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  1. Removing Cats...few questions
  2. header help
  3. Looking for Headers!! Help!
  4. Cut-Off Date for LS1 Intake vs. LS6
  5. $2575, Kooks LT's, x-pipe & true duals good/bad?
  6. new headers
  7. LT Headers For a 84 vette..
  8. slp loudmouth or something else
  9. Any Complaints with new Corsa Cat?
  10. Guys running a vacuum pump instead of PCV?
  11. cut out?
  12. How much should it cost for a shop to fabricate a Y-Pipe
  13. Header Gaskets
  14. Autometer water gauge for a 98'
  15. Need opinions of SLP D/D with Long Tubes and OR Y.
  16. Help, have problem, details inside.
  17. Just got my X-pipe and Flowmasters installed
  18. Questions About Electric Cutout Install
  19. custom exhaust
  20. Track only exhaust? This make or loose power?
  21. PCV valve?
  22. Is this the right ASP Pulley for my car?
  23. Headers/ORY questions?!
  24. how hard is it to change spark plugs
  25. ? about LS1 Speed's true dual setup
  26. Pacesetter LT Troubles
  27. LS1 o2 sensors?
  28. simple question regarding: z06 pcv MOD
  29. gmmg website
  30. Forum Director - Marker
  31. Is 160 T-stat worth it?
  32. 01 ta intake
  33. Need help with driver's side kooks headers
  34. Custom Headers - Do O2 sensors NEED to be in the collector?
  35. Do I need O2 sims?
  36. LS1 Headers
  37. Anyone drive uncap all the time?
  38. how can i make my engine run cooler?
  39. Problems running cut-out open on Daily Driver
  40. Intake for heater blower motor?
  41. Ceramic coating
  42. Cars done and now need an exhaust. need opinions
  43. TSP 85mm lid
  44. Ground Clearance between Mufflex 3" Y pipe and Hooker 3" y pipe
  45. I need a QUIET Exhaust
  46. porting the ls6 intake?
  47. True Duals - muffler selection?
  48. What is the EVAP for? and can i get rid of it?
  49. slp fan switch install?
  50. Hows this look to you guys
  51. So what did Elanor have besides Hollywood enhancing the sound??
  52. AIR Removal Question (With Pic)
  53. bullet mufflers
  54. New Writeup: Air pump to vacuum pump converstion.
  55. LG Motorsports Super Cool Radiator - First track experience
  56. Anybody have the MAC headers MAC Hi-Flow Cats??
  57. Removing AIR/EGR equipment ....
  58. Crank threads are stripped? need help here..
  59. Taking motor mount off. I need help!!!!
  60. Which Headers with True Duals???
  61. Help With Mac Headers
  62. Anyone know what amprage the alternator is on a 2000 ws6?
  63. How do you get the MAP sensor out?
  64. Anyone make stainless steel cutouts and/or bullet mufflers?
  65. Is it worth it to ret the 02' fuel rails and injectors with an LS6 intake?
  66. just installed my pacesetters.
  67. asp pulley.
  68. am sold on the cutout
  69. My Magnaflow muffler is developing cracks,check yours.
  70. Unbelievable Question
  71. new pcv theory and easy fix
  72. Check out my new Edelbrock Competition Headers..
  73. Band clamps vs 3-bolt flanges?
  74. Hooker y-pipe and rust?
  75. MAF question
  76. Power steering cooler has slight leak
  77. Adding catback, what combo next ?
  78. replacement headers?
  79. Holley Intake worth it??
  80. What's the sturdiest lid out there
  81. A few Q's before the cam goes in..
  82. diffrence between ls1 and ls6 intakes
  83. How many 02 extensions?
  84. Where can I buy stainless steel chambered mufflers?
  85. Why all the talk about just the LSx?
  86. intake decisions???????
  87. SLP Blackwing Lid vs SLP Air-Box Lid
  88. What's a good replacement for stock headers?
  89. Which Intake
  90. ls6 intake install
  91. Sounds clip of SLP LT's with Loudmouth
  92. Is the FAST LSX worth it for all bolt-on cars?
  93. FTRA Kit.....does it really works ?
  94. LS6 intake a gain on an LS1?
  95. Bbk Ls1/ls6 Manifold
  96. Corsa muffler hanging low?
  97. What kind of power to expect with bbk 80mm throttle body
  98. what is the most quietest catback on the market?
  99. I need better Clamps for Hooker Ypipe
  100. Who sells an X Pipe?
  101. BORLA owners come
  102. velocity stack.
  103. LS1 Hedman Headers
  104. Introducing Texas Speed's Rumbler Cat-Back Exhaust System!
  105. Where do I go to get some quality swiches w/LEDs?
  106. Lighter crank pulley cause HP loss (read within)
  107. What cat/y-pipe are you Pacesetter people using?
  108. Y-Pipe fitment.....
  109. Annoying noise.....
  110. Cats comparison???
  111. Just installed FTRA and Moved tranny cooler
  112. MAF opinions
  113. Sorry another S2/S3 question
  114. I might be getting a set of MACS
  115. belt noise question
  116. 78 and 90 mm fast intake question
  117. Wanna go Deeep. How to get the bass note?
  118. Who's running duals on LOWERED cars?
  119. Whats the TRUTH about MAC headers?......
  120. Stock catback with 410ci + big cam...too much back pressure?
  121. 90mm fast lsx manifold w/ 85mm maf
  122. Do you need o2 extensions with Macs
  123. Throttle Cable Slack
  124. X-pipe and Some bullet mufflers???
  125. Fast toys ram air
  126. Anyone hear of VeForce Mufflers?
  127. buying used hooker LT question
  128. Why not Flowmaster?
  129. Link needed for Jet hot
  130. Will I need headers with 224/224 114 cam?
  131. When is it time for new O2s?
  132. If I Bought A Stock Maf...
  133. Can i run the QTP Ypipe (electric cut outs) with SFC's?
  134. Magnaflow Question
  135. any real difference in the 85mm lid?
  136. How to get exotic sound
  137. Header bolt broke off , will it leak ?
  138. Catch can Question
  139. LT Headers-what HP increase?
  140. combo LS6 PCV and Catch Can comments/ideas
  141. What do you think???
  142. Looking for dual-dual chrome oval tips. Anybody seen a sexy pair?
  143. How do you attach the seperate header on Hookers?
  144. How do you ID Jet Hots?
  145. PCV Oil Catch Can
  146. Most important bolt ons with my setup?
  147. K & N intake??
  148. FAST 90mm TB Update
  149. My fix for Pace Setter Y pipe (pic)
  150. LS6 Intake Manifold, Good to go?
  151. ARE Aluminum valve covers
  152. do you need to use 02 simms
  153. Anyone with a dual/dual over 420rwhp, wondering how much a cutout will help?
  154. Anyone running true duals with chambered mufflers?
  155. Drumroll please.....NOT
  156. Anyone using corsa exhaust?
  157. TTS vs Kooks
  158. hooker vs pace vs macs
  159. stainless header bolts
  160. Guess The HP Gain on These Mods!!!
  161. best affordable Y-pipe
  162. to ceramic coat or not?
  163. Exhaust Question
  164. Some interesting reading on stepped headers
  165. Any 4th Gen's with True Dual side exit Exhaust
  166. meziere WP not making power?
  167. SLP Y-pipe ?'s
  168. Hookers And Slp
  169. Cutouts before the Cats?
  170. anyone?
  171. Gains from Hooker LT Headers
  172. Bellow Dimensions
  173. Light weight battery ?
  174. Quick ?
  175. What Type Of Header Should I Use
  176. Volant and LSX?
  177. Ls6 Intake Casting Numbers?
  178. Would this exhaust setup flow enuf?
  179. Heated O2s?
  180. True dual question
  181. Any high flow cat recommendation?
  182. Power Steering Pump and hoses Part#s
  183. Gut Cats and Stock Manifolds
  184. red bellow?
  185. 90 mm t-body to fit fast intake
  186. Cam is in but not sure if I got the ASP torqued tight
  187. Are high velocity merge
  188. Anyone have their intake off? Need wire color code info for..
  189. OEM Gen IV parts to try out 1st... intake manifold with 90mm TB , hi-flow water pump
  190. P/S pump delete?
  191. Best sounding mufflers for true duals?
  192. <PICS> My new bling Elec Water Pump Race Model
  193. What size collector?
  194. what do u guys think of the BBK throttle body
  195. Who knows something about underdrive pulleys
  196. HOOKER from heads to tips?
  197. question about throttle bump stop mod
  198. Exhaust tips
  199. bellows for new throttle bodies??
  200. Will any torque arm work with true duals?
  201. open headers
  202. Where can I get a new K&N filter/cheap
  203. afs 97 and afs 98 - which is which?
  204. Shaner S2 or S3?
  205. Is there a way to clean 02 sensors?
  206. Alternator: What's required to move it up top?
  207. exaust recomendations
  208. EGR and AIR block of kits?
  209. Dual exhaust installed and dynoed
  210. Stroker 4**ci people, header questions
  211. Zo6 exhaust manifolds?
  212. Pace 85mm MAF install problem
  213. fast help! rusty red/brown plugs
  214. Ok guys, what t.b. to use?
  215. I need pics of cutout install
  216. Radiator Help!! PLEASE!!!
  217. Need help identifying a pair of exhaust clips (dark red Trans Am)
  218. Where would you Start??..Completely stk, Need Opinions!
  219. hi-flow cats question
  220. Just curious how much is all this stuff worth.
  221. PPC headers
  222. LS6 Intake or not
  223. What about this
  224. Interesting X-pipe setup in Carcraft article
  225. LS2 Intake Manifold
  226. Pacesetter ORY-pipe? (need ideas)
  227. What will be the volume differance for removing cats on my setup?
  228. Well I installed a Ferenco Bellow...w/in...
  229. Upgrade to a better exhaust or go for a cutout?
  230. lm exhaust how how much do you gain
  231. Surface rust on coated pacesetters????
  232. Offroad pipe question
  233. Asp pulley bolt question
  234. new lid ? not same ol ?
  235. Q about headers and if they hit something.
  236. Free Ram Air Mod-Dirty air Filter
  237. Ported ls6 intake?
  238. Motor Mounts
  239. Pacesetter headers!
  240. Opening on a LS6 intake?
  241. Check out these TBs !!
  242. Which flows better?
  243. Headers for lowered Z
  244. SLP sfc & FLP headers
  245. True Duals Questions.
  246. Which header gaskets for 1 7/8" headers?
  247. Quiet True Duals???
  248. Affordable Headers 2 Go W/loudmouth
  249. TO low??
  250. o2 sensors, bosch ok to get over dealer?