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  1. Coated or not
  2. what y pipe?
  3. differant header mean differant sound???
  4. How much would you spend to add 10 rwhp throughout the powerband?
  5. Flowtech headers
  6. Does anyone have experience w/the SLP Loudmouth II?
  7. How much louder with gutted cats?
  8. can anyone tell me the length of the bolt used for GMPP intake?
  9. Question about stock Exaust manifolds...
  10. Pics on Y-pipe banging fix
  11. BG Ram Air Induction System
  12. Custom headers anyone?
  13. Kook's with SLP Dual-Dual...
  14. ORY help!
  15. Ordering Pulley soon!!!
  16. Why isn't it good to buy an aftermarket maf?
  17. Need Help Asap!!! Ordering
  18. Any way to make my temp guage work?
  19. MSD makes LS1 coils now
  20. Electric Water Pumps?????
  21. Oil Question
  22. Bolt ons to make 550-600 crank hp
  23. LT's = SES light .. help!
  24. Stealth Air-Box
  25. cats clogged
  26. differences in 99 vs. 01-02 stock TB's ?
  27. *Anybody overheat with there FTRA?*
  28. How high to lift car to change headers and clutch?
  29. Aftermarket power steering pumps?
  30. Deleteing air system need some help
  31. Hooker catback opinions wanted
  32. Will I have a problem?
  33. How much for Cat-back install these days?
  34. Need help finishing bolt ons
  35. KOOKS or QTP's
  36. To MSD or not to MSD?
  37. ok what the hell, no one has!!!!!
  38. X-pipe for Kooks?
  39. Sticky throttle cable... Lube ?
  40. Pacesetters New Fitment?
  41. Slp performance pack?
  42. muffler decision for duals
  43. FLP's or Kooks LT Headers???
  44. Spark Plug install, quick question.
  45. Quick Question please help
  46. Fast Intake
  47. SLP Y-PIPE (low)
  48. have a Hole in my header!
  49. SLP 2 on the Left exhaust
  50. Which is louder??
  51. Fast 90mm intake or sheetmetal intake on large cubic inch LS1?
  52. What muffler?
  53. Mufflex Hanger Install?
  54. Headers
  55. LS SPYDER Intake
  56. Can't Find Idle
  57. How to install O2s
  58. custom cold air intake
  59. 160 t stat question
  60. Free ram air!!
  61. qtp header question ?
  62. Lids
  63. 450 Horsepower???
  64. anyone have a exhaust leak near the manifold on a stock car?
  65. stock exhaust manifolds
  66. ABS in front and not back?
  67. Anyone tryed these
  68. can ls1 vette rear 02's be used
  69. *Pics* Under axle true duals (56k = long time)
  70. Anyone have Loudmouth Sounds?
  71. What did your o2 dyno with pacesettters?
  72. custom ORY, need flanges
  73. catted y...or true duals?
  74. Correct me if I'm wrong 160 termostat
  75. Opinions on FIPK and Volant kits???
  76. ive got a 85mm maf and dont know whats its for
  77. tsp 85mm lid question
  78. DS safty loop and TSP true duals
  79. MAFs, all 98-02 Work together?
  80. Advise: Thanks all I went with the 224cam/342gears/3200stall now which lt headers
  81. Missfire Problems??? HELP
  82. Does anyone have the GM part number for the long vette 02?
  83. stupid question about removing accessories from LS6 manifold
  84. When is the fast intake going to go down in price?
  85. Passenger Header Bolt
  86. Pulley install
  87. car on
  88. coil packs
  89. is there a lightwieght battery?
  90. Under the Axle Duals
  91. help! exhaust question....
  92. Can i pass emissions if i remove my EGR system?
  93. Does anyone make a tri-Y style header?
  94. QTP (1 7/8s) Header guys inside
  95. Forum Director - Marker
  96. Need help with cooling system problem
  97. AIR system removal and pcm?
  98. Question on cutouts?
  99. Ls6 intake w/o EGR?
  100. Front engine mount plate pics
  101. TSP duals and banging and modifications
  102. quick question
  103. *WARNING* Cat-back melting the gas tank...Found when putting on the true duals.
  104. Header question ???
  105. flushing power steering fluid
  106. Flushing coolant
  107. is it possible?
  108. Pacesetter Lt's Question
  109. Loudmouth ? :)
  110. ypipe with single muffler dumped before axle?
  111. How much does a Borla catback weigh?
  112. question about headers
  113. Stock Motor making 311 to wheels would..
  114. Should I use the 6.0 truck filter or the LS1 oil filter for Iron Block 6.0 408
  115. which is louder?
  116. Who's LS1 SS is this?? It sounds amazing!
  117. what if rear o2's werent deleted correctly???
  118. Gains from headers w/ stock cats & Y-pipe...
  119. Alternator on the way out????
  120. Ebay Seller Fraud!!!!!
  121. How do you reach MM bolts w/lt headers? poly mount install looks near impossible
  122. header question
  123. buy it? or pass it and go for another?
  124. Help with exhaust
  125. What is needed for Pacesetter lt? For installation which tools?
  126. Putting on FIPK on Friday.
  127. GMMG Dual-Duals?
  128. Advise: I am in Calif does LT headers only make you fail smog by visable inspection?
  129. Smoke stack exhaust setup?
  130. SLP "Pulley" mod with smog pump delete??
  131. K&N air filter???
  132. will a regular lid fit my 85mm maf?
  133. SLP LT's
  134. borla no cats
  135. im waiting for spring and im bored
  136. TPIS 90mm TB
  137. Could I do this with my catback?
  138. Two LS6 intakes..Oops, what to do?
  139. to those with hooker headers...
  140. Anyone with a Borla XR-1 muffler please read!!
  141. O2 sensor question
  142. FYI: GM 85mm MAF Conversion
  143. Need help removing exhaust tips from old exhaust
  144. Will a 98-99 intake manifold, fit a 2002 LS1?
  145. Poly Motor Mounts or Mufflex Hanger?
  146. Pulley questions
  147. Noise coming from Intake Plz Help!
  148. Question about ORYs
  149. Alternator issues
  150. NE1 w/ Kooks 3.5" to 3" reducer?
  151. Stock Exhaust Manifolds, what year is best???
  152. Need Help,Car wont just clicks
  153. underdrive/overdrive
  154. A4 exhaust
  155. Good experience with TSP/Pacesetter
  156. Tsp Y-pipe Not Fitting
  157. information on k&n filter..
  158. Y Pipe A Banging
  159. Pacesetter LTs and true duals question
  160. loud power steering pump
  161. which headers and ORY??
  162. ls6 intake
  163. Confused about header sizes
  164. me exhaust sucks! what should i get
  165. no spark, need dignosis
  166. All the Bolt Ons Vs. Rearend
  167. Hooker Stainless Steel
  168. random tech cat back
  169. will jethot longtubes that have the egr and air hookups work on my 02 trans am?
  170. Is heavy condensation smoke on cold start normal even in 62 degree weather?
  171. O2 Extensions?
  172. Header/exhaust question ?
  173. Does a 6.0 liter block take a different oil filter than a 5.7 liter block???
  174. Best Cat Back Exhaust for Mac mids with Cats.
  175. WHich mufflers on dual exhaust reduce noise the most?
  176. Headers and accessories
  177. 18 inc vs 12 inc bullet... is the longer one quieter or what?
  178. Does anyone sell a smoked clear lid?
  179. 02 Sensors
  180. Aftermarket HVC later on?
  181. 98 temp sensor in 00???
  182. QTP and Kooks Y pipe
  183. Performance loss???(Long)
  184. Ported TBs
  185. where can i get ATR mufflers?
  186. LS6 intake Pipe and plugs
  187. Have MAC Cat's improved, or are they still junk?
  188. Borla
  189. Desperate for MAF connector close up pic..
  190. Edelbrock Single Plane Carb Intake
  191. Rattle from under my car
  192. What Is The Best Lid To Get?
  193. Bolt size/thread/pitch on the 3 threaded holes on the ASP pulley?
  194. Sweet Thunder on stock manifolds and cats??
  195. Just built custom headers, Who has the best coating?
  196. Headers
  197. Side exhaust
  198. lids....not what your thinking
  199. A True Dual Setup
  200. Whisper Lid keeps popping off....
  201. Normal Idle rpms...M6
  202. SSRA or Induction Kit(FIPK)?
  203. 02 Sim install
  204. This cannot be good....
  205. Header Question..
  206. catback rankings
  207. Ticking after Pacesetter Install
  208. Depths / width of Sumps
  209. advise: If you installed the ASP crank pulley what did you think? Is it worth it?
  210. Misfires Help
  211. Exhaust Advice
  212. pacesetter = easy
  213. Any more bolt on's ?
  214. Help installing O2 sensor...Please
  215. price of LT
  216. SLP header install ?
  217. New Bassani Exhaust
  218. Installed Pacesetter LT's and TSP ORY
  219. Dynatech SuperMaXX Header System
  220. corvette manafolds on a ss?
  221. put some parts on finally.
  222. 2001ss Just ordered a set of Slp long tubes
  223. slp lid wont shut with filter tray.....ditch it???
  224. Y-pipe question
  225. Anyone running bullets in their Y pipe??
  226. Suggestions?? Tax Time
  227. pulleys
  228. When it rains it paws..follow up
  229. Headers Vs. Stall Help!!!!!!
  230. leaking header
  231. Few Questions about exhaust.
  232. Running like shit after header install
  233. AIT sensor
  234. advise: Does a aftermarket y-pipe help that much?
  235. Coil Pack Brackets
  236. New SLP Loud Mouth II Cat Back
  237. Does anyone know when the QTP sale is?
  238. Finish Bolt-ons or try something new?...
  239. What is ORY?
  240. QTP LT's with a Kooks ORY? need a fast answer, please.
  241. Those with coil relocations come in
  242. Analyze my dream exhaust
  243. Help need advice
  244. Pacesetter LT question
  245. Ok its Question Time WHAT IS THIS ?
  246. Mufflex hanger, will it work on a X-pipe?
  247. stock ta vs ws6 exhaust
  248. new exhaust setup, got o2 question....
  249. header install and coating q's
  250. Which y-pipe