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  1. Catback Or No??????
  2. BorlaMouth Owners...INSIDE!!!
  3. X pipe/H pipe or Y pipe?
  4. Hmm Odd - Mezeire EWP....
  5. Sale on all Exhaust Products
  6. New Pipes, now I have a heat shield rattle.
  7. TSP Rumbler = OMG!!!!!
  8. MagnaFlow Cat-Back Installed
  9. Can't get my rear 02's out...quick help.
  10. Guys with True Duals COME IN!!!!
  11. emissions fittings for Kooks headers?
  12. heddman hedders
  13. Whats the difference between the old ASP underdrive crank pully and the new one?
  14. Kooks header install issues. Please help.
  15. Does the TSP catback sound like the GMMG?
  16. Anyone seen/heard results for LS1 carbed intake??
  17. Another y-pipe Q--SLP Headers are 3", why is Y only 2 3/4"
  18. lt's and y pipe question
  19. Another exhaust question.
  20. meizere water pump noise??
  21. Jantzer ported TB - very pleased.
  22. cat converters
  23. Inexpensive Valve covers ??????
  24. Mufflex 4" on Mild LT1...
  25. FLP headers
  26. Has anyone used these before?
  27. spark plugs?
  28. Dripping Coolant
  29. throttle body question?
  30. What gromet to attach pcv line from 98 on to 99 valvecovers
  31. 25% Under Drive Question
  32. anybody know if alternators are different?
  33. What is the best maf for my set up??
  34. Engine block coolant drain plugs
  35. Installed Pacesetter LT's and off road Y pipe, Problems
  36. What is better?
  37. Just put on TSP Rumbler...
  38. LS6 VS Aluminum intake manifold
  39. March VS. SLP pulleys
  40. what is this?
  41. Pics of my installed Catch can
  42. Another asp pulley belt question
  43. Tpis Headers.
  44. Slp Dd
  45. Any FAST Intake Assembly Hints?
  46. SLP LT headers/y-pipe--want to add QTP cutout
  47. header packaging
  48. A/C compressor clutch question
  49. Header bolt ?'s. Help quick!
  50. Exhaust manifold part number?
  51. Mac ORYP Installed - Very Happy!
  52. Exhaust tips
  53. Lid and intake
  54. New airlid, have idling probs now
  55. AC Delco 41-932-Any one know about em??
  56. Hooker, Jet Hot, Flow-Tech... All look the same
  57. 02 simms or delete code??
  58. 98 LS1 Coolant Level Sensor
  59. Those with QTP or Kook's inside.
  60. after oxygen sensor removed.....
  61. Aftermarket Cooling Fans?
  62. Anyone throwin belts w/stock pulley?
  63. Rasp in my exhaust
  64. Anyone try the TB velocity stack in Jeg's?
  65. who has passed emissions tests with lt's?
  66. 160* thermostat & reset fan question
  67. Which way to go??? Need your opinion...
  68. what exhaust do i get?
  69. Comparing Prices
  70. 85mm ported and polished Throttle body?
  71. pulley reporcussions (if any)
  72. Header installations ?
  73. Delph Maf's
  74. Alluminized vs Stainless
  75. PLEASE HELP!!! MAF wiring!?!?!?!???
  76. Need pics of true dual w/x-pipe on a 6-spd. car
  77. Engine noise, Weird hum/whine!!
  78. Stock I-pipe
  79. 160* thermostat
  80. Done the research... Now need your opinions on best exhaust setup
  81. Ported intake and tb on the way...
  82. Anybody done an Ignition Switch yet?
  83. Header Bolt Help.!
  84. GMMG exhaust owners, can I get some feedback
  85. Newbie MAF q's
  86. Katech Pulley Tensioner
  87. loudmouth exhaust question?
  88. ASP alternator pulley in an A4 question
  89. Attn: WILWAXU....exhaust related question...
  90. TB Removal
  91. Do I need a tune after LT install?
  92. Pictures of K member after Install?
  93. Wait for QTP's?
  94. EGR Block of Kit
  95. hooker lt's and 3600 vigilante going in hp gains?
  96. TrueDuals people come in now!!
  97. ASP pulley HP gains?
  98. Might go with true duals need some input
  99. All of those with U/D pullies, come inside please
  100. How difficult to install these headers?
  101. Need lightweight battery recommendations.
  102. Keep reading about Meziere race pumps, are there street and race pumps available?
  103. Good Combo?
  104. which lid?
  105. How do you take out the rear piece of an LS1 intake?
  106. My cure for RASP & still using a y-pipe..
  107. 3rd exhaust system...3in mandrel true duals out the back...
  108. Cutout vs. Magnaflow?
  109. Spark Plug Gap? Haynes Repair Manual says
  110. Narrowed it down to 2
  111. AccuFab Billet 75mm Throttle Body
  112. Finally ordering my Kooks!!!
  113. Header Gasket Question
  114. Pacesetter LT ORY and Hooker Aero Chamber 3" exhaust guides/ install guides?
  115. I need header recommendations
  116. Header sound clip
  117. 8tb set-up.
  118. H pipe with turndowns
  119. 80mm bbk
  120. Pacesetters installed!
  121. Loudmouth vs. Bullet
  122. Painted Pacesetter/ Repainting before install question????
  123. Anyone install the flowtechs yet?
  124. Idle problem after porting TB
  125. New BBK Intake?
  126. Borla - anyone tested the warranty?
  127. double check my header part list
  128. Flp Owners Inside Please..
  129. lt's and clearance for a new owner
  130. ftra
  131. LSX question
  132. Pics of my Billet Rails with LS6 Intake!
  133. Duals Round Mufflers Or Oval Mufflers?
  134. Is it me or are people not port matching their LSX intakes?
  135. Asp Shortbelt ???
  136. Exhaust question about magnaflow...
  137. What are my cutout placement options, besides the Ipipe or ypipe.
  138. TB mod for LSX ussers
  139. Exhaust Turn-down question
  140. Air Filter Test
  141. Any sound clips of 2.5" duals w/ X-Pipe and bullets
  142. Exhaust leak
  143. Underdrive Pulley Question
  144. Another corsa gone bad. BUT a thank you to corsa for taking care of it!
  145. custom induction
  146. power difference
  147. Removing intake manifold
  148. Is it time for a ported tb or not
  149. Headers Installed!
  150. Which y-pipe for stock tunnel brace????
  151. Loudmouth vs Duals *videos inside
  152. flowtech cutout
  153. AIR!EGR! Bad?
  154. I want CME...
  155. Pacesetter y-pipe diameter...
  156. Any one know what this black box is?
  157. Center Mount Exhaust Elbows
  158. Alternate to Pacesetter Y pipe....
  159. Installing the ASP pulley
  160. Anyone with a Random Tech catback?
  161. Reverse after header install
  162. Quick question on dynomax mufflers ...
  163. running open headers
  164. cats or no cats
  165. Header install on 99 Camaro SS
  166. Kooks people, Oil filter access?
  167. Cutting open bottom of composite intake?
  168. Pics: Harlan Shift Light + Rumbler Tips
  169. AIR question
  170. Which X pipe?
  171. Washer for Knock Sensor?
  172. Y pipe Hitting Driveshaft!
  173. Helpp?
  174. Hooker header's and flowmaster
  175. GMMG installed & tip are crooked
  176. Bassani cat back exhaust
  177. Removing Power steering pulley... anything special?
  178. LSX 78mm 383 stroker results
  179. Solid Motor Mounts
  180. FLP headers w/ sub-frames - compatable?
  181. Pics of my home ported throttle body
  182. Order of install
  183. How does the new LS carb manifold work?
  184. LS2 vs. LSX intake
  185. Stainless steel headers vs. coated headers
  186. first big mod
  187. Dynomouth?
  188. Headers
  189. SLP highflow airlid + MAF sensor?
  190. Nology complete ignition upgrade
  191. O2 simulator question
  192. Boom Tube update
  193. NGK plugs, when should I replace them?
  194. LT's vs LT step headers
  195. Pics of true dual X w/custom torque arm/crossmember
  196. Anyone running the flowtech headers?
  197. Open headers
  198. ***Vid*** Jet Hot LTs AND Jet Hot catted Y thru SLP Dual Dual
  199. is the engine/pcm wiring harness different in the A4'S than the M6's
  200. Customized Hooker Y pipe!
  201. Regular Kooks or Coated Hookers?
  202. Slp Long Tube Users:
  203. Mac Midlength of Pacesetters, help me decide
  204. dynomax bullet mufflers
  205. Kooks install car how high?????
  206. modifying the padded temp gague to be accurate
  207. Ign. Coil Reloc. Mod????
  208. New Under Axle Exhuast Pics!!
  209. New MTI throttle body.
  210. QTEC not wanting to close.
  211. !EGR mod gone wrong...
  212. slp sfc's and Kook's headers
  213. LS6 intake or BMR T-Arm
  214. Holley intake and BBK TB
  215. Stainless header temperatures????
  216. Having custom headers built, Anything I need to know
  217. Need input on stock pulley mod
  218. Input from FLP & QTP owners needed
  219. What happens if i dont bolt my y-pipe to.........
  220. X-Pipe? H-Pipe?
  221. quik question
  222. How to fix oil usage?
  223. SLP Header Question
  224. Cutouts
  225. ARGHHHH... How do i bend a header away from the block?
  226. Help me with what the exhaust shop did..
  227. Help With Wiring Electric Cutout
  228. Anyone know where I can get an exhaust dump?
  229. Got My Flowtech Headers today.
  230. header Question???
  231. i gotta decide on a muffler NOW!! choose outta these 3
  232. 02 sensor ?
  233. Does anyone make a 3" in 3" dual out muffler for our cars?
  234. Flow of Borla XR-1 -vs- 1 GMMG muffler
  235. Installing Flowtech headers
  236. break this down for me
  237. Dual exhaust w/BMR Xtreme duty TA?
  238. LS2 theoretical question
  239. Keep cutout, or just go Loudmouth?
  240. How much do the stock exhaust manifolds weigh?
  241. highflow cats making jacked up noise - how do I correct it?
  242. headers
  243. Update on LS6 PCV....Still using oil!
  244. What`s the blue electrical connector for?
  245. Just Got my CAT replacments.. Qs????
  246. Flotech long tubes?
  247. outside dimensions of corvette exhaust?
  248. Installing Mac headers have questions..
  249. Need some exhaust help.
  250. Just got quoted 100-125 bucks..