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  1. Which way does water circulate thru the front 4 holes in the block??
  2. QTP 3" Cutout users look here
  3. Help w/pacesetter lt's install please...
  4. Sound clip for true duals, w/bullets on stock maifolds and cats
  5. XR-1 or SpirlFlow???
  6. wrong thing to do wit intake!
  7. Pacesetter Headers (Pics inside)
  8. Whats better for a 408 1 7/8 full or stepped?
  9. TSP Rumbler pics
  10. Fact Or Fiction
  11. true duels ?
  12. 90mm TB elbow???
  13. my dual's pics
  14. Radiator Hose Part Number Needed
  15. is this a decent deal to have longtubes and poly motor mounts installed?
  16. Header/cat/y pipe question
  17. bellow for ws6
  18. Headers and exhaust - need opinions
  19. Dont you ever mention that again!
  20. thermal wrap
  21. intake swap, replace gaskets??? OR use old ones?
  22. My SSRA lives again!
  23. Is it really worth it?
  24. ASP pulley Questions
  25. Port Polish throttle body??? help
  26. Hi Flow Cats Question.
  27. My Exhaust Idea, let me know what ya think
  28. Convert 3 to 5 wire maf
  29. need a little info please.
  30. Will a truck TB work on a Camaro?
  31. Thanks for everyone's input on the GMMG!!!
  32. 3" Stainless Y pic!
  33. Problem removing borla I pipe
  34. Need help, car surges to 2000 rpm between shifts!!!
  35. Finally, My baby is back!
  36. ATTN: Jason and Joseph @ TSP
  37. Long Tub Headers – time to fish or cut bait
  38. need a waterpump question answered! asap plz
  39. Need tips on banging up heat sheild
  40. Power Window Goes Up Part Way And Stops
  41. MACS ORY, Dynomouth
  42. Best flowing stock manifolds
  43. Where to put torque strap...
  44. Flp collector clamp bolts!!!
  45. Anyone have the part # for Borla xr-1 muffler?
  46. Borla Exhaust with LT's
  47. Best spark plugs for the LS1?
  48. Cutouts just after collectors… good idea?
  49. keep melting spark plug wires..
  50. OEM - replacement cats
  51. Headers + True Duals = Backfire?
  52. Will bad 02's rob horsepower?
  53. Loom fuses - what do I need?
  54. Where to place X in my exhast system.
  55. help locating B&B style tips...
  56. Short circuit in loom - traced to O2 sensors - help!!
  57. This one might be a little awkward, but here goes...
  58. acting weird
  59. TSP duals are on!
  60. Mac midlengths install
  61. Mac header rattling
  62. pacesetters question???
  63. which cats???
  64. Headers better et's?
  65. How much louder with headers
  66. spark plug wires
  67. ARP Header Studs -- RIP OFF
  68. Put my headers on and now im running rich Help!
  69. Header Bolts -- Need Opinions -- Pics
  70. Aftermarket MAFs Explained
  71. TSP Duals and Jegs Drive shaft safety loop
  72. burnt wiring on header question....
  73. What TB and MAF?
  74. 85mm SLP MAF or port my own?
  75. AIR / EGR Questions
  76. Ground Clearance
  77. Help me figure out this sound
  78. New Exhaust Idea, NEEP HELP
  79. stainless works..size issues..
  80. Mezier Pump Quit on Me
  81. Anyone Know Where To Buy A Oxygen Sensor
  82. Dumped Exhaust...
  83. How do these headers compare?
  84. Sound with a cutout vs. Open headers
  85. Cutout on SLP DD worthwhile?
  86. K&N HP2006 filter too long?
  87. what size is borla I pipe?
  88. Is the SLP Dual/Dual a cross flow muffler?
  89. how do i route PCV lines?? what parts?
  90. lsx 90mm Throttle-body help.
  91. Header swap out question?
  92. quiet TD's.....
  93. headers+y pipe + catback best combo
  94. Solid Motor Mounts
  95. Best Cut out...? Anyone had problems with there QTP?
  96. Changing plug with LT's
  97. Who has KBDD subframs and a QTY
  98. tach not working after motor/trans goes back in car.
  99. exhaust rattles, help
  100. GREDDY Catch can
  101. hooker header install
  102. Flowmaster vs. Magnaflow
  103. Noise under hood, can't tell what it is
  104. Just ordered TSP True Duals
  105. Does anyone make a smooth bore F-body throttle body spacer kit?
  106. What the hell is going on with my crankbolt
  107. pic of sweet thunder mufflers
  108. headers help asap
  109. Rasp problem. Anybody have SLP DD w/ LT's & ORY?
  110. bolt ons = 11s?
  111. My SS rattles nonstop!
  112. I need help!!! (broken studs)
  113. need help with headers
  114. Speedo No Go After Alternator Swap
  115. SLP DD without cats
  116. Is there anything to DISLIKE about GMMG?
  117. Stripped spark plug hole!!!
  118. Who is running NGK TR6 plugs?
  119. Considering Nascar Boom Tube
  120. Finally Installed my Harlan shift light and BMR SFCs
  121. HELP! kooks 1 7/8 header install 1998 z28 question, asap
  122. bbk throttle body quest.
  123. Know where to get center mount tips????
  124. 3" 304 Stainless Steel Duals inside
  125. Need Help On Exhaust Pipe Sizes
  126. whats the difference between lids
  127. Throttle Body Question
  128. Those who just bought Kooks Headers, I need a measurement.
  129. slp pullies..not a newbie question..i think
  130. ?'s about true duals
  131. Throttle body question
  132. Will 02 LT's work on a 99?
  133. Wooo Hooo, just ordered my first non-free mods today
  134. Sweet thunder
  135. Parts needed for custom catted Y pipe help!?
  136. Mustang Style Duals...?
  137. Poly motor mounts - pros/cons
  138. Anyone have tips for disassembling stock throttle body??
  139. What exactly are all the bolt-ons?
  140. Help me choose exhaust for WS6
  141. Quiet Exhaust – is it possible?
  142. Hooker Header Install
  143. LSX w/90mm TB on an Fbody - inside please
  144. A/C Compressor Problem
  145. Borlamouth
  146. Can an LS6 Intake come from a GM Junkyard?
  147. How to install autometer oil pressure gauge?
  148. another backpressure question...
  149. WS-6 hood mod
  150. LT Header install question...
  151. Stainless vs. Coated vs. Stainless and Coated
  152. Do the oil pressure sending units ever lose their accuracy
  153. did tsp get their true duals in today?
  154. borla/corsa
  155. headers
  156. How do you make the fans run at high speed all the time ?
  157. One quick maybe dumb question
  158. GMMG Exhaust owners... plz step in
  159. Effects of not running PCV?
  160. Trans vs Oil Coolers
  161. I need some help
  162. Borla Catback And Hooker Lt
  163. Shorty Headers
  164. LS2 Intake
  165. where can i get Mass Air Meters fot my2003 monaro?????
  166. Rumbler/Corsa Question
  167. y pipe issues again
  168. Cutout length
  169. which exhaust setup do you think is better
  170. !air vac lines
  171. Turn signal on solid???!!
  172. o2 simulator help!!!
  173. Cut Outs?
  174. What X-Pipe?
  175. Thunder Racing Adjustable Belt Tensioner
  176. My car wouldn't start
  177. Victors are ordered!
  178. Got My KOOKS, now quick question!
  179. Asp Pulley
  180. X or Y
  181. Which dynomax size bullet should i use?
  182. Kooks '01-'02 header onto an '00
  183. Is the EGR plumbing the same for all 98-00 models?
  184. NEW bang for buck header!
  185. FTRA help.....
  186. Is the stock tach off?
  187. Quetion about Shanner T/B
  188. full exhaust system
  189. Have you guys seen these? Hedman
  190. Stock manifold to y-pipe gasket part numbers?
  191. bbk intake
  192. Need info on location of sending units..
  193. Help with windows
  194. Reasonable cost for Cutout???
  195. Got a shift light, where can I find a switched and fused +12v source?
  196. is it an intake leak
  197. What is needed to make the Meziere race pump work?
  198. Shorty Headers ?, I Know..I Know...
  199. LS1 Throttle body Part numbers
  200. header bolt advice
  201. runing straigh headers
  202. Header Advice
  203. exhaust inspection question
  204. Can anybody tell me where I can get this?
  205. torquing header bolts???
  206. Header differences.
  207. Does 93 to 97 LT1 have the same radiator design?
  208. Lid
  209. New TB for LS6?
  210. Belt length w/o pwr steering? help...
  211. Texas Speed's New Cat & Off-Road Y Pipes Pics-->
  212. Mac Mids Installed. Problems!!!
  213. Custom Flange Kit Carsound 941009?
  214. True Duels with Stock Manifolds
  215. AC fan replacement
  216. long tubes rubbing steering nuckle at idle
  217. Rumbler Catback Rev. 2 Pics!
  218. Idle searching...
  219. I-Pipe Cost
  220. anyone running spohn torque arm with the ts@p dual x pipe
  221. TR55 gap
  222. got headers in!
  223. Fan question/Oil pressure issue update
  224. Alternator problems
  225. Headers and Exhaust Question
  226. Can I run one cat?
  227. Mac Collector Mod
  228. Looks like rust inside my coil pack and wire
  229. slp loudmouth w/ gmmg muffler
  230. To get rid of PCV do I just need some breathers?
  231. Ever wanted to see a Pi-thon FireLock?
  232. which setup should i go with?
  233. charging system problems
  234. PCV direction
  235. 02 sensor and 02sim mix up
  236. intake parts from 4.8 to LS1 intake
  237. Pacesetter's Ordered!
  238. quick favor
  239. Best size cat for custom Y?
  240. Fitment problems and backpressure question, cutout, need some quick help
  241. help! where do these lines run to???
  242. Pacesetter LT's w/ Mac Y/ORP
  243. Which operating temperature with 180F thermo?
  244. LS6/90 LSX WOT MAP Comparrison & Install Info
  245. Headers question for camaro
  246. Will LT1 catback fit on an LS1
  247. Just got the qtps installed
  248. Jet Hots & single chamber flows
  249. Crap under intake
  250. wanna change my FLOWMASTERS but to what?