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  1. Bad Tuner???
  2. ecu retune
  3. What is the best deal on O2 Sensors out there?
  4. Apexi products - Anyone try them?
  5. I am GEEKED, I have Finally got my LTFT's!!!
  6. how are the pcm and fuel sender related?
  7. Tuning almost stock car
  8. Ok When I get my LTFT's Dialed in ,now do I do the same for STFT's?
  9. jimmyblue's trans settings too harsh for stock converter?
  10. What in the Hell am I doing wrong with SD Tuning???
  11. wideband set up to efi live
  12. Header Tuning?
  13. IFR table and Accel 30#
  14. bolt-on tuning - how much?
  15. Tuning Help??
  16. tuning idle after stall
  17. SVO 30lbers in 02 Z06
  18. Where would you set idle on this cam?
  19. throwing 2 p1416 codes. need a lil help
  20. mis fire code
  21. injector scaling?? anybody have a good how to?? or anybody have a math formula??
  22. tuning worth it?
  23. cam is in, car runs, now what lol
  24. Ls1 ecu's interchangable?
  25. Please Help me lock up my Converter
  26. A4 to M6 swap PCM question
  27. LS6 cam and bore 30 over throw SES???
  28. Are there two revisions of Knock sensors for 98 LS1's?
  29. Mini alternator for LS1
  30. Relating afr to power
  31. Vinci Hi Performance Handheld Tuner
  32. PeRfoRmAnCe BuTTon For a CAMARO or VETTE!!
  33. Premix Raises Octane?
  34. SPX diagnositic equipment
  35. In search of max power with HP Tuners
  36. easy ve ?
  37. TCC Release % TPS vs. Speed - Normal
  38. help DTC codes
  39. Just got and HP tune, still throwing a code?
  40. What is the limit of the stock PCM when being tuned in SD mode?
  41. Scanmaster
  42. Help Code conflict! (P0104)
  43. Timing help with HPTuners
  44. not reflashing a not-quite tuned car before a dyno run for highest hp... am i wrong?
  45. dynotuning car, need help pls..
  46. VE Tune vs MAF...Long term
  47. Input what data into HPtuners for LC-1?
  48. Strange error codes
  49. tuning kr power enrich table
  51. have stock car and hp tuners,should i check my VE or leave it alone
  52. Best place to buy Pillar and gauges.
  53. Repetitive Codes 135 & 155?
  54. HPTuners and shipping
  55. Looking for VE tables on cam+ cars
  56. MAF Sensor? Fuse?
  57. Upgrade PCM from LS1 to LS6 Calibration
  58. 100 Octane then tune went to the dark side...
  59. MAF -> SD
  60. Missing! Help!
  61. O2 mV swing, how much is normal?
  62. HELP!!!! fuel trims goin nuts!!!
  63. PCM in Limp Mode
  64. Fuel cut off is stock 6200, but scan shows:
  65. wot question
  66. Stock 2000 LS1 timing
  67. SES Light and HP tuners
  68. Predator Flash
  69. PCM id question and Calibration Code
  70. 2 Step in a C5...
  71. High jumping idle
  72. Fan settings in LS1 Edit
  73. high idle when coming to stop
  74. problem with ABS & tall rear tires...
  75. laptop in a guage
  76. At what point is a BS3 or DFI necessary?
  77. Tuning for head swap / lower compression ?
  78. V. E. ????
  79. Can anyone tell me this part #?
  80. Location of Clutch Safety Switch
  81. Help Knock Sensor
  82. Trying to install Edit another computer???
  83. Surging and Timing
  84. Spark Correction Adders
  85. LC-1 Problems
  86. Afr?????
  87. Air System Failure?
  88. some knock part throttle, wot, but everything else looks ok??
  89. Need some info....
  90. ls1edit will not connect to pcm
  91. DFCO disabled to tune...why re-enable it??
  92. TPS problem.
  93. Any more news on HPT 3 bar map sensors yet?
  94. Tech Edge Question
  95. Removing Air, rear O2 and EGR....SES enable On or OFF
  96. bcm differences?
  97. where is the HP?
  98. open loop idle issue
  99. Has anyone seen this before?
  100. Hptuners?
  101. Porting the MAF with an A4, related to SD tuning
  102. question about hpp3 and tune
  103. idle drops when moving a few mph, can i stop it from happening?
  104. ls1edit
  105. Jet chips-- how helpfull are they
  106. Removed rear O2 sims, not throwing a code?
  107. posted this in external engine, decided this is a better place......
  108. few screen caps of my SD logging
  109. Issue maintaining idle....
  110. LS1 Edit / XP Install Issue
  111. --- 3 --- Whats this mean?
  112. How long does it take driving with MAF fail set to 0 before it truly fails over?
  113. Please Help me tune My VE Table With HP Tuners
  114. O2 sensor wiring
  115. Need Help passing State Inspection.
  116. SES light randomly
  117. When the battery voltage gets below a certain number, does the idle go high? (2000+?)
  118. Shift light in HPT?
  119. HPTuner 00 to 02 pcm swap?
  120. What all needs to be disabled for SD mode VE tuning?
  121. Does weather affect VE tuning?
  122. Now attempting 2-bar SD: Problems and questions!
  123. Anyone Know How to Tune an A4
  124. do i need a tune?
  125. rear vette o2's for longtubes...Is mine right???
  126. Now What? P0336
  127. Crazy Lean trims after Vararam install..
  128. P0327 causes KR?
  129. Completed 1st SD tune log. Have question about making editing VE table.
  130. Throwing a code...
  131. Do any of these MAF calculators work off of LTFT differences?
  132. Help quickly--Is there a handheld tuning device that won't interfere with my LS1edit?
  133. Where Should I put My LTFT Boundaries At with my HPT?
  134. hptuners ?'s
  135. PE Enable: Mode Delay RPM, Insight?
  136. newbie tuner question closed loop vs open loop)
  137. Tuning a big cam -- details
  138. RC Enginnering 750cc Injectors Can we use them?
  139. Tuning A4....what first?
  140. HP Tuners 2.0 Update
  141. Did LS6 swap now throwing a code??????
  142. tuning for a turbo
  143. Removing Knock Problems
  144. BS3 or FAST XFI ?
  145. Need help with HPT, PE table tuning (w/screenshot links and logs)
  146. P0171 & P0174
  147. running lean
  148. PCM Tunning (Who to Use???)
  149. Anyone with HP Tuners for a 99 LS1 Need to see MAF Table
  150. fault code on an lt1
  151. VE tables
  152. Strange Fuel Delivery Problem HPT
  153. Were do I go to download the latest LS1 Edit Update?
  154. Cold start-high RPM-ported TB on Vette
  155. What is AfterStart Enrichment Initial Adder VS. ECT?
  156. Used the RAF Sheet
  157. weird TCS light coming off and on
  158. 2 computers
  159. hptuners connection problem
  160. Do I need to do anything to run 28" tires?
  161. HPTuner KICKS LS1EDITS ASS!!!!!!!
  162. 97 vette pcm
  163. warm start idle
  164. EVAP purge operation and PCM compensation
  165. MAF Translator did the job...
  166. ZO6 cam, LS1 engine- engine map anyone?
  167. MAF Scaling/FT's
  168. WANTED: Injector clip retainer seal ??
  169. Does anyone in the DFW are do LT1 Tuning
  170. tuning for longtubes??? o2 location screw things up??
  171. Does Ed Wright lock LS1 pcms?
  172. LTFT Boundary Changes
  173. AutoTap Question???
  174. Tuning Decision
  175. Timing advance on 01-02
  176. lc-1 wideband install ??
  177. No CD with hp tuners????help
  178. Tuning options ????
  179. What *should* happen?
  180. Is it worth it to get LC-1 with XD-1?
  181. This is F***en killin me.
  182. Wait times on BS3?
  183. Predator - Idle Speed Q?
  184. How much for a dyno tune for basic bolt on car?
  185. SD tuning throw MAF code?
  186. NO Start BCM issues?
  187. Running Pig Rich at Start up
  188. Question?
  189. LC-1 wideband trouble
  190. newb question about hptuners
  191. Please Help me with HP Tuners and IAC
  192. Deleting EGR and AIR!
  193. VE tunes and weather changes
  194. LS1 EDIT question
  195. I have abad idle feels like a misfire
  196. Lean AFR for MPG
  197. MAF Question
  198. Threw a Code P1415. Can someone help me.
  199. Crap load of codes
  200. Vinci Tuner for 98
  201. Do I still need these
  202. Crane/Vinci tuners effective on modifications?
  203. New to HPtuners, Quick question.
  204. Going from SD to MAF creates crappy idle.....
  205. Are the tuning guides incorrect or do we just not have the ability
  206. Ape Crooks And My Pcm!!!!!
  207. could my SLP MAF be the problem?
  208. P0103,2wks,1wk,every second
  209. Where to start with HPTuners???
  210. Cannot change MAF values in HPTuners . . . Need help !
  211. P0101 Code on Cam Car
  212. Will factroy LS1 maf work as blow thru/turbo setup?
  213. Good all around chip?
  214. EFI-101 Monthly Newsletter
  215. Predator?
  216. Coil Relocation & Advance
  217. What do you think off LM-1: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
  218. New to Tuning and Having Problems
  219. 2 bar MAP Question
  220. And Someone said a customizable dashboard isn't needed...
  221. P0175
  222. HP Tuners '97 Corvette
  223. Trouble with LS1Edit connecting
  224. Tunning, is this correct?
  225. Dead spot?
  226. ALOT of misfiring from 5300-redline
  227. Help Please - Need basic tune for 402 Iron Block Stroker
  228. Just ordered HP Tuners
  229. po300?
  230. Need help !!! no idle on hot start only
  231. RPM limit of stock PCM?
  232. Need Help with HPTuners and VE Table
  233. Tuning over Week
  234. 2000 Z28
  235. Rear O2 codes delete
  236. car idles at 2000rpms?
  237. need help please.....!!!!?
  238. where to tune idle spark for cam?
  239. Stupid Question from wire mod...
  240. threw a code p0300
  241. HPP III Shift points
  242. my upgrades...LSX
  243. advantages of running SD vs MAF???
  244. Speed Density tune write up??
  245. Tuning over 105kpa in HP Tuners??
  246. ATAP users ???
  247. ls1edit? base spark table vs main spark table
  248. Car wont Start. Help.
  249. How much timing to add to stock tune
  250. will hp tuners work with my dell 5100(serial port ?)