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  1. Changed my plugs for the first time...
  2. Going for the full Mufflex...
  3. EGR...keep/not to keep?
  4. Would this be a good start?
  5. need help quick - security in car cut off fuel pump
  6. Best Headers Are?
  7. those who live in texas or san antonio area
  8. What is in the slp header installation kit?
  9. How to's for LT install?
  10. mid length headers
  11. Edelbrock Longtube ?s
  12. FINALLY!!! Got my exhaust built- 4" Mufflex, SpinTech, LONG
  13. high velocity merge collector
  14. Will Macs and ORY rasp?
  15. Anyone running the WS6 lower air box on a Camaro?
  16. Removed AIR system, what to use to plug the vacuum line?
  17. Anyone running hooker LTs with a Loudmouth?
  18. Car is surging,dying, Please HELP!!!
  19. Thunder Racing headers- custom y-pipe?
  20. Pacesetter O2 Bungs
  21. ls1 intake
  22. pcv for reduced oil consumtion
  23. external engine
  24. suspension upgrade??
  25. drill thermostat???
  26. What are all the bolt-ons and how much do they help?
  27. Shift Light
  28. Pacesetter Long Tube Dyno Results >>>>>
  29. what are the headers to get?
  30. NGK Plugs
  31. Dampner/Pulley Installation...?
  32. valve cover breathers
  33. Pacesetter owners, come on in!
  34. Another Y-Pipe Question
  35. CAS radiator. Anyone runnin or heard of them?
  36. Bullet Mufflers same as a cutrout??
  37. Header ?
  38. ASP pulley thread size?
  39. 02 ss tips
  40. Running Open Headers Dangerous?
  41. air lid question 00-02
  42. slip on or weld on collectors?
  43. Kooks headers in, PICS!!!
  44. Stock Y pipe vs. aftermarket
  45. Hooker long tube headers and QTP y-pipe
  46. TB bypass?
  47. car runnin rich???
  48. speed up (adjust) factory tach?
  49. Why do headers make the engine run rich?
  50. Safe to run Hooker Long Tubes open?
  51. Anyone make an aftermarket lower air box assembly?
  52. If you were only going to do a Y-pipe swap...
  53. hooker headers hitting steering arm???
  54. Difference between v4.0 and v5.2 MAFT?
  55. Wisper Lid or K&N Induction System?
  57. Found new shift light
  58. How much power would this header swap be worth?
  59. Throttle Body disassembly?
  60. PCV oil catch-can.....who has them?
  61. TB Bypass and Bellow MOD, did search
  63. Going to Install my own headers! Any Help Gratefull fellas!
  64. Performance predictions
  65. will vette alt. fit?
  66. Explain this induction system to me....
  67. Installing cat-back tomorrow, looking for tips/tricks!!
  68. Open header, pipe ext. for O2 sensors, how long to run rig
  69. The AGONY of header/Y pipe choices...join in !?!?!???!??!!
  70. Tips on gutting cats
  71. TB Port/Polish Pics and How-To write up
  72. Is this a LS6 Intake ?
  74. HP loss? H/C/I intake /w dual 2-1/2 exhaust, no h-pipe??
  75. What belt do I use with the ASP crank pulley only.
  76. Will NO thermostat make the car run cooler??
  77. New true duals
  78. From TNT ring to MAF, need help?
  79. Problems with SLP 85mm MAF?
  80. Gauge Gurus Inside
  81. cleaning Powershot filters
  82. Tell me EVERYTHING i need to know about FLP
  83. True Dual Mufflers
  84. 02 Sims Needed For True Duals?
  85. Pacesetter Headers
  86. PPC headers, hi-flo cats & Y-pipe
  87. Jet Hot Y owners inside please.
  88. QTP has great customer service....
  89. Question about thermostats
  90. Air lid sensor
  91. Thanks!!!
  92. About to change spark plugs, any last words??
  93. everybody with 98 ls1 and zo6 or aftermarket intake>>>>>>>
  94. Help!!!!!!!
  95. Hooker LTs Have Been Ordered, What All Do I Need Now?
  96. gap on spark plugs??
  97. Exhaust Cutout Question
  98. TB porting question
  99. Do you have a Z06 Intake Manifold?
  101. Question? Thread size for cylinder head sender?
  102. Is the !MAF and De-Screen Mod Safe to Do???
  103. JET HOT LTS?
  104. Easiest way to change fuel filter...?
  105. ses light
  106. Anyone have a Mecham Exhaust?
  107. what all is needed for pulley change?
  108. Anybody done this mod to TB bypass? (pics)
  110. 10 best LS1 mods - HP Pontiac Mag
  111. Thinking about going back to cats and o2's...
  112. Anyone use solid motor mounts?
  113. 1.8hrs to replace the crank bolt?
  114. Having belt problems again
  115. Here is how to kill rasp with Off-Road Y and Loudmouth
  116. engine vaccum lines???? help!!1
  117. More Brandon & Kirby true dual exhaust pics(before &after)
  118. Where can I buy A.I.R. blockoff plates?
  119. Who makes Shorty Headers w/ 1-3/4" Primaries???
  120. How to get rid of rasp with LM & LT's
  121. MSD
  122. Did the luck..are 17" ET Streets being made
  123. I only got 350 hp with boltons and cam; Why
  124. Shortening LS1 Composite Intake for HP Gain?
  125. True Dual exhaust all the way to the rear
  126. Do I need this piece?
  127. (Help) can't get car to idle
  128. catback question
  129. Coolant Leak
  130. LS1 Intake gasket GM part # ?
  131. AC problem (think its compressor)
  132. Problems with Dynatechs?? I have some...
  133. Installing Weiand intake on 99 LS1
  134. Well I've decided on LT headers!
  135. Do CA cars with stioch of 14.2 AFR, run better out of CA
  136. What puller releses ASP pulley?
  137. ls6 intake
  138. Corsa too loud?
  139. FLP Headers
  140. 2.75" exhaust pipe adapter
  141. Hookers with QTP y-pipe
  142. Exhaust headers.....
  143. Drive Shaft Safety Loop?
  144. Anyone have SLP's Break Control Solenoid?
  145. How Many 02 Extensions Needed for Header Install?
  146. TPS problem? engine reving way to high by itself... Help
  147. True Duals or Mufflex 4 inch
  148. Top end engine cleaner and oil change?
  149. Two 4 inch flexable pipes - ram air mod?
  150. Which electric cutout?
  151. Dynomax Ultra Flo vs. Flowmaster
  152. Daily driver
  153. Problem with corvette intake on a camaro...
  154. A few notes regarding install of Prothane poly engine mount
  155. mac oryp
  156. Ported Throttle Bodies?
  157. Pacesetter Dyno #'s
  158. Can ram air hood baffles be easily reinstalled?
  159. How to polish stainless steel headers?
  160. where do i get poly mounts from?
  161. Ripper or 5.0
  162. SLP VS. PPC
  163. What wires to run with Jet Hot headers?
  164. Muffler Decision
  165. free ram air mod
  166. NE FL exhaust shop props
  167. GM top end cleaner W/ the LS6 intake removed?
  168. Your opinion on SLP LT headers
  169. What is that skinny wire that connects to the alternator?
  170. I need your help tonight.
  171. LS6 Block in 2002 SS
  172. Found my exhaust leak! (pics)
  173. Are front and rear o2 sensors the same part?
  174. Seal the FRA?
  175. oryp worth doing
  176. Why not remove the A/C?
  177. LTs bang like hell
  178. Plug Wires ?
  179. Raspy exhuast Gone! - higher CR did it...
  180. next mod--LT headers or 1.85:1 rockers and new springs???
  181. True Dual pics
  182. anybody with random tech catback
  183. Consequences of Eliminating AIR tubes???
  184. Miss In Cylinders 1, 3, 5, 7. Please Help!
  185. Texas Speed WHERE IS MY LID?
  186. Problems with LT headers
  187. BG Ram Air mod.................
  189. expected gains
  190. bad cats
  191. which spark plugs
  192. Spark Plug Indexing
  193. QTP's have been on order for 10 weeks!
  194. CME exhaust problems
  195. Weird stumble between 2000 and 3000 rpms.
  196. Pro 5.0 Shifter
  197. tb bumstop mod.... OOPS!
  199. asp pulley
  200. Smoke normal when hammering the pedal?
  201. mass air flow sensor options
  202. Forum Directors - Marker
  203. quick poll !! need votes not views
  204. California legal ??
  205. Plugs for 02 sensor holes
  206. Anyone have problems with Qtech?
  207. True dual?
  208. What's better than a cutout?
  209. tpis headers
  210. coolant fan relay control circuit!!!
  211. Anyone running true duals from the FLP cats/ORPs back?
  212. h/c install done, car WILL NOT IDLE!
  213. Anyone have the part number for the driver side LS6 PCV plug
  214. slp vs. kooks
  215. hooker headers and qtp cats
  216. Little bit of TB advertisement
  217. Please help...air intake problems (codes 171,174 ext lean)..
  218. LS6 intake question
  219. 3 in exhaust question????
  220. damn headers
  221. SLP Dual Dual Exhaust - restrictive?
  222. Y-Pipe Install
  223. Anyone heard about Wieland's LS1 intake?
  224. What's the best "Ram Air" Set up?
  226. Lower airbox questions??
  227. Quietest cat back system?
  228. HELP WITH WATER PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  229. need o2 Ext for FLP LTs on 98 Z?
  230. Pacesetters are in...
  231. ASAP! in the middle of Hooker install have ?s
  232. Valve covers
  233. A/C Removal question.
  234. Any info Pacesetter Headers??
  235. What about this PCV Mod?
  236. Banks Exhaust???
  237. has anyone used eastwood silver high temp coating
  238. Hooker headers QTP cat y-pipe opinions
  239. loudmouth owners
  240. First mods
  241. Resonator on the LoudMouth
  242. Long Tubes vs. Shorties
  243. What is the quietest straight through muffler?
  244. Which hi-flow cat to buy?
  245. oil cooler problem
  246. Removed AIR trouble
  247. Random Tech Highflow Cats
  248. magnaflow
  250. Please help fast