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  1. Need a code please!!!
  2. Who can tune may car for me?
  3. Drilled TB causing idle rpm to be to high? Need help
  4. using HpTuners on another year...
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  7. SD??? I know, I know...
  8. Help with Hypertech and LS1edit
  9. 96 LT1 PCM programming question
  10. car runs really rough on cold start for about a min
  11. HP Tuners 02 Sensor delete
  12. code po414 any body
  13. Speed Density Tune?
  14. Has anyone set up a tuner for the GM 4.2 I6?
  15. best way to run LC-1?
  16. frc99
  17. motor/bolt ons/stall...hp tuners and need HELP PLEASE!
  18. TCC slip during lockup, lowered forcing current, What else?
  19. F.A.S.T throttle body getting stuck
  20. Cold Start Up?
  21. Tuning frustrations arghhh
  22. Bucking much less, but now idle is overshooting on decel
  23. Need some help tuning
  24. How popular is chassis dynoing?
  25. Changed gears, Speedo corection?
  26. Painless Perfect Hi-rpm
  27. Anyone use this method to tune idle?
  28. misfire with all cylinders...
  29. Custom tune being reset by dealership?
  30. ABS adjustable via tune??
  31. Ft Walton Beach, FL dyno question
  32. maf low freq
  33. LS1 ECU function question
  34. Cam messed up my Wideband???
  35. Getting a tune.
  36. any programs made for 93 corvette
  37. Idle?
  38. New work done, need ANSWERS!
  39. Wideband
  40. Soundengineer's...histograms
  41. VE and A4 cars... Load vs. shifting ?
  42. Anyone heard of this.....
  43. LS1M Anyone using it?
  44. brake torque management
  45. confused Which version?
  46. P0113 IAT sensor high circuit input
  47. Whats the best efi system for my TTLS1??
  48. Idle tuning?? what do all teh various tables do and how do I tune them
  49. Dumb, but important question
  50. Idle and tuning
  51. VE Tuning=VERY Frustrating. Went back to stock tables.
  52. How am i supposed to clean
  53. Throttle Position is 16 with car NOT started?
  54. ecm not seeing temp
  55. Pulled a few codes from a buddy's '99 Chevy van...
  56. Need some input on misfire
  57. AFR for high RPM but low load?
  58. For you open loop SD guys?
  59. WOT 4200+ rich on dyno
  60. Tuning Stock 99 Z
  61. Can I use this GEN7 DFI???
  62. Quick question about hp tuners and efi live..
  63. Do VE tables affect smog?
  64. think pcm problem please help
  65. Z06 vs CTS-V Tuning
  66. Tuner program Is it woth it?
  67. Where is Effective Airflow Area?
  68. tune problems please help.
  69. best A/F for a 100 dry shot??
  70. HPTuners parts
  71. WOT Cells
  72. F14 in have a few Questions..SES lights
  73. WTF! Installed Ported TB, car goes haywire.
  74. Readiness Codes for OBD-II Inspections?
  75. where to start
  76. Oxygen sensor malfunction?
  77. How To Check Tps For Correctness?
  78. PCM Cover
  79. need primary ls1 spark table for MS install
  80. SD Tune risky in A4
  81. pcmforless a good deal
  82. Wow, how far we have come with LS1's- Dug up an old thread!
  83. Battery/ electrical drain problem!
  84. High IAT?
  85. tuning an 8.1L Whipple piggy back
  86. Predator tuning...
  87. threw SES does this work??
  88. Service engine soon light after tsp true dual install
  89. Question about VE and OLFA
  90. How does PCM interpret this?
  91. if evap has a small leak, what are side effects?
  92. bad knock sensor and performance
  93. 98 pcm tuning
  94. which switch goes where for cruise control?
  95. Weird Problem at WOT in 3rd Gear
  96. (no search)HELP: Air bag..Service Vehicle light on after replacing keylock cylinder
  97. Trouble code 135: O2 Sim unplugged?
  98. Setting up LC1 with HPTuners
  99. questions on hp tuners
  100. Converter doesn't lockup after stroker
  101. Custom Interactive Tutorial for EFI Live
  102. tune make tranny slip?
  103. water temp guage
  104. New cluster air bag light! Help
  105. Do I have Auto Tap or EFIlive?
  106. HP tuners cable issues??
  107. Did I kill my O2's
  108. Trouble Code Question
  109. "Normal" MAP reading for big CI?
  110. Wideband Install
  111. Is this true about 4L60E and pressure w/converter?
  112. Do I need a new Laptop???
  113. FAST XFI questions
  114. Tuned--found vacuum leak--retune?
  115. What Causes P0410 Code To Light SES Light????
  116. Know anyone who can make a custom EFI harness?
  117. Mail Order PCM?
  118. When to change your MAF table
  119. Best fuel - 89, 92, 93 octane?
  120. please help with 2 bar setup
  121. can uplode data after racing ????
  122. p0336 but runs
  123. Ls1 Edit bin needed for LS6
  124. predator tuning
  125. Why all the MAFcalculations?
  126. want to change rev limiter
  127. wots up with these fuel trims?
  128. 02 voltage
  129. 408 Timing Table
  130. P0442 EVAP leak...need help fixin' it
  131. Anyone have one of these aeroforce units?
  132. Cylinder airmass
  133. will i be ok?
  134. Speedo help please
  135. My HPTuners Files Are Locked!
  136. Will changing timing tables affect STFT???
  137. PCM Tuners?? Locations??
  138. PCM Diagnostics & Tuning Guys and Gals.. (Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Years)
  139. how much timing at idle
  140. Help!!!!
  141. Hesitation and loss of power
  142. AEM controllers
  143. Figured out what was wrong...
  144. what is your maf calibration with adjusted afr........please help.....
  145. Speedometer off after Vinci Can Tuner
  146. Cut out and tune?
  147. Full line pressure with A4 SD tune
  148. Programmable tuning for Mustangs?
  149. switching from stock CI to 408 CI with .4+CR
  150. does SES light hurt performance??
  151. computer
  152. New to tuning
  153. Adding a few Mods to my car...SD Mode?
  154. VATS question, car wont start
  155. LS1 Engine Temp what Power?
  156. High rpm idle in/out of gear, little respose
  157. PO102 code????
  158. where to start on head/cam car
  159. knock sensor low voltage
  160. Australian LSx powered cars?
  161. Tranny/Vacuum modulation/PCM question
  162. what afr are you running??? pole
  163. 5 VDC supply from PCM?
  164. MAP & VE tables
  165. Converting a LS1 edit cal to a binary file for HP Tuners?
  166. IAT (threaded) and 2 BAR MAP P/N's
  167. air fuel ratio going crazy whats wrong?
  168. Problem after Problem after LT Install
  169. Map at idle, 86 kpa?
  170. need hlep lt1?????????????
  171. PCM learning at WOT?
  172. '98 to '02 VCM swap.
  173. Unlimited LS1 Edit
  174. SES light???
  175. Best Shift Points...
  176. Hptuners And Others
  177. just when I thought I was close to done...
  178. Couple of questions (FI)
  179. Need Help!!!!!!!
  180. which stand alone to run
  181. computer flashing for auto to m6 swap
  182. Safe a/f for cars still running with cats?
  183. 2006- 5.3 gms disables cyls
  184. Some theory questions
  185. LC-1 Software
  186. Looking for a local tuner? SERIOUSLY READ ME BEFORE ASKING!!
  187. ford pcm tuning??
  188. Runs like @$$ when cold!
  189. Keep chasing AFR can somebody look at my VE table?
  190. Need tuner in Central Louisiana area ?
  191. ??? on 93 programming software
  192. PIDS for boost??
  193. Tuning after converter install
  194. what kind of gages are offered for widebands
  195. preditor
  196. Need help tuning 37# injectors..
  197. 2001 SS throwing codes PO122, PO410
  198. Difference between regular HPT & EIO?
  199. Anyone attended EFI101??
  200. Raised my base spark, now idle goes way up?
  201. No IAT sensor
  202. LT1 Edit websites/info?
  203. vinci/crane power tuner to tune T-rex
  204. Non Digital To Digital Gauge Swap
  205. Got my SD tune close
  206. DTC P0113 IAT sensor high circuit input, after free ram air mod..?
  207. IAT senor DTC code, immediately after free ram air mod?
  208. 02 problems.
  209. Professional Tune ?
  210. Innovate question please help
  211. Upgrading your OS?
  212. Should I take off torque management or not?
  213. kr and gm motors
  214. v-8 .vs. v-6 timing curve
  215. What function does the TCC stop lamp switch have?
  216. Computer question
  217. A little Hint for Guys to play around with in EFILive
  218. Could I benefit from a mail order tune?
  219. Wiring diagrams check this site out guys
  220. hp tuner program?
  221. Tach lead help/shift light troubles
  222. having problems on cold start, need some suggestions
  223. Is a tune needed for a 2500 or 2800 stall?
  224. how do you clear codes without a scantool?
  225. computer problems help!!!
  226. What type of bellows for SD tune?
  227. 99 automatic pcm in place of a 6speed pcm?
  228. Understanding 1153 & 1154
  229. Diary of a n00b tuner
  230. What would you tune for?
  231. Are there any full wiring diagrams floating around for a 99 firebird?
  232. Are there any full wiring diagrams floating around for a 99 firebird?
  233. Tap into MAP wire?
  234. FAST EFI XFI and AEM EMS question
  235. ac idle tuning...
  236. Help me tune my car to get into the 11's
  237. megasquirt install, need ve table
  238. Tps
  239. Whats Wrong? O2 readiness not completeing...
  240. knock sensors
  241. Knock Sensor: Delete or keep
  243. power surge when laptop is on car
  244. P0151 P0174 need some help
  245. voltage problem with car
  246. LTFT are backwards
  247. Who can reprogram a 94 v6 computer?
  248. Ls1 edit problems
  249. Tuning LS1 for dumbies
  250. Which controls idle AFR ?