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  1. vaccum hose hookup for modulator valve
  2. Pacesetter LTs, cats possible?
  3. 2 cut outs or 1???
  4. What is this fuel line?
  5. Horsepower gains with cat removal
  6. SLP Lid fitment?
  7. HELP!! in need of a intake but which one?
  8. ? about air flow in a stock hood
  9. Will 2.25" intlet on exhaust tips restrict the flow ?
  10. Poly engine mounts..
  11. Pacesetter Guys: DONT Use Those Gaskets!
  12. Finished my header install today...
  13. Since everyone does it, here they are
  14. Low Voltage
  15. Do I leave hp on the table with Flowtech LT's?
  16. Fast 90 -Vs- LS6 intake
  17. wanted:alternator info!
  18. Pacesetters: Ceramic or Painted?
  19. My GMMG and QTPs
  20. Installing LS6 intake ...reuse gaskets??
  21. Underdrive pullys
  22. 1999 suncoast hood...lets water on engine..problems??
  23. What plug wires are you using?
  24. Will changing lid add power
  25. Broke the oil pressure sending unit
  26. IAC Question
  27. o2 simms with catted ypipe
  28. LT1 vs. LS1 headers
  29. Just bought SLP lid, have a simple question.
  30. Y pipe
  31. Kooks LT question
  32. cone filter size?
  33. LM Bullet on stock exhaust
  34. Getting rid of interior exhaust noise???
  35. Should I switch out my macs for Kooks?
  36. Ordered these
  37. Go with true duels or keep my GMMG?
  38. Motor Mount Install?
  39. Exhaust Temperature question...
  40. a few part numbers
  41. Tony Mamo Ported FAST 90 Intake Results
  42. New Slp Dual Dual
  43. Am I missing anything?
  44. New Valvecover Question
  45. Qtp gaskets
  46. clear lid
  47. BBK 80mm or ported stock?
  48. possible intake leak
  49. e-cutout problem
  50. Help with rough idle
  51. SLP Dual/ Dual Exhaust
  52. So my car is still running like crap but...
  53. Header Bolts
  54. QTP headers owners step in please help .........
  55. Replacing exhaust system- one man job?
  56. Reducing Rasp or Loudness
  57. Exhaust sound after Header and cam install.
  58. 02 z28 throttle body coolant hose going-
  59. gains from ported TB
  60. NW - FAST TB bolt question
  61. Rasp?
  62. full boltons??
  63. x-pipe clearance
  64. What setup with 90/90
  65. Should I do it?
  66. porting MAF...
  67. MSD Plug Wires
  68. Msd Plug Wires
  69. LS6 inatake mani install on stock manifolds
  70. Is it possible to purchase a Corsa muffler anywhere?
  71. Firehawk exhaust and headers
  72. Flow Tech Headers-Starter Clearance
  73. Balancer question
  74. TPIS no longer requires cores on 90mm T.B.
  75. Air Hog or K&N?
  76. Restrictor in lieu of thermostat
  77. Thread Size Question
  78. FLP Exhust
  79. Modified Z06 intake
  80. Ram air set up
  81. Driveshaft rubbing on y-pipe
  82. Torque Specs
  83. dual cut outs off headers
  84. Header question: Which left is left?
  85. quirky throttle response and a hesitation
  86. What next?
  87. engine coolant?
  88. Hooker Cat-Back Broke?!?!
  89. is there a trick to coolant flush
  90. AC line hitting header on vette-Longtubes
  91. Pacesetters headers!!
  92. New maf problems?
  93. Exciter wire / voltage regulator wire tore off :(
  94. AC/Heater thing under the hood.
  95. ordering pacesetters
  96. Post pics of your true duals out the back
  97. TB bypass / H20 sending unit install
  98. steering linkage removal (for header install)
  99. TSP y pipes
  100. Is the Fast intake worth money?
  101. what exhaust to go with?
  102. bellows and stock air resonator...
  103. Help: I have a whitish residue?
  104. help???new plugs in car bogs down and dies
  105. Will resonator help me???
  106. Mufflex Cat Bye Pass
  107. what exhaust to go with?
  108. Lid Question
  109. Which Electric Cutouts?
  110. Where to get Carsound Cats
  111. AIR Check Valves Interchangable?
  112. Header install fun....
  113. Ebay Exhaust
  114. drivability issue after LS6 intake swap
  115. z06 maf
  116. Fast vs. LS6 Intake?
  117. Air Pump SES Light
  118. Skip shift plug-in not working all the time....
  119. HELP! Car runs like crap after header install!
  120. anybody use metal header collector gaskets
  121. Stock Open Y-pipe and Manifolds to Headers and Kooks... How much louder?
  122. 3.5" exhaust
  123. oil cooler
  124. QUICK>>Is this my air pump!!!
  125. Vette MAF-No screen??
  126. Started my Header install!!
  127. MAAAAJOR Y-pipe clearing issues
  128. Unhappy Hooker !!
  129. Intake Question
  130. what is this and how do i put it on correctly?
  131. Magnaflow tailpipes ugly
  132. Pacesetters
  133. LS2 TB install
  134. victor jr. users.... need pics of your fuel rails...and some info
  135. removed air pump, a/c, abs ?
  136. Anyone have a diagram on how to wire a F-body convertable switch for a cutout switch?
  137. Headers on Ebay
  138. who's running MSD coilpacks?
  139. FAST Intake Gains
  140. Need exhaust tips.. Help..
  141. which is it?
  142. True Duals HELP!
  143. Borla Exhaust
  144. Spark plug/WOT ping question
  145. Where is the pcv valve?
  146. intake manifolds
  147. get longtubes and ory ...need cats??
  148. How loud is the Loudmouth II?
  149. Help Oil Pressure Gage Buried
  150. How Much Oil Does the Catch Can Hold?
  151. cutout after each header
  152. tired of my hookers :)
  153. Adapting 90mm TB To MAF?
  154. SLP ram air thingy?
  155. Magnaflow's off of Kook's headers!!!!!!
  156. What brand O2 Sensors ...????
  157. Help me pick a catback please.
  158. Hooker/LTs/ORY - sound clips? anyone?
  159. which headers
  160. Car won't start!
  161. NO! Header Problem!
  162. Wifey is giving me 1G to redo my exhaust...
  163. crushed sidepipes
  164. Which HEADERS give you the most power for LS1 Camaros
  165. 2006 Katech catalog PDF
  166. FAST Intake
  167. temperature the same as before
  168. problem hooking up MSD 6AL and timing retard.
  169. How do you get the oil neck off the valve cover?
  170. Spiral Flow REVIEW!
  171. truck PCV
  172. Seafoam?
  173. FLP headers and true duals
  174. O2 sensors died
  175. Gonna get a magnaflow cat-back Unless...
  176. dynatech headers
  177. Worst nightmare come true - Pacesetter LTs
  178. Price: ORY & Magnaflow vs. Custom True Duals?
  179. What do you think the Horsepower will be after these couple things?
  180. Which exhaust setup to go with Longtubes
  181. a/c question
  182. O2 sensor help por favor
  183. Power steering pump problems
  184. Anyone running Edelbrock SDT Mufflers?
  185. extending 02 sensor
  186. VERY poor dyno run
  187. center mount exhaust
  188. Opinions Needed...Loudmouth & Headers
  189. Opinions Needed. Headers & Loudmouth
  190. QTP LT's TSP TD's W/ST's Video!
  191. Vacuum leak - what is this?
  192. How hard install?
  193. Pacesetter ORY to LM fitment issues...
  194. True dual hanger question...
  195. Fuel pump ?
  196. Pics of painted headers???
  197. throttle body port gone wrong!!
  198. Re-wiring on new motor, where does this wire attach to?
  199. harmonic Balancer making noise
  200. Help with engine light
  201. ok to drive without power steering pump?
  202. stock catback and pacesetter y-pipe?
  203. Crank pulley help ASAP
  204. EGR removal question
  205. Is two better than one? (cutout)
  206. Over axel True Duals..
  207. Oil Catch Can mod?
  208. Ticking sound....
  209. TSP true duals
  210. which size of bullet?
  211. Will any shop tune out AIR and EGR?
  212. 5.3 truck intake work on a ls1 t/a?
  213. Edelbrock Victor Headers and TSP True Duals
  214. P.S. pulley
  215. Anyone have loudmouth II
  216. Introducing Katech's new design billet belt tensioner. Now with pulley, same price!
  217. my magnamouth sound clips
  218. Header install problem
  219. X pipe setup
  220. Powerbond Pulley Questions
  221. Oil temp sending unit
  222. Looking for a Sound Clip of SweetThunder Mufflers on thru an LS1
  223. What Better Flowing Muffler to Replace MagnaFlow CBs Muffler on TA?
  224. Is there any differences between the different years' LS1 throttle bodies?
  225. ls1 to ls6 intake coolant lines and plugs
  226. Mufflex exhaust question.
  227. TSP TDs and cats question
  228. Who sells T/B by pass kit
  229. Dynoed Car Today And Happy Man
  230. factory plug wires
  231. air egr removal?
  232. straight pipe
  233. Magnaflow dealers?
  234. alt pulley?
  235. Getting my exhaust installed tomorrow!!!
  236. No muffler sound clips?
  237. made up my mind: PaceSetters . . . . . . Then what????
  238. Oil Pans
  239. corsa exhaust tips
  240. 02 harness extensions
  241. my manifold is stuck!! need some advice
  242. New Intake Manifold!
  243. Coated headers
  244. I could use some help on my LS6 spark plug wires falling off coil.
  245. best cat? (update on carsounds metalic cat?)
  246. Pacesetter and TSP Catted Y help.
  247. What plug gap for TR6's N\A???
  248. Emission Problems.......
  249. Aftermarket Harmonic Balancer Necessary?
  250. QUESTION! Y-pipe crossmember