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  1. LS1 Engine Temp what Power?
  2. High rpm idle in/out of gear, little respose
  3. PO102 code????
  4. where to start on head/cam car
  5. knock sensor low voltage
  6. Australian LSx powered cars?
  7. Tranny/Vacuum modulation/PCM question
  8. what afr are you running??? pole
  9. 5 VDC supply from PCM?
  10. MAP & VE tables
  11. Converting a LS1 edit cal to a binary file for HP Tuners?
  12. IAT (threaded) and 2 BAR MAP P/N's
  13. air fuel ratio going crazy whats wrong?
  14. Problem after Problem after LT Install
  15. Map at idle, 86 kpa?
  16. need hlep lt1?????????????
  17. PCM learning at WOT?
  18. '98 to '02 VCM swap.
  19. Unlimited LS1 Edit
  20. SES light???
  21. Best Shift Points...
  22. Hptuners And Others
  23. just when I thought I was close to done...
  24. Couple of questions (FI)
  25. Need Help!!!!!!!
  26. which stand alone to run
  27. computer flashing for auto to m6 swap
  28. Safe a/f for cars still running with cats?
  29. 2006- 5.3 gms disables cyls
  30. Some theory questions
  31. LC-1 Software
  32. Looking for a local tuner? SERIOUSLY READ ME BEFORE ASKING!!
  33. ford pcm tuning??
  34. Runs like @$$ when cold!
  35. Keep chasing AFR can somebody look at my VE table?
  36. Need tuner in Central Louisiana area ?
  37. ??? on 93 programming software
  38. PIDS for boost??
  39. Tuning after converter install
  40. what kind of gages are offered for widebands
  41. preditor
  42. Need help tuning 37# injectors..
  43. 2001 SS throwing codes PO122, PO410
  44. Difference between regular HPT & EIO?
  45. Anyone attended EFI101??
  46. Raised my base spark, now idle goes way up?
  47. No IAT sensor
  48. LT1 Edit websites/info?
  49. vinci/crane power tuner to tune T-rex
  50. Non Digital To Digital Gauge Swap
  51. Got my SD tune close
  52. DTC P0113 IAT sensor high circuit input, after free ram air mod..?
  53. IAT senor DTC code, immediately after free ram air mod?
  54. 02 problems.
  55. Professional Tune ?
  56. Innovate question please help
  57. Upgrading your OS?
  58. Should I take off torque management or not?
  59. kr and gm motors
  60. v-8 .vs. v-6 timing curve
  61. What function does the TCC stop lamp switch have?
  62. Computer question
  63. A little Hint for Guys to play around with in EFILive
  64. Could I benefit from a mail order tune?
  65. Wiring diagrams check this site out guys
  66. hp tuner program?
  67. Tach lead help/shift light troubles
  68. having problems on cold start, need some suggestions
  69. Is a tune needed for a 2500 or 2800 stall?
  70. how do you clear codes without a scantool?
  71. computer problems help!!!
  72. What type of bellows for SD tune?
  73. 99 automatic pcm in place of a 6speed pcm?
  74. Understanding 1153 & 1154
  75. Diary of a n00b tuner
  76. What would you tune for?
  77. Are there any full wiring diagrams floating around for a 99 firebird?
  78. Are there any full wiring diagrams floating around for a 99 firebird?
  79. Tap into MAP wire?
  80. FAST EFI XFI and AEM EMS question
  81. ac idle tuning...
  82. Help me tune my car to get into the 11's
  83. megasquirt install, need ve table
  84. Tps
  85. Whats Wrong? O2 readiness not completeing...
  86. knock sensors
  87. Knock Sensor: Delete or keep
  89. power surge when laptop is on car
  90. P0151 P0174 need some help
  91. voltage problem with car
  92. LTFT are backwards
  93. Who can reprogram a 94 v6 computer?
  94. Ls1 edit problems
  95. Tuning LS1 for dumbies
  96. Which controls idle AFR ?
  97. This is the tuning steps i've come up with, correct?
  98. checked my AF
  99. what to tune with???
  100. How to tell if an O2 sensor is going bad????
  101. Knock retard problem
  102. coolant light wont go off, SES came on..ect
  103. Wow, talk about an IDIOT....
  104. msd ignition for gen III for FI
  105. ABS and Brake light
  106. 98 pcm and PE tuning
  107. twin turbo
  108. Blowing fuses
  109. camaro cluster ?'s
  110. Common ground for coil rails?
  111. ***need Wiring Diagram For Starter***
  112. Anyone use Proscan?
  113. No MAF, 4150 intake with a 4 barrel Throttle Body.
  114. what O2 Mv is good???
  115. Blown 383 LT1 management q's
  116. ABS inop on
  117. Why is maf making the car lean
  118. NEW PCM, how hard to get correct OS and VIN number on it???
  119. Good LS1 Edit sites
  120. Turned the MAF back on...
  121. starter problems
  122. LS2 tuning?
  123. long term fuel trim
  124. Sts 67
  125. car wont run
  126. Help Car Runs Like Junk
  127. Ported MAF on H/C car, back to stock MAF
  128. LT / O2 sensor help
  129. How do you reset the PCM?
  130. Anyone ever seen Pocket HP Tuners?
  131. PCM sensor inputs
  132. MSD Ignition for Gen III
  133. VE table question #2
  134. VE table question
  135. EGR Going into intake
  136. How to tune VE on off RPM?
  137. PCM sensor inputs
  138. PCM sensor inputs
  139. q abot running lean
  140. Will an 11.4v charge effect power?
  141. Advice for first real dyno pulls
  142. how to tune IAC?
  143. 408 vette high rpm miss
  144. Knock Sensors
  145. Quick ? about 135 code.
  146. P0155 code
  147. AFR vs RPM - how lean is too lean ?
  148. Any way to convert from 98 pcm to 99+?
  149. Super Chip?
  150. Need Opinions Please
  151. Strange Problem W/Tuners...Can't save???
  152. Safe to remove battery for winter storage?
  153. fixed some bucking and dipping...
  154. lean or rich?
  155. INJ. Duty Cycle on HP tuners
  156. how to set timing on ls1 edit
  157. why is my idle airflow so inconsistent????
  158. Commanding 15.12 AFR but not getting it in closed-loop
  159. What AFR for this tuning?
  160. O2/ knock sensor problems
  161. another cam question sorry
  162. Tuning 1993 Trans Am w/ LT1 383 blower motor!!!
  163. NEED HELP!!! cranks but no start
  164. the powers of a professional dyno tune+big cam
  165. Do i still need a shift kit with new converter even though i have LT1 edit?
  166. Has anyone cured bucking with an open loop tune?
  167. Best mail order tuning (for $)
  168. T-56 to TH400 HP Tuner?
  169. EFI Live confusion
  170. tuning
  171. Besides the connector, are O2's the same for LS1 and LT1?
  172. Yet again, some thoughts/questions on bucking...
  173. Went to dyno, got random misfire instead!
  174. What happend to my AFR?
  175. Someone convince me that I want to stay with HPTuners
  176. Please Help with all of these codes and Backfiring plz
  177. Wideband? WTF?
  178. Why is this WB O2 so cheap?
  179. LF Bigstuff 3 Tuners...
  180. Tuning LTRM's with the MAF connected
  181. Tuning in the freezing cold?
  182. LS1 Edit and a Th350??
  183. Shift point calculator, accurate?
  184. Tach Install
  185. Jumping wires on the MAP?
  186. Truck misses like CRAZY when cold. What could it be??
  187. Cold start's / bigger cam.. please help..
  188. help, TCS off light goes on every time i start the car??
  189. VSS Signal
  190. MAF connector part number needed.
  191. Anyone here build 99+ benchtop harnesses?
  192. I need to locate a tuner
  193. heres how to wire an LC1 to work as a Wideband and a Narrowband at the same time
  194. RPM tach help
  195. got acceleration problems!!! help me pls!!
  196. Aftermath of Alky spray....running awful
  197. 02 silverado bin file??anybody have one?
  198. Disabling rear O2 w/ VCM Edit?
  199. cant log ltit or stit with hptuners
  200. Simle PE/LTRM question
  201. wideband location
  202. What are LTIT and STIT 's ??
  203. PE Delay RPM, confused...
  204. vehicle codes on high idle
  205. wideband w/ true duals?
  206. Anyone have a stock 2001 Z06 .bin file?
  207. wide band worth it
  208. pcm/harness/auto tranny q's
  210. EFILive or HPTuners for Boost?
  211. Security light???
  212. help with a splitter cable
  213. OLFA at 1.0, cold start AFR wandered way lean !
  214. Knock Sensor Voltage Question
  215. torque managment question
  216. EFI Live how to
  217. ??? Open loop question ???
  218. 2001 injectors in 99 ta
  219. Chevrolet Cavalier VAT disable in the PCM
  220. P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
  221. I need some help with my timing curve
  222. PassII Key?
  223. C6 tuning and KR
  224. What wideband are you useing???
  225. OS... EFI Live.. Qs...
  226. Why did my car flatline?
  227. Anyone disable their EVAP purge?
  228. wide band and HP tuner question
  229. Flashing SES...running rough one sec and fine the next
  230. Odd O2 behavior after leaded 110 octane
  231. timing on 2002 z28
  232. timing histogram in tuners??
  233. no power down low...
  234. STS Turbo w/ 60lb mototron injectors issue.
  235. *HELP* serious problem with my car!!
  236. Mini AFC 2.2 Air fuel controller ...
  237. HPtuning or EFILiveL tuning or ls1edit ???
  238. High idle on 99 ss camaro..Help Please.
  239. Need quick help with a wire harness.
  240. maf translator
  241. Rear O2's
  242. Toshiba laptop and EFI Live flashscan
  243. Cam install help
  244. Best shift point and RPM?
  245. Where to tap into RPM for LM-1
  246. How to shut off headlights when tuning
  247. ls1edit question about PCM
  248. What can I do to tune car to be more cosistant at the track?
  249. Pcm - locked, what can be done?
  250. kludge relay and Throttle..any way to disable relaxer side of it??