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  1. What exhaust are You running ?
  2. Can anyone get a picture of a Borla XR-1 muffler for 98-02 fbods.
  3. need help with iat sensor
  4. Interesting exhaust idea about duals....
  5. Help identifying fluid leak
  6. AMW catch can...
  7. Do I need a tune?
  8. Electric CutOut?
  9. CATCH CAN INSTALL - which hose?
  10. Header Sizes
  11. LS2 or FAST? which is better
  12. question
  13. Bad ground? Altenator?
  14. What header bolts/gaskets????
  15. SLP Ported TB or Fast LSX 78m tb?
  16. TSP true duals X-pipe w/ SLP long tubes on the car!
  17. Tell me what you think they are worth
  18. straight pipe exhaust?
  19. OK, really getting concerned/pissed...
  20. LS6 or Exhaust
  21. e-cutout for Borla
  22. coil packs
  23. stock exhaust+cutout or Borla?
  24. LS6 intake swap, worth it...
  25. MAF Problem and compadibility ?'s for you Guys.
  26. TPIS 90mmTB vers Fast 90mmTB?
  27. o2 simulators
  28. GMS MAF & Lean Codes
  29. Engine Missing, Did tune-up. Any suggestions?
  30. center-mounted exhaust setups
  31. New guy trying to install underdrive pulley
  32. 3" true dual pics
  33. Mac Headers w/cats please review my data
  34. Add muffler(s) to SLP LM to kill rasp? Best Muffler?
  35. Any gain from Fast 90 Intake/TB on a stock internals?
  36. Who's got pics of installed Kooks ORY???
  37. TSP Dual owners what TA are you using??
  38. Pacesetter+ORY ripping off on curbs/etc. got any ideas?? Need help asap
  39. FRC's causing fuel flow trouble with ignition?
  40. need help asap with a/c removal..
  41. dissapointed with my new exhaust setup!!
  42. EGR hookup
  43. TB bypass
  44. Cold air mod questions
  45. plug for EGR?
  46. Dual Cutouts Question
  47. TSP Duals+torque arms?
  48. Is it possible to have "quiet" true duals/X?
  49. Holley/Weiand intake users, inside please......
  50. Would this work?
  51. Throttle body adapter
  52. K-member removal write up.
  53. magnaflow only flowing out one tip
  54. IAT and MAF 2001 camaro z28
  55. header install
  56. LS6 intake & nice gains
  57. Mass air flow sensor ????
  58. Question regarding A/C dryer.
  59. Broke 2 header bolts...advice needed
  60. Jet-Hot header problems
  61. [Yet another] ASP pulley install story
  62. Anyone with a CORSA cat-back
  63. backfiring???
  64. 02 simulators
  65. 1995 Pontiac Sunfire timing marks???
  66. Sound clip
  67. Flowmouth?
  68. polyurethane motor mount source?
  69. bad tsp x clearance
  70. Flp
  71. SLP vs Spohn vs BMR
  72. TSP True Duals... Drone? Clearance?
  73. Misfire Still
  74. side exit exhaust?
  75. Dynatech, QTP, FLP any issues or feedback
  76. Borla question???
  77. My new exhaust is on!!!
  78. AZ Power & sound / Pro Dyno true duals OVER axle (PICS)
  79. Rear 02 sensors
  80. Opinions on either one of these exhaust systems
  81. Which x-pipe position gives the most tsp dual clearance?
  82. MAF Screened or Unscreened
  83. Do it yourself header kit
  84. Advice on Spark Plug Heat Range
  85. FTRA question
  86. Bullet Mufflers
  87. EWP race version !!
  88. Where to find flow data on High Flow Cats?
  89. opinions wanted for upcoming setup
  90. Electrical Problem (Maybe Alternator?)
  91. stripped thread in head
  92. 1999 TA header installation...02 extensions
  93. now part of the infamous club...
  94. 2.5" into 3" cat
  95. Postup some 90mm Fast results please
  96. Ported stock TB to an MTI 75mm TB
  97. NGK TR55 - V Power or Irridium?
  98. TSP true duals
  99. TSC/ASR Cruise Module behind battery
  100. 02 sensors/extensions/simulators?
  101. Slp Maf Question !!!
  102. Has anyone tried the new Hooker stainless headers?
  103. Help me out...GMMG or LT and catted Y???
  104. tsp catted-y fitment
  105. 90mm LSX vs GMPP efi converted intake? and questions on it
  106. SLP LS6 EGR hookup help
  107. X-pipe w/ cutout
  108. Anyone got a B&B catback?
  109. Ported TB for deal?
  110. z28 exhaust tips?
  111. TSP Rumbler Catback Info: Info Please!
  112. Meziere Electric water pump worth Getting and what do I need?
  113. Differences in TB
  114. Pacesetter longtube headers w/catted y-pipe
  115. Installed LT's and ORY- Can't get crossmember on
  116. Qustion on smell with true duals
  117. Calling All True Dual Owners !!
  118. Will a Flowmaster AT kit for LT1's fit LS1's?
  119. Part No for 1998 LS1 Waterpump?
  120. SLP EGR Provision? Can't find it
  121. Can I benfit from a new Y pipe, TB, etc?
  122. Texas-Speed ported throttle body
  123. Misfire
  124. Engine vs lsx intake
  125. picture of where is pcv valve on 98 z28
  126. Need some help diagnosing the trouble with ignition
  127. Need help finding exhaust dumps
  128. How does my oryp look?
  129. What are these devices/sensors?
  130. Exhaust question
  131. Pacesetter icluded o2 wires
  132. Running with an open Y-pipe?
  133. Help separating stock Y for cat-back!!
  134. under drive pulleys
  135. Pics of Corsa tips.
  136. making custom ORY? HELP!
  137. Coated vs. uncoated hedders
  138. Gmmg + Lts
  139. Which Electric Cutout To Buy With Price Value????
  140. carb on a ls1/ls6
  141. SLP Harmonic Balancer/Underdrive Pulley
  142. ASP pulley leak?
  143. does anyone make a 90mm exit airlid?
  144. To those of you wondering...
  145. open cut with all the rain?
  146. ORY or Catted Y-Pipe?
  147. Do Hooker LT's and Jet Hot LT's line up the same?
  148. PLZ help TB P/P ?????
  149. 78mm FAST LSX?????
  150. Recommendations please;;;;;;; 85 mm MAF
  151. O2 sensor Problems need help!!!!!!!!!
  152. Need pics of race Version EWP
  153. Need to identify sensor that I broke during intake swap.
  154. holley aluminum manifold Question
  155. TSP weld vs clamp
  156. Do you guys re-use the intake and coolant line gaskets...
  157. Do I need to replace the intake manifold gaskets...
  158. Squealing from engine bay!!
  159. Stainless Works Headers on '01-2 F bods?
  160. ls6 intake installed and now.....
  161. QTP y-pipe is hangs LOW..... too low.
  162. Race vs Street Electric Water Pump ?
  163. 2004 truck coil packs
  164. leaking gasoline?!~!
  165. Making custom headers, which cylinders to pair up together 4-2-1's.
  166. gains from fast lsx&90mm t-body? 1-company says 0 hp,other says 20hp?
  167. Best air intake?
  168. bassani dual exhaust
  169. LS6 intake throttle mount
  170. Electric cut out?
  171. Pulley is squeeking.........
  172. Belt Tensioner
  173. Proper procedure for refilling coolant?
  174. A quick pic of the NEW EDELBROCK Victor headers ceramic coated
  175. Broken Fuel Injector Wiring Socket
  176. Header size question !!!!
  177. Intake part # 12556333
  178. LS6 intake manifold
  179. Easy one .. how to change belts
  180. Dual cutouts with Bolra type adjustable plates?
  181. Help :(
  182. How to get some sound!!
  183. Dumb questuion Header install
  184. MAF for 01?
  185. New Stainless Headers?
  186. Cold start-up noise
  187. Question for all Engineers (or just smart folk)
  188. O2 Sensors interchangeable front Vs. rear?
  189. Anyone with an ASP pulley???????
  190. MAC Midlength Questions?
  191. People who have had bullet muffler based duals for awhile.. inside please!
  192. Which is louder Flowmaster or Aerochamber?
  193. best intake manifold and throttle body??
  194. ???to buy or not to buy???
  195. Gonna get TSP true duals, should i wait fot LTs first or just put them on?
  196. Y-Pipes?
  197. Normal header noise, or exhaust leak?
  198. Need parts list 4 LS6 intake on a 98.
  199. Metal rings around o2's making noise...
  200. Anyone Using Brisk Plugs?
  201. Edelbrocks Carb conversion kit is out?
  202. Help me with squeaky engine
  203. True duals+convertible.
  204. Checked catch can after 1500 miles
  205. Quietest Exhaust?
  206. Header Help!!!!!!!
  207. ? track times after LT install
  208. I may have a new free mod
  209. Built my own exhaust.
  210. TSP True Duals installed this evening
  211. x-pipe?
  212. Corvette exhaust manifolds
  213. Should I buy a 90mm FAST intake, a LS2 intake, or wait & see what happens w/the LS7?
  214. poly motor mounts installed
  215. sucked water into the engone and blew it up, getting new one...suggestions?
  216. Is the fitment any better between the older style and newer style SLP bellow?
  217. Eliminate EGR and AIR?
  218. TB or MAF first? Your input needed
  219. Ls6 intake install question..
  220. LG Headers for C5 ZO6--Worth the cost?
  221. Searched already ... mac vs pacesetter
  222. A4 w/LT's place cats were?
  223. Mojave Heater Install
  224. surging!
  225. Weind Holley manifold on 99ls1...what all do i need??
  226. Metco breather
  227. Exhaust Leak Help
  228. How to remove the oil filler neck
  229. question about MSD 8.5 wires
  230. march pulley does work with double roller chain
  231. tsp true dual problem?
  232. Mod Questions
  233. Boramouth owners come on in
  234. what yall think.... Headers
  235. How i ran my catch can
  236. Egr ?
  237. Holley Lingenfelter Aluminum Intake Manifold
  238. Direct-Flow Airlid Purchase... WHERE CAN I GET IT???
  239. MSD LS1/LS6 blaster coil....
  240. Ordered my exhaust. What do you think?
  241. long tube headers with sts system
  242. Will 12556450 gm coils work on ls-6 engine
  243. Transmission Oil Cooler used as Engine Oil Cooler?
  244. Header Bolts
  246. Funny Noises?????
  247. Thirdgen exhaust on a LS1 Camaro....
  248. Fuel Rail Covers
  249. Problems w/ FAST intake and tb?
  250. **Need help**Heater Hose control valve???