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  1. Any 4L60E/4L80E builders in NorCal area
  2. SoCal muscle meet sunday @1pm
  3. Anything going on in or around mcas miramar San Diego ca?
  4. Anyone here in CA been to an unemployment hearing???
  5. My car on LSXtv!!!
  6. Irwindale 4/19
  7. Alternator repair shop San Jose Ca?
  8. Car show fundraiser for Vets and Active duty!!
  9. What cam do I have?!
  10. Obd2 code problem
  11. help me pic a new plate
  12. Pics/Vids - El Toro AutoX Sunday 4/15
  13. Heading to CA from TX
  14. Help me deal with Geico.
  15. FS: C5 OEM hood (&liner)/fenders/quarters BLACK new paint! FRC/Z/Vert
  16. wtb a4 center console
  17. Irwindale Opens Again April 26 2012
  18. Anyone near SD? I'm in town from Arizona and my 10 bolt developed a problem...
  19. CO Third gens...
  20. SoCal Fun Day on the Runway!
  21. I need help installing a clutch... Help please
  22. ANy1 in the Huntington Beach area??
  23. 79 z28 project build, need tons of help
  24. 96 vortec questions
  25. OC Car Meet
  26. vacumm leak?
  27. Wtf!!!
  28. Need programming help in Salt Lake area..
  29. $110 Track day at Willow Springs- Big Track -May5 in SoCal
  30. Looking for Car Club
  31. Need Suspension Help in Vacaville/Fairfield/Suisun Area
  32. Weekly/monthly Muscle car meets
  33. Free Tix to Long Beach Grand Prix, Friday
  34. 2001 Camaro Parts Heads, Tail lights, etc
  35. Looking for SF Bay area Tuner
  36. How much is this car worth?
  37. Bolt Extraction
  38. Midwestern forum sucks!!
  39. L.A Connections
  40. Looking for a SHOP in Santa Ana,ca
  41. Looking for a good exhaust shop in Tucson
  42. How to Get Rid of A Wrecked Car Shell?
  43. Vegas houses for rent.....
  44. 5th Gen camaro
  45. Does anyone know where I can get some wheels anodized? A GOOD place!
  46. LS Series Showdown is BACK!!!! @ K&N (SoCal) Round 2
  47. Info on my new DD : 1999 Saab 9-3,2.0 liter turbo :)
  48. 98 z28 left side taillights problems!!!
  49. "Reverse" lights ONLY! not working..??
  50. Im moving AGAIN
  51. Must have for corvette owners :)
  52. wtb: Window tint, OC
  53. Looking for 68 nova front fender in La area
  54. NMCA at Pomona
  55. ST Motorsports?
  56. Possibly parting-out of 04 cavalier very soon.
  57. CMS tuned, forged 347 smog legal build dyno + smog results (pics)
  58. LPC Car show (Ventura)
  59. Anyone Need A 7.4 Pushrod?
  60. Wait Whaaa?
  61. on track
  62. For sale 1999 trans am 8500 or trade
  63. Tuning in denver area
  64. Good bodyshop in SFV?
  65. Mustangs vs The World V 24Mar2012 Results
  66. porcelain carburetor
  67. Motor Trend and Car & Driver 1yr Subscription $7.50
  68. MG's Tour d'Orange - Apr. 15, 2012
  69. Bay area peninsula gtg!! Daly city--san mateo--redwood city
  70. CMS tune: 100 octane to E85
  71. Legal Roll Racing in CA- M3s, Vipers, Ford GTs, Corvettes, Porches, GTRs, Skylines
  72. Any good tuners?
  73. 6.2 l92 engine $2500
  74. Something seems wrong here haha
  75. Good News on Irwindale
  76. lt1 bumper conversion
  77. LS Engine Builder in Phoenix, AZ ????
  78. Poll: Move California to its own section?
  79. colorado laws about exhaust noise
  80. I'm sorry but please help
  81. PowerTV's video's of Shift S3ctor Roll racing event
  82. Window Tint in the Bay Area
  83. $95 Track day at Willow Springs- Streets of Willow-April 14-15 in Socal
  84. Tuesday night meets
  85. So far so good turbo build
  86. 3rd Annual Crater Lake Cruise
  87. California Introduces Bill to Exempt pre-1981 Vehicles From Emissions Inspection Requ
  88. Exhaust Shop in I.E.
  89. Any good meets/events in NorCal?
  90. Lets get this passed!!
  91. San Diego Car Scene and Meets?
  92. Corvette and Cadillac CTS-V Challenge at Chuckwalla March 24, 2012
  93. Come join us at our monthly CALI Generalz meet 03/18
  94. Looking for a tune Tucson,AZ
  95. Any Colorado members bored today?
  96. Probably a scam but....
  97. Socal Santa Ana Muffler Shop
  98. Is it hard to connect gauges??
  99. this is why they need to re-open those tracks
  100. officially moving to california -- INSPECTION?!?
  101. STOLEN Trans Am
  102. Oil pan gasket leak
  103. Mobile smog check on Yucaipa Blvd right now!
  104. SoCal, and PHX LT1 tuners..
  105. Mini tub question
  106. Finally dyno'd my 91z
  107. Holy crap Batman
  108. Los Angeles Invasion 5
  109. good one mister SSCAMED
  110. Guess My Rear-Wheel HP!
  111. NM Members?
  112. Private Party sale in NV with CA car. Any Tax?
  113. Kony 2012
  114. Friday Night GTG is returning to Baja Fresh in Concord
  115. 724 RWHP stock short block c5 z06
  116. need smog help
  117. Moving to California questions inspection
  118. Detail Clinic @ Purifoy Chevrolet // March 10th
  119. TopGear Motorsports :hail:
  120. talk about a kick in the nuts!
  121. Need professional help!
  123. RESULTS!!! ** Mojave Mile Roll Call: Standind Mile Racing May 5-6!
  124. car meet pix, where they at? POST THEM UP!
  125. Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 02/25/2012 (Finished Video)
  126. 5.3 Tune
  127. Petition to keep Fontana Race track open, please sign
  128. 3rd ANNUAL CA CAMARO MEET: 10/20-21/12
  129. Help Save So.Ca. DragStrip
  130. Caravan from San Dimas to the Annual meet in Tustin
  131. ?
  132. Looking for Mechanic in Utah
  133. moser 9"-whos go the best deal on em....
  134. Modified Exhaust Ticket. (27151) .. How do I beat it?
  135. Flycutting
  136. California = Fail
  137. LS1 Swap in SoCal
  138. Need Hard Hookin Tires!
  139. What do you think of the 130R concept??
  140. Fontana CLOSED!
  141. Fontana Street Legal 3-3-12
  142. cf targa installed hd pics
  143. anyone know any good speed shops in san diego near 92123
  144. Whos The Best LS1 Performance shop in Sacramento
  145. Motorgen Nick's Meet - March 10, 2012
  146. Should I change the color on my SOM to this?
  147. Anyone have a car dolly/trailer I could use/rent. Apple valley/Victorville/Hesperia.
  148. Shft-S3ctor 2.25.2012 Airstrip Event Videos
  149. LA area cruise to irvine
  150. Red Frc in L.A area
  151. 2nd Annual Cars and Burgers Meet, Sunday May 27th
  152. San Jose/Bay Area Folks: Meet+Cruise March 3
  153. Such a good deal!!!!
  154. thoughts on the 09-10 turbo cobalts?
  155. Bought a 2008 G8
  156. I need a Professional detailer in L.A.
  157. Paintless Dent Removal
  158. cars goin to topgear in the morning
  159. March 3rd Fontana Street Legal Drags
  160. my doom lights stay on
  161. $110 Track day at Willow Springs- Big Track -March24 in SoCal
  162. Possibly purchase for a car in UT, so I have some questions
  163. craigslist ad fail lol
  164. mustang + decals = puke!
  165. block off plate for fast 90 with egr fitting?
  166. Guess my HP. :)
  167. tucson az
  168. looking for a carburetor that doesn't work
  169. Emissions and Long Tubes in Denver
  170. How to 'flip' a car as an individual, non-dealer...
  171. Anyone wrap headers?
  172. layoffs again!! need to find another job in OC
  173. shops in the phoenix area
  174. Northern california
  175. predator tuner
  176. Pro Photos of Your Car
  177. Eastcoast guys don't like us. :/
  178. Need some help from fellow LS1Techs...(UPDATE: FOUND CAR...NEED HELP W/AUCTION
  179. Tricks for a satin black car?
  180. Anyone familiar with troubleshooting startup issues in phoenix?
  181. Looking for a trustworthy Exhaust & Suspension Tech
  182. Mechanic recommendations near Sacramento, CA?
  183. Anyone have a New Style LS6 PCV valley cover locally?
  184. cheap horse power
  185. wiper motor alignment
  186. Where Can I Dyno My Car Near SFV/LA??
  187. Dyno results, Cam+stock manifolds c6 z
  188. Cali Generalz Meet 2/19 IE
  189. Irwindale closed
  190. 295/40/17 Will They Fit?
  191. Where to go for paint in OC?
  192. National Geographic: LA street racers
  193. Any Lt1 tuners in Bakersfield/Fresno area?
  194. tucson or phx i need help with swapping my motor
  195. wtb: 3 3/4''-4'' silicone reducer hose
  196. $85 Track day at Willow Springs- Big Track -Feb 18 in SoCal
  197. Who to tune with???
  198. To Maggie or not to Maggie
  199. SGV cruise to Irvine meet 3-4-12
  200. Upholstery shop in San Diego? Or if someone is interested in a side job...
  201. Wrench Help in SD area
  202. San Diego meets>?
  203. Phoenix junkyards, car guy attractions, etc
  204. Is there anyone in San Diego that can tune an LS1?
  205. Motorgen Ortega Run, Feb. 12, 2012
  206. Need some help
  207. URGENT!! I need everyones help PLEASE!!
  208. Delete....
  209. Since when did Sears start selling parts for our cars?
  210. Attn: PHX Members...
  211. Street Legal Drags, Fontana... Took My CBR600!
  212. Is anyone looking to buy a Procharger system?
  213. So It seems...
  214. 98 SS black, need paint any suggestions?
  215. Need a smog
  216. Grudge Racing tomorrow at Fontana
  217. Soo whats next?
  218. Looking for a Good body shop in the Inland Empire
  219. 2006 Torrid Red Pontiac GTO - paint correction**
  220. Passed REF Smog
  221. 160k Miles, want to cam it.. rebuild or new engine better?
  222. Yes we work on the dark side as well!!
  223. picked up ford 9in
  224. Looking for Running85-92 Camaro
  225. What is with 5th gen owners?
  226. Am I missing something..? Another CraigsList AD..
  227. Distributor problem and I need a shop
  228. My wait is over.....Finally!
  229. Smog help
  230. Need some Las Vegas help.
  231. New stuff going on in Vegaslsx
  232. Salt Lake City ***Urgent Help***
  233. does anyone know JohnnyBravo55??
  234. 2nd Annual Cars and Burgers Meet, Sunday May 27th
  235. VegasLsx
  236. Camaro
  237. Laps for Charity
  238. huge thanx to Mark@6LE
  239. $75 Track day at Willow Springs- Horse Thief Mile -Feb 18-19 in SoCal
  240. CalSpeed goes 976 rwhp on 91 pump gas - Twin turbo C5 454" LSx build
  241. Look for a Recommended Engine Shop
  242. chuckwalla race day for so cal members fwb 24 and 25th
  243. Anyone wanna do a favor for me :)
  244. Anyone hiring around Orange County?
  245. whats it worth?
  246. need to be rolled and pounded....
  247. Shop in San Diego? Clutch problem etc
  248. LS1 oil pan Mod Bay Area???
  249. no radio no fogs no gauge cluster
  250. Anyone into comic books?