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  1. Where are the fluids going??
  2. 02 question....
  3. Header Heat
  4. Belt routing with no power steering
  5. Gut or remove catalytic converter
  6. Why do we hear detonation?
  7. question about LS1 valve covers
  8. Is This Overkill?
  9. They'd be so easy to change
  10. GMMG Impressions
  11. Anyone Else Order a Nasty Sheetmetal Intake?
  12. Bypassing power steering cooler. Is it safe?
  13. power steering pump
  14. hypertech thermostat
  15. Installed lt's got ???
  16. Need Advice Please Help Me!!! (long)
  17. Got Problems!!!
  18. I need help please!
  19. Difference between TPIS and FAST 90mm TB?
  20. Oil Pan Help!!!!
  21. Short pulley belts to bypass the AIR and PS??
  22. ls6 intake question????
  23. True Dual preference
  24. should i order non egr headers
  25. Inside if you have Poly Engine Mounts
  26. FAST 90mm TB- 0 for 2
  27. Kooks builds me a custom Y-pipe to replace my FLP Y
  28. WS6 Lower Air Box w/ SLP Ultra Z Hood
  29. LS6 intake problem...
  30. 90mm still good on stock cubes?
  31. ported LS1 manifold?
  32. Dumb question please answer
  33. Is the LSx intake and TB combo that much better over the LS6/ ported TB (for a 402ci)
  34. Fans running all the time?
  35. exhaust popping
  36. loudmouth to qtp ory problem
  37. Need Block Off Plate
  38. Resistance of Spark plugs
  39. car runs terrible on start up, then clears up. help!
  40. Noticed oil between transmission and oil pan (pics inside)
  41. port your borla
  42. Thermostat and housing..or just buy a new thermostat and put it in the old housing?
  43. not a f-bod ? but its a pontiac
  44. How low will a set of MAC LTs hang below?
  45. Coupler for C5 TB to C5 air bridge
  46. ZO6 MAF specs
  47. 160 T-Stat, and fan temp questions
  48. BBK intake manifold for LS1 - does it really flow better
  49. Replacing A/C???
  50. I bought ENTIRE pcv valve system....
  51. How do you guys like the SOUND of an 80 series Chokemaster?
  52. QTP Dual Cut-out Y-pipe
  53. Header primary sizes comparo
  54. Please Critique Future Exhaust System...
  55. header install-now smoke
  56. Pulley question?
  57. Did the LS1 AC Oil Filter change from PF44 to PF47?
  58. stearing shaft torque spec..
  59. Build my car!!!
  60. what does it take to put a 160 stat in?
  61. Removed my EGR & Now No Air Blows through my vents?
  62. Car won't start. Constant draw on battery
  63. Electric cut-out trouble
  64. Is manifolds/cutout louder than headers/catback?
  65. Surging question from ported TB
  66. Supercar sounds out of the LS1
  67. Cold Air FlowPac = Bad MPG ???
  68. 2 1/2 inch i-pipe?
  69. Where can I get just an I-pipe?
  70. JBA headers gains
  71. Missing
  72. Positive stud on alternator broken?
  73. Finally got it!
  74. y pipe and macs
  75. Can I use 98-00 Mac Midlengths w/ O/R-Y on an 01???
  76. Are Carsound Cats CA Smog Legal?
  77. Cooling Question??
  78. What Y-pipes Fit Jet Hot Lt's
  79. Smaller Exhuast tips, do they hurt performance?
  80. Car is quieter than usual
  81. Starter dying question?
  82. to need or not to need,that is the ?
  83. Question to true dual owners.
  84. Pulleys!
  85. TB Opening Too Much
  86. What is the External Pipe Diameter on Stock Y Pipe and Loundmouth
  87. is it ok to remove this???
  88. TB tourqe question.
  89. mac headers and egr/air
  90. MAF screen removeing?
  91. need sum help! does this sound weird?
  92. Emailed BBK about their new intake...
  93. Best intake for functional hood?
  94. Would I go 12's?
  95. Clearance with QTP catted y?
  96. TPIS 1200 CFM Oval T/B & Intake?
  97. 90mm vrs 78mm LSX Intake and TB
  98. LS6 intake vs stock
  99. Closed thread
  100. car having trouble starting after LS6 install HELP PLEASE
  101. Done myself a small bit of researchin' about my ignition probs
  102. Problems after storage...
  103. A/c compressor?
  104. Air Conditioner
  105. 78mm Fast Intake Gain?
  106. tsp true dual questions
  107. what do you think of these Under the axle duels out the back
  108. Question about using larger Truck MAF
  109. leaking AIR help needed
  110. what size electric cutout?
  111. 1 cutout in the Y and another in the I
  112. stainless
  113. Pacesetters installed!
  114. V-band Exaust Clamps
  115. Y-pipe worth more hp/tq?
  116. after doing !AIR?
  117. True Duals question...
  118. Alternator Overdrive Pulley Install Tool
  119. Theormostat question..................
  120. Do different exhaust tips make for a different sound?
  121. Looking for True Dual system
  122. Does bullets sound kinda like cutouts?
  123. Noise from engine bay after long drive.. AC ?
  124. Trying to kill the rasp
  125. lookin for new setup
  126. How much would a bullet muffler hurt flow
  127. Raptor shift light Wiring on a 2000?
  128. Header Experience Please Come in...
  129. F.A.S.T LSx 90 w/F.A.S.T 90 TB Pics
  130. Can this LS6 intake be fixed/saved?
  131. Found:Long Crank pulley bolt! $3.35
  132. GMMG v/s TSP true duals (or custom true duals)
  133. porting my maf and tb
  134. Ported my tb and now it wistles.
  135. SSRA & Rain? Answerd
  136. Headers cause loss of low end?
  137. help with my idle issues
  138. Has anybody heard the Bassani exhaust
  139. Just got a Magnaflow catback
  140. RPM hanging with FAST 90/90
  141. Best Header Setup??
  142. Edelbrock victors!
  143. If you have a FAST intake and don't have the valley bolts...
  144. Smell Oil Burning at stoplights - But I don't think it's the headers...
  145. Sweet Thunder mufflers
  146. Stock manifold/Y pipe???
  147. Car runs better with screen back in MAF ...
  148. Where, other than A-pillar, do you mount gauges in a Camaro, 98+?
  149. Thinking of re installing stock WS6 catback, bad idea ??
  150. Mac headers
  151. Pacesetter Problem
  152. Help with kooks headers & exhaust
  153. true dual plans
  154. Would a cutout help my setup? Searched
  155. Got my LSX 90 and FAST 90 MM TB
  156. SLP Lid Question
  157. 90mm or higher TB' FAST the only one?
  158. Truck coils vs. Fbody coils
  159. MSD Wire Length
  160. Sweet-Thunder True Duals (Video Clip)
  161. open headers
  162. QTP's with stock cat-back.
  163. T/A Headlight Problem
  164. Need help with 02 sensor location
  165. Plug wires...
  166. true duals
  167. hooker or TSP rumbler with Lontubes???
  168. 160 Temp Vs. 210
  169. Emissions C/B + LT
  170. Threw a code P0440 - EVAP Emissions Control Malfunction - WTF?
  171. air pipe gasket
  172. ram air intake question.
  173. HELP ASAP With SLP Intake Install With EGR
  174. parts for dual exhaust
  175. What do ignition wires do for performance?
  176. true dual???
  177. Magnaflow and Cut Out?
  178. borla with my setup????
  179. auto fan switch mod opinions?
  180. TB and BGRA ?
  181. Clogged Cats ??
  182. How would this exhaust sound?
  183. tr55 part #?
  184. What are my replacement options for ball'n'socket header flanges?
  185. Does anyone make a high torque starter
  186. intake and TB
  187. 7 months storage/Iraq
  188. H/C Install.. dead battery / tune
  189. Cavalier ? also in PCM Diagnostic
  190. putting together a 427 for a 01 ss. help
  191. Question about Corvette to F-body intake parts interchange...
  192. What other options do we have for exhaust clamp
  193. What kind of MAF do i need with 90mm LSX?
  194. Car runs like crap after cutout install?
  195. True Duals:Flowmaster 10 Series or Borla Xr1's
  196. Cold start problem, could use some help.
  197. 160 Thermostat
  198. Which headers????
  199. Hooker muffler install question
  200. True duals with hooker mufflers
  201. Found my exhaust but 1 ?
  202. LS1 Motor Mounts
  203. Catch Can and Metco Breather,Where is My Oil Going???
  204. Car don't want to start...could starter be getting weak?
  205. Capacitive Discharge for LS1 Truck?
  206. Any other bolt-ons I should consider?
  207. Good Bullet muffler to stop RASP..
  208. Green Light on Battery?
  209. horrible whistleing
  210. MagnaFlow is BAD ASS.....
  211. TRUE DUAL GUYS please
  212. Asp Pulley
  213. Question for all TSP True Duals Owners
  214. hooker catback problems, please help!
  215. How do you install an ASP Overdrive Alternator Pulley?
  216. Y-pipe problems after header install
  217. Throwing serpentine belt!!!!
  218. texas-speed y pipe
  219. LS1 oil pan question
  220. What ORY?
  221. will my car run like crap w/o 02 sims??
  222. Anyone tried "dynamat" or other sound proofing
  223. Installed exhaust with great results
  224. Car sounds like a civic on steriouds around 2k rpm
  225. What is that darn squeaking coming from??
  226. Coolant sensor in Driverside head?
  227. Anybody had a heater hose fail?
  228. What kind of exaust!!!
  229. How often do your fans run??
  230. Best Plugs and wires
  231. GMPP Intake flow question.
  232. PVC Hose.......
  233. iridium plugs?
  234. mac headers
  235. Water pump upgrade?
  236. True Duals with H-pipe
  237. To Much Popping....HELP!
  238. who has had thrie ls6 intake ported by cartec?
  239. HELP Thermostat ?'s
  240. Rocker Cover Help
  241. WS6 newb - best exhaust?
  242. Mufflex or Hooker Catback?
  243. EGR block off plate
  244. QTP vs Street Pro
  245. Need a little help on finding info on Lid Assy.
  246. Need Opinions w/ Duals and Ground Clearence...
  247. Is this a ls6 intake?
  248. ASP PULLEY FOR FBODY AND C5 diferent?
  249. StreetPro Exhaust Cutout *Video
  250. Just a thought.