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  1. Autometer tach probs NOT the usual (done the search)
  2. getting knock
  3. help with LT1 edit tune...
  4. 2 altenators dead in 2 days!!!
  5. One lterm locking at 0, the other not?
  6. Flashscan guy's, what do you think about this tuning methode with flashscan?
  7. Help W/ S/C timing....
  8. Catching hell with HPtuner shift points?!?!?
  9. what the hell, new and "better" o2s oscillate like crap
  10. Negative LTFTs needed after VE tuning? Best way?
  11. anyone use a PDA?
  12. Voltage, can tuning affect this?
  13. DTC P0333 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit High Input (Bank 2)
  14. How do the Drive and Park spark tables effect driving?
  15. ls1edit ????????????
  16. Tuning from in-dash PC "On-The-Fly"
  17. Open loop tunning
  18. tech gods come on in!
  19. O2 readings???
  20. EFIlive V6 and/or LS1edit work with LC-1??
  21. LC-1 problem but no response from Innovate
  22. Check Gauges???
  23. where are the LS1edit files
  24. could carb cleaner kill a mass air sensor
  25. Tune myself??
  26. looking for .bin
  27. Re-flash with Edit M6 to A4 switch
  28. pcm injector drivers
  29. How will my car run with 28" tires and no tune?
  30. Crazy knock count??
  31. Anyone have a HPtuners bin file for a 408?
  32. No Fuel / No Spark Bank2. Bank1 Normal
  33. Fans turn ON/OFF not like I set it???
  34. Is this a tuning problem or vacuum leak?
  35. Starting problems?!?!!?
  36. ASR turned off, but car still responds like ASR is on.
  37. timing tuner instructions
  38. Cluster Problem
  39. Cam Guys Help me understand why my tuner played with Park and Drive Spark Tables
  40. HPT A4 Shift question with 3:73 Gears ,Rpm=Mph?
  41. heat soak
  42. Timing issues
  43. injector questions
  44. is my ltft/stft/Ve table close enoug? (SD mode) cant get much closer
  45. What A/F is good at part throttle?
  46. emissions
  47. Smoothing VE Table after SD Tuning With FlashScan?
  48. Anyone have a LS1Edit or HPtuners file of a tuned G5X3 car? or something similar?
  49. Swaping bad PCM with locked LS1Edit
  50. Removed Air Fittings But????
  51. Maf ???
  52. Ses Light went on please help
  53. MAF tuning
  54. Help! Im running lean!!
  55. Need help making my car driveable (just put big cam in!)
  56. Scanner Problem......
  57. ls1 edit problem w/ procharger
  58. Any Help Appreciated
  59. Electronic boxes under the dash
  60. Dyno Video
  61. What scanner can read live data?
  62. can't read or write to vcm pleas help
  63. Tuner in Seattle
  64. look at these screen shots of the o2s, are they ok?
  65. any one willing to delete some stuff for me?
  66. my car wont idle after startup
  67. SES light knock sensor?
  68. Peak torque tuning
  69. Need advice getting street legal in CA
  70. Baffled... Bank2 extremely lean Bank1 normal
  71. Major hesitation issues in a 98Z
  72. Please help...somebody sell a VATS bypass module?
  73. map sensor??
  74. Misfire no codes.
  75. Open Loop Question
  76. service vehicle light for oil change- searched to no avail.
  77. Fuel pressure loss-Can it be in the tune?
  78. Supercharger Tuning
  79. 94' and 95' PCM swap for programming?
  80. Where to tune
  81. dynamic airflow spikey at idle, rpms vary
  82. Wideband location
  83. Help! Car shifts incredibly rough! in SD mode
  84. High vs. Low Impedence Injectors...
  85. Where did Soundengineers MAF Work Sheet go?
  86. copys of tuning files
  87. Help: car runs way rich all the time except WOT!
  88. Knock Sensors
  89. loosing power
  90. MAF Spread Sheet and Excel Question?
  91. Tuning for headers-HPTUNER?
  92. 2 Bar Map part # needed and any info with it.
  93. Crane tuner
  94. Anyone tried a Ford or Dodge VSS?
  95. Will I have to reprogram after Injector Swap?!
  96. Innovate Wide Band Controller Sale!!!!
  97. pinging with 93 oct
  98. Is MAF used AT ALL in open-loop?
  99. scaling IFR table
  100. LS2 Predator: Coming soon (RWTD gives FREE custom tuning w/ purchase)
  102. WTF -closed loop?
  103. Predator
  104. LS2 Predator programmers coming soon!
  105. SES Light???
  106. Questions on Battery and PCM ground
  107. what kinda gm/cyl are you seeing
  108. Closed Loop SD Tune
  109. Will a tune help this?.....
  110. Ecm won't reset?
  111. Dead car - P0300 random misfire, no start
  112. RWTD has ordered HP Tuners 2.0!
  113. Supid asshole code, need a hand
  114. HP ReTuners, VE Calc, RW Dyno, Performance Analyzer
  115. What to values do you expect to see?
  116. Different Forum for LS2
  117. Low, Low Voltage, barely making spark???
  118. shoud i get my car tuned?
  119. How about a Repository for us using FlashScan??
  120. Cams and tuning
  121. car dies under boost????
  122. Got Wideband Readings with Dyno yesturday
  123. 6 speed having issues with idle and A/C
  124. Wide band mount with STS?
  125. Crankshaft position sensor problem??
  126. po172, and po175....
  127. New Brake Lines now Service Vehicle Light
  128. retune after swapping injectors?
  129. 2-3 cylinders down.Any answers?
  130. LS2 tuning out yet?
  131. Gauges (RPM, Fuel, Temp) dropping to nothing... where to start?
  132. Retune after Cam Install???
  133. LS-1 edit and FMS 42lb injectors
  134. Tuning question.
  135. 8.1 injectors and strangness
  136. fuel pressure question
  137. Using A Diablo After Tuning With Ls1edit?
  138. specific connector under pass. side dash...
  139. Logging Under SD Question??
  140. vette vs f-body pcm
  141. Missfire Missfire and MORE Missfire
  142. HPT cable
  143. setting IFR
  144. can i get some help with these fuel tuning problems please?
  145. PCM reset after catback install
  146. "Service Vehicle" and ASR lights on
  147. can you lose a tune???????
  148. Codes
  149. P0300 misfire WTF!!!
  150. Is this strange, or is it me??? (LTFT Related)
  151. installed LS6 intake getting P0443...
  152. Help w/ throwing codes P1133 & P1153
  153. another ses code
  154. Is Hypertech jerking me around?
  155. Do 98 F-bodies have torque management?
  156. EFI Live guys inside please!
  157. motor breaks up at 2500 rpm at cruise
  158. Car is a major gas hog, can I correct this in my tune and where??
  159. New laptop and HPT
  160. HPT Removing the F-body REAR O2's
  161. Oil pressure signal...does it go into the pcm????
  162. Why Dynotune?
  163. Flashing light at startup.
  164. tuner drilled a hole in my tb and messed with the screw!
  165. speedo problems after gear swap
  166. simple MAF question
  167. is there any way to adjust how fast STIT changes?
  168. AFR 205's installed now tunning with HPtuner ????
  169. Question on swapping files between cars
  170. Stock LS1 engine tune
  171. LS1Edit any way to convert A4 PCM to M6???
  172. is FTC 19 idle? getting knock
  173. changing gears
  174. PCM not sending out Engine Speed (tach) Signal???
  175. LS1Edit cables - UBS Vs. serial ports
  176. Log Ltrims-LS1Edit+diagnostic beta patch??
  177. Who can test my stock engine harness?
  178. Flashing SES light on deceleration....what does it mean?
  179. Under what conditions does the A/C get turned off?
  180. Still cant figure out idle tuning
  181. What tunning software to buy?
  182. what years are alike?
  183. read/was told to raise PE map with a cam, technical explanation of why please?
  184. Fuel added during WOT - LTFT?
  185. Thank you Redline Motorsports! [Dyno #'s]
  186. Question on IFR changes for new injectors..
  187. Cylinder Volume, skew performance??
  188. Accuracy of WBO2 in open headers + 110 race gas
  189. I need a lot of help
  190. Hp Tuner Customer Service
  191. Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics Processor
  192. Need Help!
  193. Short and Long Trim Fuel question
  194. Custom Wiring Harness...
  195. Are these any good?
  196. Easiest/cheapest way to detect knock retard?
  197. Proscan
  198. Getting your cars idle back in range 101: first few steps
  199. what system i need if i wanna run mid to low 9's
  200. Time to start her up...
  201. still having start up issues. come in and help me out, i need ideas
  202. 10* knock, WTF?
  203. EFILive/Flashscan Guys - No More MAF Spreadsheets?
  204. Have trouble with codes
  205. still getting kr, but my timing is higher than what i set it at???
  206. Coolant low problem
  207. does engine temperture reading effect engine performance
  208. what effect does the IAT have on the engine performance
  209. running lean, weak fuel pump?
  210. question for those adding part throttle timing?
  211. Hypertech power programmer?
  212. Anyone used LC-1 with FlashScan??
  213. Diff Year Bin Files
  214. logging LTRIM readings - OBD-2 software
  215. can a GM tech 2 tested be used to adjust timing
  216. Where to run wideband wiring??
  217. Help!! hot and cold idle problems!!!
  218. Philly area W/ 01 HP tuners?
  219. Aftermarket engine management dilemma
  220. hanging hot start idle + ls1edit question
  221. complete noob to tuning
  222. Stays in closed loop at WOT
  223. Excessive Delay in Receiving HPT enhanced Interface
  224. A question about HPT Scanner
  225. SES light flashes at idle with AC only
  226. HPT A4 Tranny Shift Question
  227. Blinking SES NEED HELP ASAP!
  228. Where Is Chris Marsh When You Need Him
  229. 3 Graphs of AFR DATA in REAL WORLD
  230. Inspection help
  231. Equus/Innova OBDII C.A.N. Scanner?
  232. No signal - rear O2 sensors - LS1Edit fix?
  233. correct me if im wrong...
  234. EGR/AIR (limp home mode?)
  235. Transient fuel tuning
  236. Possible TM issue?
  237. Constant high idle when moving off throttle..
  238. Misfire SES....
  239. tuner in SE michigan?
  240. Can someone look at this Autotap file if my car and see if everything is ok??
  241. Mysterous flashing check engine light
  242. Does flashscan have the ablility to unlock a PCM?
  243. last few logs got kr when giving gas at stand still?? what to do?
  244. Idle Sticks at 2000rpm
  245. Help: PLX M-300 Wideband
  246. tuning question
  247. advanced timing timing too high?
  248. Someone check my tune for me
  249. Speed Density Tuning Ready to Take Off????
  250. Generic air-fuel ratio gage with wideband?