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  1. BBK 80mm TB?????
  2. SLP Says 41HP and 58TQ. What Can someone really expect? These variables + or -?
  3. Simple muffler question
  4. Exhaust/A.I.R question.
  5. FLP Headers
  6. Rate this exhuast work from ProDyno, Inc. (Tempe, AZ)
  7. Should I remove my High Flow CATS????
  8. what is the factory y-pipe made out of?
  9. Texas Speed True Duals Now Available With Spiral Flow Mufflers!
  10. LT1's sound better
  11. 400 hp
  12. Gauges and headlights flickering
  13. Mac Y pipe question
  14. Mac mids or pacesetter lt's
  15. SLP Loud Mouth
  16. 160 deg. thermostat
  17. Where to get Direct Flow lid?
  18. Please help me get this straightened out
  19. Driving car on manifolds and cats
  20. Off Road Y-pipe for stock manifolds
  21. sitting outside in the cold for a while, start it?
  22. SLP 85mm MAF
  23. The most effective bolt-ons?
  24. random tech vs carsound cats
  25. Anyone have links to ls-1 dyno results for 1.75" vs 1.875" header tubes?
  26. Help tapping exhaust manifold thread.....
  27. MAC mids power gain?
  28. What gap size for NGK TR55
  29. Removing Stock Manifolds and y-pipe?
  30. My car is running like ass.............
  31. connections on back of LS6 intake?
  32. question on heads
  33. Installed QTP/TSP duals! tune??
  34. kooks headers install question
  35. Coated or uncoated?
  36. spark plug replacement
  37. Anybody ever bought these x pipes
  38. Battery Problem?
  39. Adjusting Katech Tensioner
  40. Who wants to sell me some LT Kooks or QTP?
  41. Question about TSP True Duals
  42. headers ?
  43. Quick question about my lid
  44. Powder Coat my y-pipe?
  45. ram air box lids
  46. cars gettin a lil weird!?
  47. LS6 man. and header question
  48. ppc
  49. What y-pipes interchange?
  50. Which Pulley?
  51. Engine Block Heater
  52. what headers are the best
  53. lifespan of tr55
  54. what headers/catted y to go with?
  55. Question about What comes with pacesetters
  56. where do i purchase a shaner tb?
  57. Failed Emissions, Now What
  58. lowered...midlengths good descision?
  59. Need some exhaust help
  60. who has 90mm airlids?
  61. TSP True Dual in Car Video
  62. True Duals
  63. Ram Air lid higher
  64. Kooks y-pipe . .
  65. where is the cheapest place to get an electric cut out?
  66. Coolant hose routing
  67. Where to get crank bolt or threaded bar?
  68. which muffler sounds best... single muffler on end of the y pipe, no money for duals
  69. Dose anyone sell a 85mm Lid?
  70. Stupid Exhaust Leak
  71. Header Install Help???
  72. Do they pop off your gas cap for emissions testing?
  73. I Passed Emissions!!!
  74. best 90MM Throttle Bodie
  75. How does a stock catback sound with LTs and ORP?
  76. New Pacesetter LTs
  77. Need Help, Exhaust Size for QTP
  78. ls6 intake gains?
  79. LSX/TPIS 90mm TB - worth it behind stock MAF ?
  80. TSP Rumbler Cat Back
  81. Solid Motor Mounts Users, do you get false knock retard from them?
  82. Hookers, got to love 'em!
  83. finally a NEW exhaust idea..
  84. Header clearance issues with SFCs?
  85. slp 85mm maf
  86. true dual - header help
  87. Just got my MAC's - Emissions questions??
  88. TSP Catted-Y CAT Part Number?
  89. thermal wraping on stainless
  90. G1 cam and GMMG?
  91. SLP loud mouth
  92. Operating temp...
  93. Will I need 02 extenders??
  94. Deadening interior exhaust level
  95. Tbyrne MAF ends good or bad
  96. Who makes a lid with a provision for the air tube on the '00+ cars?
  97. eletric cut out for $40...????
  98. why do stangs sound good??
  99. What known issues with revised FAST 90mm TB?
  100. Cooling Question
  101. Intake/Throttle Body Upgrade on FI Stroker Motor
  102. Meziere pump, looking for thermo and housing
  103. Is the SLP FLOPAC worth getting?
  104. What kind of collectors do stainlessworks LT's have?
  105. engine removal for dumbies
  106. what good is a 90mm tb if you only have a 75mm lid?
  107. K&N induction
  108. Mid's VS LT's
  109. think ive decided on exhaust setup
  110. dynomaxx headers
  111. Mac mid-lengths...
  112. Timing Cover
  113. FAST 90mm worth it for my AFR 205 combo?
  114. Exhaust
  115. Any Benefit to Porting This here LS6 Intake ?
  116. Cutting fuel rail covers
  117. whats the best exhaust for my set up???
  118. Power steering pulley/res
  119. would it be worth it
  120. MAC headers?
  121. Choppy idle after computer reset?
  122. Have a belt problem, need to know a price.
  123. Which headers will benifit me?
  124. Car wont cool down
  125. car is messed up after the races..HELP ME PLEASE!!
  126. ASP Pulleys...
  127. suncost hood baffles remove???
  128. anybody running lt's, ory w/ cutout and stock catback?
  129. Texas Speed True Duals
  130. Corsa???
  131. ported tb problem
  132. Traction Control Unit
  133. What should I do
  134. what will flow better?
  135. cutout
  136. new exhaust, what you guys think?
  137. Dent in my new hooker cat-back?
  138. Hooker vs B&B catback
  139. gmmg or true duals or stick with slp d/d?
  140. Radiator cap
  141. Knock off GMMG???
  142. Few of Questions on Induction and Tuning...
  143. Billet vs ported stock TB
  144. 78 or 90 Fast intake?
  145. Tach is dead and car is hard to start . .
  146. Throttle Body
  147. What's the best remedy for the PCV oil sucking problem?
  148. corsa questions
  149. Car won't start suddenly, need suggestions
  150. Catalytic Converter for 2000 Camaro SS
  151. Using 01-02 Headers on 00
  152. help oil in my anti-freeze 3.8L
  153. Rear main seal clarification
  154. S2 & S3 Throttle Body....
  155. Oil Pres. sensor
  156. exhaust questions: open headers/ cutout
  157. Throwing MAF Codes. Any suggestions on which one to buy?
  158. Home Porting TB
  159. Header wrap is bad
  160. best sealing exhaust clamps
  161. FAST 90 tb issues
  162. 90mm intake & TB on A4...
  163. exhaust ??
  164. NX 85mm TB ?
  165. Vacuum Leak
  166. Can you tell me what's wrong? (video)
  167. Bell Housing Bolts
  168. Those with a Whisper Lid...
  169. What gains are A4 and M6 gettin with TBs
  170. Have Pacesetters actually gotten better?
  171. LS6 install question.
  172. people with 85mm MAF, what lid and how
  173. 02 sensors getting wet? (Longtubes)
  174. Edelbrock or Jet-Hot headers
  175. Ls6 Intake
  176. AIR gaskets
  177. ATR & Random tech Catback questions
  178. Noise
  179. What bellow for 90mm TB to 85mm MAF?
  180. GMMG with E-cutout! Is it worth it?
  181. pacesetters for 00 work on a 99?
  182. still wont start
  183. Has anyone ran into problems with a short belt? (no PS or A/C)
  184. Throttle Body Interchangeability
  185. Is there anyway that Longtubes would...
  186. Putting back Intake Manifold
  187. Big misfire problem, please help!!
  188. Y Pipe Hanger?
  189. Do MAF Ends net any gains?
  190. QTP long tubes????
  191. a few questions about tsp true duals
  192. Spintech mufflers/cat back exhaust
  193. Florescent green fluid leaking from A/C compressor??????
  194. anyone with LS1 knowledge
  195. AutoZone Duralast-Gold battery.
  196. A/F guage
  197. which is quiter for true duals bullets or 1 chambers
  198. Changing exhaust-opinions
  199. i wanna get new headers, help me out
  200. vararam or Halltech Trap?
  201. PLEASE don't buy Flow tech or FLOWTECH headers.
  202. LS6 Manifold & !AIR/EGR ?'s
  203. Band Clamps/exhaust leak
  204. Advice on bolt-ons to beat on 04 Cobra!
  205. Cutout
  206. Ported MAF on A4 car...could it have damaged my tranny?
  207. Install LS6 Intake - Now Tach & Oil Pres gauge no work??
  208. Should I get a MAF and ported TB?
  209. question about o2's
  210. Long Tubes: Stepped vs. Non-stepped?
  211. Question on dual x pipe?
  212. question about electric water pumps
  213. Service Engine Light On: P0125
  214. FLP LT w/ Corsa CB help....
  215. S2 or S3 ? Polished to Satin ?
  216. Need Help Deciding
  217. maf
  218. Pacesetter Headers
  219. Should I change lids and MAFs for Fast intake?
  220. lid
  221. ultra cool short belt alternator
  222. Weird Problem--Need Help!!
  223. Jantzer Tb's
  224. Cutout install cost
  225. nasty exhaust sound
  226. Another Newbie Header Question...
  227. Difference between OR-X and OR-Y
  228. QTPs installed...
  229. Airlid
  230. Replacing MAF screen...what are my options?
  231. headers??
  232. Crank Pulley swap
  233. Spark plug wire ??
  234. What sounds better?
  235. Stock CME headers and catted Y Questions
  236. Please help with busted water pump... I think.
  237. Exhaust Dilemma
  238. How many of you have put a cutout on a corsa system?
  239. need new muffelers...
  240. Help a newbie look for headers
  241. SLP Throttle bodies
  242. no need to worry about losing RWHP...right?
  243. Newb header question...
  244. Need deepest sounding catback...HELP!
  245. Borla Exhaust From A 97 Ram Air To A 99 Trans Am
  246. Backfiring
  247. Kooks vs SLP Headers
  248. Possible new exhaust system
  249. Free ram air mod
  250. Descreening a stock MAF, good or bad idea?