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  1. my impala and tahoe
  2. Idle 800 below 10 mph, idle 1000 above 15 mph WTF?
  3. where to buy ls1 edit?
  4. Low Voltage SES codes
  5. Help Me Please
  6. Codes
  7. what does adaptive idle control?
  8. is there any way to adjust the speed the car corrects fueling when at idle?
  9. VE Spreadsheet
  10. Mulitple Codes
  11. when to change 02 sensors?
  12. 1998 tunning?
  13. Pontiac Firebird 1991
  14. SD tuning and automatic, issues idling
  15. 1st tuning experience
  16. Timing & all idle tables w/ bigger cam
  17. HPT and LC-1 not working right...HELP
  18. throwing some codes
  19. HP Tuners Wide Band Question
  20. Yeah!!! i just ordered my hptuners
  21. problems with pe need help
  22. efi live
  23. I'm really confused....
  24. Wanting to learn how to tune...
  25. Corvette:GM DESIAC gms/s - Is this in HP Tuners???
  26. IFR for 42# injectors??
  27. view past codes?
  28. HPT question about Desired IAC steps vs. Desired idle effective Area
  29. Reset to Stock-LTFT????
  30. to capture a dying car..
  31. Symptoms of an erratic Crank Position Sensor?
  32. Professional tune!?!
  33. STIT, LTIT arent consistent in 180* coolant temps?
  34. TPS problem
  35. H/C Swap completed, Quick Idle tuning question.
  36. Techedge WB with Hptuners
  37. h/c car hunts for idle EVERY time it is started up?
  38. maf tuning method and strange trims
  39. Help me get rid of these pestering gremlins!
  40. A/C and idle. wont stay started. Wont to change in HPT?
  41. Weird Idle Issue after WOT?
  42. Please help me diagnose this problem
  43. i want absolute timing control but can't get it.
  44. Do i need a tune
  45. getting some random knock?
  46. can someone help me with a code
  47. Wideband in stock O2 bung for SD Tuning???
  48. 99z jus dyno'd
  49. Help with codes
  50. HP Tuners Problem
  51. what are the conditions for closed loop?
  52. Another VATS question,,, did the search..
  53. help on resetting computer :(
  54. Ordering Megasquirt for my 98, what all do I need to order?
  55. tc shutter while driving in gear locked
  56. SES Light
  57. Tune Parameter HELP!!
  58. auto criuse controll
  59. Best Tuning Route to take?
  60. Problems with STFT tuning???
  61. ?? Lean, to Rich ?? someone explain
  62. help 97 z28 no start no com. with pcm
  63. SES light just came on, and I dont like it.
  64. Secondary AIR relay location?
  65. Tranny Swap A4-M6
  66. VE Tuning (octane tables)
  67. EGT data in graph form inside...may be useful
  68. Getting frustrated with negative trims
  69. traction control took a vacation
  70. Built motor, raised compression, nitrous and 93...
  71. 3 Altenators dead in 3 weeks! help please!
  72. if i lower pe, how should i increase the ve in those areas?
  73. prop fuel, my results did not show HP Tuners explaination...
  74. Initial tune for homebuilt turbo system
  75. Initial tune for homebuilt turbo system
  76. Ok need a tune but how?
  77. steps i took in getting idle, come in and add to it/correct me haha
  78. TCC - tuning question
  79. ODBII Pass or Fail???
  80. Anyone on here have experince with tunning STS kit
  81. light throttle load surging... P0101 ? MAF table ?
  82. Who can edit 01 V6?
  83. did some fiddling around with trying to smooth out idle...
  84. ok lets try again, + trims on start up wont go away, help me fix it
  85. wiring harness 99-02 the same?
  86. Would there be intrest in a 2 step for lsx
  87. my LTFT and KR
  88. o2 sensor question?
  89. How to lock a 4L60 temporarily in 2nd with HPT
  90. 1997 Chevy Camaro RS 3800 V6
  91. hp tuners on top of ls1 edit???
  92. HP Tuners bin file
  93. Open Loop
  94. Max allower enrichment
  95. Help with timing on a boosted application with Megasquirt for fuel
  96. Got a DTC P0132
  97. 02s not the same at wot.
  98. Too Rich
  99. heat cause surge?
  100. MAF calculators in excel
  101. ABS sensor pulses per rev.?
  102. custom tune.
  103. dyno tuning for partial throttle
  104. Rationalize this with me...
  105. Cartek tuned Turbo LS1's in here
  106. injector PW from 11.8 to 13.2 WOT, how much more fuel is that?
  107. Help with adding fuel to 2000 WS6
  108. Help! Very confused
  109. idle overspeed questions, does it need to be so low?
  110. PCMforless
  111. adaptive idle changes, time delay question
  112. Factory ECU working as a 2 step
  113. Cam guys: what is your normal change in idle speed per set idle speed?
  114. scan then plug maf in?
  115. Anyone near Orlando. FL that can edit pcm
  116. dos and donts of hypertech
  117. LS2 Harness/PCM
  118. 160 Thermostat
  119. Car hesitates when I initially start it, take a ride and stop on the gas.
  120. Tip in Detionation
  121. MAF tune changes shift?
  122. for those newbs with EFI Live v7...I'm working on
  123. whats the correct way to desensitize knock sensors and still be functional?
  124. which power programmers are best?
  125. No Power after 4000 Rpm
  126. Car starts then dies, won't run without peddling
  127. Effects of installing my *new* SLP Smooth bellows
  128. tune LTFT with MAF?
  129. Tuning in Arizona
  130. engine light
  131. spark dwell time tuning ?
  132. Question on IAC and Autotap
  133. A few ?'s with HPTuners 02 SS
  134. tuning newbie
  135. Disconnected PCM and now willnot start
  136. AFR...what gear?
  137. missfire help!
  138. Speed Density tuned procharged ls1
  139. Getting better gas mileage.
  140. Running Lean after MTI Lid and bellow...Help!
  141. 160 T.stat and handheld programmer question
  142. O2 extensions
  143. My Hptuners/LC-1 install writeup
  144. Security/Headlight Question...(Malfunction)
  145. IAC position vs Desired IAC count
  146. Need Help.
  147. HPTuners 2 bar on a '98?
  148. Bad O2 Simm - swap or pop?
  149. 3rd blown cam sensor - UHG!
  150. My PCM has a short term memory
  151. Am I in the perfect range?
  152. Can anyone explain this? (Scan pic inside)
  153. lots of ?'s did the search may have overlooked but am running out of time
  154. MAF operates properly
  155. please post some cold start info for compairison for me please
  156. This may be a stupid question(LTFT&STFT).
  157. what can i do for this code : p0801
  158. Stupid Question,Please Help Me Under Stand TPS Voltage
  159. LS1edit scanner DTC codes
  160. trunk mount battery probalems
  161. HPTuner question
  162. should DFCO changes be made or no?
  163. MAF Low Input, High Input?
  164. Security Light?
  165. VATS, BCM or Unknown????
  166. Question about handheld prgrammers
  167. tuning with safc
  168. fuel trim cell pictures
  169. When tuning it ok to go WOT???
  170. Mail order tune for Procharger
  171. hptuners
  172. LC-1/XD-1 not working right.....
  173. HP Tuner WebSite
  174. How is it possible.....knock
  175. If I keep subtracting timing, and still get KR - then it must be false?
  176. why does everyone change the MAP PE enable higher with cam?
  177. Coil pulses cause incorrect rpm reading?
  178. Why turn VATS off?
  179. V6 Tuned to T56?
  180. 93 octane, 100 shot, and close to 11.5:1 compression......
  181. Reading DTC with paperclip?
  182. questions about tuning for higher compression and bigger cubes
  183. Tunning from 91 to 87
  184. SD tune service vehicle light on??
  185. MAP question? what is kpa
  186. p0410
  187. First tune! Give me opinions PLEASE!
  188. Diablosport tuning
  189. Backing off WOT gives greater acceleration--Is it a sensor to blame or the Tuner?
  190. rev limiter
  191. kr at low rpm from tc locking need suggestions
  192. Car's missing out...please help
  193. IAC values on a FAST 90mm
  194. Code Scanner From Year One?
  195. Is this good enough, or not???
  196. What happen to> ?
  197. It's tuning, not tunning. Tuned, not tunned.
  198. Where do open loop fuel trims come from?
  199. Is it ok to spray when in SD mode???
  200. Other Causes for p138/P158 codes
  201. Hot restart
  202. Scan Tool.
  203. service engine soon light help!
  204. Calmap Question
  205. Say you want to Desensitize your Knock Sensors.......
  206. what makes power???
  207. LTFT on start up +11, then go to -1? how to fix
  208. Mustang vs. Dynojet tuning ???
  209. egr deletion--- 2 questions/problems??
  210. service vehicle light and tcs off light came on?
  211. Lc-1
  212. anyone using Crane Powermax Tuner in supercharged car ?
  213. having problems with 1993 LT1
  214. need heat sink for wb sensor?
  215. no cats, turn off which codes?
  216. is my FAST 90 TB the problem?
  217. Real Time LSx tuning!!!!!!!
  218. LM-1 works with PLX pid? EFIlive
  219. Camaro Tuners?
  220. going rich at WOT by fuel trims at the strip, give me a hand please?
  221. Predator Question
  222. car surges, bad battery?
  223. LC-1 7 wire, wiring question
  224. PCM swap
  225. IFR Question
  226. H P tunner tunning a hot cam
  227. Help! Efilive tuning for 38lb Delphi (white) inj.
  228. looking to start tuning my camaro, help
  229. Will it hurt?
  230. EFI Live Maps
  231. case relearn
  232. GM Service Calibrations
  233. SD-VE TUNING WITH WB- Parameters??
  234. Fatal PCM Damage?
  235. Can Flashscan read HP Tuners?
  236. Help a novice out: Tahoe related...
  237. PCM Flashing
  238. Want some info on crank re learn
  239. anyone running dual WBO2s?
  240. dead 02 sensor(s)? help please
  241. diff between 99 - 04 PCM ??
  242. When is CASE Relearn Needed/Required?
  243. starting to tune
  244. tuners
  245. what can be done to fix jumpy idle at times, fuel or spark?
  246. Cae still surges...
  247. still need help with my P0300 code!
  248. I have no clue maybe you do.
  249. !EGR modify O2's?
  250. Wide band 02 sensor placement-before or after the cat?