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  1. need a throttle body.
  2. Any real noticable power difference with headers? Like Pacesetters?
  3. BBK 80mm TB disapointment
  4. QTP or DMH??
  5. Edelbrock LT's
  6. need lid
  7. Need advice on what parts to get next....
  8. Fast90/90 vs LS6/portTB
  9. cut out ?
  10. Help With My Used Headers!!
  11. Question on asp balancer/pulley install!
  12. Sneak peek on new stuff i got one.
  13. Removing valve covers
  14. How much $$$?
  15. TSP TDs sound = Me disappointed
  16. Want to get TSP True Duals but....
  17. Header of gear advice
  18. Headers or gears...
  19. Question for anyone who ran Open Headers and went to True Duals:
  20. Questions about exhaust.
  21. Need some quick advice
  22. nick william o-ring
  23. What order to buy these?
  24. Everything needed for a Fast 90/90NW install
  25. Gauge ?
  26. Specific way to route Kwire under intake?
  27. 2.5 tips
  28. Headers/ORY with stock SS CME exhaust??
  29. Help!!
  30. Lets just call this category Exhaust.
  31. Would a catback of a 97 fit my 98?
  32. Having problems with my NW tb..Please help!
  34. well i did the TB
  35. Question
  36. question about bassani true dual
  37. How much horse does GMMG give?
  38. Ram Air/weatherstripping Block Off
  39. LT install/Valve Cover paint job **PICS**(56k HELL)
  40. Connecting headers to 2 1/2" duals...
  41. What size true duals do ya'll have?
  42. Hesitation after header installation
  43. Magnaflow Owners Please Come In
  44. pacesetter/Borla non adj cat-back
  45. ported throttle body...who?
  46. Can I get a part # for LS6 MAF???
  47. deleteing tips diferent muffler??????
  48. Y Pipe with no cats and DTCs
  49. which is better stock 98-99TB or stock00-02TB?
  50. Anything like a Flowmaster?
  51. QTPs, ORY, Borlamouth and TTP's V3 cam
  52. mufflex exhaust
  53. Cheapest you can find Pacesetters LTs
  54. Qtps
  55. Pump on back of LS6?!?!?!?
  56. cleaning an ls6 intake
  57. Lifting for headers(simple question)
  58. cut out
  59. Crank pully?
  60. Time to play guess the pulley!
  61. Is my exhaust just wrong?????
  62. how to port throttle bodyand maf?
  63. Brown just delivered my Corsa exhaust!
  64. speed shop says pacestters suck???
  65. Exhaust and Suspension question ... posting in both forums
  66. Water Pump Life Expectancy?
  67. Those of you who want true duals but nothing too loud inside
  68. QTP Header Gaskets
  69. TB Port/Polish
  70. Hooker Aerochamber?
  71. Magnaflow 15684 found cheap
  72. 02 Extensions- length?
  73. New exhaust whoo-hoo. check it out!
  74. Ordering Parts from Canada. A true Story..
  75. True Duals Out The Back
  76. anti-seize on spark plugs / header installation?
  77. oil cooler
  78. these 2 exhaust..which one
  79. kooks headers+kooks offroad y pipe to hooker?
  80. best way to remove power steering pulley?
  81. EBay 3" True Duals
  82. Does this look used to you?
  83. What Next???
  84. Electric Cutout
  85. Having FAST pwdr coated, temp to bake?
  86. my Magnaflows in the mail and now...
  87. Qtp Ory
  88. best deal ever!!!
  89. head gaskets
  90. magnaflow vs. flowmaster
  91. Header leak
  92. Ud Pulley Install Helppppp!!!! Please!!!
  93. Need advice pronto please!
  94. BGRA (Brian Green Ram Air) gasket.
  95. Intake Manifold info needed...
  96. YEAAAA...Another exhaust question!!
  97. Big cubes or forced induction....or both?
  98. Oil Leak???
  99. what y-pipe for Pacesetters?
  100. Could I install a new catback myself?
  101. rattle around 2000 rpm
  102. custom single catback worth it?
  103. Trouble code P0420?
  104. Difference between LS1 and LT1 versions of 2OTL? (or any catback?)
  105. Catted Y Pipe?
  106. How hard to install a cat back?
  107. Need a part # for the hose that goes from radiator to powersteering cooler
  108. Kooks 304ss
  109. bad cat
  110. need catted y-pipe
  111. Turndown on a cutout
  112. QTPs are here (pics)
  113. Is SLP loudMouth most powerful exhaust on market?
  114. where to buy GMMG exhaust?
  115. QTP Y-Pipe Clearance PICS?
  116. How much of a PITA is it to pull the intake manifold?
  117. PS pump pulley install problems
  118. **** Mod Marker ***
  119. Borla XR1's or Dynatech split flow mufflers?
  120. cut-out ?
  121. two mufflers in back?????????
  122. Well I did it...
  123. Balancer / Underdrive pulley
  124. FAST 90 install?
  125. Exhaust Tips Question
  126. installing pacesetter lts
  127. Question on header
  128. almost got it off
  129. S2 V.S. S3... whats the main difference?
  130. maybe coil?
  131. 3in duals vs 3 1/2in
  132. motor mounts
  133. looking for mounting ideas for aftermarket coolant catch can.
  134. Magnaflow vs Gmmg
  135. y pipe is hitting need help
  136. Lts?
  137. synthetic PS fluid?
  138. GMMG without cats, possible to stop rasp?
  139. Bullets to 1 Chamber Flows
  140. Anybody used these plugs?
  141. Gains from new mods
  142. question on lt's
  143. questions abotu stainless work longtubes
  144. Coil debate
  145. part #
  146. What should I expect?
  147. Who Is Running A S2 Or S3 Throttle Body Power Gains
  148. Magnaflow cat back is not loud enough...
  149. rip out the egr or not
  150. K&N or Holley Power shot wich is better?
  151. Carbon Fiber Lids
  152. Installing QTP's this weekend, need some help
  153. Will I throw a code, header install quest.
  154. LS6 intake?
  155. Adjusting Throttle cable length
  156. True duals with flowmasters?
  157. Video of Flo-Pro Twister mufflers dumped off the collectors
  158. Suncoast ram air set up to LID....
  159. QTP question.
  160. Good deal on a powerbond pulley?
  161. ls6 intake Q's
  162. Bought my car w/ a DS MAF. What replacment should I get?
  163. Headers+ORY+Stock catback?
  164. TSP True duals hitting tranny crossmember
  165. man fan control switch
  166. Help! Intake questions
  167. Help...which cam should i buy?
  168. Help...which cam should i buy?
  169. Cutting Cats off
  170. Some help please.
  171. Weiand Intake Bolt Question
  172. low coolant light
  173. O2 Simulator question?
  174. Fast 90/90 or ???
  175. QTP headers.. what if i want dual QTEC AND cats?
  176. help remove higher RPM rapping sound.
  177. which is louder: td's out the back or lm
  178. Harmonic balancer wobble at idle
  179. Magnaflow mufflers
  180. Power with GMMG vs True Duals.
  181. Switching intakes
  182. Pacesetter Headers and ORY Question
  183. quick question
  184. TSP Duals - Muffler options
  185. SLP MODS no hp?
  186. electric cutout placement??
  187. Which catback with large cam?
  188. performance improvments
  189. LS1 intake without EGR?
  190. Turning your own pulley
  191. Throttle Cable issues
  192. Aero Turbine exhaust
  193. ac belt size
  194. SLP cold air
  195. starter problem! help pleae
  196. options for clogged cats ??
  197. Air Temperature Module
  198. Swapping injectors
  199. Edelbrock LS1 Throttle Body
  200. cam impact on exhaust sound?
  201. BMR Radiator Support Question
  202. Plugs and Wires
  203. Coil end of plug wire
  204. Got my headers today. Edelbrock victor LT
  205. muffler placement
  206. What bolt on will work now and later with a 408
  207. I can buy a base 5.3 and swap everything to a 402 shortblock?
  208. Pype Cats
  209. What could cause these # coils to not work?
  210. Throttle body help
  211. ??cut-out/true dual gain for my application??
  212. 85mm Lids - only at TSP?
  213. Why do we have such crappy intakes to choose from...........
  214. anyone have a pic of the inside of the Flo-Pro Twister?
  215. SSR Stainless Headers
  216. Difference between Shaner S2 and S3
  217. carb style intake manifold vs. other mods
  218. Aftermarket Oil Pressure Gauges.... ?
  219. Installed big cam: Now exhaust way too loud
  220. true dual w/ loudmouth resonators?
  221. Single 4" dump w/ bullet (pics)
  222. need input on a cut-out
  223. TR6's for a bolton car......
  224. Intake Leak cause exhaust noise
  225. what the heck
  226. Hooker ?'s
  227. qtp headers ???'s With slp loudmouth
  228. ordering my true duals
  229. another MAF question
  230. No plate in my Borla??
  231. Reinstalling hood baffles
  232. QTP's are this normal?
  233. Texas speed shop- Y pipe
  234. Headers/TD's/Stall Install Advice.
  235. Has anyone replaced there power window motors on there LS1?
  236. Any issues of running untuned after race-style LTs and no 02s?
  237. Fast 90 TB Tps sensor or no Tps sensor?
  238. Fuelie Heads??
  239. Engine Motor Mount Bracket
  240. Summit Protorque Starters? Anyone using one?
  241. LM2 problems w/ ground effects?
  242. intake manifold and tb for 6.0 liter
  243. Running car with NO o2s?
  244. Power window problem. Wrong forum, I know.
  245. Is the SS hood a functional ram air hood?
  246. 5.7L Indmar Carb
  247. slp lm problem
  248. soldering
  249. Weiand and BBK Intake Owners IN HERE
  250. Ngk Tr55 ???