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  1. need help with heads
  2. 228R install idle problems
  3. Weird knocking sound?!?!?!?!
  4. 5.3 with ls6 cam piston to valve
  5. Need Help! Getting A lil bored of my Camaro
  6. lq9 how much should i pay?
  7. getting a cheatR cam..which heads?
  8. removed l92's for trick flow: posted in drag racing section.
  9. My engine build idea
  10. AFR, Trick Flow, or Texas Speed?
  11. g5x3 cylinder head choice
  12. used cam damage: confirm this is junk
  13. LS1 with CheaTR cam and 799 heads?
  14. ms4 upgrade valve clearance with milled 243
  15. Has anyone installed a carb on your LS-1??
  16. Slow Z06 needs help
  17. stock ls6 NA power limit?
  18. TEA head users.....come on in
  19. TFS 215 and Pushrod length
  20. Cheap shortblocks
  21. What is this part?
  22. nasty knock rebuild ideas
  23. Good drag racing cam
  24. Couple cam questions
  25. LS main bolts
  26. possible blown head gasket?
  27. please take a look at these bearings and journals
  28. FAST 102 and Meziere EWP Mock Up
  29. 02 5.3 questain
  30. Possible spun bearing, my official rebuild thread
  31. LOUD Knock..Flexplate? Bearing?
  32. 427 guys come on in
  33. Coils Went Bad????
  34. what head gaskets should i run with my setup?
  35. coolant flow path
  36. My formula is alive!!!
  37. Z28 for sale
  38. More money than know how
  39. Finally the RapTr cam goes in tomorrow. I will get a clip and numbers
  40. EPS cam with AFR heads?
  41. Carbed LQ4/L92/Vic Jr/cam
  42. Rocker Education: Differance between 1.7 or 1.8 Adjustible or non ???
  43. Need some Advice. I have Rod Knock.
  44. Idle Issue
  45. main caps help
  46. Opinions Appreciated.
  47. veteran GM techs in here
  48. Head Gasket help
  49. Car Smoking After Cam Install, What Is Going On?
  50. Valve covers
  51. Iron ls2 vs LS6
  52. what are the odds of this engine & trans. being still good?
  53. How much is this worth?
  54. MS3 and 5.3
  55. 5.3 question?
  56. You guys ever machine an oiling slot in a pre-04 block?
  57. Wanna upgrade from ls6 cam to Midrange cam need help....
  58. do I need a new engine?
  59. oiling issue
  60. who should i go for a cam
  61. Re Use Intake Manifold Gaskets?
  62. Engine Problems
  63. Top end tap?
  64. Whos running PRC stage 1 243s and eps grind?
  65. Factory 1.7 rockers to a comp cams 1.8 kit
  66. help i just got my comp cams pushrod checker but no instructions
  67. MS4 build-Questions???
  68. Morel Lifters?
  69. mid range cam question
  70. Crankshaft grindable??
  71. Hone cylinders with less than 1 hr run time?
  72. do I need a tune for this cam?
  73. cam heads build ideas?
  74. low oil pressure, help!
  75. Heads
  76. Car Ls1 Intake on 5.3 Truck Engine?
  77. Lq4 cam and intake questions.
  78. Ls1 Headers
  79. doing cam swap soon.... few questions
  80. Headers (Ls1)
  81. LQ4 with l92 heads,what cam will clear pistons
  82. Need shortblock or rotating assy. Any deals?
  83. Ls1 stroker kit possibilities
  84. Big Duration Split Vs. Small Duration Split (N/A App.)
  85. Ordered new 427
  86. 2000 Trans Am Ws6 Headers (Ls1)
  87. Lq4 cam and intake questions
  88. LS1 --> LS6 Conversion... Few ?'s
  89. Long block or Rebuild?
  90. 5.3 cid?
  91. blinker light failure
  92. Cam experts
  93. Broken valve spring....takes out engine!
  94. New heads for Trex? Ported 806 now on ls1
  95. Need Advice: Building a '99 Block.
  96. Source of "clicking" from Engine?
  97. help me make a CA legal 400 rwhp on a budget..
  98. T Rex cam - who runs it DD - how does the car run in general ???
  99. What size injectors?
  100. winter build projects,
  101. have some questions,stock ls1 block
  102. weird starting (not starting) problem
  103. Daily Driver Head/cam questions!
  104. valve tip wear??
  105. Cam Question
  106. should i get push rods
  107. Simple intake swap to possble dissaster! Need some help!
  108. Lifters, rockers, injectors
  109. Will a T-REX clear?
  110. Tore the heads off today to fix Cometic... look at pics
  111. ls9 pushrod length
  112. Bad bearing need options
  113. blew out my knock sensor gaskets!!!
  114. Oil Pan Rough Casting, Bead Blast Inside?
  115. what am i lookin at?
  116. what does piston slap sound like
  117. Using PRC Golds with stock retainers and locks?
  118. [LS1] valve train upgrade (supercharger in near future)
  119. 4.8L iron block
  120. engine taps bad after track
  121. gains from stroking
  122. cam suggestions?
  123. head selecting
  124. Engine cleaning (internal)
  125. Can I Haz Stoker???
  126. Weight difference aluminum vs cast iron
  127. LS6 springs question
  128. cleaning Ls1???
  129. Heads/cam "packages"
  130. Help me pick a cam for my Silverado
  131. rebuild question
  132. 243 head max mill
  133. ms4 check engine light
  134. what are some good cams for my WS6?
  135. estimates on power production?
  136. LS7 Lifters?
  137. dart heads
  138. TFS 220 as cast heads question.
  139. Lunched a rod bearing - how should I clean up before installing the new engine?
  140. Oil pickup issues?
  141. ls1 rebuild
  142. Engine Brackets and Headers
  143. Are All Vortec Truck Intakes The Same?
  144. dont make fun of me i got a 2800 converter...i know a bit small, what cam now?
  145. need help in modding my ls1
  146. Who's had to flycut with T-Rex cam?
  147. Multiple misfires idle rough
  148. ls6 springs?
  149. What kind of HP to expect to the wheels
  150. what combo?
  151. dimond piston Problem !!!!!!
  152. prc 2.5 5.3 59cc ptv?
  153. yet another RPM question
  154. Hot Rod magazines ls cathedral head test
  155. 5.3 l w/ z06 cam question
  156. what size pushrods is everyone using on the cam cars with ls7 lifters
  157. need help with pushrod lenght dilema please chime in
  158. Stage 1 243s VS Stage 2.5 5.3 Heads
  159. Recommend a worthy cam for big power with Heads :)
  160. PRC 247cc Heads Nearly Done!!
  161. Stealership Rant
  162. 5.3 heads question
  163. What do you guys think of this set up???
  164. LQ4/9 spun cam bearing. Can it be fixed with gen IV Bearing??
  165. opinions please
  166. Rebuilding my LS1 + add goodies?
  167. Who wants to spec out a solid roller top end?
  168. trick flow heads??
  169. LS2 Intake Manifold Bolts
  170. Open Question
  171. 12:1 Compression in LQ9
  172. LS1 Hemi Heads
  173. Ls9?
  174. weird knock ??
  175. 5.3 questions
  176. Exhaust Pop LS1 after cam install
  177. New here and in need of cam/ internal advice! Plz Help
  178. For turbo LS1, what's better 383 or stock stroke?
  179. Reasonable short block assembley price??
  180. Any interest in new GM LS HD Rockers ??
  181. Ms4 cam
  182. how long till it ruins ur rings
  183. PTV clearance for my setup?
  184. Can you remove engine without a lift???
  185. Can it be done?
  186. Need advice on my lq4 build
  187. Car smoking after head install; now wont start
  188. Building my ls1
  189. Camshaft Confusion
  190. Trex vs MS4 and 3
  191. ARP 2000 rod bolts overkill for stock rods?
  192. Help picking cam
  193. Car won't start after new main bearings
  194. Cam question?
  195. Most compression for bottom end?
  196. Couple of questions before I start wasting money
  197. Keep LS1 or build Lq4
  198. is this cam toast?And what about my engine?
  199. head question
  200. LS1/LS6 balancer install in Arkansas
  201. In need of some advice/help ???
  202. N/A Cam, Streetable?
  203. need help on 6.0 block....need to know if its gen III or IV
  204. ready to start but will it run?
  205. NEED HELP!! any one rent torque plates for a 4.030 bore??
  206. Got a quick question
  207. Mishimoto radiator
  208. How it's made: 100% Synthetic Oil Filter [VIDEO]
  209. g5x3 hp numbers
  210. Help needed with Crank Position Sensor
  211. 243 castings
  212. rocker bolt tightening
  213. Please ID this cam!
  214. Intake Manifold Gaskets
  215. Compression goals for 10 psi
  216. lil help on head choices
  217. BIG dd set-ups
  218. choose camshaft for my lsx
  219. Lifter question?
  220. Going to start getting parts, List look ok?
  221. Low oil pressure... Maybe???
  222. Callies crank issue?
  223. 102 TB, little sticky from closed position
  224. 241 heads worth porting myself... Pics added
  225. Parts for turbo ls1
  226. Cam wear
  227. How much is too much buildup?
  228. 500 hp Ls1 or ls2
  229. Cam suggestions?
  230. Sounds Like a Rod Knocking
  231. Cam position sensor question
  232. Forged motor blown does not care!!
  233. HELP 98 trans am wont crank
  234. H/C and now smoke...
  235. Tick noise after cam and head install
  236. valve drop on TEA heads
  237. Patriot Or PRC Springs
  238. Vid of new 6.0
  239. Advice needed on LQ4 build for truck...
  240. needs mo' way to do this?
  241. Valvetrain weight
  242. Safe compression ratio for 93 octane
  243. No oil pressure on cold start.... need advice.
  244. ls1 block with hole in it
  245. Rocker bolt stripped, what to do
  246. cam questions
  247. lq9/ls2 rod info?
  248. low oil pressure then...
  249. efi live to hp tuner?
  250. valve stem height