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  1. Innovate Wideband Installation
  2. Tunning 4l80e
  3. tuner near middle tn
  4. Holley hp efi enough for TT 5.3
  5. New mods, Can I drive to dyno???
  6. hp tuners help...
  7. obdwiz software qusetions ?
  8. dumb wideband O2 tuning question
  9. Car started hesitating bad after clutch install
  10. no tach signal, ecu?
  11. PCM programing
  12. When to throw it on the Dyno?
  13. Should I try fix my own tune or just re-tune from scratch???
  14. Lets Talk GMLAN (J2411 SWCAN-Bus)
  15. Hp tuners with hypertech
  16. Turbo injector issue... Help
  17. Camaro gauge cluster oil pressure and gas gauge help
  18. GMPP engine controller a/c request pin?
  19. tuning a brand new vehicle, why ?
  20. Any tuners in Northwest Ohio? Lima area?
  21. LS7 MAF Help.....I Have searched and cant find my answer
  22. HP Tuners
  23. need help! LQ9 runs great UNTIL it reaches operating temperature?
  24. how to hook up a PCM to HP tuners without going through harness?
  25. 4L80E Input Torque
  26. LM-1 and IAT/CLT tables
  27. What to use for speed density tune
  28. Anyone here knowledgeable with tuning?
  29. Tune or stall problem?
  30. off idle reponse falls on face
  31. PCM Question
  32. No com with Tcm or PCM with tech 2
  33. Questionable engine - want to hear it run before having it tuned...
  34. Exhaust making a terrible popping!
  35. tuning strategy differences? eddy current dyno vs inertia dyno
  36. Need Holley Dominator EFI Help.
  37. Mail order tune with Cam?
  38. P0102
  39. Poor Throttle Response After 90mm Install
  40. advice on live data obd2 scan tool purchase for diag. and tune
  41. DTC help
  42. how "smooth" should a VE table look like?
  43. Car dies at cold temps and if idle to long.
  44. After megasquirt, engine cuts off at 4700rpm
  45. tuning the 5.3 questions.
  46. System Lean after header install
  47. PCM/wiring harness question
  48. 99 to 01 OS Hptuners doesnt read sensors
  49. Need Help figuring out the year of my F-body Ls1 Harness
  50. Misfire Data from Snap on Scanner MT2500
  51. Engine stalls when a/c turned on
  52. speedometer off?
  53. Misfires After Tune
  54. ecm swapping?
  55. injector flow rate vs kpa
  56. HP Numbers?
  57. Does anyone have the blue cat tool?
  58. 896 PCM, can you flash a 411 tune into it?
  59. Map sensor question
  60. Mail order tune Help
  61. southern ga tuning??
  62. Tuning bolt on
  63. Misfires on 2 and 3 at 50+Mph
  64. Help! horrible stumbling issues at low RPM
  65. Chasing My my desired airflow suppose to be at 0?
  66. Rolling idle issues after 2 Rounds of tuning with 228R Cam. Help Please
  67. Turbo tune. Tune with no boost, low boost, or high?
  68. Thinking about learning how to tune my car, where to start?
  69. HP Tuners and tuner lock question
  70. Troube Shooting/ Tunning my 280/LSX
  71. Tune Time Performance in Lakewood
  72. PCM, ECM & BCM clarification
  73. 98 T/A with 99 harness with 02 pcm swap problems
  74. mail order tune
  76. Trying to get dyno tune but I CANNOT due to my o2 sensors
  77. Long Hot Start
  78. Pegged 25% LTRIM - o2's seem ok?
  79. Found a PCM -Good for anything?
  80. Modern muscle
  81. 98 99 engine harness differences
  82. Tuners in the chicago area???
  83. I'm about to pull my hair out... AEM wideband install?
  84. Guide to Electrical Best Practices
  85. Question about VATS and tuning credits
  86. Shifting Issues
  87. VATS Tuned(or fried) itself out?!? Call me crazy
  88. where does pcm(red) #10 tach wire go???
  89. Quick question
  90. Ls2 harness help needed
  91. 99 ws6 ls2 6.0 trans am
  92. Dyno tune in southwestern PA.
  93. LT1 heads and cam timing map.
  94. Holley Efi Tuners in Indiana / Chicago ?
  95. Flashing a 99 pcm with a 2000 tune
  96. Flash a new tune - car takes several ignition cycles to start - Why?
  97. Hot start problems hunting at idle
  98. MSD6010/MS1, MS3.57, or MS3x
  99. 4.3 harness conversion to 5.3
  100. VVT with 4l60e without ISS
  101. Noob Tuner
  102. pulsing problems
  103. Picking up an 05 harness and pcm need help
  104. has anybody delt with race proven motorsports
  105. Trip odometer is resetting itself.
  106. ltft max bank 1 koeo
  107. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
  108. Holley efi
  109. loading up after 5k
  110. Holley Dominator 1 wideband or 2?
  111. TPS sensor code after new cam and top end install
  112. “Service Active handling” & other DIC Codes after headers/manifold/tune??
  113. Holley dominator efi
  114. Air Lid to 102 Throttle Body Coupler? MAF or SD??
  115. Need harness help, LT1 to LS(LQ4) swap
  116. HHR RWD w/LS1 computer help
  117. repin a 98
  118. Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge Owners
  119. Getting desperate!
  120. need some advice.
  121. HELP! descreened maf was told i need a new one!!?
  122. New to Site and Need Help
  123. Mail Order Tunes
  124. dwell timming issues
  125. Process For Different Computer
  126. 24x Reluctor Wheel 58x PCM Programming Fix?
  127. to MAF or not to MAF?
  128. Logging Injector Data
  129. Convert Drive by Wire to Drive by Cable
  130. Selling My Classifieds...has $10,000 in unused credits on it
  131. P0342, P0343, P0430..heeelllpp
  132. Frost dual flash pcm
  133. 98 PCM swap to 99&up Re-pin Questions
  134. P0757 Shift solenoid b stuck on 2002 camaro
  135. 07 avalanche (l92) wiring harness and ecm on an ls2
  136. No 2-3 shift under nitrous
  137. Cost Effective Code reader?
  138. intermitten PE
  139. speed sensor code ?
  140. Troubleshooting p0133
  141. Easy tuning projects?
  142. Need help with 93 octane tune knowledge
  143. The salvage yard ripped me off..
  144. Little tuning help needed fast 102 instal
  145. anyone got a good write up on how to cure idle hang via hp tuners?
  146. So-Cal: LS Engine Dyno Tuning..Where??
  147. Does this sound like a tuning issue?
  148. rear 02 sensor delete help
  149. Any efi live tunners that can tune via e-mail?
  150. Can a 01 ls1 ECU work on 98 ls1 WITHOUT THE HARNESS?
  151. PCM or TPS problems?
  152. Looking forward to getting tune.
  153. o2 sensor
  154. first data logging not sure on what to use?
  155. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  156. NGK AFX, HPTUNERS, WIRES install
  157. Hp Tuner BE vs PE on a 3 bar OS
  158. Need help...
  159. 3 new crank sensors in 3 weeks?
  160. Tune changes with open headers?
  161. 98 formula TSP224/228 surges in park
  162. Emission Question, LT1 to LS1, possible to pass?
  163. Who got a Frost Tune?
  164. Writing problem with 03 Z06 HPT
  165. Its about time!!!!!!!
  166. Bench Top ECU /ECM Programming Cable
  167. Good Tune shop near Stamford, CT
  168. Ordered a PLX AFR gen 2 + DM-6 today, anyone here run one?
  169. Introduction | ShorTuning
  170. dyno and tuning southwest michigan northwest indiana
  171. security light, why is it on?
  172. hp tuner
  173. Engine Code P0008....
  174. E85 tuning
  175. Data log and tune
  176. How to log fuel pressure using U7198 Diablo handheld.
  177. Who would be a good canidate to tune an LT1 after a 24x Conversion by e-mail
  178. What causes tip in knock
  179. Blew stock pistons twice on twin turbo LS2 with low boost-- Please look at my tune!
  180. Stock 98 tune
  181. HELP!! IAT, MAF, Tune??
  182. speed signal
  183. Need some help with my 98
  184. Wiring help
  185. 24x 12v not 58x 5v, cross-bred GTO LS2
  186. tuners in south eastern ohio
  187. louisiana tuner
  188. same vin pcms
  189. MAF spikes to 2500 cfm.... I take it that is not normal?
  190. ls1 no power in gear
  191. Help ABS pin 20
  192. 1998 Trans Am cutting out - Can't figure it out
  193. Which tuner cable Moates or Tunercat?
  194. Who has stock-like, or better than stock, idle manners with big cam and/or big CUBES
  195. LS1 running lean....
  196. Fuel trim question
  197. Cam position sensor low input
  198. Question about PLX wideband
  199. tuners in houston area
  200. tunnig issue speed density
  201. lets talk about idle tuning!
  202. About to get tuned... can you think of anything else for me to do
  203. Another SD question
  204. Does anyone know...
  205. EFI Live and VIN number change question
  206. DBW woes...
  207. p1133 and p1153
  208. idle issue. help!!
  209. Air/Fuel ratios... is this normal?
  210. Diablo handheld question
  211. LS1 barely runs, unusual circumstances. Need serious wisdom here. Where do I start?
  212. map code and throttle fault - advice
  213. HP tuners & VVT help please!!!
  214. 99 ls1 computer w/ 5.3 truck MAF p0102
  215. PCM swap specific questions
  216. Will a bad cam sensor do this?
  217. DIABLO INTUNE users, chime in
  218. Help, 10.0 at WOT with n.o.s
  219. looking for a good tuner western pa!!
  220. Tuner near arkansas
  221. help looking for fast injectors offset timing table
  222. LS1 TPS Problem
  223. P0336 with 383 build
  224. ATTN hptuners experts. Transmission segment swap
  225. Where is the throttle blade adjusting screw on a Fast 92 TB?
  226. 5.3 tps issue
  227. Ls1 stumbles and hard start
  228. PLEASE HELP with P0342 code, Tach drops to zero
  229. Help!! Running Issues "Open Headers"
  230. Help!! Running Issues "Open Headers"
  231. 2002 5.3 wit a 4l60 into a 79 malibu
  232. tune shop
  233. HELP PLEASE!! i need help from a hptuners guru..
  234. Megasquirt or factory PCM and standalone harness?
  235. What codes to delete 4l80e swap
  236. Go SD or stay MAF?
  237. recomend a tuner in dallas area
  238. autometer speedo not please
  239. Rough idle and stalls
  240. 2.5 Bar map with a 98 PCM
  241. Cold start issues = not enough air with Fast 92 TB
  242. MS3 CAM + HP TUNER Help
  243. Runs Like S***
  244. EFI Live injector tuning with turbo question..
  245. Quick prestartup question
  246. Wtf is this??
  247. dyno tune vs mail order
  248. PCM help
  249. Where to mount my LS1 computer in my 69 Camaro?
  250. PCM requests TCS to be Disabled???????