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  1. Anyone know of a good cam book?
  2. jesel rockers/ will valve covers fit back on?
  3. Ok, I invite your comments. I spent the afternoon playing with Camshaft numbers.
  4. when doing ls-6 intake manifold swap is there somthing that must be done with.....
  5. ls1 head gaskets $17 each!!!!!!
  6. Help me with 6.0 heads
  7. Would I be emissions legal with a 224/220 Reverse Split?
  8. Sheet Metal Intakes - Who makes'em?
  9. Interest in BIG BORE aluminum blocks
  10. 6.0L intake
  11. New stuff at TEA !!!!
  12. IT'S HERE! MTI 422!
  13. Oil questions
  14. head porting
  15. What cam will make the best power with stage 2 heads..
  16. Effects of halon on a motor?
  17. John Lingenfelter update
  18. Absolute Speed Stage 2 Heads- DYNO
  19. Cams and horsepower estimaes
  20. 382 stroker
  21. Hotcam shims question
  22. Are ls1 lifters and lt1 lifter the same?
  23. SDPC ported LS6 heads - which valves?
  24. TR224/224 verses XE-R 224/224
  25. Cam for 2400# LS1 / M6
  26. Head Studs??
  27. Oil Pump Experts????
  28. TR 230/224 on 114 LSA ?
  29. Who is running the R1 cam from MTI?
  30. HELP!! Which Heads and Who can Deliver? ... Update
  31. 480 RWHP at 5000 rpm........................
  32. Doing H/C this winter, what gaskets and bolts??
  33. STOCK LS-1 CAM?
  34. TEA Time - Dyno Results with TEA 5.3 Stage II's and 224 XE-R cam
  35. ??? About raising compression & hp gains
  36. Mains
  37. Heads old qustion! please help!
  38. Has anyone actuly stopped or slowed oil burn by switching oil weight?
  39. how strong is an aluminum block?
  40. spun a bearing
  41. Metallic dust in oil after heads/cam swap... normal?
  42. i guess i need to take oil pump off to change the timing chain..correct?
  43. My T.E.A. Flow Numbers
  44. Motor Vac Carbon Clean??Any Info?
  45. Pulling motor fron the top. Any tips?
  46. My proof that we have the best heads in the world(Kinda long)
  47. Going to a TR220 cam.
  48. 224 cam owners: peak power @what RPM's?
  49. How to TQ down Jesel Shaft Mounted Rockers...
  50. Help! Check Engine soon light
  51. 60 cc heads.....what compression is that?
  52. Aftermarket heads - ever?
  53. Weird Question - Moly Lube
  54. Owners of the TSP228 and TSP224R cam ?'s inside
  55. Who all makes stage 3 heads?
  56. Should I ditch my single pattern?
  57. How will this cam idle? drive? with my current setup?
  58. Which of these are reusable???
  59. Help with oil pump removal
  60. PUTTING IN CAM!!! What else should I replace?
  61. Oil Pressure High, How Come????
  62. Quick ? about replacing stock rocker arms
  63. comp 915's will they work on c1 cam
  64. Valve 'Keeper' Question
  65. What do think about TEA II heads
  66. piston slap
  67. December 17th is Silly Man Day...!!!!!
  68. head gaskets and bolts?
  69. Can I just swap springs?
  70. 400rwhp and California smog compliant?
  71. CR Formula
  72. Anyone know the oiling order of an ls1?
  73. Piston / Valve Clearance ?
  74. LS6 Heads Chamber size?
  76. what cam is best???
  77. S1 cam sound clips?
  78. light weight valve train for quick response? 2?'s
  79. Tired of debating....which cam
  80. Who upgraded from B1 to something bigger on S2 heads
  81. Need the GM part # for LS6 intake?
  82. Does anyone have a.....?????
  83. Stock Heads and Manifolds with a CAM who has the most power
  84. GM part numbers
  85. Low oil pressure
  86. What size are oil pan bolts?
  87. What fuel system to support the superstrokers?
  88. 6.0 Crank same as 5.7??
  89. X1 cam users inside please...
  90. spring pads
  91. Head/cam swap a question.
  92. 02 LS6 CNC Heads and 02 LS6 Cam buildup...thoughts wanted
  93. What head gaskets
  94. Oil
  95. Aftermarket cam with GMMG exh?
  96. Who sells Rev or Ferrea valves?
  97. How small of a cam is to small
  98. What side is your oil pick-up tube bolt on?
  99. Intake valves and cam for heads and cam set up?
  100. TR230/224 + bolt-ons = 422rwhp!!!
  101. Weird explosion type problem....
  102. Cam choices
  103. What is the advantage of a D-shaped exhaust port?
  104. Almost Christmas. Are the COME stroker cranks coming out?
  105. How much will .005 difference make on cam lift ?!?
  106. 500-600 hp......
  107. 500-600 hp......
  108. Where can I get 2.02 valves?
  109. Urgent head install question
  110. Help me with my final cam choice
  111. Jesel or T&D shaft rockers??
  112. Dealer F'ed up my car
  113. Roller Rocker Alternatives..
  114. intake closing point...
  115. Need Some Help
  116. We know 4* advance works, but what about...
  117. TR 224 and base circle question
  118. Nicked cam bearing
  119. Swapping motors
  120. Any Experience with Reverse Split Cams?
  121. 393 All-bore Solid Roller cam
  122. At 471rwhp now, how to hit 500rwhp?.......
  123. TR 230 people.. Inside please!!!
  124. Comp Cam 224 XE-R
  125. What's my misfire from?
  126. What is the difference between single, split, and reverse split camshafts?
  127. What do you guys think about Absolute Speed's Stage 2 heads?
  128. 6.0L Stroker Questions
  129. Thoughts on this shortblock
  130. 4.00" Bore sleeves??? Builders please respond.
  131. New push rods with a cam in a A4?
  132. cam choices, speedtek? thunder racing? other choice? please help
  133. LS6 PCV questions
  134. Help with Pushrod replacement!
  135. LS6 heads or 5.3L heads?
  136. Can anyone help me out with my compression ratio?
  137. Where's the best deal on LS1 stage2 heads?
  138. pictures
  139. I need your 220 and 224 sound clips on a 114 LSA
  140. Thinking of going to the dark side - solid roller
  141. stroker cranks who's to use?
  142. ls1 stage 2 heads
  143. What to Do Next - Big Duration on a 115??
  144. 382 small bore or big bore?
  145. Bonus rod sticking out the side!!!
  146. Dyno# MTI S2/X1 100 wet shot!
  147. 224/228 XE-R cam
  149. LT4
  150. what to do for valve covers?
  151. BROKEN VALVE SPRING QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. Lingenfelter H/C packages
  153. how much lifter preload when adjusting valves???
  154. Is Colonel's Engine Just a Myth?
  155. Hotcam????????Which heads?
  156. 2002 stock Z06 springs - max lift?
  157. Need a set of stock valves
  158. Cam Grind # question
  159. Anyone know the specs on the GTP #4 cam?
  160. And auto tap says....
  161. What do i need to run with this cam?
  162. Yellow stuff under oil cap?
  163. Help me help a friend, cam? for a 422
  164. Is there an easier way to measure....
  165. Roller Rocker Noise
  166. what would happen( if anything ) if you deleted the egr and did not add a breather-
  167. connecting rods
  168. help with simple pushrod question thank you
  169. Is a cam with stock manifolds and heads a bad idea?
  170. Is a cam with stock manifolds and heads a bad idea?
  171. Please explain "boring/resleeving an LS1
  172. Engine experts, take a look at my setup for 68 Camaro Twin turbo
  173. Not a pick my cam post but......
  174. engine block
  175. valve question
  176. head work info
  177. the great cam question
  178. Spitting water on warm up?
  179. looking for good info on main bolts, bearings, and piston rings
  180. C5R heads
  181. Any body running a 220/220
  183. gota problem - need some guidance please!
  184. Not another LSA discussion, My take on the situation. Tell me what you think.
  185. Question about the main bolts that go through the outside of block...
  186. Pushrods: Thunder's VS. Comp Cams...
  187. LS1, what is the pushrod length?
  188. play pick a camshaft (i really appreciate any help)
  189. 99 SS knocking and won't stop after warm-up
  190. LS6 Heads
  191. Cam Advise
  192. Head/cam package help...
  193. "Project Wife's Car" get a CAM!!! results;
  194. changing pushrods? Got a couple ?'s...
  195. CAM opinion- 2000 SS
  196. Power difference from 346ci to 6.0L????
  197. Need help about overheating problem!!
  198. Anyone running a 382 all bore?
  200. help appreciated what is a good cam for a 98 z
  201. What's the biggest lift on a cam you can go w/ stock pistons?
  202. 6.0 bored .030 or .060-stock rods & Crank
  203. 6.0 Qs
  204. Any one ever had their car worked on by LPE?
  205. Wanting to mod my car
  206. would u please discuss this cam with me
  207. Stock rods vs aftermarket rods
  208. 02 LS6 cam + 1.8 rockers okay?
  209. What is involved in a cam install?
  210. head stud clearence
  211. Installing head studs with shortblock in F-car??
  212. ASA hotcam and piston to valve clearance?
  213. Budget calls for a ARE 393 all bore, help me select a cam:
  214. Help me pick a cam!
  215. LS1 - 5.3L parts compatability
  216. ls6 port measurements
  217. cam install question?
  218. Lifting a Head: what is it???????
  219. LS1 hotcam in A4
  220. 5.3 liter heads and cometic gaskets
  221. Pagin 770 Boy, Cam Question
  222. H/C or Turbo?
  223. Jesel rocker torque?
  224. crankshaft question
  225. Stock cam
  226. Help pick a suitable cam for my hybrid swap!!
  227. TR 224-112 OWNERS
  228. Thoughts on forged pistons and knock sensors...
  229. Jesel rocker torque?
  230. Where are the splash guards
  231. got cam, want bigger
  232. what are the specs on the ASA camshaft
  233. asa cam-cnc stage 2 heads what do u think
  234. Can our stock camshaft be reground?
  235. F1 CAM INFO
  236. Torque specs on Lunati rod bolts?
  237. Any LS1 dry sumpers out there??????
  238. 10w30 or 10w40 for High rpm's?
  240. Oil pump went out
  241. WTF is this condensation??
  242. TEA= Total Engine Airflow
  243. Car choking?
  244. Car keeps dying?????
  245. hot cam sound clips any one
  246. cam question
  247. Is the HOT CAM a good choice for me?
  248. absolute speed heads.
  249. Pistons - Please Help !??
  250. Different Dyno's - Same car - Same set up - Biggest difference in RWHP you've seen?