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  1. Need help tuning a 93 LT1
  2. what is loss of low pulse resolution, opti-spark code 16
  3. Seattle Area, Hypertech needed for gears
  4. Is there anyone with a big cam who doesn't have low rpm surging?
  5. need help... replacing optispark distributor
  6. hesitation in every gear 1100-1600rpms?
  7. Tach Signal
  8. EFILive Help
  9. hp tuner help
  10. Anyone been thru So. Cal. Smog test with headers/tune...?
  11. HP Tuners checking in from SEMA
  12. P0135/P055/P0300 - Help, what should I do next?
  13. Can someone post a stock ve table please..
  14. My first tune after LTs couple of concerns
  15. CKP System Variation Learn Procedure?
  16. Please help codes after header install!!!
  17. tuning for long tube headers?
  18. 05 Gto
  19. Got Knock
  20. If you spin the engine past 7,000 on stock PCM......
  21. Intermittent Stalling.........
  22. Change DFCO with a Gear Change?
  23. Why Knock Sensors?
  24. NA vs Nitrous Tune...
  25. anyone make this part
  26. post your high octane tables!
  27. Using a NTK wideband sensor ?
  28. Code P0108 help needed!!
  29. HPT 2.0 probs
  30. Open loop always?
  31. SES light: P0135 code
  32. PIDs to Log Via Edit to Tune VE Tables
  33. MAF calibration adjustments from LTFT histogram
  34. Histogram Not Woring In Hpt Vcm Scanner 2.0
  35. Necessary programming after 2.73 to 3.42 swap?
  36. Tuning for a cam without a dynotuner
  37. Weird Misfire, anyone?
  38. occasional momentary fuel cutoff while shifting
  39. Filling these cells is hard !
  40. anyone been to SEMA yet?
  41. Car idled at 2,000 RPM's for the second time!
  42. Tuning The 06 Ls2
  43. Scanner for 05 Corvette-suggestions?
  44. WTF is goin' on w/ my car?
  45. tried The New Maf Translator Pro Yet
  46. Need help fast
  47. injector duty cycle 70%
  48. Missing
  49. Wide Band without an interface
  50. LC-1 serial cable recognizes but does not......
  51. Need help with hp tuners..
  52. VE table question
  53. Dyno Tuning Locations.....Need Help!!!!
  54. Using LT1 Edit, how do you turn off the knock sensor?
  55. Quick question about hp tuners..
  56. help
  57. How do you guys set your WOT shift points?
  58. MAP Problems???? 90 plus KPA at Idle
  59. Help Question!! Car Misfires/Won't Idle
  60. Is the EIO needed for wideband tuning?
  61. anyone ever turn off front O2 sensors?
  62. HPT Noob ques / Chevelle LQ9 Conversion
  63. tuners 2.0 % afr histi not working?
  64. Why do the newer temp gauges read fake values?
  65. Is mileage stored in the PCM or gauge cluster?
  66. pe and ve
  67. No MAF signal? Problem, won't run!
  68. LS1 Edit stupid, where can I go for help?
  69. Knock after shift... Any one ever seen it?
  70. Torque Management in A4 C5
  71. Startup Friction Airflow Correction table?
  72. Buying a programer to change wheel settings worth it? Help
  73. Paging Truck guys: PCM Question (PCM Compatibility)
  74. 5.3 Computer
  75. P0153 and P0133
  76. switch from LS1Edit to EFI live
  77. GM/Bosch V6 S/C Injector table or info needed.
  78. Temporary tune? Possible handheld?
  79. throwin code 0420 , need help!
  80. Crazy idle, starting issues
  81. Misfire & coil #5 problems
  82. Problem after header install!! keeps throwing codes
  83. Need Help..
  84. Quad Driver Module
  85. Need Advice
  86. Diablo sportII
  87. Mega Squirt
  88. high and low oct tables
  89. Can i reflesh my pcm by the ls1-edit ??
  90. How can i delete my ASR ??
  91. Dealer lock my PCM :(
  92. Tune now... or later
  93. SLP 85mm MAF
  94. Blown Cats
  95. Desktop Dyno 2003
  96. LTFT help.
  97. Best place to buy LSM11 O2's and is there better?
  98. Tuning w/ cats in or out?
  99. won't shift into 3rd gearat full thottle
  100. Need Help And Advice!
  101. dissapointing results!!
  102. laptop for hptuners?
  103. sd ve tables for big cam please
  104. Big cam causing SES and misfires?
  105. Benefits of Various Tunes??
  106. noticed hesitation during WOT
  107. Always lean in 1st gear then straitens out
  108. Is blinking SES always Misfire?
  109. Tuneing LT St fuel trims 99 SS ?
  110. HELP!!!!! F#*King PassII IGN lockout
  111. need tuning solution for 402cid and FI
  112. injector flow rate calculations ?
  113. p0300 and the cold
  114. Recalibrate CPU with diffrent wheels?
  115. WB tuning with AFR % error ?
  116. Which tuning software have you guys had luck with?
  117. Code 1639
  118. Car won't start after PCM reset
  119. wanna play with excel sheets, but
  120. i have a problem when i raed my pcm ???????
  121. How do you tell the car?
  122. 2 Bar MAP's
  123. someone with a similar tune?
  124. FAT idle wont change...can you help?
  125. Bone stock Z28 idles smooth at 500rpm?
  126. LS1 PCM used for older EFI conversion?
  127. Computer reset's after sitting?
  128. PCM problems with a boosted car...
  129. Bad o2 causing misfire?
  130. Does the MAF reading look normal here on dyno (pic)
  131. 2.0 wideband histogram not working?
  132. Cost of a tune....
  133. Consistant hesitation in Dyno pull-----Help
  134. Hesitation when shifting
  135. Bolt-on tune?!?!?!?
  136. car throwing many codes.........
  137. Cold start with MAF
  138. How can i reflash the pcm
  139. Has anyone ever repined....
  140. Idle Issue on my Z06
  141. why wont my STIT go to 0 when driving?
  142. really bad idle on warm start....please help me out
  143. Need help/advice!
  144. many codes thrown..........
  145. how long to download the pcm with LS1Edit.
  146. LTFT going + at WOT, why?
  147. can outside air temperature affect idle?
  148. Can WideBand O2's be left connection all the time?
  149. hpt 2.0 can I copy over user defined values?
  150. Yet another stinking MAF question...
  151. share your tune.....please
  152. 383 bin files?
  153. HP tuners or LS1 edit
  154. DTC Emissions readiness tests
  155. HPTuners to tune stroker with YSi Vortech?
  156. car does not like timing!
  157. Zeitronix A/F set up gets my vote.
  158. Code Problem Need help
  159. need help with prop fuel tables in hpt
  160. obd11 or obd1 ????
  161. Spit & spudder
  162. Data logging in pcm for Etc
  163. Issue with RAF table and STIT/LTIT
  164. PLEASE HELP...i have a terrible missfire. scanned today have readings/live data.
  165. 0bdii Will Not Scan
  166. Fast XFI or Big stuff 3 tunning?
  167. working on sd ve tuning...will someone look at my logs?
  168. fuel button did not work
  169. Any way to trick the PCM into thinking it's in drive?
  170. Tuning an LS1
  171. good pcm question?
  172. 2.0 Scanner Problem - Anyone Else?
  173. fuel button on front of editor
  174. runs like ass in SD when cold
  175. handheld or Full tuning suite for ...
  176. Quick question about hp tuners liscensing..
  177. do i have to unplug maf
  178. Best tuner for bolt on 01 Z28 M6?
  179. Why are 99-00 & 01-02 LS1 VE tables so different?
  180. how to fix idle start up airflow?
  181. DFI file/help
  182. TPS HELL, someone help me!!!
  183. anyone have this problem???
  184. Any ideas of where to start looking?
  185. What the heck is garage mode?
  186. were to get my car tuned at
  187. best ECM tuning package for mild turbo setup
  188. Should I wait or pull the trigger (EFI-live/HP-tuners ?
  189. Looking for a table...
  190. Experts please: IFR and inHG Explained?
  191. 4 Codes = 1 Problem? (P0161, P0410, P0412, P0418)
  192. Issues with HPT 2.0 reading through editor
  193. predator gear change problems
  194. stock 02 z28 hi - low oct
  195. MAFless tuning on C5
  196. P0300 code - help please
  197. o2 sims.. but have code thrown?
  198. gitting my car tuned
  199. Checked codes and had Eleven!
  200. 98 vette cutting fuel at wot
  201. Stuck on low octane table?
  202. LTFT learning question
  203. hand held programmers
  204. HPTuners vs aftermarket trans temp gauge?
  205. throttle follower issue with FAST 90/90, A4, big cam....
  206. Do it yourself tuning
  207. Thinking of getting HP TUNERS
  208. if i set STIT memory to 0 it wont work?
  209. Need LS1EDIT file #9352261 !!
  210. best way to compensate idle airflow vs oil temp?
  211. Wait4MeTune??
  212. ve table map units
  213. Small Q
  214. P0103 on my 98 TA
  215. Resetting PCM? / Car will run better??
  216. Problems getting motor running properly?
  217. no SES light with MAF disconnected ?
  218. car won't idle w/o MAF (SD)
  219. HP Tuners - 2 Bar VE Table.....
  220. Turbo Timing Table, what does it look like?
  221. A4 tuning question about idling up to 20mph by itself...
  222. Help with LS-1 edit
  223. AFR question before & after cats.
  224. got my lc1 kit today and gotta question..
  225. all this driving?
  226. problem with SES light, help?
  227. HP Tuners F-body vs Y-body
  228. Base Spark vs. Hi / Lo Octane Spark tables.
  229. predator reflash
  230. HP Tuners ?
  231. who is good with excel?
  232. What would cause an O2 to read 438mv?
  233. A/F gauge
  234. VE tuning
  235. Going from 42lbr's to 60lbr's tomorrow..
  236. What's all this stuff about the MAF anyway?
  237. help please
  238. PO418 PO412 and PO410
  239. Having an odd problem with my car...?
  240. LTFT and STFT problems....
  241. Since a C5 doesn't have a true IAC ......
  242. Wire splice connectors..
  243. Help me,need help with trans/tuning issue???
  244. already screwing w/stuff I shouldn't:HPT2.0
  245. Car stalls at stops.
  246. so does anyone out there have a sts tune for hp yet ?
  247. Innovate LC-1 question........
  248. LS-1 in a SandCar
  249. Hptuners Is # 1
  250. Basic Cam Tune questions