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  1. Please Help with all of these codes and Backfiring plz
  2. Wideband? WTF?
  3. Why is this WB O2 so cheap?
  4. LF Bigstuff 3 Tuners...
  5. Tuning LTRM's with the MAF connected
  6. Tuning in the freezing cold?
  7. LS1 Edit and a Th350??
  8. Shift point calculator, accurate?
  9. Tach Install
  10. Jumping wires on the MAP?
  11. Truck misses like CRAZY when cold. What could it be??
  12. Cold start's / bigger cam.. please help..
  13. help, TCS off light goes on every time i start the car??
  14. VSS Signal
  15. MAF connector part number needed.
  16. Anyone here build 99+ benchtop harnesses?
  17. I need to locate a tuner
  18. heres how to wire an LC1 to work as a Wideband and a Narrowband at the same time
  19. RPM tach help
  20. got acceleration problems!!! help me pls!!
  21. Aftermath of Alky spray....running awful
  22. 02 silverado bin file??anybody have one?
  23. Disabling rear O2 w/ VCM Edit?
  24. cant log ltit or stit with hptuners
  25. Simle PE/LTRM question
  26. wideband location
  27. What are LTIT and STIT 's ??
  28. PE Delay RPM, confused...
  29. vehicle codes on high idle
  30. wideband w/ true duals?
  31. Anyone have a stock 2001 Z06 .bin file?
  32. wide band worth it
  33. pcm/harness/auto tranny q's
  35. EFILive or HPTuners for Boost?
  36. Security light???
  37. help with a splitter cable
  38. OLFA at 1.0, cold start AFR wandered way lean !
  39. Knock Sensor Voltage Question
  40. torque managment question
  41. EFI Live how to
  42. ??? Open loop question ???
  43. 2001 injectors in 99 ta
  44. Chevrolet Cavalier VAT disable in the PCM
  45. P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
  46. I need some help with my timing curve
  47. PassII Key?
  48. C6 tuning and KR
  49. What wideband are you useing???
  50. OS... EFI Live.. Qs...
  51. Why did my car flatline?
  52. Anyone disable their EVAP purge?
  53. wide band and HP tuner question
  54. Flashing SES...running rough one sec and fine the next
  55. Odd O2 behavior after leaded 110 octane
  56. timing on 2002 z28
  57. timing histogram in tuners??
  58. no power down low...
  59. STS Turbo w/ 60lb mototron injectors issue.
  60. *HELP* serious problem with my car!!
  61. Mini AFC 2.2 Air fuel controller ...
  62. HPtuning or EFILiveL tuning or ls1edit ???
  63. High idle on 99 ss camaro..Help Please.
  64. Need quick help with a wire harness.
  65. maf translator
  66. Rear O2's
  67. Toshiba laptop and EFI Live flashscan
  68. Cam install help
  69. Best shift point and RPM?
  70. Where to tap into RPM for LM-1
  71. How to shut off headlights when tuning
  72. ls1edit question about PCM
  73. What can I do to tune car to be more cosistant at the track?
  74. Pcm - locked, what can be done?
  75. kludge relay and Throttle..any way to disable relaxer side of it??
  76. Stock TC retard and Knock retard signals
  77. does the F-Body's ECU learn driving habits?
  78. Does the FBody learn driving habits?
  79. PE delay
  80. VE is closer, how close and MAF questions...
  81. Anybody have log file for stock 2002 WS6?
  82. Crane Powermax tuning strategy
  83. Afterstart Enrichment Table Question
  84. granatelli MAF????
  85. How much timing for 9:1 comp. 402
  86. EFILive guys, quick question?
  87. 36# low impedance why not?
  88. Looking for a LS2 tunner close Baton Rouge La
  89. For a boosted app., which tuner?
  90. Advice please: Just want to hear what everyone thinks is the best A/F margin.
  91. Idle problem...HELP PLEASE
  92. Why is it.....
  93. what could the culprit be??
  94. Replacement wideband sensors
  95. 10% ethenol blend hoses my tune?!
  96. Tuner PROBLEM LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. HP Tuners vs EFI Live ease of use
  98. ok prop fuel is at about zero and oscillation still sucks...
  99. Dyno Tune...worth it?
  100. PE tweaking
  101. Look at these HPTuner graphs...seeing knock....normal?!?
  102. throttle cracker question
  103. Pe table question/ifr
  104. Injector pulses way different when car gets warm?? did search.
  105. Differences in IAC Effective Areas for Various Years
  106. How to add fuel in this example
  107. Adjusting idle?
  108. A couple screen shots with a question.
  109. f13 guys..can i take a look at your timing tables?
  110. issues with timing!!
  111. Help my 1996 GMC Suburban wont Start
  112. 2001-2002 LS1 Mass Air Flow Table file
  113. Codes following Dynotune
  114. cate ls1
  115. V2.0.17 question???
  116. 97 vette with boost
  117. Front o2 sensor - quick question
  118. it says no tuning required but.......
  119. Tuning a G5X3 Cam
  120. Help with Codes
  121. Secondary Air Injection
  122. MailorderChips?
  123. '04 Serial Vats- can it be "turned off"?
  124. Code p0332 Knock Sensor Low Input
  125. P1153 Code after Trans and converter install
  126. LT1 scanner or software
  127. Please need help DTC 171 car missing bad!
  128. Can you "tune" the Cranking VE Table?
  129. whats better
  130. VE SD Tuning and Reduced engine Power
  131. Timing Tuner guys inside?
  132. Bank 1 always leaner than bank 2 need suggestions
  133. Ugly looking start-up - What's the cure?
  134. Security System Help
  135. tune help right now?
  136. First post in need of a lot of help.
  137. Desired Idle Airflow
  138. 3:42 to 3:73's
  139. ASR problem; light on, button does not respond
  140. Wideband tuning on a dyno for sealed "Ram air kits"
  141. Need a good start bin!
  142. How to make a frequency divider?
  143. Why ?
  144. HP Tuner 2 bar + MAF, will it work for boost?
  145. MAF on previous speed density cars?
  146. bucking problem
  147. Hpt ?
  148. What kind of tuning do I need???
  149. LSX PVC Question
  150. comparing my tune ?????
  151. HP Tuners vs. EFI Live
  152. a/f gauge harness
  153. Best ET with 100% stock Trans Am
  154. O2 sensors wierd, can somebody look at my log file?
  155. TREX TUNE( NO TUNING) How much to gain from DYNOTUNE
  156. LG headers and P0133 and P0153, HO2s Slow Response error
  157. Acceptable LTFT variance between banks?
  158. How do I learn to tune?
  159. timing at shift points
  160. LS1 5.7 - Turbo
  161. Can Anyone help me out? Need a tune
  162. Paging Horist....
  163. PCM Pin Assignments for 97 V6 ?
  164. Guys with Widebands...
  165. Tbryne Core Exchange Tune????
  166. is this right or wrong? ve and histos
  167. WOT vs non-WOT?
  168. tunercats
  169. hptuners not working...
  170. ls1 edit questions
  171. .bin files HELP
  172. Basic tuning question
  173. electromotive tec 2 help please
  174. what to do to get rid of p0442
  175. Tuning my WS6
  176. Superchips adapter for my car!! plz help
  177. Why does my idle quality go to he!! with warmer temps?
  178. WB SD tuning procedures ?
  179. Engine Harness
  180. which tables to correct dipping idle on decel?
  181. what is SD tuning?
  182. Tuning Newbie
  183. 2 step with LS1 edit?
  184. SD tune problem ?
  185. Odometer can easly be changed
  186. SD IDLE for a new.
  187. How to clear info in Flashscan cable?
  188. trying first SD tune, surging/sputtering horribly...
  189. Lap top for ls1 edit
  190. Idle A/F Ratio
  191. i need a in car mount for a labtop!
  192. tuning options?
  193. programmer and spark plugs
  194. VE error % histogram ?
  195. ls1 knock sensor
  196. think i got rid of my bucking
  197. 02's aren't reading!!
  198. noob sanity check please...
  199. after changes the MAP at WOT went down, not good?
  200. Should I Remove Jet Chip?
  201. Tuning with W/B in SD ?
  202. Question about scanning with 2.0
  203. What scanning software/hardware is available for LS2?
  204. running lean
  205. Total timing WOT?
  206. what could cause idle rpms to jump around?
  207. Any update on HPT2.0 USB cable and ford compatibility?
  208. Filtering bad values in HPT 2.0
  209. running 100 octane
  210. Has anyone figured out how to get HPT2.0 to 2 step a M/T
  211. SES Code # P1870
  212. SVO injectors and the XLS file ?
  213. 0420 gonna cost me?
  214. Code
  215. Changing exhaust, what should I tune?
  216. F11 timing table
  217. Help,can't Get The Ws6 To Run!
  218. Secondary Air Injection System?
  219. MAF ends
  220. Car running very poorly after using fuel add.
  221. Clutch Safety Circuit (P0704)
  222. Lost PCM after flash, "No Comm" error on DIC
  223. Tried something a little different...I think.
  224. Question about O2 sensors and Longtubes
  225. V/e Changes After H/c Install ?
  226. Constantly disconnecting the battery??
  227. Disabling MAF
  228. lean or rich
  229. Hypertech PowerProgrammer III - Help? :)
  230. Running OpenLoop SD and Due Inspection-Help with P0103?
  231. can hypertech be used after full dyno tune?
  232. Looking to get a tune and learn a little
  233. old school sb with megasquirt
  234. Can't get car to start with HPtuners and megasquirt...sometimes WTF?
  235. K&N Wide Band A/F
  236. Know anything about Injection Logic?
  237. DIABLO PREDATOR waste of money
  238. Replaced fuel pump and plugs, now I got pinging.
  239. LM-1 vs. Histogram: AFR
  240. Autotap won't communicate with vehicle
  241. ok this is weird, getting weird numbers after a run at the track
  242. ls1 into a 94 v-6 camaro
  243. Cornfusun data
  244. RED and BLUE PCM connectors
  245. tuning
  246. Crank relearn on a TH400
  247. cig lighter to power LC-1 ?
  248. GM's tech II tune?
  249. PO336 and crank position sensor problems
  250. Anyone ever heard of nexiq