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  1. Need cam with more BOTTOM END Torque, look at my current cam setup
  2. do i need to flycut my pistons
  3. Cam install questions
  4. anyone running ms4 and prc 227cc heads
  5. Any tips for changing the oil pump?
  6. what's with all the different torque specs for arp head bolts?
  7. Pushrod length with 288HR CAM
  8. What type of distributor is this?
  9. It's time to pick a cam....
  10. build question?
  11. Help Matching a Cam to my Stall and setup.
  12. Spring height?
  13. MTI r1
  14. LS6 cam for my 2002 LS1
  15. LQ4 with 243/799
  16. 500rwhp
  17. Does the ls6 cam have the same specs and the ls2 trailblazer ss cam
  18. LS1 rebuild advice?
  19. More RPM, destroked 6.0?
  20. Intake or Exhaust Valve
  21. Heres something I havent thought of in a while
  22. External oil pump
  23. Cam and heads combo for ls1, good on power and budget, any suggestions?
  24. intake cleaning?
  25. need some torque specs
  26. Ls1 build-up
  27. 98 z28 pcm replacement question
  28. lq9 reluctor
  29. Castech heads...
  30. metal on metal noise help please!!
  31. Opening up the combustion chambers on 317s
  32. will a big bore head fit on a small bore engine?
  33. 6.0 Swap Question
  34. Best CAM for an 2001 SS LS1?
  35. More LS1 RPM please?
  36. What is the stock ls1/ls2 crank good for power wise?
  37. Cylinder wall scuffing, how deep is too deep that a 3.905 resize cant cure?
  38. Porvette lives again
  39. power gains from a stock 2006 lq4 cam to a ls6 cam?
  40. '03 Z06 Cam into '02 LS1
  41. Lack of fuel?
  42. Forged LQ9 build. Help please.
  43. cam lobes and idle
  44. LS1 carnage after a night at the track
  45. Another MS4 what head Qs
  46. AFR's, Darts, Trickflows, OH MY!
  47. how much can i have these milled?
  48. Ball honing a cylinder
  49. 4.8L build to 5.3L turbo-help
  50. Brand new valvesprings broke, what steps to take for documentation?
  51. camshaft size questions 226/224 585/560 112lsa
  52. LQ4 tapping/knocking sound
  53. Cam and Stall questions
  54. zo6 new cam?
  55. 4200 stall enough for a vindicator?
  56. LS1 and D1SC, what cam?
  57. camshaft for use with TFS 215 cyl heads
  58. LQ4 Piston Specs
  59. LQ4-want 400rwhp
  60. What oil/weight r u using??
  61. Have you heard of this? I need some help
  62. Rebuilding my first LQ4
  63. prc 5.3 heads with tick polluter
  64. valve springs
  65. Question on LQ9/LQ4 Block
  66. 228r cam+circle d 3200 stall? Anybody running this setup?
  67. 5.3 build
  68. Questions on a different LQ4 build...opinions wanted, please.
  69. ANOTHER EPS grind in crate LS6
  70. Thinking of updating my cam/heads
  71. Cam questions
  72. Parts interchangeability question.
  73. Looking for a set of 70cc heads to match with my built 346
  74. finally going to do a cam.. Need advice
  75. LS-7 cam
  76. Best Cam for 243 heads?
  77. LS6 cam.. spring settings
  78. 408/giant cam questions.
  79. Ls1 broke need advice
  80. Looking to MOD 04 GTO M6
  81. Help with cam please
  82. Stock crank & rods?
  83. Oil pump failed, i want to rebuild, what am i going to encounter?
  84. Most Cost Effective Way to Built a 10.99 Second Car? plz help!!
  85. Lq4 qestions
  86. Valve covers
  87. edge oil or german castrol.
  88. Head Question
  89. Will hot tanking get metal out of the oil galley?
  90. Ported 241 heads or TSP 5.3L heads for my build?
  91. Ditch my 97/98 Patriot heads for Dart 225s?
  92. TTP Equalizer v3? FM14??
  93. aftermarket rods and pistions?
  94. Radiator size question
  95. Bare ported 243 heads
  96. Push rod length and adjustable rockers....
  97. melling oil pump does it need aligned
  98. Bellhousing bolts pertrude into a coolant/oil galley?
  99. crack oil pan
  100. Winter mods: TSP 228r
  101. Budget Build
  102. Porsche 911 SWAP Oil Temp Issue
  103. Mahle Piston?
  104. Need help with cam
  105. Installing an ls2 timing chain damper on an LQ9
  106. 5.3 heads milling
  107. good cam for ls1
  108. Porting hole in intake 243 head
  109. Where to find 6.0s online?
  110. Will i have to flycut
  111. Rebuild w/ Stock Pistons(piston to wall clearance)
  112. Cutting down rocker bolts
  113. rod bolts
  114. Can a 6.0 be bored to a 427?
  115. LS1 vette runs 2 seconds/dies
  116. help with my first engine build
  117. cyl leakdown results
  118. Rusty Comp Cam from StreetSide Auto
  119. All TTY bolts in the engine
  120. 01 Z28 maf question
  121. New to LSX
  122. Why do LG Motorsports camshaft's cost so much?
  123. compression question
  124. Rod torque question
  125. Got screwed over. Time to change some things.
  126. another LQ9 block thread
  127. Looking to make 400+ rwhp
  128. What should i do with my 799 casting heads?
  129. LQ4 loud valves after valve job?
  130. ls1 t-56 issue
  131. Which cam with stock 317 valvesprings?
  132. Another oil pressure issue (found bad SLP pump)
  133. Please review my staged buildup plan and critique!
  134. Build a racetrack on long island!!!!!! Vote now!!!
  135. Tsunami or MS3
  136. Bad oil pump or something else?
  137. Need help on build...
  138. yes, another cam thread (but please back your suggestions up with facts)
  139. Best route to 400rwhp?
  140. What head bolts/gaskets to run?
  141. motor problem help.
  142. 243 vs 317 pushrods
  143. stumped on fueling problem
  144. Oil Drops with Metal Particles
  145. What heads? L92s or 317s
  146. Oil pump install question
  147. Help!! New LS1 cranks but won't fire
  148. Cam choice
  149. car wont move till its warm...
  150. What do I need to buy?
  151. knock sensor
  152. How often are 98-99 blocks not rebuild able?
  153. Rod bolt tightening - torque or stretch?
  154. LS1/6 valvetrain interchangability
  155. Choosing Valve Springs
  156. How does this setup look?
  157. LS6 cam gains for stock 02 LS1
  158. Need help finalizing cam choice!
  159. Nitrous motor build. Do I toss 317's or build them up
  160. Futral Motorsports 408 Engine Build
  161. WS6 Running like Crap
  162. MAF vs Lid
  163. TSP Torquer V2 with stock 853 heads?
  164. motor ate a largre nut for breakfast!
  165. Heads/Cam help! Urgent!
  166. Noob ?
  167. Cam
  168. push rod length checking write up with hydraulic lifters?
  169. push rod length please come in
  170. Which heads for new setup...
  171. I've gotten it apart, now the fun begins...
  172. correct Head Gaskets?
  173. Lifter trouble...
  174. Va Speed VTC 2 pushrod length
  175. What do you all think...tearing down this wknd...
  176. Need some wiring/component removal advise
  177. Cam lobe family technical info question.
  178. need help with heads
  179. 228R install idle problems
  180. Weird knocking sound?!?!?!?!
  181. 5.3 with ls6 cam piston to valve
  182. Need Help! Getting A lil bored of my Camaro
  183. lq9 how much should i pay?
  184. getting a cheatR cam..which heads?
  185. removed l92's for trick flow: posted in drag racing section.
  186. My engine build idea
  187. AFR, Trick Flow, or Texas Speed?
  188. g5x3 cylinder head choice
  189. used cam damage: confirm this is junk
  190. LS1 with CheaTR cam and 799 heads?
  191. ms4 upgrade valve clearance with milled 243
  192. Has anyone installed a carb on your LS-1??
  193. Slow Z06 needs help
  194. stock ls6 NA power limit?
  195. TEA head users.....come on in
  196. TFS 215 and Pushrod length
  197. Cheap shortblocks
  198. What is this part?
  199. nasty knock rebuild ideas
  200. Good drag racing cam
  201. Couple cam questions
  202. LS main bolts
  203. possible blown head gasket?
  204. please take a look at these bearings and journals
  205. FAST 102 and Meziere EWP Mock Up
  206. 02 5.3 questain
  207. Possible spun bearing, my official rebuild thread
  208. LOUD Knock..Flexplate? Bearing?
  209. 427 guys come on in
  210. Coils Went Bad????
  211. what head gaskets should i run with my setup?
  212. coolant flow path
  213. My formula is alive!!!
  214. Z28 for sale
  215. More money than know how
  216. Finally the RapTr cam goes in tomorrow. I will get a clip and numbers
  217. EPS cam with AFR heads?
  218. Carbed LQ4/L92/Vic Jr/cam
  219. Rocker Education: Differance between 1.7 or 1.8 Adjustible or non ???
  220. Need some Advice. I have Rod Knock.
  221. Idle Issue
  222. main caps help
  223. Opinions Appreciated.
  224. veteran GM techs in here
  225. Head Gasket help
  226. Car Smoking After Cam Install, What Is Going On?
  227. Valve covers
  228. Iron ls2 vs LS6
  229. what are the odds of this engine & trans. being still good?
  230. How much is this worth?
  231. MS3 and 5.3
  232. 5.3 question?
  233. You guys ever machine an oiling slot in a pre-04 block?
  234. Wanna upgrade from ls6 cam to Midrange cam need help....
  235. do I need a new engine?
  236. oiling issue
  237. who should i go for a cam
  238. Re Use Intake Manifold Gaskets?
  239. Engine Problems
  240. Top end tap?
  241. Whos running PRC stage 1 243s and eps grind?
  242. Factory 1.7 rockers to a comp cams 1.8 kit
  243. help i just got my comp cams pushrod checker but no instructions
  244. MS4 build-Questions???
  245. Morel Lifters?
  246. mid range cam question
  247. Crankshaft grindable??
  248. Hone cylinders with less than 1 hr run time?
  249. do I need a tune for this cam?
  250. cam heads build ideas?