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  1. QTEC owners inside.
  2. Take out stock exhaust without cutting?
  3. Kooks worth the money?
  4. LT vs MAC pics?
  5. Header Bolt Question?????
  6. Fast 78mm Questions???
  7. urethane motor mounts?
  8. Why does my alternator keep going out??????
  9. TSP Sweet Thunder X Duals (pics inside)
  10. attn: all of you who run 11 secomds and quicker 1/4 na?
  11. Exhaust ideas
  12. best bolt ons
  13. How to get motor to take water?
  14. Spark Plugs ??
  15. What's a breather filter?
  16. Should LT's and Catbacks be bought at the same time?
  17. ORY question
  18. lts , catted y , and rumbler. anyone runnin this?
  19. Why not port a ZO6 MAF?
  20. PIC's inside, Making my own tu-duals over the axle
  21. True Duals Kick ASS!
  22. Zo6 Maf Sensor On 02 T/a
  23. ASP Pulley ? Think it is seperating.
  24. Power Steering Pulley Replacement????
  25. Magnaflow won't fit Pacesetter ORY
  26. Who makes a 3" ORY for TTS LT's
  27. does year matter?
  28. opinions please on bullets mufflers
  29. Meziere or Evans Electric Water Pump
  30. y pipe
  31. QTP Anybody use a Diff. ory pipe then flow master
  32. Mac Midlengths & X pipe modification
  33. Header Install Question
  34. What does this connector go to?
  35. asp pulley
  36. borla plates
  37. x pipe,is there really a difference?
  38. Double Roller / ASP Pulley ?????????
  39. Exhaust & Headers
  40. GMMG or Borla
  41. 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 primaries for headers?
  42. LM vs Rumbler vs Flowmaster 80
  43. Differences in the design of the Smooth Bellows
  44. What else do you need to run true duals out the back? Were talking everything.
  45. How do heads change the ls1 exhaust note?
  46. removing stock header?
  47. Exhaust Hanger Question?
  48. Pacesetter Headers
  49. ? about SLP LS6 intake
  50. Where can I get a stock throttle body blade?
  51. Anyone else not notice much MPH gain with headers?
  52. True Dual install question
  53. Anyone try these headers?
  54. Egr
  55. electric cut out
  56. Is LT's, ORY, and Loudmouth too loud???
  57. Will my exhaust sound good without tips?
  58. Short belt mod!!!
  59. All guys with solid motor mounts, how bad will it shake?
  60. Whats the deal with runnig maf less
  61. torque setting
  62. ls6 motor swap! need PVC help! asap! please!!
  63. P0300 Ugh!
  64. Everyone with lanes true duals please check this out
  65. dumps or run the pipes out back
  66. cutout=the best
  67. Spark Plug Wires
  68. Just rebuilt the top of motor
  69. BorlaMouth Owners Please Comment!!
  70. FM13/AFR 205s/No Cats, Mufflex 3.5 Spintech --- LOUD as Sh*&
  71. removing asp pulley...
  72. Who has this setup: LT's,ORY, and Loudmouth?
  73. Inside the BBK SSI manifold
  74. I *$@#ed up
  75. ***Shift Light Wiring***
  76. looking for the stock appearing CME and fascia
  77. Big tube headers
  78. Plugs and Wires
  79. Newby ?? about Water Pump Pulley
  80. Is it worth a swap from Macs to long tubes?
  81. Interesting Question!!! Will dropping my exhaust and driving like thataffect my motor
  82. Short vid of my exhaust
  83. Ory
  84. Thinking of ditching the ever popular B&B tips..
  85. opinions, how to get out broken bolts
  86. Everyone with true duals please come inside
  87. stripped
  88. BBK throttle body blade replacement
  89. Ways to kill drone on a SLP LMII Cat-back
  90. true duals, exhaust ? using a spohn body mount t-arm
  91. Problem with Kooks 1 7/8 LT's on a Vette.
  92. Pacesetter Headers Failed
  93. Where to find titanium exhaust tubing?
  94. how long will they last?
  95. which one do you like the most with LTs, ORY
  96. Exhaust Noise Troubeshooting Suggestions...?
  97. Sound diff between 2.5 and 3"
  98. need help with tsp ory
  99. Arr these true duals and longtubes on ebay any good?is this a good company?
  100. Can anyone name what brand of longtubes these are please?
  101. Best Headers For My 02 T/a
  102. would there be any hp difference between 1-3/4 kooks and 1-3/4 qtp longtubes?
  103. New ZEX Plugs??? Anyone using them Good or bad
  104. Bassani exhaust using universal mufflers?
  105. Exhaust questions
  106. Stock wires...heat shields?
  107. high idle plz help
  108. Who makes a direct high flow cat replacement for LS1s
  109. New Alternator?
  110. 99 to 02 TB
  111. Those with unpainted FAST intakes-
  112. Pacesetter LT's (help)
  113. gutted cats, now using oil? WTF?
  114. seafoam??
  115. Autometer air fuel ratio gauge,will it work off of factory o2 sensor?
  116. Collector bolts...
  117. Please, in need of quick response ASP pulley I.D.?
  118. I can't get my Corsa tips please
  119. 2.5" or 3" Y-pipe with LTs?
  120. Would like your opinion.
  121. if i keep my air but dont have cats will it hurt anything?
  122. Position Sensor
  123. LS6 intake install help needed ...
  124. Anyone make exhaust tips like this?
  125. cermic coating necessary?
  126. Stock Looking Catback
  127. Pacesetter header and ORY ground clearance
  128. what kind of pulleys 2 get?
  129. exhaust cut outs????
  130. ceramic coated headers
  131. Bad vibrations???
  132. synthetic oil
  133. crank pulley identification..
  134. Headers can't bolt up!!
  135. header install
  136. Tensioner pulley bolt size
  137. Size Of Stock Y-pipe
  138. Fast intake question?
  139. HELP!!! Hooker LT driver side
  140. SS cutouts.
  141. Custom Big Tube Header Sources?
  142. Question about fabing up some o2 extensions
  143. what exhaust setup for trex
  144. does anyone even sell a catted y pipe for slp longtubes
  145. will tsp true duals work with slp longtubes? and will 17" rims give u more clearance?
  146. anyone have pics of slp longtubes on a car that isnt lowered
  147. question about tsp true duals
  148. Help with exhaust set up, please!!!
  149. oil breathers??
  150. Gains from SLP LTs to KOOKS??
  151. Which bellow for fast 90/90?
  152. Underdrive Pulley?
  153. Need info from GMMG owners.
  154. y pipe question
  155. ls6 intake and knock sensor
  156. block designation
  157. Flowtech Headers....
  158. Need to quiet down my exhaust
  159. Is my Mass Air Flow Sensor bad
  160. install of thermo, any computer adjustments needed?
  161. lots of mods going on...what else do i need?
  162. LS1 components on LS2 block
  163. LS6 intake install and...
  164. How should I Fab up TD's with this X-pipe?
  165. lm7 to ls1 loom
  166. Homemade GMMG Chambered Exhaust?
  167. Deleting VATS
  168. Throttle body question...
  169. Flowmaster header collectors???
  170. TSP True Duels
  171. Pace Setter AND Flowtech LT question.
  172. o2 sims problem
  173. would you gain more hp with jethot longtubes over pacesetter longtubes?
  174. Too Loud!!
  175. Are electric cutouts smog legal?
  176. Been Asked a Gazillion Times But.......
  177. Almost new HEADER question. . .please read. . .
  178. Do you look first for hp gains or sound?
  179. simple question
  180. I have a CAT in the I-Pipe.
  181. 3" duals using 2.5" mufflers?
  182. electric cut-out
  183. which pacesetter header setup?
  184. will qtp catted y pipe fit jethot or pacesetter longtubes?
  185. How Does the Borlamouth Compare to Dumped True Duals?
  186. Exhaust Pipe Hangs
  187. "WTF is this thing?" Part 3...
  188. Spark plug swap on LS1 is a joke!
  189. replacing 02 sensors
  190. Best diameter for exaust tubing on true duals
  191. delete smog
  192. Catted Y Question
  193. header question...coated or non?
  194. Duel Exhaust?
  195. Opinions on prothane poly motor mounts?
  196. O2 Sensor question.
  197. Just got my headers...
  198. my true dual exhast, over axle
  199. v6 sound too ricy?
  200. GMMG and QTP cutout?
  201. Having a hard time choosing.....
  202. GMMG or Vroom box...
  203. Exhaust port size?
  204. best lid/maf for 90/90 setup?
  205. fixing header leak, questions
  206. Bellow for 85mm MAF???
  207. fast 90, is it worth the $$ on a H/C car.
  208. Brainstorming for my true dual system...anyone's thoughts appreciated
  209. Y-pipe issues!!!
  210. headers ?
  211. How does bringing the pipes over the axle affect sound with true duals?
  212. My experience changing the plugs and wires.
  213. FAST 90mm TB good or bad?
  214. How do you think this will work and sound?
  215. Epoxy on Ported TB
  216. smooth bellow with no maf?
  217. borla XR1 #40085 drone, resonance?
  218. How frequent for NGK Tr55 plug change
  219. power steering pulley installer..
  220. DENSO plugs
  221. 1 7/8's Merge collector, or not to Merge collect that is the question
  222. Pull a QTP 1 7/8's header to get a F-bod A4 trans out?
  223. Catbacks and Flowrates
  224. Headers for a Lowered Camaro?
  225. Does Flowmaster=Bad???
  226. just put on my ls6 intake and got knock sensor code?
  227. Y-pipe ?
  228. What is necessary with a 90/90 combo?
  229. What is EGR
  230. Does anyone have the part number for the factory c6 electric cutout?
  231. good ol loudmouth
  232. Borla w or w/o cut out
  233. interesting question
  234. What do you concider "LOUD"
  235. SLP Dual/dual any drone or resonance?
  236. Did you keep your AIR?
  237. What cat recommended?
  238. pacesetter lt's and tsp a gmmg help
  239. rescreening a maf sensor
  240. ATI Super Damper info
  241. Exhaust Dilema
  242. B&B Catback on TransAM
  243. QTP 1 7/8 LT's to Y Pipe and turn down??
  244. Throttle body bypass?????
  245. Z06 MAF question
  246. Difference between the truck coils and camaro/corvette coils?
  247. Anyone know if Corsa still has a blowout issue?
  248. eliminating AIR
  249. i heard of fitment problems with pacesetters and the k-member? any truth in this?
  250. true duals / x-pipe etc