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  1. best way tp support/hang dumped X-pipe true duals
  2. Cam install help, broken pulley
  3. anyone ever run open maf at track?
  4. Anyone seen this type airbox before?
  5. Texas Speed duals...
  6. i need help changing water pump and thermostat
  7. Magnaflow cat-back
  8. what size torx for AC condensor bracket?
  9. i need advice
  10. what size?
  11. wilson manifolds
  12. whining,whinding sound
  13. spintech mufflers...
  14. Help with decision please!
  15. Vibration with true duals / Not liking the exhaust note
  16. Need Help! Coil Relocation Gone Bad
  17. need help fast!!
  18. victor jr ?'s
  19. Totally dissapointed (headers)
  20. EGR Question
  21. F@&*#^% Car Won't Start After Header Install. HELP!!!
  22. Edelbrock Victor JR TB flange height question
  23. whos running Loudmouth with no cats and a big cam
  24. Any drawbacks to reversing the intake manifold?
  25. My appologies to QTP
  26. NX's 85mm Throttle Bodys and Intakes.
  27. Exhaust
  28. Mpg
  29. Simple questions
  30. Help me pick a catback!!
  31. Terminator Boxes Finally Done!
  32. How hot is too hot?
  33. LTs/ORY or Stall Help me decide.
  34. Which long tubes for a heads cam LS1?
  35. got the duals
  36. Magnaflow Catback question
  37. those with dumped duals in here
  38. 90 Degree Elbow for Victor JR *HELP PLEASE*
  39. LS6 or FAST 90 for H/C 5.3
  40. Mufflex Exhaust Pics
  41. Which TB is the best
  42. QTP cutout
  43. dimensions of ram air....
  44. ported tb
  45. who makes a 85mm lid??
  46. Only Passenger Plugs Fouled! O2 Sensor??
  47. Got the Long Tubes and duals done (finally)
  48. Trans am lid fitting a firebird?
  49. Energy Suspension 3.1116, is this for the LS1?
  50. What can happen
  51. FIPK or LID?
  52. Lingenfelter vs. LS6
  53. 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 for future
  54. truck manifold question
  55. how loud?
  56. Under axle pipes
  57. how to remove my A/C Idler pulley sorry for dumb question
  58. Full exhaust for 01 SS???
  59. NO Cats, Regrets?
  60. PLEASE HELP!!!!! water pump problem
  61. Muffler upgrade?
  62. QTP headers installed
  63. tsp true duals..... need help!
  64. Tips? Help?!
  65. knock sensors / harness
  66. Rear O2 sensors? Are they needed
  67. Why are some rpms louder than others?
  68. Oil Sender
  69. Is the Borla XR1 40085 muffler 3in core?
  70. question about catback change
  71. QTP headers, Prothane motor mounts, and TSP duals overview
  72. Hers a new one: SSW Headers vs. Dynatech headers
  73. Just installed the Pacsetters and Y-pipe and i have Vibration...
  74. I-pipe size?
  75. just installed SLP lid!!
  76. Polishing valve covers?
  77. i think i fucked up
  78. Got my LM installed and love it
  79. How much should I charge for a pulley install tool?
  80. Pcv Delete
  81. True Duals Are Finally In!!
  82. The hell is next...?
  83. Any issues with the SLP MAF?
  84. 2OTL muffler & tips
  85. idle ?
  86. full exhaust???
  87. Has this happened to anyone else?
  88. Opinions on Edelbrock Victor Series
  89. SLP Lid Breather Tube and Filter?
  90. Header Install Related Question.
  91. Broken Throttle Cable Clip
  92. Woooohooo!!!!!
  93. help on header leak
  94. Purple hornies Installed anyone?
  95. o2 problems
  96. Horrible gas milage since header install
  97. What should I do for exhaust?
  98. DynoMax Exhaust System anyone have???
  99. Mac ceramic or Jet-Hot?
  100. pacesetter header install help!!
  101. Passanger Header Install Question
  102. 01 SLP Lid need breather tube/filter?
  103. tensioner replacement when upgade on crank pulley?
  104. SSRA or FTRA with Trans Cooler/No AC Cond.
  105. Borla Exhaust tip hangar location question
  106. Which of you are using Pacesetter LTs ...
  107. hole in hose that goes to intake
  108. Stainless Steel 3inch Cat back
  109. Pacesetter sound file, Listen for goodness :)
  110. Loud exhaust?
  111. Need a list of what is considered bolt-ons,, all of them.
  112. Is this an aftermarket or stock piece?
  113. FAST inner Gaskets
  114. which headers for my Z?
  115. Fast 90mm TB or Nick Williams
  116. Question about cut-out packages.
  117. 300$ best mod?
  118. Just Installed Longtubes And...
  119. SLP Lid 00-02 Question
  120. Custom X Pipe
  121. eliminating Y pipe banging
  122. True Duals Going In Tomorrow
  123. What Next?
  124. another simple PCV question...
  125. Got a queston
  126. #8's kickin' my a##
  127. SLP air bellow
  128. Still Too Hot
  129. New Headers!!
  130. TSP duals impressions
  131. Want more, but stay stock as possible
  132. underdrive pulley help
  133. Heat from headers
  134. Aluminized Steal Pipes
  135. Those who used LT1 radiators for their LS1..
  136. another duals question
  137. MSD Wires.
  138. What to expect from Kooks after Maggie Install
  139. Kooks 1 7/ me!
  140. Dr Side Head Ground Strap
  141. Noob tune question
  142. underdrive pulley question
  143. overdrive pulley?
  144. New Exhaust Idea
  145. aluminum lids
  146. O2 extensions issue (Pacesetters)
  147. cold air intake
  148. Deepest sounding/low rasp/low noise bullet setup?
  149. Prof. Prod. typhoon vs ls6
  150. Throttle Cable Help....
  151. Tb Help
  152. This Will Be Cheaper To Buy Separate Slp Stuff
  153. LS6 or ported LS2?
  154. LT Header Question
  155. removing EGR and Air pump
  156. Anyone ever use these fittings? BAT inc. 20an?
  157. Guys with ORY and O2 Sims...
  158. Fast 90
  159. Motor mount torque spec question...
  160. random multi misfire
  161. Aluminum manifold question...
  162. Pacesetter LT's and ORY - Where to buy?
  163. Throttle Body Cable ????
  164. Is it worth it ????
  165. Please Help.... Before I set the car on Fire
  166. Install Time on Hooker LT's for the LS1
  167. Tune after headers?
  168. which catted y-pipe for lowered F-body
  169. I was sent the wrong headers....
  170. any sponsors carry or make ls1 wiring harnesses?
  171. Ridiculous??
  172. help : car wont start
  173. what bolt on for ls1z28
  174. Is this possible? shop claims 400 rwhp...
  175. 2000 WS6 Thermostat?
  176. cheapest place to buy SLP Lid?
  177. stupid question here
  178. egr leak
  179. 85mm Lid
  180. Missing or Lean Bog after LT Headers?
  181. O2 simulators for less than $10.00
  182. True duals stup
  183. BeCool Radiator help
  184. Transmission Bolt - HOLY #@$%
  185. !panel under FIPK?
  186. duals that dump b4 the rear end
  187. oil pressure gauge
  188. Overheating after heads cam install
  189. Header question
  190. XS Header Sound Video
  191. Exhaust set up Power/Price
  192. headers and drag times
  193. QTP LT'S Installed
  194. Overheating
  195. spark plug question.
  196. Stock exhaust question
  197. Deepest sounding exhaust setup for 02 with CME?
  198. what mixture for the radiator
  199. Kooks LT and Stainless Y installed!!
  200. Cold air intake people should I seal the front of my lid airbox?
  201. Help to convince a friend not to pay for a lid/cold air intake install!
  202. Katech Tensioner: am i missing something?
  203. The pacesetters are in and they are...
  204. Casey get in here!
  205. Anybody want to help or pitch in some advice for my Water pump/ BBK TB install?
  206. Ebay headers on a vette ?
  207. stock damper ok w/ 25% crank pulley?
  208. Is my catch can doing its job?
  209. Borla XR1 or Magnaflow bullet dumped over axle
  210. Replacing the tips on my old exhaust...
  211. purpose for the heat shield on cats?
  212. What would you do to a 95 V6 Camaro to make it sound better?
  213. dampener pulley question
  214. best MAF and size to get on a bolt on car?
  215. Better y for Pacesetters?
  216. Has anyone tried a glass pack ???
  217. Firing problem
  218. people with ORY and a Turn down
  219. qtp?
  220. Which plate?
  221. Hooker and Magnaflow Volume
  222. o2 plug question
  223. Whats going on with my stat?
  224. Pacesetter Headers??
  225. Lg F bod long tubes????
  226. Oil Residue inside intake--is this normal ?
  227. freakin Y Pipe banging!!
  228. Guys with hookers [Exhaust] Come in.
  229. about to install poly motor mounts, need help
  230. air lid and smooth bellow to stiff
  231. what would happen if someone put a 01/02 SLP MAF on a 99 camaro?
  232. cut off blockoff plate..
  233. high idle/SES light after ported TB
  234. Running hot at higher speeds...
  235. Pacesetter headers, impressions...
  236. QTEC stopped working, help diagnose please
  237. Removing passanger side headers.
  238. My car is getting quieter and quieter, is something wrong?
  239. Blocking off egr?
  240. I want crazy LOUD!
  241. question about electric water pumps
  242. How to install the cable
  243. What size belts for the slp underdrive balancer?
  244. headers
  245. Buying a new car battery, which brand to get?
  246. Belt is slipping of tensioner. Please help!!
  247. Will I need tuning?
  248. Open Headers?
  249. Part number for the Air Box clips?
  250. K&N filter question