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  1. Educate me on building a nitrous motor
  2. LS1 block VS. LQ9 block,
  3. Something different: my off-color 383
  4. running lean
  5. What should I buy for cam swap and lifter replacement?
  6. Ls1 crank bolt removal
  7. LS1 Cam question..
  8. Slight ticking sound after cam swap...
  9. Want to hear some opinions on my parts choices
  10. LS1 to LS2 stroker engine swap questions
  11. What spring in SLP oil pump?
  12. Happy with it!
  13. What did I find here?
  14. 5.3 heads?
  15. Power & Springs
  16. How close should the pulley get to the block?
  17. LQ4 Line hone/Bore (Spun Bearing)
  18. dual springs not fitting correctly in 4.8 heads?
  19. Engine builders! HELP PLZ....
  20. Pushrod Length?
  21. Who's usually got the best deal on Cam/Springs?
  22. pushrod length
  23. Where to buy ls6 lifters??
  24. L92 cam swap
  25. Is this worth doing?
  26. Can't hook 1st or 2nd
  27. LS1 ticking/clicking. Think it's valvetrain...
  28. Which will make a bigger difference 0-60
  29. Proper Hone for an 3.89 to 3.902 Bore
  30. cam in a 150,000 mile ls1?
  31. Now I have it narrowed to 2 cams from TSP....
  32. Whats the white dumbbell looking thing? For oil pressure?
  33. What is the reason.
  34. LQ4 budget build, input appreciated
  35. Must i have to pull pan to install a cam.
  36. PAC 1518 recall / breaking??
  37. Oil Temp Sender Location?
  38. Ls9 cam in 5.3/4.8 stock heads pushrod length?
  39. Where to get a full gasket & seal kit for my LQ4?
  40. t-rex cam
  41. Just dropped a lifter...
  42. Should I buy these heads?
  43. looking for cam. i need some help
  44. HELP!! Not building oil pressure TWICE in my LS6!
  45. need help!
  46. Help! what cam to choose
  47. BEST way to prevent Oil in intake and puffing out exhasuts at WOT/high rpm
  48. Looking for stroker kit advice!
  49. LS3 top end/LQ4
  50. metal shavings in oil
  51. Newbie in need of HELP! P0308 misfire issue
  52. 02 z28 cam in 5.3
  53. What you think on this setup
  54. what would u get ?
  55. TSP Wiseco Pistons
  56. dirty motor...will i be okay running this?
  57. Stock bottom end tollerance on h/c/i + 75 shot?
  58. Ported LS1 heads with rocker arm bolt holes in intake runner
  59. PRC 5.3L heads
  60. Head and head gasket ?s ...
  61. Can I port and shim my oil pump with 79k on it or should I replace it ?
  62. 5.3 L33 Chevy Vortec 2005
  63. what is this? i want it gone!
  64. Fixing Stripped Crank?
  65. Looking for low 11's high 10's What cam/Head combo?
  66. Looking for a Motor swap soon
  67. Piston identification
  68. 98 ls1 m6 engine noise once warm
  69. 233/239 + Milled 2.5 5.3L
  70. Turbo setup coming, need some answers!
  71. Will too stiff a valve spring wear out a lifter or other components prematurely?
  72. eps 226/234 cam with trick flow 215s
  73. pushrod lenth help !!!
  74. Help me diagnose this sound!
  75. Oil pressure okay?
  76. Intake manifold
  77. How long can I let it sit
  78. Could valve float happen at 5200 on a stock LS1?
  79. Full roller rockers for cammed LS1
  80. Cam on stock exhaust manifolds
  81. LQ4/408 with budget top end?
  82. Oil Consumption
  83. need help from you valve spring gurus
  84. Spun a cam bearing. Block trashed?
  85. Experience shimming 1518's for LSL lobes? Please enter.
  86. 02 trans am weird starting up
  87. Help map out my build
  88. vic jr or FAST 92?
  89. cam swap
  90. painted valve covers
  91. Looking for a good oil pump
  92. Here's a head scratcher!!! !!!
  93. Yet another cam question
  94. Trex cam for my setup? Other suggestions accepted.
  95. Cam advice..
  96. Need some answers/clarifications for my build...
  97. Dropped lifter and cam/head install update
  98. bucking, low end power loss, rich
  99. rebuild time?
  100. Quick n00b question
  101. Re-using Cometic MLS Head Gasket
  102. going from a ms4 to a lgx3
  103. Hybrid 5.3L ????
  104. 98 Head and cam swap supporting mod Q's?
  105. 5.3 parts vs ls1 parts
  106. head torquing issue
  107. Another "WTF is this thing" Thread
  108. People with engine oil cooler step in plz
  109. What length pushrods?
  110. Is this 5W 40 Shell Rotella too thick for me?
  111. LS1 valley cover on LQ4?
  112. Can ABS delete cause a missfire?
  113. Possible Reluctor Wheel Problem
  114. 224r vs 228r
  115. 1.8 rockers: Harland Sharps or Scrpions?
  116. AFR 225's on 383
  117. Questions about Cam lift and valve springs
  118. what diameter piston rings?
  119. Headgasket question
  120. Finally stopped the oil leak
  121. Starting after h/c install
  122. Head gasket
  123. 228r cam gains?
  124. Crank without a reluctor wheel question
  125. Piston or Piston Rings
  126. Need advice on my lq9 build
  127. y pipe question. help!
  128. What should a new cam look like?
  129. need help choosing an off the shelf cam
  130. Spec me cam
  131. 243 heads on a 5.3
  132. Experiences/thoughts with 1.85 rockers?
  133. Just Curious
  134. Head bolt
  135. Cam ID help
  136. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bent a valve and dont know what brand it is PLEASE HELP
  137. ls1 top end inspection and what i have found.
  138. blue smoke out of exhaust, pcv?
  139. what happen inside?
  140. make it lighter
  141. 450-500 wheel?
  142. How hot does the PCM get??
  143. Sending block to machine shop today, need some advice?
  144. is a bigger maf worth the money?
  145. Help choosing parts for my LS1!
  146. Nick Williams 102mm throttle body
  147. eps 226/234 cam and tfc 215 heads questions
  148. fast 102 on a old hemi
  149. Lifter Help
  150. My old motor and the start of the new build..
  151. 4 u guys who installed 59cc heads and big intakes.
  152. help! oil pressure dropped!
  153. LS1 Rebuild/Refresh
  154. Single beehive vs dual spring
  155. texas speed pushrod vs comp cams
  156. What is a good price for ls6 heads
  157. How common is a cracked block LS1?
  158. LS2 timing chain questions
  159. black smoke
  160. LQ4 boost question
  161. Compression Ratio
  162. Big problem? Need help
  163. Advice ON A Low Mileage Engine That Has Sat 6 Years
  164. Removing a spark plug Damage the motor
  165. stock crank pully ????
  166. L33 cam/springs suggestions?
  167. Sanity check, please...piston to valve measurements
  168. Vats wire. Help out asap
  169. Oil pan removal?
  170. Cam?
  171. tr224 or ms4
  172. What valve springs? Info Please
  173. 243's To TFS 215's Do I Need To Re-Flycut?
  174. My H/C/I setup
  175. stroke a 4.8l motor?
  176. What cam?
  177. running rich after cam
  178. Replacing valve springs - Help, because i'm an idiot
  179. ARP head bolt torquing compound
  180. Help me solve: The case of the mysteriously bent connecting rod
  181. G5X3 in 404 Stroker
  182. LS6 Rods mystery:
  183. trick flow heads v prc heads what do you guys think
  184. Help with LS6 valve springs
  185. 5.3 head chambers
  186. Budget 370 Plan?
  187. Dart pro 1 205's
  188. 5/16 locks on an 8mm valve stem?????
  189. Lqs6293 = 500hp?
  190. Debating a Cam Change and few things to add to my set-up
  191. Oil pump removal for 04 GTO
  192. Calculate scr and dcr...
  193. ZO6(C6) cam in my 5.3 truck?
  194. Rear End for my '00 SS
  195. Best way to test for vacuum leak?
  196. Texas Speed MS3
  197. Looking for base HP # before FI.....thoughts?
  198. What head gasket do I use?
  199. vengance vs mamo fast intake
  200. Seroius issue!
  201. Car won't idle with IAC plugged in
  202. Cannot figure out what heads I have - try your best!
  203. Dont know what to do!!!!
  204. Offroad Y Pipe Question
  205. Bret Bauer 243's
  206. roller lifter question, please help
  207. Hot Cam? Just need some help.
  208. Pushrods needed, or not?
  209. Sodium filled valves. Any difference in hp?
  210. Head gasket with 5.3 and LS6 heads
  211. from stock ls1 intake 2???
  212. rod bolts...
  213. Cam only!
  214. ms3 dyno numbers
  215. Knicked deck
  216. just installed 228r cam (idle vid)
  217. Wont start video added please help (MORE VIDEOS ADDED)
  218. ANYONE USING "PRW PQ Series Aluminum Shaft Rocker Arm"
  219. Exhaust cutout VS Borla catback
  220. ms4 cam setup
  221. Calculating compression ratio - a common figure overlooked
  222. comp gold roller rockers
  223. help car running like poo!
  224. 5.3 piston question
  225. Stock 03 Z06 243's piston clearance?
  226. is it possible to make 450rwhp without doing heads?
  227. Anyone else have problems with the FAST valley cover replacement bolts?
  228. PRC 227 guys come in
  229. comp 921 valve springs
  230. Oil Pump Question
  231. valve seals calling all engine experts
  232. 5.3 build
  233. Replacing springs in LS6, should I get pushrods too?
  234. HP difference between cams on an LS1?
  235. Mail order tunes?... Worth it?
  236. Cam lift and valve spring limits
  237. Building a 383 and have a couple questions about parts...
  238. engine jerking?
  239. N/A Stroker for 04 Vette
  240. What valve stem seals & locks to use
  241. Weighing out a couple options...
  242. ls2 timing chain
  243. Another Surging/bad idle thread
  244. whos passed CA smog W/ FMS F4 Cam??
  245. Shaved 243's, what is my cc now?
  246. rapid motorsport ????'s
  247. Whining sound coming from the bottom of the engine?
  248. 5.3 Lifter noise/squeal?
  249. Budget Ls1 450hp
  250. cam install question.