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  1. New Homemade ram air thread!ANybody fab up anything new?
  2. FAST Intake & evap solanoid question
  3. Duals vs SIngle C/B.... Weight and HP
  4. inlet/outlet muffler ?
  5. Ugh... just ordered cats
  6. best place to get the bosch 13111's and how much $$$?
  7. Hooker Headers
  8. TSP True Duals
  9. Emissions headers wity ORY pipe
  10. bolt ons
  11. LS6 Intake AND Valley Cover Coolant Question
  12. dynomax bullet questions
  13. O2 Sensor Question....
  14. Need help on Pulleys...
  15. hooker catback
  16. OR Header Smell
  17. Help - Starter Wiring Problem
  18. Powerbond Pulley
  19. header gasket ??????
  20. flowtech headers????
  21. muffler flow comparison
  22. PCV Catch Can Placement
  23. Catback.... Which one? VOTE!
  24. header & catback install tonight
  25. Hedman header back exhaust
  26. hose
  27. No "X" or "Y" Pipe....
  28. which intake for 500 hp car?
  29. what additional install parts do I need for ls-6 intake?
  30. 4inch fernco on a 90mm
  31. Headers installed
  32. Spark plug question
  33. FYI on changing to LS6 intake on a 98
  34. Need Help, cam position sensor clip.
  35. Intake manifold question...
  36. differences of tb's
  37. A few Header questions
  38. Doing a LT's / O/R Y , slP lm1 or lm2
  39. quick oil pressure sending unit question.
  40. Getting the stock exhaust off in one piece
  41. Cutout Question
  42. F.A.S.T. 90 Intake with what TB???
  43. can shorty headers install from the top
  44. LS6 Camaro intake vs. LS6 Corvette intake
  45. Magnaflow...what a beautiful thing...check out pics!!
  46. victor jr. ,sheetmetal?
  47. ATI Superdampner Question
  48. Making my own true dulas....
  49. Will BBK TB Fit 98-88 Cars?
  50. Making my own TD'S
  51. Just installed long tube headers and new y-pipe
  52. My new 3" true duals by lane!!!
  53. Took off air pump, now car won't start.
  54. Male Plug, Crank Postioning sensor broken
  55. Cats Or No Cats ??????
  56. **!!>NEW<!!** Sound Clip: MS4, Pacesetter LT's, ORY, Corsa
  57. Motor reinstall
  58. 3" or 2.5" TD's?
  59. true duals mufflers
  60. Homemade air tube block off plates
  61. ran over speed bump wrong, dented headers
  62. About to get dyno tune, need answer for tb
  63. help! cant get ls1 intake off!
  64. AIR Block Off Plates
  65. Help!Ls6 intake!
  66. What kind of paint for true dual exhaust?
  67. magnaflow fit
  68. Dynomouth please!!
  69. POLY MOTOR MOUNTS- hardest install EVER..... HELP!
  70. Water Pump Pulley???
  71. Okay
  72. What Is The Best Set Up?!
  73. ngk tr5's or tr6's
  74. Need Help. What is this used for???
  75. TB bypass/ Water temp. sending unit install
  76. What are these for?
  77. Another true duals video
  78. New intake lid?
  79. header gaskets
  80. Stock heads?
  81. good deal i thought
  82. Serpentine Belt?
  83. can i use my rear o2's in the front?
  84. What else needed with LT and Catted Y pipe
  85. LS6 intake/cleaning heads
  86. Unofficial LG Motorsports Dual Exhaust Update
  87. Question about exhaust pipe sizing formula (math)
  88. Need New Radiator...Need Suggestions ASAP!
  89. My up coming setup
  90. Anyone have 4in Mufflex Exhaust
  91. Yet another header problem
  92. LS1 Intake
  93. Beru Silverstone spark plugs?
  94. MSD's LS1 and LS2 Coils
  95. Fabricated Valve Covers
  96. New CME design
  97. PVC Catch can?? Do you recommend them??
  98. Exhaust system question. I KNOW, I KNOW
  99. Problem during header install
  100. True Duals Help
  101. Questions regarding my plans with e-Cutout
  102. Are these plugs bad?
  103. MAF error code, just a fluje or on its way out?
  104. How far to drop the axle to get the stock exhaust in or out?
  105. charge system fault???
  106. What catted y-pipe to gp with Pacesetters?
  107. Alternative 90mm TB's
  108. Pulley Opinions
  109. Parts list for catch can?
  110. LT's and LM2
  111. Should I cat
  112. car is missing after Lt install(help)
  113. Anyone in the NoVa area with a HP tuner or something?
  114. New Headers...Engine Rebuild??
  115. Charging Problem???
  116. Anyone know the diameter of the intake tube?
  117. Exhaust Question
  118. Finally installed my LS6 Intake>>>
  119. True Duals
  120. Engine Cover Swap Question's
  121. Problem!: Idler Pulley assembly!
  122. removing stock exhaust in 1 piece
  123. True Duals
  124. so who all does porting on the fast intake and
  125. 408ci - what long tubes to get?
  126. who makes a 4" catback?
  127. Magnaflow catback....go catted or ory pipe???
  128. My exhaust setup idea....need advice
  129. trash in radiator?
  130. Accufab 105mm users!!!
  131. Popping sound after open headers
  132. Where are Kooks and QTP headers made at?
  133. TSP408: LS6 oil pump wont fit!
  134. Does anyone have directions on how to install headers
  135. Pacesetter LTs, ORY Hooker Catback, Tailpipe not staying on hangar
  136. Cost of having a shop fabricate a Y-Pipe in 3" Stainless Steel?
  137. o2 sensor Problem HELP!!! Please
  138. Installed SLP Flow Pack
  139. Threw 2 codes....lil help??
  140. ls2 intake
  141. ticking noise after intake sawp
  142. New Headers????? Emmisions Legal
  143. Y-Pipe with GMMG
  144. Electric cut-out
  145. Bit's Build Up Cont..
  146. Cmmg Cat Back
  147. Need Help!!
  148. suggestions for bullet muffler?
  149. Motor mount installation
  150. 98 auto harness
  151. 98 LS1ers only!
  152. intake/tb
  153. Why so much play at WOT?
  154. Headers Anything else i need?
  155. Dynomax bullet
  156. code P0430...need help
  157. TA DAH! my first P/P'ed TB.
  158. k&n filter part number
  159. Will a Tsp ORY+ QTP LTS work?
  160. CA exhaust ?'s
  161. Building true duals
  162. Sound Clip: MS4, Pacesetter LT's, ORY, Corsa
  163. Do you use map sensor from ls1 to ls6 manifold conversion
  164. SLP Air Temp Module..Too good to be true?
  165. True Dual setup: Low drone, ~GMMG sound?
  166. LS6 intake p/ns
  167. Cutom Fabbed Y?
  168. fast 90/ls6 heads, port match
  169. kooks + tsp catted y
  170. Removing Water Pump Pulley....
  171. ported throttle body
  172. should i go true duals?
  173. Serpentine belt problem? Weird noise when starting car, until warm...
  174. Power steering delete- how?
  175. Driver's side exhaust hanger
  176. o2 sim's???
  177. slp maf ???
  178. Installing headers while heads are off
  179. im finally installing my headers!
  180. to tune or not to tune
  181. header install
  182. Edelbrock Headers!!!!?
  183. TB porting with a twist...
  184. intake manifold removal
  185. how does placement of Xpipe or mufflers effect sound qualilty
  186. 3in ORY into 2.5in stock catback?
  187. Band clamp question
  188. Where can I get a decent priced ported/polished TB??
  189. Right gap for plugs?
  190. Exhaust question?
  191. gains ewp and how long they last
  192. ported and polished throttle body?????
  193. LS6 Intake Gaskets
  194. header wrap on s/s
  195. Good combo??
  196. Removing the harmonic balancer on 00 LS1
  197. Need power steering line part#!!
  198. Custom Y with cats pics?
  199. anyone know where a articale is to port polish a t/b?
  200. how crucial is UD pullies on a H/C car?
  201. cam sensor wire colors
  202. please tell me this isnt part of my block
  203. best bolt-ons for C6??
  204. Making my own header studs, possible?
  205. My stock 98 Z is quiet as a mouse
  206. painted my 90mm Fast intake black, see inside.
  207. power numbers
  208. changing to true duals
  209. Thick band clamps??
  210. Basini Mufflers
  211. Dual Flowmasters after axle
  212. fuel pump
  213. belt making a noise
  214. My car has come a long way.. Exhaust that is
  215. Looking for already fabricated h or x true duals for sale?
  216. finished Pacesetter and TSP ORYP install, got a small problem
  217. Oil Temp gauge Mechanical or electric?
  218. Please help...headers part question
  219. Need Help with pulley install.
  220. Exhaust Leak... couple questions...
  221. Export Camaro question
  222. ORY bumping floor board (help)
  223. Hole in header!!!!
  224. small dilemma.....
  225. Flowmaster outlaw bullets
  226. Can't get old exhaust off!
  227. Liquid tape?
  228. Another 90/90 install questions thread
  229. How Long Will Coated Pacesetters Last?
  230. Guys with ASP pulleys...
  231. ANY1 have the Edelbrock Stainless Headers
  232. thumping, jerking, hard knocking
  233. Oil Leak
  234. new plugs and wires
  235. MAF and TB help..
  236. Power potential from a 2.5" y-pipe?
  237. 85mm lid
  238. wondering
  239. Need to get Fast ported
  240. quick y pipe ?
  241. Just ordered LT's, should I replace plug wires??
  242. What is to stop you from running a "Race" EWP on a LS1?
  243. Need help on install
  244. Exhaust install problems...
  245. Tach Install?
  246. Where the FRA and FTRA really help you
  247. Convince my friend on what headers to get!
  248. SSRA seal or not to seal?
  249. Pacesetter hight clearance
  250. cutout outs good or bad?