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  1. Strange Intake Question
  2. LS6 Part # Confusion (???)
  3. headers and muffler question
  4. headers and muffler question
  5. My 2 cents on my bolt-on's so far
  7. factory driveshaft Q's.......
  8. Dynatech LT's, cat delete, true dual, dynomax bullets.. NO GAIN??
  9. stock ws6 rim key? how to get one if you dont have one
  10. Need to gain 4/10 in quarter, what will it take?
  11. Paging sheet metal intake owners
  12. mac headers no track gain????? help please
  13. Need help on Not LS1 Problem 5.0 camaro
  14. Please help, car is acting up.
  15. Spark plug install. How long typically/
  16. Ported TB's generally richen a car right?
  17. How much will loose.
  18. How to Dyno a Car with vig 3200 stall
  19. Can someone TOTALLY explain GM top engine cleaner
  20. Air/Fuel Gauge install ?????
  21. K/N FIPK ???
  22. What is the meaning of WOT run ?? please
  23. Car won't start, need some help.
  24. Part number or where to find gasket for K&N Filter
  25. FTRA & BG Ram Air kits
  26. Fuel Pump question
  28. Dropping Cradle... A few quick Q's
  29. I need a quiet 3.5" muffler
  30. ac compressor
  31. intake manifold bolts
  32. Best Ported TB? Shaner S2? Bauer? Thunder Racing?
  33. Dynomouth or Borlamouth?
  34. OK to paint ASP pully?
  35. Any AC experts here?
  36. Where can I.........
  37. Spark Plugs
  38. park Plugs
  39. ASP Pulleys? Pros/Cons?
  40. My new Siemens Deka injectors came! (pic)
  41. Coat cat-back to protect from road salt?
  42. Need help with vaccum problem when I removed AIR and EGR
  43. Fuel pressure regulator question(s)
  44. Any of you guys runing Custom Fuel Rails?
  45. Any differences between 01 LS6 intake manifold and '02-03 Intake manifold?
  46. Anyone running the PPC headers?
  47. QTP or McCord?
  49. LT Headers & no cat question?
  50. Got True Duals today!!!
  51. ASP pully insallation question.
  52. Is a ORYP to stock 2002 Hawk exhaust w/ LS6 motor worth it?
  53. What can I expect to see from an LS6 intake and Pulley on my H/C setup?
  54. What can I expect to see from an LS6 intake and Pulley on my H/C setup?
  55. Stock exhaust manifolds - room for improvement
  56. Quick ASP Pulley (crank only) question...
  57. Headers
  58. Unplugging engine wiring harness?
  59. "TICK, TICK, TICK" go my headers....
  60. Best way to weld cats onto ORP?
  61. Tuning after LS6 manifold?
  62. loudmouth ??
  63. Its been asked before.... but lets see if we can get a final answer.
  64. SES light = Messed up CATS?
  65. SS Tube Size
  66. AHHH! Exhaust leaks still?
  67. How to hook up stock air pump for evac system?
  68. 16volt battery question
  69. Need thoughts on whats wrong with my car.
  70. LS6 intake part number?
  71. tuned length header extensions???
  72. anyway to 100% leak-proof LT headers?
  73. so now what does everyone think about their supersucker?
  74. Throttle body bump stop mod done
  75. Running rich after Ported TB installed
  76. mac's vs uncoated hookers
  77. removing coil packs..
  78. Having problems with Idle?
  79. Can't maintain fuel pressure at WOT or turning right?
  80. EGR and Air...if u deleted it inside
  81. QTP cutout question?
  82. Dual Cutout question
  83. All those with the SLP 85MM within
  85. Plug ? w/ new setup.........
  86. Having idle issues with new ported TB
  87. Anybody have an AIR pump go bad????
  88. Access to generator "sense" terminal
  89. removing WS6 hood baffles
  90. What is with the K&N FIPK
  91. ceramic coated vs uncoated headers?
  92. Where to get Corsa Tips?
  93. Car idles good when cold, rough when warm
  95. Loudmouth Sound Clips?
  96. Everybody with asp pulleys please read.
  97. Anyone ever modified headers...
  98. where to get the hose/bellow to connect MAF and Lid?
  99. Help me out with '01 MAF to a 97-98 LS1
  100. Guys with true duals in hre PLEASE!!!
  101. Removing the power steering pulley...
  102. **oil leak help**
  103. Will true duals make a big cam sound bigger?
  104. True dual ground clearance pics needed.....
  105. Do you think this will help me pass emissions?
  106. Kill Switch ???'s
  107. New product - 1998-'00 SLP long tubes with NO AIR or EGR fittings
  108. Duals over axle?
  109. AIR block off plates
  110. what mods next?
  111. LS6 MAF question..
  112. Used a NON-GM top end my intake okay?
  113. Lou Short Stick Help
  114. Non - EGR LS6 intake on a 98' ?????? smog????
  115. what is EGR?
  116. Paging: BAUER - TB info needed
  117. O2 Sensor question
  118. what size injectors to use?
  119. NEED HELP!! Please
  120. FYI > Good info for folks needing to remove crank pulley + P/Ns
  121. what to use for fuel lines
  122. Anyone have pictures of their MACs before install?
  123. Help me out and vote
  124. TB...Yea or Nay...Would I benefit???
  125. Help!!! with Bump Stop mod
  126. header bolt torque
  127. How 2 block off WS6 airbox for Ram air induction
  128. 2000-'02 Hooker long tubes available soon!
  129. Shift Light Install
  130. Jet Hot Ls1 Long Tubes!!??
  131. Jet Hot Ls1 Long Tubes!!??
  132. Jet Hot Ls1 Long Tubes!!??
  133. normal idle speed?
  134. Magnaflow Catback...
  135. What are your experiences w/ the "free" IAT mod?
  136. Fram vs Holley w/CAI kit
  137. FLP off-raod cutouts
  138. Where to get true duals done??
  139. air conditioner dryer???
  140. airbox hood seal
  141. dyno numbers?
  142. SLP LS6 intake????
  143. I have the ls6 intake now what???
  144. quick!!!! What injectors are these?????
  145. What fuel pump and regulator ?
  146. Center Bolt Valve covers
  147. Estimated Power from my mods?
  148. Does the search feacher work?
  149. Great Results from LS6 Intake on H/C car
  150. SES P0302 Misfire after Headers
  151. K&N FIPK with 85mm MAF
  152. Which Thermostat???
  153. Corsa or GMMG
  154. Who has GMMG with an X pipe???
  155. Tranny Cooler install
  156. Coolant Problem
  157. Header leaks
  158. what size dynomax bullet
  159. Thermostat mod
  160. Thinking true duals. Any Exhaust shops in SC?
  161. Relocated coil packs. Show me your pics:
  162. Paging everyone that has put their battery in the rear of the car
  163. Idle hunt questions
  164. car is dieing
  165. bosch fuel pump part #s
  166. Are Stage 8 header bolts worth it?
  167. MAF Sensor
  168. Help! Mac headers rubbing steering linkage
  169. Is the coolant sensor bad????
  170. LS6 Intake part number w/o EGR
  171. Helix TB Spacers... ..Any Input?
  172. BBK TB owners please come in...
  173. Cats with the QTP/Grotty headers and y-pipe
  174. Stock Exhuast = LOUD!!!!
  175. Spark Plugs
  176. MAC needed please
  177. MAC needed please
  178. Wanna know what QTP, ORP, Cutout, and QTP Y will give you?
  179. The Ultimate Catback
  180. factory Ypipe
  181. Quick A.I.R. System Q?
  182. Line Lock help?
  183. Car Over hEating... Dead Radiator fans?
  184. Filter Swap
  185. New Edelbrock LTs
  186. LS6 intake install (no EGR) knocking on start??
  187. TR55's or TR6 Which one do I need?????
  188. external
  189. ASP pully or fluid damper
  190. Plug ?'s w/ 5.3L heads and nitrous
  191. 90K miles, Coil, Misc ?s
  192. Anyone ever gutted a muffler?
  193. mac header install?
  194. true duals
  195. CORSA or BORLA?!?!
  196. Mustang
  197. 95 chevy w/ crossed spark plug wires...
  198. Open headers, almost...
  199. Headers and Loudmouth... pics inside
  200. Spark plugs and wires what is the best for me
  201. home ported TB
  202. What ways can you modify a car without delving into the motor?
  203. Whats the highest a bolton car has dynoed or mphed?
  204. Smallest Cats Available
  205. What would you do with $500.00
  206. Bolt On Mods Question
  207. Throttle Cable Tension?????
  208. air pump solenoid what is that?
  209. Serpentine Belt coming off
  210. Is what I've heard a myth?
  211. Flange Gasket?
  212. Those of you w/poly motor mounts inside.
  213. Mac midlength header install
  214. EGR Blockoff Q?
  215. correct size belt for ATI damper?
  216. Stealth Lid and FTRA
  217. Mass Air Sensor
  218. Not enough room to mount sump kit on stock tank with muffler .... How to do it?
  219. Fernco Hose problems?
  220. Coolant overflowing through reservoir???
  221. Installing Mac mids, do I need O2 extensions?
  222. Removed factory y-pipe to put in hooker ory, now i need to delete my 02 sensor codes
  223. Search not working
  224. What do I need for a shift light
  225. FTRA vs. Supersucker
  226. MAF choices
  227. True dual X pipe setup or LS6 intake????
  228. How do I flush the cooling system?
  229. No BS please.
  230. LS6 intake $385 shipped??
  231. If you have been trying to contact PPC .....>>
  232. MACs on an 02Z
  233. muffler
  234. WILWAXU
  235. To Merge or not to Merge, That is the Question...
  236. external fuel pump?????
  237. SLP rep says, "Free ram air mod is very bad for the LS1."
  238. Upgraded cooling system clamps?
  239. QTP Headers
  240. Differences in MAFTs?
  241. 02 Z06 or SLP 85mm? which better?
  242. Possible increase in air flow for WS6 hood??
  243. What if?
  244. True Duals w/ Flowmaster?
  245. Which headers are best for me?
  246. Leak from Header?
  247. Difference between '99 and '02 air lids
  248. Hooker Header doesnt fit!!!
  249. Lets's try and determine why MACs cause our cars to smoke with a simple 2 ? poll
  250. QTEC: whats the difference between race and emissions style headers?