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  1. What exhaust would be louder???
  2. LSX 90 owners with stock cubes, cam, heads
  3. burnt wire on passenger side of headers???
  4. Ory Cutout Location
  5. Loud Mouth vs. Borla in sound
  6. More LSX issues
  7. LT headers and maintenence.
  8. My gains from LSX 90mm intake.TB and headers
  9. F-body coil relocation on a C5...
  10. instead of using restrictor plate for AIR can i make a complete blockoff plate
  11. Corsa Exhaust
  12. Need part number for water pump!!
  13. Just finished LS6 install...
  14. tired of her b*tching, need less interior resonance
  15. 2nd time its happened, I wanna fix it
  16. Exhaust Noise
  17. Dr. Gasket cable operated cutout? Competition for electrics?
  18. ASP or SLP?
  19. Worth it to get rid of borla for gmmg?
  20. Firing order and plug location question.
  21. Oil Dipstick
  22. cop problems with duals???
  23. Worth switching out my stock SS lid for TSP lid?
  24. Unbent exhaust pipe?
  25. Quick AMW catch can question....
  26. Any way to eliminate cruise control for one wire TB?
  27. Ls6
  28. Jet hot long tube and Y pipe install. Banging Floor Boards
  29. is there a site or thread...
  30. How to clean out chambered muffler?
  31. Cat placement with LT's and DD SFC's
  32. scraping/rattling noise driving me nuts!!
  33. how can you tell if your check valves are bad?
  34. Got a Loudmouth that you now hate? I Killed the rasp!
  35. need advice with exhaust that exits out before the rear wheel
  36. what sensor is right next to spark plug on cyl 1
  37. Can a faulty o2 sensor cause one bank to run lean?
  38. March pully fit with a Roll Master w/o machining?
  39. Starter problem...pleas help ASAP!!!
  40. Which Exhaust?
  41. knock sensor short circuit?
  42. Help with posting small vids of exhaust
  43. Backpressure Question
  44. 98 maf same as 99 and up?
  45. Need help with injectors.
  46. Where's all my horsepower?
  47. Kook Headers are installed
  48. Anyone use an autometer oil pressure gauge
  49. Illegal or not?
  50. Coil and Spark Plug Relocation Wire Pics w/ Part #'s
  51. Alternator relocation info/pics?
  52. LS6 knock Sensor cover on an LS1, good idea?
  53. LSX intake manifold?
  54. Magnaflow
  55. Free ram air mod results???
  56. all you guys with longtubes do you get better or worse gas mileage?
  57. Anyone that has JetHot headers, please view.
  58. A/C Condensor went out, $1200 to fix?
  59. Need to pick up band clamps quick...
  60. How much CFM does a ZO6 85 mm MAF flow?
  61. Quick question about header and exhaust clearance.
  62. weird stumble at idle....ideas???
  63. Front O2's same as rears?
  64. Another, will this work ?
  65. good power gains from SLP Loudmouth?
  66. TSP Air Lid?
  67. TSP new catted Y-pipe
  68. How about this exhaust setup for a blower
  69. Any sponsors with Borla XR-1?
  70. How much rwhp from an intake swap?
  71. Y pipe vibration?? HELP
  72. Stainless Steel Header Thread
  73. Need help with odd problem on LS1...
  74. Removing SLP Long Tubes this weekend- Questions...
  75. Gasket Help! Need to fix my Exhaust Leaks!
  76. Need help with catalytic converter on GMC Yukon
  77. TD's with XR-1's ?
  78. Question about cats!??
  79. Which ported TB is best on ls6
  80. Kooks y-pipe install ?
  81. gutting stock cats
  82. How Much Horsepower?
  83. ASP Crank pulley
  84. Part # For GM O2 Sensor
  85. could somebody post a pic of bellows for me
  86. Got my PaceSetter Long Tubes... PICS inside
  87. Will Cats Fit with TD's?
  88. Need To Gain 50rwhp
  89. Removing y pipe back?
  90. Where can I get a Y-pipe that fits on Hooker long tubes?
  91. help with tach install
  92. I need exhaust recommendation...
  93. Sweet Thunder mufflers.
  94. LS6 intake Done!!
  95. How to remove EGR and AIR
  96. 90 mm lsx intake or 1 7/8 kooks?
  97. Relocated battery to trunk problem...
  98. Water pump info?
  99. 55k miles spark plug pics
  100. Which long tubes to go with
  101. could longtube and y pipe install cause piston slap to get louder
  102. Alternator relocation bracket?
  103. I got my TD's
  104. Exhaust manifold gasket?
  105. Sanding down the block
  106. amw catch can?
  107. *pics* Gen III performance Valvecovers
  108. installed PaceSetter LT's and TSP True Duals
  109. FAST 90mm t/b and manifold
  110. some one answer this question
  111. Size of coolant hose for a "custom" bypass?
  112. Pacesetter Y-pipe
  113. LTs and ORY are on Woooooot!
  114. Longtubes, Cats, what else?
  115. Spintech XL Flow Numbers
  116. Just installed new GMMG, now I have a rattle.
  117. All Edelbrock Victor Longtube Owners: Install question...
  118. Idle air control motor
  119. Header Install On 02 Ws6 How Hard?
  120. X pipe????
  121. Borlamouth or Dynomouth
  122. FLP Headers - Rusting After 4K Miles - WTF?!?
  123. question about ls6 intake please help
  124. everyone please tell me how you got your longtube y pipe to not leak
  125. Another Header Question
  126. JB Weld safe to use on TB blade?
  127. pacesetters Vs. Hedman
  128. Advice on Exhaust setup.
  129. Smooth Bellows - best deal?
  130. LS1 and LS6 Map sensors the same?
  131. Hooker Catback need cut out?
  132. ls1 truck starter
  133. Spintech Splitcase Muffler? Looking for opinions...
  134. Volant Intake pictures
  135. Shorty Headers
  136. Take a look!!
  137. HELP,TPIS 90 MM TB Problem
  138. o2's go bad with open exhaust?
  139. No Cats Code Any affect on performance?
  140. Grotts headers 1.3/4 and 1.7/8
  141. Will the Hooker 00-02 headers work on a '99.
  142. Problem with LSX intake install
  143. Ditched the loudmouth
  144. Gmmg + Lt's + Ory = Rasp???
  145. ported tb
  146. Question for you 90mm users L@@K
  147. Hooker Headers Installed, Funny sounding!
  148. Volant Intake Users, please help...
  149. Just a TB question here
  150. Have I run out of external mods? What to do next if not?
  151. March Fluid Damper or ATI Super Damper?
  152. Moving- do I need cats?
  153. Headers ?
  154. Stock MAF question
  155. header differences
  156. Why did you go with True Duals?
  157. GMMG with LTs.....
  158. Final word on Pacesetter headers?
  159. True Duals?
  160. 3" too much??
  161. Anyone make a Y-pipe for Dynatech race headers?
  162. What bolt-ons can you use after 408?
  163. Need a part number
  164. Just bought the AMW Catch Can
  165. header ground clearances
  166. got rid of RASP
  167. thermal plenum
  168. How long is the C5 smooth bellows
  169. Need 4" ID Bellows for 90MM TB's.
  170. test pipes
  171. Spark Plug wire install problems
  172. Removing the MAP sensor from intake
  173. **Sound Clip** 3" Magnaflow True Duals
  174. Cold Air Intake???
  175. brake booster line into intake
  176. Help! Power steering leak
  177. NEED HELP ASAP. intake swap something broke
  178. Denso Oxygen Sensors?
  179. Where to buy 4" Spintech Muffler
  180. 'Hows a borlamouth?'
  181. Exhaust fume smell
  182. 01' SS Help with Exhaust Sound -Anyone have any suggestions?
  183. anyone looking for a quiet muffler
  184. Z06 intake manifold
  185. LS1 Airlid design
  186. torque arm stud
  187. MAC Header questions for my 2000 Z28
  188. Battery cable off after catback install?
  189. Fuel presure sensor LS1/Rx7
  190. Non-LS1 app: -quietest- small-diameter muffler?
  191. Ypipe w/o cats, any gains?
  192. TPS Voltage/TB opening and affect on vacuum at WOT ?
  193. TSP Rumbler X True Duals with tail pipes???
  194. Will a GTO intake manifold work on an F-body?
  195. magnaflow sound
  196. Sound CLips plz
  197. Exhaust! Bolted or Welded?
  198. WOT Then boom??
  199. Noise after Oil Change
  200. Cleaning oil gunk from intake manifold
  201. Long Tubes
  202. Edelbrock Victor install afterthoughts.
  203. Question for Magnaflow owners
  204. LS1 Y-Pipe "Bump Stop" Hanger?
  205. LS1 Which is best U/D crank pulley?
  206. Where to by FLP style exhaust clamps?
  207. from homemade to AMW
  208. Muffler? Resonator?
  209. What would I gain?LSX90mm,TB,Kooks 1 7/8!
  210. Sea foam- where to buy it & how to use it
  211. Voltage Gauge Fluctuation (Please help!)
  212. How much RWHP/RWTQ will I lose?
  213. what do you think of this exhaust idea
  214. Headers....which ones are better
  215. Help car is too loud.
  216. LS6 intake modification?
  217. LSX Revisions
  218. how do 01-02 ls1's pass emmissions since they dont have a.i.r. and egr?
  219. will i lose any hp or hurt performance if i make a.i.r. restrictor plate?
  220. y-pipe install on auto. trans
  221. explain Resonation
  222. Edelbrock victor install started.
  223. flowmaster?
  224. slp y-pipe
  225. 90MM TB gasket and bellow???
  226. place to mount....
  227. 02 bungs on edelbrock victors?
  228. True Duals Without X or H pipe
  229. Engine vibration??????
  230. Polyurethane motor mount bushings installed!
  231. Need pics of the back of intake manifolds
  232. Cheapest place and cost to get o2's
  233. advise on exhaust gain/losses
  234. ASP Pulley and Balancer
  235. New Mods should be here Friday
  236. Hows a dynomouth?
  237. OBD2 code P1133 02 sensor but which one
  238. slp lt headers
  239. !EGR & !AIR question...
  240. LM has to go ORY going on Stock Cat-back?
  241. Thought you GTO, Corvette, and CTS owners might like this!!!!!
  242. intake ports - tar-caked - UHK!
  243. AMW catch can leaking...
  244. Header install question on 2002 LS1
  245. Urgent, need responses on QTP headers fast
  246. Do ported TBs have larger blades?
  247. MAF Question
  248. Eliminating EGR???? LS6 or LSX??
  249. another o2 question
  250. ls6 headers