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  1. Idle problem after backfire
  2. Kook's install help needed
  3. Just installed my LT & Cam And it SUCKS!
  4. need some exhaust help
  5. Exhaust Clamp
  6. O2 Sensor Extensions
  7. FLp Y pipe?
  8. Jeg's DS loop for duals?
  9. Magnaflow Round Race Mufflers???
  10. Anyone with edelbrock brag headers...
  11. Electric Cutout Placement
  12. Header questions
  13. LT Headers
  14. TSP installed!
  15. A/C PSI readings for low and high side
  16. Alternator wires? Ground strap?
  17. what's the best flowing muffler
  18. Pacesetter LTs and 02 Extensions, Can I get away with just one?
  19. GMPP singleplane tested in the new Popular Hotrodding mag.
  20. Size Pipe?
  21. Help!!!
  22. Exhaust question
  23. Slp Ram Air Induction Package
  24. Tiny plastic vac. line on back of intake manifold?
  25. Panhard bar
  26. 90 mm Fast TB problems
  27. Will a lid and Trans Am lower airbox fit under the stock Formula hood?
  28. coils?
  29. Sorry, another LM question
  30. another header question.
  31. Who makes an ORY that will bolt up to stock manifolds?
  32. What coolant overflow cans are you guys running?
  33. shift light hook up
  34. Sheetmetal Intake Owners Post in Please
  35. Header Gasket Suggestions?
  36. shorty header install
  37. I need pics of true duels with cats
  38. Headers or LM?
  39. I have Borla, thinking about the LM though
  40. More LS6 intake questions (well, just one)
  41. Help ID this SLP intake mod?
  42. Limited $$: Which bolt-on?
  43. Plase help with RWHP numbers! :(
  44. TSP true dual
  45. Y-pipe with GMMG?
  46. Best flowing muffler for 3 inch Y pipe???
  47. Terrible Header Install..... Need Major Help.
  48. AIR system gaskets
  49. Exhaust cut out
  50. Car doesn't want to start now and then
  51. one quick question
  52. Got my Jantzer Ported TB........PICS
  53. What is this noise? Download MPG
  54. 78mm LSX Intake
  55. mystery vacuum line
  56. What exhaust?
  57. Gatorback Belts
  58. true duals with cats? looking for some input
  59. another pulley question.
  60. QTP C5 Tri Y Header Dyno Numbers!
  61. Do the new flowmaster super 40 muffelers really flow any better??
  62. is anybody having problems with pacesetter lt's
  63. Better Cooling?
  64. How to remove hose fittings on back of intake manifold?
  65. hp question?
  66. Installed Jet Hot headers
  67. Corsa Cat back goes best with what header?
  68. A Few LS6 Intake Questions
  69. Headers slowed my car down .3+ tenths, White plugs?
  70. Cats for 98 and 99
  71. Help? Used GM SS muffler
  72. Sfi Or Asp Pulley?
  73. True Duals? Anyone ever use Summit Racing?
  74. will TSP-X fit with SLP SFC?
  75. Hyfire 6a ignition box w/pertronix points replacement
  76. Trans/Lock Line In Way of LS6 Install
  77. True dual Exhaust opinion's, please help
  78. specs on over the axle?
  79. ASP Pulley ?/please help
  80. Replacing power steering pump?
  81. Intake, pulley, and ported TB
  82. keep TDs or GMMG????????
  83. Cats add torque?
  84. Some help please!
  85. FYI on Fram Air Hog
  86. Free ram air and sealing the airbox?
  87. Can you put the O2's in header primaries?
  88. MAF Error ( On my conversion )
  89. my exhaust setup
  90. Will the Hooker ORY pipe slide onto Kook's long tubes?
  91. Header Install Problem
  92. Need some help
  93. what was once gone, is back again, could use some help
  94. Question on Valve cover install
  95. No spark or injectors pulsing, need help!
  97. Anyone have this setup? Opinions?
  98. How hard is it to R/R b1s1 and b2s1
  99. Air Box Question
  100. Anyone heard LS1 with fart cannon?
  101. Header Problem?
  102. Coolant not circulating in stale LS1
  103. Way to go Legally to 01-02 EGRless system?
  104. Where to get magnaflow tips?
  105. New, old idea mount for your AMW catch can.
  106. Edelbrock LT headers & Y pipe, any good?
  107. cooling question
  108. HELP! Problems after LS6 intake install, car won't start.
  109. Need new O2s Bosch or AC Delco?
  110. Going To Look At Used Intake--?'s
  111. Kook's VS macs what will i gain???
  112. ? About SLP Intake
  113. y pipe the bolts up the stock manifolds
  114. 110 octane??
  115. 3.5 inch magnaflow with dual cats vid within
  116. Bullet Muffler Help.
  117. Magnaflow Article on True Duals with x-pipe
  118. DynoMax Ultra Flo chambered muffler question
  119. cut muffler off want to know what kind of problems would occur....
  120. race headers
  121. Gains From Modifying Ypipes With Flowmaster Ycollector?
  122. What is the purpose of the x-pipe?
  123. Need some wont start
  124. LS6 Intake install next week... Please Help
  125. Exhaust install this week... Help please!
  126. How important is a retune after cat removal??
  127. power loss between 1/34 and 17/8 on 408?
  128. TSP true duals questions....
  129. is it possible to lose power with different plug wires?
  130. Thundervolt wires
  131. Stock SS Exhaust?
  132. Tap here for mechanical oil sender unit?
  133. Enough belt tension?
  134. Open header questions concerning RWHP.....
  135. Pacesetter install today
  136. hooker ory Pipe picture?
  137. header install
  138. FLP y-pipe vs custom 3"
  139. CA legal Headers?
  140. Will one bad electric fan make me run hot??????
  141. SLP Rear D/D Mounts---Need Picture---
  142. Intake?
  143. Headers touching a/c box?
  144. No spark after motor rebuild...
  145. Who designed these plugs wires!?!?
  146. popping hooker
  147. ?? Are '99 cats different than '02's...??
  148. Pacesetter Headers?
  149. Troubleshooting an overheating engine....HOW????
  150. MAP Sensor Plug Pinout
  151. rear o2's on lts
  152. Lt's cause explosion!
  153. BMR Makes 3" Over-the-Axle Duals Possible!!!
  154. My header Opinion!!
  155. Clunking From Under Car
  156. need help w/ spark plug replacement
  157. supermaxx header gains? dyno or track results?
  158. Safest way to install harmonic balancer?
  159. bad idea??
  160. GMMG with QTEC... is it worth it?
  161. QTP headers on Z06
  162. GTO Exhaust Manifolds
  163. Ported T/B ??
  164. backcat
  165. Fan Mod?
  166. is MAGNAFLOW really the way to go
  167. Maf....
  168. 6.0L intake manifold?
  169. Edelbrock Comp Headers.
  170. Went from MACs to Jet Hots
  171. QTP Headers
  172. Interesting flow numbers on mufflers
  173. Those of you with the MTI Lid please come in...
  174. Headers info...
  175. Lucas stop-leak fluid?
  176. Intermittent ABS INOP light... help!
  177. Opinions on Exhaust
  178. New O2 with longer wires?
  179. US oil pans-NO OIL DIPSTICK ??????
  180. MSD Plug wires & MSD Ignition Box???
  181. Somebody's swapped for Edelbrock headers and they're not sharing...
  182. where 2 get 3" bullets?
  183. LS-6 Intake install please
  184. Catch Can Install Question?
  185. Removing Alternator
  186. any advantages using TR6 plugs....
  187. Porting TB
  188. problem with header install
  189. True dual
  190. Kooks 1 3/4 or 1 7/8
  191. motor mount question
  192. Spintech of Flowmaster 1 chamber?
  193. 3" Exhaust Question
  194. Stupid F'IN Poly Motor Mounts!!!
  195. 90k Tune-Up and Maintenance
  196. Power steering pump problems
  197. 93 Chevy K1500 Timing
  198. Intermittent Charging with "Overdrive" Alt Pulley???
  199. Where can I get a stock MAF ???
  200. SSRA and No A/C condenser..????
  201. Part # for passenger side cat heat shield?
  202. Flowtech LT's + ORY + LOUDMOUTH
  203. Will this PCV setup work? - Already searched
  204. Question reguarding HOT FUEL LINES.
  205. i keep breaking exhaust brackets...
  206. Where is the Low Pressure Side of R-143a?
  207. will hot exhaust heat ruin my paint?
  208. Throttle Sticking
  209. Cat back ?
  210. Alternator question
  211. Getting a 3rd exhaust.. hopefully I'll stick with the new setup. Need advice..
  212. Cat Question
  213. True Duals HELP?
  214. Kooks + ORY + Dynomouth
  215. which ported TB to buy...
  216. What size bellows?
  217. Will WS6 lower airbox fit non RA Firebirds?
  218. How To Get Rid Of Exhaust Drone?
  219. Can a stock throttle body be used on a 90mm LSX?
  220. Killing cats...need advice
  221. SLP Muffler ?
  222. how are the proflow twister bullet mufflers?
  223. what's the final torque for the LSX
  224. Who runs a stock muffler?
  225. cutout effects
  226. GMMG put on today with my QTP LT's!!
  227. Port TB without Epoxy Fill??
  228. Running rich
  229. flow tech headers
  230. Qtech switch placement on a4's
  231. 02 sensors...02 sims...ahhh
  232. Does a TB off of a 01 fit a 00?
  233. Need some Opions on this Popping Noise-FLOWS!!!!!!
  234. Exhaust sound with shorty headers
  235. Power Steering Noise.
  236. All those with MACS, come in
  237. GMMG and Borla XR-1...
  238. Spark Gap affect Exhaust Smell & Power
  239. MSD plug wire resistance fluctuation
  240. Any Quieter Mufflers????
  241. Hooker muffler? and opinions on hooker tips
  242. Need helpfeels whipy after headers and threw a code!!
  243. Radiator Swap Question
  244. TSP Lid doesn't sit right
  245. Intake Question
  246. Manifold interchange question
  247. Truck TB cam gear
  248. Power Steering Hose
  249. Just ordered some parts :D
  250. Long Tube Or Shorty Headers???