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  1. Taking Header Problem poll
  2. Header retrofit - 01 Ls1 headers on my 99 Ls1?
  3. ASP Pulley questions/possible issues?
  4. Shift light question
  5. 90mm LSX MAP numbers
  6. Ticking/Ratling comming from engine bay?
  7. Does the SFI approved ASP pulley
  8. Got the 3" X pipe on...should have done it sooner!
  9. Kooks + Borla (video) - worth the $$$ ?
  10. Is anyone using the Stainless Works Headers?
  11. New web site is up.....
  12. Gutted cats yes or no?
  13. fuggin battery cable...
  14. What is the best and nicest sounding exhaust system ???
  15. uncoated headers (hooker long tubes)
  16. How to remove traction control
  17. I need a y pipe
  18. Is there any proven benefit to new plugs/wires?
  19. exhaust dilema
  20. oil cap question
  21. which headers??
  22. catch can mounting
  23. Question for kooks header guys
  24. cant take off the pulley bolt.. keeps spinning in all gears.. a4.. pls help!
  25. Intake Manifold Data
  26. NEED help to quiet my GMMG or else...
  27. wher is a good place to buy headers
  28. Good ls1 header bolts? Or stock ones?
  29. TSP Rumbler at the track (VID)
  30. Squeeling pig sound - bad pulley??
  31. Coolant???
  32. ls6 or ls1 intake?
  33. flp cat ?
  34. need to pull power steering pump...HELP!!
  35. Vibration at about 3k rpms...highway
  36. ASP Underdrive Pulley Belts...
  37. lsx 78 a good buy!
  38. Have any Thunder Racing Coil Relocation Kit Pics?
  39. Header Clearance
  40. Header question(im a newbie)
  41. help for the new guy...bad knock sensor
  42. Piece broke off the ls6 can I fix it?
  43. magnaflow to flowmaster hp
  44. WTB Stainless Headers with cats...suggestions??
  45. LS6 intake question
  46. *Sound Clip*: 3" True Duals, TR224/114, MAC Mid's
  47. Catch Can Construction Questions...
  48. Loudmouth/Corsa tips
  49. What drive shaft loop for a 3 inch X pipe setup?
  50. Fuel pressure gauge on LS1
  51. shops that do headers
  52. Ftra ??
  53. cali dudes on emissions
  54. TB Porting is Easy!!
  55. Idle Pully keeps freezing
  56. Everyone with Off-roads.
  57. LS6 non EGR intake
  58. Burned Headers..anyone had them?
  59. Air injection tube..can I get rid of it?
  60. dual 3inch over axle possible???
  61. Hesitation Question
  62. Coolant Temp Gauge problem, need help, car stalls, behaves weird!!!
  63. So which catch can?
  64. Gains from mac's w/ offroad y?
  65. ls6 intake install?
  66. header install help please
  67. Noisy motor before Tstat opens??
  68. Stainless steel headers vs Ceramic coated Stainless Headers
  69. Car won't start after winter hibernation
  70. need fuse/relay help/id
  71. Will Magnaflow cat converter work with my shorty headers?
  72. AC removal- where to get new belt?
  73. pacesetters???
  74. Jet Hots or QTP?
  75. Modified loudmouth.
  76. Plug O2 Bungs
  77. hi i want to know some thing?
  78. car backfires alot!
  79. Recommend some headers
  80. Bellow/CAI/LM
  81. throttle body bypass question
  82. Big thumbs up to MAC mid's
  83. Those with Meziere WPs
  84. What will dealer do for leaking freeze plug?
  85. Next?
  86. DynoMouth Install
  87. Low beams quit working
  88. ASP pulley problem/question
  89. Oxygen Sensor problem???
  90. Ticking sound coming from underneath the car
  91. Does the slp/borla replacement y-pipe make much difference w/performance??
  92. 160 degree thermostat question
  93. shorty's vs. long tubes?? which is better!?!
  94. Best place to bolt engine hoist chain..
  95. Help... car just shut off no fuel.
  96. Recommendation for Type/Mfg External Oil Cooler?
  97. Connection from top of TB to passenger valve cover?
  98. true duals with cats?
  99. Any serious problems/issues with LTs?
  100. Having problems after FLP install!!!!!!!!!!
  101. anyone port the hooker ory?
  102. I have a y pipe question
  103. 02' LS1 Intake Manifold Question...
  104. Been checking ebay.
  105. tb question
  106. Canton Oil Pan
  107. water temp gauge hookup
  108. Opinions on Duals w/o an X or H
  109. Those with the BG Ram Air
  110. EGR Valve fix question...
  111. heat shield banging?
  112. Jet Hot catted Y Pipe install pics? Jet Hot guys inside please!
  113. H-pipe ????
  114. Hooker Long Tubes/ Help!
  115. Those with TRUE DUALS come in
  116. Installing motor quest? where does the chassis/battery ground go? Starter or block ?
  117. Q about AIR removal - read the sticky
  118. How to tell if check valves are burned???
  119. Which O2 goes where?
  120. Oil Filter relocation adapter size??
  121. anyone else had this problem???
  122. true duals rock!
  123. SLP LM popping?
  124. Question about AIR and Cats
  125. GMPP LS1 Intake - Availbility Update
  126. Post your 1/4 or hp gains with Hooker lt's...
  127. black or ceramic coated headers?? whats the defference??
  128. Will I have to run o2 simulators?
  129. where to get true duals
  130. Anyone have true duals/x-pipe w/chambered mufflers dumped?
  131. mac's
  132. Gmmg + no back seats = too loud???
  133. Just got a cutout put in...
  134. MTI lid
  135. Powder Coat or Nickel Plate?
  136. corsa, ORY, & pacesetters, how to get rid of rasp above 2K????????
  137. ARP crank bolt torque specs?
  138. Y pipe question
  139. Removing AIR
  140. Air Filters (Oiled vs. Paper)
  141. whats louder? lt/cats/slpdd, or stock/stock/gmmg?
  142. ASP Pulley worth it or not?
  143. Intake swap ?
  144. Descreened MAF
  145. Question about lids
  146. Ticking noise near collector...normal??
  147. Pacestter Headers what y-pipe?
  148. cooling issues...
  149. Jet Hot catted Y pipe clamps?
  150. Removeable cats in custom y-pipe
  151. Anyone ever get an EVAP code
  152. Ditching PCV
  153. Shaner, LSX, or MTI Throttle Body?
  154. Powerband comparison between ls1 and ls6 intake?
  155. drilling the throttlebody? (?) car not running well
  156. Anyone replace their ignition cylinder?
  157. Cant stop oil leak!
  158. Flowtech?
  159. Accurate Machine Works catch can
  160. What makes one set of longtubes different/better than another?
  161. Must choose between theese 2 mufflers (already have them ).
  162. Ls6 Intake
  163. hooker header question????
  164. MACs Questions
  165. true dual suggestions
  166. Will LT's solve the problem?
  167. Any info on hedman LT and hedder back system
  168. Mod'd OEM valve covers
  169. Help with flowtech headers
  170. a.i.r.removal
  171. fans not
  172. Got My GMMG installed !!!
  173. LSX work with stock/ported throttle body?
  174. Idler Pulley Removal Procedure? Just a bolt?
  175. Question about bullet muffler???
  176. how much power loss from a stock catback on a h&c car??
  177. Nobody has Hooker catback in stock what are similar options?
  178. Problems after header install
  179. FLPs bang the floorboard
  180. Drivers Side Header bend angle
  181. can i run w/o cats in PA
  182. stock ported TB VS fast 78MM TB w/ lsx?
  183. whining noise?
  184. Loudmouth removed, time for duals...need suggestions on what mufflers to use.
  185. Headers and Exhaust?? need a little help
  186. mac headers with 3 inch x-pipe pics
  187. GMMG Exhaust new tips
  188. cutouts
  189. MAF installed backwards??
  190. Y pipe for Jet Hot headers
  191. FAST 78mm TB : Pics inside
  192. unplugged IAT sensor...
  193. Is there a better MAF then the SLP 85mm? Pro-M???
  194. LSX 78MM tb
  195. How much loss thru WS6 vs Magnaflow?
  196. need help
  197. lt install
  198. EGR Gasket slipping
  199. Need help on choosing next mods
  200. AIR pump disable question...
  201. QTP Headers Installed!
  202. Harmonic balancer pin kit needed
  203. MACs midlength....
  204. Removing AIR pump howto?
  205. SLP Dual Outlet or Magnaflow?
  206. Open headers + flashing SES light?
  207. Will a LT1 y pipe fit on my car?
  208. Fixed an exhaust leak and now I idle rough.
  209. FLP vs. Jet-Hot LT headers??
  210. 02 sensors
  211. MAC headers collector mod
  212. Will this intake/exhaust setup work?
  213. Y-Pipe ?
  214. What is the most power anyone has made through a Hooker catback?
  215. SSRA Cai and SLP lid
  216. Hooker Y-Pipe
  217. Look what I caught in my catch can!
  218. Cut out questions...
  219. Suggestions to quiet down car??
  220. Power differences between lt & st headers
  221. Duals??
  222. Removing cats - pros and cons
  223. Bought a magnaflow 14267 Muffler is it the right one?
  224. Least expensive LT's and Y..and why?
  225. Problems with Crank Shaft Bolt!!!!!!!!
  226. Borla/Dyno Mouth Owners here
  227. Just installed Jet-Hot long tubes.
  228. ? about vacuum pump
  229. Opinions on exhaust setup please
  230. Pacesetter Y-pipe owners come in.
  231. ASP pulley wont stop squeaking. Help.
  232. Coolant
  233. Where do you buy GMMG Exhaust
  234. Crankcase Vent
  235. Hooker Y-pipe banging, leaking...clamps the culprit???
  236. Does anyone with WS6 use the BG Ram Air setup?
  237. SDPC Ported Throttle Body?
  238. IAT Sensor
  239. O2 delete plug?
  240. Good Aftermarket PS Pump?
  241. LS1 Meziere install help
  242. Who makes a sheetmetal intake that works
  243. No spark to passenger side
  244. Volant Cold Air Induction Owners, Any good verses a new air lid
  245. Which header should I get-$$ no issue
  246. Need quick answer Short belt.
  247. pulley install problems
  248. Engine missing-plug #8 is clean
  249. Low Coolant light ????
  250. electric waterpump?