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  1. Where can I find a Clear Air Lid
  2. Jet Hot Y pipe w/ removable cats
  3. header bolt part #
  4. If you run an aluminum intake manifold chime in!
  5. where to mount coil pack relocation kit?
  6. oil pressure sender? thread?
  7. Vacuum Line question
  8. FAST intake trouble feeding engines at 6200?
  9. Intake Bellows and Larger TBs
  10. QTP Electric cut-out
  11. frustrated w/ exhaust help!
  12. quick question.... IAT + CRC MAF Cleaner
  13. Y-Pipe and Cat advice
  14. Breaking Poly Locks
  15. Volant Cold Air Induction Kit
  16. Exhaust HELP
  17. LS1 Bora; quick question
  18. flowmaster bullet?
  19. Will borla x-1 be raspy?
  20. Complete HVAC delete question....
  21. xr1 muffler question
  22. blowing out exhaust gaskets
  23. How much of a difference
  24. Which one will net the best time reduction....
  25. Wires and Plugs
  26. patrick g cam, first start up
  27. Coil packs & wires
  28. Headers or cam
  29. Y pipes....
  30. Results of a K&N Air Filter....
  31. Will AIR system removal cause emissions to fail?
  32. Can't get crank pulley off, may have damaged threads.. very pissed please help.
  33. ported tb help!!!
  34. What sensors are these (Prof. Products mani questions?)
  35. My QTP headers...
  36. GMMG poor fitment
  37. Where should I cut my exhaust at to get it apart?
  38. LS2 heads and intake on LS1= how much powaaa
  39. New, Stainless steel, Full length headers for $221
  40. PP Typhoon Intake
  41. Voltage low under acceleration
  42. 90mm Street Warrior LS Intake
  43. How much is a FAST upper shell?
  44. 420/430 code after header install
  45. "CHEVROLET" GM valve covers - what oil cap?
  46. Header install in progress
  47. cat delete
  48. Wondering wut i should do next
  49. stuck on this one
  50. !AIR write up
  51. LT Headers, Vararam CAI & LS6 Intake=??
  52. question on Pacesetter Y
  53. Same TPS sensor for LS1 and LS6?
  54. write up on wideband a/f and fuel pressure
  55. EGR/AIR Removal Question
  56. true duals, Flowmaster super 44's in the stock muffler location
  57. A few LS1 swap questions?!?!?!?!?
  58. 4" Mufflex vs 2OTL
  59. anyone running descreened maf with ram air?
  60. Deleting AIR on 02 SS
  61. True duals with or w/o cat HELP!!!
  62. Switching to TSP TD's.....which mufflers???
  63. Another Home Ported FAST 90
  64. engine mount pedastal
  65. McLeod Adjustable Master
  66. How to remove upper radiator shroud? SSRA install
  67. Lastest, Newest CAMS for Heads package
  68. Swapped Volant to FTRA: Breather (PCV)?
  69. Too dump, or not too dump?
  70. Lid Was Rubbing... Poly Motor Mounts F T W!!
  71. Finally getting custom 3" y pipe with magnaflow cats today
  72. Why LQ9 Block Over Aluminum
  73. Cat back install on jack stands?
  74. Is a Custom Y Pipe Setup Worth It?
  75. Header install
  76. where to get a 4" i.d. Mushroom Airfilter
  77. FAST 92/92 question
  79. Is MTI Motorsports of Houston still around
  80. Need help on headers
  81. SLP dual dual and longtube sound clip! finally
  82. Ready to do headers + duals - few questions
  83. Hesitation on upshifts
  84. My New Car!
  85. Help with poly mount install
  86. Weiand intake
  87. Stripped Bolt Input needed...
  88. Which is quieter, Corsa, or Magnaflow compared to the DD
  89. Tsp 1-7/8
  90. Longtubes and visual inspection
  91. Need a few tenths
  92. Air/HEat only blows floor/defrost after offroad header install / EGR AIR removal
  93. LMII with LT's
  94. Another gimick plug??
  95. running open manifolds
  96. going from true duals to gmmg and catted y
  97. High Flow Water Pump?
  98. Is the SLP catback stainless steel?
  99. Do 02 Z28's use LS6 intakes?
  100. what to do next
  101. Victor Jr Pro's
  102. 4'' maximum flow
  103. Ls Engine Motor Plates
  104. who has the best deal on bosch 13111 02 sensor?
  105. Hushpower II muffler Q's
  106. Roller rockers worth a gain?
  107. Latest design in TB porting...
  108. Borla!
  109. My UD Pulley Comparison
  110. anyone know where i can get a throttle body blade?
  111. Changing NGK55s
  112. Just got a 98SS
  113. 5.3 plug wires on ls1
  114. Ls2 intake and TB
  115. Just Lid vs Whole Kit
  116. Broken Rocker Arms Bolt WTF??
  117. newb needs help
  118. Corvette O2s with Headers?
  119. Once again, another exhaust thread plagues! :p
  120. which lid doesn't rub?
  121. Thinking about an underdrive pulley(s)...
  122. Egr Delete Problems
  123. Why dyno need dyno tune after headers install?
  124. 408 TB and intake questions
  125. cold air vs air lid?
  126. name that part
  127. Magic Stick 4 Cam Performance
  128. How much should I pay...
  129. Few pictures of new stuff :)
  130. Stock CME Question
  131. intake gaskets?
  132. who has gone from an M6 to an A4?
  133. exhaust
  134. Oil Pressure Fluttering... Video
  135. What specialty tools for an LS1 shortblock install?
  136. Vids of Cutouts Right off Headers
  137. pacesetter ory pipe still in production?
  138. hmm... too much rasp/obnoxiousness
  139. True dual needs mufflers help
  140. SES light
  141. LS2 intake on LS1 fitting
  142. Install 30lb injectors or stay with stock
  143. Oil leak.. Oil Pan Gasket????
  144. AC Delete HELP!!
  145. New car with 3' true duals
  146. who makes big MAFs?
  147. Muffler for TDs
  148. egr and air block offs
  149. Pacesetter Y-Pipe Options
  150. Car is going nuts!!!! what the hell??
  151. What loop are you running?
  152. Dyno Tune Question
  153. What pieces will I need to install the Summit underdrive?
  154. Stock internals.. What's it mean??
  155. jantzer ported tb (pics)
  156. 90mm TB inlet flange bent... best way to fix?
  157. runing very rich???!!!
  158. 160 thermo did nothing.
  159. Ati Damper
  160. Bolts and hardware to bolt on accesories?
  161. What does "Stock internals" refer to?
  162. LS1 or LS6 Intake on a 2000 Corvette?
  163. ORY Question?
  164. Hooker Catback with ORY?
  165. o2 problems
  166. Are these the right heads???
  167. UMI Adjustable Torque Arm Installed...Strange Noises!!!
  168. Wideband Install Question, Where to power
  169. quick question what is this ?
  170. JAAM “ram air” kit unplanned rain test
  171. rev extreme 100mm throttle body question
  172. DryFlow / Amsoil filters??
  173. supercharger swap
  174. dyno tune worth
  175. New dyno #'s after Fast92 install!!
  176. 1 5/8" Header tubes on 5.3L for swap, Help!
  177. quiet down duals
  178. Help with motor mounts!!
  179. ARH open header first start up vid!!!
  180. Why is the starter engaging in OD?....
  181. What ORY will fit these
  182. Weird idle all of a sudden
  183. SLP cb
  184. Idle Control Screw on LS1
  185. Bad Maf?
  186. Which 6.0 block and which heads to buy
  187. true duals
  188. Meziere WP review/feedback
  189. what is this noise? back fire? VID
  190. Need exhaust help??
  191. will this fit my 99 z/28?
  192. Summit Racing underdrive?
  193. Manual switch for elec. water pump?
  194. Anyone ever try to fab an exhaust like this?
  195. New harness and now starter won't crank?
  196. Just ordered headers??????
  197. Edelbrock catback clip
  198. autometer tach, which wires to cut?
  199. Exhaust ?
  200. 243 heads question
  201. How would you spend 2k on your car??
  202. Long tubes into stock exhaust on 02 TA and do you need extensions
  203. Powerbond timing marks
  204. these heads any good?
  205. Exhaust question
  206. FTRA users, need your opinions - Installation procedure
  207. Y pipe for stock manifolds??
  208. How to do gauges for non ls1 vehicle???
  209. Slp Fan Switch
  210. Exhaust tip question
  211. Borlamouth question..
  212. "Rebuilding" FAST LSX 90mm INTAKE
  213. Questions about running duals, torque arm, loop
  214. which brand of o2
  215. CME people please enter
  216. checking clearance for duals before the welder attacks
  217. TSP duals with Spohn adjustable torque arm
  218. Do I have a GMS MAF?
  219. Rob any HP or same?
  220. Finally finished my exhaust setup (soundclip)
  221. which Electric cutouts to use
  222. New Exhaust Installed!
  223. Vaccuum leak on top of intake,HELP!!!
  224. Header question
  225. Water Pump Question inside~~~~>
  226. why is y pipe so close to floorboard??
  227. ported FAST 90 and no tune?
  228. Have Dynomax Bullets and Want Sweet Thunders
  229. Slp headers
  230. Identifying heads ????
  231. LT's & ORY question...
  232. Damn header broke?
  233. Excessive Smoke After gettign into the trottle
  234. Help with next mods.
  235. Magnaflow question...
  236. My Car Has Been Very Busy!
  237. cams
  238. cams
  239. Headers: Narrowed it down to 2.
  240. plugs - Black ring on porcelain
  241. Underdrive and Belts ?
  242. Vic Jr LS1 intake, intake elbow and a map sensor
  243. Question for the board.
  244. How do I run an LS2 fuel rail on my LS1?
  245. FAST 90MM SMOG lega;?
  246. Is this an LS1 or LS6 intake?
  247. most economical exhaust setup?
  248. How hot do headers get?
  249. Lost Fuse box Cover, any ideas?
  250. Voolant CAI- Is it worth it to go FTRA?