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  1. Cruise Control w/one cable?
  2. Dyno #'s of bolt on A4's?
  3. Descreening the stock MAF, pros and cons
  4. Cleaning O2 sensors????
  5. SLP or BORLA?
  6. Pacesetter Headers
  7. ASP Pulley and belt sliding off
  8. Sorry... didn't know where to post... who carries helmets?
  9. Lt1 vs Ls1 MAF
  10. No cats
  11. Those of you that orderd edlebrock headers, do you have them
  12. Anyone do the Exhaust Mod?
  13. Electric Cutout vs. Nonelectric Cutout
  14. exhaust/maf/160 stat question..
  15. High Oil Temperature
  16. Hooker catback with Mufflex ORY and LTs
  17. Installed..... Headers, ORY & Lanes 4 inch single
  18. how much difference in performance with new lid
  19. will true duals pass emissions?
  20. Help me decide!!!!!!!
  21. hp loss with 2.5" true duels?
  22. turbo chargers
  23. where to get turndowns?
  24. Hookers vs. Jet Hots
  25. IS A CUT-OUT WORTH THE$$$$$$
  26. Smooth Bellows cheap? Where to find?
  27. Which Headers w/ my Exhaust???
  28. O2 Simms are they needed after u have Edit
  29. GMMG compared to stock?
  30. cutting off mac ball flanges {any h.p gains}
  31. where can I find true duals
  32. Oxygen Sensors?
  33. torque specs on intake?
  34. TSP Lid Question
  35. problem with ls1 motorsports air lid
  36. Pulley?
  37. Anyone using Kooks headers?
  38. TB Bypass,EGR, etc
  39. which 85mm MAF?
  40. Bellhousing cover?
  41. What exhaust set-up if I were to switch..
  42. Could cut-out cause P 420 code?
  43. LS spyder intake??? 35 hp over LS6???
  44. O2 sensor Info
  45. Stupid Question
  46. Will the Hooker catback flow better than the SLP dual/dual?
  47. Torque specs
  48. New Intake by FAST
  49. Is the TSP lid worht changing the one I have.
  50. Gasket sealer?
  51. Canton Re-usable Oil Filter
  52. The muffler shop guy told me
  53. TSP Lid Problems
  54. engine upgrades?
  55. Just got my Bauer TB!
  56. Heads, Cam. Boltons, What Exhaust for me??
  57. Anyone try Stainless Works Y-pipe?
  58. I have a vacuum leak somewhere, help me find it!
  59. need header help!
  60. water temp guage install
  61. Anyone have pics of justin sutton xpipe installed??
  62. Which of these exhausts is quieter/lighter?
  63. Throttle Body outside diameter
  64. LS1 Engine Problem
  65. Ok, what should I do now?
  66. TPS voltage for TB bumpstop mod?
  67. Asp pulley question.
  68. which would hurt worse?
  69. Headers or ls6 intake?
  70. Ordered jet hot's..should I order poly motor mount?
  71. Double roller adjustable timing chain install guide?
  72. O2 Simms
  73. For those considering Spintech exhaust...
  74. Installing Jet hot LTs this weekend.. any tips?
  75. Mac's with stock CATS?
  76. How much HP and ET gains from pulley???
  77. Best way to fix exhaust leak?
  78. pulleys
  79. Exhaust
  80. best spark plugs???
  81. SLP Longtubes worth 40HP????
  82. hooker LT help...quick!
  83. jet-hot or flp?
  84. throttle body spaer for ls1 motovater
  85. Where can I find part number for 2001 ls1 valve covers?
  86. header/cats install issues?
  87. Anybody try flipping the MAF ends
  88. Question about LS1 thermostat from a Silverado truck guy!
  89. ASP Pulley and belts
  90. TR55's: What to gap to
  91. Pacesetter LT owners
  92. Questions about a removing the cat. converter, please help
  93. How are the Bauer T.B's doing?
  94. how to contact Random Tech..Carsound
  95. True Dual Exhaust Question
  96. Flowmaster or Not
  97. how high do i have to lift my car to install FLP headers
  98. What can kill ignition coils?
  99. LS1s run rich w/ LTs?
  100. FLP owners in here
  101. Removal of stock y-pipe
  102. PCV Modification: Need Input
  103. Magnaflow with no cats.
  104. Need help asap with header install....Exahust maniold gasket
  105. GMMG!!!
  106. Which Springs would U use???
  107. ridding mac header rasp ????
  108. Looking for Dynotech
  109. Anyone remove their exhaust?
  110. pully problem!!!
  111. TPIS throttle body
  112. MAF Questions
  113. Loudmouth Pics???
  114. To get a new flywheel or not...
  115. Feedback on Mac midlength and Corsa exhaust
  116. Anyone know anything about these headers???
  117. Header Sound
  118. From Mac headers, to Pacesetters, worth it?
  119. aftermarket hoods
  120. Starter? Or something else....
  121. Converting to an auto., will I need to change out my...
  122. "Larry" Pulley Install Problem
  123. Flanges and /or kits for weld up headers
  124. FAST intake
  125. Know anything about this car part?
  126. Round muffler after Hooker Y-pipe...Anyone try it??
  127. Car is running weird, Surges, creeps, and cam's lope is.....
  128. true duals in wit jethots!
  129. Proposed solution to getting colder air into the engine.
  130. Went to the DYNO today!
  131. Plugs for 11:1 compression?
  132. how on earth did you install your QTP headrs?
  133. Changed plugs now rough idle
  134. Cut-out, SFC install price?
  135. need help w/ tsp lid!
  136. Now What? Jet-Hot LT Header Install From Hell!
  137. Where do I buy a Shaner S2 TB?
  138. Water Temp Gauge Question..
  139. anyone have hp number on Kooks headers
  140. Got 1200 bucks in my hand for headers.... need some advice
  141. Need help with SLP long tube header install
  142. Help for SLP long tube headers
  143. running open headers
  144. EGR valve
  145. Macs to Kooks...New dyno #'s
  146. GMMG Optional oval tips, or not?
  147. Will y-pipe for SLP LT's fit with Pacesetter LT's?
  148. High Idle Question?
  149. another new ls1 intake...the lsx!
  150. Beating a dead horse....But lets talk sheetmetal intakes
  151. Decision on GMMG?
  152. Air conditioning and gas mileage
  153. Plug wire life?
  154. Passing Smog with LTs?
  155. Dynomouth possibly for sale
  156. Kooks for $560???
  157. '99-'00 AIR system differences???
  158. Where to find Hooker Y Pipe......
  159. anyone have sounds of slp
  161. just found out my O2 sensor might be ok...
  162. CARS Running HOT NO Idea whats going on HElp
  163. what size cutout for stock Y-pipe?
  164. water temp or oil temp gauge?
  165. Maf interchange question
  166. QTP Ypipe question
  167. just got z28
  168. FTRA OR SSRA???????????
  169. H-Pipe Anyone?
  170. Quick Question!
  171. How to strip paint on uncoated headers?
  172. Best place for catylitic converters?
  173. Can Headers cause this
  174. LS1 280Z
  175. Jet hot lt's in!
  176. looking for exhaust tips
  177. crank f*ck up! help!!!!!
  178. Owners of Whisper 1 7/8" Headers inside please
  179. ASP pulley or FTRA? Which mod to do first?
  180. when will a new intake arive?????
  181. why does my 02 sims blink on and off with a red light????
  182. is my water pump ok?
  183. Loudmouth?
  184. new memeber z28
  185. Top Engine Cleaner???? Little Help Please.
  186. Catback or Muffler only?
  187. how would I get more spark?
  188. Dyno before and after with Pacesetter LT's???
  189. LS6 Maf conversion
  190. Hooker catback or Magnaflow catback?
  191. exhaust suggestions for 00 Z28
  192. jet hot lt's going in tomorrow!
  193. Mustang vs. Dynojet
  194. wuts a cut out
  195. need to make exhaust louder
  196. header suggestions
  197. mufflex catback owners come in
  198. ported/polished tb hp/trq gains?
  199. Proform Shiftlight
  200. Pacesetter long tubes, y-pipe, and magnaflow.
  201. Just ordered new Edelbrock longtubes
  202. spintech exhaust
  203. Need Bolt-On help
  204. Aftermarket warranties? Which is the best?
  205. Want a Deeper Exhaust Note
  206. will flex pipe work for making dual exhaust setups?
  207. kooks just came in!!!
  208. Anyone running the K&N kit?
  209. crank pulley removal
  210. Air conditioning problem--huge leak!!
  211. where can i get some mandrel bent 90* bends?
  212. Removing A/C how hard?
  213. Big cam = no ASR?
  214. ASP pulley is on, runs hotter
  215. Where can i get a cut out cap?
  216. Exhaust??????
  217. DO U LOSE POWER????
  218. whats wromg with my 160 stat
  219. Cutout wiring
  220. Wiring question....
  221. Exhaust Installation
  223. flp headers
  224. looking at light weight battaries.
  225. I need Belt Sizes ASAP
  226. Which PCV soultion ???
  227. EGR question
  228. Just installed LS6 intake, Z06 injs, & LS6 PCV + EGR Delete.
  229. squeeky problem! PLEASE help
  230. headers
  231. What's the best way to...
  232. Is my et slow for my mods?(9.019@81.142mph) 2.107 60'
  233. Stock MAF or SLP MAF?
  234. Powershot filter cleaning
  235. Where to get a y-pipe for hookers?
  236. FTRA+Lid questions
  237. Anyone with SLP LT'S
  238. the best plugs
  239. Can I do this since I have a metco breather?
  240. Mac Collector Location
  241. Y PIPE??????
  242. Radiator cap question
  243. No Y = Car Fire
  244. will electric cutout make loudmouth louder
  245. slp 2otl
  246. Metco breather...good or bad
  247. What y pipe for dyna tech headers?
  248. post a pic of 2OTL on T/A
  249. Suggestions On A Muffler
  250. Came Upon SOME XTRA $$$$