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  1. Valve cover grommets need help
  2. Head & cam packages by performance & cost
  3. idle issues, iac??
  4. ls1 custom exhaust sizing questions for best overall flow.
  5. v6 to lt1 swap questions
  6. Question regarding pcv routing..i know another pcv thread..
  7. Need quick advice/info on 243 heads off an 07' 5.3L truck motor....
  8. Will This Timing Cover Work on My LQ4?
  9. High Flow Cats and Y Pipe Stainless Works
  10. Other y pipe options?
  11. My DBW is not functioning Correctly
  12. Fast 102 and trap speeds
  13. 33lb or 36lb injectors for LM7
  14. What does this go to??
  15. New Exhaust Route after H/C
  16. Starter bolt size?
  17. Type of exhaust for cam?
  18. How much HP can I expect
  19. 02 sensors bad without codes?
  20. Rich after headers?
  21. 2003 LQ4 Truck Engine
  22. ideals on next bolt-on mod
  23. Ok guys bear with me - Stock Trans Am
  24. Another alternator problem... help me trouble shoot please.
  25. truck coil relocation kit?
  26. holley 20-149?
  27. TSP Y-Pipe Fitment...
  28. 5.3 connector ID help
  29. Dual cutouts vs 4" system... anybody have any results?
  30. Slp Throttle body with LS6 intake?
  31. Flowmaster True Duals DIY Kit?
  32. Ls1 water pump depth
  33. 1999 LS1 no spark on right side (passenger)
  34. Header choice for 500 rwhp Build??
  35. Underdrive pulley
  36. Crank Balancer Question
  37. Kooks True Duals
  38. car Wont Start
  39. 3" Corvette Exhaust?
  40. Help with consistent miss
  41. Fast 102 Fitiment Questions
  42. oem water pump?
  43. Cracked FAST intake and replacement option
  44. 4inch throttle body spacer
  45. Y-Pipe exhaust flow question
  46. QTP stainless headers for sale
  47. What goes here on an LS2
  48. fast 14632-kit
  49. Turndown tip or no?
  50. Sensor questions...
  51. Smoking Alternator?
  52. fast rails help
  53. green belt from gates??? anyone have a product#
  54. Intake Manifold Choice LS6/FAST
  55. Value?
  56. Another underdrive/harmonic balancer pulley question
  57. new ls1 owner 2000 ss slp
  58. Quality of this piece
  59. EVAP delete on LS1 out of 2000 TransAm
  60. Borla/Pacesetter Exhaust Packages for LS1/LS6!
  61. Exhaust System Input Needed
  62. Hot Start Issue - Need Help!
  63. Newbie here with exhaust question
  64. Hoosier QTP's !!
  65. ARH 1 7/8" with tsp duals
  66. Switching from elbow to 4150?
  67. Battery relocated and now trip and fuel trims reset on start
  68. Breather Set
  69. CME Valance Push Pins
  70. Whats worth more?
  71. 1993 lt1 popping from tailpipe
  72. Ls1 coolant tubes
  73. Need advice on intake setup for 383
  74. Need help with knock sensor, 24x swap
  75. Lets talk Sensors..
  76. How To: Power Steering Pulley and Pump Removal and Replacemnt, LS1 F-Body, Turn One
  77. Ignition troubles, please help!!
  78. can I delete this?
  79. MAF sensor question
  80. What is the quietest 4" muffler I can get?
  81. Oil pressure problem please read
  82. AC install questions
  83. Quick bolt size help....
  84. Starter making grinding noise while cranking on a 5.3??
  85. Making valley cover lift plate.
  86. Question about knock sensors
  87. I dont know what to do with my exhaust!
  88. 64.5 Mustang LS swap?
  89. ported 92 fast manifold over BBK SSI
  90. slp dual dual, H/C ls3, arh headers and ory SOUND CLIP
  91. ?? How to de-pin fuel injector ls1 ??
  92. Dropped my Throttle Body
  93. LS6 Intake. How to blank intake rear air takeoff's
  94. Cutout on CME
  95. 4" exhaust...How will it sound?
  96. Pacesetter LT Install
  97. Tapping hooker exhaust manifolds for o2 sensors
  98. catback decisions
  99. Motor Plates?
  100. Anyone disassemble alternator to paint shell?
  101. No EGR ???
  102. Aftermarket intake manifolds for stock '98 C5?
  103. Lunch break duals
  104. 6.0L Value?
  105. Another Starting Issue
  106. Just got my 799 heads back from machine shop...
  107. firebird to camaro cluster swap??
  108. What muffler is this?
  109. FLP longtubes vs Kooks / ARH - anyone know the improvement?
  110. Ebay Stainless Catback?
  111. Fast 102 Questions
  112. Meziere Race Pump Fitting Question
  113. super budget true duals
  114. Ngk pn#
  115. HELP! Car running terribly after header install
  116. I would like to know how to get 430rwhp
  117. typhoon vs ls6 intake
  118. Exhaust! o2's?
  119. Stainless steel lid? Bad idea?
  120. TA Exhaust and Emissions
  121. Removing the crankshaft bolt?!
  122. Looking for a new exhaust set up. This is what I got. Exhaust experts Help me out
  123. High Torque Gear Reduction Starters! Very Cool!
  124. Dynomax Bullet part number 24249 question
  125. Issues with Procomp electronics Throttle body
  126. True Duals Setup
  127. Taking apart throttle body
  128. Can this be cleaned/helped?
  129. TSP header and ory install
  130. Exhaust tick
  131. alternator upgrade?
  132. LS7 clutch and flywheel on my LS1 CAMARO
  133. High Torque Gear Reduction Starters! Very Cool!
  134. What size cutout for stock exhaust?
  135. Is the lQ4 fuel rail different than the ls2?
  136. Ls1 trans am ws6 heads/cam
  137. measuring stroke on ls1
  138. My custom true dual 3'' set up
  139. Reliability Mods?
  140. Any preferences on a SFI flexplate?
  141. LS1 A/C & ALT Relocation brackets
  142. AC Delco changing recommended plug for LS1
  143. Higher than "normal" oil pressures.
  144. check these part numbers for me please
  145. Effect of Cats on Exhaust Note?
  146. Need a TPS for 4150!
  147. Spintech exhaust sounds terrible with extended turndown...thoughts?
  148. *HELP* Y Pipe options for Kooks 1 7/8" headers
  149. Iron LQ 408 with procharger
  150. dipstick bolt
  151. What kind of bellow works?
  152. rear seatbelts
  153. P0113 IAT code
  154. Looking at the stage II Livernois ls6 & the AI HCR 219cc 241
  155. didnt know where to post this.
  156. Power Options
  157. milled 243s to 53cc
  158. Accessory Help!!! need PS, Alt and crank only
  159. Lsx alternator wiring help please
  160. alluminum intake
  161. Need advice on what to do next!!!!!!
  162. Schoenfeld headers
  163. Intake for torque...
  164. Volant CAI filters?
  165. Won't go above 3500 rpm .
  166. Broken head bolt removal
  167. LS6 intake vs. Holley Mid-Rise
  168. LT header and removing Cats
  169. A/C delete questions
  170. ls1 new clutch slipping
  171. Milling 317 heads
  172. Can these heads be ran as is?
  173. car cutting out at WOT, like intermittent shut off of all systems
  174. ls6 throttle by size?
  175. Vic Jr. Cowl & Hood Mods
  176. I have the belt tensioner "tweeting" best coarse of action?
  177. MSD plug wires with free NGK plugs
  178. MORE AIR...for coooling
  179. LS1 stock exhaust manifold. Same as truck manifold?
  180. ported vic jr efi intake >ls6 intake?
  181. Holeshot Performance with 4.10 gear and 315's
  182. messed up hit reverse now car wont start
  183. Best way to wire a trunk mount batter?
  184. meziere elec. water pump, do i have to route the belt onto it?
  185. No muffler
  186. Got the headers on!
  187. Lt header+ory install/review Speed Engineering
  188. Pipe Hitting in Rear Axle (No Visual Evidence)
  189. Best Exhaust for Lowered F-body
  190. Intake swap
  191. Best method to weld in V band clamps at header collectors?
  192. Can i swap a plastc fuel tank to my 98 ta?
  193. Summit vs Vibrant 3" SS V Band Clamp Assemblies
  194. Will the Holley coil covers fit over truck coils?
  195. oil sending unit question?? help please
  196. Feedback on my stripped header bolt fix w/ a step stud?
  197. tired of oil leaking - options?
  198. Tsp catted Y-Pipe problems...
  199. motor done afr heads valve spring/rocker arms not moving?
  200. Getting my headers on :)
  201. cat clearance issue
  202. Full cat-back vs muffler
  203. Ac belt for powerbond balancer?
  204. Concerns about fast intakes?
  205. Rear main seal problems
  206. 317 Heads
  207. What is needed for an ls1 injector to work with a FAST 102?
  208. Which flywheel for 4L60e
  209. Which Mufflex Kit?
  210. Fast 102mm upper shell
  211. Stainless 4 inch?
  213. AN fittings and braided lines question
  214. help me with this l92 decision
  215. Loudmouth Catback Question
  216. resonated exhaust tips
  217. belt size for no a\c, no ps and SLP UD
  218. LS 1 Factory exhaust manifolds
  219. Possible coolant temp sensor question
  220. TSP catted y fits Ebay Headers?
  221. Question on my LQ9 build
  222. backfiring out of the valve cover when trying to crank
  223. BBK Intake with LS6 valley----Intake Leak
  224. Atypical exhaust tone question: Less resonance/more "dry".For us classic swappers
  225. Can you identify these long tubes?
  226. Stock, FAST 92, or FAST 102???
  227. Harness for Transmission Swap
  228. Single fuel line setup with reg at the rear???
  229. Headers and Catted Y pipe void my warranty?
  230. Will solid motor mounts cause false knock?
  231. Nick Williams 90mm to Fast 90 hardware question
  232. LT1 wires?
  233. Supercharger Intake manifold
  234. Thoughts/opinions on system layout?
  235. on 3 performance catback on ebay?
  236. Tame true dual setup?
  237. LQ4 with heads?
  238. What does SLP lid come with?
  239. FlowMaster SS Crossflow 842583
  240. ls6 intake question
  241. MSD 8733 2step w/ metal matrix converters?
  242. Knockoff SLP smooth bellow?
  243. Cat-back exhaust help
  244. Procomp LS3 Heads!!
  245. Quietest Muffler for Headers,ORY, small cam
  246. 98-02 mufflex y-pipe ??????
  247. maf directly to filter
  248. Pulleys???
  249. Circle D converter?
  250. 5.3L nova swap