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  1. single roller timing chain
  2. Honest Dual Valve Spring input
  3. machine shop help?
  4. white smoke coming from my tail pipes
  5. Worth changing to titanium valves ?
  6. Please help with this build opinions wanted!!!!!
  7. ls engine codes
  8. ???s with head gasket and milling
  9. Any one running an LQ4 and 243/799 heads?
  10. 370 W/CheatR Cam questions
  11. Extreme racing products timing set? Anyone use it?
  12. TSP-228R 5.3L 2.5 or AI 243's and custom cam?
  13. Pushrod Q:
  14. Yes, another "what cam is best.." post
  15. Driving to get Tune
  16. Valve tip clearance vary .045???
  17. Carnage. Time for something new
  18. ls1 rebuild
  19. Futral f15 and patriot heads
  20. Can I drive my car to the shop before doing valve springs?
  21. Misfire after engine re-install, need advice
  22. ms3 cam
  23. crack heads ?
  24. Running Lean?
  25. possible cam tell me what you think
  26. Budget Heads...
  27. heads
  28. 243 head questions
  29. Valvespring change on TFS heads
  30. Completed my cam swap today!
  31. ? gain from GTO cam/springs into 4.8l
  32. What does high oil temp tell you?
  33. ASA Cam or LS Hot Cam for 5.3L LS Motor
  34. Remove & Reinstall Valves
  35. reluctor wheel question
  36. Is this a GM graphite head gasket??
  37. Compression Ratio
  38. Head/Cam/Lifter swap - pushrod length question
  39. Hole in block. Ideas on what to do?
  40. I need opinion/suggestions on the future of my car
  41. how will this cam work on a 5.3?
  42. Opinions on My Engine Combo
  43. disable p0492
  44. Rocker Arm Install
  45. blew the ls1! need help
  46. AFR vs AI
  47. lq4 forged piston rock?Video
  48. Best cam for 2500 stall 3:23 dd
  49. Cam suggestions
  50. Urgent: Oil ring support
  51. New engine.perfect dyno number.No more oil pressure after 600miles
  52. New knock sensors
  53. ls1 280z no power under load
  54. Critique this combo?
  55. knock sensor removel...
  56. Popping threw exhaust and slight tap?
  57. Opinions on my build
  58. Springs for EPS 226/230
  59. help with cam
  60. Torquing stock rocker arms...
  61. LS6 Sleeve question
  62. 04 GTO Ran fine one day and now it's running like it has a big cam
  63. Which springs for ASA cam?
  64. G5x3 112lsa
  65. Need experienced opinions for stock LS1 HP gains PLEASE?!
  66. Got me an 02 6.0 and a 4L80E
  67. aluminum 5.3 vs iron 6.0. Want to trap 124mph..
  68. Help with vibration
  69. Which heads for a Torquer V3. Cam?
  70. Something different
  71. Can't figure this one out..
  72. oil gurus'
  73. Adjustable Roller Rockers, Noise through the exhaust...
  74. LM7 with LS1 parts...
  75. 408 or 402
  76. Rebuilding LS1, couple ?s
  77. Broken # 7 RA now #5
  78. turbo 5.3 build
  79. ran on 7 cylinders. How bad?
  80. Piston Ring/Rod Assembly ?
  81. compression with milled 243's ???
  82. Ls6 and ls2 valve weight???
  83. Want to buy one intake valve from a vendor
  84. Head gasket options
  85. Baby cam, LS1 w/manifolds reprise
  86. Absolute Speed heads intake runner CC??
  87. Will I have PTV clearance issues???
  88. G5x4 Cam and PRC 5.3 Heads
  89. Which Intake for my setup
  90. Lm7 cathedral port heads vs. Ls1 rectangular manifold
  91. What is needed with Trex Cam
  92. Trex guys, what heads you running? Did you fly cut?
  93. Find specs on a cam
  94. Help. Chewed up valve tips. pictures
  95. oct 29th fbody gbody sssb nitrous showdown!
  96. Gen iii 383build
  97. Winter blues!! Name that sound game with video.
  98. Ms3 guys come in.
  99. Z06 cam?
  100. oil pump O-Ring
  101. Need Cam for LS2 403ci
  102. cam degree kit
  103. How will a new cam effect my performance?
  104. Please help me! Im going crazy lol! 2001 ls1 weird tick noise from engine w video!!!
  105. What will work?
  106. heads and cam
  107. Build up choices for my LS1
  108. 408ci CR/and hp/tq # est.?
  109. questions about swapping heads from 04 denali to my 98 Camaro Z28.
  110. The truth on milled 317s....?
  111. Ls1/ls6 main and rod bearings?
  112. Pushrod to Head Hole Clearance
  113. Heads to match TSP 228R?
  114. What gains to expect from LS6 head swap only?
  115. Compression Ratio for an ls1 with 58cc heads??
  116. 2 rockers hitting covers
  117. 370ci LSx--LS3 Heads & Intake-- Need some advice!
  118. need ls1 motor or rebuild mine
  119. what heads should i go with?
  120. Possible big torque build?
  121. Timing Chain Damper, who's runnen them?
  122. pushrod length questions
  123. ported 5.3l heads 224r. What esle will i need?
  124. JP Timing chain install Question???
  125. 241 head build questions
  126. How to avoid the double hump in torque often seen in dyno output?
  127. Cam's done, Need shorter Belt to fit UD pulley...
  128. Cam install questions and concerns
  129. Worth Porting 806 Heads?
  130. Damaged cam?
  131. Swapping heads with ARP head studs
  132. Which head gasket?
  133. LQ9 best heads for it
  134. Anyone use a 0 overlap cam on purpose?
  135. Bye bye ls1
  136. Will an LT1 A/C box fit an LS1 car?
  137. Head porting chicagoland area?
  138. LSx newbie.. Looking to build a LQ4/L92 setup.
  139. 3 keyway adjustable crank gear ??? hmmm...
  140. 04 LS1 Clutch Slave Cylinder Assy
  141. 04 LS1 Air Cond Pump
  142. LQ4 6.0 Cranks Help
  143. Should I swap my 218 cam for a bigger one?
  144. Help me figure out a motor build
  145. TFS/TEA 215 Flow Numbers **with results**
  146. Okay, I'm finally going to do it... Heads/Cam
  147. Buying a 100k mile 01 SS tonight, need basic help with maintenance and my first mods
  148. Does this cam bearing look right?
  149. help with rockers
  150. crank and rods
  151. Help w balancer
  152. Oil Cooler?
  153. Pushrod Length Results
  154. Pushrod Strength Questions.
  155. Budget head/cam build that's CA smog legal?
  156. Lobe Center Line help
  157. Head bolts on GenIII
  158. Got a cam spec'd for my Z06...
  159. Found a great deal on an LQ9 should I do it?
  160. LS2 or L92 head for most bang for the buck
  161. 383 ?
  162. motor build questions
  163. What type of gains putting 799 heads on a LQ4?
  164. Rebuilding LS1 Advise
  165. Hummer H2
  166. help, can't make up my mind, cam for an LQ9
  167. Rocker "tap?"
  168. ls1 bottom end
  169. Cam Installed. 228/232. Before and After
  170. Ls6 engine assembly In Orange County??
  171. Help me identify this cam please...Numbers etched by hand
  172. sonic check and bore
  173. knock sensor replacement
  174. Dropped Valve - Need help
  175. Checking for pushrod length? I'm not getting it
  176. Cant get my oil pan down enough for pickup tube
  177. Need advice on head choice...
  178. Crankshaft 12552218?
  179. A few questions about my 5.3L LM7
  180. Cam out of Round? Cam gear out of round?
  181. cam for high altittude
  182. camshaft end play?
  183. LS2 timing chain question
  184. Getting an LS1 with 90k on it . . . what do to while it's out?
  185. ballpark numbers
  186. Smoke on startup, heads pulled, pics taken, thoughts needed.
  187. randomly smoking?
  188. 10% summit discount cupons..
  189. tsunami cam vs trex cam
  190. ls1 or 6.0
  191. Cracked OEM Spring Retainer (LS6)
  192. 5.3 Iron block. bottom end help.
  193. Main and rod bearing question!! please help!
  194. Need new heads
  195. Found out why it was smoking... Now what?
  196. Dynamic comp ratio: Have I made a mistake?
  197. Engine Tick?
  198. whats your opinion?
  199. LS1 Recommendations
  200. PAC 1518 Spring Questions
  201. Look at cam, Which lifters are bad?
  202. what motor do i have?
  203. How much needs to be milled for 60cc chambers
  204. Starting new motor? Break in?
  205. sealed power gasket
  206. 450rwhp 240sx advice
  207. LM7 help please
  208. How will my car perform?
  209. ls1 hot cam advance or retard?
  210. Finding #1 tdc to "set" the valves?
  211. Looking to forge 90k LS1
  212. dont know what to do!
  213. Egr removal
  214. Anyone have pics/specs of the 921 dual springs/titanum retainers
  215. which motor mounts to use
  216. rev limiter not right?
  217. no compression?
  218. LQ9 Build Help??!!
  219. Oil Pressure
  220. compression test results...opinions?
  221. 418 LQ9 What cam to run?
  222. 370 solid roller !!!
  223. what cam should i go with?
  224. Head gasket thickness help please
  225. 228r Aquired. Hunting for some heads and an Intake.
  226. LS2 or LS6
  227. Crank Sprocket Tool!!
  228. LS3 valve relief question
  229. Power left on the table
  230. What happens when you run a 4 inch combustion chamber on a 3.9 inch bore?
  231. Crane Cams lifter preload???
  232. LS1 freshen up?
  233. Proper way to check pushrod length
  234. Other things to do when doing a cam install?
  235. How do you get carbon off heads and pistons?
  236. cam?
  237. Patriot super 7 retainer on PRC dual?!?
  238. heads/cam problem
  239. Finally got my cam in!!!!!
  240. .................
  241. Comp ratio and PR length question
  242. LS Valve Train Noise Sucks! I challenge the aftermarket.
  243. Alum 5.3l Road Race build
  244. how much rod bearing clearance/ mild build ported pump
  245. 00ls1 01lq4 combo questions
  246. Bad cam eats lifter, need help choosing new cam!
  247. 243 heads
  248. Heavy smoke, need all info i can get!
  249. Compression Ratio Help
  250. Replacing lifters with cam install? PITA?