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  1. HP question
  2. cut out = rotten egg smell?
  3. MTI lid ... waht size is the opening????
  4. universal plug wires
  5. crank pully
  6. Mafs sensor
  7. Stock Accordian Bellow
  8. Vic. Jr., fuel rail fittings?
  9. custom cold air intake? specs? help?
  10. Queit muff SLP Dual/dual or 2 on left?
  11. What Do You Guys Think
  12. Name this muffler - ???
  13. Stock or Electric Water Pump???
  14. Magnaflow Quad Tip Catback Exhaust
  15. Convert to E85?
  16. How hard is it to install LT headers on a 99 Trans Am
  17. How To Check A Icm??
  18. Who makes 2.5" true dual dumped system?
  19. what no one makes 02 sims anymore?
  20. LS6 intake or replace my flowmaser first?
  21. How do mods affect gas mileage?
  22. H/C worth it?
  23. Do LS1 intakes have no EGR???
  24. Which Spark Plugs to go with for my 2001 SS
  25. Crane Cams Programmer
  26. Help Me Pick My Exhaust!!
  27. egr mod remove completely or cut.
  28. Anyone know the opening and closing specs of the ls1 or ls6 camshafts?
  29. niro dave elbow
  30. EGR, take it off?
  31. Slp Lid Question
  32. Kooks headers & O2 extenders?
  33. What muffler to buy for my y pipe dump?
  34. Exhaust problem.
  35. how do you get the bellow or fernco to reach from the maf to the tb?
  36. Dumped exhaust vs. cutout mpg
  37. '00 'bird: Where does the vacuum line off the AIR solenoid go?
  38. TSP 100mm MAF, WHEN,WHEN, WHEN?????
  39. Four o2 sensors?!?!?!
  40. Another DIY Ram Air...
  41. Getting 210 miles on tank of gas....
  42. which high flow cats to use
  43. does anybody have anything good to say about black painted headers???
  44. y pipe question
  45. True Duals Question
  46. 99 z28 with ls6 swap reading low oil pressure?
  47. SLP / BorlaMouth
  48. magnaflow race series?
  49. What did you do to get rid of the floorboard banging associated with long tubes?
  50. Need Help Choosing Parts. Headers, Y-Pipe, and Cat Delete
  51. outet pipe sizes for LM & magnaflow
  52. BBK or FAST
  53. lightweight abs bracket
  54. where to buy silicone coupler?
  55. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?
  56. What Brand fuel rails?
  57. How loud would 2.5" duals over the axle 1 chamber flows w/ cats be?
  58. Installed the Pacesetter LT's and Ypipe... + words for future installers
  59. What do I need to do about my y-pipe??
  60. open headers or not?
  61. Ls6 Pcv??
  62. found oil in tb
  63. Dual Exhaust With Spintech's?
  64. Slp Air Lid Or Whole Setup
  65. looking to buy exhaust parts
  66. exhaust system set up question
  67. what the hell is this noise?????
  68. stock valve covers power coated ,Pictures Please
  69. AIR gasket smoking?
  70. solid motor mounts
  71. i want more
  72. cam help please
  73. L76 fuel rails?
  74. True Duals Over the Axle: Different Approach
  75. My header install
  76. SW header install notes & poly motor mount info
  77. HELP!! EGR silicone on freeze plug
  78. Professional Products 85mm Intake Swap
  79. Oil pan differences?
  80. Bassani cat back vid
  81. The "Y Pipe" - a flawed design?
  82. Crossmember for y pipe
  83. Intake comparrison
  84. Hooker or Pacesetter
  85. ported maf sensor housing worth it???
  86. Borla Exhaust Install...Missing Hanger Piece?
  87. Porting an ls6 intake
  88. what fits a 99 engine
  89. jaam ram air kit what does it come with ?
  90. Used fast 78mm intake for $400-$450 ok??
  91. problem with intake/TB
  92. DMH Electric cut-out video
  93. Whats a good cam for my Z?
  94. Header ?
  95. volant vs. seal lid
  96. Header ?
  97. how much rwhp can be put through SLP loud mouth?
  98. Cant find clear lids.
  99. True Duals vs. Catback
  100. Question on Newer Corvette fuel rail covers?
  101. Where to buy intake elbow
  102. Alternator Help
  103. Long tube and Y pipe install????
  104. I Need Help Asap!
  105. Does the vic JR perform better than a LS6 intake
  106. carbon fiber valve covers
  107. which tips are these?
  108. Aftermarket returnless fuel rail set up?
  109. which corsa tips are these?
  110. Which Injectors to use, Stock LS6 w/ FAST 90/90
  111. California Stealth Exhaust... What do u think?
  112. how to delete rear 02 codes after header install?
  113. Whats your favorite muffler?
  114. Did the bumpstop mod but....
  115. LPP New Y-pipe
  116. Jet Hot Long tubes $250??
  117. Price on Longtube install and where?
  118. what brand ss header and y-pipe?
  119. Need help obtaining ATI Procharger
  120. weird noise when charging battery
  121. FAST Burst Panel Kit??? Is it necessary?
  122. 02 LS1 Questions
  123. kooks install
  124. Need new GM stock muff/cat back?
  125. ported TB, should i do it myself or send it off?
  126. Valley Cover
  127. header installation question
  128. Carb to EFI intake some ?s on brake hose and map sensor.
  130. fast 78mm intake worth it ????
  131. 1998 lid or 2001 lid
  132. LOOK what UPS brought me!!!
  133. 00' FRC. Bolt ons, how much power?
  134. Need cam advice!
  135. True duals
  136. Do Yall Remember My Problem? Lol
  137. In car piston swap???
  138. Header install from the top
  139. 1st time porting
  140. I need TB core and P&P
  141. CME, band clamps, header install parts
  142. Yes another !air question
  143. Anyone running this throttle body?
  144. My Car is Acting Nutty
  145. EXHAUSTed & Confused
  146. Soundclips of Loudmouth 2??
  147. LS2 intake porting?
  148. best underdrive pulley
  149. I need your help!
  150. best flowing mufflers for TD set up??
  151. Which TB for my Fast 90?
  152. Where can I find just I-pipe and over axle pipe?
  153. Wht muffler do yall like?
  154. LT1 exhaust on LS1
  155. ORY + Drivability + Reliability?
  156. installed SLP lid now it pings bad
  157. Lost my exhaust on the highway lol
  158. fast toys the only place 2 buy a 85mm lid??????
  159. Who's swapped Sweet Thunders for something else?
  160. Bad IAC?
  161. traction control
  162. running true duals w/ no X pipe or H pipe
  163. Cutout dimensions
  164. stock headers with cutout??
  165. My Delima
  166. looking for a good ls6 intake
  167. Which bullets to go with
  168. How to wire up my LS1 coolant temp to LT1 dash?
  169. 4 muffler true duals?
  170. Exhaust mount question?
  171. lt1 t56 work with ls1? and couple questions on ls1 upgrades
  172. Leaning towards Chamber 1 flows
  173. pacesetter coating question
  174. Experience needed, Easy install??
  175. Whats next?...
  176. What Cam Should I Get ????
  177. Small vaccum like pumpner the front of intake driver side
  178. soundclips and pictures of S-T dumps
  179. F-body Vs Corvette Sound
  180. modifying the lower air box ?
  181. Max boreing/porting on a stock tb...who has done it
  182. Crank Bolt with Auto
  183. LT4 V8 Intake Manifold????
  184. ATI Damper removal
  185. fast intake question
  186. car is tuned but adding ls6 intake.retune?
  187. How do I wire my 5" Autometer Tach to my LS1?
  188. Exhaust Help!!!
  189. MAF sensor question? Will an 02 sensor work on an 00 car?
  190. Ordered some Pacesetter LT's today...what to expect?
  191. Is this the Factory CME?
  192. Engine Builders I Need Advice Please, Step in.
  193. ls1 drive shaft
  194. header install kits
  195. valve spring install how to?
  196. Vacuum pumps?
  197. Help! Is it wrong to refer to a C5R engine as an "LS1"
  198. What to plug LS1 intake EGR hole?
  199. need a tune
  200. Right intake for 245 cc (WCCH) heads?
  201. Ported LS6 Intake/TB or Fast 90??
  202. Where to get Corsa Clone Tips?
  203. exhaust question
  204. SLP Dual Dual w LT's
  205. cold air intake or ram air?
  206. Exaust Help
  207. Small Christmas Mods!
  208. These LTs any good??
  209. What do I do now???
  210. what under drive pulley
  211. What Heads!!!!!!!!!!
  212. C5 MAF issues after mod ???
  213. looking to buy a vac pump kit for my 2000 ws6
  214. coil and spark problem ???
  215. Catalytic converter for CA smog
  216. what headers should i get
  217. slp lid
  218. Would you go stainless??
  219. L92 heads - weld chambers?
  220. curbing underhood header high temps?
  221. New LS1 and have a question
  222. Corvette throttle body on an f-body?
  223. Spark Plug non-fouler (aka Spark Plug defouler)
  224. About to Order a Hooker Catback. A couple ?'s
  225. pulled spark plugs
  226. Holden 8-stack intake manifold
  227. Trans-Am Airbox vs. Camaro Airbox
  228. tru duals with magnaflow mufflers
  229. ? about a ls2 intake
  230. My True Duals
  231. How bout' a sound clip
  232. got some money, what to buy
  233. True duals Question
  234. ##Check out my New Ebay Tips *PICS INSIDE* (Corsa Clones)##
  235. Should I go EWP?
  236. ls1 to ls6 Intake swap new part #s
  237. LME's LATEST Sheetmetal Intake
  238. cylinder head porting
  239. last bolt on
  240. Edelbrock Intake Design-Torque?
  241. Serpentine belt size
  242. ORY vs. Catted Y
  243. Holley 90mm TB?
  244. Putting on Pacesetter LT and ory with poly motor mounts this weekend
  245. So what's considered a full bolt-on car?
  246. Need Help (fuse Panel)
  247. kooks and lsx shootout
  248. exhaust
  249. Is TSP in a meltdown?????
  250. REVIEW: Solid Motor Mounts.