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  1. Z28 and Long Tubes with Lowered Car? Scrubbing???
  3. exhaust opinions needed
  4. What to clean top end with??
  5. Exhaust Tips
  6. SS exhaust on a V6 ?
  7. more H.P from a new style air lid?
  8. Hints at a soon to be 5th Gen. Camaro SS???
  9. Strange sqeaking me diagnose
  10. Removing A/C Compressor, can I drive w/o it?
  11. How do you clean the MAF???
  12. Question on LS6 Intakes
  13. Some help on new exhaust please.
  14. Spark Plug Gap
  15. General Help needed on this project comairing...
  16. GMS maf, comments please.
  17. Throttle Body question
  18. True Duals or Mufflex 4 inch
  19. Serpentine belt jumped off a bit?
  20. Removing ASP crank
  21. Which converter is better?
  22. Have some ?'s about changing the Key IGN Switch.
  23. Hooker Shorties
  24. New Forum Sponsor - Stainless Works
  25. Kooks review
  26. Exhaust flow
  27. Shaner VS BBK Throttle bodies
  28. Login Problems? Suggestions w/n --->
  29. Question about GM Performance Red wires....
  30. mac headers install
  31. Calling 00-02 Camaro SS
  32. jet-hot headers ~ feedback please
  33. New Corsa tip design!
  34. spark plugs tr55????
  35. 10 to 15rwhp possible?
  36. spark plugs?????
  37. Dual Cutouts at the Y
  38. asp pulley ?????'s
  39. Full Length Exhaust
  40. Borla too quiet
  41. Carbon
  42. Intermediate pipe
  43. (TRUE) True Duals!!?
  44. true duals & x pipe vs. borla catbak
  45. greddy catch can results?????
  46. Bauer Racing contact info
  47. no header gasket?
  48. QTP Headers... High Velocity Merge Collectors?
  49. SLP MAF : port or not to port
  50. Squealing noise after hot engine start
  51. Porting Stock Exhaust Manifold For Single Turbo
  52. New head/cam/intake/forged will not idle, ideas?
  53. hooker LT headers w/ hooker y-pipe
  54. Differences in MAFs between years?
  55. Does a 160 thermstat really help make power?
  56. Got an ASP pulley
  57. Just finished changing my plugs and ....
  58. Exhaust
  59. Cutout?
  60. What is the best performing catback? Any Dyno inf
  61. upgrading injectors, safe to drive without tuning?
  62. LS6 intake problems with pics,check it out.
  63. Radiator Baffles - Remove? Why? Why Not?
  64. Which Muffler should i get?
  65. whats you top 5 favorite or best bolt on's??
  66. RandomTech catbck= 22RWT & 20RWH (Sound?)
  67. K&N along with the FTRA. Can it be done?
  68. Pwr window intermitent > Bad motor > Easy to fix?
  69. Suggestions for catback to replace Borla
  70. what expoxy to use on my TB? drilled hole too big
  71. What size bullet muffler for the loudmouth?
  72. KOOK's Headers - Awesome service and product!
  73. LS6 INTAKE
  74. Replacing flowmaster muffler with regular pipe?
  75. people with macs come inside
  76. Phone number for Bauer?
  77. What exhaust for 414ci+?
  78. eng mounts
  79. Stainless Steel AND Coated Headers ??
  80. looking for electric cutout
  81. Best exhaust for 427ci solid roller Engine
  82. Ls6 Intake Evap thingy question
  83. what cats to use instead of mac's
  84. Car Hesitates / Surges
  85. exhaust setup question
  86. Corsca Cat Back exhaust
  87. I have an SLP center-quad exhaust available
  88. What is the TR55 part number???
  89. ABS INOP, BRAKE and SERVICE ENGINE lights all on?
  90. Is this good
  91. Installing an ASP pulley
  92. Lowering Air Dam
  93. Is this a LS1 intake or LS6 intake?? Please help.
  94. Value of our TB for sending UPS insured?
  95. Strange noise please read....
  96. Least money for the most improvement
  97. Help.. what intake to go with?
  98. What else to change w/ valvespring swap?
  99. How is this exhaust setup?
  100. How many horses do I actually have?
  101. Strange Electrical Problem
  102. RWHP
  103. hooker long tube question
  104. Anyone using flex joints in their exhaust?
  105. Need to know stock LS1 Weight minus accessories
  106. K&N along with the FTRA. Can it be done?
  107. Can not get the Stock crank bolt out!
  108. You tell me...427 RWHp and 12.5 bests
  109. Fuel Gauge problems
  110. New air lid, installation seems a bit weird.
  111. dyno #s alittle unhappy!!
  112. I need a red bellow to replace the OEM...HELP!!!
  114. Any word on those new intakes from Cartek?
  115. Thermostat question please help!!!!
  116. The Heaviest most Expensive cat-back made....
  117. Modifications
  118. New Ls1 owner...whats a good exhaust system?
  119. Turndown?
  120. Holley Intake ?
  121. I know these are getting old......
  122. Does anyone make a larger throttle body??
  123. TEST forum 2
  124. Pics of Kooks Y-Pipe with Cats?
  125. Why should I buy Hooker headers when I can get Jet Hot's for 100 bucks cheaper?
  126. Throttle body Bypass???
  127. FIPK kit Vs a Ram Air Lid
  128. does anyone here know anything about true duals and x pipe please help
  129. why 3" y-pipe
  130. True duels
  131. What size bolt for the ground strap on front of motor?
  132. Anybody wanna sell me their qtp headers?
  134. Budget Y - Pipe
  135. Budget Y - Pipe
  136. LT questions
  137. Headers
  138. LS6 intake gains on stock heads/cam motor??
  139. Edelbrock headers
  140. Serious water pump problems, need help.
  141. How much power from Hooker Catback
  142. Chambered Exhaust?
  143. Why Do Macs Rasp Really Bad?
  144. ASP install-can't be right?(PICS)
  145. What drive shaft loop for Bassani Y-pipe?
  146. Anyone know the radiator shroud part #?
  147. Hooker Headers
  148. oryp
  149. Site is going offline 4/25 for software upgrade at 11:30am CST
  150. sick of flowmaster,!! which muffler?
  151. What the heck could this be?
  152. Stainless Steel headers run too hot?
  153. Need Some Help on Disconnecting Fuel Line
  154. Help!!!
  155. First Dyno Session with LS1edit
  156. ARE K-Member, torque for Engine mount plate
  157. 160 degree thermostat
  158. Holley Manifold Gaskets
  159. Bassani Exhaust
  160. Where can i buy hooker headers?
  161. SLP LT's installed is tuning necessary?
  162. Electric water pump??
  163. Best Headers?
  164. Porting LS6 Manifold worth it?
  165. Exhaust
  166. Do I need a DS loop with a 02 z28?
  167. lid & cat back = SES?
  168. What mufflers are the quietest?
  169. Oil Press Gauge install, what size is fitting in back of block ????
  170. 02 sims
  171. NGK Solid Copper or Platium or Iridium ?
  172. y pipe which one should i get
  173. Long Tube guys Inside.....
  174. Which intake mod works best?
  175. Y pipe question
  176. Is it illegal
  177. Headers, ORP and CORSA Install
  178. EGR mod???
  179. K&N???
  180. Spark Plug Wires
  181. Headers
  182. Merge Collectors with Stock Internals?
  184. How will this sound?
  185. idle probs with new lt's
  186. Gilmer pulleys and Gear drives
  187. Another darn Pulley question!
  188. Taxas Speed Lids....How Long?
  189. Quick ?
  190. 2000 LS1 the fastest stock??
  191. Does anyone know...
  192. FLP Headers & BMR Driveshaft Safety Loop
  193. Need help fast!
  194. I have a Magnaflow , but I'm want something louder
  195. what to expect with these add ons
  196. CORSA SUCKS!!
  197. Gutted my cats last night!!!
  198. Some f-cars may have an ls6 block
  199. someone to install ls1 in missouri
  200. QTEC owners, how long has yours lasted?
  202. help, y-pipe hanging very low
  203. TB and MAF mods.....
  204. What is this electrical connecter, 99LS1 w/*PIC*
  205. Will 3.23 gears help?
  206. did a search an maf..... maybe you can help!
  207. I hate LS1's already Please Help
  208. loudmouth
  209. people with LTs & Y with cats - help
  210. loudmouth
  211. Hooker, Magna Flow, or Mufflex?
  212. magnaflow cat back question - please help.
  213. TTS (and other LT owners ) - a little help please
  214. Will a Ported TB lean me out??
  215. Mods and mods and mods
  216. Which drive shaft loop with Mufflex 4"
  217. What drill bit size are you guys using for the TB plate for idle?
  218. headers painted instead of shining and coated
  219. gmmg price?
  220. Bassani Y Pipe
  221. Throttle body question, concerning idle speed.
  222. Simple PCV question...
  223. Cut-out is installed
  224. EGR and Air Pump
  225. Kooks, or QTP's?
  226. 4" exaust?
  227. Ever since I had my ASP crank pulley installed.....
  228. Y-pipes...
  229. Cutout and wot switch
  230. What kind of Exhaust?
  231. Tell me if this is true
  232. Lower the Air Dam?
  233. HP gains from MAC's
  234. SLP Radiator
  235. Dynatech headers coating?
  236. MTI TB or Shaner S2 TB?
  237. should i get slicks and skinnies or a cam first?
  238. HOLY SHIT!! Got the SS few days Fastest car ive ever driven
  239. porting plastic intake manifold ?
  240. Quick Time cutout?
  241. 97 T/A
  242. Any new dynos with the TSP lid?
  243. gas smell on air filter and mass air?
  244. pls post your icq, msn or aol contact!
  245. banks exhaust
  246. 88 bird horsepower
  247. will my car run ok if i don't put air tubes back on?
  248. Is ASP the end all be all UD pulley?
  249. Hooker and Grott performance question.
  250. Got my Car Dyno'd