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  1. Autometer coolant temp gauge install ?
  2. o2 Simulators
  3. stainless vs coated vs ...
  4. Spark plug wire; metal shield around boot...
  5. O2 sensors
  6. Best muffler to run with 3" duals? Borlo, Dynomax, Magnaflo
  7. header question- ceramic?? vs. painted???
  8. Question about install of gauges
  9. Has anybody used the Flowmaster cat back
  10. Wanting to replace Flowmaster muffler.....
  11. Chaffing!!!!
  13. ok...headers are next...bolt right up????
  14. borla xr1's
  15. asp pulley problem?
  16. LS1 Meziere water pump pictures *56k warning*
  17. water temp gauge help!
  18. Best drive shaft??
  19. slp loudmouth bracket
  20. what type of sheet metal to use????
  21. 160 thermostat temp.?
  22. Ram Air question
  23. Help Please Descreened MAF
  24. different intake?
  25. Please Clarify EGR Removal reasons and what to do?
  27. FTRA additional mod
  28. cam and head suggestions
  29. Powdercoating Water Pump
  30. SLP Flow Pac=RA/bellows/lid: worth it?
  31. Does the Hooker Y pipe cause rasp?
  32. How long is the emmisions / cat warranty?
  33. Less power after header install??????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  34. Freeze plug for intake?
  35. TSP Lid Problems *Update*
  36. Best headers for fitment, ease of install, and power
  37. Knock Sensors... what to torque to? (does it matter?)
  38. Can I loose my air pump and keep my cats?
  39. Motor mount help
  40. Hooker owners with duals, pics?
  41. Are the Pacesetter Ypipes crimped like stock ypipe?? Pics-->
  42. 3" exhaust to 2 1/2" tail pipe power loss question
  43. True Duals
  44. hooker catback (a little Dissappointed)
  45. Got my Hooker LT's on now I have rasp on acceleration !
  46. How to Remove Cruise Control on a '00 Z-28?
  47. Not useing the the two rear O2 sensors or O2 sims...
  48. Why is my car so slow??
  49. Difference in Z28 and SS exhaust...??
  50. misfire on number 4
  51. Important Meziere Street Pump Questions !
  52. TEXAS Speed Clear Lid....Still on Backorder?
  53. Any pics of the Meziere Street Pump yet? Need more info....
  54. Head banging resonance
  55. Reverse cooled vs. standard flow water pumps on LS1's
  56. Exhaust Dia.
  57. BEST oil pump!!
  58. SLP Loudmouth "drone" note-anybody ever get rid of it
  59. Removing EGR on a 2000 SS. Hit a snag.
  60. Recieved my Kooks today... check out my polish job....
  61. pace setters
  62. AC condenser/ Trans cooler
  63. ASP Overdrive Alternator Pulley
  64. Help, I'm stumped.
  65. Cruise Control Removal on a '97 LT-1
  66. Flow #s On Intake Components?
  67. water temp gauge
  68. AIR system deprogrammed - still runs?
  69. SES = EGR problem?
  70. Do I need an upgraded fuel pump?
  71. Air Lid Comparison-which one is best
  72. IFFY on Cutout's Performance (OPINIONS WANTED & NEEDED)
  73. Header install help needed!!!!!
  74. Is it worth installing a set of pulley's on a 2001 ss
  75. LS6 headers vs. aftermarket
  76. Edelbrock header install info
  77. Car won't start!!!(Please READ)
  79. TPS modification
  80. SES light after ORP install
  81. Which electric cutout
  82. SLP muffler on a V6
  83. Anyone here running Electric cut outs in the y pipe?
  84. My Exhaust Idea...Opinions?
  85. map sensor problem?
  86. Difference in 98 and 00 manifolds and y-pipe
  87. BeCool Radiator ?
  88. Bosch plus 4's do they suck???
  89. running with no cats
  90. Lights go up and down when hitting lock/unlock on keyfob...
  91. Air Conditioning not working.... need help
  92. gauge hook up help
  93. Y-Pipe Question Install
  94. Which Optima Baterry (RED TOP)?
  95. cheapest way to 400fwhp NA
  96. $25,000 fine 4 no cats
  97. A/C Compressor Failure...
  98. coolant temp sensor help!
  99. AC Experts I need some help...........
  100. Factor Hurst/Lou's short stick question...
  101. Computer chips
  102. Anyone with 400hp running true duals? Any gains?
  103. SLP header dyno
  104. HOLY SH!T I have a Freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  105. which catback
  106. Uhhhhhhhh, did the MAF de-screen, problem.
  107. Corvette guys....need some info....
  108. running the exhaust straight off the headers?
  109. MAF resistor mod - helps with lean condition from ported MAF
  110. Aftermarket Intakes???
  111. Corsa exhaust... heavy?
  112. How would this sound??
  113. Y pipe install... quick question.
  114. LT Headers or LS6 intake for first major mod?
  115. any H.P gain from 2.5 oryp to a 3inch ??
  116. maf ends and tuning
  117. Need busted with duals/dumps
  118. Mac vs. SLP
  119. egr crap removal
  120. Electrical glitches
  121. Post your dual exhaust pics here...
  122. Anyone else get in on the first run of Meziere street pumps?
  123. #2 plug wire is right against header
  124. headers
  125. i got my true duals today!!!
  126. Quick question about cut-outs..
  127. Exhaust and Headers Help
  128. easy questions regarding LT's/ORY
  129. motor mounts
  130. Under drive pulley
  131. How much could I get for used FLP LT's?
  132. De-screen and Porting the MAF and housing on an A4 2001 SS?
  133. MSD wires, where to get some?
  134. From Admin - We'd like pics of the FAST LSX intake manifold
  135. does kooks headers make this?
  136. Short Belt mod
  137. Pulley tensioner part #, please
  138. Need help with identifying part
  139. Removing stock exhaust
  140. Recieved my KOOKs headers today!
  141. headers
  142. Street version of the elec. water pump...
  143. Has anyone seen any gains on Dyno from Spark Plugs?
  144. under drive pulleys pos/neg
  145. side exhaust
  146. Cutout Question
  147. Ceramic coating of headers worth it?
  148. C5 maf same as F-body?
  149. Removing AIR, black canister removal?
  150. ok... help me go on a diet!
  151. Takes off Slow....???
  152. Hooker Y-Pipe & SLP Drive Shaft Loop
  153. asp installed, Now I have oil at the front behind the pulley
  154. crank pulley removal help needed!
  155. Next Question about the Meziere Street Pump
  156. Best Driveshaft loop with LT's?
  157. TPS showing .5 volts w/no throttle... but blade is closed
  158. idea for true duals
  159. SLP Air Temp Module
  160. Hooker long tube install
  161. Kooks Jets Hots or Hookers?
  162. What the hell is this noise!!!
  163. 400 RWHP Should I go with a 3.5 or 4 inch catback.
  164. Mac ORYP with just a bullet sound OK?
  165. true dual question
  166. FLowmaster exhaust.
  167. dual exhaust setup help
  168. Autometer tach install
  169. Anyone have the GMS "Budget" MAF?
  170. Mac or hooker?
  171. Borla Exhaust
  172. Longtube installation - motor out
  173. How much hp could I gain from Mac headers to Kooks 1 7/8?
  174. Car running too rich and not holding idle
  175. Gutted stock cats ... Retuning needed?
  176. 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 ?
  177. Any one running the LS1 speed True Dual setup?
  178. 18HP with ZO6 MAF??
  179. c5 ported throttle body
  180. A/C pulley part numbers
  181. Removal of upper panhard rod for true dual clearnace
  182. Hooker+Magnaflow sound clips
  183. Kooks + which combo
  184. Energy suspension motor mount part ## ??
  185. Best setup for me
  186. Banks Stinger exhaust: Rksport
  187. Hooker long tube header install question.
  188. Pluses and Minuses of a dual exhaust? I hate the y rasp.
  189. tranny mount
  190. LS6 PVC Fix
  191. 01-02 manifolds
  192. header flanges
  193. PPC Headers
  194. qtp merge header dyno results!!
  195. How do you????
  196. Limit on 1 3/4 LT's
  197. Next mods
  198. headers
  199. Bolt-on MN6s running low 12s or 11s
  200. Just installed FLP long tube headers
  201. Hooker Y-Pipe Problem
  202. quick question about hp gains...
  203. Long Tube VS Shorty Headers
  204. Need to quiet down my car.
  205. Is the Granatilli lid worth keeping? Or TSP
  206. ASP crank pulley possibly broke
  207. Mac Mid Length Headers
  208. Who has the new Meziere Electric Water pump?
  209. SES on SLP Header Install
  210. Car scared the bejesus out of me today...
  211. 160* or 180* stat?
  212. Anyone know the address to BAUER T.B's?
  213. what is the gm part # for ls6 intake?
  214. Advantages of stepped headers
  215. What a Beast
  216. how much is electric cut out
  217. To descreen or not to descreen that is the question?
  218. edelbrok cat back
  219. Fast Toys Ram Air or Super Sucker Ram Air
  220. Taking off AIR and EGR
  221. Oil/air separator
  222. true dual exhaust hangers..
  223. Anybody removed the drivers air bag?
  224. Installed Corsa, it's AWESOME
  225. You guys see future problems with the way these dual cut-out
  226. Looking to get hooker headers!!!! A little help
  227. Can I Ground The O2 Sensors To The Chassis?
  228. Thermostat question *DELETED*
  229. Cruise Control w/one cable?
  230. Dyno #'s of bolt on A4's?
  231. Descreening the stock MAF, pros and cons
  232. Cleaning O2 sensors????
  233. SLP or BORLA?
  234. Pacesetter Headers
  235. ASP Pulley and belt sliding off
  236. Sorry... didn't know where to post... who carries helmets?
  237. Lt1 vs Ls1 MAF
  238. No cats
  239. Those of you that orderd edlebrock headers, do you have them
  240. Anyone do the Exhaust Mod?
  241. Electric Cutout vs. Nonelectric Cutout
  242. exhaust/maf/160 stat question..
  243. High Oil Temperature
  244. Hooker catback with Mufflex ORY and LTs
  245. Installed..... Headers, ORY & Lanes 4 inch single
  246. how much difference in performance with new lid
  247. will true duals pass emissions?
  248. Help me decide!!!!!!!
  249. hp loss with 2.5" true duels?
  250. turbo chargers