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  1. What Wide Band o2 Sensor, LC-1 or Zeitronix??
  2. Learn time for new o2 sensors?
  3. mail order tune form
  4. Advice on standalone
  5. Can a LC-1 be used instead of regular O2 sensor?
  6. New Cam Tuning Question
  7. LS6 Intake and AFR?
  8. Can HPT tune on the go?
  9. Can I get good results with HPT by myself??
  10. Can you turn off the rear o2s? a buddy says you cant?
  11. rev limit in p/n?
  12. Question about once SD mode is done???
  13. 98 tuners
  14. 98 corvette pcm pinout
  15. Win a $100 credit for efilive or an add-on car license!!
  16. So really, why are the 98 PCMs "bad"?
  17. Innovative LC1 control/interface box
  18. My HP Tuner cable went bad on me.
  19. low idle, sometimes stalls
  20. Innovate Wide Band With Gauge --- $249!!!!!
  21. Stock computer?
  22. what the ,miss at wot on 2000 z ????
  23. Weird Lean/Rich Problem
  24. Stoichiometry ?'s
  25. MTI or FUTRAL for tuning F14
  26. Another Please help me with SD tuning.
  27. ls1 edit ?brake torque vs main timing table
  28. Will a y pipe hitting the floorboard cause false knock?
  29. ? on chart settings for HPTuners
  30. Lowered fan temps - now they stay on 3-4 mins after its shut off
  31. ***HELP***Bad missfire at idle, random at WOT flashin SES light
  32. stoich a/f ratio
  33. AFR is 17:1 in closed loop!! Why??
  34. injector flow rate
  35. Harlan Shift Light Direction...
  36. am i lean
  37. EIO Interface Upgrade/HP Tuners
  38. power programmer?
  39. Dyno tuner?
  40. Are 98 PCMs going to make a difference?
  41. BS3 and using a 4L60-E
  42. Quick question please
  43. OBD1 to OBD2
  44. Can HP Tuners Log The Number of Cell Samples?
  45. A huge thanks to Sean@Fastech
  46. Throttle position sensor question...
  47. Newb needs help with SD tuning
  48. Torque converter tuning?
  49. Running lean. Need advice.
  50. new notes on idle airflow
  51. Dispute on Tuning for my Ls1.
  52. Firehawk ???
  53. 408 with a stock pcm???
  54. problem loging ltit
  55. Tuning Issues Please HELP!
  56. Weird....any comments...
  57. FI & stock PCM tuning ... What am I getting into?
  58. Running a little rich, should I cut fuel or add timing?
  59. BS3 trans files
  60. Help Car Wont Run!!!!
  61. Why tune the VE table Maf-less??
  62. How my Hypertech has helped me (pimply!)
  63. Shift Light
  64. Can someone explain why we tune in SD?
  65. Injector flow question
  66. Loss of power
  67. NY mandates hard-to-digest corn-gas
  68. Bigger squirters - tuning
  69. HPTuners VER. 2.0
  70. LS1edit problem..
  71. Your Favorite Handheld Tuner
  72. Sorry but Im still a little confused on the MAF tuning!
  73. Predator for LS2 when?
  74. how do I know if one of my coil packs is not working?
  75. Is there a Diablo Predator tuner for a 98 Z28?
  76. Got HP tuners, should I sell my autotap?
  77. getting several codes - need some help running down fixes
  78. I need a stock 98 vette m6 bin file or hptuners file
  79. 14 of spark rete @Wot
  80. Anybody use a LS1 or late GM ECM for older non LS1 setup?
  81. HELP!!!! which programer to get
  82. New to tuning...please steer me in the right direction.
  83. Truck Won't Start Th400 swap
  84. Need tuning advice on HPT for H/C car
  85. 1998 T/a
  86. FI, HPT and 60 Motron user's enter here.
  87. Can ethanol cause detonation?
  88. IDA Pro...what processor to decompile bin?
  89. Tuning Help?
  90. safe tune for FI
  91. I'm getting a little annoyed with tuning the VE...what the hell am I doing wrong?
  92. knock problem -- on takeoff from a light
  93. $5 gas - how about a (new?) tune?
  94. Bad idea to drive without a tune?
  95. PCM question??
  96. TunerCat or HpTuners?
  97. PCM locking car in 2nd gear?
  98. RWTD Status...?
  99. Did i waste me time and money with a diablo?
  100. MAFless tuning?
  101. Can't get trouble codes
  102. Will a Diablo Predator work for my car with a ProCharger?
  103. ls1 edit
  104. Replacing MAF
  105. I need help tunning...LTFT
  106. IAT Sensor
  107. I need 5 volts please.
  108. Does anyone have a good TR 230/224 Tune File they can send me?
  109. I think I fried my PCM !!
  110. After Header install,
  111. A/F problem with F.I
  112. EFI Live for 98' won't be long now
  113. Cams and tuning
  114. Tuning a MEFI-3 computer
  115. speedometer recalibrator
  116. WOT to hard braking - vacuum issue?
  117. whos running megasquirt?
  118. Calculated Engine Load(%)
  119. A/C Driving tuning w/HPT?
  120. Quick question on fan control
  121. Car running rough & throwing codes. vacuum leak?
  122. Whats the advantsge of this speed density/mafless tuning?
  123. Diabling SES / Sevice Engine Light
  124. How easy is EFI live to use
  125. Tuning help please
  126. Vinci handheld tuner for 98 f-body
  127. Just got HPTuners...who wants to look at my first scan?
  128. hp tuners
  129. My car does not like coasting. Help!
  130. Code P0300, need help!
  131. Electronic thrttle control/drive by wire to cable throttle body
  132. New exhaust went in July
  133. F.a.s.t. Xfi
  134. WOT then coming to a stop car stuggles to idle
  135. SES...Reverse inhibitor and misfire.
  136. O2 sensor SES light
  137. O2 trouble
  138. timing table
  139. Car is running very rough!!!
  140. Have a few Engine codes...need some help!!
  141. Rpm To Enable Ltft?
  142. Wet or Dry - Which is easier to tune via HPTuners?
  143. WTF!!!!!! TCS turns on and off by it self! HELP!
  144. HP Bin for 99 camaro with 231/237 cam
  145. idle airflow 80*c cold vs 80*c hot
  146. LS1 edit 01-02 for a 1999?
  147. A Little Help!
  148. Should I get a PREDATOR??
  149. Cranking but not starting - no spark of fuel
  150. Dtc: P0405...
  151. Answer this PCM question for me......confused....
  152. again, TCS off and LOW TRAC light come on when reving?
  153. DTC Code = 30 ???
  154. Cutting out all timing
  155. Question on MAF?
  156. Flashing Check Engine Light
  157. change oil light!! make it go away
  158. Right Angle OBD2 Adaptor?
  159. EGR removal question???
  160. what should i do naw?
  161. pingong at WOT?
  162. Ignition lock cylinder??
  163. EFI Live/ Flashscan
  164. A4 Idle Vibration...
  165. multiple misfires
  166. Tach Wire On A '05 Gto
  167. LS1 edit now HP tuner
  168. Will I get by without a tune???
  169. A/F ratio with F.I.
  170. re-flashing the PCM to a different car.
  171. help with richness
  172. Innovate LC-1/XD-1
  173. will HPTuners 1br SD eliminate the MAF low DTC?
  174. What kind of programming software??
  175. Show me your timing tables !
  176. N/A Readiness Tests
  177. Which laptop to buy for HPTuners?
  178. Full-Time GM Tuning Calibrator Wanted
  179. VE table? PCM learning
  180. Flowchart
  181. HPtuner theoretical question
  182. Scanner on an LS2
  183. TPS sensor problems? codes P0123 and P0704
  184. What does this symbol mean in my Instrument Cluster?
  185. rpms go up too much on hot start now lol
  186. Line pressure too low?
  187. No communication!! Please help!!
  188. ive been searching still need help
  189. F.A.S.T. XFI or BS3 for FI help me decide
  190. LM-1 question
  191. Just In Case.....Help
  192. Will coolant in exhaust kill o2 sensors?
  193. Not Ready Codes
  194. P0171 & P0200-Can these be related?
  195. stoich ration
  196. Will Misfire DTC Prevent Readiness Tests from Completing?
  197. LSX install, +25 LTFT
  198. GTO guys
  199. EFI Live 7.0
  200. 3:73's Are On!! HPP3 ??????
  201. MAF failure set to 0 - does timing go to LO table?
  202. Tuning for fuel economy - recommendations please!
  203. have cut inside
  204. Got a ?
  205. max timing for power
  206. Hypertech Question (worth the money why or why not?)
  207. LS1 Edit vs Auto Tap
  208. Advantages of running O2 sims?
  209. Tuning Help
  210. p0430 code
  211. Crane Cams Programmer help!
  212. car is laying over on shifts
  213. Hypertech Programer
  214. Where are the IAC counts found in the HPTuners Scanner?
  215. Help Blinking SES and Misfire.....
  216. what tweaks when running ls1 knock sensors on side of ls2 stroker block?
  217. Transmission tuning question
  218. A4 to M6
  219. H/C tuning question
  220. car shuts off when floored
  221. important question many answers
  222. Please help* chitty,chitty,bang,bang!
  223. 3-4 shift problems with my mail order tune anyone have and idea
  224. where to start?
  225. Speedometer does not respond to any ratio changes in editor.
  226. Who does that best tuning?
  227. Need help w/ weird p0131 code
  228. RWTD Diablo Predator?
  229. Help on SES and MAF please
  230. Shift Timings ?
  231. hypertech tuning dtc code c0327
  232. Engine Studdering?
  233. might be a dumb question.....
  234. IAT and idle airflow
  235. Wire removal from PCM plug
  236. Friend doing tune work
  237. Throwing a bunch of codes...
  238. PE Mode Delay Rpm
  239. IAT readings vs. actual outside air temps.
  240. SES turns off after killing car at a stoplight?
  241. fan settings
  242. how much power am i giving up?
  243. PO748 after built tranny
  244. Returning car to stock - how to get rid of ls1 edit tuning
  245. what is the formula that the tranny uses with MAF to calculate load and shift stuff?
  246. close loop
  247. Move 02 bung up from LT collector.
  248. How use ls1edit ?????
  249. PE delay rpm set to 5500 stock?!?!
  250. strobe light check guages