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  1. Lunati LS Retro-Fit Rocker Arms
  2. Sorry but...spec my cam?...LQ9 408.
  3. help with build sugeestions
  4. Ackerly & Childs Piston Rings for 6.0(LY6)
  5. Top of valve worn more than others?
  6. LM7 with LS3 cam (FREE CAM and parts)
  7. Crazy Question
  8. new head cc size?
  9. Can you get a custom cam to work with ls6 springs?
  10. 98 LS1 stroker?
  11. Bearing questions
  12. need help with oil pump o ring!
  13. reuse or get new dowel pins for heads?
  14. Short-notice install
  15. Crazy tapping?
  16. Best Intake Manifold and Throttle Body for LS1 Upgrade
  17. Dart Pro 1 205cc Heads Any Good Porters Out There?
  18. Oil pan broken??? HELP!
  19. ls1 lifter noise
  20. 5.3 and MS3
  21. Old build questions, opinions wanted
  22. 5.3 silverado
  23. Preparing for a cam swap. Am I missing anything?
  24. Is this internal or external? Tensioner, Alt, etc.. video included
  25. intermittent valve tap?
  26. Does pushrod length affect lift?
  27. Need Opinions...
  28. 2004 LQ4 6.0 (new style floating piston) i need rings
  29. Got my new heads!
  30. What to expect out of this setup!!
  31. Replacing valve seals, should I upgrade anything else?
  32. Lq4 Piston
  33. Junkyard 6.0's chime in please on your experience
  34. 226/229 575/578 - 112 good for a 5.3 build?
  35. So Vengeance stopped carrying Yella Terras 6645's because of increased failure??
  36. help: where can i purchase these valve seals?
  37. blown up ls1
  38. LQ9 Buget setup 415-430whp
  39. Is a Lunati 60512 cam 232/238 .599/.601 on a 113 torque curve?
  40. HELP!! About to do a cam swap
  41. Blowby Causing Pinging?
  42. Weak motor after overev
  43. long story of a oil pressure problem! please come in and help!
  44. Who can ID my Hardened Pushrods??
  45. Swapping 806 heads for stock 243s?
  46. PRC 227 CC heads
  47. dead ls6, replacing with either a 370 or 408 iron block
  48. gm head gasket options for prc 215's
  49. Wich will get me better 1/4 mile gains and top end mph gains? Ls6 vs hot cam
  50. Cold Cylinder
  51. Cathedral or Rectangular Port heads on 6.0
  52. Vengeance VRX4
  53. which is the best?? TFS or AFR or PRC ???
  54. Head/cam expert? Step inside
  55. euro 2012 finals
  56. AI dart 223 or TSP 2.5 cylinder head kit?
  57. Lower RPM throttle feels squidgie
  58. What components were in Agostino Racing 360cu motor?
  59. Stock replacement LS6 pistons
  60. Oil Pan & Covers
  61. LQ4 cam bearings look weird.. teardown what to replace?
  62. I think I'm having valve float help!
  63. TSP 224R questions
  64. HELP ls1tech, need some creativity, paper towel stuck in head bolt hole
  65. LQ4 6.0L Aftermarket cam
  66. Using 5.3 crank with 5.7 pistons and rods.
  67. LS1 - Rebuilt/d
  68. Lq4 ticks/snaps randomly after cam swap??
  69. Built LS1 performance question
  70. Oil Pressure Hiccup
  71. LS1 vs LS7 lifters
  72. vacuum question
  73. Autopsy of dead LS6
  74. Troubleshooting question: valve float or what?
  75. Engine started knocking/ticking on drive home
  76. mystery TSP cam
  77. perimeter valve cover pcv ?s
  78. Camshaft Help ( PVT ) Clearance
  79. Identify these lifters?? Anyone?
  80. Ls3 heads on a ls1?
  81. Rod bearings, dowel hole or not ?
  82. can i fix, or replace
  83. Ls6 cam vs hot cam ?
  84. Valve cover gaskets not fitting....
  85. Biggest valves on LS1
  86. Ported Vortec Intake Manifold Question
  87. Noise from timing chain area
  88. anyone running Lunati voodoo 282/288 cam in LQ4/9?
  89. PTV clearance to tight??
  90. Forged 6.0L LQ4
  91. tsp cam?
  92. will this be a good setup for m6 dd lq9 01 ss camaro
  93. ptv with stock cam??
  94. H2 6.0 performance help
  95. At what HP does the flow on 241s become an issue?
  96. What valve springs
  97. 4L60 Street cam
  98. LS1 Oil Level Sensor wiring for swap clarification
  99. Cam Suggestions......
  100. Gasket set
  101. gear choice for eps 230/236 cam
  102. Blowby Causing Oil to turn Black, Re-ring?
  103. cam choice ahhhh
  104. Coolant Smell from Exhaust after pulling heads
  105. spark plugs for 11.528 compression
  106. max compression to run on 93
  107. 1000 whp stock crank?
  108. With all the 228R cams
  109. Main bearing clearance ?
  110. Am I limiting myself with current cam in LQ9??
  111. overall opinions
  112. quick power ( heads)
  113. Water pump veratility
  114. Will ls6 cam have any more chop than stock ls1 cam?
  115. Nissan 350z LS1 Swap!
  116. High compression SBE experiment
  117. anyone know the thread size of the coolant temp sensor in a ls1... stripped
  118. Machine work
  119. Can i run a 6-7 sec 1/4 mile for $5000 with a 2002 Trans Am
  120. Dissapointing results from EPS cam
  121. An odd P to V question
  122. LS1 (5.7L) Accessories on a 6.0L
  123. Anyone using the cam bolt lock plate?
  124. Fair price for hotcam & LS6 springs?
  125. used short block??
  126. Thunder shim kit with 59cc TFS heads. Questions..
  127. Need Help...high pitch squeal coming from engine.
  128. Heads on a stock bottom end?
  129. Which spark plug? 383 LS1
  130. SES light flashing
  131. 660 springs too big for cam?
  132. Anyone Have Info on Comp Cams QC?
  133. EPS vs Pat G cams
  134. Retreiving Dropped Rocker Shim
  135. Livernois or Katech H/C Packages
  136. LS1 upgrades?
  137. 2006 Silverado--LS1 Swap--Few Questions
  138. Ls1 spun rod bearing
  139. Rocker arm bolt rounded off. How do i get it off?
  140. Losing Radiator Fluid
  141. What is causing this?
  142. need help finding a few bolt spec's
  143. How much power will i gain by putting just 243 heads on my 2001 5.7 firehawk
  144. cam /converter choice suggestion help, stock. in 82 vette
  145. Ticking noise (vid)
  146. Prc stage 1 ls6 question.
  147. Got my TEA stage 2 ls6 heads today(pics+flow#s inside)
  148. head/cam/pushrod suggester button
  149. Stock LS1 engine with a tick, PLEASE HELP!
  150. Stroker 383 iron block, AFR heads, FAST top end build thread, lots of pics
  151. Going with this combo. Thoughts?
  152. Just a little something ive been working on.
  153. another pick a cam for me thread
  154. LQ4 HP question
  155. YAY!!! Another H/C suggestion thread!!!
  156. 243 heads Cnc porting or not?
  157. LS1 rebuild for e36 swap
  158. Holly High Rise LS1 Intake vs Fast 102???
  159. how do you know if you have the OEM stronger rod bolts
  160. NSSP Cam
  161. compression test
  162. Redline ?
  163. 5.7 truck cam
  164. Head options???
  165. AI's CNC 219 (241 castings) or PRC 2.5 ls6
  166. ticking noise
  167. Another thread to pick a cam...
  168. Pushrod Length Question
  169. piston rings
  170. Cam install/pushrod question
  171. cam for stock converter
  172. Reuse ARP head Bolts?
  173. help with 5.3 into a s10 build
  174. 6.0L mild build what to buy
  175. Attn: Engine Builders-Which Bearing Clearances Would You Use?
  176. LS 6 popping sound
  177. Good old number seven misfire.....
  178. Any suggestions on heads?
  179. Jy 5.3, is it junk?
  180. Where to buy jpr cam install tool? Anybody have one?
  181. Can i use stock seats, locks, retainers with ls6 springs?
  182. Oil leaking into maf????
  183. lm7 to replace blown ls1
  184. cam manners
  185. Cheap HP for ls1 build
  186. tickin sound after cam swap
  187. Lifter tray question
  188. anyone in ohio with motor mods
  189. Intake valve closing point: Boost vs N/A?
  190. spun rod bearing, what's the best/cheapest option?
  191. Callies Compstar vs Dragonslayer........whats the big difference.......???
  192. Screwed up? Two motors for fathers day
  193. Coolant slowly drips from exhaust manifold bolt.
  194. maing spark plug wires
  195. Major problem. Head stud broken below deck. Please help!
  196. Can you identify this cam?
  197. Callies 3.8 inch LS1 crank?
  198. Heads?
  199. Been at this issue for the past 2weeks.. Oil leaking..
  200. head swap....any reason to clean carbon off pistons?
  201. LS1 Build Thread
  202. Blew my motor last night, broken crank?
  203. Oil leaking from spark plug
  204. is my cam to big?
  205. LQ4 in 2005 Silverado
  206. Camaro Coolant temp sensor location - Picture?
  207. Tick after WOT then goes away after idling for a bit
  208. Ls6 cam hp 1/4 mile gains?
  209. Misfire turns south. Need advice
  210. Rods& Pistons 6.0??
  211. Broken spring...TFS 215 heads from 2007
  212. Help me ID this crank pulley (pix inside)
  213. High volume high pressure oil pump?
  214. PROBLEM PLEASE HELP! (involves a camshaft)
  215. cleaning sludge
  216. piston questions
  217. Noise from engine during restart?
  218. coolant overflow container
  219. Can I buy just one replacement head stud?
  220. power steering problems
  221. quiet ls1 cars
  222. Bearing Clearance on Dragonslayer
  223. Yet another low oil pressure thread
  224. looking for some DD cam specs
  225. So I Cracked My Block & am Considering a Slightly Smaller Cam
  226. Sealed Power Gasket Kit Z2601909 (Summit Racing SLP-260-1909)
  227. comp ultra gold rockers
  228. Budget drag cam suggestions?
  229. ls1 f-body front acessory drive belt length
  230. AI Ported 243's and AI Custom Cam
  231. What are my options?
  232. Pull out 6.0
  233. Couple 6.0 ?'s
  234. P0306 Code after cam swap
  235. Where can i buy ls6 cam kit?
  236. 98 ls1 rebuild help
  237. Choosing springs for mystery cam
  238. Weights of LS Blocks
  239. rear oil plug depth
  240. 408ci and oil pump pickup??
  241. Pardon my stupidity....
  242. oil is coming out of valve cover filler hole and leaking out from oil pan
  243. Stock rockers / 630 lift
  244. will not crank over???
  245. Check my math
  246. need help with my setup
  247. Looking for cam installer in southeast
  248. pat g cam now head choice
  249. Testing New LS1/LS6 Timing Chain Dampener
  250. valve spring pressure?