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  1. Deleting the Maf: Direct lid to TB?
  2. 6.0 Questions
  3. Heads/valve question
  4. CEL codes pulled, have some questions
  5. 6.0L Truck wire harnes conversion
  6. longer "truck" oil filter?
  7. LS6 intake
  8. Tb?
  9. MAP Sensor Relocation
  10. Gains from TSP Stage 1 LS6 heads?
  11. New GM motor mounts with LT's
  12. quick MAF question
  13. Ported Stock TB
  14. ls1 intake/ throttle body hold me back?
  15. 6.0L LQ4 to LS6 Intake
  16. ***1 7/8th kooks headers install***
  17. What exhaust?
  18. What filter set up with 4150tb?
  19. 5.3 to 5.7 safely
  20. Tpis 90mm ls-6 intake and tb porting is it worth it?
  21. FAST vacuum nipple broken
  22. oil from an intake bolt hole?
  23. Can I use a 2003 PCM for my 98 LS1?
  24. LS7 clutch?
  25. Possible failing water pump? Video inside.
  26. head gaskets or worse
  27. Motor build Help! need opinions
  28. Quick Catback Install Question. (Need a little help).
  29. Another cam suggestion thread
  30. what is the vest cam/head for a ethanol supercharged 6.7L LS1?
  31. New Kooks Revised Y-pipe for the LS1 F-body (Now with Stamped Merge!)
  32. FAST 92 Warped
  33. What length power stick mufflers
  34. 8.1 injectors
  35. Starting issues 02 camaro
  36. oil catch can set-up correct?
  37. Long tubes > Y-pipe > High-flow Cat
  38. Need exhaust help!
  39. Exhaust dilemma
  40. Trap door mod with a twist
  41. Standard Cylinder Slap or Not?
  42. Is my LT repairable or destroyed?
  43. Any gains going from Kooks 1 3/4 LT's to TSP 1 7/8 LT's?
  44. Best N/A heads for ls1
  45. Speed Engineering "Race" Headers Installed
  46. New Steam Line Crossover Setup Review/Critique
  47. BBK Headers
  48. throttle body help
  49. ls header flange and t4 flange drawings
  50. Busted LS6 intake...fixable?
  51. ProComp/Speedmaster parts?
  52. LSIII to LSIV upgrade?
  53. Headers & intake for ls1
  54. y pipe merge collector help flowmaster vs arh *pics inside*
  55. Motor mounts problem?
  56. Please post your GZ Vaccum Pump Set ups..
  57. quick oil pan question
  58. idle problems need help
  59. LS2 Throttle Body IAC Position = 1
  60. Exhaust setup
  61. regular 80lb injectors vs e85 injectors
  62. Yes, another TD question thread
  63. 02 silverado 4.8 wiring harness question
  64. can having coolant lines backwards cause a lean condition?
  65. Help with N/A LS1 Catch can setup
  66. Does the ls1 to ls2 throttle body harness adapter work on lq4?
  67. AIR block off plates
  68. Ls6 mods
  69. L33 5.3 Vortec Swap Idle Issues in need of help
  70. Front Cover Question
  71. Mass Air Flow Question
  72. How do you think this will sound? ;)
  73. qtp headers and slp exhaust
  74. Is my radiator too good? Temps drop on the highway
  75. ARP headbolt issue
  76. L33 identification help
  77. Question about a wiring harness
  78. LS1 T56 clutch problems. please help!
  79. 2000 WS6 bone stock w/A4-true duals or catback?
  80. Stock ls2 heads and ls6 can for $300... Should I go for it?!
  81. Steam Line to Water Pump Question
  82. Anyone ever use this intake???
  83. Fuel Injector spacer not fitting
  84. FAST 102 and FAST fuel rail = fuel leak. Need better rail bracket
  85. Stock headers or shorty???
  86. Flowmaster Mufflers - Need a part #
  87. Does orientation matter with poly motor mounts?
  88. Help with SLP lid and 85MM MAF
  89. Throttle body frustration
  90. Bullit mufflers and long tubes?
  91. t56 shifting problem
  92. Bought a typhoon intake used. I'm not sure if it is?? Is it?
  93. Cam and overlap question
  94. Anybody with a bullet catback system on STOCK car, need some opinions.
  95. Looking for some flow numbers
  96. Is this an LS1 or LS6 intake?
  97. LT, ORY into stock catback HP question
  98. Fast intake touching top of waterpump
  99. What catback to replace magnaflow with, after getting cats, to retain volume?
  100. my upcoming spring project, thoughts?
  101. Help me decide on a TD setup 404 ls2
  102. Quick intake and tb question.. Need some opinions
  103. Loudest Cutout Location possible? Pictures
  104. Timing Tuner
  105. LS1 Vets ! Exhaust leak advice needed !.
  106. How are sw headers vs American racing headers
  107. Need help with exhaust selection.
  108. Car will not start **PLEASE READ**
  109. Cold Engine Stutter
  110. Track times with LTs, ORY, lid etc...
  111. FAST 102 on LS1?
  112. 36lb injectors to big for a 5.3?
  113. Exhaust drone or flywheel balance?
  114. Questions for those that built their own duals
  115. ac bypass pulley
  116. Engine missing block plate(plate between engine and transmission)ok to do?
  117. trex cam and slp lm1 or lm2
  118. newb to ls1, a few questions
  119. March UD pulley
  120. 6.0 + t56
  121. Vertical Radiator Hoses
  122. Dumb question
  123. Help me figure out what crank pulleys I have, please?
  124. Help!!!! keep popping 40amp maxi fuse for cooling fans!!!
  125. Supercharged LQ4 build questions...
  126. Pacesetter ORY Fit F-body with Hookers LTs?
  127. Fast 102 defect cause an issue?
  128. Looking for advise
  129. Whats wrong??
  130. L92/ls3 best place to buy
  131. 3.5'' or 4'' Corsa Clone Tips on Camaro?
  132. 430 LSX Forged NA 9:1 Comp NGK TR55IX what gap?
  133. Which Lokar Throttle Cable Bracket
  134. ls6 valley cover/ pcv valve?
  135. C5 Blackwing filter on my Camaro
  136. Headers
  137. 98 Camaro Z build (HCI,Suspension,Interior,EXT)
  138. Shorty Headers - Sounds?
  139. Smaller PS Pulley
  140. swapping from ls6 to fast 90 intake
  141. Need advice on catalytic converters for a conversion.
  142. LS3 Cammed in 4th Gen (Video)
  143. Need help identifying this tubing
  144. Best High Flow Cats?
  145. Ebay 80mm tb vs ported tb on stock ls6 intake?
  146. Ls1 water pump hose connections what size?
  147. Rebuilt the engine, started and ran and now no battery - overcharge? short?
  148. Good Long Tube Headers Suggestions
  149. Adapter plate for ZF 5hHP19 Transmission to LS1 engine
  150. Intake/tb choice help
  151. Super Victor/4150 TB Guys Check In
  152. LS1 IAC valve and High Idle
  153. Gmmg Intermediate Pipe?
  154. Using WAY too much oil PCV issues
  155. What mods to add from this point
  156. MSD or stock wires w headers.
  157. I need a place to put my cutout!
  158. Fast 92?? Slp lid or Ftp lid
  159. $800 for LQ4 a good deal?
  160. need opinions on cam selection lq4 with 243 ported heads
  161. Need opinions on exhaust with clearance issues.
  162. consequences for running wrong maf
  163. JBA shorty's restricting HP?
  164. Another High Idle Thread
  165. LS1 / LQ4 Alternator Question
  166. DIY: True Duals - Fab Artists come in!
  167. Idler Pulley squeak!!
  168. Is this a fair price?
  169. critique my DIY custom headers
  170. PCV Can and PCV Hose size?
  171. Universal Xpipe kit questions
  172. really confused????
  173. What oil pan to use F-body?
  174. my H/C/I set up complete !
  175. Coil Relocation and Wire Length
  176. what RPM!?!?
  177. What LS6 Head do i have??
  178. At what point is a vacuum pump necessary?
  179. Can my stock rear-end handle this?
  180. Bbk 90mm
  181. Idle Air Control Valve dimensions please?
  182. fast 92
  183. Will I have alternator charging issues with a 25% UDP pulley?
  184. Fast 90/90 IM/TB, will a stock MAF work?
  185. Check out my new exzaust tips!!!!!
  186. LS1 102TB and SLP Lid- SD tune Need help with Hose
  187. what is my modified ls1 engine worth?
  188. Header Decisions
  189. Holley ls mid rise intake.
  190. Cattalytic converter heat shields
  191. Kooks True Duals - Clamps/Welding
  192. 2001 GMC 6.0 Truck to Camaro intake swap
  193. 12602477 ac delco intake
  194. Weight difference
  195. Throttle Body Spring Tension
  196. Stainless Steel Header Bolts... where?
  197. 02 sensor question! help
  198. What size is the af10056?
  199. ls1 vs truck spark plug wire difference?
  200. have to use a x or h pipe?
  201. need fittment help
  202. pro flo ls1 to ls2 throttle body.....
  203. FBODY: Is anyone using the Shaved Truck intakes
  204. Iron LS2 need more air?
  205. PCV valve rubber boot adapter
  206. 98 Trans AM Throttle Body
  207. Ported 799s VS TEA Trick Flow 220s
  208. Best air intake for non-ws6 Trans Am
  209. what maf for a fast 92mm and what nitrous plate
  210. V6 cooling fans same as LS1?
  211. Quieter Exhaust
  212. Tsp ory touches floor pan, HELP!!! (with pictures)
  213. Stock LS1 Valve Cover PCV Barb Size?
  214. FAST 92 vs FAST 102
  215. Benefits of swapping exhaust
  216. tb and intake issues
  217. Name this alternator bracket
  218. 3 BAR MAP Mounting on Back of FAST intake?
  219. Help identify Oil Pan? Stock Baffle?
  220. 1969 Camaro Exhaust
  221. Vic Jr and Billet TB.
  222. Help finding 98 ls1 clutch signal on pcm
  223. Drive By Wire confusion
  224. Intake manifold and true dual choices
  225. Kurt Urban water vapor connecting to stock radiator?
  226. victor series vs FAST 102
  227. Christmas Sale Garrett Turbos!!!!
  228. Modifying timing cover for easy cam adjustment
  229. motor mounts and dyno/mail order tune questions
  230. 4" mufflers
  231. ***Need some advice on Bolt on Upgrades***
  232. FAST 90/90 or 92mm?
  233. Need help installing TSP ORY, Help!!!
  234. Slack in Gas Pedal
  235. Xmas Bonus = EXHAUST
  236. single plane, manual trans guys.......
  237. cme exhaust
  238. Carb Spacer
  239. LS1 starter
  240. Problem: Ls1 slp underdrive pulley on lq4
  241. tach hooked to the coil?
  242. Will LS1 Longtube Headers fit on an LS3?
  243. Metallic Core Catalytic Converters?
  244. 02 ws6 427 lsx boosted, which MAP? Fast?
  245. Phab Exhaust
  246. Ls1GTO harmonic balancer vs 4th gen ls1
  247. Difference between these Magnaflows
  248. What mods are needed to go from a FAST 92 to a 102?
  249. Kooks header question
  250. How do I quiet down my Borla?