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  1. can you have switch activated maps?
  2. P0118 two times in one week even after replacing ECT
  3. LS1 denotation in low gears only...ideas?
  4. What else could cause Fuel trims to go high and O2 sensors to read lean?
  5. O2 sensor not working HELP
  6. Engine will not start
  7. cat-less engine light tuning
  8. can i adjust shift points with intune?
  9. High RPM idle; Ive about had it!! Arg.
  10. P0200 & P0121 codes need HELP!
  11. Bought a 2001 5.3 LS & 700R4 but no computer or wire harness. Which one do I need?
  12. Tuning after mail order tune?
  13. what tables to change from 5.7 to 6.0
  14. c6 m6 reasembly
  15. Fixed p0102 now running worse, HELP!
  16. Ls2 408 fbody firing and fuel problem!!!
  17. DBW help!
  18. WOT AFR very rich from what commanded AFR should be.
  19. TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics (TOAD)
  20. Thinking about switching to a 2 Bar MAP Speed Density Tune
  21. 71 camaro ls1/4l40 swap to t-56
  22. Need wiring help!!!
  23. Bone Stock 2003 zo6 - 96% duty cycle
  24. How Do You Adjust Idle Airflow Using EFI Live?
  25. Any advantage from a Frost tune on almost stock ride?
  26. LS7 card style MAF and tube info
  27. How long does C6Z PCM retard timing for knock?
  28. newb question
  29. bad tune? p0300
  30. Question on a frost tune.
  31. No start Hptuners vats?
  32. 4.8l Dyno mule
  33. Diablo tune for Procharger?
  34. Tuners near valley forge Pa
  35. I need a 6.0 4l60e .JCL .BIN or .CAL file!
  36. Ls powered gen 1 cutting fuel
  37. what am i missing??
  38. Does anyone have an HP Tuner in the DFW area?
  39. 99+ pcm swap tachometer issue
  40. Ls1pcm will works on ls3 engine?
  41. Need help ASAP please!!!
  42. DBW WOT problem
  43. Figuring out wiring of harness
  44. Which wideband a/f gauge?
  45. tuning please help!!!
  46. Help with these charts
  47. Ls7 swap in f-body
  48. Mail in tune
  49. Need help figuring out wiring harness/pin outs on plugs
  50. Computer help on 98 Trans Am!!
  51. Tune needed if changing thermostat?
  52. Input Needed on Honeycomb for lS7 MAF Sensor
  53. Slight Surging
  54. button on automatic shifter sticking
  55. ARH Wide Band Bung Location
  56. WTB: HPTuners Suite (pro) with at least a couple credits
  57. Could a Reputable tuner give me a moment please?
  58. Hypertech questions
  59. Greer Performance in Ft. Wayne Indiana
  60. need help wiring an SES light
  61. H&P Performance Offering Tuning Solutions in the midwest!!
  62. ECM flash?
  63. Temp gauge signal??
  64. Knock Sensor Location
  65. 6.0 tune for Jet DST?
  66. hp tuner question
  67. New tuning/turbo fabrication shop in iowa!!
  68. Air Fuel question
  69. Finally some good data for Siemens 60lb Injector
  70. cutting wires
  71. Will scaling 200lb inj from 60lb inj be risky?
  72. RPM/Engine will Not Respond to Pedal, CAM Tune E38 HELP!!!!!!!!
  73. Gas Mileage Question....
  74. Tune all of a sudden running lean?
  75. Car turns over then dies after starts
  76. 2001 Pontiac TA
  77. Hitting the next gear problem
  78. Tire height wrong in computer?
  79. Looking for the trigger wire for LS-3
  80. 5.3l swap... HELP!
  81. Tuning for Hanging Idle
  82. ls1 wont run
  83. what is the best AFR for 12.5 cr engine ?
  84. Full tune or monitor?
  85. P0300 Code Can't figure it out
  86. Time for a tune or not?
  87. First Start Tune Recommendations
  88. Problems =\
  89. First time w/ EFILive, getting knock retard?
  90. how much timing are you guys running with CR less than 10.0:1? Chime in plz
  91. Power band
  92. How to test for VSS signal
  93. TPS WOES - Getting pissed
  94. Adjusting Map Offest
  95. innovate lc-1 wideband ???
  96. Innovate Wideband Installation
  97. Tunning 4l80e
  98. tuner near middle tn
  99. Holley hp efi enough for TT 5.3
  100. New mods, Can I drive to dyno???
  101. hp tuners help...
  102. obdwiz software qusetions ?
  103. dumb wideband O2 tuning question
  104. Car started hesitating bad after clutch install
  105. no tach signal, ecu?
  106. PCM programing
  107. When to throw it on the Dyno?
  108. Should I try fix my own tune or just re-tune from scratch???
  109. Lets Talk GMLAN (J2411 SWCAN-Bus)
  110. Hp tuners with hypertech
  111. Turbo injector issue... Help
  112. Camaro gauge cluster oil pressure and gas gauge help
  113. GMPP engine controller a/c request pin?
  114. tuning a brand new vehicle, why ?
  115. Any tuners in Northwest Ohio? Lima area?
  116. LS7 MAF Help.....I Have searched and cant find my answer
  117. HP Tuners
  118. need help! LQ9 runs great UNTIL it reaches operating temperature?
  119. how to hook up a PCM to HP tuners without going through harness?
  120. 4L80E Input Torque
  121. LM-1 and IAT/CLT tables
  122. What to use for speed density tune
  123. Anyone here knowledgeable with tuning?
  124. Tune or stall problem?
  125. off idle reponse falls on face
  126. PCM Question
  127. No com with Tcm or PCM with tech 2
  128. Questionable engine - want to hear it run before having it tuned...
  129. Exhaust making a terrible popping!
  130. tuning strategy differences? eddy current dyno vs inertia dyno
  131. Need Holley Dominator EFI Help.
  132. Mail order tune with Cam?
  133. P0102
  134. Poor Throttle Response After 90mm Install
  135. advice on live data obd2 scan tool purchase for diag. and tune
  136. DTC help
  137. how "smooth" should a VE table look like?
  138. Car dies at cold temps and if idle to long.
  139. After megasquirt, engine cuts off at 4700rpm
  140. tuning the 5.3 questions.
  141. System Lean after header install
  142. PCM/wiring harness question
  143. 99 to 01 OS Hptuners doesnt read sensors
  144. Need Help figuring out the year of my F-body Ls1 Harness
  145. Misfire Data from Snap on Scanner MT2500
  146. Engine stalls when a/c turned on
  147. speedometer off?
  148. Misfires After Tune
  149. ecm swapping?
  150. injector flow rate vs kpa
  151. HP Numbers?
  152. Does anyone have the blue cat tool?
  153. 896 PCM, can you flash a 411 tune into it?
  154. Map sensor question
  155. Mail order tune Help
  156. southern ga tuning??
  157. Tuning bolt on
  158. Misfires on 2 and 3 at 50+Mph
  159. Help! horrible stumbling issues at low RPM
  160. Chasing My my desired airflow suppose to be at 0?
  161. Rolling idle issues after 2 Rounds of tuning with 228R Cam. Help Please
  162. Turbo tune. Tune with no boost, low boost, or high?
  163. Thinking about learning how to tune my car, where to start?
  164. HP Tuners and tuner lock question
  165. Troube Shooting/ Tunning my 280/LSX
  166. Tune Time Performance in Lakewood
  167. PCM, ECM & BCM clarification
  168. 98 T/A with 99 harness with 02 pcm swap problems
  169. mail order tune
  171. Trying to get dyno tune but I CANNOT due to my o2 sensors
  172. Long Hot Start
  173. Pegged 25% LTRIM - o2's seem ok?
  174. Found a PCM -Good for anything?
  175. Modern muscle
  176. 98 99 engine harness differences
  177. Tuners in the chicago area???
  178. I'm about to pull my hair out... AEM wideband install?
  179. Guide to Electrical Best Practices
  180. Question about VATS and tuning credits
  181. Shifting Issues
  182. VATS Tuned(or fried) itself out?!? Call me crazy
  183. where does pcm(red) #10 tach wire go???
  184. Quick question
  185. Ls2 harness help needed
  186. 99 ws6 ls2 6.0 trans am
  187. Dyno tune in southwestern PA.
  188. LT1 heads and cam timing map.
  189. Holley Efi Tuners in Indiana / Chicago ?
  190. Flashing a 99 pcm with a 2000 tune
  191. Flash a new tune - car takes several ignition cycles to start - Why?
  192. Hot start problems hunting at idle
  193. MSD6010/MS1, MS3.57, or MS3x
  194. 4.3 harness conversion to 5.3
  195. VVT with 4l60e without ISS
  196. Noob Tuner
  197. pulsing problems
  198. Picking up an 05 harness and pcm need help
  199. has anybody delt with race proven motorsports
  200. Trip odometer is resetting itself.
  201. ltft max bank 1 koeo
  202. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
  203. Holley efi
  204. loading up after 5k
  205. Holley Dominator 1 wideband or 2?
  206. TPS sensor code after new cam and top end install
  207. “Service Active handling” & other DIC Codes after headers/manifold/tune??
  208. Holley dominator efi
  209. Air Lid to 102 Throttle Body Coupler? MAF or SD??
  210. Need harness help, LT1 to LS(LQ4) swap
  211. HHR RWD w/LS1 computer help
  212. repin a 98
  213. Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge Owners
  214. Getting desperate!
  215. need some advice.
  216. HELP! descreened maf was told i need a new one!!?
  217. New to Site and Need Help
  218. Mail Order Tunes
  219. dwell timming issues
  220. Process For Different Computer
  221. 24x Reluctor Wheel 58x PCM Programming Fix?
  222. to MAF or not to MAF?
  223. Logging Injector Data
  224. Convert Drive by Wire to Drive by Cable
  225. Selling My Classifieds...has $10,000 in unused credits on it
  226. P0342, P0343, P0430..heeelllpp
  227. Frost dual flash pcm
  228. 98 PCM swap to 99&up Re-pin Questions
  229. P0757 Shift solenoid b stuck on 2002 camaro
  230. 07 avalanche (l92) wiring harness and ecm on an ls2
  231. No 2-3 shift under nitrous
  232. Cost Effective Code reader?
  233. intermitten PE
  234. speed sensor code ?
  235. Troubleshooting p0133
  236. Easy tuning projects?
  237. Need help with 93 octane tune knowledge
  238. The salvage yard ripped me off..
  239. Little tuning help needed fast 102 instal
  240. anyone got a good write up on how to cure idle hang via hp tuners?
  241. So-Cal: LS Engine Dyno Tuning..Where??
  242. Does this sound like a tuning issue?
  243. rear 02 sensor delete help
  244. Any efi live tunners that can tune via e-mail?
  245. Can a 01 ls1 ECU work on 98 ls1 WITHOUT THE HARNESS?
  246. PCM or TPS problems?
  247. Looking forward to getting tune.
  248. o2 sensor
  249. first data logging not sure on what to use?
  250. Merry Christmas everyone!!