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  1. Foam pads on intake manifolds
  2. Borla XR-1's with TSP TD's
  3. 2001 z28! need some help!
  4. LS1 to Truck coils... Help...
  5. Intake overkill???
  6. LS4 oil pump on LS6 block
  7. true duals over the axle or ARH y pipe with cutouts and SLP dual dual
  8. Happy with your FAST intake?
  9. SLP Dual/Dual vs Power Flo
  10. Fast throttle body !!
  11. Starter-Alternator issue
  12. electric cutout switch???
  13. Oil pressure gauge pegged at 80psi..
  14. PS Pump Pully Removal
  15. Will 99 T/A Manifolds fit an 00' Corvette ls1?
  16. LS1 and LT1 the same MAF??
  17. Please help me I.D. these harness plugs
  18. Sweet Thunder VS. Dynatech/Borla
  19. Question?
  20. LPP header question?
  21. LS6 Intake to a Fast Intake Swap
  22. Sensor above Tp sensor
  23. Moroso Spiral Flows
  24. Supermaxx headers, which Y pipe?
  25. no heat
  26. car running rich suddenly after intake help!!!
  27. So I have an exhaust a few questions
  28. Newbie type engine accessories question
  29. ZO6 Titanium Mufflers....
  30. Altenators, are the 5.3 one compatable?
  31. True-Duals Question
  32. a/c compressor
  33. What's missing?
  34. camaro headers question
  35. 10 sec street car guys, come in!
  36. I need a good set of headers!
  37. LS starter requirements
  38. Mail Order Tuning On Sale $99.95 until May 27th!
  39. LPP header and magnaflow cat back installed!!
  40. Will a LS2 DBW TB bolt to an LS6 intake?
  41. Overheating...please help
  42. Why does the slp powerflo catback come with a lm2 and powerflo mufflers.
  43. my car is backfiring
  44. 2000 ws6 heads
  45. Who ports c5 tb's
  46. Parts interchange?
  47. how does the oil dipstick go back on?
  48. LG Kooks or AR Headers on C5 Vette?
  49. Rough idle when cold after intake swap
  50. Heater hoses to EWP?
  51. starter hookup?
  52. Are all MAF the same?
  53. 99-02 stock long block. how big of a cam?
  54. Kooks 2"x3 1/2" or Kooks 1 7/8"x2"x3 1/2" Stepped?
  55. Anyone have cutouts behind headers? Looking for pics
  56. Trying to clean up engine bay, what to relocate
  57. Building a 408, question about my heads
  58. 806 casting heads
  59. California Exhaust
  60. ARH Header Install
  61. 04 Goat wont start!!!Need ideas!
  62. anyone use the holley intake?
  63. Finished Jet Hot LTs, Catted Y, & Poly MM Install
  64. How do you get slip fit headers not to leak at the collector?
  65. Texas Speed true duals
  66. G5X2 with Victor Jr.
  67. what would cause a temp sensor to melt?
  68. Vibration at idle only after header and ory install
  69. Harmonic balancer bolt
  70. Can the 78/85mm mafs keep up w/ a 90+mm intakes?
  71. Dbw throttle body
  72. lpp header comments.
  73. modifying headers?
  74. Why does this hypertech t-stat not fit in my waterpump? ('99 vette *pics*)
  75. Drain oil for header install??
  76. Coil packs
  77. F*cking Cat is dying! Have a couple questions...
  78. borla xr1 question
  79. msd 6ls worth it or not?
  80. 806 heads VS. 241 heads
  81. What all is needed for swapping a non egr provision intake on a 98' z28?
  82. Where can i get this cam, do they still make it.... SLP 234/228
  83. TSP Rumbler issue
  84. Alternate Smooth bellows...see inside
  85. Swapping sides with the throttle cable.
  86. valve cover plug
  87. Another ebay headers thread
  88. Relocating Oil Filter Housing on an F-Body
  89. 160 degree or not to 160 degree, that is my question
  90. Swollen Coolant Hose, WTF?
  91. 1 3/4 vs 1 7/8 inch headers which should I buy?
  92. Gas Mileage after cam swap??
  93. ORY To Muffler Dump Before The Axel?
  94. EGR and AIR Block off plates
  95. have a couple problems after long tubes and exhaust
  96. Got tired of my ugly LSx, Decided to make it a little nicer!
  97. need fast manifold help asap
  98. Tires or suspension which one first
  99. Is an slp catback good for 2000 street camaro
  100. TSP true duel qeustion
  101. New to the Camaro world. Help
  102. Can't find thermostat to save my life!
  103. FAST Intake questions
  104. Installed headers - some problems and questions
  105. race fuel mix in a dd?
  106. Longtube install checklist
  107. Can I cut my lower air intake box?
  108. question about head removal
  109. Keep throwing tps code?????
  110. Need help after modding.....
  111. As Requested, My GMMG w/ my Bullet Muffler Exhaust Video
  112. Need help with headlights
  113. :( Stock Exhaust
  114. hooker or pacesetter headers?
  115. header install....
  116. y pipe for slp longtubes
  117. BAD Oil Leak
  118. Are all 100mm MAFs the same???
  119. Need 2 Taylor spiro pro 8mm wires
  120. changing ls1 heads or port/polish/mill
  121. Stainless Works?
  122. finally moved to a LS!
  123. Moroso Spiral Flow Muffler
  124. Califonia legal headers
  125. Ls6 plug wires
  126. What exhaust will give me that old muscle car sound on my 2000 camaro
  127. ls1 alternator bad? Water the cause?
  128. Which exhaust to get?? Help!!!
  129. Catted X-pipe Setups???
  130. Header collector leaking
  131. edlebrock elbow and NW TB question
  132. MSD box
  133. Best bang for the buck suspenion mods
  134. weird engine/electrical issue please help!!
  135. Need to order a muffler asap, dumped y pipe
  136. is this a ground problem?
  137. Jet-Hot coated Pacesetters
  138. header emission question
  139. Hooker LT's and LMII now and going forward
  140. interference in headers - how can I tweak them to fit?
  141. Cartek ported LS6 intake vs FAST
  142. Underdrive question
  143. asp 25% ud gains with no AC and ewp??
  144. LoudMouth II vs Magnaflow
  145. Oval or Round Casing
  146. Magnaflow 4X9
  147. Flowmaster single vs. Magnaflow???
  148. Cam and heads question
  149. Horsepower Difference
  150. Most power WITH cats...force fed or n/a
  151. edelbrock headers?
  152. oil question
  153. Anyone have input on throttle bodies?
  154. porting trhottle body ???
  155. Cats or No Cats, how much power lost..
  156. just recieved my magnaflow
  157. help need a quiet ,good sounding exhaust .
  158. Just finished my Ls6 intake install on a 2000 Camaro
  159. blocks
  160. Spark Plug HELP!!
  161. Homemade LS6 EGR
  162. Can you remove the waterpump pulley?
  163. 347 afr heads????????????
  164. True dual setup as loud as open headers?
  165. '99 LS1 EGR question
  166. Why does my belt keep popping off????
  167. anyone ever done this?
  168. Wanting to know some more info on the ASP 25% pulley.
  169. What size powersticks should I buy?
  170. Thinking of getting a set of ARH's
  171. How Much Is It Worth? Stock LS6 Intake
  172. bbk or pacesetter
  173. If you live in or around houston TX and you like crusing come in
  174. vac pump....who runs one?
  175. Nick Williams/Fast 90
  176. pic. request' flowpac
  177. Gmmg folk- how's fit/finish? Happy?
  178. intake question?
  179. ls1 intake rear plug
  180. DELPHI maf = to SLP MAF?
  181. ARH isntall questions
  182. Fast 90 and Holley 90mm Install
  183. What should I expect?
  184. What is this valve cover from?
  185. cam only
  186. Powermaster one wire charging problem.
  187. Adjusting idle with the screw
  188. motor mount bolt question
  189. Think I am about out of bolt-ons but would like to add some HP
  190. ORY To Bullet?
  191. the weiand street warrior does exist!!!!
  192. Heads/Cam folks running GMMG come in...
  193. Electric Cutout???
  194. Exhaust Setup
  195. Header Wrap
  196. CAI Question
  197. spark plug
  198. remove salt
  199. hit rev limiter now car acting wierd help!
  200. Headers
  201. Who holds the best clearance for headers?
  202. Oil leaking BAD after manifold swap.
  203. header coating question
  204. calibrating speedo
  205. torque limiter
  206. Pacesetter LT and TSP Rumbler True Duals
  207. What clamps 4 headers/ory?
  208. Tpis ls6 worth it?
  209. Oil pressure sending unit question
  210. kooks
  211. oil slinging out of crank snout
  212. quick question about the maf screen
  213. Fuckin Tired!!
  214. Post Your Customized Intakes-Stock,Fast,BBK,Fabbed,etc
  215. Anyone here running....
  216. Finally Got Some Pics of My Kooks, FM Merge and GMMG Exhaust
  217. Band clamp issue...
  218. LS6 intake installation. Urgent help please.
  219. Is a MAF for the later engine compatible with an earlier engine?
  220. Does Exhaust Tone Change with pipe length?
  221. Wierd powersteering prob
  222. LS7 can in LS1
  223. My Painted/Ported 88mm LS6 Intake
  224. Good deal/Bad deal?
  225. Oil pan gasket
  226. anyone here run manual steering rack?
  227. Air lid questions?
  228. Lifter Question
  229. Chances of passing sniffer test with ARH longtubes + cat y?
  230. FAST 92 Problem HELP !
  231. cutout gains installed on a stock exhaust?
  232. Header Bolt Goes in Crooked, Help!
  233. harmonic balancer bolt
  234. Dumb air pump question
  235. Headers vibrate car
  236. fast porting...
  237. Loss of Low end torque with Fast intake?
  238. Is the slp lm1 raspy if so how can i make it not so raspy
  239. LS6 Rib Removal Guide
  240. Custom 4" Exhaust with Dynatech Muffler
  241. 99 Corvette Cats
  242. 4" to 3" Borla?
  243. Help! Crankshaft Position Sensor?
  244. my catch can pics :)
  245. anybody have these headers?
  246. problem w/ ls1speed valve covers and filters. need help
  247. ARH install question
  248. about LS6 intake
  249. Ls6 Intake
  250. Plugs and Wires. Which ones?