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  1. carbon fiber vs oem style plastic
  2. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. has n e one heard of sweet thunder
  4. Impossible?
  5. Loud mouth II ...???
  6. Mac Mids & True Duals inside please..
  7. Cutout and "ricey" noise
  8. Head/cammed car MAF ?
  9. Flowtech Headers LT
  10. True Dual Question
  11. Headers Headers y pipe i`m lost
  12. Pacesetter Lt's + Hooker ORY and catback review
  13. how to remove air conditioning system?
  14. Has anyone switched from a 2.5in to a 3in Y pipe?
  15. sparks fly when i try to connect battery posts!
  16. MAF Stuck in factory Air Lid
  17. diagnose electrical gremlin
  18. Pacesetter Y-pipe = POS
  19. Pacesetter ORY Pipe
  20. Anyone running Mac's with cats through lm?
  21. '00 Catch Can Mounting
  22. TB Cleaner??
  23. Coil pack Connectors
  24. EGR blockoff plate
  25. stainless works ory pipe installed need some ideas
  26. Thank You UPS Delivery guy
  27. How hard to remove EGR and Air without doing anything else??
  28. Header question??
  29. 3" Catback vs. TD's
  30. LS6 Intake Install Problems
  31. MAF 75mm to 85 wiring ???
  32. Catch Can
  33. Magnaflow
  34. What to do???
  35. Catch Can Pictures needed
  36. Header Gakets...???
  37. corvette o2's
  38. What kind of headers are these can anyone tell?
  39. Just installed SJM Line Lock!
  40. Should I change plugs?
  41. Electric Cutout Switch Locations
  42. Looking for pics of 4 bbl TB pics on fourth gen f-body......
  43. open headers vs catted y-pipe and loudmouth
  44. Whats the best header to get?
  45. Which Kooks headers??
  46. 97 ls1 torque specs?? anyone have pdf??
  47. Is a TB upgrade needed for a 402?
  48. TB not opening all the way...
  49. what oil to use
  50. Is this exhaust setup choking the car down?
  51. UD Pulley - Anyone ever have to. . . .
  52. Anyone have a ported LS6 Intake?
  53. A little help please!!!
  54. MAF ends
  55. need a new battery?
  56. got headers in
  57. Headers: Ceramic Coated or Stainless Steel?
  58. Suncoast Creations ram air setup
  59. What exhaust should I go with?
  60. Battery Relocation - What connections?
  61. Silicone hose (turbo) for intake bellows?
  62. Who sells high flow cats for stock location?
  63. IAT sensor/lid install question.
  64. Pacesetter LT's + catted TSP ypipe + TSP Rumbler = ?
  65. shorted o2. SES light, and idling like a....
  66. i smell antifreeze, but nothing is leaking?? (help)
  67. NO! header bolt!
  68. Hooker Ory
  69. k&n
  70. Will a bad o2 hurt ETs?
  71. Part # for bellow
  72. Gates Belt Part #
  73. Crank Position Sensor on 6.0 - Where?
  74. Question bout my ls6 intake
  75. hooker headers? to hooker catback?
  76. any REAL gains for 3" vs. 2.5" pipe for true duals??
  77. DR side O2 extension routing question w/PaceSetters
  78. Broke Something, please help
  79. Any reason for throttle sticking >2% until stopped?
  80. What is the difference
  81. difference between kooks and QTP
  82. Just completed my first spark plug change.
  83. Just got a Flowmaster
  84. Why is my serpentine belt coming off?
  85. High Idle
  86. Lid and engine code
  87. What/Where/Why
  88. egr ?
  89. Anybody know what belt to bypass PS with asp crank pully?
  90. AIR/ERG system
  91. MAC header question
  92. No more ported TBs
  93. Electrical problem...HELP!
  94. Altenator bolt solution for short belt
  95. Is it just me....? (Borla Sound)
  96. Fan switch and SES light
  97. Question about MAC mid-length headers.
  98. Hvmc???
  99. hooker muffler
  100. Exhaust question
  101. Loudmouth II
  102. Y-pipe question...
  103. Slp cold air, ssra
  104. single chamber under axle duals
  105. Which is the better air intake setup?
  106. Safe and proper battery-to-spare tire well relocation...
  107. O2 Sim Instal ????
  108. Finally Like Magnaflow
  109. Rattling/Buzzing exhaust sound...Any suggestions
  110. what size barb adapter for tranny cooler
  111. Its about time to get headers!
  112. Need Y-pipe information
  113. Finally did it, true duals, pics too!
  114. slp ls6 intake w/ egr
  115. How Loud is.....
  116. Cutout
  117. Ported TB?
  118. Can someone look on their car for me?
  119. Hookers
  120. did i kill my header gasket?????
  121. anyone running nx 85mm tb?? is it worth it
  122. Electric Water Pumps
  123. Is the slp proflow the same as the old dual dual?
  124. MYSTERY Starting problem!
  125. Kooks slip fit vs. weld on flanges
  126. Stupid question about removing cats
  127. Bo White TB...
  128. Kooks Or QTP
  129. Problems w/ Cooling System
  130. traction control
  131. toyota oil filter/oil suggetions
  132. GMMG w/KOOKS headers?
  133. Question about SLP headers
  134. MAF damaged?
  135. Custom TrueDuals (PICS NEEDED!!!)
  136. Tall Valve covers???
  137. Quick TB install question(need help fast)
  138. Speed Inc x-pipe kit install ?
  139. SLP Headers??????
  140. Open Headers over TD's?
  141. Techies, which waterpump for a 427?????
  142. High idle problem is intermittent
  143. manual fan switch, do yourself questions
  144. Help me diagnose this overheating problem please.
  145. tempature sending unit
  146. Is stainless works CB like GMMG?
  147. New to the LS1 World...
  148. Runnin rich after LT install
  149. Speed Inc. true duals
  150. I need advise on a stall.
  151. Gears with a F13
  152. Problem after header install
  153. Why do people put 160 stats on their basically stock engine?
  154. Removing AIR.
  155. arp ballancer bolt torque specs?
  156. magnaflow race 6 in. muffler after colletor?
  157. Is my diagnosis correct?
  158. Which cat-back is should I get?
  159. Crack at collector: Repair or replace?
  160. Edelbrock LT Headers?
  161. Talk me into true duals...
  162. Garbage Pacesetter LTs...
  163. tourqe
  164. Guys with headers & exhaust
  165. Whats the deal with headers?
  166. hows your gas mileage with no egr?
  167. GMMG or true duals??
  168. Can I pass emissions without the EGR valve?
  169. Helix TB Spacer?
  170. Grumbling noise from exhaust??
  171. HELP underdrive pulley belt
  172. Tsp Ory?
  173. opinions wanted - catback woes
  174. Need Help With Diagnosing
  175. Open headers to Flowmaster?
  176. Cutout and stock exhaust vs true duals
  177. Borla Adjustable Vs. GMMG??
  178. scavenging at high rpms?
  179. 2.5" Kooks y pipe?
  180. guys please help me out with my exhaust...i need it.
  181. Need Advice
  182. cutout or Lanes
  183. How much can my FAST 90mm intake be hurting if I over ported? Should I be worried?
  184. Great job Jet Hot!!
  185. o2 question
  186. Bad cat already?
  187. ABS INOP and ASR OFF lights on at the same time = ???
  188. 1 poly motor mount on drivers side?
  189. True duals on a lowered trans am???
  190. o2's and service engine light
  191. Pacesetter LTs, Hooker ORY?
  192. X, Y-Pipe Question
  193. $25 for a fernco
  194. slp intake w/egr. what size is the compression fitting?
  195. Descreened MAF
  196. LSX 90MM Manifold and TB
  197. Suncoast Hood...what intake?
  198. I installed a functional ram air hood
  199. not happy with magnaflow
  200. Why isn't there a production true dual exhaust that exits out the rear?
  201. Sounds like front end is falling off...
  202. Interesting thing happened after PCV swap
  203. Guys with FAST TB's come in
  204. Y-pipe With long tubes?
  205. aluminum intake manifold Good or Bad?? H E L P
  206. How low do LT's hang
  207. EGR block off plate
  208. Compare True Dual Setups
  209. lt1 with a loudmouth
  210. removing the air tubes off headers, how can i do this?
  211. can this fit?
  212. quick question
  213. can a dual set up be quieter than a catback?
  214. Do z06 exhaust manifolds flow a lot better then my 2000 ls1 manifolds.
  215. Help! Service engine light??
  216. removing stock cats
  217. High Idle (Throttle Body)
  218. The brown truck stopped by
  219. Installed SLP LoudMouth and now plastic rattles in my car ?
  220. Throttle Body Issues
  221. Questions about cat. converter and knock retard
  222. TSP Y pipe banging on trans Xmember
  223. Hey guys decisions decisions
  224. o2 sensors gone bad??
  225. Water pump, which is inlet and which is outlet?
  226. fixable?
  227. which thermostat...160 or 180 for 2004 GTO?
  228. Race style headers
  229. odd smell under load
  230. Question about o2 sensors
  231. MAC exhaust...studs missing
  232. Hell = Driver side poly motor mount install
  233. SLP Lid rubbing fixed!!!
  234. TSP Y pipe ?
  235. removing traction control
  236. Need fast responses!!!!
  237. broke a Stage 8 header bolt
  238. Flames?
  239. Anyone have/had Speed Inc. "X-pipe Race Exhaust"
  240. Will this exhaust fit?
  241. need advice on quiet exhaust setup
  242. pulley & belt replacement help. what parts
  243. HELP.. installing fast 90 intake... knock sensor?
  244. LT's, true duals, and LID HP
  245. Electric cutout install
  246. True Duals run all the way back!
  247. What do u think about my exhaust system?
  248. Pics of Dynatech Supermaxx system...and ground clearance pics.
  249. FLP install...and..umm well a problem.
  250. Awesome! Blew a hole in my FLP header - WTF!?!