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  1. Running Lean Fix with Vinci Tuner
  2. Going back and checking setup on wideband...(.5 difference in AFR)
  3. changing knock retard gain??
  4. why am i getting p1637??
  5. New Injectors...
  6. can someone check out my timing tables?
  7. Big Stuff 3
  8. 2.0 Histograms...
  9. Compatibility of 2.0 and 1.7 bin/hpt, misc
  10. What would cause a car to be non-responsive...
  11. dynojet w/b reads 18:1
  12. HPP III Removal
  13. Question about running lc1 wideband all the time...
  14. Anyone know about Diablo SCT PRP (Pro Racer Package)??
  15. Anyone have autotap install file? Download is broken.
  16. making an excel sheet for PE
  17. Anyone have LS1 file bins
  18. SCT and HP tuners merging??
  19. any update on bucking???
  20. misfires on cyl 4 at WOT
  21. misfires on cyl 4 at WOT
  22. SC 408CI bin
  23. Where is the fueling for idle?
  24. Started Cr and it Failed to Idle
  25. LS1 Scanmaster
  26. questions re:P0327 and P0332
  27. Backfire problems help!
  28. Jet-Hot LTs + Denso 'vette rears = ...
  29. MAF high frequency
  30. Does being RICH cause a cloud of smoke when the pedal is hammered
  31. Clear codes without a use of a tuner?
  32. LS1 Sensors, interchangable with other GM's???
  33. Setting a code on intake/tb install?
  34. Connector Views
  35. power loss problem
  36. Some serious issues!!!
  37. BS3 MAF Question
  38. stand alones and knock sensors
  39. swapping pcm from obd1 to obd2
  40. Wierd battery problem
  41. Bosch Lsu4 O2 Sensor ?
  42. where can i find led's similar to the LC-1 ones?
  43. knock sensor
  44. Interesting Wide Band Air-Fuel Monitor From NGK
  45. Proscan vs autotap?? plz help
  46. Read the sticky...
  47. How does PCM know engine is running?
  48. Please Help! (non-LS1)
  49. P0155 code...
  50. Speed density tune...can someone explain
  51. backfiring...
  52. Post up your laptop mount pics
  53. Can the segment ID be changed?
  54. Any OBD2 code readers foreign+domestic??
  55. LT1 questions
  56. HPT question ????????
  57. question about PO1133
  58. code po442
  59. HPTuners and laptop were stolen
  60. o2's at WOT
  61. HP Tuners arrived
  62. GTO runny.
  63. General VCM Operation Confirmation (kinda long)
  64. help: im getting codes po400, po403, po420
  65. Really need help installing Air/Fuel Gauge
  66. Does BS3 have the ability to control n2o stages?
  67. Sears OBD2 reader-domestic and foreign?
  68. EFI tuning software license?
  69. RAF tables ?
  70. how is intresting to come to kuwait.HP tuner
  71. Pros/Anyone I need your help(Im overseas no one to help me)
  72. How accurate are the knock sensors?
  73. IAC Effective Area: What am I doing wrong?
  74. Turning off codes with LS1 edit.
  75. Need guage help fast!!!!!
  76. mail order tune (TSP)
  77. no power when turning or engine bogs bad!
  78. testing the maf
  79. Question regarding LS1 edit?
  80. TBYRNE Has LS2 Predator Programmers Coming!!!
  81. If I make changes to my base spark, will it mess up my VE?
  82. LS2 tuning options?
  83. 346->408 tuning
  84. LS2 Predator: In production! RWTD gives FREE true custom tuning w/ purchase!
  85. tuning in open loop
  86. Is there a write up on how to hook AEM/WB to HPtuners
  87. delta air for boost
  88. C5 - ETC Scaler on 90mm TB, question
  89. Innovate smoothing option?
  90. Will closed loop command this?
  91. major pcm problems
  92. Logging current misfire: HPtuners
  93. How are you guy's plugging the 2nd TB hole after you drilled it out?
  94. Holy Codes Batman..Please help
  95. Detonation ?
  96. Dyno and Tuned, finally
  97. FAST XFI information please???
  98. What's wrong with drilling the TB?
  99. How to attatch screen shots?
  100. Guage???
  101. Tuning computer= sniffer test< 1000 miles on tune.
  102. Quick Question
  103. Won't start with SD tune
  104. "Sticking" idle after burnout?
  105. Saving Data on HP Tuners 2.0
  106. HPTuner shipping question
  107. Knock sesor, timing question
  108. fuel trim swing
  109. disabling COT for tuning, still have cats ?
  110. I think my fueling is jacked some how? Not sure, please check this out...
  111. LM-1 to EIO Issues.
  112. O2s Don't Lock At WOT
  113. Service Vehicle??
  114. NEED SOME TUNING HELP...hp tuners.
  115. Calling in the pros.....A/F ratios and their effects on performance, longevity, etc..
  116. Innovate logging question
  117. Any way to insure WB02 is calibrated correctly (i.e. propane gas)?
  118. hypertech question....please help
  119. the car now starts right but wont idle right
  120. Should I wait to mess with the VE????
  121. tranny freshly rebuilt and 3-4 get lost help
  122. Missing LM Programmer software
  123. SD and nitrous
  124. Car turn offs at high revs
  125. '97 vette computer in '98 WS6?
  126. Load error w/ LS1 Edit v1.5
  127. will predator tell me if im lean????
  128. Help with dyno results - low HP
  129. F13 tuning help needed
  130. Knock
  131. LS2Edit tune - now hunting idle with AC on. Any ideas?
  132. Why trans pressure modifiers?
  133. Need help on cold start up..
  134. check engen light on code po412 secndary
  135. need bcm for drive by wire?
  136. HP Tuners....more than one computer???
  137. HP Tuners - 2002 SS A4 tuning ??
  138. HP Tuners when will the new cable be ready?
  139. Problem with cold idle
  140. How much hp per degree of timing?
  141. p0174 and p0171 = dirty MAF?
  142. A/f ratio
  143. Corvette trans bin in my WS6
  144. Can I use this hptuners on another car?
  145. Trans shifting, 2nd, 3rd, and OD
  146. Hypertech?
  147. 98 knock sensor turning one off
  148. ECT vs. Temp Guage
  149. AFR's and Spark Table
  150. Stupid CEL won't go out...
  151. Security Light still on after VATS delete WTF??
  152. Need a code please!!!
  153. Who can tune may car for me?
  154. Drilled TB causing idle rpm to be to high? Need help
  155. using HpTuners on another year...
  156. BigStuf3 Piggy back intstall Questions
  157. Can you run an Aeroforce Interceptor w/ tuning software?
  158. SD??? I know, I know...
  159. Help with Hypertech and LS1edit
  160. 96 LT1 PCM programming question
  161. car runs really rough on cold start for about a min
  162. HP Tuners 02 Sensor delete
  163. code po414 any body
  164. Speed Density Tune?
  165. Has anyone set up a tuner for the GM 4.2 I6?
  166. best way to run LC-1?
  167. frc99
  168. motor/bolt ons/stall...hp tuners and need HELP PLEASE!
  169. TCC slip during lockup, lowered forcing current, What else?
  170. F.A.S.T throttle body getting stuck
  171. Cold Start Up?
  172. Tuning frustrations arghhh
  173. Bucking much less, but now idle is overshooting on decel
  174. Need some help tuning
  175. How popular is chassis dynoing?
  176. Changed gears, Speedo corection?
  177. Painless Perfect Hi-rpm
  178. Anyone use this method to tune idle?
  179. misfire with all cylinders...
  180. Custom tune being reset by dealership?
  181. ABS adjustable via tune??
  182. Ft Walton Beach, FL dyno question
  183. maf low freq
  184. LS1 ECU function question
  185. Cam messed up my Wideband???
  186. Getting a tune.
  187. any programs made for 93 corvette
  188. Idle?
  189. New work done, need ANSWERS!
  190. Wideband
  191. Soundengineer's...histograms
  192. VE and A4 cars... Load vs. shifting ?
  193. Anyone heard of this.....
  194. LS1M Anyone using it?
  195. brake torque management
  196. confused Which version?
  197. P0113 IAT sensor high circuit input
  198. Whats the best efi system for my TTLS1??
  199. Idle tuning?? what do all teh various tables do and how do I tune them
  200. Dumb, but important question
  201. Idle and tuning
  202. VE Tuning=VERY Frustrating. Went back to stock tables.
  203. How am i supposed to clean
  204. Throttle Position is 16 with car NOT started?
  205. ecm not seeing temp
  206. Pulled a few codes from a buddy's '99 Chevy van...
  207. Need some input on misfire
  208. AFR for high RPM but low load?
  209. For you open loop SD guys?
  210. WOT 4200+ rich on dyno
  211. Tuning Stock 99 Z
  212. Can I use this GEN7 DFI???
  213. Quick question about hp tuners and efi live..
  214. Do VE tables affect smog?
  215. think pcm problem please help
  216. Z06 vs CTS-V Tuning
  217. Tuner program Is it woth it?
  218. Where is Effective Airflow Area?
  219. tune problems please help.
  220. best A/F for a 100 dry shot??
  221. HPTuners parts
  222. WOT Cells
  223. F14 in have a few Questions..SES lights
  224. WTF! Installed Ported TB, car goes haywire.
  225. Readiness Codes for OBD-II Inspections?
  226. where to start
  227. Oxygen sensor malfunction?
  228. How To Check Tps For Correctness?
  229. PCM Cover
  230. need primary ls1 spark table for MS install
  231. SD Tune risky in A4
  232. pcmforless a good deal
  233. Wow, how far we have come with LS1's- Dug up an old thread!
  234. Battery/ electrical drain problem!
  235. High IAT?
  236. tuning an 8.1L Whipple piggy back
  237. Predator tuning...
  238. threw SES does this work??
  239. Service engine soon light after tsp true dual install
  240. Question about VE and OLFA
  241. How does PCM interpret this?
  242. if evap has a small leak, what are side effects?
  243. bad knock sensor and performance
  244. 98 pcm tuning
  245. which switch goes where for cruise control?
  246. Weird Problem at WOT in 3rd Gear
  247. (no search)HELP: Air bag..Service Vehicle light on after replacing keylock cylinder
  248. Trouble code 135: O2 Sim unplugged?
  249. Setting up LC1 with HPTuners
  250. questions on hp tuners