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  18. calling Don (slowhawk) or any other tuning specialist
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  24. Hell Just Froze Over
  25. Knock at WOT--FALSE KNOCK???
  26. Bad IAC??
  27. GREAT SERVICE edcmat-l1
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  29. DiabloSport dspI1000, DiabloSport inTune Touch Screen Tuner
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  32. Car Miss-fires above 50mph
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  39. Ls2 l77...
  40. Cars/Cags Lamp Pinout, 99 F-body
  41. Cammed ls1/t56: sudden lean and high idle conditions
  42. Sct programmer
  43. Need help ses light cuts in and out pin loose on ecu
  44. looking for help on STFT and LTFT normal readings
  45. efi live help
  46. FAST 90mm: going to redo idle tuning, tips and tricks welcome
  47. gen IV problems.
  48. tuning books
  49. Multiport Retro-Fit EZ-EFI Questions
  50. 99 z28 no start
  51. New e-testing?
  52. 99 ss problems
  53. quality of autometer wideband O2's for tunning?
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  55. Carb back to EFI
  56. 2 issues: Lterms frozen at 0.0 and -3.1 cruising and running WAY hot.
  57. Re-Tune?
  58. HPTuners....adding percentages across the table?
  59. changing intake
  60. alter tune for 100mm MAF
  61. How much timing advance on a turbo LS2?
  62. Does E40 ECM works with a 2001 5.3 (24x) Motor ?
  63. 98 Chevy prizm hesitation
  64. Predator
  65. Trouble codes for low 02 switching with brand new sensors
  66. Effects of larger intercooler on VE and AFR?
  67. Need Some Bin files
  68. surging issue after MOT and cam install
  69. *UPDATE* 4/17/13 4L60e No 3rd Unless Selected?
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  77. Idle Timing with Cam?
  78. Efi live
  79. speedo not correct after gear change
  80. Engine swap/pcm compatibility question.
  81. 98 to 99-02 harness??
  82. Tuned to run too rich?
  83. Tuning question
  84. A/f ?
  85. (Video) What does this surge/stall issue look like to you?
  86. new tb/intake+wot=p0123?
  87. Displacement On Demand
  88. vats-passlock
  89. Is there any digital gash gauges out there ?
  90. Holley EFI use with stock gauges
  91. Can I tranfer a tune from my 98 speed density to a 99 with a Maf
  92. battery disconnect bad for the ecm?
  93. Tune questions
  94. Would a frost tune fix this?
  95. Tuning maf vs speed density
  96. Ls1 gauges sweeping
  97. High tps voltage with nw 102 tb
  98. Ltft bank 2 help
  99. Problems after shift light install
  100. trouble shooting codes p0174/p0171 and others
  101. Need best hp tuner person in the alabama area
  102. Need tech help - Want to convert CSFI injector controls to LT1 injectors
  103. Help, MAF Issue?
  104. PCM Not Seeing MAP Output
  105. help no start no spark
  106. Contact help, frost?
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  109. Help need tune Huntsville Alabama
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  111. EFI live ?
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  114. looking for a tech 2 scanner
  115. Curing the "reduced engine power" TAC issues.
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  117. best ecu for twin turbo project? 24x reluctor
  118. wideband o2 sensor help!!
  119. Need help for my 05 GMC?
  120. Buying HPT - how long did it take you all to "pick" it up
  121. 99 5.3 tsp problems
  122. Misfiring, please I just want some opinions
  123. 5.3 Tune help
  124. help with my setup!!!
  125. A/C Compressor control PCM?
  126. Tuning drop throttle response
  127. Anyone know if 96 with LS1 and PCM can pass emissions by changing VIN/deleting codes
  128. keep changing ve table but no difference 2 bar turbo
  129. AEM wideband issue
  130. 1996 Z28 Built with 24x conversion Need tune
  131. Max VE for an stroked L76?
  132. Battery Died While Reflashing, Now PCM Is Locked
  133. Need help mail in order tune C5
  134. Question, can I pass emissions, LT1 to LQ4 swap
  135. Need help Tuning my new LS3 Xim please
  136. Changing back to stock MAF
  137. Can you switch ecm from one cammed car to another?
  138. Reading AFR using LM1 & HPTuners...having problems!
  139. Bank 1 sensor 1
  140. swaping tunes via hpt
  141. can you have switch activated maps?
  142. P0118 two times in one week even after replacing ECT
  143. LS1 denotation in low gears only...ideas?
  144. What else could cause Fuel trims to go high and O2 sensors to read lean?
  145. O2 sensor not working HELP
  146. Engine will not start
  147. cat-less engine light tuning
  148. can i adjust shift points with intune?
  149. High RPM idle; Ive about had it!! Arg.
  150. P0200 & P0121 codes need HELP!
  151. Bought a 2001 5.3 LS & 700R4 but no computer or wire harness. Which one do I need?
  152. Tuning after mail order tune?
  153. what tables to change from 5.7 to 6.0
  154. c6 m6 reasembly
  155. Fixed p0102 now running worse, HELP!
  156. Ls2 408 fbody firing and fuel problem!!!
  157. DBW help!
  158. WOT AFR very rich from what commanded AFR should be.
  159. TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics (TOAD)
  160. Thinking about switching to a 2 Bar MAP Speed Density Tune
  161. 71 camaro ls1/4l40 swap to t-56
  162. Need wiring help!!!
  163. Bone Stock 2003 zo6 - 96% duty cycle
  164. How Do You Adjust Idle Airflow Using EFI Live?
  165. Any advantage from a Frost tune on almost stock ride?
  166. LS7 card style MAF and tube info
  167. How long does C6Z PCM retard timing for knock?
  168. newb question
  169. bad tune? p0300
  170. Question on a frost tune.
  171. No start Hptuners vats?
  172. 4.8l Dyno mule
  173. Diablo tune for Procharger?
  174. Tuners near valley forge Pa
  175. I need a 6.0 4l60e .JCL .BIN or .CAL file!
  176. Ls powered gen 1 cutting fuel
  177. what am i missing??
  178. Does anyone have an HP Tuner in the DFW area?
  179. 99+ pcm swap tachometer issue
  180. Ls1pcm will works on ls3 engine?
  181. Need help ASAP please!!!
  182. DBW WOT problem
  183. Figuring out wiring of harness
  184. Which wideband a/f gauge?
  185. tuning please help!!!
  186. Help with these charts
  187. Ls7 swap in f-body
  188. Mail in tune
  189. Need help figuring out wiring harness/pin outs on plugs
  190. Computer help on 98 Trans Am!!
  191. Tune needed if changing thermostat?
  192. Input Needed on Honeycomb for lS7 MAF Sensor
  193. Slight Surging
  194. button on automatic shifter sticking
  195. ARH Wide Band Bung Location
  196. WTB: HPTuners Suite (pro) with at least a couple credits
  197. Could a Reputable tuner give me a moment please?
  198. Hypertech questions
  199. Greer Performance in Ft. Wayne Indiana
  200. need help wiring an SES light
  201. H&P Performance Offering Tuning Solutions in the midwest!!
  202. ECM flash?
  203. Temp gauge signal??
  204. Knock Sensor Location
  205. 6.0 tune for Jet DST?
  206. hp tuner question
  207. New tuning/turbo fabrication shop in iowa!!
  208. Air Fuel question
  209. Finally some good data for Siemens 60lb Injector
  210. cutting wires
  211. Will scaling 200lb inj from 60lb inj be risky?
  212. RPM/Engine will Not Respond to Pedal, CAM Tune E38 HELP!!!!!!!!
  213. Gas Mileage Question....
  214. Tune all of a sudden running lean?
  215. Car turns over then dies after starts
  216. 2001 Pontiac TA
  217. Hitting the next gear problem
  218. Tire height wrong in computer?
  219. Looking for the trigger wire for LS-3
  220. 5.3l swap... HELP!
  221. Tuning for Hanging Idle
  222. ls1 wont run
  223. what is the best AFR for 12.5 cr engine ?
  224. Full tune or monitor?
  225. P0300 Code Can't figure it out
  226. Time for a tune or not?
  227. First Start Tune Recommendations
  228. Problems =\
  229. First time w/ EFILive, getting knock retard?
  230. how much timing are you guys running with CR less than 10.0:1? Chime in plz
  231. Power band
  232. How to test for VSS signal
  233. TPS WOES - Getting pissed
  234. Adjusting Map Offest
  235. innovate lc-1 wideband ???
  236. Innovate Wideband Installation
  237. Tunning 4l80e
  238. tuner near middle tn
  239. Holley hp efi enough for TT 5.3
  240. New mods, Can I drive to dyno???
  241. hp tuners help...
  242. obdwiz software qusetions ?
  243. dumb wideband O2 tuning question
  244. Car started hesitating bad after clutch install
  245. no tach signal, ecu?
  246. PCM programing
  247. When to throw it on the Dyno?
  248. Should I try fix my own tune or just re-tune from scratch???
  249. Lets Talk GMLAN (J2411 SWCAN-Bus)
  250. Hp tuners with hypertech