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  1. after bbk intake
  2. question about putting a ported ls2 intake on a ls1
  3. volant intake on ramair t/a
  4. What are the inexpensive cat back systems?
  5. LS1 mods with a grand
  6. Somethings not right after header install
  7. XS headers installed no problem....
  8. Best Exhaust Tips!
  9. Free ram air mod ???????!!!??? COME IN PLEASE
  10. Fitting size on Victor Jr. intake...
  11. cylinder misfire resolved
  12. Wideband O2 Sensor...
  13. Immediate exhaust removal advice needed!
  14. Do I Need This??
  15. FTRA vs volant vs factory Ram Air vs ???
  16. Are these the correct O2's?
  18. How do I install this SLP ramair?
  19. exhaust setup.
  20. can you solder O2 sensor wires?
  21. Fel-pro head gasket confusion
  22. Can you tell me what this plug is for??
  23. Any ideas to fix my exhaust? got new exhaust and don't like it
  24. Pacesetter Y Pipe?
  25. 400 RWHP range... anyone go from 3" to 4" single exh and measure gains???
  26. cleaning headers question
  28. Finally got the full exhaust installed
  29. Broken header bolt
  30. 80mm BBK or 78mm FAST throttle Body?
  31. Sound difference between Powersticks/Powerpacks?
  32. Help!!!
  33. Cai
  34. Locking stainless zip ties....arghh!
  35. wrong gap on plugs.should i change them?
  36. Adapter for autometer electric temp gauge
  37. FTRA and AC performance...
  38. Stage 8 Header Bolts...
  39. Borla Cat-back system
  40. plugs !!!
  41. Need a little help understanding.
  42. What kind of idiot screws up a battery install??
  43. powerpacks same as glasspacks?
  44. O2 Sensors/Extensions...
  45. HELP ! car wont start after ls6 intake
  46. what exhaust to go with my kooks?
  47. engine sensor
  48. 2 cats, 1 gutted?
  49. Official ARP balancer bolt torque
  50. anybody know what the resistor on the a/c connection is for
  51. I've created a monster
  52. Y-pipe Argh!!!!
  53. Best type of mufflers
  54. 2 stage rev limiter
  55. crank pulley go on a certain way?
  56. Vette Slp Pulley on a t/a?
  57. OBX Headers Install
  58. Will this work???
  59. got my "new" slp lid 2day...
  60. LQ4 Intake Question
  61. cam bearings
  62. Resonator Q?
  63. Resonator Q?
  64. Exhaust shops in allentown area
  65. Porting MAF, does it run rich or lean?
  66. Guages Question.
  67. SLP D/D Tailpipes on sale.. great deal
  68. A/C Questions
  69. so i finished my headers but..
  70. Egr?
  71. O2 sensor simulator problems
  72. AIR/Free mod help!!!
  73. No Muff.or Can I Gain POWER With A Muff?
  74. What next?
  75. Ugh....
  76. Part # for pulley belt
  77. quietest TD mufflers
  78. plug wires
  79. Long tube install went well, thanks LS1tech
  80. headers choice
  81. Any way to quiet down the TB?
  82. Best bang for your buck headers?
  83. DMH electric cutout
  84. Need Everyones Opinions!
  85. o2 sens0rs????
  86. My FAST intake doesn't want to fully seat.
  87. Poly motor/trans mounts in
  88. opinions on bbk ssi intake manifold
  89. Aftermarket Throttle body ?
  90. SLP Cold Air Extension
  91. Help with MAF and TB
  92. Egr delete
  93. How did you guys hook up the brake booster line on Vic jr
  94. More 85mm MAF really cheap,,,,,
  95. porting my tb
  96. Who sells the TSP clear lid?
  97. dowel pins
  98. twin engine covers on fast manifold
  99. Double checking what a LS6 intake looks like...
  100. water pipe crossover kit,
  101. LS6 Turbo Recommendations
  102. MSD 8.5mm spark plug wire gp
  103. Too much intake throttle body airflow?
  104. Which Magnaflow muffler fits the stock exhaust?
  105. best flowing muffler
  106. 3 inch true duals, x-pipe, borla xr-1 mufflers
  107. Cam qustion??
  108. Bangin headers
  109. Pulley HELP!!!!!
  110. i am doing my headers right now and have a ?
  111. FAST 90 swap question
  112. where to buy...
  113. LS1 Fbody Catch Can Kit - Who sells?
  114. Flanging up the headers and Y
  115. true dual setup....opinions needed
  116. LS6 Casting numbers
  117. Underdrive Pulley
  118. Any info or update on LG headers for F-Body??
  119. Need some Help, Car is acting up(sometimes)
  120. wiring question need help asap!!!
  121. 02 sensor replacement / how many?
  122. Looking for FAST90 and LS2 flow comparison
  123. O2 sensor ?
  124. Last Passenger side Spark Plug
  125. How to install headers
  126. Question on changing throttle bodies
  127. TSP Rumbler
  128. paging Jag42420
  129. 01 ss....claiming to have egr???
  130. ready to buy a oil catch can!! need some help on mounting locations
  131. Wiring layout
  132. pacesetter lt coatings
  133. block off plates with race headers?
  134. Gutted Cats today
  135. High idle problem after motor mount install
  136. FAST 78 to FAST 90???
  137. SLP Underdrive Pulley on a C5
  138. When is loud too loud? AKA droned to death...
  139. Vacum lines?
  140. Just got headers on, not runnin right
  141. Part # for asp underdrive belt needed
  142. SLP coming out with a NEW BLACKWING !!!
  143. Inside the LS6 Intake
  144. corsa or magnaflow and torque arm.
  145. SLP coming out with NEW revised Long Tube Headers !!!
  146. LS6 intake gasket okay to use with FAST intake?
  147. Realistic gains from LT's...
  148. Rad fluid change question.
  149. Spark plug # Question
  150. MPG Burning too much Gas
  151. Spun Met cats who sells them.
  152. Single Chambers or A Bullet type muffler
  153. Water pump ports...which is send/return?
  154. high flow cats
  155. How much is this worth??
  156. replacing a factory exhaust manifold?
  157. best deal on 90mm maf
  158. clearance for oil cooler sandwich adaptor?
  159. cutout clearance
  160. brand new 85mm MAF's for cheap on ebay...found this in our conver. & hybrids section.
  161. As requested....header install info....
  162. which is the send/return port on water pump?
  163. Vacuum source with an LS1???
  164. Send Bo White Back Your Tb Cores!
  165. Motor Mounts
  166. low voltage on o2's????
  167. New Sounds Clip Magnaflow! TY Richard!
  168. Anyone use these to help with rasp?? or use them at all?
  169. 6 bolt ls1 style heads to be used with the warhawk block?
  170. Who gets o2 problems after header installs?
  171. american racing headers F-ing rock
  172. true dual ekhaust clips
  173. Hanging True-Duals...
  174. Underdrive pulley
  175. block mounted SBC STARTER on an LS1?
  176. What do I need to purchase for LT install?
  177. Noisey Fast Manifold
  178. New Lt's -- O2 Sims???
  179. Just installed ported fast and the idle is all screwed up
  180. td's again
  181. Poly/Solid
  182. spark plugreplacement writeup?
  183. What size headers?
  184. manifold studs broke what should I do?
  185. Is it worth it at this point?
  186. Exhaust Question
  187. How much oil is too much?
  188. Muffler shop - Austin, Houston, San Antonio
  189. Header install help
  190. Exhuast
  191. Video Clips of my new X-pipe setup
  192. Anyone have this exhaust setup?
  193. Texas Speed Catted Y-Pipe Clearance
  194. pulstar plugs? Pulsing spark plugs?
  195. Looking for the right muffler
  196. ls1 exhaust flanges
  197. Header installation help still
  198. what mod to do next
  199. Who makes perimeter bolt to center bolt valve cover adapters.
  200. Intake Question
  201. Header/catback fitment question from Newbie
  202. Austins Cold Air Scoop Kit?
  203. Electric cutout plate measurements needed!
  204. oil pan
  205. Y-Pipe starts banging after installing new tranny mount??
  206. cat delete pipes?
  207. Edelbrock shorty bolt fix???
  208. Header Install!!
  209. 1999 ta headers fit a 2002 ta ws6??
  210. NGK's
  211. lower control arm relocation brackets
  212. heavily modded guys in here
  213. What are my options to get rid of DRONE?
  214. header installation please help
  215. what size are the bolts
  216. QTP headers!! questions on which to buy!!
  217. Any way to tell if you have a 160 thermostat?
  218. 160 degree thermostat running really hot!!!
  219. throttle cables
  220. O2 Sensor and cat-converter questions
  221. coil harness question
  222. Should I Run MY TDs Dumped??
  223. Why do I have two throttle cables???
  224. any benefit to running 1 3/4 stepped to 1 7/8 over 1 7/8 headers?
  225. Dual sraight thru exhaust?
  226. Cats vs no cats on my set up
  227. Car is still not running the way it should
  228. Header Heat Wrap....?
  229. whats my combo worth?
  230. Catch Can ~ Yea Or Nay !
  231. Need audio sound of exhaust
  232. Headers installation help
  233. Wtf????
  234. coil harness connection question
  235. Powerbond Pulley and stock bolt
  236. Edelbrock SDT vs. Flowmaster vs. Magnaflow??????
  237. question for those with center exit exhaust
  238. Coil wiring harness question
  239. Summit X pipe question
  240. tb
  241. Fitting Bassani Duals on '99 WS6
  242. Ned help picking out the correct ATI Damper!!
  243. Mechanical Oil Pressure Guage
  244. No A/C, I'm sweating!
  245. What to do with my loud exhaust
  246. Straight True Dual
  247. mount and QTP help...
  248. car idles high on initial start up.?
  249. cats or no cats
  250. I've come to Loathe my Jet-Hot Y