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  1. Scan XL Pro?
  2. Writing to PCM fail/ inj 0% HELP
  3. 15.6V@WOT normal?
  4. TCS off light comes on if the tires spin
  5. wideband?
  6. 5.3 No start help
  7. Wiring for Alternator with holley system
  8. fried my 98 pcm
  9. wiring issues or something else?
  10. P0118, new sensor, gauge still not working. PCM?
  11. tpms
  12. school me on 98 ls1 pcm's
  13. writing calibration issue hp tuner.
  14. Does Altitude affect MAP pressure at WOT?
  15. 0411 or 2003+ pcm for my setup. Advice needed.
  16. Are front 02 sensors needed on SD tune?
  17. Idle Issues
  18. New GMPP LS3 ecm is locked WTF!
  19. HELP!! clsd tune advice on turbo 5.3
  20. Speed Scene Wiring
  21. lc-1 or other wideband??
  22. Problems!! Please help. Car idles fine but when I put it in gear and accelerate dies
  23. programmer help
  24. Wideband o2 sensor placement?
  25. Can anyone provide a mail order(email order)HPT tune?
  26. Wide open afr accuracy.
  27. New Guy, in need of a serious tune!
  28. Mail Order Frost Tune
  29. Dyno Tune vs HP Tuners
  30. how to take timing out for nitrous on hp tuners
  31. LS3 in 01 Z28 with stock VCM
  32. Help.... Ls2 Cyl. 5 and 8 Multiple misfires P0300
  33. Dynotune question ?
  34. speed density..
  35. Having some possible tune/MAF problems HP Tuners
  36. stock tune, nitrous tune need help
  37. Ls3 pcm swap?
  38. New to tuning gm
  39. Cruising AFR
  40. abs dtc
  41. gauges
  42. 02 Codes
  43. LC-1 reading too program it to correct?
  44. E85 tune?
  45. Need to get egr tuned out can anyone help NW. IL.
  46. HP Tuners learning curve....
  47. can't reset TPS.... for the fucking life of me.
  48. dtc removal now some issues
  49. Vvt tuning tables
  50. New Tune after cam
  51. L33 Harness/ PCM DBC
  52. Disabling ECU Features
  53. 2000 Corvette N/A E85 - timing advance?
  54. Fuel injection connection harness???
  55. Suggest '98, '02 or other PCM for my LS2
  56. Finally Going to Start Tuning
  57. Faulty O2 sensor?
  58. Tuning my 05 yukon,, help me
  59. 93 z28 not running right,datamaster log
  60. C5 ls1 high idle issue with A/C
  61. MAP 0108 Code HELP
  62. what kind of power?
  63. MAP sensor 0108 code HELP
  64. New to tuning please help...
  65. Stock ECU with wide bands??
  66. Few questions about Diablo for lsx's
  67. Misfiring, high IAT Please help!
  68. High idle when rolling
  69. dyno'd...and have some questions on tuning VE and maf...
  70. Stock Exhaust Wideband Placement
  71. 98 camaro tuning?
  72. MAF, Doesnt work help needed.
  73. Do I NEED a tune?
  74. BCM Pinout
  75. Surging l, but not at idle
  76. Idle Surging (Badd)
  77. Fuel Trims +20%
  78. lean after startup first 5 minutes
  79. Need some help diagnosing my tune issues, logs and file attached
  80. 4L80E Trans Shifiting Questions.
  81. Holley Dominator 60-2 58x DIS coil set.
  82. line pressure
  83. To keep or not to keep "Accel Thruster dfi"
  84. 98 z28 to a 02 computer and wiring harness
  85. when is the best time of year for a tune?
  86. Simulation
  87. Tire difference -ABS/TC Fault
  88. HP tuners credit question
  89. Help! Chasing tail with VE tune!
  90. AEM Wideband Question
  91. 3 bar map scaler settings with EFILIVE
  92. 94 lt1 tune making popping nosie
  93. start stall below 100 degrees coolant temp.
  94. KR with E85
  95. tbss bolt ons= loss in mpg?? whats going on
  96. LS2 PCM Question
  97. Anyone good at high horsepower 6L80 cars
  98. 97 camaro ls1 swap just revs to redline
  99. SD Tune, should I remove MAF wires?
  100. I need some Corvette tips on this problem!!!
  101. SD or MAF for a beginner? also help with start up tune
  102. Thinking about a aem ems
  103. Power Enrichment Delay Issue
  104. pin 20 PRP Signal Low-front (red/green connector)
  105. *S2000 LS1 swap Misfire* Please help!
  106. 3 channel to 4 channel but not really
  107. Someone convert my iac desired G/S to counts
  108. Ls1 timing tuner with n20 controls=false knock?
  109. 2000 SS very lean on cold start and warm start
  110. Anyone tuned by this tuner?
  111. Speed density question...
  112. Knock retard
  113. Tuning for a manual trans on a stock VVT LH9 with an E67?
  114. Two codes.
  115. ls3 timing question
  116. edcmat-l1 at LSFest
  117. Tampa Tuning performance tuning of Corvettes, Camaros, GTOs, GM Trucks, etc...
  118. Vin change LT1 to LS1 swap
  119. Hard time cranking what should I scan for
  120. transmission tune
  121. How hard is it to do e85 tune with h/c/i LS1?
  122. Speed cut?
  123. Need help, fried injector outputs!
  124. Mail order tune.
  125. car is dead wont crank over ideas please
  126. LS1 swap coil problem
  127. what was factory timing on a 01 ls1 T/A
  128. Aftermarket Parts Installer Directory
  129. ls3 slow return to idle
  130. No spark with Holley HP
  131. SS 6.0 t76 hesitation Help!
  132. Engine Cranks but Wont start. No readings from ODB2.
  133. Engine Swap. Engine cranks But wont start.
  134. Horrible time tuning big cam
  135. Help. Getting massive knock at low rpms and can't figure out why.
  136. PCM bracket
  137. Help a fellow trans owner out,LS1 evap monitor not set yet!
  138. Frost tune
  139. Idle issue with A/C on
  140. Dyno Shop
  141. Log Fuel Pressure?
  142. can you properly tune a motor without it being in a car?
  143. PCM swap between 99 and 00 WS6
  144. 4l60 limp mode??
  145. Individual Cylinder Fuel Trim Multipliers...
  146. Wierd pcm problem
  147. Can tuning help with a vibration?
  148. launching and traction control
  149. Hanging idle issue
  150. TPS Issues
  151. Fueling PE MAF basic concept help/correction
  152. Need help with idle
  153. Anyone near north myrtle beach with HP tuners?
  154. computer doesnt have ground? no fuel?
  155. Split BLM's....WTF! HELP!!! Video included
  156. Need some help with HP tuners, Car is running wierd on bank 2
  157. big stuff 3 tune
  158. Holley EFI HP not learning
  159. How much will a cam only change on a Turbo affect tune?
  160. Trying to get an AEM Wideband and HP Tuners Pro working together on E85
  161. Passed CA smog with dead EGR
  162. banging exhaust pulling timing.
  163. Aem ems
  164. Dual tune PCM..........questions......
  165. Voltage drops to 12.9 under load/high rpm - concern? voltage stabilzer any help?
  166. Tuning Question in NY
  167. 99 F Body PCM to drive 04 Miata tachometer
  168. Input and separate maps of the 0411 flexfuel PCM?
  169. Map and tps issues
  170. started a few times day one... now it won't start at all.
  171. HpTuners or Holley HP
  172. Question on what tables control getting the best idle.
  173. Negatives to high timing at idle?
  174. 94 LT1 running rich
  175. Low Pulse Width Offset Adder vs BPW (Tuning)
  176. Crazy STFT readings
  177. car will not start
  178. Third gen with broken speedo/tach
  179. LS 6.0 conversion
  180. %Change to AFR Ratio Table Question!
  181. PCM Failure? Need Help
  182. Stall on coastdown
  183. A beyond repair car
  184. Newbie: Need Help Diagnosing Miss
  185. HELP! car wont start after BCM fix
  186. 04 ctsv only good for 2bar map?
  187. DTC codes and emissions
  188. mail order tune w/ 85mm maf question
  189. Fast 102 woes
  190. Don from Slowhawk
  191. Large cube timing
  192. Won't shift 2-3 when it hooks
  193. Trash 98 PCM & start over?
  194. Tcs light?
  195. Frost Tuning - My Review
  196. In dire need of OS
  197. Tuner Locking Removal.
  198. SOLVED: MAF with no 12V, throwing code, have power at fuse, question.
  199. LT1 fast xfi & xim ls7 coils no start
  200. Speed density question
  201. c5 corvette tunning
  202. Going very lean at idle/ low throttle
  203. 2012 Camaro SS tune???
  204. LS1 Hunting Idle
  205. wide band question
  206. tsp 100mm maf
  207. knock sensor code
  208. LS1 to 5.3, which values to bring over?
  209. Basic EFI Live questions
  210. using truck computer in ls swap???
  211. What should A/F be at idle and cruising
  212. Autocal unlockable?
  213. Why does it studder when shifting at low RPM?
  214. SES and check gauges light wont go off with no codes
  215. Another tuning question... VE Tables
  216. 2007 5.3 Silverado speed limiter
  217. 2005 Chevy Z71 5.3 Something Not right
  218. Help, Holley HP going 9.0afr on brake.
  219. Troubleshooting Cooling Fans
  220. TPS reads 26% and 1.8 volts when closed???
  221. newb ? about hp tuners
  222. PCM or opti problem
  223. IAC motor question
  224. LTFTs after filling gas tank
  225. Flashed VCM w/o key in the ignition
  226. MAF Tune Problem
  227. Need help!!! Driver side O2 keep adding fuel for unknown reason....
  228. experienced tuners need to hire for help on Torquer V2 issue
  229. Tuning issues...L Trim and S Trim
  230. Retune?
  231. cartridge maf & IAT
  232. Does anyone have a VE table for a 427 with a fairly large cam that they could share?
  233. Just pulled the trigger on hpt pro!
  234. do i need a tune from ls1 to a 6.0
  235. Looking for a good tuner in the STL area
  236. Just got a used Hp Tuner Pro what to do?
  237. wire harness ?
  238. P0300 code but car runs fine
  239. Anyone have a diagram of what wire goes to what on a 98 harness
  240. TSP 224 CAM VE values at idle strange
  241. E85 Help
  242. Video: What type of rev limiter is this?
  243. stalling trying to idle
  244. Need to richen my SD tune (EFI live)
  245. My brand new Innovate Wide band Inop.
  246. IAC screw pic?
  247. 4.8 dbw to dbc
  248. can some one look at my tune please? ls3 top end 408 with ls3 injectors
  249. Big thank you to Steve Williams at Frost.
  250. 383 LT1 TunerPro Datalogs...PLEASE HELP!!!