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  1. Black Wheels with Yellow Calipers V1
  2. Need Pics of Black Wheels with Silver Center Caps
  3. ECU location Please
  4. O2 Sensor help?
  5. Service Vehicle Soon after firmware update
  6. This is how it sounds, Cold start.
  7. What is a stock CTS hood worth??
  8. Stock LS6 CTS-V with Ford 8.8 diff Track Vids
  9. power and times
  10. Pissed........ But happy
  11. Idle and Rev Video
  12. stock subwoofer probs
  13. 2,566th thread on clutch advice.
  14. New rebuilt and powdercoated calipers pic!
  15. Next round of mods...
  16. How to seperate third brake light?
  17. What to do? Debate inside...
  18. My new used 2010 Cadillac CTS-V!!!
  19. Cars and coffee in Oklahoma City
  20. New v owner and trouble already
  21. So I've finally decided.
  22. No cruise control in 5th gear?
  23. Alternator replacement cost?
  24. Nothern VA Cars and Coffee Sunday Morning
  25. my v is throwing codes help
  26. 243 heads have sodium filled valves?
  27. V2 sold for $36,900
  28. Radar Mount
  29. Did search-no luck......Strut/Shock Write Up?
  30. Rear Spoiler
  31. Upper rear spring "perch" (rubber cone thing) ... how's it attach?
  32. H/C CTS-V: Feels Slow
  33. why does this feel so wrong?
  34. Hennessey Performance Engineering SoCal Open House 07-30-2011
  35. I need help maybe waterpump
  36. Rear seat removal
  37. Cam Install DONE...
  38. Trunk mounted meth tank (pics)
  39. Removing fogs and side markers?
  40. gas mileage sucks!
  41. Should feel like a new V!!
  42. Does anyone have pics and instructions of/for the mightymouse spacer kit??
  43. Which slave cylinder do I need to put a c5 z06 clutch in the V?
  44. 04-07 CTS-V (competitive driving mode selector) option or standard ?
  45. MAF Sensor - Screened?
  46. Tire Size...yes that is right, another thread
  47. just some auto x fun
  48. oil temp problem
  49. Where is the SWPS sensor
  50. how much estimated power???
  51. V1 vs '10 camaro SS?
  52. Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Line Installation
  53. intercooler, pics
  54. Is there a difference between a V clutch and C5 Z06 clutch??
  55. Need help no voltage to Fuel Pump
  56. Anybody in Houston wanna meet up at royal purple raceway next friday?
  57. my modded V2
  58. Picture from V-day
  59. Clutch and maggie
  60. Installed CS and BMR
  61. where to buy eibach springs
  62. Creaking from Rear
  63. VIN check requests
  64. An assortment of in-car track day vids from the past couple years
  65. anyone heard this clutch noise?
  66. Chrome Door Pieces... See Inside Thread
  67. HELP V wont start
  68. mod bug is biting
  69. My buddy says he can walk on my car.
  70. X-pipe to remove Corsa Resonators
  71. New cts-v forum!!
  72. This could only happen to me.....
  73. 2011 Spectre 3:41 Challenge - Full Write-up (LONG)/Pix/Videos !!!
  74. Anyone here have experience with the Diablo Predator U7193 tuner?
  75. Supersonic Blue V
  76. Just bought the ground control coilover kit... Have a couple questions???
  77. Best shift knob for the V... Any thread!!!
  78. Got Called out for a race in the V1! Who do you think will win?
  79. Obx owners enter
  80. V2 Bose amp signals for additional subwoofer
  81. Short throw shifter options...
  82. My visit to D3
  83. Prob gonna paint the V... Gloss black again or matte black???
  84. Help With Cam
  85. Tell me why I should not get a V2
  86. Michelin PS2 vs. Potenza RE11 tires
  87. Anyone run 5.3 heads on their V? And help me with a Cam selection!!
  88. obx longtubes, stock resonator, and muffler delete sound clip
  89. If u've successfully rolled your fenders w/ Eastwood roller, please chime in
  90. VIDEO: Took an epic road trip
  91. Shift Knob Options
  92. All help and suggestions appreciated.
  93. $1.00 Fix
  94. Gauge pod option
  95. Finished first trackday, couple of issues...
  96. Just traded for CTS-V
  97. How much is a good used T-56 trans worth??
  98. CTS-V Vs. Honda Civic
  99. WTT 5.3 heads for stock tires
  100. Rear trailing arm bushings
  101. Anyone running Eibach springs??
  102. So... I'm supposed to race a Mach 1 tonight...
  103. Gauging Interest for a DMV CTS-V cookout. Early Fall this year
  104. Supplemental bushings?
  105. This sucks (Not V related, SVT Raptor)
  106. Red powdercoat grill
  107. map sensor
  108. Spec Clutch install Pics, Video and weight of parts!
  109. Slow Leak - Clutch?
  110. calling people with KSPORT OR MOBEN coilovers
  111. Clunking Sound from the Drive Train, Something is Broke! FOUND OUT WHAT IT IS, LOOK!
  112. 05 V, car starts then dies immediately??? HELP!
  113. Spring 2011 Modding Results
  114. Tire pressure sensor not working
  115. Question on pad replacement
  116. New Heads with Pics
  117. Man... 275/40's look like mudders... Lol
  118. my '05 CTS-V w/ cutouts dyno. vid/sheet inside
  119. Ashtray Plate
  120. Looking to get into a CTS-V
  121. Questions after installing (one side) MAP trailing arms
  122. '05 MSD-V For Sale on ebay
  123. READ OBX deal
  124. Justed picked up an 05 V
  125. Silver V1 in Central, FL. Who is it?
  126. Bad Slave, Bad Clutch, or Bad Transmission?
  127. Fair Warning to new owners/shoppers/exhaust Modders...
  128. Pro Comp starter?
  129. Service stability system notification . . . FIXED
  130. New parts install, should I cut the cats off?
  131. twisted everything up with my first exhaust work, i think.
  132. Open Headers on the V
  133. Any Chicago dealer recommendations for warranty work?
  134. AutoWeek, Hill Climb and some V's...
  135. Do LS3 fuel rail covers work on the LS6?
  136. For all my Texas brothers!!!
  137. Looking for the LS2 Cam gurus
  138. Jacking the rear of the vehicle?
  139. '07 CTS-V Sways in CTS (V6)?
  140. 12" alum fuel cell
  141. Custom shifter knobs
  142. Pretty Stock V just hit some WILD dyno numbers
  143. ford 8.8?
  144. tips&tricks for eng/trans removal-post'em
  145. Pete's 2011 CTSV Dyno results
  146. About to install a bunch of goodies on the V... I have some questions....
  147. Options for larger ls6 throttle body?
  148. Clutch install, couple questions
  149. New to the V
  150. F10 M5 lap time
  151. Good Price for Cam Install and Tune $1250?
  152. Help! Anyone know what these are? [pics]
  153. For $15,800, is the V for Victory?
  154. Florida - Tampa area guys, up for joining up at a meet?
  155. Installing a PCV, Oil Catch Can, Need Help!
  156. Cam Install Finally
  157. Steering Mods?
  158. Rear camber/alignment questions (lowered, plus sized wheels/tires)
  159. I need some help!
  160. Who doesn't run plates on track day? Here is a fix.
  161. Where to get Hotchkis sways, and a neat little nugget I found.
  162. traction control issue
  163. Has anybody seen/bought these?
  164. Scrapin the coast Biloxi
  165. Headers ordered... cant wait to have more POWAH!!!
  166. Wheels
  167. Transponder Q?
  168. Stock and lightly modded Vs watch out!
  169. Who did H&R's and got the perfect height!!!!!
  170. Wheel cleaner ruined my wheel paint WTF
  171. H&R Spring Drop Measurements
  172. Completely new stereo is in. No issues. What's the big deal?
  173. Does anyone autocross their V?
  174. Did your recently purchased H&R springs drop you more than advertised? Please read.
  175. Dyno tune on Wednesday :)
  176. Key disabled won't start
  177. how to remove drivers side seat 06 V
  178. 1st Dyno Run
  179. CHuckawalla Session 2
  180. $100,000 2005 CTS-V on eBay
  181. Straight pipe exhaust?? Can it hurt performance or damage the car??
  182. micro usb charger with usb port for 2 bucks shipped
  183. engine swap
  184. This was a new one...
  185. looking for stock manifolds and stock air intake
  186. Rubber driveshaft coupler --> clutch engagement vibration?
  187. H&r question
  188. I'm approaching perfection...
  189. Hyperfest today in WV
  190. Hood Rattling?
  191. First time at the track with the new mods
  192. Aftermarket Subwoofer & Amp | Recommendations please.
  193. Exhaust question... Anyone heard this setup??
  194. Speed Incs new 2009 CTS-V
  195. Harmonic balancer for Ls2??
  196. New!! and would like some advice.
  197. What clutch should I get?
  198. Header size question?
  199. Creative steel motor mounts? Black or grey?
  200. NOVA Area V's...
  201. Turn Wipers on and wiper fluid comes out
  202. Mike Nice wants to be your personal little slut
  203. new trans installed but hard to shift and drivetrain whine presists
  204. Staggered Tires + HR Springs + MM Spacers = Rubbing issues?
  205. A most regrettable test pilot tale
  206. Northstar Dragway, Denton Tx. June 17th 2011.
  207. What's the verdict on MAP trailing arms?
  208. A most regrettable test pilot tale
  209. Best price on OBX stainless LT headers and catted connector pipes???
  210. Need floor to fender measurements on OEM sprigs ASAP please
  211. Someone please help!!!
  212. Trailing arms
  213. Got some runs in tonight...
  214. Anyone interested in carbon fiber overlays (Di-Noc)
  215. Dual Fuel pumps=high fuel pressure?
  216. Anyone in here had a P0641 and P0651...
  217. Bad rack and pinion it is.....Problem solved, now the hard part.
  218. Ash Tray switch pannel question
  219. Possible wheel bearing bad?? Little help needed everyone.
  220. keep blowing my taillight fuse out?
  221. Is swearing allowed?
  222. OBX Headers, Stock resonator, hollow mufflers
  223. Radiator leak? You be the judge!
  224. Plasti Dip Time!!!!!!!
  225. Looking to order a cowl hood and motor mounts for my V!
  226. Drivers side power seat issue 2006 v
  227. Chuckawalla Teaser
  228. Cam kit?
  229. Shifter slop question
  230. HyperFest 2011.... this saturday June 18th
  231. New Guy needs help!!! knocking noise
  232. Who went to OC this past weekend for Ricer Fest?
  233. 1st time at the Dragstrip!
  234. Current mileage & maintenance
  235. And I thought my 06 with 3200 was king!
  236. Header, installation, and tune special
  237. Shifter feedback needed please
  238. Track Day tires?
  239. Newb checking in
  240. H&R's lowered rear too much ...
  241. Spun rod bearing (long story)
  242. headers installed, hit a bump, service stability system
  243. Just installed GForce Axle
  244. need advice for the girlfriends car
  245. Disturbing noise from Magnacharger
  246. Dyno'ed my modded V2 today
  247. Thanks to Creative Steel
  248. anyone near chicago?
  249. MoCo MD mini meet tonight.
  250. crack dvd player to play while driving