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  1. LS intake number
  2. My LS1 is not a LS1
  3. ? on PCV ports on Pass. side valve cover
  4. Ever have a perfectly good engine lock up from just sitting.
  5. Should I upgrade to stock ls6 heads?
  6. Want to pick a strong boomstick...Gas Mileage be damned
  7. Run J2k's with hydraulic rollers
  8. Rod bushings lq9
  9. Just a quick question about springs/retainers/pushrods
  10. Fel-Pro PT6166 Head Gaskets
  11. 1999 iron block motor with longer crank flange
  12. Holes in intake port MTI stage 2e
  13. Some noob questions on my build...
  14. ATI Dampener (917242) - need new belts?
  15. Best heads for my setup
  16. Ckecking PTV clearance with clay
  17. H/C to help build on later???
  18. What's an acceptable gap on the oil rings?
  19. How to tell if a lifter is bad
  20. lq4 vs 5.3
  21. question on installing my motor back in
  22. hp levels for dm race girdle?
  23. question about afr 205 heads and piston to valve clearance
  24. Ready to start buying motor/parts for a rebuild
  25. Looking for headers for a GMC Colorado 2008 using a LS1 6.0L
  26. help with cam
  27. Coolant disappearing after I thought I was fine?
  28. HP with TFS 220cc heads?
  29. Too Much?
  30. 6.0 4x4 Truck Cam Selection
  31. Cam or No Cam For Rock Crawling
  32. Pondering some changes in my combo....
  33. Proper way to install pickup, windage, and pan on LQ9?
  34. Cam of choice?
  35. about to install tr224 cam, what else do i need?
  36. Arp pro series rod bolts in 5.3
  37. would you get a bigger/better stick?
  38. Trunion upgrade
  39. Questions about my heads and cam combo
  40. Heads
  41. What cam?
  42. ls6 heads and intake on a 232/236 cam?
  43. block decking
  44. Valve springs to go with?
  45. rear main leak?
  46. does this rocker look ok where it's on the valve?
  47. cam walk?
  48. Can you tap the LS1 valley pan for a PCV system?
  49. Bad rings
  50. Got $2000 need better ET
  51. Arp Rod bolts...
  52. tea ls6 p to v question
  53. But I want torque
  54. couple of questions about tfs as cast 220 heads
  55. Push rods for tsp 228r
  56. damaged intake mounting hole
  57. Thoughts on this cam choice
  58. Question on getting heads checked
  59. LQ4 machining question
  60. Cam or spray?
  61. Any head work needed for turbos - LS6
  62. Rocker Arm Install Problem
  63. comp 2010 master lobes
  64. cam help
  65. 224/228 116lsa - crazy?
  66. 243's
  67. Is this valvetrain noise?
  68. i have lots of ?`s i need help with please help if you have the time
  69. Lifter Preload Question
  70. Keep breaking yella tera rockers!!
  71. M6 car with MS3 cam...lacking power?
  72. HELP! Problems with new 347
  73. biggest cam w/ AFR 59cc milled heads
  74. Anyone using the affordable Compstar I beam rod ?
  75. LS1 to LS6 conversion ???
  76. TRICKFLOW as cast 220 59cc heads
  77. 370 cid
  78. Got my eps 226 234 cam installed
  79. max lift??
  80. Gaps between cylinder liners and block?
  81. Blowing Oil Out The Tail Pipes.. VIDS
  82. Too much vacume!!Need HELP
  83. Is there such a thing as a 'weak' lifter?
  84. Stock LS1 rockers and lifters above 7000 rpm with Beehive Springs.
  85. My Build!!! The forged 347 that does'nt know what it wants!
  86. Thrust bearing trashed...what are my options?
  87. LS1 rebuild
  88. altinator help (98-02 years)
  89. Engine rebuild?
  90. Getting ready to do a head/cam swap soon & want to make sure I cover everything!
  91. Order with Thunder Racing help?
  92. I need a part number
  93. Machine Shop recommendations?
  94. compression and PTV cleareance question
  95. TFS 220cc vs. AFR 205cc
  96. Keep an eye on those aluminum rockers (Some can be troublesome)
  97. Rocker Arm Bolt Length
  98. Cam???
  99. help with head and cam
  100. Lq4 4x4 Cam
  101. Do I have enough lifter preload?
  102. what is the stock ls1 intake manifold airflow?
  103. How much difference between 112 and 114 LSA
  104. cam swap ?
  105. Safe RPM for an LQ9 short block
  106. What are 241 Heads Worth?
  107. NO dot to dot on crank/cam gear
  108. How High is too High? (Oil)
  109. Coolant overflow going crazy!
  110. Calling all top engine builders
  111. how to prove if these heads were from Texas speed? pics..
  112. Need cam help for a 415/LQ4 with Stg 3 L92 WCCHs
  113. is jacking with quench really worth the hassle?
  114. Piston ring advice
  115. Head porting opinion w/ pics
  116. road course head/cam/intake set-up C5
  117. FINALLY!! (pics)
  118. Can't decide to ditch my Patriot cam when I do heads or not..
  119. H/C/I/I ,,will only run between 1500-2000rpm
  120. Debating between lq9 or lm7
  121. 408 or LS1
  122. You guys oil your head bolts on an LS1?
  123. Oil pressure problems?
  124. Is this fixable? (Head porting.)
  125. are 2.08 valves to large for a stock bore ls1?
  126. 383 bore size?
  127. What is going on with my engine? - Found the problem!
  128. HP estimate
  129. hp from LS2 vs. LS6 blocks
  130. High mile blocks have problems?
  131. Need info on bottom end
  132. '99 Z28 with 241 heads
  133. Anyone Use E3 Spark plugs?
  134. Lightest Rotating Assembly
  135. Issue after cam install
  136. How to diagnose a failing lifter(s)
  137. traction control light
  138. Need Help - Car not running well
  139. Engine Rebuild Kit
  140. Does this look normal?
  141. tool steel retainers vs titainiaum retainers
  142. is it safe to reuse stock block?
  143. LS7 Lifters
  144. just another cam install question
  145. 5w30 or 10w30 first oil change since cam
  146. Wich spark plugs should I use with Ms4
  147. What is a Ls4?
  148. 383 build block ?'s
  149. Looking for feedback on the TFS 220 as cast heads
  150. Which Heads, Cam, Intake for LS1 Iroc
  151. Engine removal help!
  152. Problem Starting my 02 SS...
  153. WWYD? 2003 Reg Cab 6.0/4L80E
  154. Best budget LQ9 setup?
  155. LQ9 cam question
  156. Weight issues with the LQ4 in my lowered 98 TA?
  157. Cadillac Racing Team Lifters
  158. Cam bearing question
  159. cam and exhaust
  160. power
  161. max RPM's
  162. need some help with a camshaft???
  163. What to do?
  164. LS6 Hot Cam I.D.
  165. 2002 camaro sump cornering concern?
  166. timing gear bolt size??
  167. need your opinion.
  168. Is this normal for a cammed car?
  169. Who is running a GM HOT CAM??? Love or Hate?
  170. Cam swap. missing power?
  171. Time to start saving for heads. what should i be keeping an eye out for?
  172. Need some timing help ASAP
  173. tech hook up
  174. Broken valvespring club... come on in.
  175. Trying to upgrade my cam How about this one?
  176. its alive
  177. Question about honing
  178. Manifolds vs. Headers article
  179. Can anybody help? Rev xtreme hookup
  180. need alt wiring help.
  181. parts list any sugestions on what else
  182. thunder racings cheater cam
  183. New, Track and Trade
  184. 383 power?
  185. how much power till i need double roller timing chain
  186. Identification
  187. 243 LS6 heads worth bolting on an LQ9?
  188. Engine builder
  189. what is this?
  190. need some cam help
  191. Intake and cam ?
  192. LS9 gasket on LS1
  193. Can anyone critique my LQ9 swap build
  194. Engine missing.... possible causes?
  195. IDing AFR heads??
  196. burning oil
  197. 140k mile LS1 has a bad lifter, WWYD?
  198. Were there different model 241 heads?
  199. "Reverse Split" - 230/224 .575/.563 111 LSA
  200. Best heads for ASA cam?
  201. heads only
  202. LM7 + 243s?
  203. 408 w ls3 heads"what cam?"
  204. Engine Modifications Questions?
  205. Ls6 ticking sometimes
  206. just heard from tsp
  207. pushrod length/preload help + how much advance?
  208. My basic build
  209. MS4 or MS3 cam with Dart 205 heads and bolt-ons?
  210. Question on checking PTV clearance
  211. 6.0 truck heads on an 2002 ls1
  212. Cam Bearings
  213. Best timing chain for my build??
  214. Porting your own oil pump
  215. Is this a L33
  216. CTS-V Time Trials Cam Choice?
  217. L92 vs. patriot stage 2 243's
  218. Adjustable Yella Terras
  219. 408 with MS3 adding 200 shot? Keep it or go custom?
  220. is the trick flow top end kit really any good? 515hp's!!
  221. Probably a dumb question, 5.3 or 6.0 for 370
  222. Port 5.3 oil pump?
  223. Quick question. Will 225 trick flow work on a 347 LS1?
  224. So how good are the stock rocker arms?
  225. replace oil pump?
  226. Will C6 o2 sensors work with LQ9 PCM?
  227. Hot Cam Retainer Question
  228. Budget Lq4 build
  229. opinions for build
  230. another which cam thread (i know, i know)
  231. c5z 243 s ported 3 angle or multiangle valve job how much gain
  232. TR Raptor cam install?
  233. If I Blow It
  234. stock 5.3 heads better than stock 241???
  235. lifters
  236. 6.0L all about torque
  237. Calculating Compression Ratio?
  238. Headgasket issues?
  239. questions about spring problems in 2002 C5 Z06
  240. "Since I'm This Far In Might as Well..." Suggestions
  241. If i deck my heads .010 my pushrods should be that much shorter for same preload?
  242. 4 inch strokers reliable?
  243. Misfire and running terrible
  244. Ticking noise after warm up low oil pressure
  245. Vavle train ticking?
  246. Head Choice for LQ4 build
  247. Odd sounds on start up.. (video)
  248. I Need help????? I PUT MY DYNO SHEET ON HERE NOW
  249. Stock Appearing Aftermarket Heads
  250. Still trying to diagnose a cooling issue... upper hose hot, but lower hose cooler?