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  1. water temp gauge Equus adapter
  2. No cats and Magnaflow
  3. Installing headers
  4. Port LS6 intake or not?
  5. quick eshaust question?
  6. Painted Ported TB and MAF who sells
  7. 2.5 Duals ORX 1 Chambers wit dumps
  8. Has anybody had both kinds of headers?
  9. What part #'s do I need
  10. slp TB ?
  11. Flowmaster on an X pipe
  12. Rear Vette o2 sensor part #?
  13. Name and Part # for the Bigger Oil Filter for My 99Z28
  14. flowmaster 40 series race mufflers
  15. header extensions...
  16. PICS of TSP ORY
  17. Meziere electric pump harness?
  18. pacesetter headers from a 01 on a 98?
  19. What else needed with Headers
  20. BBK 80MM on ls6
  21. which gaskets for headers
  22. Quick Quest. About 160 Tstat
  23. Ebay headers.
  24. Gears or what?
  25. 4" MAF ends?
  26. When to tune??
  27. Anyone running e-cutout in a borla instead of plates?
  28. QTP Y-Pipe HELP!!!
  29. Mufflers for duals
  30. Pacesetter midlength headers
  31. TSP True Duals install Q's...
  32. hp question
  33. SLP vs QTP headers
  34. SLP vs. Stock MAF, interesting situation
  35. Front O2 sensors and MACs Question
  36. ordering mods tonight Suggestion wanted
  37. thinking for headers but dont know how loud with my catback help!!
  38. Are there upgraded alternators for LS1s?
  39. how to install LT headers
  40. Car has messed up idle and barley starts!!
  41. Going back to duals. Have a few questions
  42. TPIS 90mm pics
  43. FINALLY got Pacesetter LT's installed...
  44. front engine plate/mount
  45. exhaust help?
  46. will QTP's fit up to the SLP 3inch offroad pipe?
  47. popping from exhaust??
  48. Carb LS1 intake converted to EFI...
  49. Borlamouth
  50. Supermaxx headers...
  51. Any Help With Exhaust On Lowered Car
  52. Will Headers from a 2000 LS1 fit a 2002 LS1?
  53. 2 ton jackstand tall enough?
  54. LS2 or LS6 intake
  55. best header
  56. buyer beware smooth bellows on ebay.....
  57. are the fast 90mm tb's fixed yet?
  58. Pro flow twister ???
  59. kooks headers WOW
  60. Wrote my first tech article
  61. New LTs and throwing p0327
  62. SLP High capacity radiators
  63. Home ported throttle body??
  64. The best ORY pipe
  65. Pulling engine, where to hook chains?
  66. Code??
  67. TSP Offroad Y-pipe
  68. Question about IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE(sensor)
  69. Pulley Removal??
  70. Hose Question??
  71. Pulley installation
  72. QTP Y Pipe Question
  73. ls6 intake install on a 99
  74. Edelbrock Single Plain Intake
  75. Can I use 90mm TB with stock LS6 intake?
  76. pics of steering shaft removal
  77. Tune required?
  78. intake ?
  79. upper panhard bar
  80. ASP pulley ( new or old) for double timing chain?
  81. Benefits of a cold air lid with ram air?
  82. Volante Air induction
  83. Any Pics of stainless headers after a year?
  84. Ordered Kooks 1 7/8" stepped to 2" headers, what Y-Pipe and cat back??
  85. air lid question...
  86. hp difference?
  87. not happy with my setup..need ideas...
  88. cutout questions
  89. Muffler replacement vs. Catback
  90. will pacesetter y fit wtih kooks headers?
  91. High Output Alternator?
  92. ORY-pipe question
  93. Need To Buy Headers Please Help Me!!!
  94. Sweet Thunder guys inside
  95. Anyone put mufflers directly on the header?
  96. FlowMasters
  97. Slp Maf
  98. What Kind Of Epoxy To Fill Tb Holes?
  99. ASP Pulley Belts
  100. Flowtech Headers
  101. Who Is on LS1sounds with true dual sweet thunders..
  102. y pipe issues
  103. Pacesetter/ORY clearance pics
  104. Cutout Causing rattling?
  105. AIR question
  106. LT Headers and Smog
  107. O2 sensors
  108. Can you fix a composite radiator tank?
  109. looking into pulleys
  110. Pacesetters+Aerochamber= Awesome
  111. Performance plug wires for LS1?
  112. moroso spriral flows or sweet thunders
  114. FAST 90mm throddle body users come in
  115. Header help!!!!!!!
  116. HA...HA...02 sensor problems...BY A GULF SPEC
  117. K&N FIPK Question.
  118. Mods that actually work HELP!!!
  119. LS6 intake application question
  120. Should I get stainless headers coated?
  121. Is the X pipe worth it?
  122. unknown connector
  123. Loudmouth or Cutout?
  124. Lingenfelter GT2-3 LS1 Camshaft and Valve Spring Kit
  125. Need help Fast
  126. Do you need to drill a hole in FAST TB?
  127. What do ya'll think abt set up, LSX 78mm AFR
  128. sad to say it but i gotta go back to Ypipe
  129. BBK TB help!
  130. Is this normal!?....
  131. What size freeze plug to use in the EGR hole on the intake?
  132. oil getting into lifter valley....
  133. My Pacesetter broke at the passenger air tube weld!
  134. Tsp Rumbler vs Slp LM
  135. Edlebrock Slip-on Merge collectors? How?
  136. hooker aerochambers
  137. Lil Help here
  138. Thermostat won't fit??
  139. Quick headers question
  140. What do i really need for LT INSTALL??
  141. Electric water pump- What Size Belt????
  142. Gas in my catch can???
  143. Stainless works 3 1/2" catback
  144. QTP cut out question
  145. What LT for me? (I have some specific info)
  146. It's a tough Decision. Come on guys. WHAT WILL GIVE ME MORE HP?!
  147. what mod to do next?
  148. Just ordered the header package
  149. Removing the engine on a 2001 SS
  150. Need Answer Quick! Clearance Question.
  151. highflow lid
  152. BBK 80mm TB?????
  153. SLP Says 41HP and 58TQ. What Can someone really expect? These variables + or -?
  154. Simple muffler question
  155. Exhaust/A.I.R question.
  156. FLP Headers
  157. Rate this exhuast work from ProDyno, Inc. (Tempe, AZ)
  158. Should I remove my High Flow CATS????
  159. what is the factory y-pipe made out of?
  160. Texas Speed True Duals Now Available With Spiral Flow Mufflers!
  161. LT1's sound better
  162. 400 hp
  163. Gauges and headlights flickering
  164. Mac Y pipe question
  165. Mac mids or pacesetter lt's
  166. SLP Loud Mouth
  167. 160 deg. thermostat
  168. Where to get Direct Flow lid?
  169. Please help me get this straightened out
  170. Driving car on manifolds and cats
  171. Off Road Y-pipe for stock manifolds
  172. sitting outside in the cold for a while, start it?
  173. SLP 85mm MAF
  174. The most effective bolt-ons?
  175. random tech vs carsound cats
  176. Anyone have links to ls-1 dyno results for 1.75" vs 1.875" header tubes?
  177. Help tapping exhaust manifold thread.....
  178. MAC mids power gain?
  179. What gap size for NGK TR55
  180. Removing Stock Manifolds and y-pipe?
  181. My car is running like ass.............
  182. connections on back of LS6 intake?
  183. question on heads
  184. Installed QTP/TSP duals! tune??
  185. kooks headers install question
  186. Coated or uncoated?
  187. spark plug replacement
  188. Anybody ever bought these x pipes
  189. Battery Problem?
  190. Adjusting Katech Tensioner
  191. Who wants to sell me some LT Kooks or QTP?
  192. Question about TSP True Duals
  193. headers ?
  194. Quick question about my lid
  195. Powder Coat my y-pipe?
  196. ram air box lids
  197. cars gettin a lil weird!?
  198. LS6 man. and header question
  199. ppc
  200. What y-pipes interchange?
  201. Which Pulley?
  202. Engine Block Heater
  203. what headers are the best
  204. lifespan of tr55
  205. what headers/catted y to go with?
  206. Question about What comes with pacesetters
  207. where do i purchase a shaner tb?
  208. Failed Emissions, Now What
  209. lowered...midlengths good descision?
  210. Need some exhaust help
  211. who has 90mm airlids?
  212. TSP True Dual in Car Video
  213. True Duals
  214. Ram Air lid higher
  215. Kooks y-pipe . .
  216. where is the cheapest place to get an electric cut out?
  217. Coolant hose routing
  218. Where to get crank bolt or threaded bar?
  219. which muffler sounds best... single muffler on end of the y pipe, no money for duals
  220. Dose anyone sell a 85mm Lid?
  221. Stupid Exhaust Leak
  222. Header Install Help???
  223. Do they pop off your gas cap for emissions testing?
  224. I Passed Emissions!!!
  225. best 90MM Throttle Bodie
  226. How does a stock catback sound with LTs and ORP?
  227. New Pacesetter LTs
  228. Need Help, Exhaust Size for QTP
  229. ls6 intake gains?
  230. LSX/TPIS 90mm TB - worth it behind stock MAF ?
  231. TSP Rumbler Cat Back
  232. Solid Motor Mounts Users, do you get false knock retard from them?
  233. Hookers, got to love 'em!
  234. finally a NEW exhaust idea..
  235. Header clearance issues with SFCs?
  236. slp 85mm maf
  237. true dual - header help
  238. Just got my MAC's - Emissions questions??
  239. TSP Catted-Y CAT Part Number?
  240. thermal wraping on stainless
  241. G1 cam and GMMG?
  242. SLP loud mouth
  243. Operating temp...
  244. Will I need 02 extenders??
  245. Deadening interior exhaust level
  246. Tbyrne MAF ends good or bad
  247. Who makes a lid with a provision for the air tube on the '00+ cars?
  248. eletric cut out for $40...????
  249. why do stangs sound good??
  250. What known issues with revised FAST 90mm TB?