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  1. Who makes individual runner setups for LS6 Heads?
  2. '98-'99 vs '02 heads - exhaust ports any different?
  3. Duals
  4. Will a regular "GM" drop in 160 thermostat work?
  5. CARB EO: D-215-58 - Edelbrock long tubes legal for '98-'99 ???
  6. GMMG or Supermaxx header package
  7. How much is the FAST LSX intake and 90mm TB????
  8. How many mm does a ported stock TB end up being..........
  9. headers/true duals - video inside
  10. Damn
  11. PiSSED RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. True duals,x-pipe thru the TA positions
  13. LSX 90mm acc q's
  14. ordering LSX tommorow 78 or 90?
  15. Installing headers
  16. Anyone using the Borla ProXS Muffler?
  17. If you have the QTEC come in!
  18. Just bought the borla
  19. knock sensors rusted *pictures
  20. Jet Hot Headers & Catted Y
  21. NastyPerformance Aluminum catch can
  22. Headers, CARB approval?
  23. Adjust Throttle Cable.?
  24. What can I replace the LM resonator with?
  25. What Is Needed To Hang Exhaust?
  26. Does the LSX intake come with a new MAP Sensor installed?
  27. GMMG + Factory CME?
  28. Exhaust temp gauge sensor mounting.
  29. Moroso Bullet Muffler
  30. Why the heck does my serpentine belt keep coming off at WOT ?
  31. What size Qtec to order for Borla plate?
  32. problem after putting on intake
  33. Are Dynomax Bullets Coated?
  34. Any1 received their FAST 78mm TB yet ?
  35. wanna get a cutout but have a question
  36. Fan problem?
  37. Water Pump & Alternator install/write up needed.
  38. What bellows to run with the 90mmTB?
  39. oil filter?
  40. Hooker LT's and O2 sensors!! THEY DONT FIT!
  41. 3 inch x pipe with mac headers?
  42. Hooker headers
  43. Any idea when Fast 90mm TB's are ...
  44. TB bypass good/bad?
  45. Exhaust Setup Question
  46. Catted y's for LT's
  47. SLP 2OTL vs Hooker - Quieter?
  48. MSD or Taylor thundervolts???
  49. AARRGGGGG power steering mount
  50. Removing the steering linkage. FELP
  51. Super Maxx Headers. Need Opinions.
  52. porting ls1 intake manifold?
  53. can you bust a screen out in a cat?
  54. How much $$$ for a 90mm TB and who sells them?????
  55. Question about Moroso Spiral Flows...
  56. who makes a 1 7/8 header and lets compare prices
  57. ASP Pulley
  58. Change Oil Light?
  59. Anyone running the new 6.0L coil packs?
  60. Service Engine light
  61. Removing smaller serpentine belt/ any HP
  62. Flowtech coated y-pipe
  63. What else to change?
  64. PCV vacuum question
  65. Something doesnt Sound Right
  66. Bump stop mod - went from 3.40mv to 4.68mv at WOT, will I notice a difference?
  67. Little help please
  68. LS1 Coolant Direction?
  69. need exhaust help
  70. will ported TB mess up tuning?
  71. Where to purchase O2 sensors?
  72. LT's ory and bullet or LT's and catted Y?
  73. Header diff/ coated,uncoated,stainless
  74. im starting to think twice...
  75. LOOK whats going under my air filter!
  76. Flowtech Y-pipe install
  77. Removing power steering pump???????
  78. Help with X-Pipe Set Up
  79. elec water pump doesn't fit w/ big TB?
  80. Just dumped the flowmaster for texas speed rumbler!Oh yeah
  81. Trouble changing waterpump.. stock for stock
  82. dielectric grease
  83. Are LT's allowed where you live??
  84. Volant customer service rocks!
  85. Testing coilpacks
  86. Considering going from X back to Y
  87. pulleys???
  88. 2.5" or 3" X pipe
  89. Hooker Catback+Headers
  90. 3 inch y pipe clearance...
  91. How to remove Stage 8 locking header bolts
  92. Can't get drivers side Hooker LT in
  93. How NOT to break the Oil Press. Sender ??
  94. everyone that has removed their A/C
  95. GMMG RWHP gain??
  96. How much power will my MTI 427 Motor pick up by upgrading my TPIS header to Kooks17/8
  97. need help with my mac install stupid AIR tube
  98. GMMG Group Purchase
  99. temp guage?
  100. how loud is too loud?
  101. Sound clips of duals with BIG cams?
  102. a.i.r removel
  103. Exhaust
  104. TSP Rumbler X True Duals Information & Pics
  105. GMMG exhaust to LOUD!
  106. installed asp pully
  107. 98 WS6 Borla exhaust ?
  108. BBK 80mm TB Seized & BBK will not honor Warranty!!
  109. SLP "Loud Mouth" catback question?
  110. Just bought Edelbrock LT's, what emissions do I need to remove???
  111. LT's 1 7/8 or stepped 1 3/4 - 1 7/8
  112. Long tube headers question
  113. Who has done their install?
  114. fast 78 mm TB
  115. Meizeire water pump hp & tq gain?
  116. Which Cat-Back?
  117. Ls1 Ignition Wires
  118. Kooks Headers
  119. spin tech products
  120. Catted Y for Flowtech LT's
  121. Those Of You That Have LT's and Loudmouth
  122. which muffler to use?
  123. SuperMaxx header package
  124. corsa cutout, welding, and SS #'s help
  125. New exhaust setup for T-Rex Cam - opinions
  126. GM now warns about K&N TYPE (oiled) air filters!
  127. Help with TTS headers
  128. Spark plug wire came loose.
  129. Which is more difficult?
  130. Flow? Sound?
  131. VPlus Volt Booster Install Questions ?????
  132. Anyone Install Their Evans WP Yet?
  133. Any differences between OEM and aftermarket SLP dual/dual cat-backs?
  134. Reusable air filter warranty issue?
  135. 25 Megaton Thermonuclear Backfire
  137. Are oil pan gaskets reusable?
  138. installing macs this weekend how hard is it going to be
  139. Share Some Info With me on SLP Headers!
  140. Pacesetter Header Fitment Problems?
  141. I need a new cat back
  142. installed headers now stumble at idle
  143. how do you get good exhaust sound w/LTs
  144. QTP or Kooks
  145. What muffler will i need for my true dual setup?????
  146. pop sound when shifting
  147. Pics of TSP Tips
  148. LT's and LM with a Catted-Y
  149. what needed for a ls6 swap?
  150. K&N filter fitment issues?
  151. true duals
  152. evans pump pic!
  153. Electric Water Pump or factory pump?
  154. removing A/C
  155. Which poly motor mount company?
  156. Exhaust Assistance Please.
  157. Accurate Machine Catch Cans
  158. Mids Vs. LT's
  159. Pace setter Problems??
  160. TB Question, Will an 02 TB work on a 99?
  161. GMMG ?'s
  162. What are the 2001 Z06 fuel injectors rated at? And is the fuel pump bigger than F-bod
  163. Costly Mistake? Please Help
  164. TSP Rumbler Video.. (link fixed..check it out)
  165. Jet Hot headers
  166. Hold off on coating Macs?
  167. Flowtech LTs
  168. Which bolt to remove to loosen the motor mount?
  169. Could this be hurting my times?
  170. Any performance gains switching from SLP factory D/D to MAgnaflow catback?
  171. MTI Clear Lid
  172. wont idle at startup after shaner>??
  173. FTRA Owners Come In
  174. Think my alternator is going bad....
  175. anyone get the new 4" QTEC yet?
  176. Quick question ( LS6 manifold)
  177. NEW Under Axle Pics are HERE!!
  178. What is this sound
  179. 90mm T-Bodies in stock at MTI!
  180. Hooker Muffler
  181. comparison between these two headers brands... opinions please!
  182. Ordered Mufflers for TD's: Where Should I Place Them
  183. Do I need to take off my FRC's to change my spark plugs?
  184. SES Light after LT Header install
  185. FLP LT's
  186. which 3 in y pipe with pacesetters?
  187. cheapest place to buy a starter?
  188. Who sells header/manifold gaskets???
  189. Moroso Spiral Flows Vs. Dynomax Bullets
  190. SLP loudmouth "resonator" vs. dynomax bullet
  191. SSRA Owners Please Come In...
  192. Cats Removed ?
  193. Need Opinions: True Dual Set-Up
  194. Anyone with a homemade Battery Relocation?
  195. Any 6.0L iron blocks running a shortbelt.
  196. qtec's and y-pipe
  197. Tell me everything about the QTEC
  198. update:went to the track after switching from borla to lanes true duals
  199. Pacesetter Y-pipe
  200. Lsx Sound question?
  201. im going to install flowtech headers my self i need some tips
  202. Bad Cat Converter?
  203. Pacesetter and TSP install Complete
  204. Is anybody this dumb?
  205. Crank snout too beig for balancer? Help
  206. Why do I smell Antifreeze
  207. gutted cats with Lts?
  208. C5 Chambered Exhaust
  209. Anyone got any dyno #'s for eldebrock new headers?
  210. Gains with FTRA
  211. Too Many Choices!!!help!
  212. Header Install Instructoins
  213. Installed Catch can!
  214. Header People insidE!
  215. A "plug" for Kooks Headers
  216. 3" Xpipe-no mufflers!
  217. Initial LSX Opinion
  218. Signs and symptoms of worn motor mounts.
  219. Header/ Y-pipe Install.. I may be in trouble
  220. Difference Between 12" and 18" Bullets?
  221. [B]Do I need to Re-Program[/B]
  222. Serpentine belt breaking during race?
  223. Mac Headers People
  224. Installation link?
  225. magnaflow to true dual...mess up dyno tune?
  226. Header Install Question (pic)
  227. 3 inch y pipe suggestions
  228. Quick!!!!
  229. whats all need to do ls6 intake swap
  230. Need Help now...PLEASE
  231. Take a look at this
  232. Removing crank pulley?
  233. For anyone looking for a PCV catch can inside.
  234. Which mufflers for true duals?
  235. WTF? Jet Hot catted Y
  236. Lsx contacting cam position sensor....
  237. 3 inch y-pipe
  238. exhaust set up question
  239. Getting FLPs and Cam installed on the Z this weekend
  240. car doesnt want to start.makes horrible noise on start. Due to header hitting?
  241. Should I still dump it and where?
  242. Will this work or not
  243. About the new CHP
  244. Off Road Y-Pipe
  245. post cut out pics
  246. i'm gettin flowtech headers need opinions
  247. What bolt to use with asp pulley?
  248. Power loss with Kook's headers and Magnaflow cats?
  249. Release date of the FAST 90mm Throttle Body?
  250. Newbie Question, TSP Rumbler...