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  1. Can a 98 be tuned?
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  3. How do I pull timing on the spray with ls1edit
  4. What is a good tuner thats easy to learn to use?
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  12. Torque Management
  13. Tuning fuel trims using narrowband
  14. 0300 code - metal plug shields - arking?
  15. LC-1 for HPTuner
  16. 4Channel to 3Channel setup?
  17. ? bout buying tuners
  18. Excel worksheet
  19. look at my ve table i think its jacked up
  20. grams per cyl, and dynamic cyl air
  21. Need answers tuning for stall with hp tuners
  22. wideband question
  23. Tech2 Data Log Questions.
  24. HP Tuner guys, any way you can do this?
  25. stock o2 data for LC-1 narrowband sim?
  26. EFI Live Flashscan File for a Futral F11 Cam
  27. at 0 throttle the o2s go lean and trims go WAY +
  28. Ideal AFRs
  29. Gen VII..... man I must be dumb
  30. Iac, Experienced Tuners Please
  31. Need Scanner Logfile
  32. What 2 fuses is it you pull the reset the computer?
  33. PCM diagnostics?
  34. New Version of EFILive released
  35. Have a short...
  36. 94 Z28 scan tool
  37. Crane Powermax Tuner track results
  38. help me
  39. I may be stupid for asking, but...
  40. Quick question, please help
  41. Need Help: Hard To Start After Engine Is Warm
  42. Please help with vig 3600 B4 I go back 2 stock!
  43. Pinging stock, pinging partly tuned! help me kick this pings ass!!
  44. Throwing a few Codes
  45. Operating system 12225074 needed
  46. Question Or Thought about smoothing VE Table??
  47. shift firmness
  48. Tuning for a 200 shot??
  49. mail order tunes
  50. Need Quick Advice!
  51. HELP with 98....
  52. how low is your adaptive idle response time?
  53. WTF is this....P0106 Map/Baro Ckt Range/Perf ???
  54. problem connecting up to XD-1 from my laptop
  55. turbo tuning
  56. Another basic question
  57. P1133???????
  58. what airflows for fans 1 and 2
  59. rpms come down too slow, rev isnt as fast as i like
  60. dfi or fast
  61. Chip or no Chip?
  62. hp tuners help
  63. Calling ALL Tuners
  64. misfire help please!!
  65. with no throttle, STFT's shoot up to +30 or higher
  66. tps showing 1% WTF?
  67. P0172 & P0175 Codes, VE tuned in, Maf Recalibrated?
  68. Autometer Pro Comp Tach Install
  69. Does a tune with A4 line pressure @100% make a difference at WOT?
  70. Help!!! Cold start with A/C on sucks!
  71. tuning from MORE PERFORMANCE
  72. front o2 sensors
  73. Please read, info needed asap PLEASE.
  74. Timing rising after 6600 rpm?
  75. Need help with Hypertech power programmer
  76. Those racing chips you see on ebay
  77. Electrical Issue.
  78. Running SD with an automatic all the time...
  79. Blower tune vs. N/A tune, what chagnes?
  80. Starting Problem...No power to the Fuel Pumps...intermittently
  81. Help with tuning a 408-where do I start?
  82. New Tuner Questions
  83. Anyone Know Where To Rent A Hypertech Power Programmer
  84. How To FI Tuning?
  85. air system questions
  86. Diablosport Download tunes
  87. HPPIII won't turn on...suggestions?
  88. Detonation with excessive KR
  89. PCM code....Not Ls1 but GM
  90. Which tune ?
  91. Connecting wideband to PCM
  92. Controlling LTFTs
  93. Wire harness question.
  94. Post your tips on eliminating bucking here!
  95. question about 150 IAT reading causing retard?
  96. Any Good Shops Want My Business?
  97. p0307 cylinder 7 misfire
  98. Delta Chip alternative
  99. Need help!! Throwing codes
  100. Growing Pains
  101. Low Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1
  102. Cheapest way to get started?
  103. wot fueling question
  104. Interesting - Speedo calibration
  105. Code Delete Charity
  106. How do I retard timing with the Diablo Predator?
  107. bolt-ons and turns out I'm gettin KR 5degrees worth
  108. Adjusting timing after ve table
  109. ATTN: WS6FirebirdTA00
  110. o2's read slow sometimes others they are fine
  111. HPT bin from supercharger setup?
  112. wb readings during decel
  113. L Trims
  114. mail order tune....
  115. Deleting AIR, revisited....
  116. Vinci Hand held tuner Error !
  117. having some odd throttle issues after latest tune, and dont know why
  118. HPTuners or LS1.edit-which one?
  119. What is everyone getting for ac airflow adder?
  120. hesitation
  121. Car sounds terrible!!
  122. Reset codes?
  123. HP TUNERS help on fuel tabs...
  124. Wheel Sensors - PSI
  125. HELP -- PO131, PO137, PO151, PO157 codes - new sensors???
  126. All Tuners please read.
  127. question about tuning shift points, never done it before...
  128. any ideas on po172+175
  129. Whats the stock timing on a 98 Z28 A4?
  130. Tuning out lope with BigStuff3
  131. Problem programming LC-1
  132. Cheapest decent wideband o2 setup?
  133. 6.0L ECM and harness
  134. Few problems with tsp tune.
  135. messing with overspeed and underspeed spark correction
  136. EFI Tuning options
  137. looking for some help, getting constant 4* KR, at 19* WOT
  138. Looking for stock tune
  139. All this idle stuff is getting me ...........
  140. How the MAF really works
  141. this is odd, tcs off light came on when i reved up???
  142. Really Wierd Ft Problem
  143. Switched from M6 to A4, how do I fix the speedo?
  144. any tuners in the IA,NE,SD corner
  145. HP Tuners with bad 02's...bad???
  146. my impala and tahoe
  147. Idle 800 below 10 mph, idle 1000 above 15 mph WTF?
  148. where to buy ls1 edit?
  149. Low Voltage SES codes
  150. Help Me Please
  151. Codes
  152. what does adaptive idle control?
  153. is there any way to adjust the speed the car corrects fueling when at idle?
  154. VE Spreadsheet
  155. Mulitple Codes
  156. when to change 02 sensors?
  157. 1998 tunning?
  158. Pontiac Firebird 1991
  159. SD tuning and automatic, issues idling
  160. 1st tuning experience
  161. Timing & all idle tables w/ bigger cam
  162. HPT and LC-1 not working right...HELP
  163. throwing some codes
  164. HP Tuners Wide Band Question
  165. Yeah!!! i just ordered my hptuners
  166. problems with pe need help
  167. efi live
  168. I'm really confused....
  169. Wanting to learn how to tune...
  170. Corvette:GM DESIAC gms/s - Is this in HP Tuners???
  171. IFR for 42# injectors??
  172. view past codes?
  173. HPT question about Desired IAC steps vs. Desired idle effective Area
  174. Reset to Stock-LTFT????
  175. to capture a dying car..
  176. Symptoms of an erratic Crank Position Sensor?
  177. Professional tune!?!
  178. STIT, LTIT arent consistent in 180* coolant temps?
  179. TPS problem
  180. H/C Swap completed, Quick Idle tuning question.
  181. Techedge WB with Hptuners
  182. h/c car hunts for idle EVERY time it is started up?
  183. maf tuning method and strange trims
  184. Help me get rid of these pestering gremlins!
  185. A/C and idle. wont stay started. Wont to change in HPT?
  186. Weird Idle Issue after WOT?
  187. Please help me diagnose this problem
  188. i want absolute timing control but can't get it.
  189. Do i need a tune
  190. getting some random knock?
  191. can someone help me with a code
  192. Wideband in stock O2 bung for SD Tuning???
  193. 99z jus dyno'd
  194. Help with codes
  195. HP Tuners Problem
  196. what are the conditions for closed loop?
  197. Another VATS question,,, did the search..
  198. help on resetting computer :(
  199. Ordering Megasquirt for my 98, what all do I need to order?
  200. tc shutter while driving in gear locked
  201. SES Light
  202. Tune Parameter HELP!!
  203. auto criuse controll
  204. Best Tuning Route to take?
  205. Problems with STFT tuning???
  206. ?? Lean, to Rich ?? someone explain
  207. help 97 z28 no start no com. with pcm
  208. SES light just came on, and I dont like it.
  209. Secondary AIR relay location?
  210. Tranny Swap A4-M6
  211. VE Tuning (octane tables)
  212. EGT data in graph form inside...may be useful
  213. Getting frustrated with negative trims
  214. traction control took a vacation
  215. Built motor, raised compression, nitrous and 93...
  216. 3 Altenators dead in 3 weeks! help please!
  217. if i lower pe, how should i increase the ve in those areas?
  218. prop fuel, my results did not show HP Tuners explaination...
  219. Initial tune for homebuilt turbo system
  220. Initial tune for homebuilt turbo system
  221. Ok need a tune but how?
  222. steps i took in getting idle, come in and add to it/correct me haha
  223. TCC - tuning question
  224. ODBII Pass or Fail???
  225. Anyone on here have experince with tunning STS kit
  226. light throttle load surging... P0101 ? MAF table ?
  227. Who can edit 01 V6?
  228. did some fiddling around with trying to smooth out idle...
  229. ok lets try again, + trims on start up wont go away, help me fix it
  230. wiring harness 99-02 the same?
  231. Would there be intrest in a 2 step for lsx
  232. my LTFT and KR
  233. o2 sensor question?
  234. How to lock a 4L60 temporarily in 2nd with HPT
  235. 1997 Chevy Camaro RS 3800 V6
  236. hp tuners on top of ls1 edit???
  237. HP Tuners bin file
  238. Open Loop
  239. Max allower enrichment
  240. Help with timing on a boosted application with Megasquirt for fuel
  241. Got a DTC P0132
  242. 02s not the same at wot.
  243. Too Rich
  244. heat cause surge?
  245. MAF calculators in excel
  246. ABS sensor pulses per rev.?
  247. custom tune.
  248. dyno tuning for partial throttle
  249. Rationalize this with me...
  250. Cartek tuned Turbo LS1's in here