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  1. Pcv valve trouble
  2. need help asap
  3. Suggestions for my LM catback?
  4. Does anyone have dyno #'s for electric water pump install
  5. LT header install check list, is this everything needed??
  6. Idler pulley whine (2000 fbody)
  7. EFI Vic Jr. Owners Come In!!
  8. Expected life of O2 sensors-----cammed cars?
  9. cut out's
  10. RevXtreme catch can rattle
  11. Car running poorly after headers, y-pipe, and deleting AIR/EGR. Did you need a tune?
  12. Need some help with pulley?
  13. How much easier are solid MMs to install vs. poly?
  14. Is it typical for new headers to smoke?
  15. NO spark to plugs
  16. need a little help identifying some front accessory bolts
  17. sbc build 383ci-441ci?
  18. How much gains from a LS6 Intake
  19. where can I find the the color code for my 98 Z.
  20. Dyno Test: LSX-R 102mm FAST Intake on 100% STOCK LS7!
  21. which is better. ls2 or ls6?
  22. headers installed, motor wont start
  23. Pacesetter LT's
  24. Borla catback
  25. Dyno max bullet compared to Lm1?
  26. Ls6 intake install supplies?
  27. Magnaflow + Pacesetter = Rasp?
  28. msd super conductors.
  29. Options for a 98mm lid
  30. Starter wont engage but checks out good? What now?
  31. Stainless Steel vs Aluminized Steel
  32. Leaking collector, how to fix?
  33. no turndowns to reduce drone?
  34. Do i HAVE to purchase a skip shift eliminator???
  35. oil stick removal for headers?
  36. Sudden Misfires?
  37. V Band Clamps?
  38. Best LTs and Y for a Corsa????
  39. Fact or fiction: power loss from bad o2?
  40. FAST Intakes/Burst Panels
  41. my custom exhaust design...?
  42. MAF problem I think?
  43. So.... anybody get that Vengeance 96/96 combo yet?
  44. Am i loosing hp's?
  45. will truck coils work on a car engine?
  46. Getting my SLP Lid today
  47. Emissions Testing with Hooker Headers and no Cats.
  48. Coolant temp sensor
  49. coolant bypass tubes
  50. SLP with BORLA??
  51. Intake gaskets and bolts
  52. SSRA or FTRA KIT owners ......
  53. ls2 intake on 99 t/a help!!
  54. silicon bellow???
  55. LS6 Swap in a 91 240sx
  56. Finally installed the GMMG
  57. Orielly's special
  58. 08-09 tahoe muffler
  59. Do Hooker LT's come with extensions?
  60. Motor Mounts LS1...??? HELP???
  61. 2002 Corvette Intake Air Bridge
  62. Any harm/good in putting a filter in place of oil cap?
  63. Correct me if I am wrong but...
  64. HELP - 02 Wiring
  65. Are there any aftermarket gauges that will use the facotry CTS sending unit?
  66. slp dual dual
  67. another UDP question
  68. Hooker cat back????
  69. Another header question
  70. C5 vs Fbody underdrive pulley (can they be interchanged?)
  71. Car runs really bad in closed loop, please help
  72. The longest LS6 intake install EVER!!
  73. cme valance & tip for sale
  74. watch the whole vid! lol
  75. U/D pulley swap?
  76. How do i..........
  77. What to do now?
  78. ls6 intake question
  79. Underdrive pulley gains?
  80. Nick Williams 96mm t body
  81. My E-Cut...Need A Straight Answer
  82. built 4l60e or 12 bolt
  83. MagnaFlow or Borla
  84. TR6 number
  85. Modification to Corvette LS1 sheet metal exhaust manifolds
  86. IAC motor makes noise
  87. Goal is low 11
  88. ARP head torque question
  89. how to install Meziere electric water pump?
  90. aluminum heads on iron block (gasket question)?
  91. P0480 - P0481 / With Manual Fan Switch?
  92. Smog/SES question with LS6 manifold
  93. Typhoon Intake
  94. stumble at about 2500
  95. Stock throttle body air hole or nick williams contact info.
  96. Quick question, plug wires bad?
  97. Difference in sound between cats and no cats?
  98. muffler with ricer sound? or very quiet?
  99. ls1 hooker cat back vs lt1 hooker catback
  100. How to build my bottom end??
  101. American Racing 2" or Kooks 2' Racing Headers
  102. ac compressor going on
  103. lq4 or lq9
  104. New Side Exit Exhuast
  105. What to gap TR6 Plugs to - H/C No N20
  106. ASP pulley belt part numbers
  107. thread size???
  108. Moroso Steel LSx oil pan?
  109. help removing stripped nut
  110. Do I need to use a truck MAF with a truck harness?
  111. Worth switching from one LT to another LT header?
  112. Looking to make a 630mile trip, how much gas will it take?
  113. WTB: Does anybody have thier old exhaust hangers laying around?
  114. Got a ? bout a thermostat
  115. Part # for Accelerator cable?
  116. Stater?????
  117. PCV help
  118. will a beck sheetmetal intake fit under a c5 hood if it clears an fbody hood?
  119. OD of NW 90mm TB?
  120. Cam Sensor
  121. tensioner pulley replacement
  122. Need confirmation, will 5.3 parts bolt to an LSx engine?
  123. Volant Cold Air kit/lid....
  124. SLP Loudmouth
  125. Anyone using the Edelbrock two piece timing cover?
  126. New BBK Fuel Rails ****PICS INSIDE****
  127. Victor Jr.
  128. My intake/exhaust mods.. opinions? (2 foot piping on open longtubes/custom cold air)
  129. Which muffler??
  130. more power??
  131. texas speed exhaust
  132. Engine damage without tune?
  133. How well do spintech mufflers flow ?
  134. 2000 WS6 cat converters out?
  135. Egay Header install
  136. Replaced PCV, now it won't crank
  137. Did anybody ever get the WEIAND? Was it ever released?
  138. cuting exhaust welds??? help!!!
  139. !AIR question
  140. anyone have a good cam degreeing video??
  141. Cheapest place for pulley
  142. FLP Headers V-Band Clamp Size?
  143. K&N breather for oil fill?
  144. And on goes the FAST 92 and Throttle Body
  145. True Dual Kits??
  146. which headers should i get???
  147. gm truck coils on procharged vette?
  148. Anyone running OBX headers right now?
  149. Kinda Random But Um!
  150. edelbrock y-pipe
  151. Mac header vs. Pace setter heards
  152. Fuel guage driving me crazy
  153. any of you have a 92 mm TB?
  154. Guages Stopped Working. Need Insight.
  155. SES light / A.I.R. related?
  156. Whining noise -- fan on startup
  157. issues with new powersteering pulley
  158. Fuel Rail Cap
  159. Flywheel for A4?
  160. Air intake ??
  161. quick brake questions
  162. TSP Rumbler
  163. Magnaflow installed *Video*
  164. PCV elbow
  165. How much HP will a 4" mufflex with Flowmaster muffler support?
  166. Finally! TD's Pics and Videos
  167. Catch can and PCV routing
  168. looking for stainless exhaust piping
  169. experience with these shorty headers?
  170. Oil Cooler question
  171. Custom motor mounts? Pics please!
  172. SLP manual fan set-up
  173. Stock tensioner question
  174. 2005 corvette coils/brackets fit on F body?
  175. Need asap please alternator replacement
  176. intake options for L92 heads
  177. Hi-Flow Cats on Pacesetter Headers, which diameter?
  178. 2000 ws6 heads
  179. Intake Air temp Sensor
  180. Modify ls6 for AIR pipe.
  181. How are FLP headers?
  182. ORY plus stock headers?
  183. ls6 intake help
  184. AC compressor making noise when not in use
  185. how do i hook a monster tach in my 99 camaro ls1
  186. PTM 92mm TB vs Jantzer 92mm or 95mm TB
  187. gutting 1 cat
  188. Plug Gap With Cam Only?
  189. Ported 241's vs...
  190. Starter Issues
  191. Pacesetters, y-pipe, cutout and stock exhaust
  192. Exhaust Hurt more than helping?
  193. Need a cap for a cut out
  194. What will it take??
  195. Throttle cable issue Please Help
  196. how to get 500 hp N/A help!!!!
  197. ls3/l92 intake options looking for advice
  198. UD pulley Install
  199. Aftermarket Lid Hose Question
  200. Quick Question needs Quick Answer! Help please.
  201. msd coils on procharged ls1 vette? = missfire...
  202. For those of you with hooker y-pipes or if you are considering one
  203. Shorty header install difficulty
  204. A/C Trouble
  205. Ported MAF and TB
  206. need help wont start
  207. Throttlebody bypass and 160 degree thermo mods
  208. Check Gage Light After New Alternator install,Why?
  209. What length wiring for my DMH cutout?
  210. 241 heads
  211. coil packs
  212. Car Eats Alternators
  213. QTP cutout opinion/confusion
  214. Slp lm1 question
  215. magnaflow tip hanger question
  216. Anyone heard of these guys?
  217. Intake off, what mods?
  218. Best lid for a 01 firehawk
  219. Need MAJOR help. Engine is still stock!!!
  220. Anyone make their own 3 wire to 5 wire MAF adaptor harness?
  221. Question on SLP lid
  222. Longtube header clearance questions
  223. A/C Compressor Install tips
  224. I have a Q for all of u come in.
  225. stock f body damper pulley with slp double roller t chain
  226. GM Plug Wires PN# 12192064 or 88892763?
  227. Step inside to gain knowledge!!!! Detailed A/B comparisons with results!!!
  228. LS6 Heads
  229. Am I Losing Power
  230. Fix Cracked FAST 90 intake
  231. what is going on here!!!!!!
  232. Opinions on Exhaust Setup
  233. Hooker Y pipe piece
  234. Best intake for my aplication .. sheet metal options?
  235. EBay V band exhuast clamps
  236. someone PLEASE HELP
  237. Aftermarket Headers and Y-Pipe Not Sealing
  238. Catalytic converter placement options
  239. What should I do next?
  240. exhaust/muffler experts. corsa/magnaflow
  241. 5.3 Wiring Harness Help Needed
  242. no Power to Alternator.....
  243. UD pulley bolt
  244. removal of AC clutch.. what tool?
  245. Changing pulleys, stocker is cracked?
  246. BBK Throttle Body
  247. Soon to be SS owner. Got a few technical questions. Please Help.
  248. voltage issues with A/C
  249. Major MSD news concerning the red 8.5mm wire
  250. GMMG Install ?