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  1. Issues at the track
  2. Help me find some missing horsepower
  3. Trickflow as cast VS ported flow #s?
  4. Doing cam install soon
  5. 383 Possibility?
  6. Valve components required or not, for Torquer v.2 Camshaft ?
  7. how much for a ls1 swap to g-body?
  8. Which lq4 motors were different as far as the trans mounting up
  9. another ptv question, LQ9 317 TSP Torquer V3
  10. Anyone ever used a Bypass oil filter system?
  11. What head bolts for a 01' 6L with L92 heads
  12. help with piston / valve clearance
  13. ANOTHER cam spec thread
  14. Sealant or Gasket for AIR Block Off Plate??
  15. help identifying prc heads
  16. Stock LS1 piston question
  17. Manifold delema! Opinions Please.
  18. priming the oil system
  19. New Eagle crankshaft, should I grind it?
  20. 5.3L LM4 Builds and/or Dyno numbers?
  21. A4s with AFR 205 and 224/228 combo
  22. Help Bad lifter!
  23. Best Throttle Body For an LS6 Intake?
  24. 3 bolt vs. 1 bolt cams
  25. Does it matter which way the head gaskets go on????
  26. Ported LS6 oil pump... worth it?
  27. What's a reasonably cheap cam I can run in an LQ9 ?
  28. What is preload?
  29. Thinking about a cam...
  30. A few questions... 5.3 into 98 Trans AM
  31. ASA Cam with 1.8 rockers, will ls6 springs work??
  32. broken retainer... help please!!
  33. Too many cams
  34. Hp estimate?
  35. Lingenfelter GT11 cam vs Torquer v3 cam
  36. anyone got a 228r 114lsa sound clip
  37. Drag racing with a 100k mile LS1
  38. different engine combos
  39. 7.4length pushrods and milled heads..please help!
  40. Which cam for 6.0
  41. main bolt's or stud's?
  42. LS6 crate engine with GM hot cam.
  43. How to set lifter pre-load with y/t ultra lites
  44. anyone try these valve covers?
  45. oil pump questions
  46. Supporting parts
  47. Good cam for TFS 215
  48. Spec Me out a torquey cam pls
  49. 5.3?
  50. 12 bolt rearend Strange or Moser?
  51. P0420 again!
  52. How can I get my 99 TA to run at 160?
  53. best bang for the buck heads for ms3
  54. cam kit. to much for a DD?
  55. PortMaster Ls1 & LS6 Heads, anyone try a set?
  56. reuse main bolts?
  57. Which setup would be better for me?
  58. Help! All hell breaks loose above 4500rpm
  59. MS3 Cam Stock Rod Clearance
  60. How do i know
  61. Cam spec help
  62. 241 Vs. 243 PTV
  63. 5.3 head swap
  64. What to do with old block?
  65. What cam should I use?
  66. Low oil pressure Barbell Plug?
  67. Could you tell if these 243's are LS6 or LS2 by these numbers?
  68. need help oil in intake port is this normal
  69. Head gasket!
  70. comp cams Trunion Upgrade Kit quistions
  71. heads and pushrods help please!
  72. Calculating valve overlap?
  73. How to flycut pistons in an LS1 for free! (almost)
  74. Comp cams Thumper vs. XFI
  75. experience with JE 271102 pistons?
  76. What could cause this?
  77. PTV Question
  78. To rebuild or not
  79. Looking to buy a Trans Am. need help
  80. Gaskets and seals
  81. need forged 383 stroker rotating assmebly
  82. pac 218's
  83. 799 vs 243
  84. Will my reverse split hold me back?
  85. Swap or not
  86. "348" and high boost,high hp,good idea??
  87. Whats the max safe cam lift for ls6 springs..
  88. Where will this setup be bottlenecking?
  89. Short Windage Tray?
  90. which rods and pistons n20 346ci
  91. Is this everything I need for my head swap?
  92. ls1 possibly misfireing? solution? please help
  93. Just Bought a 98 Camaro SS and now its got big problems... anyone that can help?
  94. Problem with my motor
  95. Zo6/Truck 85mm MAF
  96. question for you that have had a cam lobe go bad
  97. which cam should i use
  98. Dart 240 or 250 cnc heads... need help!
  99. Need opinions... LOOK
  100. cam wear marks little rough
  101. Texas speed - Torquer v3 or Texas giant
  102. Too much power for Daily driver? Why not
  103. Lingenfelter CNC Edelbrock LS1 heads, What's the Story?
  104. morel lifters rebuildable?
  105. Good Timing Chain Upgrade?
  106. Vindicator...everyones input please!
  107. Thunder Racing 227 Questions
  108. 347 forged bottom end Pros & Cons
  109. Too much for a 346?
  110. P/V clearance with milled heads???
  111. need help with oil and coolant plz
  112. Cam timing question! What is my tolerance?
  113. Spun Rod Bearing
  114. Torque specs for flywheel same as flexplate??
  115. throttle posotion sensor
  116. Patriot Performance Stage II Head/Cam Kit
  117. LS6 Heads CNC#2933
  118. My car popping dipstick and shooting oil
  119. Drilling the Oil Pan
  120. LS1 Crank Options
  121. heads and cam?
  122. Cnc#2933???
  123. 2000 engine is it worth it?
  124. Does $2300 seem really high for machine work?
  125. what plugs for a heads and cam car
  126. reverse-pattern camshafts
  127. Where to buy oil pump shims for double chain???
  128. Another Annoying Tick! (Video)
  129. Will it fit? Cam question...
  130. need help!! think we may have a blown head gasket
  131. I never thought i would ask this :( EMMISIONS PERFORMANCE
  132. Cam/Head Help!!!
  133. Did a oil change and when I examined the...
  134. What should i go with? 347 or 370 FORGED?
  135. NOT Good! Need Help With Noise!!!
  136. Is oil plug sludge normal? (PIC Inside)!
  137. so It Happened....
  138. Help I think im losing coolant?! (LS6)
  139. Will PCM eventually learn idle after cam install?
  140. Couple cooling questions
  141. main cap bolts
  142. Which bore Cometics head gaskets?
  143. Need help figuring out what this cam is
  144. help with gm stock piston rings
  145. cam size?
  146. questions about 383/396 ls1 *help*
  147. Wat do you think of this setup i just purchased?
  148. Melling oil pumps dont fit behind stock front cover??
  149. Building forged 383 stroker what to do with heads
  150. Piston Oil Ring help....Where to find?
  151. Baffle/windage tray inside oil pan...Do I Need it?
  152. Help me design a H/C package
  153. Pushrod Length & Preload
  154. Will this cam be to much?
  155. Help me pick my heads for 6.0. AFR or TFS
  156. ls1 ticking??
  157. Cant decide on what heads i want with my setup
  158. will not idle after cam install
  159. just broke the wonderful 918' spring...
  160. heads/cam help!!
  161. Ses
  162. First LS1 Engine build... need parts help
  163. New Era Performance and 440 rwhp!!!!!
  164. Cam Guru's, help spec me a 383 cam!
  165. Best inexpensive Heads & Cam package??
  166. No oil pressure after rebuild.
  167. The Great LS1 Head Comparison...Opinions
  168. when changing lifters
  169. Just some mod advice...
  170. detonation, tried everything please help
  171. Spec cards not always accurate
  172. Gm MLS Vs Cometic .040 compression
  173. new lifters with a new cam?
  174. Need help picking right pistons for setup??
  175. 8.1L Chevy motor
  176. lq4 vs lq9
  177. How does a rebuild usually cost?
  178. ms4 DD?
  179. The TR224 is in!!
  180. cam or intake manifold
  181. Replacement lifters for a ls1...ls2 or ls6?
  182. Groove in balancer/crank pulley....ok?
  183. light knock at idle after worms up any ideas
  184. Anyone else have alotta valvetrain noise?
  185. Motor build NEED input!
  186. LQ4 performance upgrade suggestions
  187. Thin head gasket 243 head swap
  188. any dyno info on the new afr 245cc heads?
  189. Caddy lifter failure @ 5,000 miles
  190. Fixing to pull the motor in my car, please double check my set-up..
  191. lq4 6.0 +TSP Tsunami cam + 243
  192. Oilpan to pickup tube, oil pump and crank in the bottom front of the motor?
  193. How much to mill off my 243's?
  194. valve seal for PP Xtreme spring
  195. My 370 build-thoughts, opinions??
  196. Where to get ls1/ls2 oil pump NOW?!?
  197. Competition TFS 215 vs new AFR 215 heads !!
  198. Dont know which direction to go
  199. motor question?
  200. Just finished my hci swap on my 99 m6 SS
  201. ls1 rings what kind?
  202. Cam Clearance?
  203. oil pump bolt in pan.
  204. oil pan question
  205. Need help on ls1 buildup...
  206. 5.3 blocks, just some FYI.......
  207. 5.3L Engine dimesions or 3D model
  208. What octane fuel would I need?
  209. LS1 Rev Kit??
  210. Ls2 timing chain
  211. Wanting to try a new cam
  212. Rod knock???
  213. Damn near brand new 02 Camaro
  214. quick question
  215. Cam clearance???
  216. Its time for a tune up what wires should I use?
  217. What to replace with the transmission off of the car??
  218. Cometic install
  219. how much can you mill off LS1 heads
  220. More confused than ever....spring shim question
  221. 1969 camaro , What do you think?
  222. Alternator sqealing
  223. Tsp stg 2.5 5.3 vs afr 205
  224. Ls2 lifter trays?
  225. push rod brands
  226. lq9 500 hp ???
  227. Too much oil pressure
  228. Got estimate for 383 from local machine shop can someone pick it apart PLEASE!!!
  229. Comp Cams Lsr lobe question
  230. How do you know when your clutch is going?
  231. reverse flow cooling
  232. 328 CID GEN III. 4.0 Bore x 3.27 Stroke
  233. ls6 cam in ls1
  234. Found the problem
  235. H/C/I guys, what are you spinning your motors to?
  236. can this be my oil leak??
  237. want to make 440ish cam only and all bolt ons 03' C5Z any advice?????
  238. LS1 to LS2 intake manifold and throttle body
  239. Need help finding ls1 heads!!!!
  240. few questions? block crank an rods
  241. where to get .750 springs?
  242. build heads bc mileage
  243. what and were to buy?
  244. Think my motor is F**KED!?!
  245. TSP 228R Cam 112 LSA vs. 114 LSA
  246. What do you think of this setup?
  247. cam question with a twist
  248. Do I need to change lifters?
  249. Valve Float: LS6 vs. LS2 243 heads (&Lift Rating)
  250. Any news on the L92 small bore heads?