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  1. Will a basic tune give me .1?
  2. Jesse Bubb mail order tune.
  3. tuning ls2 402 knock sensors
  4. Speedo correction?
  5. Strange LTFT problem
  6. What all does the car do in fail safe mode?
  7. 6.0 litre LS-2 into 01' 1500 pick-up
  8. Car Wont Start
  9. ses light
  10. which one?
  11. Putting LS2 402 in '98 f-body, do I have to open loop it now?
  12. Aem
  13. turbo tune?
  14. Sputtering at WOT
  15. Traction control switch
  16. Service Engine light
  17. Cold start issue and surging when giving lightgas in first
  18. Tunes wearing out?
  19. Gauges reset and car dies while driving
  20. rev limiter
  21. need help...possibly looking for a timing table
  22. E-mail tunes
  23. my going super rich on decel issue - new clue found
  24. Blown 50 amp ingtion fuse??
  25. I'm trying to learn this idle thing.. need some help
  26. wide band 02
  27. Do I have to live with this?
  28. Is tuning required after header install?
  29. What are the symptoms of a bad O2 sensor
  30. best hand held
  31. Has anyone ever reprogrammed their car to act like It's in valet mode?
  32. P0420 Catalyst code and the Best fix.
  33. voltage on stock 02s
  34. Anyone tune a/f ratios for ethanol gas
  35. VE table
  36. ltft values are ajusted by 02 s
  37. tuning question
  38. crank sensor replacement
  39. Using multiple Tuning devices danger?
  40. Knock Retard
  41. SCT Xcalibrator anyone know about it?
  42. dyno tuning question
  43. HPtuners update....anyone
  44. Is There Any 98 Ls1 Tuners??
  45. what are the differences between 2001 and 2002 OS?? V8 F-Body
  46. WOT dyno tuning (hptuners)
  47. TPSV problem
  48. BIN REPOSITORY -- UP!!!!
  49. AFR 205's timing?
  50. DynoSim
  51. even if i pull fuel, the trims read the same in this area....
  52. O2mv converted to AF ratio
  53. specific SD tuning questions
  54. Where can I get a '04 GTO A4 .bin file?
  55. Whats Wrong With My Car!?!?!?
  56. questin about VE table
  57. Explain the Theory of the FTC Boundry Enable Temp
  58. LTFT air/fuel question
  59. car jerks after cam/stall/tune
  60. MAP, high input
  61. Torque management question
  62. WB Tuning And Damaged Cats
  63. Making changes to VE table, NOT in SD mode???
  64. Target Idle Speed M6 vs A4
  65. system to rich
  66. 99 C5 egr?
  67. Duty cycle w/ATAP
  68. FlashScan V2 Pictures and Info
  69. How much timing w/ 11.8:1 compression
  70. Ceramic Coated Spark Plug Wires?
  71. Wideband to narrowband simulation.
  72. SLP 85mm MAF: Remove resistor???
  73. Anyone have some Idle issues after installing 85mm MAF?
  74. anyone have a bin file for a hotcam a4 for a 2k2 z28?
  75. procharger baseline tune
  76. Speed Density tunes
  77. ls1edt file ???
  78. losing MPH on 1-2 shift
  79. What PID in HPtuners do we use to line out IAP?
  80. Read before you get your LS2 tuned
  81. lc-1 blowing fuse
  82. Hard to start, threw a code
  83. Using Rear 02 harness for WBO2 heater power/ground ?
  84. OS breakdown Question
  85. 4.10's and HPTuners..
  86. Excel Wizzards - Help Please
  87. CT Emissions
  88. ever seen this? timing observation / question
  89. wideband question..??
  90. idle problems
  91. FTC RPM boundries
  92. anybody have a tried and true method to recalculate o2 switch points??
  93. Which wideband for HPTuners ?
  94. Flashing a "New/Blank" LS1 PCM
  95. EFILive Update with 98 Support now
  96. Ran into a problem with my MAF
  97. Noob question regarding A/F control
  98. What do y'all know about the SLP Programmer?
  99. Fuel Trims
  100. ANyone with low imp injectors get there car to idle good?
  101. DTC Accumulation
  102. Explanation of VE tables in HP Tuners??
  103. noob question tcs?
  104. Both Front O2's Sitting Around .450, why??
  105. Help, service engine soon light wont go away
  106. Is HP Tuners overkill for a lightly modified car?
  107. Car stuck in an open loop
  108. Will EFILive Scan Tool V7 work on a 2000 Grand Prix??
  109. tuning problem or mechanical
  110. Maf Translator + maf ends
  111. knock sensor question
  112. SD vs MAFless--which is better for MPG's
  113. Need HPT help in Minnesota - 2001 Z-28
  114. 171/174 Codes
  115. More problems with FAST 90 TPIS 90-help!
  116. Looking for HP bin file
  117. Where to buy Tunercat OBDII....
  118. Turbo tuning Share
  119. One More O2 Question?
  120. tuning problems
  121. Code P0154 (O2 Sensor)
  122. wideband commander users: rpm signal
  123. Getting a Tuner. Need advice.
  124. Newbie question on EFILive
  125. Cranking Fuel table for new injectors?
  126. timing
  127. anyone around charlotte or in charlotte...
  128. Idle too rich with 96 lb injectors????
  129. Some Tuning Questions
  130. PE vs IAT
  131. gm #09359409 is this a valid 2 bar map sensor
  132. How to setup a 2 bar map w/efilive in sd
  133. Hypertech Programmer
  134. HP Tuners to Ls1 Edit
  135. Maf calibration question
  136. Anyone have their wideband sensor go bad??
  137. Initial tune...
  138. heads/cam idle
  139. Backfiring on initial startup
  140. Backfires
  141. Easiest way to transur a tune (edit)
  142. Which side is the negative side on the injector connectors??
  143. Any way to check odometer with tuners?
  144. What happens if you set switch 3 on MAFT to on?
  145. idle base sum airflow
  146. speed density questions
  147. LS1 running lean after supercharger install, help!
  148. How bad is KS code hurting performance?
  149. o2 Idle Issue
  150. How much will increase in fuel pressure do to Air Fuel Ratio?
  151. Realtime On-The-Fly Tuning for LS1
  152. questions a while back about tuning for 87 octane
  153. LS1 Tuner needed in ABQ, NM
  154. The need to change Acc. Torque with pulley swap...
  155. HP tuners "cable not found"
  156. HPT 1.7 up to 2.0, cable questions...
  157. installing WB
  158. ls1edit problem
  159. The rev limiter wont go more than 6400rpm
  160. HP Tuners chime IN
  161. Can I turn this SECURITY light off???
  162. ? about resetting the PCM
  163. Sorry for the dumb question guys. Injector duty %age?
  164. tuning issue, no throttle or part throttle cruise to high mph and rpm...
  165. is this right? or is the car falsely taking out too much fuel?
  166. knock retard... quick question
  167. newbie question...
  168. Evap
  169. Engine Management Suggestions for blown LS1 Conversion
  170. Rough idle
  171. Which computer
  172. Cannot cruise at 1200 rpm!
  173. engine reduced power?
  174. injector help...
  175. More timing on FI = lower exhuast temps?
  176. ac idle tuning...
  177. Anyone in ABQ,NM have HP Tuners for LS1?
  178. Hard to learn Hp Tuner?
  179. Factory shift points?
  180. HP Tuners and Superchips partnership
  181. Wideband Accuracy? Which ones work the best?
  182. What all can you change with the "Tow/Haul" mode on a 2000 Silverado?
  183. P1133 & 1153 codes after X3
  184. Proscan Software
  185. Predator tuner that comes with P1sc
  186. Remote Entry
  187. Tuned with EFI LIve, still rich
  188. Converter Tune
  189. Read Me First - bad links
  190. How do you tune for boost-referenced fuel pumps?
  191. PCM problems
  192. OBD 2 Tuning Software?
  193. AFRs 20% lean for 5 - 10 min on startup
  194. HPTuners help
  195. ???Is there any write up on making LC-1 wideband work with HP Tuners???
  196. engine bogging down
  197. Runnin Rich
  198. Would this idea work, and if so, how would I set it up?
  199. P0300 after Trex install, i've check about everything!
  200. Does LS1edit allow you to adjust the VE?
  201. Fan switch
  202. LS1 Edit Question...
  203. handheld tuners
  204. T-rex...
  205. Need Help With Gear Change
  206. Can you add a car to HP Tuners?
  207. What do the readiness states need?
  208. How difficult is it to get started in tuning?
  209. C5 A4 Idle tuning issues- TOO RICH
  210. emisions ?
  211. AFR crazy reading, something wrong?
  212. LTFT's and STFT's
  213. Pinging
  214. friction torque vs oil temp
  215. Which route to go for tuning?
  216. decided to go mafless but now have some questions
  217. lengthing O2 sensor wires
  218. long term fuel trims
  219. any ideas why on decel my car goes pig rich?
  220. stock value for dfco enable temp?
  221. Where Is The Chaepest/best Place For Mail Tune?
  222. Another coolant sensor problem!!
  223. question
  224. Missing in action
  225. P0300 Misfire, Any Suggestions?
  226. PCM Relocation
  227. Need Some Help with a Hypertech Tuner
  228. how badly will changing my converter from 3k-4k mess up my shift points ect
  229. 2 Step..HPTuner
  230. TSP mail order tune
  231. o2 problems
  232. Do I need EIO for HPT?
  233. HPT 2.0 head start on MAF calibration thread
  234. What causes timing to be pulled @ WOT?
  235. Tuning For Injectors
  236. Mult Misfires
  237. tune=lower ETs
  238. weird problem tuning on the dyno
  239. Is This Much VE Change Normal?
  240. PLEASE HELP! After LT Problems!
  241. ATTN: Wait4me
  242. help me with security BS
  243. Bad MAF Or Programming Error?
  244. VE vs MAF and B1 vs B2
  245. bin file or maf numbers
  246. best location for a wideband?
  247. Acetone gas additive - tuning requirements?
  248. Autotap software on sale!
  249. Where can I buy a PCM for '98 LS1 ????
  250. Service vehicle light