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  1. what would cause a delay in heating on the driver o2?
  2. LTFT Basic Question
  3. What is the tach wire again???
  4. LM1 GP at Harris Speed Works!!! TODAY ONLY 8/24/05
  5. Dyno tune in NJ/NY
  6. Please Help!!!! Tuning Question Inside....
  7. MAFT bypass cap mod
  8. BS3 Tach question
  9. Repository???
  10. ??Hypertech power programmer III vs. laptop tuninG??
  11. What should I look for the explain this KR?
  12. MAF Translator settings: what should they be?
  13. histogram reading? need some help here.
  14. finally got my ve and maf tables decent but...
  15. deleting air and egr effect on a/f
  16. Insufficent switching problem ?
  17. Help can't find this code??
  18. Replaced crankshaft position sensor, still no go
  19. tunerCATS
  20. Pros and cons of speed density?
  21. accel gen 6 program needed
  22. HF - OBD2 code reader - no signal
  23. soo.. any of you other guys with Hptuners 2.0 figure out how "Tach output" works?
  24. concerns when tuning ATI
  25. spikes or surges while logging (hptuners)
  26. What are the full effects of enabling PRNDL on M6?(free 2step?!)
  27. A cool feature of 2.0 HPT
  28. How to slow down STIT and LTIT
  29. LS1 Edit help
  30. Paging TTPMatt
  31. Car Wont Start Need Help
  32. Custom Tuning and Predator
  33. Service engine soon DAMNIT
  34. Rear end spool and the PCM
  35. wait4me, Fuel Injector tuning question
  36. Can you completely disable the LTIT and STIT
  37. LS1 Edit ?
  38. A friend wants a good EFI system..... details inside
  39. Best (for home use)
  40. Ses
  41. is 2 mods werth a tune?
  42. increase in measured airflow with a descreened maf??
  43. Tuning wanted!
  44. Diablosport Predator DTC ?
  45. Anyone us a S-AFC?
  46. 98 PCM interrupted when erasing...
  47. Hypertech programmer
  48. Stock PCM limits?
  49. Just got HP Tuners today.
  50. Any idea
  51. Need alittle help
  52. 2005 Corvette PCM file
  53. engine code
  54. Max power out of stock motor
  55. info
  56. Suggestion: Moderated Software Debate
  57. Reflashing a Diablo?
  58. Rear O2: Replace, Sims, or Delete?
  59. price on a basic tune retard ign.a/f remove EGR & rear o2 sensors
  60. PO300 issue now cured!
  61. C5: Can anyone tell me how to change..
  62. M6 Swap reflash
  63. IAC Idle relearn procedure
  64. New Mods = New light
  65. Where is the main sensors fuse?
  66. Doesnt wanna start when hot
  67. no LTIT
  68. hptuners scanner
  69. Tune
  70. HP Tuner Question?
  71. Can I Get A Translation of a Tech2 .SUR File
  72. Tuning With STFT’s Alone ?
  73. Idle Tuning writeup
  74. I keep throwing codes
  75. should i get/need tune for my car
  76. can I flash a holden comodore bin to my camaro ss??
  77. logging AFR with HPT
  78. What is the auto fuel setup table in the New EFI Live Version 7.3 ?
  79. post pics of your VE-table
  80. Tuning with Nitrous and Boost?
  81. Power loss at 4200+ rpm
  82. lots of lights on ??????? HELP
  83. READ ME!!!! *****Best LS1 Tuning Software? Best Scanner? Best Handheld?****
  84. factory tach pin # on PCM?
  85. Tuning an LS1 Powered RockCrawling Buggy W/ HPTuners
  86. What is going on with my MAF Sensor Fail Frequenty?
  87. Is it a bad idea to weld an O2 bung in front of my existing one?
  88. Polynomial smoothing
  89. SES light on...P0106....Changed MAP sensor and still comes on...WTF
  90. Anyone around Baltimore area can remove my speed limiter?
  91. what is the best sanning software out now?
  92. O2 Sensor - Denso or Bosch?
  93. how low can I go with my ve table
  94. Bad knock sensor?
  95. SES light...not on at all
  96. MAFLESS was eas-why did I wait
  97. Timing Tuner and Hptuners
  98. wideband after cat
  99. Help Me Out With This Aldl Cable
  100. Help!!!!!!!!!
  101. Hp Tuners
  102. Anyone using these?? FAST EXI???
  103. formula to covert MAP voltage to boost reading in HP Tuners
  104. Help with scanning 02 WS6
  105. Running rich
  106. Security Code!!!
  107. Hand Held Superchips tuner?
  108. P0300 Random/multi Misfire On 2000 Ss....please Help
  109. P0300 Random/multi Misfire On 2000 Ss....please Help
  110. Are the rear 02s still active even when they have been removed with tuning??
  111. Why does my spark advance need to be set so high to idle?
  112. Where to put wb bung vy2 ss
  113. where can i get ls1 edit
  114. VE Tuning
  115. Car surges after Dyno tune today after it is warmed up
  116. Car stalls when logging only
  117. Does the BIG STUFF 3 have a built in 2 step?
  118. ? about Hypertech
  119. I've heard too many mixed results...
  120. are front and rear 02 supposed to read the same?
  121. Car stalling / bogging really bad on start ups????
  122. Im new have a dumb question
  123. Pulling fuel at start up with LS1 edit?
  124. Quick Question: Stock Tune
  125. Who has a gragh showing
  126. HP Tuners/SD tuning - parameter question
  127. LS1Edit - skip shift eliminator?
  128. stealthv tune for ctsv
  129. Check Engine codes? Help Please!
  130. Random misfire...code 300 and still needing help!
  131. oil on spark plug threads
  132. Reprogramming from LS1Edit
  133. Granatelli Predator Tuner
  134. NgkTr-6 Issues.... Please help me
  135. Weird O2 voltage? STFT & LTFT=Bad Gasemileage????
  136. Radio/cd player swap
  137. Good Tuner In Michigan
  138. Does anyone use Tuner Cat?
  139. Torque Converter Tuning
  140. PO102 Diagnostic code, p/s help!
  141. HPT and LC1 problem.....
  142. Help Low timing?
  143. crane cams tuner help
  144. having a problem logging maf hz and dyn air in hptuners
  145. P0753
  146. Programers!!!!
  147. how do i pull timing with ls1 edit?
  148. Question on Error Messages
  149. dynojet wideband commander owners
  150. how good are mail order tunes?
  151. Sweeping guages now GM standard in 2006
  152. Tuner Options for 96 a LT1
  153. funky elelec problem (gauges jumping all over, blowing gauge fuse)
  154. need a bin file for a 2000 supercharged f-body
  155. Tuning
  156. Please Help. Mysterious problem!!
  157. timing question.... 2002 Vs 99
  159. offset table for 42# FMS injectors
  160. WOT Advance - HP Tuners
  161. Can a 98 be tuned?
  162. Need help with a sudden problem...
  163. How do I pull timing on the spray with ls1edit
  164. What is a good tuner thats easy to learn to use?
  165. HPT Question about Dynamic Airflow
  166. Edit install on a Toshiba Satellite laptop.....
  167. Case re-learn with LS1Edit?
  168. Darn brake lights not working on 94 TA
  169. Stalling/surging when coming to a stop/reverse
  170. P0200, P0300, & P0301 Problem solved!!! (Very Long)
  171. New EFI Live Version Released Part#2......
  172. Torque Management
  173. Tuning fuel trims using narrowband
  174. 0300 code - metal plug shields - arking?
  175. LC-1 for HPTuner
  176. 4Channel to 3Channel setup?
  177. ? bout buying tuners
  178. Excel worksheet
  179. look at my ve table i think its jacked up
  180. grams per cyl, and dynamic cyl air
  181. Need answers tuning for stall with hp tuners
  182. wideband question
  183. Tech2 Data Log Questions.
  184. HP Tuner guys, any way you can do this?
  185. stock o2 data for LC-1 narrowband sim?
  186. EFI Live Flashscan File for a Futral F11 Cam
  187. at 0 throttle the o2s go lean and trims go WAY +
  188. Ideal AFRs
  189. Gen VII..... man I must be dumb
  190. Iac, Experienced Tuners Please
  191. Need Scanner Logfile
  192. What 2 fuses is it you pull the reset the computer?
  193. PCM diagnostics?
  194. New Version of EFILive released
  195. Have a short...
  196. 94 Z28 scan tool
  197. Crane Powermax Tuner track results
  198. help me
  199. I may be stupid for asking, but...
  200. Quick question, please help
  201. Need Help: Hard To Start After Engine Is Warm
  202. Please help with vig 3600 B4 I go back 2 stock!
  203. Pinging stock, pinging partly tuned! help me kick this pings ass!!
  204. Throwing a few Codes
  205. Operating system 12225074 needed
  206. Question Or Thought about smoothing VE Table??
  207. shift firmness
  208. Tuning for a 200 shot??
  209. mail order tunes
  210. Need Quick Advice!
  211. HELP with 98....
  212. how low is your adaptive idle response time?
  213. WTF is this....P0106 Map/Baro Ckt Range/Perf ???
  214. problem connecting up to XD-1 from my laptop
  215. turbo tuning
  216. Another basic question
  217. P1133???????
  218. what airflows for fans 1 and 2
  219. rpms come down too slow, rev isnt as fast as i like
  220. dfi or fast
  221. Chip or no Chip?
  222. hp tuners help
  223. Calling ALL Tuners
  224. misfire help please!!
  225. with no throttle, STFT's shoot up to +30 or higher
  226. tps showing 1% WTF?
  227. P0172 & P0175 Codes, VE tuned in, Maf Recalibrated?
  228. Autometer Pro Comp Tach Install
  229. Does a tune with A4 line pressure @100% make a difference at WOT?
  230. Help!!! Cold start with A/C on sucks!
  231. tuning from MORE PERFORMANCE
  232. front o2 sensors
  233. Please read, info needed asap PLEASE.
  234. Timing rising after 6600 rpm?
  235. Need help with Hypertech power programmer
  236. Those racing chips you see on ebay
  237. Electrical Issue.
  238. Running SD with an automatic all the time...
  239. Blower tune vs. N/A tune, what chagnes?
  240. Starting Problem...No power to the Fuel Pumps...intermittently
  241. Help with tuning a 408-where do I start?
  242. New Tuner Questions
  243. Anyone Know Where To Rent A Hypertech Power Programmer
  244. How To FI Tuning?
  245. air system questions
  246. Diablosport Download tunes
  247. HPPIII won't turn on...suggestions?
  248. Detonation with excessive KR
  249. PCM code....Not Ls1 but GM
  250. Which tune ?