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  1. water temp gauge WTF threadsare these!
  2. true dual
  3. FIPK- I was just thinking...
  4. Battery power drops after Pulley ?
  5. GM Weatherpack Connectors
  6. ? about Jet Hot headers and Flowtech headers
  7. 90 mmTB confusion
  8. Flowtech LT's GO OR NO GO?!?!?
  9. alternator only
  10. O2 Extenders for Pacesetter LT's
  11. aftermarket coils
  12. Can you tell me what this is?
  13. headers on a blackbird
  14. Please help: what happened to my oil drain plug?
  15. quick electric cutout question
  16. GMMG install question
  17. why 90mm TB when 85mm MAF?
  18. Header clearance question...
  19. diameter of stock I pipe
  20. SLP CME, how well does it flow?
  21. alright I absolutely GIVE UP - HISSING
  22. Help, quick question
  23. vacuum schematic
  24. ATS 'Pitbull' Cat back
  25. Water Pump
  26. Removal of PCV piece on valvecover
  27. check valves, where are they located?
  28. Borla Stingers: How loud are they?
  29. CAI vs Factory Ram Air, or both?
  30. High flow y-pipe..
  31. header help!!
  32. Best Priced Kooks Headers
  33. TSP come in
  34. will slp loudmouth, made for a 98ta fit a 02z28?
  35. Random Tech Catback
  36. NGK TR55 gaps???
  37. Just purchased a ported throttle body. Is there a adjustment on the sensor to make?
  38. Corsa
  39. AC condensor tube?
  40. whats the best spark plugs?
  41. LSX 78mm info? any new solid gains?
  42. what are all the bolt-ons???
  43. Another Weiand vs. LS6 Intake Thread
  44. Neighbor wrecked his 5.3l tahoe and will let me have engine parts.What should I take?
  45. what year did vettes get the ls6 intake?
  46. Building custom FIPK for 85mm maf???
  47. EGR/AIR delete, how to?
  48. A.I.R question
  49. Exhaust sounding abnormal
  50. B&B Triflow Question (yes i searched)
  51. Battery Connection Questions
  52. LQ4 80mm Throttle body swap to F-Body?
  53. Flowtech LT's and y-pipe?
  54. LS1 to LS6 Manifold
  55. new cats or y-pipe?
  56. Part Number Help???
  57. TB drill mod on stock application?
  58. keep current or use lid
  59. Lower box??
  60. which intake lid do i have??????????
  61. Dyno..............?
  62. Sweet thunder, bullet, or flowmaster single muff on the end of my ofy pipe?
  63. Pacesetter ground clearance
  64. Slp Hi Flow Cats Legal In Ca????
  65. ASP Pulley replacement belts - new vs. old
  66. Flowmaster Question
  67. I need some input on borla xr1 users
  68. LT's & ORY and Eibach Sportline Lowering? Issue?
  69. Any word yet on the Edelbrock headers with the new Ti-tech coating?
  70. MTI billet TBs any problems
  71. Magnaflow Exhaust
  72. Coil Bracket removal
  73. GMMG Chambered Exhaust
  74. Show me pics of your Mufflex single exit "hideaway" exhaust....
  75. Will high flow cats add power to my exisiting set up??
  76. High pitch squeak
  77. Changing plugs wires
  78. ASP pulley question? Need both or 1?
  79. Right headers?
  80. Interesting pics: Some Aussie CAIs I found while surfing around.
  81. serpentine belt
  82. anyone gone from true duals to a good Y-pipe setup?
  83. Rear Main Seal Replacement
  84. Duals with MACs
  85. what muffler can I get just to replace the stock muffler and be as quiet as stock?
  86. Pipe material.......?
  87. Just about to get a tune, can I add a pulley later?
  88. washed motor, now wont start!
  89. Air lid broke, how much hp loss?
  90. Keep A/C or chuck it??
  91. Valve cover??
  92. Guys with just extensions off of their collectors inside please....
  93. Vaccum Hose from Brake Booster?
  94. how much hp loss?
  95. How is this list of parts that I bought today?
  96. AIR removal????
  97. serpentine belt size
  98. idler pulley
  99. How big to drill TB
  100. Why don't my fans turn on?
  101. is it worth it to upgrade ignition?
  102. Question on a SLP ported throttle body? Info please
  103. Destroyed my Header
  104. !o2's or o2 sims for the rear?
  105. Lsx Vs. Ls6??
  106. pics of my 90mm LSX and TPIS setup
  107. info on oxygen sensors
  108. F'n SLP LT's ...install question
  109. Will this work?
  110. My 98 SS exhuast...
  111. Magnaflow and cat
  112. 85mm Throttle Body
  113. are ARP head studs easier on the block
  114. ASP UD Pulley Install - Slight Vibration
  115. heating pully
  116. Has anyone NOT had a problem with their FAST 90mm TB?
  117. What else should I get w/ Fast 90 mm Intake?
  118. TB Fast 90mm or TPIS 90mm?
  119. Bellows for 90mm TB ?
  120. BOlt ons before cam and headers
  121. Quick question about air intake systems
  122. Intake Swap Problem C5. Help please...
  123. any1 use the ARP pulley bolt???
  124. what kind of gains?
  125. What all is needed for a true dual setup?
  126. side exit exaust pics
  127. Fans and spark plugs!
  128. Need help with hanger locations
  129. Sound Clip of my car with the Spintech Muffler
  130. Fast Toys Ram Air (FTRA) Review
  131. Pacesetter ORY review/install
  132. Exhaust wrap on uncoated headers
  133. Which exhaust: TD's or Mufflex?
  134. ls6 intake question
  135. Need help
  136. Borla Mouth
  137. The Ultimate short belt setup?
  138. Extra Mufflers
  139. Need Some Help with Exhaust! FAST!
  140. pasesetter
  141. 90mm LSX worth any hp on 346 h/c car
  142. Kooks vs. QTP Headers
  143. Cold Air Intake Piping Size
  144. Headers and Cut-out
  145. True Duals And Magnaflows
  146. Headers Wrap..Thermal..HELP!!!!
  147. intake manifold and throttle body
  148. Hooker Aerochamber is on
  149. SLP ported throttle body
  150. Old K&N vs New K&N
  151. ASP Pulley Install Questions
  152. MAF question??
  153. Please help me out. What is the diameter of the stock throttle body blade hole?
  154. Want to see some Pics of Tips...
  155. Open headers
  156. squeeling noise
  157. motor mount install
  158. TSP LS6 Intake Manifold?
  159. Prothane Polyurethane Motor Mounts
  160. Reducers
  161. ECM panel installed
  162. Sweet Thunder PICS
  163. LS2 intake as good as LSX 90mm?
  164. swapping corsa cat back for Hooker
  165. any1 using the ati super damper??
  166. true dual pictures?
  167. Duals Sound
  168. Headers...Should I stay w/egr & air or not?
  169. How to make a manual fan switch?
  170. Lid for an 85mm MAF?
  171. Installed FAST 90 TPIS 90 problems
  172. Stainless Steel Exhuast Cutouts Bling Bling
  173. K&N cai... slp lid doesn't fit with tnt kit
  174. Cat backs and sport appearance package
  175. Smooth Bellows....Need?
  176. Resonance / Drone - modifying tubing.
  177. pulley question
  178. Fbody Vs C5 oiling system
  179. Metallic "Ting" with very cold starts....?
  180. need help--car wont start
  181. true dual exhaust hanger?
  182. GMMG exhaust rattle due to hangar
  183. Speed Inc. "no name" SFI underdrive pulley
  184. Jet Hot vs Pacesetter LT's
  185. TSP exhaust
  186. BIG PROBLEM! Car won't start...need help!
  187. ???????
  188. Which longtube header?
  189. Kooks vs QTP - ground clearance
  190. Which SLP is it?
  191. 78mm FAST vs. LS6 Intake
  192. has anyone used Bosch spark plugs. Gap ?
  193. Shorties and CAT Y-pipes?
  194. sweet thunder question
  195. What intake manifold for my H/C setup on a C5? LS6, LS2, LSX 78 vs 90mm?
  196. am I Just Being vain? (exhaust related)
  197. Need LT's and y-pipe suggestions!
  198. Different set-up--I think
  199. who sells underdrive pullies with the alt pulley?
  200. Aftermarket radiator?
  201. What is the diameter of the stock ls1 TB blade hole?
  202. neone running duals off mac mids.. how are u doing it?
  203. Cut-outs=Dual Exhaust?
  204. Dumb Question about band clamps
  205. Question about stock Y-pipe on 99'
  206. Driver Side header wont come off (hooker long tubes)
  207. FTRA SLP Ram Air Upgrade Kit?
  208. How many mm is a stock and a ported tb?
  209. The final exhaust set up...
  210. Kook 1 7/8 to 2 in stepped fitment
  211. Short Belt ??????
  212. Theory on Intake heat soak!
  213. Rumbler X with Flowtech LT's
  214. Is there a way to connect rubber line to metal?
  215. New C5
  216. Another Header Question
  218. question about 90mm intake
  219. ceramic coated headers
  220. Catouts man they are pain in the ass !
  221. Removing ASP Pulley, What tool and bolt length?
  222. my y-pipe is knocking
  223. Oval exhaust tips
  224. Cammed...Do I need a TB???
  225. how far back do true duals go?
  226. B&B Tips
  227. pacesetter headers???
  228. mods in the sig.. pulley or what else next?
  229. arp harmonic balancer torque spec???
  230. borla CB, kooks headers/ory sound clips???
  231. How many tr. dual f-body car owners have been pulled over because of your ex systems?
  232. Engine noise, metal on metal, sound clip inside
  233. Fast LSX runner length
  234. What is a used stock ls1 air box worth.
  235. What mods now??
  236. MAF thread. Do you have a MAF? Ask them here.
  237. Easy way to tell if cats are history?
  238. FLP headers - Cats blown???
  239. Anyone have the new Edelbrock headers
  240. Intake Manifold : Vacuum Outlet Location
  241. need some advice, kinda tricky
  242. Oil pressure going crazy!!!!!!
  243. true dual 3" or dual 3" into single 4"... which one? Quietest best flowing muffler?
  244. Is the extra money worth it?
  245. quietest muffler on the market but low restriction too?? best electric cutout??
  246. Does GMMG have a web site?
  247. Oil pan pickup tube distance from base of pan?
  248. FloTech Headers? Y-Pipe??
  249. Need some "been there, done that" advice!
  250. 02 sims?