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  1. Patiently Waiting for DHP Tuning: What are the 1st tables for basic tunes?
  2. Who knows about TPI cars and VATS
  3. OBD1 LT1 - Need Help
  4. Quick question about front 02 sensors..
  5. MAF LS2 table files needed
  6. shift speeds for A4
  7. HELP - Massive KR after cam & tune
  8. WTF, datamaster TTS program wont record properly?
  9. Innovate WB as simulated NB
  10. newbie needs help please
  11. Multiple Failed Murder Attempts
  12. predator tuning
  13. What are the down-sides of turning Proportional fueling off?
  14. pcm interchangability
  15. Ls7 In A 2006 Ssr
  16. Running with the Devil
  17. 98 ls1 hptuners accel enrichment?
  18. at what point do u mess with timing?
  19. Tuning for LS1 to LS6 Conversion
  20. PCM has got a mind of it's own!
  21. Can you use a Harlen 2 Step w/ Big Stuff 3?
  22. HP Tuners VCM Suite 2.0.17 Released
  23. 2.0 hardware
  24. Help
  25. EFI Live V7.3.0 Released
  26. Figured out the first, now a second problem
  27. AC refrigerant pressure sensor bypass/PCM trick
  28. Torque Management.
  29. Need LS1 PCM on LS2 engine
  30. best years for FI tuning?
  31. 12's possible?
  32. need a tuner
  33. Effects of Injectors on Power Output
  34. Negative LTFT's (I have searched)
  35. undefined??
  36. question about hptuners
  37. please help
  38. big decision about tunning help please
  39. getting some KR when tires spin, why?
  40. 85 mm maf recalibration
  41. Idle Spark Advance tables, In Drive/In Park question
  42. cant get rid of this hesitation
  43. If I put on a larger intake would it effect my timing?
  44. USB to 9-pin adapter
  45. seasonal tuning?
  46. Will a Diablo Predator do the job?
  47. question about HPtuners 2bar stuff...
  48. Who can tune my car...
  49. Books that teach PCM tuning
  50. ? Troubleshooting LTFTs B1 +25/ B2 -2.9
  51. Throttle position and downshifting
  52. Need help have datamaster log
  53. Ignition Hot Source on Corvette
  54. How would I know if my car was ever tuned or flashed
  55. codes.........
  56. tuning newbie
  57. Rev limiter???
  58. Can a Detroit Locker cause Knock Retard
  59. XD1 guys please
  60. Help!!!
  61. Dyno/Tune experts, please step in..
  62. Code 0135,0300,0200
  63. help me figure out why my car does this on warm starts please!!!
  64. still cant totally get rid of these + LTFT at WOT?!?!
  65. are all year LSX PCM's limited to 7200??
  66. linux
  67. Lingo translation
  68. HELP! Granatelli MAF threw p0102
  69. LTFT's & P0174
  70. idle histogram..not supported
  71. I need some Help with my LC-1 WB?
  72. Why is my warm RAF values lower than stock?
  73. coil pack or something else
  74. Can you say, "overwhelming"???
  75. RPM Not Reading!
  76. Need help possible bad pcm?
  77. shift light
  78. Can HPtuner datalog?
  79. tweaking idle air base and iac table
  80. Emissions readiness failure?
  81. Help with HPTuner 2.0
  82. Bad Experience w/ DiabloSport
  83. Predator wont turn on
  84. Dynamic airflow trims?
  85. Tach Signel Wire (Pin #10 on PCM) Problems
  86. Need Help Tuning Bigger Injecters!!
  87. Weird problem, timing related
  88. People with Gen 7, BS3, FAST, inside
  89. Car wont turn over?!?!?!
  90. Flash Tune Vs. Data Logging
  91. Question about O2 behavior in OL/CL
  92. Will this work for my '02 SS?
  93. Steps to Upgrade the OS using HPT
  94. Installing my LC-1 with Dynotune guage
  95. P1860 TCC PWM solenoid Circiut Electrical
  96. Vinci Tuner for 97 and 98 LS1s
  97. "displacement" do anything??
  98. Shift Extensions?
  99. Dealership set my PCM back to stock flash
  100. Guys, PLEASE HELP
  101. My LM-1 sensor died, I think, need a new one...
  102. what code would a plugged cat be
  103. Bad knock sensor causing weird KR readings???
  104. "readiness" and emissions testing
  105. I need your help !
  106. hypertech flash tool
  107. timing
  108. Ls2 Maf Vs Ls1 Maf
  109. SD and smog
  110. can a .bin from another year be used?
  111. TPS WOT not reading 100%
  112. Air Bag Light
  113. TH400 Swap... do I need a VSS signal?
  114. comparing tunes....stock vs mine
  115. P1637 and p0102 started yesterday in the rain
  116. sd tune and maf
  117. Help! Code PO442! Replacing gas cap does not fix it!
  118. A4: will I have to go low on my 1-2 shift MPH?
  119. Hpp 3
  120. Diablo Sport II........
  121. won't start, what'd I do?
  122. Most user friendly tuning program
  123. DCT P0336 Code any one KNOW, how to get rid of it?
  124. A little something for your guys without a WB
  125. How to re-enable my TCS
  126. How to set TC to only lock up in OD
  127. Knock retard at part throttle
  128. when do you guys cut out enrichment? and go to 1.00 mult? ECT wise
  129. help with oil change light
  130. cranking ve, do you guys change this?
  131. Z06 with cam will not idle correctly when moving
  132. what would make fuel trims lock + in open loop start????
  133. A4 to M6 Swappers inside...
  134. Map reading question
  135. What is the cheapest way to log my car?
  136. Bucking / "missing" with a P0161
  137. Fitting larger injectors, what table to change?
  138. Wide band O2 install location?
  139. Diablo vs crane powermax
  140. IAT and AFR - my theory
  141. Adjusting the A/F Ratio
  142. VATS resistance chart
  143. My tune seems to go away everytime????????
  144. Need some help please!
  145. MAF Extension??
  146. Passing gear...
  147. i need help fixing my ses problems
  148. o2 sensor throwing codes
  149. What High Octane Timing Table do you use?
  150. drive by wire and effective area?
  151. stock timing table
  152. code number 121 ap/tp sensor?
  153. how to make this in histogram
  154. Need help with SD tune..
  155. Ses Codes Obd1
  156. Help with 4l60 and new gears
  157. EFILive FlashScan & LC-1
  158. P1460 code?
  159. Will this shift time setting destroy the 4L60E?
  160. 98 z28 and flashscan
  161. LS1 edit and trans PO757 code question???
  162. Can't get proper VSS signal from PCM
  163. LM-1 and gauge
  164. recalibrating
  165. Problems installing HPT 2.0
  166. tach inop help please
  167. PE time :)
  168. Help with Timing Tuner
  169. wanna confirm ve stuff
  170. P0171 And P0172
  171. 15:1 a/f = more hp than 13:1???
  172. 80-e swap problems....HELP!
  173. Temp effect on AFR?
  174. 98 & SD Tuning on A4
  175. Flashing the Flash chip
  176. Kansas City MO needs some Scanning help......
  177. hptuner 2.0 cable
  178. Effects of running speed density using only Secondary VE table?
  179. What happened to the Lean cruise threads ?
  180. 1992 RS Speed Sensor.. HELP HELP!!!!
  181. Passenger Compartment Warm
  182. ? bout stoich a/f
  183. Write over canned Predator tune?
  184. How to convert a 99 OS to a 01,02 OS?
  185. I/F question about HPTuner 2.0
  186. Do you have to reset Computor
  187. VCM Scanner 2.0 - Not allowing me to assign a user defined WB to Air Fuel Sensor
  188. Is OLFA table used for any normal operating conditions ?
  189. Pcmforless
  190. Hypertech POWER PROGRAMMER
  191. Tuning Software for Apple
  192. Need Help with EFILive
  193. intake temp 85 degrees and up ping , ping , ping
  194. i have code Proplem ?!!
  195. P0137 is still pestering me...
  196. Still Bucking Around 1500 RPM.
  197. preditor
  198. SD and EFILive Auto VE tune with Returnless fuel system?
  199. P0171... Bank 1 lean.. Is this the drivers side?
  200. 02,s smoothness
  201. 98 tach wire help
  202. a bit confused and got some questions.
  203. converter removal on 5.3L
  204. Speed Density..pros and cons?
  205. VE & MAF: How do the Pros do it??
  206. Need help with re-calibrating my MAF meter
  207. How can i fix the Reduced Engine Power ?
  208. Lost and confused... help
  209. anyone experience this on warm starts?
  211. help with low rpm bucking
  212. hptuners cable problem
  213. Help, gonna burn this LS1. (detonation issues)
  214. Repin Diagram!!
  215. Questiong regarding MAF and running Lean
  216. 98 z28 pcm automatic to work with a t56
  217. ls1 edit locked pcm?? read and write with HPTuners??
  218. SES Light Went Off!
  219. LS1edit questions
  220. hpt graph
  221. What is the best wideband for EFILive ?
  222. bored and need some info please!!!
  223. Could running with these codes harm my engine???
  224. Need help tuning a 93 LT1
  225. what is loss of low pulse resolution, opti-spark code 16
  226. Seattle Area, Hypertech needed for gears
  227. Is there anyone with a big cam who doesn't have low rpm surging?
  228. need help... replacing optispark distributor
  229. hesitation in every gear 1100-1600rpms?
  230. Tach Signal
  231. EFILive Help
  232. hp tuner help
  233. Anyone been thru So. Cal. Smog test with headers/tune...?
  234. HP Tuners checking in from SEMA
  235. P0135/P055/P0300 - Help, what should I do next?
  236. Can someone post a stock ve table please..
  237. My first tune after LTs couple of concerns
  238. CKP System Variation Learn Procedure?
  239. Please help codes after header install!!!
  240. tuning for long tube headers?
  241. 05 Gto
  242. Got Knock
  243. If you spin the engine past 7,000 on stock PCM......
  244. Intermittent Stalling.........
  245. Change DFCO with a Gear Change?
  246. Why Knock Sensors?
  247. NA vs Nitrous Tune...
  248. anyone make this part
  249. post your high octane tables!
  250. Using a NTK wideband sensor ?