no hyd. cams over 230 duration?
  10. Wet flow bench
  11. Need Opinions on this Cam
  12. T-1 to a C-1
  13. LS1 cam swap on engine with 65000 miles? bearing safe?
  14. Changing Pistons
  15. pcv ?'s
  16. Any FLP Header Gains Changing Y and Collector?
  17. any drawbacks to retaining stock lifters..?
  18. XER 224/228 .581/.588 112+2
  19. what exactly is lope? any sound clips?
  20. Little worried about cam choice TR 224
  21. What kind of power from this cam??
  22. Quick i could buy a cam cheap but need to know if it is good
  23. New style cam in old style block
  24. Help Please
  25. Should I be concerned with my oil pressure?
  26. Oil gauge question, stock to mechanical
  27. Do Cartek heads perform?
  28. opinions on the .581/581 .224/.224 112lsa cam
  29. cam/heads dyno #'s with cutout open and closed?
  30. Automatic Vs. 6-speed
  31. How much can I mill stock heads with an X1 cam?
  32. (Pics inside) need an expert opinion on what I thought to be a spun bearing
  33. Question for ALL aftermarket cam guys > slight "rattling" at 2000 rpm
  34. Cracked Sleeves in cylinder, now what?
  35. Benifits of honing
  36. Milled Heads How Much Compression
  37. inch-pound and Foot pounds
  38. Best timing chain?
  39. Will 918 springs hold this cam?
  40. whats the max rev limit to set a stock ls1 at?
  41. TR 224 / 227
  42. 230/591/111 - 7.40 or 7.35 PR?
  43. Stock LS1/ LS6 deck height ?
  44. Anyone familiar with HESCO in Birmingham, AL?
  45. G5X-2 cam with stock LS1 heads...dyno results within!!!
  46. Crank pulley removal tip
  47. what to do about heads....?? have the HotCam
  48. Does my engine build plans sound good for 400+rwhp?
  49. Quick cam Q....please
  50. Valve Spring question
  51. Head options, need input.
  52. Dyno results with SLP 1.85 rockers
  53. What Cam Shaft should i get?
  54. How many hours labor for cam swap on 5.3 truck?
  55. how much will a cam help et
  56. 275RWHP @ 4000 rpms, then shut down...
  57. B1 cam (only) my TORQUE low?
  58. 422 dyno results within
  59. Cam Difference
  60. Cam question
  61. MMS 388 Dyno Results
  62. LS1 to LS6 Z06 Swap
  63. Failed emissions What now?
  64. Thinking about a cam which one?? your opinoins please!!!!!!!
  65. F**K! Broke an oil pan bolt
  66. 02 Z0-6 cam -- SLP 1.85 rockers??
  67. broken valve cover bolt...
  68. ARP High Performance vs. Pro Series Rod Bolts
  69. I just got a cam, springs, and retainers for $250
  70. Possible colapsed lifter.....
  71. Analyze these flow numbers...
  72. A/C disconnect during cam install?
  73. Opinions needed - comparison between 10-bolt, 12-bolt, and 9" on the dyno
  74. When after 99 did the valve covers change?
  75. APE S2 dyno #'s
  76. What is the most reliable sleeve setup now?
  77. What RWHP for a f-body to hit 140 trap speed
  78. Used Cam
  79. LS6 stock springs OK with new TR cam?
  80. cam opinion please
  81. I need your opinion's
  82. How do I take my motor out?
  83. Comp vs Crane Lifters
  84. C5R Twin Turbo info
  85. Best Cam For Stock Exhaust Manifolds and Cats
  86. Service Engine Soon
  87. Very impressed with LGM
  89. Cam/spring ?
  90. Where should I set my rev limiter at?
  91. What cam to get? I have aTR224 want bigger
  92. cam intake ceterline ?
  93. installation instructions h/c
  94. What gains to expect from MTI T1 Cam?
  95. Retainer weight, Titanium vs. Steel for 918 springs?
  96. GM documentation on new engine sizes (6.4L), and also including new v12....
  98. Why am i not making THAT much hp??
  99. Need sound clips on a 224/224 .581/.581 112.
  100. What heads should I get to go with my TR224 cam? Or
  102. Biggest cam I can fit Possible?
  103. Which heads? 5.3 or 5.7
  104. Power loss...please help!!
  105. Started for the first time with new cam.
  106. Anybody have the absolute speed S2 LS1 heads?
  107. Big Block Questions
  108. Motor in car ARP Rod bolt swap......
  109. What kind of compression?
  110. Too much cam?
  111. JPR scores again!!!!
  112. How to tap a spark plug hole?
  113. Do places take 1 Head for 1/2 Core charge?
  114. Cam??? Big Lope.....Stock Heads....
  115. Best cam for a stroker,,,
  116. ARE 436 and stuff, 30-day UPDATE ..............
  117. Eastside Performance Cam (Dyno & Video)
  118. no headers
  119. newby questions
  120. Is there a locking type rocker arm bolt setup avail.?
  121. PCV Delete???
  122. will ZO6 springs work with the stock LS1 retainers??
  123. Cams to pass emmissions
  124. PLEASE....X1 SOUNDCLIPS!!!1
  125. 97 LS-1 Corvette heads question
  126. Thunder Racing 224/224 .561/.561 112 LSA or 224/224 .563/.563 114 LSA
  127. AFR Hydra Rev kit
  128. Cam experts, please come inside (long)...
  129. Pre-Lube the engine, after storage?
  130. Is A Titanium Retainer A Titanium Retainer?
  131. Pushrod Length With 02 LS6 Cam?
  132. Hammer Cam & M6 ? ? ?
  133. All those with PCV mod within
  135. Cartek Stage IIx and LGM G5X1 soundclips... Compare for yourself.
  136. MTI C1 Sound Clips Wanted
  137. please help me
  138. 425 RWHP with a total duration of 440, possible?
  139. Lowest price for Pistons!!
  140. I just bought a set of valve cover spacers without hardware?
  141. SLP 1.85 Rocker Package?
  142. 422 solid roller ...!!
  143. intake ??
  144. Open headers bad for exhaust valves? QTP with QTECS?
  145. CAM IN AN 01 Z-28 ?????????????
  146. Help!!! Know nothing about cams!
  147. X1 or TR230/224
  148. Will a hotcam work without tuning
  149. XE-R 224/228/112 idle issues
  150. TEA s2 + F1 cam = OMFG!!!
  151. Expectations from different combos
  152. LS1- oil pressure?
  153. Solid -vs- hydraulic cam Qs....
  154. Helicoil in oil pan drain normal?
  155. Who should I send heads to for installing double springs?
  156. oil pressure ?
  157. Engine Break-In / Synthetic or Dino Oil?
  158. GTP Stage 2's with LS6 Cam. Big Enough?
  159. Called Comp Cams They Said to just torque rockers to 22'lbs.
  160. L vs. cc?
  161. How do you set rocker arms.
  162. Doing cam swap .. opinions?
  163. Alternate Heads for an LS1
  164. Is it worth swapping these cams??
  165. Help me pick the right cam...
  166. Do I really need titanium retainers?
  167. How much did you spend on your BUILD short block?
  168. Cam install question?
  169. ls6 cam..... is it really making as much hp as i've heard
  170. Lube crank and cam cover seals or not?
  171. Cal smog ?'s
  172. Maximum safe bore size for ......
  173. Dyno results !
  174. Need tips on installs
  175. 382 all bore with solid cam vs 422 stroker with hydraulic cam
  176. Cams?
  177. MTI Stage II ls6 heads C2 dyno numbers
  178. Cams 4 sell
  179. The search for the right cam...
  180. ls1 valve lenghts?
  181. Did anyone use a 232/236 (MTI R1) cam in there 382?
  182. Valvetrain experts I really need some help!!
  183. Possible bad lifter part II, with video clip
  184. Gm hot cam anyone have any thoughts?
  185. Well I ordered my new motor today..
  186. HEADS/ CAM
  187. colonel and his monster?
  188. 216 / 220 .525 / .532 114 LSA?
  189. Ok, need a smaller cam, suggestions please.....
  191. Comp .563/222/112 cam
  192. Comp .563/222/112 cam
  193. F1 and X1 users inside please
  194. stock valve seats????
  195. Crane lifter help needed..Please look inside
  196. If you know about TR220 cams.. please come in!
  197. Chapter 1/ LS1Tech Project/ Supercharged Formula
  198. Ok to drive without EGR?
  199. 232-236 XE-R 112 LS in a 393 all bore?
  200. Stock rods width?
  201. Anyone know the exact specs on Piglet cam??
  202. Best Combo
  203. What kind of internals do I need for a nitrious or S/C set-up?
  204. Is this possible need some help??
  205. Car shaking! (???)
  206. I just did a leak down test on my car is this normal?
  207. Engine builders..... Question on rear oil galley plug
  208. GM part number on LS6 springs??
  209. Where to buy cam swap gaskets?
  210. 6.0 cam???
  211. Is $800.00 a good price for LS6 heads
  212. Car running like CHIT
  213. So what the valvespring brand of the day. Broke a K-motion today
  214. Sound clip of a mild cam w/ stock manifolds?
  215. How can we beat up Al Corda and steal his cam?
  216. Why don't big cubes make big numbers?
  217. keep getting misfire codes help
  218. what do i need for cam install
  219. C1 cam lovers educate me
  220. Need Opinions Before I Spend Some Serious Cash
  221. Disaster at the drag strip... possible bent pushrods.....
  222. LS1 vs. LS6 heads and cam to match
  223. LS6 Valley cover
  224. how do you break in a new motor?
  225. LS1 vs. LS6 Heads?
  226. When installing the oil pump spacers that come with the Rollmaster double...
  227. Pacaloy or 26918 springs,which are BEST!!
  228. got 2 questions for yas
  229. Those with X1 cam or TR230/224 in Here Please..
  230. Are Amsoil oil filters any good?
  231. Head flow #'s inside now what size cam
  232. Crankcase Vacuum????
  233. How can I figure out total area under the curve of a cam lobe?
  234. Anyone have a cam card from F1, TR230 or X1 cam?
  235. Need direction and insight. Post cam install valvetrain noise
  236. 5.3.HEADS WITH 224/224 581/581 112 CAM
  237. cam shaft
  238. Will standard SBC rods work in a LS1 (6.1 length)????
  239. heads with Hotcam??
  240. sealing WS6 ram air hood
  241. Help How to unplug the knock sensors.....
  242. MY CAR IS FRAGGED -PART 2 (long with big pics)
  243. Honey .....really ....really, I am done.....
  244. Quick opinion: Running an 02 Gasket(.060) vs. pre-02 gasket(.054)
  245. best cam on stock heads 4 street use !!!
  246. stroker
  247. Please Help
  248. Head bolt problem.. got a quick question
  249. biggest cam (stock heads) that can pass dyno emissions (PA)? CA guys?
  250. LS6 heads over LS1's