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  1. Which intake
  2. big mutha thumper cam
  3. Information on lobe seperation angles, need help!
  4. Information on what LS Series block I truly have!
  5. 799/243 heads and Asa cam
  6. 383 troubles
  7. Flat top pistons with l92 heads
  8. What are the best cyclnder heads
  9. tsp 383?
  10. ls6 spun cam bearings
  11. Cams
  12. LM7 and MS3... next! Bottom end advice needed
  13. Sqeaking until engine gets hot...
  14. Opinions on a new longblock
  15. Who can make my Custom Comp cam?
  16. blow- by
  17. ? On crank balancing.
  18. Help me chose a Cam!!
  19. please help, changed pushrods, lost power
  20. tsp torqurer v2 driveability
  21. 2001 Z06 corvette
  22. Stock 5.3l piston dish volume?
  23. 5.3 GM Engine differences ....
  24. Input on this cam
  25. Cam ID
  26. heads and cam hep
  27. head gasket removal....
  28. anyone feel like educating me on cylinder head cc sizes?
  29. 5.3 Cam Help
  30. What do while its out
  31. Porting program?
  32. Spun bearing is inside
  33. Prc .650 dual valve spring life?
  34. Need Opinions Of cnc work on heads
  35. Need all the tips/tricks I can get!!!!
  36. Hey all! first post here! Looking at comps 228/230, any suggestions for heads?
  37. Please look at this cam card and educate me with your opinion.
  38. Burning oil??
  39. My LQ4 Build
  40. Deciding on long term setup, DD/Street.
  41. your toughts on a TSP MS4 cam?
  42. Polluter cam which transmission
  43. LM7 Suggestions
  44. 5.3 ring gaps the final word???
  45. Can kit
  46. Cam Recommendations and Opinions Please!!
  47. EPS 230 238 or Comp LSR 231 239???
  48. How's your oil pressure?
  49. LS1 450-470 flywheel hp
  50. simple upgrades
  51. Is it worth it to have my 243 heads cnc ported?
  52. radiator out for head swap??
  53. 799 heads on an LQ4
  54. Anyone know a guide to build LS?
  55. help.. engine breaking up under heavy load
  56. plastic discs on LS1 injectors
  57. Proble with mileage counter camaro 98 z28
  58. Pushrod Techies Chime In.....
  59. LQ4 bore stroke possibilities?
  60. lifter preload experts take a look** video added
  61. Picked up TFS 220 as cast...Cam suggestions?
  62. Which cam?
  63. can stock head bolts be re-used?
  64. Took the Car to the Track
  65. cam and spring question
  66. I put 10w30 back
  67. help me identify if this is a ls6 cam
  68. piston swap out
  69. Gunk removal?
  70. Ls pistons and rod question!!
  71. rod big end ID
  72. Just my luck. Changed oil after an hour of running with new cam. Broken spring.....
  73. 408 build need help
  74. LS6 cam advancing for lower compression/boost???
  75. Looking for opinions on this setup
  76. 224r & 25% U/D installed. What will 1/4 mile gains be? 224r owners please come in
  77. need help asap
  78. pushrod length with different heads
  79. 2000 6.0 questions
  80. 4.030 Diamond pistons.......who's got the best prices and availability.....?
  81. Forged rods and pistons with stock crank?
  82. 227/235 lsr cam on 243 headed lq4?
  83. Question regarding lifter bleed down and failures
  84. 232/238 cam only Ls1. What Size push rods?
  85. who s running the torquer v2
  86. LQ4 cam advice, need some help
  87. replace ls2 rod
  88. PRC 215 heads owners come in please.
  89. So the tech that installed my heads stripped a center bolt for my valve covers!!!!
  90. what kind of push rods and valve springs should i use
  91. Come in, throw me some input. LQ9 swap.
  92. 1998 ls1 to 2003 lq4 swap..
  93. 2000 camaro ls1 dead spot?
  94. Misfire issue
  95. Txas Speed 441 Rotating Assembly
  96. Ls6 heads question
  97. Lq4 TSP stroker build,need some advice
  98. 241 head porting
  99. Timing Chain/gear replacment
  100. Looking to get ~450+hp need help.
  101. Best setup for 450-500whp
  102. TSP Magic Stick 3
  103. does this timing chain look timed right?
  104. help me buy goodies
  105. Stock 862s or stock 241s on turbo 5.3
  106. Snapped a head bolt.
  107. Help with some main bearings questions
  108. Comp Cam Help
  109. rocker beaRINGS
  110. Another Op[inion on Cam question!!
  111. Cam install degree?
  112. Need some good cam advice...
  113. 402 high compression vs 383... which one to build?
  114. building a lq4 for a 71 camaro
  115. Super Victor Intake?
  116. Help me choose a cam
  117. cylinder honing
  118. need torque monster cam that is spray friendly
  119. Need help on LQ9 build for a dragster
  120. i think i may need a new camshaft position sensor
  121. Which flywheel?
  122. Changing heads.. PR's too??
  123. Casting Dates?
  124. dropping the motor from the bottm,need info!
  125. 500whp build help
  126. Which roller rocker to go with?
  127. Ls1 help! Mods heads cam
  128. Cam install HELP!
  129. custom cam grind
  130. car gets hot after driving about 1mile
  131. Hybrid LS question: PTV, milling, cam.. etc
  132. Intake Selection Help Please??
  133. best cam only
  134. ls1 rebuild for swap, am i missing anything?
  135. head porting in michigan
  136. cut out cat and weld in pipe??!
  137. Bearing Selection
  138. Block Logic
  139. Can I cap off the breathers on my valve covers or is there another solution ???
  140. Wanna Check my pushrod length math?
  141. Engine Build to come..
  142. Patriot Performance "Predator" heads. Any thoughts on using these.
  143. Pushrod Length tool why less turns?
  144. Better motor choice? LS1 383 Stroker or LS2 364?
  145. Ready to pull the trigger on mods, not so sure about labor
  146. when to upgrade stock rockers?
  147. EDIT: FINALY GOT IT! (stripped my fuc****crank threads all the way) installing pulley
  148. TR V3 Cheater cam
  149. Motor suggestions
  150. If you've thrown a rod come inside
  151. 3/8 or 5/16 pushrods???
  152. 98 SS ready for first oil change, have 2 questions
  153. Lunati Rods
  154. 243 heads found on LH8/LH9 2009-2012 5.3L Colorado? On a 4.8L with a LS6 cam?
  155. looking to purchase an ASA cam
  156. just bought some 799 heads
  157. should i.use copper spray on my head gaskets?
  158. Stock Injectors and H/C
  159. AI Dart/RHS 223cc Heads?
  160. hp/tq estimates? on a rebuiltt ls1
  161. Foreign object in block during cam swap
  162. Do different cam lobes effect vacume?
  163. tfs 245 or PRC LS7 small bore heads on 416 cu
  164. Throttle bogging down, not idealing and TCS not staying on
  165. Need a little help
  166. How hard should it be to pull u/d pulley on? How to tell when fully seated?
  167. oil pump o ring question
  168. Dynamic Compession with Dart 225
  169. Degree'ing cam....ICL problems
  170. How to tell the difference between LS6 243's and LS2 243's
  171. LS3 help Please
  172. Cylinder bore / Ring issue
  173. valve stem seals
  174. 347 Engine builder problems?
  175. LQ4 and milled 243's... will tsp v2 fit?
  176. LQ4 Build - Cams and Heads
  177. Whats a good heads and cam set up for ls1
  178. Best cam for 383 stroker
  179. rebuild or stroker????
  180. 2000 z28 ses light on will it be in limp mode
  181. Feedback with lq9 pbuild plan
  182. Cant put on prc duals with my spring compressor
  183. Compression for my 408 with this cam...too low?
  184. uh oh... think i messed something up....
  185. Lq4 compression test results....question
  186. AFR/TFS worth it over 243s?
  187. White Smoke out the exhaust pipe
  188. Price list..........
  189. Are ls1 valve locks the same as valve locks off a 317 head?
  190. Need Piston help!!!!!
  191. Big backfire n pop after cam install
  192. Opinions on a budget 370 lq9 build...
  193. Link Bar Lifters position?
  194. May have killed a lifter and the engine isn't even running yet...
  195. New or Rebuilt Engine for a 2001 WS6 ??
  196. Who has milled 317 heads (Tech)
  197. ? about ls3 cam
  198. lq4 tolerances
  199. Rebuild Tips
  200. I want a 383 long block with 450-500 HP. help
  201. Help cam timing question
  202. Post your Heads/Cam setup + hp/tq #'s
  203. lots of smoke. most deffinatly oil
  204. LQ4 knocking
  205. If running a "tightly" milled head and big cam, please come in..
  206. Piston retainer ?
  207. which lifters
  208. Ls1 Heads
  209. blue stripe on two coils? what valve spring
  210. Want opinions on an N/A 346 combo...
  211. pat g 230/236 or isky 240/246 108lsa
  212. whats the best head castings to look for?
  213. New Lifter Install
  214. what brand?
  215. Compcam xer281hr vacuum at idle
  216. HELP!!!! Engine not flowing coolant
  217. prc 2.5 5.3L vs stock 243's
  218. LQ4 with L92 rods and pistons
  219. Should I consider new valve springs?
  220. HELP Cam install snag with pictures
  221. Timing chain recommendation
  222. wrist pin clips
  223. Ruin a head gasket to check ptv??
  224. Where are you finding 243/799 Heads?
  225. oil ring problem?
  226. lq9 cam help
  227. How hot before damage on LS1?
  228. replace oil pump bolts?
  229. best head gaskets?
  230. Car won't start please help
  231. just finish cam install what oil should i use
  232. MAF and O2 problem
  233. pics of my motor during the teardown
  234. Cylinder head 853's
  235. HPE megadeath cam NEED HELP!!
  236. 2000 Trans Am leaking oil
  237. LS1 rebuild options
  238. how much better are aftermarket lifters than stock ones?
  239. 00' lq4 block,ls2 rod/piston question
  240. New 5.3L vs LS1
  241. Lost the cam specs
  242. change rods ittds heaockh cam only change? still change pushrods?s
  243. will 243s off of a 06 impala ss fit my ls1?
  244. some modification questions....
  245. Do i need a new timing chain??
  246. So I am at 450 horsepower with heads, cams, all bolt ons. Fast 105 and 105 TB gains?
  247. Achieving 22ft lbs with 140* turn on rocker bolt
  248. Well...I think I've got a bigger problem.
  249. valve seals cause power loss?
  250. Just bought 224r 113lsa pac .650 single springs