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  1. EFILive guys, quick question?
  2. 36# low impedance why not?
  3. Looking for a LS2 tunner close Baton Rouge La
  4. For a boosted app., which tuner?
  5. Advice please: Just want to hear what everyone thinks is the best A/F margin.
  6. Idle problem...HELP PLEASE
  7. Why is it.....
  8. what could the culprit be??
  9. Replacement wideband sensors
  10. 10% ethenol blend hoses my tune?!
  11. Tuner PROBLEM LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. HP Tuners vs EFI Live ease of use
  13. ok prop fuel is at about zero and oscillation still sucks...
  14. Dyno Tune...worth it?
  15. PE tweaking
  16. Look at these HPTuner graphs...seeing knock....normal?!?
  17. throttle cracker question
  18. Pe table question/ifr
  19. Injector pulses way different when car gets warm?? did search.
  20. Differences in IAC Effective Areas for Various Years
  21. How to add fuel in this example
  22. Adjusting idle?
  23. A couple screen shots with a question.
  24. f13 guys..can i take a look at your timing tables?
  25. issues with timing!!
  26. Help my 1996 GMC Suburban wont Start
  27. 2001-2002 LS1 Mass Air Flow Table file
  28. Codes following Dynotune
  29. cate ls1
  30. V2.0.17 question???
  31. 97 vette with boost
  32. Front o2 sensor - quick question
  33. it says no tuning required but.......
  34. Tuning a G5X3 Cam
  35. Help with Codes
  36. Secondary Air Injection
  37. MailorderChips?
  38. '04 Serial Vats- can it be "turned off"?
  39. Code p0332 Knock Sensor Low Input
  40. P1153 Code after Trans and converter install
  41. LT1 scanner or software
  42. Please need help DTC 171 car missing bad!
  43. Can you "tune" the Cranking VE Table?
  44. whats better
  45. VE SD Tuning and Reduced engine Power
  46. Timing Tuner guys inside?
  47. Bank 1 always leaner than bank 2 need suggestions
  48. Ugly looking start-up - What's the cure?
  49. Security System Help
  50. tune help right now?
  51. First post in need of a lot of help.
  52. Desired Idle Airflow
  53. 3:42 to 3:73's
  54. ASR problem; light on, button does not respond
  55. Wideband tuning on a dyno for sealed "Ram air kits"
  56. Need a good start bin!
  57. How to make a frequency divider?
  58. Why ?
  59. HP Tuner 2 bar + MAF, will it work for boost?
  60. MAF on previous speed density cars?
  61. bucking problem
  62. Hpt ?
  63. What kind of tuning do I need???
  64. LSX PVC Question
  65. comparing my tune ?????
  66. HP Tuners vs. EFI Live
  67. a/f gauge harness
  68. Best ET with 100% stock Trans Am
  69. O2 sensors wierd, can somebody look at my log file?
  70. TREX TUNE( NO TUNING) How much to gain from DYNOTUNE
  71. LG headers and P0133 and P0153, HO2s Slow Response error
  72. Acceptable LTFT variance between banks?
  73. How do I learn to tune?
  74. timing at shift points
  75. LS1 5.7 - Turbo
  76. Can Anyone help me out? Need a tune
  77. Paging Horist....
  78. PCM Pin Assignments for 97 V6 ?
  79. Guys with Widebands...
  80. Tbryne Core Exchange Tune????
  81. is this right or wrong? ve and histos
  82. WOT vs non-WOT?
  83. tunercats
  84. hptuners not working...
  85. ls1 edit questions
  86. .bin files HELP
  87. Basic tuning question
  88. electromotive tec 2 help please
  89. what to do to get rid of p0442
  90. Tuning my WS6
  91. Superchips adapter for my car!! plz help
  92. Why does my idle quality go to he!! with warmer temps?
  93. WB SD tuning procedures ?
  94. Engine Harness
  95. which tables to correct dipping idle on decel?
  96. what is SD tuning?
  97. Tuning Newbie
  98. 2 step with LS1 edit?
  99. SD tune problem ?
  100. Odometer can easly be changed
  101. SD IDLE for a new.
  102. How to clear info in Flashscan cable?
  103. trying first SD tune, surging/sputtering horribly...
  104. Lap top for ls1 edit
  105. Idle A/F Ratio
  106. i need a in car mount for a labtop!
  107. tuning options?
  108. programmer and spark plugs
  109. VE error % histogram ?
  110. ls1 knock sensor
  111. think i got rid of my bucking
  112. 02's aren't reading!!
  113. noob sanity check please...
  114. after changes the MAP at WOT went down, not good?
  115. Should I Remove Jet Chip?
  116. Tuning with W/B in SD ?
  117. Question about scanning with 2.0
  118. What scanning software/hardware is available for LS2?
  119. running lean
  120. Total timing WOT?
  121. what could cause idle rpms to jump around?
  122. Any update on HPT2.0 USB cable and ford compatibility?
  123. Filtering bad values in HPT 2.0
  124. running 100 octane
  125. Has anyone figured out how to get HPT2.0 to 2 step a M/T
  126. SES Code # P1870
  127. SVO injectors and the XLS file ?
  128. 0420 gonna cost me?
  129. Code
  130. Changing exhaust, what should I tune?
  131. F11 timing table
  132. Help,can't Get The Ws6 To Run!
  133. Secondary Air Injection System?
  134. MAF ends
  135. Car running very poorly after using fuel add.
  136. Clutch Safety Circuit (P0704)
  137. Lost PCM after flash, "No Comm" error on DIC
  138. Tried something a little different...I think.
  139. Question about O2 sensors and Longtubes
  140. V/e Changes After H/c Install ?
  141. Constantly disconnecting the battery??
  142. Disabling MAF
  143. lean or rich
  144. Hypertech PowerProgrammer III - Help? :)
  145. Running OpenLoop SD and Due Inspection-Help with P0103?
  146. can hypertech be used after full dyno tune?
  147. Looking to get a tune and learn a little
  148. old school sb with megasquirt
  149. Can't get car to start with HPtuners and megasquirt...sometimes WTF?
  150. K&N Wide Band A/F
  151. Know anything about Injection Logic?
  152. DIABLO PREDATOR waste of money
  153. Replaced fuel pump and plugs, now I got pinging.
  154. LM-1 vs. Histogram: AFR
  155. Autotap won't communicate with vehicle
  156. ok this is weird, getting weird numbers after a run at the track
  157. ls1 into a 94 v-6 camaro
  158. Cornfusun data
  159. RED and BLUE PCM connectors
  160. tuning
  161. Crank relearn on a TH400
  162. cig lighter to power LC-1 ?
  163. GM's tech II tune?
  164. PO336 and crank position sensor problems
  165. Anyone ever heard of nexiq
  166. Where can I get a tune to fix this crap?!
  167. High idle
  168. Wiring A/F ratio gauge 94 camaro
  169. How do I get HPtuners to work for 69 Camaro
  170. SD Tuning & MAF
  171. Realtime tuning software?
  172. surge problem please give advice......
  173. Guage of wires for PCM harnesses
  174. A/F for PE??
  175. cyl #5 misfiring badly!!! need help!!
  176. New E85 question.. O2s and lambda
  177. remove speed limiter?
  178. Patiently Waiting for DHP Tuning: What are the 1st tables for basic tunes?
  179. Who knows about TPI cars and VATS
  180. OBD1 LT1 - Need Help
  181. Quick question about front 02 sensors..
  182. MAF LS2 table files needed
  183. shift speeds for A4
  184. HELP - Massive KR after cam & tune
  185. WTF, datamaster TTS program wont record properly?
  186. Innovate WB as simulated NB
  187. newbie needs help please
  188. Multiple Failed Murder Attempts
  189. predator tuning
  190. What are the down-sides of turning Proportional fueling off?
  191. pcm interchangability
  192. Ls7 In A 2006 Ssr
  193. Running with the Devil
  194. 98 ls1 hptuners accel enrichment?
  195. at what point do u mess with timing?
  196. Tuning for LS1 to LS6 Conversion
  197. PCM has got a mind of it's own!
  198. Can you use a Harlen 2 Step w/ Big Stuff 3?
  199. HP Tuners VCM Suite 2.0.17 Released
  200. 2.0 hardware
  201. Help
  202. EFI Live V7.3.0 Released
  203. Figured out the first, now a second problem
  204. AC refrigerant pressure sensor bypass/PCM trick
  205. Torque Management.
  206. Need LS1 PCM on LS2 engine
  207. best years for FI tuning?
  208. 12's possible?
  209. need a tuner
  210. Effects of Injectors on Power Output
  211. Negative LTFT's (I have searched)
  212. undefined??
  213. question about hptuners
  214. please help
  215. big decision about tunning help please
  216. getting some KR when tires spin, why?
  217. 85 mm maf recalibration
  218. Idle Spark Advance tables, In Drive/In Park question
  219. cant get rid of this hesitation
  220. If I put on a larger intake would it effect my timing?
  221. USB to 9-pin adapter
  222. seasonal tuning?
  223. Will a Diablo Predator do the job?
  224. question about HPtuners 2bar stuff...
  225. Who can tune my car...
  226. Books that teach PCM tuning
  227. ? Troubleshooting LTFTs B1 +25/ B2 -2.9
  228. Throttle position and downshifting
  229. Need help have datamaster log
  230. Ignition Hot Source on Corvette
  231. How would I know if my car was ever tuned or flashed
  232. codes.........
  233. tuning newbie
  234. Rev limiter???
  235. Can a Detroit Locker cause Knock Retard
  236. XD1 guys please
  237. Help!!!
  238. Dyno/Tune experts, please step in..
  239. Code 0135,0300,0200
  240. help me figure out why my car does this on warm starts please!!!
  241. still cant totally get rid of these + LTFT at WOT?!?!
  242. are all year LSX PCM's limited to 7200??
  243. linux
  244. Lingo translation
  245. HELP! Granatelli MAF threw p0102
  246. LTFT's & P0174
  247. idle histogram..not supported
  248. I need some Help with my LC-1 WB?
  249. Why is my warm RAF values lower than stock?
  250. coil pack or something else