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  1. tuning newbie
  2. Disconnected PCM and now willnot start
  3. AFR...what gear?
  4. missfire help!
  5. Speed Density tuned procharged ls1
  6. Getting better gas mileage.
  7. Running Lean after MTI Lid and bellow...Help!
  8. 160 T.stat and handheld programmer question
  9. O2 extensions
  10. My Hptuners/LC-1 install writeup
  11. Security/Headlight Question...(Malfunction)
  12. IAC position vs Desired IAC count
  13. Need Help.
  14. HPTuners 2 bar on a '98?
  15. Bad O2 Simm - swap or pop?
  16. 3rd blown cam sensor - UHG!
  17. My PCM has a short term memory
  18. Am I in the perfect range?
  19. Can anyone explain this? (Scan pic inside)
  20. lots of ?'s did the search may have overlooked but am running out of time
  21. MAF operates properly
  22. please post some cold start info for compairison for me please
  23. This may be a stupid question(LTFT&STFT).
  24. what can i do for this code : p0801
  25. Stupid Question,Please Help Me Under Stand TPS Voltage
  26. LS1edit scanner DTC codes
  27. trunk mount battery probalems
  28. HPTuner question
  29. should DFCO changes be made or no?
  30. MAF Low Input, High Input?
  31. Security Light?
  32. VATS, BCM or Unknown????
  33. Question about handheld prgrammers
  34. tuning with safc
  35. fuel trim cell pictures
  36. When tuning it ok to go WOT???
  37. Mail order tune for Procharger
  38. hptuners
  39. LC-1/XD-1 not working right.....
  40. HP Tuner WebSite
  41. How is it possible.....knock
  42. If I keep subtracting timing, and still get KR - then it must be false?
  43. why does everyone change the MAP PE enable higher with cam?
  44. Coil pulses cause incorrect rpm reading?
  45. Why turn VATS off?
  46. V6 Tuned to T56?
  47. 93 octane, 100 shot, and close to 11.5:1 compression......
  48. Reading DTC with paperclip?
  49. questions about tuning for higher compression and bigger cubes
  50. Tunning from 91 to 87
  51. SD tune service vehicle light on??
  52. MAP question? what is kpa
  53. p0410
  54. First tune! Give me opinions PLEASE!
  55. Diablosport tuning
  56. Backing off WOT gives greater acceleration--Is it a sensor to blame or the Tuner?
  57. rev limiter
  58. kr at low rpm from tc locking need suggestions
  59. Car's missing out...please help
  60. IAC values on a FAST 90mm
  61. Code Scanner From Year One?
  62. Is this good enough, or not???
  63. What happen to> ?
  64. It's tuning, not tunning. Tuned, not tunned.
  65. Where do open loop fuel trims come from?
  66. Is it ok to spray when in SD mode???
  67. Other Causes for p138/P158 codes
  68. Hot restart
  69. Scan Tool.
  70. service engine soon light help!
  71. Calmap Question
  72. Say you want to Desensitize your Knock Sensors.......
  73. what makes power???
  74. LTFT on start up +11, then go to -1? how to fix
  75. Mustang vs. Dynojet tuning ???
  76. egr deletion--- 2 questions/problems??
  77. service vehicle light and tcs off light came on?
  78. Lc-1
  79. anyone using Crane Powermax Tuner in supercharged car ?
  80. having problems with 1993 LT1
  81. need heat sink for wb sensor?
  82. no cats, turn off which codes?
  83. is my FAST 90 TB the problem?
  84. Real Time LSx tuning!!!!!!!
  85. LM-1 works with PLX pid? EFIlive
  86. Camaro Tuners?
  87. going rich at WOT by fuel trims at the strip, give me a hand please?
  88. Predator Question
  89. car surges, bad battery?
  90. LC-1 7 wire, wiring question
  91. PCM swap
  92. IFR Question
  93. H P tunner tunning a hot cam
  94. Help! Efilive tuning for 38lb Delphi (white) inj.
  95. looking to start tuning my camaro, help
  96. Will it hurt?
  97. EFI Live Maps
  98. case relearn
  99. GM Service Calibrations
  100. SD-VE TUNING WITH WB- Parameters??
  101. Fatal PCM Damage?
  102. Can Flashscan read HP Tuners?
  103. Help a novice out: Tahoe related...
  104. PCM Flashing
  105. Want some info on crank re learn
  106. anyone running dual WBO2s?
  107. dead 02 sensor(s)? help please
  108. diff between 99 - 04 PCM ??
  109. When is CASE Relearn Needed/Required?
  110. starting to tune
  111. tuners
  112. what can be done to fix jumpy idle at times, fuel or spark?
  113. Cae still surges...
  114. still need help with my P0300 code!
  115. I have no clue maybe you do.
  116. !EGR modify O2's?
  117. Wide band 02 sensor placement-before or after the cat?
  118. stuck in open loop?
  119. Crane Powermax Tuner
  120. computer ?
  121. Bad spring causing cam sensor code?
  122. What's the proper way to get into SD mode?
  123. Programing Help
  124. Need help quick...
  125. timing???
  126. 2002 WS6 - M6 to A4 swap, tuning question (HPT)
  127. Dyno Tune or HP tuner On The Fly???
  128. Downloading Perfromance Tune from the NET????
  129. octane boost
  130. Attention Cartek or anyone using their C6 TM module.
  131. TPS sensor?
  132. what values show as KR?
  133. re-set pcm!!!!????
  134. Clear SES Light/Code with EGR removed...
  135. Help: P0208 Code
  136. Anyone have HPtuners for an 03 vette?
  137. Wideband O2 options...
  138. Put LTs on took off EGR/AIR now runs 14's
  139. hpt, how in the hell can i smooth my idle air table without messing the numbers up
  140. Car died at 75
  141. Plx Wideband. Opinions needed
  142. rpm surge cold start, some hot idle
  143. Wierd results from LM-1 tuning
  144. Hacked computer, how can I get into tow/haul mode?
  145. ve table on 98?
  146. How do you guys rough in a VE table
  147. Help!!!!!
  148. Want To Start Tuning
  149. LM-1 and your stock narrow band - Questions
  150. Does anyones idle go to crap in the heat?
  151. Logged...
  152. Unmetered air through PCV causing lean issues? Need advice/opinions...
  153. worth paying extra for new 2002 helms manuals instead of 99 set much cheaper?
  154. tuning software question
  155. car running rich
  156. Need some help...
  157. CMP High Voltage
  158. Hypertech worth the $$ ?
  159. egr and air
  160. LS1Edit contact only by fax? No reply - boo
  161. Mass air Flow problems??
  162. MSD 7AL-3 Ignition on LS1
  163. Need to install an auto lockup switch..
  164. P1153 again!! Help
  165. IAC counts & TPS voltage w/ Shaner 3
  166. Need assistance with diagnosing hesistation problem
  167. Timing Tuner & LS1 Edit
  168. Does misfiring = hp lose?
  169. Switching from a 00 to and 01 single VE table program
  170. what causes ping
  171. HELP! Alarm system is preventing my car to start!
  172. MAF sensor low frequency
  173. Finally got it running sort of.. lost on stft and ltft
  174. P0420 code
  175. EFILive AutoTuning - Step-by-Step Document
  176. Spark Problems
  177. p0153 code
  178. Autometer tach probs NOT the usual (done the search)
  179. getting knock
  180. help with LT1 edit tune...
  181. 2 altenators dead in 2 days!!!
  182. One lterm locking at 0, the other not?
  183. Flashscan guy's, what do you think about this tuning methode with flashscan?
  184. Help W/ S/C timing....
  185. Catching hell with HPtuner shift points?!?!?
  186. what the hell, new and "better" o2s oscillate like crap
  187. Negative LTFTs needed after VE tuning? Best way?
  188. anyone use a PDA?
  189. Voltage, can tuning affect this?
  190. DTC P0333 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit High Input (Bank 2)
  191. How do the Drive and Park spark tables effect driving?
  192. ls1edit ????????????
  193. Tuning from in-dash PC "On-The-Fly"
  194. Open loop tunning
  195. tech gods come on in!
  196. O2 readings???
  197. EFIlive V6 and/or LS1edit work with LC-1??
  198. LC-1 problem but no response from Innovate
  199. Check Gauges???
  200. where are the LS1edit files
  201. could carb cleaner kill a mass air sensor
  202. Tune myself??
  203. looking for .bin
  204. Re-flash with Edit M6 to A4 switch
  205. pcm injector drivers
  206. How will my car run with 28" tires and no tune?
  207. Crazy knock count??
  208. Anyone have a HPtuners bin file for a 408?
  209. No Fuel / No Spark Bank2. Bank1 Normal
  210. Fans turn ON/OFF not like I set it???
  211. Is this a tuning problem or vacuum leak?
  212. Starting problems?!?!!?
  213. ASR turned off, but car still responds like ASR is on.
  214. timing tuner instructions
  215. Cluster Problem
  216. Cam Guys Help me understand why my tuner played with Park and Drive Spark Tables
  217. HPT A4 Shift question with 3:73 Gears ,Rpm=Mph?
  218. heat soak
  219. Timing issues
  220. injector questions
  221. is my ltft/stft/Ve table close enoug? (SD mode) cant get much closer
  222. What A/F is good at part throttle?
  223. emissions
  224. Smoothing VE Table after SD Tuning With FlashScan?
  225. Anyone have a LS1Edit or HPtuners file of a tuned G5X3 car? or something similar?
  226. Swaping bad PCM with locked LS1Edit
  227. Removed Air Fittings But????
  228. Maf ???
  229. Ses Light went on please help
  230. MAF tuning
  231. Help! Im running lean!!
  232. Need help making my car driveable (just put big cam in!)
  233. Scanner Problem......
  234. ls1 edit problem w/ procharger
  235. Any Help Appreciated
  236. Electronic boxes under the dash
  237. Dyno Video
  238. What scanner can read live data?
  239. can't read or write to vcm pleas help
  240. Tuner in Seattle
  241. look at these screen shots of the o2s, are they ok?
  242. any one willing to delete some stuff for me?
  243. my car wont idle after startup
  244. SES light knock sensor?
  245. Peak torque tuning
  246. Need advice getting street legal in CA
  247. Baffled... Bank2 extremely lean Bank1 normal
  248. Major hesitation issues in a 98Z
  249. Please help...somebody sell a VATS bypass module?
  250. map sensor??