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  1. Passing Smog with LTs?
  2. Dynomouth possibly for sale
  3. Kooks for $560???
  4. '99-'00 AIR system differences???
  5. Where to find Hooker Y Pipe......
  6. anyone have sounds of slp
  8. just found out my O2 sensor might be ok...
  9. CARS Running HOT NO Idea whats going on HElp
  10. what size cutout for stock Y-pipe?
  11. water temp or oil temp gauge?
  12. Maf interchange question
  13. QTP Ypipe question
  14. just got z28
  15. FTRA OR SSRA???????????
  16. H-Pipe Anyone?
  17. Quick Question!
  18. How to strip paint on uncoated headers?
  19. Best place for catylitic converters?
  20. Can Headers cause this
  21. LS1 280Z
  22. Jet hot lt's in!
  23. looking for exhaust tips
  24. crank f*ck up! help!!!!!
  25. Owners of Whisper 1 7/8" Headers inside please
  26. ASP pulley or FTRA? Which mod to do first?
  27. when will a new intake arive?????
  28. why does my 02 sims blink on and off with a red light????
  29. is my water pump ok?
  30. Loudmouth?
  31. new memeber z28
  32. Top Engine Cleaner???? Little Help Please.
  33. Catback or Muffler only?
  34. how would I get more spark?
  35. Dyno before and after with Pacesetter LT's???
  36. LS6 Maf conversion
  37. Hooker catback or Magnaflow catback?
  38. exhaust suggestions for 00 Z28
  39. jet hot lt's going in tomorrow!
  40. Mustang vs. Dynojet
  41. wuts a cut out
  42. need to make exhaust louder
  43. header suggestions
  44. mufflex catback owners come in
  45. ported/polished tb hp/trq gains?
  46. Proform Shiftlight
  47. Pacesetter long tubes, y-pipe, and magnaflow.
  48. Just ordered new Edelbrock longtubes
  49. spintech exhaust
  50. Need Bolt-On help
  51. Aftermarket warranties? Which is the best?
  52. Want a Deeper Exhaust Note
  53. will flex pipe work for making dual exhaust setups?
  54. kooks just came in!!!
  55. Anyone running the K&N kit?
  56. crank pulley removal
  57. Air conditioning problem--huge leak!!
  58. where can i get some mandrel bent 90* bends?
  59. Removing A/C how hard?
  60. Big cam = no ASR?
  61. ASP pulley is on, runs hotter
  62. Where can i get a cut out cap?
  63. Exhaust??????
  64. DO U LOSE POWER????
  65. whats wromg with my 160 stat
  66. Cutout wiring
  67. Wiring question....
  68. Exhaust Installation
  70. flp headers
  71. looking at light weight battaries.
  72. I need Belt Sizes ASAP
  73. Which PCV soultion ???
  74. EGR question
  75. Just installed LS6 intake, Z06 injs, & LS6 PCV + EGR Delete.
  76. squeeky problem! PLEASE help
  77. headers
  78. What's the best way to...
  79. Is my et slow for my mods?(9.019@81.142mph) 2.107 60'
  80. Stock MAF or SLP MAF?
  81. Powershot filter cleaning
  82. Where to get a y-pipe for hookers?
  83. FTRA+Lid questions
  84. Anyone with SLP LT'S
  85. the best plugs
  86. Can I do this since I have a metco breather?
  87. Mac Collector Location
  88. Y PIPE??????
  89. Radiator cap question
  90. No Y = Car Fire
  91. will electric cutout make loudmouth louder
  92. slp 2otl
  93. Metco breather...good or bad
  94. What y pipe for dyna tech headers?
  95. post a pic of 2OTL on T/A
  96. Suggestions On A Muffler
  97. Came Upon SOME XTRA $$$$
  98. Just did the free ram air mod!!!
  99. will LS1 borla fit on a LT1
  100. If your post is locked - Read Here
  101. What is the best LTs for a lowered car?
  102. need "Top End Cleaner" advice
  103. Are my dyno numbers up to par?
  104. Tore up FLP clamps with iron block setup....
  105. Headers......on Ebay, but's a killer price
  106. Anyone running the Jeg's harmonic damper
  107. Crank pully size...what is better?
  108. What are the best times for A4s w/ bolt ons and DRs
  109. Just added Jet hot header and off road Y & dropped 2mph
  110. back of serp. belt wearing away after asp
  111. Where do these ground wires go?
  112. SLP loudmouth Duel/ Duel yea or nay
  113. True dual pictures
  114. Starter Solenoid HELP!!!!!!!!
  115. Car is Running WAY to Hot Hot Hot..........
  116. Has anyone problems with justin sutton sending parts??
  117. How do I know if pully needs machined??
  118. what muffler is the best...X-pipe involved...Opinions please
  119. HOLY Crap listen to this exhaust by GMMG inc.!!!
  120. Pulley replacement......
  121. Need info on short belt for our cars
  122. What have you heard about ported MAF ends
  123. Exhaust collecters?
  124. Purpose of the EGR?
  125. Kooks or Jet Hots GP???
  126. Extreme Volume Video of QTP Headers
  127. Corsa on the ground, need some advice...
  128. will a 01 whisper lid fit a 99
  129. Need help with smooth bellows FAST!!!
  130. Exhaust backpressure???
  131. aftermarket valve covers
  132. Bad coil pack......What are the symptoms....................
  133. No AIR/EGR Race headers and VET testing?
  134. Disable the converter lock-up
  135. EGR or no EGR, that is the question....
  136. Y pipe/cats with dual cutouts
  137. Gains from LT headers inside
  138. Okay to Get LS6 Manifold at a Junkyard?
  139. Can header and Off Rd Y cause my car to ping (run lean)
  140. Ported Throttle Body ???
  141. Error DTC P0782 2-3 Shift Malfunction?
  142. looking for ideal location for Autometer water temp sender.
  143. FLP Install
  144. update...
  145. How can I block off the EGR on my intake?
  146. help with pullies
  147. Hesitation / Bounce Problem HELP!!!!
  148. Where is the link to the "free" thermostat mod?
  149. Wahoo!!! LS6 Intake Manifold
  150. Are 99s different
  151. bauer TB
  152. home made smooth bellows
  153. Electric Water Pump
  154. SLP headers or Hooker headers or Jet hot headers
  155. GMMG.......
  156. What do you guys think about the new ls1edelbrock longtubes
  157. Line lock question?
  158. Pressure test coolant system; need to remove thermostat???
  159. Which air lid?
  161. McCord Powerplate
  162. What bolt to seat stock crank pulley?
  163. 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 headers
  164. Where is that post that has weights of everything
  165. My belt squeeks bad when I shift at high RPMs
  166. First time on dyno
  167. need to swap out my SLP LM....SLP DD or Hooker???
  168. SLP Air Lid Rubbing, HELP!
  169. Where can I get TR55's and LS1 edit fast
  171. Anyone running the CAT damper??
  172. LS6 Intake Leans Car
  173. how much power am i missing ?
  174. New dyno #s with the better exhaust 707.0 rwhp 721.8 rwtq
  175. Pulley install,.. remover tool "nipple" is stuck in crank
  176. exhaust exiting in front of rear wheels
  177. Mufflex Y-Pipe and Hooker LT question.
  178. thre belt off without spinning high rpm's???
  179. Belt is walking off pulleys......
  180. Electric Supercharger? Do they realy work?
  181. where do i get coil relocation brackets?
  182. Problem after TB Bypass HELP!!
  183. Which Stock MAF Would You Buy?
  184. GUYS WIT
  185. For those of you that have Hooker LTs
  186. x-pipe
  187. Solid motor mounts, pros and cons
  188. the best set-up
  189. How important is the MAP sensor?
  190. removing WS6 Hood Baffles
  191. went to track last night..WTF!! pleaassee HELP!!
  192. just put a new catback kit on a murcielago
  193. true duals with stock manifolds??
  194. Volant induction VS aftermarket lid
  195. How to Re-Fill Coolant
  196. Ls1 Coil Packs
  197. name this part
  198. How to remove the wiper motor, and linkage?
  199. Anybody try the new Edelbrock headers yet?
  200. ASP pulley wobbles at idle
  201. Long Tube Headers
  202. New Member
  203. Poly motor mount question
  204. QTP's over JetHots - Is it worth it ???
  205. exhaust question, fast replies please
  206. Just received QTPs, that collector on the Y is huge!
  207. ASAP: Which Wire is the Signal Wire for the Oxy Sensors?
  208. Are Ram-Air Systems Worth the $$$?
  209. spohn torque arm doesnt fit!!!!
  210. Another TB Question: CFM?
  211. Anyone with the SLP 345 lid remove the AIR pump?
  212. Anyone ever heard a Bassani ???
  213. Carsound Cats
  214. What would I benefit more from??
  215. Bolt ons
  216. Hooker Aerochamber
  218. looking for loudness
  219. Anyone Have ATR Exhaust on SS?
  220. Where can I get a new gasket for Weiand/Holley intake ?
  221. need info on C5 intake installed on a f-body.
  222. Any need for vacuum lines on intake with no HVAC?
  223. t'stat ?
  224. TR6 gap on 422ci+power adder??
  225. Anyone know the sound of SLP Dual/Dual with headers?
  226. pacesetter?????
  227. Who makes larger radiators?
  228. Cats Gone Bad
  229. Hooker headers and Y-pipe
  230. SSRA vs. Downpour
  231. pulley squeak????
  232. People that have had your car dynoed...
  234. looking for soundclip, (x-pipe and borlas)
  235. So here's my new dyno...
  236. Flo header install
  237. Changing Cat's to o/r pipes question
  238. Should I.....
  239. high flow cat or O2 SIMS?
  240. What's the stock Throttle Body size?
  241. new headers, now new problems...
  243. Dealership found "nothing wrong".... Advice?
  244. i must be stupid. cant install airlid :(
  245. How to replace front 02 connector?
  246. FTRA- WTF did I do wrong??
  247. Flowmaster Collector
  248. going to track soon. need help quick
  249. Part # for Goodyear Gatorback serpentine belt for our cars?
  250. any new dyno or track info from that new lid?