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  1. Intake Manifold Heatsoak - Aluminum (Weiand) Vs. Composite (LS6)
  2. Is this a legit P0135 code?
  3. QTP or Kooks???
  4. Would you be interested in replacing your Magnaflow tips only?
  5. X pipe vs Y pipe at WOT
  6. Exhaust that exits through the body.....
  7. Magnaflow Exhaust Sale and Free Shipping at EAD Performance
  8. stock Y pipe?
  9. Magnaflow Impressions.
  10. 90mm air bellow??
  11. Electric Cutout Guys inside!!!
  12. FLP exhaust question
  13. pacesetter headers and msd 8.5 plug wires fitment issue
  14. Replacing Motor/Trans Mounts - Which Combo?
  15. need some help!!!
  16. Make a TD setup quieter?
  17. Hooker or Pacesetter LT's?
  18. Using Delphi (85mm) MAF with 4" intake piping?
  19. Need opinions from you exhaust guys
  20. what hardware does the TSP catted y and Pacesetter LTs come with?
  21. Weiand Vs Ls6
  22. fast 90/90= 500
  23. AC Delco Front O2 Sensor Part Number Please
  24. what headers?
  25. Flowmaster
  26. pcv delete
  27. Kooks
  28. how hard is it to...
  29. Headers And Ory Installed.. Major Problems!!!
  30. Headers Install,first Start Up=smoke???
  31. spark plug gap
  32. Kooks headers help!!!
  33. Just installed ASP pulley>>
  34. Porting my throttle body, question....
  35. Weird Exhaust Noisee!
  36. exhaust
  37. Exhaust? Long Tubes, No cats
  38. o2's disconected
  39. Thinking about ordering A BBK LS1 Intake...
  40. Should i move the IAT?
  41. F.A.S.T. 90mm Gains on my setup?
  42. ls1>ls2 oil pressure unit!!!
  43. pulley?...Difficult install???
  44. Will an LS6 intake make a differance with my setup?
  45. cast intake for LS1 based motors
  46. just did the autozone pcv delete
  47. Best/Cheapest place to buy pacesetters?
  48. MAC mid lengths and MAC ORY?
  49. o2 questions
  50. Vid of my GMMG Exhaust.
  51. Plugging AIR hole in SLP lid
  52. magnaflow y vs flowmaster y
  53. best choice of headers?
  54. Runng rough
  55. gut cat question
  56. 90mm t-body tubes??
  57. 02 sensor questions
  58. too lean with lid?
  59. TSP Rumbler -vs- Dynomax "Bullet" System
  60. borla exhaust ???????????????????????????????
  61. true duels no cats sound clip
  62. After Header install and TD question
  63. y pipe question
  64. Where to put Cutout?
  65. hugger orange ss cme
  66. Water temp guage
  67. o2 sims bad already...
  68. Diameter of the end of the stock y pipe??
  69. emergency help on power steering pump
  70. ***Need Help***
  71. Ground clearance on single chambers and catted TD's UNDER axle!
  72. New pics with GMMG exhaust on car.
  73. lifting LS1 with cherry picker....
  74. AIR explanation
  75. race headers/ORY vs. emission legal exhaust
  76. 02 Simulator ?
  77. Spark Plug Wires Question?
  78. FAST 90/90 and louder Exhaust!!!!
  79. *Check Engine Oil* light is on???
  80. Silly catch can question
  81. New Super Victor manifold!
  82. Fast Intake tq.
  83. Throwing code for MAP sensor after intake install....
  84. Header Install- Missfire @ 3000???
  85. Wow...
  86. how loud?
  87. Loudest Bullet Muffler?
  88. Bullet Muffler
  89. QTP and Kooks y-pipe interchangable?
  90. anyone run a fast 90 without inner runner piece.
  91. best sounding dual/straight through muffler
  92. Ok, next rookie question
  93. Who has The Oldest Pacesetters???
  94. Race Ready exhaust cutouts???experince??
  95. Torque question (rookie)
  96. tried search how do i get rid of this gas smell . big cam no cats
  97. what is a good converter for high hp?
  98. Safe to run dual electric cut outs right after headers?
  99. Flowmaster Delta 50's
  100. Pics Of Pace Ls's And Ory With A Lowered Stance
  101. new y-pipe
  102. Slip-on merge collector.
  103. does this match?
  104. Any machine shops in Ohio?
  105. What parts do i need ???
  106. Wtf !!!!!!!!
  107. Went from Mac to Pace Setter LT's with ory, can't see a difference
  108. 1 chamber in Ipipe??
  109. Need pics of 4" or bigger single tips on a TA
  110. What Is Diameter Of Factory Crank Pulley ?
  111. Cutouts, 1 or 2?
  112. which mod, between the two?
  113. Header collectors question
  114. need some help
  115. Custom Y - Magnaflow Cat Part #?
  116. Intake manifold off - seafoam deep creep the ports?
  117. Bad gas milage with new L/Ts
  118. after header miss -- 02 sensor?
  119. Painted My Td's
  120. Starter Issues After Header Install?
  121. anyone w/SLP 3-point SFC w/TSP True Dual?
  122. Oil on TB
  123. Heater hose block offs
  124. cut-out placement?
  125. Catch can.
  126. Another intake manifold question
  127. How fast should i be???
  128. 3" Duals out the back = loud!
  129. Pacesetters
  130. Exhaust Harmful?
  131. part number for Ram Air box
  132. Installed LS6 intake, got P0443
  133. Most quiet exhaust setup
  134. Should I do the swap? (LS6 intake)
  135. Pacesetter Question
  136. OBX Headers
  137. A4 guys with a Crank pulley
  138. LS6 intake swap question
  139. What point to go to 1 7/8's primaries
  140. Best way to remove TB epoxy?
  141. intake swap
  142. Borla Exhaust Plugs?????
  143. Advantages of larger pipes???
  144. F.A.S.T. 90/90 Combo
  145. Whats going on?
  146. cutout
  147. Turndowns or out the Back???
  148. Anyone have pics of CME without the valence?
  149. LS6 intake
  150. Difference in Header performance.
  151. Lets See Them!
  152. Volant CAI anygood?
  153. Oxygen sensors keep going bad???
  154. Can anyone identify these headers?
  155. Worth to debaffle & seal hood to lid?
  156. 90mm, Are there choices for intake manifold
  157. Qtp Headers, Race Or Emission Style?
  158. Catch can swivel fitting
  159. High Flow Cat question??
  160. LS6 Intake
  161. KOOKS Debate
  162. Finally Got my NEW INTAKE (pics inside)
  163. Pacesetter or Kooks???
  164. Removing the EGR help
  165. 98 ls1 wont charge...
  166. Underdrive pully....
  167. Coated Pacesetters?
  168. Camaro vs Corvette ALTERNATOR, whats the difference besides price?
  169. Fellow Borla Owners.. I got a ?(VID)..
  170. Pacesetter ??
  171. Thermostat V6
  172. pacesetter
  173. which exhaust to get with 350hp package
  174. bad coil pack? help!
  175. Cats after mufflers?
  176. DNA Mufflers.
  177. Which of two options for exhaust?
  178. Lanes TD's all the way out the back?
  179. Please post pics of your catch can
  180. So I was listening to some exhaust clips
  181. Any1 running cats on TSP TD's?
  182. Will a LS2 intake work on a LS1 block?
  183. My plugs have an uneven color? Half good half lean?
  184. Going from mids to Lt's with a pic
  185. Easiest wayto track down a vacuum leak?
  186. Manual cutout removal/replace?
  187. what to fill hole with?
  188. OBX HEADERS FOR LS1 from ebay
  189. Anyone know what muffler this is?
  190. Magnaflow Cats Make a Ticking Noise
  191. B-Cool Rad issues?
  192. Moroso Valve Covers
  193. maf translater?
  194. Name that connector!
  195. slp maf?
  196. tach help NOW!!
  197. will changing catbacks throw the tune off?
  198. o2 bank 1 goin bad....
  199. Draining the block of coolant?
  200. True dual question I've never seen before
  201. Just got GMMG exhaust and TSP Catted Y Pipe (pics).
  202. what is this thing for?
  203. o2 sensor question
  204. Need Guage help!
  205. what temp to set fans, please help
  206. egr removal
  207. Witch is better choice
  208. Starter pic request??
  209. Retapping an o2 bung...?
  210. Optimal catch can/breather arrangement for my setup?
  211. Battery In Hatch??
  212. Watch out STS new bolt on Exhaust "Turbo"
  213. Where can I buy some O2 sims?
  214. Uncoated v/s Ceramic Coated
  215. Throttle body upgrade!
  216. Who has the best ported and polished TB?
  217. will this cam 224/236 work with my springs?
  218. Header bolts
  219. Nick Williams on typhoon
  220. Pacesetter LTs emissions legal?
  221. Mezeire belt question
  222. thermostat
  223. Magnaflow Spun-Cat
  224. ? about Mac mids
  225. Y pipe build size
  226. header leak???
  227. Is anyone using these high flow cats?
  228. full msd ignition on a ls1/ls6
  229. ls6 converion
  230. LT and Y-pipe question
  231. just received Pacesetters and ORY what acc. do I need?
  232. Part #'s MAP & O2 sensors
  233. 06 GTO Spintech side exit
  234. LT B1 Maxed Out ?
  235. Best place to get Percy header gaskets?
  236. Which Band Clamps?
  237. rpms lagging before coming to idle
  238. Question about BGRA corners
  239. Running wide open exhaust setup on a LS1
  240. Header help
  241. *HELP* What companies can I buy a Kooks Catted Y from??
  242. BMR Alternator relocation bracket on a Corvette?
  243. My camaro cone crazy *HELP*
  244. header bolts???
  245. comments and opinions on a dynomax ultraflow dual in/dual out muffler
  246. 98 valve covers compatible with 99 coil brackets?
  247. Plug sizes for TB and intake manifold?
  248. Moroso Spiral-Flo 3" Duals w/ Vid Clip
  249. ls1 water pump where to get one ??
  250. power steering cooler