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  1. tip suggestions.......
  2. Exhaust Question
  3. Fast 90?
  4. A quick question about the exhaust crossmember
  5. custom y-pipe / stock I pipe what size flowmaster y collector
  6. where's the best place to buy magnaflow cats
  7. cut off muffler?
  8. Throttle body bypass
  9. Help fast with QTP electric valve
  10. WMRA vs. FTRA...
  11. AIR removal questions
  12. Ordering today ... cats vs mufflers.
  13. High Flowing Quiet Catback
  14. Electic cutout - how to do wiring?
  15. Need help with headers
  16. Where did you put your cutouts?
  17. Going LT's, keep Borla or go True Duals?
  18. Loudmouth with Dumps
  19. Prothane motor mounts, impressions.
  20. slp air lid
  21. Name This Sensor
  22. which band clamps to get? (pics)
  23. TSP Y-pipe
  24. Looking for anyone who has H pipe on their LS1
  25. Anyone have sound clips for H pipe with sweet thunders?
  26. New urethane mounts bad engine vibration
  27. Problem with TSP catted y-pipe?
  28. AMW catch can users in here... I have a Q?
  29. Weiand intake on LS6 crate engine?
  30. Exhaust change ... which Borla mufflers????
  31. Best Ory? Qtp Or Kooks?
  32. header flange possibly bent..
  33. correct placement of rear O2 sensor on custom catted y-pipe
  34. side exit exhaust
  35. Instead of sweet thunder duals, for y-pipe folks?
  36. pully
  37. WS6 Hood - 3 Options - K&N FIPK, Lid & Plain Lower, Lid & WS6 Lower - Help?
  38. '99 Ls1/'01 Ls1 Maf Queston...
  39. Flowtech cutouts...poor quality
  40. Difference in 98-99 Lids versus 00-02 Lids
  41. Need help with headers
  42. Weird Startup.
  43. Keys Won't Come Out
  44. Need Advice/Help Designing CAI for LS1
  45. Thermostat question..
  46. coolant crossover tube?
  47. Is the vertical PCV mod any better than a catch can?
  48. Greddy catch can-15mm or 9mm
  49. bottom part of fast intake
  50. Ls1 To Ls6 Intake
  51. Sqeeky at start up
  52. True duals
  53. Which lids will work with a 85mm MAF????
  54. yes ive searched
  55. misfire / hesitating... could be fouled o2 sensor?
  56. true duals or y pipe?
  57. Ok Im sick of true duals now, what can I do??
  58. First header install (pending) in 20 years, LOL
  59. what type of wrench...remove solenoids star headed bolts from starter??
  60. Electric WP on a 430whp TA? What increase?
  61. FAST LSX Question about EGR connection
  62. Which one or maybe more (exhaust) ??????
  63. K&N and MTI sealing
  64. new mufflers(Borla TD's)
  65. LS6 intake install
  66. LS2 -vs- edelbrock intake
  67. Does Donaldson make a replacement air filter or CAI for the Fbody?
  68. Can o2's cause this much of a problem?!
  69. Exhaust Manifolds?
  70. Help! What the hell is this sound? (video clip)
  71. 1st Spark Plug Change Report
  72. Any shorty header track results?
  73. How bad will this sound..
  74. MTI lid vs. Others
  75. installed catch can wrong
  76. Bassani True Dual 99
  77. loudmouth 2
  78. BG ram air
  79. Need to change maf
  80. How can you check which model year Ls1 you have?
  81. This might be a dumn question but I'll ask any how.
  82. cleanin the maf
  83. diameter of stock y-pipe?
  84. Installation of Pacesetter midtube shorties for my 98
  85. Cat questions
  86. Different CME options?
  87. how much to ask for stock exhaust?
  88. how smooth should a ported throttle body be?
  89. Anybody got the Hedman complete exhaust?
  90. Duals under the axle guys...
  91. How do I get my oil fill neck out of the valve cover?
  92. quick 02 sensors question
  93. LS1 with no cats
  94. Took Off My Y Pipe Today
  95. GM Perf. vs. SLP LS6 Intake?
  96. FTRA kit and SLP Lid??
  97. Maf?
  98. WTF Plug wires !!!
  99. Will I be OK?
  100. O2 extenders
  101. Air Removal?
  102. Exhust Question
  103. ??? Nick Williams TB?
  104. Y-Pipe hi flow for Stock Exhuast
  105. QTP catted y woes/question.
  106. XR-1 Loss of power!!
  107. better tune after longtubes????
  108. Hooker headers or Pacesetter?
  109. exhaust headers
  110. intake help!
  111. Need help with duals, X or H pipe.
  112. LS2 Exhaust Manifolds vs LS1/LS6?
  113. Anyway to simulate the EGR or make the computer think it is functioning?
  114. big problem please help
  115. Floorboard knock, A/C compressor, and exhaust Qs
  116. header gaskets?
  117. Any 1-7/8" 32" Primaries Headers for C5?
  118. mti clear lid vs voolant air intake
  119. '00-02 Exhaust Manifolds Better Than '98-99?
  120. Help!
  121. ORY and MPG
  122. Spintech
  123. help with o2!
  124. best cheap cats for gutting
  125. Electric AC compressor
  126. Z06 MAF..No MAF???? Can't decide! Need help!
  127. exhaust
  128. Best Headers & Y: LT/ORY
  129. Radiator work if hoses are switched?
  130. Muffler length question
  131. Which exhaust flanges seal the best?
  132. 160 thermo
  133. o2 sensor (delete or sim)
  134. what headers and y pipe
  135. O2 sensors went bad helpp???
  136. Would you recommend this?
  137. PORTED MAF questions
  138. Open Headers
  139. LT's+ORY or LT's + TD set up.. power potential
  140. Straight duals
  141. Electric cutouts?
  142. Header Cons?
  143. HI-Flow Cats Worth It?
  144. what mufflers after x pipe....
  145. Alternator charge voltage
  146. throttlebody
  147. Fellow MTI Lid Owners do you have this same problem?
  148. will a lid from a 2002 fit a 2000?
  149. Pulley Belt Question
  150. How to Service the A/C
  151. cooling question...need help!!
  152. Patriot Headers...
  153. 02 sensors
  154. Do I have the right asp pulley belts??
  155. Poly trans mount in...y-pipe banging gone! (long)
  156. exhaust suggestions
  157. Throttle Body Bypass
  158. HELP!!! power steering pump went
  159. cutout
  160. Pics of my new SLP smooth bellows
  161. Can I trick the EGR?
  162. A/C on , rpms low
  163. Which ORY and LT's??
  164. Just failed inspection with LM. Which muffler/resonator to get?
  165. True duals W/Cats?
  166. 2.5" True Duals vs. 3inch y pipe ?
  167. What headers to use?
  168. Stock Cat Inlet/Outlets?
  169. cat back install
  170. which setup should i get??
  171. Whats The Difference
  172. Header install...*assemble order*
  173. Weird white residue from A/C
  174. SLP LM diameter?
  175. Arcing Spark Plug Wires...
  176. SLP Bolt-On SFC with LT's ??PIC'S...????
  177. brake fluid leak at master cylinder and Brake Booster...but...
  178. need part number for front turn signal case on T/A
  179. Should I get o2 sims?
  180. SLP Loudmouth II?
  181. Installing my march pulley???
  182. new knock sensors are in..
  183. Borla pro xs
  184. !AIR and O2 questions
  185. MAC ORY fit on stock manifolds
  186. Chambered muffler like sweet thunder, but 3" ID
  187. Jet hot LT's, ORY, and Borla on!! finally
  188. Pacesetters installed, ORY is a no-go. Options/opinions?
  189. flowtech header impressions
  190. power steering q's
  191. Should I cut out my cat. conv?
  192. LT's & ORY / Cutout / Stock Exhaust
  193. question on alternator and exhaust setup
  194. Remove bottom bolt of steering shaft? (header install)
  195. B&B long tube headers with catless x pipe for under 1000..quality? good deal?
  196. Anti-seize on header bolts?
  197. Just installed 160 thermostat, now I'm running hotter?
  198. looking to replace my flowmaster... how's the tsp rumbler?
  199. Help running the wire for the electric cutout
  200. Thinking of dumping my Borla
  201. Headers/y Pipe Combinations
  202. Throttle body ?
  203. a/c compressor
  204. Header Reducers
  205. Problem!
  206. backfire?
  207. Need help reguarding various sending units? info needed
  208. Jet Hot LT & Y-pipe
  209. QTP Lt's/Catted Y-pipe question
  210. Exhaust question.....
  211. hooker y-pipe question
  212. old ASP pulley
  213. How to Port and polish Throttle body
  214. another what will i gain question
  215. oil filter/ oil drain plug has to come out for header install?
  216. resognator for muffler
  217. passenger complains floor gets HOT!
  218. Removing the Heater Core
  219. Cut Outs
  220. Anyone running 1 7/8" stepped headers on stock cubes?
  221. Those waiting for a 90mm NW throttle body
  222. Exhaust Manifolds - Changes between years
  223. Just got hooker...
  224. AC Compressor question.
  225. Idea for porting throttle body
  226. Lamest Question Ever!!
  227. Taller lower air box?
  228. Where to find band clamps?
  229. LS2 TB on C5
  230. Help! header install.. steering shaft.
  231. Anybody running the 30" sweet thunders w/ true duals?
  232. Exhaust Setup
  233. True Duals
  234. FAST 90 TB... is it a POS?
  235. What to do with exhaust
  236. Granatelli Wires
  237. I want others to "feel" my car.
  238. 85mm maf
  239. After !EGR, what do you do with the plug and wire?
  240. pacesetter question
  241. !Muffler?
  242. making the SLP 2otl exhaust exit as a dual?
  243. Help?????????????????????????????????
  244. 00 onto 02,and 02 to 00,well it work?
  245. I need help with an A/C problem
  246. tteacher made interesting point, need input...
  247. Finally, success w/ FAST throttle body
  248. ls1 ----> ls6, tb question
  249. Switching Catbacks
  250. i need that rubber piece that goes by the air box on SS and Firehawks, help me