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  1. Anyone with the TSP True Duals...
  2. Broke 5 of my Taylor wires taking the bastards off today
  3. LS2 TB drive by wire conversion to cable?
  4. Who ports out LS2 fly-by-wire Throttle Boides?
  5. Cutout should've been 1st Mod!
  6. dual cutouts vs. single
  7. Car Idles high when cold outside but engine is warm
  8. Thick exhaust band clamps?
  9. Exhaust
  10. TReX cam + FAST intake or suspension, ls6 & tb?
  11. Ac Delco or NGK??
  12. bellows for 85/85 to a 90/90?
  13. Hedman Street Hedders
  14. Question about catbacks>>>
  15. Yet again another header question.......
  16. best Spark plug?
  17. Can't pass Smog?
  18. exaust manifold swap
  19. Who sells ported TB's?
  20. SLP Custom Tuning for headers?
  21. complete stupidity or mildly entertaining?
  22. New Magnflow FLARED SS Xpipe for all you custom guys
  23. Why are you still stock internal?
  24. SLP / ORY + cut outs or true duals?
  25. SLP LT Replacement Clamps
  26. SLP headers and true duals?
  27. LSX 90/90 on si + n20?
  28. Hooker Headers?
  29. Porting FAST 90mm by TEA
  30. valve covers help...
  31. Kooks Jet-Hot Coated?
  32. Manifold problems please help
  33. coated qtp's or uncoated qtp's
  34. 90mm FAST TB sticking
  35. Has anyone ever flow tested a Suncoast Air Induction Setup?
  36. need help porting my TB
  37. need help deciding on 4.6 mustang intake
  38. need help on true duals
  39. Changed out slowmaster for Magnaflow
  40. LS1 intake and LS6 heads
  41. Stock replacement cats?
  42. Looking for a part number... large grommet on the driver side head
  43. Kooks catted y-pipe flattened as well?
  44. headers/emission question
  45. anyone have pics of qtp hvmc?
  46. installing headers
  47. Cats?
  48. Exhaust help...
  49. Questions about LT headers & O2 Sensors
  50. stock 01 TA WS6 Exhaust Size
  51. Got Supermaxx Dyno'd
  52. LS6 manifold ???
  53. Removal of extra equipment
  54. is the o2 bung supposed to be angled down on qtp longtubes
  55. Porting a 90mm Fast Intake, Search displays error.
  56. ASP Pulley.
  57. Steeda oil seperator
  58. 98 ls1 Leaking waterpump: any upgraded replacements?
  59. Intake manifold gasket question
  60. BBK TB or LS6 Intake with EGR????
  61. Exhaust cutout safety?
  62. Huge News QTP Merge Collector Headers $724.99!!!
  63. dead starter?
  64. Anything Wrong with this Pulley? *PICS*
  65. good cheap catback?
  66. carburated ls1 intake manifold questions
  67. which muffler for TD
  68. So is a Canton pan worth it?
  69. RaspFest 2005
  70. ORY vibrating/hitting driver side floor board! best way to fix?
  71. 04 GTO...Patriot Cam..Just Installed Headers...4 Videos
  72. ATTN Vette guys........need help picking plug wires!!!
  73. Where to buy y-pipe clamps
  74. ...yet ANOTHER "what is this thing?" thread...
  75. Where can I find a H pipe
  76. Ls2 TB or Fast 90 TB??
  77. will gutting my cats on stock Y gain anything?
  78. Quick Q - Quick Answer - LS6 Intake
  79. Next Mod: Big or Basic?
  80. Which setup is best
  81. Electric throttle break through
  82. '98 Exhaust on a '97
  83. FAST LS7 90mm Intake, will it ever happen?
  84. Which SLP cat-backs???
  85. Installing Kooks 1 7/8, ORY, Hooker Catback
  86. extending the o2
  87. What tips are these?
  88. ls6 intake post install problem
  89. Which headers?
  90. ls6 intake swap
  91. what MAF
  92. edelbrock headers???
  93. true duals question
  94. how to plug hole on the header were egr is?
  95. Bank 1 O2 Sensor
  96. first year for ls6 intake ?
  97. Ram Air Induction
  98. drivable without front O2 sensor after LT,ORY install! bad or good?
  99. header install! how to remove the steering shaft?
  100. Water out the exhaust
  101. TB blade
  102. Clearance issue with 4" Mufflex?
  103. Is this too much for labor on TD install??
  104. what about this set-up Kooks 1 7/8 and true duals
  105. Top End Progress
  106. Crush Aluminum gaskets
  107. Is this pointless?
  108. dual exhaust?
  109. Experience/Opinions on air intake please!
  110. a long bellow/tubing
  111. High torque starter
  112. What else needed to install headers??
  113. LT's, RT Bullet Cats, 2.5" Ypipe, Hooker Catback + cam
  114. Need to know where I can get a stainless screw for a TB blade...?
  115. Supermaxx Installed
  116. My Kooks headers!
  117. Will Running Open Headers "Burn Up Valves?"
  118. how to find out if you have a bad radiator???
  119. updated video
  120. How much HP can a 2 1/2" Exhuast Setup Handel?
  121. I have a Jake Brake
  122. Cat for WS6
  123. Exhaust ? and I have done a search
  124. Header Question
  125. y pipe for KOOKS...???
  126. Help please shoud I drill my New TB?
  127. Victor Jr VS Sheet medal?
  128. MAF with Fast 90/90
  129. Need a QUIET exhaust...
  130. Codes and O2's
  131. Who makes a better headers, kooks, QTP, or Dynatech
  132. Best hi flow cats
  133. Exhaust Bracket Broken.. Need help....
  134. flange situation
  135. asp pulley made in 2003 ok?
  136. Exhaust squeek / rattle after warmup.
  137. some exhaust questions
  138. Warped Kooks flanges?
  139. installing engine from bottom, with or w/out headders?
  140. Mufflex or Loudmouth??
  141. breather filter question
  142. Fast intake hardware WARNING!!!!!!!
  143. flomaster merge on tsp y?
  144. underdrive pulley ?'s
  145. CRAP CRAP CRAP! Broke a bolt installing LS6 intake.
  146. Need a few measurments
  147. Getting a throttle body porting from ERA?
  148. dynatech header?
  149. True Dual V.S. ORY 3''
  150. Upgrading the induction
  151. Need help with an H pipe!!!!!
  152. Help problem with ATI damper on Vette
  153. About Dynatech Header System?!
  154. Raptor shift light help please
  155. Edelbrock "carb" style intake
  156. Raptor shift light help please
  157. TPIS headers installed and tuned by VETTE DOCTORS
  158. can you bolt a 5-bolt 90mm TB to a 3-bolt style intake?
  159. Radiator flush & coolant advice please
  160. Just recieved Pacesetter LTs...
  161. Dynomouth exhaust restricting WTF??
  162. Need C.A.R.B Legal Cats
  163. Magnaflow matched with Kooks headers
  164. Squealing noise after underdrive pulley install
  165. Will this make my car quieter??
  166. TB OD Dimensions
  167. Ladies and gentlemen... Ok I really just need some input.
  168. TB Bump Stop Mod ??
  169. mid length or shorties ?
  170. wierd valve cover vent tube question
  171. portled ls6 and ported bbk80mm problems
  172. Question about cats
  173. Newbie Questions about long tubes!!
  174. What bolt-ons for my RX7?
  175. Installed lid and Hooker exhaust today
  176. ls6 INTAKE
  177. Nood underdrive pulley question
  178. True Duals vs Y-pipe, single muffler
  179. Edelbrock headers overkill?
  180. exhaust painting
  181. Tb?
  182. edlebrock VS GMMP intake
  183. Operating temp down aroun 155* at highway speeds
  184. Bassani X True Dual + Cat Delete???
  185. lt install, !egr, !air, ory do i NEED a tune
  186. Do You Really Need an Xpipe or Hpipe?
  187. Need an exhaust strategy
  188. Another Stupid Exhaust Setup Question
  189. What's the trick to using a truck 85mm MAF?
  190. ls1 edit question cin respects to headers
  191. Spark Plug wires..... What can I say ?
  192. if you get qtp lts jethot coated will they rust in time like the cheaper headers?
  193. idle problems
  194. 1 7/8 headers vs. 1 3/4
  195. changing up my exhaust
  196. Louder Please!!
  197. LT Header Question?
  198. header install help please!!!
  199. True duals and UMI body mount TA
  200. Noob question from SouthFL. F-body LT's fit Y-body?
  201. rust on the coil pack?
  202. Help!!
  203. ASP Pulley
  204. Duals banging floor....affect dyno?
  205. Dynomax vs. Flowmaster
  206. alternator
  207. Header install with engine/cradle out?
  208. Air conditioner recharge question
  209. Air with longtubes...
  210. QTP Dual Cutout ORY
  211. Holley 80mm TB
  212. Exhaust installation
  213. Porting throttle body?
  214. Just ordered FAST 90/90
  215. QTP Headers Installed!!!!
  216. dent removal in header question?
  217. whats the difference between curved blades and straight blades?
  218. Was I a good Ebay shopper?
  219. Spark plug gap??
  220. Power steering fluid low, what can I use to fill it back up until I flush it?
  221. LT's ORY Magnaflow owner's Your thoughts please
  222. lost 25 rwhp after intake swap
  223. porting
  224. KOOKS install, ARRRGGG!!
  225. Cali street legal exhaust
  226. ASP Pulley Gap
  227. Long tube -vs- Mid length H/P difference??
  228. can you identify this underdrive pulley?
  229. After Header install Blue's
  230. Bumpstop Mod: my first try at writing an install
  231. What is safe to remove (emissions, etc.)
  232. What max size cam to use with CATS on 408ci?
  233. Machine gun exhaust
  234. throttle body
  235. another exhaust.....
  236. tranny mount stop banging?
  237. 90/90 throttle body question?
  238. Header flange help needed....
  239. Water pump wiring problem part 2
  240. LT info
  241. header? 1 7/8 with 2 inch step or not
  242. stainlessworks plus gmmg vid inside
  243. pacesetters or flowtech?
  244. how in the hell??
  245. Please need PT# TR6 plug ASAP
  246. 98 macs on a 01..some questions
  247. Running to cold?
  248. Pacesetter LT Header Owners Step In
  249. Hooker Y pipe
  250. Opinions: Does my exhaust setup flow enough?