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  1. XS Header Sound Video
  2. Exhaust set up Power/Price
  3. headers and drag times
  4. QTP LT'S Installed
  5. Overheating
  6. spark plug question.
  7. Stock exhaust question
  8. Deepest sounding exhaust setup for 02 with CME?
  9. what mixture for the radiator
  10. Kooks LT and Stainless Y installed!!
  11. Cold air intake people should I seal the front of my lid airbox?
  12. Help to convince a friend not to pay for a lid/cold air intake install!
  13. Katech Tensioner: am i missing something?
  14. The pacesetters are in and they are...
  15. Casey get in here!
  16. Anybody want to help or pitch in some advice for my Water pump/ BBK TB install?
  17. Ebay headers on a vette ?
  18. stock damper ok w/ 25% crank pulley?
  19. Is my catch can doing its job?
  20. Borla XR1 or Magnaflow bullet dumped over axle
  21. Replacing the tips on my old exhaust...
  22. purpose for the heat shield on cats?
  23. What would you do to a 95 V6 Camaro to make it sound better?
  24. dampener pulley question
  25. best MAF and size to get on a bolt on car?
  26. Better y for Pacesetters?
  27. Has anyone tried a glass pack ???
  28. Firing problem
  29. people with ORY and a Turn down
  30. qtp?
  31. Which plate?
  32. Hooker and Magnaflow Volume
  33. o2 plug question
  34. Whats going on with my stat?
  35. Pacesetter Headers??
  36. Lg F bod long tubes????
  37. Oil Residue inside intake--is this normal ?
  38. freakin Y Pipe banging!!
  39. Guys with hookers [Exhaust] Come in.
  40. about to install poly motor mounts, need help
  41. air lid and smooth bellow to stiff
  42. what would happen if someone put a 01/02 SLP MAF on a 99 camaro?
  43. cut off blockoff plate..
  44. high idle/SES light after ported TB
  45. Running hot at higher speeds...
  46. Pacesetter headers, impressions...
  47. QTEC stopped working, help diagnose please
  48. Removing passanger side headers.
  49. My car is getting quieter and quieter, is something wrong?
  50. Blocking off egr?
  51. I want crazy LOUD!
  52. question about electric water pumps
  53. How to install the cable
  54. What size belts for the slp underdrive balancer?
  55. headers
  56. Buying a new car battery, which brand to get?
  57. Belt is slipping of tensioner. Please help!!
  58. Will I need tuning?
  59. Open Headers?
  60. Part number for the Air Box clips?
  61. K&N filter question
  62. QTP Y pipe Torque arm and driveshaft loop clearance
  63. WOW!! Are Gaskets Expensive
  64. Flow tech?
  65. Painted Pacesette Headers
  66. How exhaust affects power output
  67. anyone heard of this muffler?
  68. Help with 02 Sensors
  69. LS^ block off plate & bypass
  70. Which Y-pipes fits with QTP headers?
  71. Exhaust opinions please.
  72. need help fast??
  73. Custom true duals setup
  74. Fast 90 TB
  75. Cutouts
  76. Cutouts wat r they?
  77. gutting cats
  78. Single Cutout with / without Muffler Delete
  79. flat or square o2 extensions?
  80. Post up your price you paid for your True Duals!
  81. Coil pack problems
  82. Gauges
  83. White Smoke
  84. Rack and pinion removal
  85. Quick Question
  86. Y pipe
  87. TSP ORY install...
  88. Who want's to play name that sound? (Video)
  89. 6.0L Exhaust Manifolds
  90. just ordered my pacesetters!
  91. QTP Emissions or Race
  92. New guy needing help
  93. 8 bad coils? Whats wrong???
  94. AIR removal
  95. Header set up question?
  96. Terminator Box Pics
  97. Pacesetter LT Headers - Spark Plug Wire Question
  98. Changing Exhaust
  99. Ported Exhaust Manifolds - Anyone running them?
  100. What HP?
  101. Short magnamouth incar clip
  102. E-Cutout Guys Come Inside!!!
  103. Coated pacesetters???
  104. Were my headers/ORY installed incorrectly?
  105. O2 Extensions
  106. People with a Fan Switch: When do you use them?
  107. Should i spend the $$$
  108. Exhaust o2 delete
  109. Complete CME on Ebay
  110. Newbie gettin' his TIP wet...
  111. installing a electric cutout
  112. manifold please help
  113. smaller radiators?
  114. correct way to oil a kn
  115. LPE vs. FAST intake
  116. Where is the PCV valve on a 98 Camaro.
  117. What Brand Headers work the best
  118. What ya think about these tips?
  119. Poll:what long tubes and y to get....
  120. Torque Arm Question
  121. TB question...
  122. header gasket issue
  123. Oil Pressure Sending Unit
  124. X pipe vs no x pipe (not a newb, plz read on)
  125. What True duals set up will work around a Sphon Chassis mount Tq Arm?
  126. port/polish tb HELP
  127. interior noise after headers w/ cats?
  128. What catback with my setup?
  129. Can powdercoating a water pump damage the pump?
  130. power stick
  131. Headers and keep emissions?
  132. why cant i find the right starter ???
  133. headers... no more loud mouth
  134. Sweet Thunder
  135. TSP dual install...
  136. Y pipe banging...Old story, new to me...
  137. E-Cutout wont open, motor is working!
  138. Idle runs up & down 300rpms
  139. Temp Sender
  140. I want to buy headers, what do you guys think?
  141. Where can I buy a sweet thunder bullet muffler ??
  142. Wondering about tb
  143. got a PTM 90mm tb today
  144. ditching the 5.0 for an ls1
  145. coated LT's
  146. How does this exhaust set up sound? Clip inside
  147. Any bolt on Ideas???
  148. A/C Compressor
  149. Another QTP HVMC install... Looonnnnggg
  150. Ebay catch can
  151. will this flow ok?
  152. Installed ebay XS headers
  153. MAF sensor
  154. Check Engine light on b/c of AIR. Reinstalled, won't go away??
  155. Headers on stock exhaust?
  156. FAST 78 MM intake ADVICE Needed
  157. throttle body
  158. Custom true duals w/ sweet thunders
  159. How to clean maf sensor ????
  160. exhuast will not slip over my header collector
  161. Plugs
  162. Ported throttle body problems
  163. O2 Sensor: LH and RH Question.
  164. Best HP Gain Cat-back or true duals?
  165. Need Some Help
  166. what are these?
  167. NGK TR55 G-power (platinum)
  168. Kooks y-pipe fit SLP long tubes?
  169. Is '02 6.0 thermo same as LS2?
  170. Picked up a P/P TB, opinions? *pictures*
  171. A4 Cars With Tranny Coolers & Fast Toys Ram Air, Got A Question.
  172. LTs and Y-pipe questions
  173. For those that ported their TB at home with a dremel what attachments did you use?
  174. What's next for more speed?
  175. 13111 O2s
  176. O2 sensor bursting into flames!
  177. slp cme
  178. Corsa guys come on in
  179. Which is louder: An X or H-pipe?
  180. Mufflers for a X pipe
  181. electric borla?
  182. Header to y pipe clamp
  183. Anyone have pics of F-Body alternator off the car?
  184. What's this and is it in backwards?
  185. headers question
  186. need some help with an ignition problem!
  187. General corsa feedback
  188. TB porting
  189. Choosing the right exhaust set up
  190. What do you all think?????
  191. Broken header bolt?
  192. ANY SLP exhaust removal ???
  193. Show me Clearance pics of your LS1 F-body Long Tubes!
  194. cooling trouble
  195. Pretty much given up on my bird...
  196. substituting mufflers
  197. smoking after catback installed?
  198. Is LM going to sound like crap with my mods
  199. Truck Oil filter ???
  200. Can a bad o2 sensor cause idle problems?
  201. ATI crank pulley and ASP overdrive alt pulley?
  202. header bolt
  203. 98 knock sensors?
  204. LS6 install...Block off's?
  205. 02 z06 manifolds on 00 z28?
  206. Small Prob. with Tottle Body port
  207. Please explain pulleys to me
  208. LT's What was your MPG before and afte???
  209. Anyone know of a muffler like this?
  210. Cabin volume: 4" exhaust vs 3"
  211. Qtp Ory
  212. Did anyone else run into this?
  213. Whats next
  214. loudmouth is AMAZING!!!
  215. which ram air is better?
  216. So.....exactly how crappy is Flowmaster???
  217. How do Tell if it's a LS1 or LS6 intake manifold?
  218. Ignition Switch
  219. I don't know what to do anymore...
  220. Do Cutouts Leak?
  221. best fitting Catted Y w/ LT's
  222. F'ng Corsa Muffler Rusted Apart!!! WTF!!!
  223. What are all you guys doing to tuck TDs?
  224. tuning after gutting cats?
  225. GMMG or duals?
  226. Oil Pressure Sending Unit
  227. ground wire on heads...
  228. QTPs
  229. Anyone make a fender mount cold air intake?
  230. 1 7/8 headers
  231. Help On Fuel Pump Problem
  232. Factory Z28 mufflers for my El Camino?
  233. FAST LSX 90MM Intake and TB...
  234. What to do?
  235. Problem with 98 wiring harness PLEASE HELP!
  236. Hooker LT problem
  237. Which intake for an iron 421?
  238. Best place for single cutout?
  239. Cold Air Q
  240. C5 Running bad after header install
  241. FAST 90/NW90 throttle body gain on SI car
  242. ASP Pulley
  243. FAST Fuel rails, Stock Intake will they work together
  244. Question on headers?
  245. ac idler pulley threads
  246. switching from 1 3/4 to 1 7/8 primaries
  247. What to do about MAF?
  248. Need to Know Where a Vacuum Line Goes
  249. Crank pulley/bolt problem.
  250. looking for an air filter