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  1. removing California emmissions
  2. traction control problem
  3. Tired of my fake cam at startup!
  4. Idle issues
  5. H/C Idle Question (already searched)
  6. Software reviews
  7. cam and check engine light
  8. autotap
  9. hp tuners over ls1edit
  10. Holley Ignition System ??
  11. What are the advantages in tuning via speed density?
  12. WTF- Short Fuel Trim "Blip"?
  13. Nitrous window switch controlled by pcm!
  14. Vats
  15. Mix softwares? Ls1eidt and EFI Live 6.0
  16. New Handheld Tuner...SCT XCalibrator 2
  17. WTF!! No one knows what's going on
  18. looking for someone who wants tune my car at distance..
  19. Timing bouncing at idle, why?
  20. Please Help at Whitts end with Start up Idle Surge
  21. Torque management?
  22. LS2 GTO Dyno Tune Results with HP Tuners VCM Suite 2.0
  23. header installation
  24. whats the best place for a dyno tune?
  25. anyone want to look at a dastamaster file for me
  26. '00 WS6, knocking in 3rd and 4th only.. options?
  27. Idling
  28. 112lsa, 3500+stall 230+duration.... help
  29. Could these codes be from an exhaust leak?
  30. setting shift points, firmness?
  31. Rookie
  32. PO480/481 Cooling fan control Circuit
  33. PCM going insane
  34. secondary ve table
  35. throttle cracker and follower, nothing about it in the help file??
  36. Racetronix and the Inj Offset table - help!!
  37. Newbie at tuning?????
  38. need good tuner
  39. cant seem to get there???
  40. How do you disable Onstar on an 05 Crew Cab Silverado.
  41. Asking People Who Know
  42. P0342 + no run....
  43. All 90mm TB users inside....
  44. question about max effective area
  45. 02 Sensor readings question.
  46. Local tuner
  47. Different AFR readings
  48. 5.3 to 5.7 tune
  49. IAC Counts and TPS voltage
  50. Mail In Tune?
  51. Trim learn Disabled
  52. still having some odd idle issues
  53. Programmer
  54. 90mm Throttlebody calculations and thoughts
  55. P0300 & P0307
  56. FAST-Can someone take a look...
  57. Adjusting air/fuel ratio
  58. What *PIDs to log for cold start stutter?
  59. Can you calculate the Effective Area of your TB?
  60. narrow band 02's
  61. Knock retard in low gear only
  62. F13 Bin ?
  63. HPT me read my scan ??
  64. how much power loss with PE disabled
  65. when i put the throttle down fast, acts like it wants to cut out
  66. A4 to MN6...How To Wire Clutch Neutral Safety Switch
  67. 98 4* knock was gone on the way home today could it be the new Drive Shaft?
  68. What's Up with this IFR, still rich
  69. ls1-ls6 intake manifold swap, will i need retuned?
  70. VATS is killing me! Please, I need help!
  71. HPP3 on 2001 3.8 Camaro
  72. HP Tuners primary VE
  73. hptuners eio problems (help)
  74. code numbers
  75. Code scan question?
  76. IFR and Fuel Pressure
  77. cold starting issues, not getting air??
  78. For all you tuning guys I have a question
  79. Help this n00b
  80. Need tranny controller for automatic!
  81. Injector Scaling Ques.
  82. Anyone care to comment on the tune?
  83. Car wont frickin idle!
  84. Where does WOT start?
  85. idle hangs when driving, just started happening
  86. tuning for a stall...what do I need to change??
  87. Diablo Tune
  88. which side
  89. please help identify why car won't start
  90. is this possible??
  91. Weird Problem?
  92. WTF is up with my car? O2 pegged?????
  93. Is it possible?
  94. Sts turbo tune (5psi) for drive home from shop doing install
  95. Please Help-VE Tuning and still NEG Trims???
  96. search aint workin, buddy got a p1336 after dropping ls1 in truck
  97. temp gauge goes crazy, car chugs, ??
  98. Best place to get a predator custom tune?
  99. AFR at idle and part throttle? Good or bad?
  100. 4l80e swap programming?
  101. Unexpected SES light... questions
  102. BS3 and stock guages
  103. Vinci tuner error
  104. Help Vinci/Crane Tuner error / Car won't start
  105. cold start issue
  106. Tech Edge testers wanted
  107. i think my iac is maxed out, tb screw all the way in, now what??
  108. P0430 Code and Burning smell...
  109. BS3 Knock control?... You bet-cha!
  110. Almost finished. Just need quick IFR scaling factor...
  111. Cheapest way to pull 2-4 deg @ 1500 rpm
  112. Swapping PCM's?
  113. Purchase HPT now or wait for 2.0
  114. how do i permenantly clear/delete a SES code???
  115. GM tech 2 info needed
  116. anyone who had P0118 and rewired
  117. Twin turbo, megasuirt, hptuners, + wideband
  118. open loop f/a vs coolant temp
  119. Strange stumble from 5,000-5,300 rpm
  120. Best LS1 tunning program for PC
  121. what is the max iac value
  122. car throwing a check engine code,help.
  123. help with hptuners ordering
  124. TH350 Tuning
  125. Here's a wierd one, fans come on all the time since wideband hookup
  126. Is my car running to lean??
  127. HP tuners in Wisconsin???
  128. EFI Live Prices
  129. Can you use...
  130. Need Help
  131. HPTUNNERS AND LT'S W/Magnaflow Exhaust
  132. PE Question
  133. Serial to USB adapter won't work with Autotap Any ideas?
  134. O2 sensor longevity issues??
  135. bigger injectors what do i change?
  136. If it's not broke don't fix it?....HELP
  137. gonna try to get a wide band, whoever has them come in please
  138. Results: Tuning IAC effective area and Idle Airflow
  139. getting some KR on takeoff??
  140. gauges going crayz after a night of bad rain
  141. Few PCM Questions
  142. bolt-on tuning: STFT/LTFT
  143. HP Tuners at Home?
  144. speedometer going crayz
  145. IC control?
  146. Check Engine light
  147. Maf table question
  148. Hypertech Power Programmer 3 For 2002 LS1 F-Body-is it worth the $
  149. lots of knock but at low loads/rpm
  150. HP Tuners Help with Injector flow rate vs. kpa
  151. How much better are custom tunes
  152. Went WOT for the first time after FAST 90/90 combo and VE tune. results inside
  153. problem with ETC/TAC and individual throttle body manifold
  154. Thrown codes/Intake/Hot Outside
  155. effect of overlap on tune?
  156. have I mentioned I hate kr
  157. Serial card
  158. Spark Dwell
  159. *Urgent* help truck won't start!
  160. Please Help TCS Light and SES Light!!!!
  161. how much will it cost me to have the VATS removed from my 99 PCM
  162. timing table and actual timing are different
  163. Big stuff 3 in F-body
  164. What could be wrong car idles crazy...
  165. Quick PCM ?
  166. P0106 because of oil change?
  167. 2001 computer in a 2000 truck?
  168. disconnected maf no code?
  169. O2 Sensor Issue... Help Needed
  170. FAST VE craziness
  171. looking for entire vehicle pinout
  172. VE tuning??
  173. Help Deleting Codes
  174. Looking for...
  175. LM-1 and HPTuners
  176. Please Help ignition problem
  177. Tuning a 402
  178. 1998 Knock Retard.. pics.. oh joy.
  179. 233/239 Cam, How do I tune for drivability ??
  180. ABS inop?
  181. Will Bad Gas make my LTFT's go Positive?
  182. NEW MAF calibration Worksheet
  183. Newbie Tuning Question
  184. STUPID Problem/HELPPP!!!!
  185. Removed EGR - now idle problems
  186. Need Help Tuning In Birmingham Area!!
  187. Is this right?
  188. Aluminum Flywheel Changed Tuning?
  189. MAF tuning screwy on my car
  190. RAF and Effective area, will changing one effect the other?
  191. First log, got some questions
  192. LC-1 Connection to FlashScan
  193. Help, my car has the hiccups
  194. SSRA tuning
  195. Question: Not sure where to post
  196. BLM spike on one side
  197. Tuner reduced timing tables to 19 degrees to reduce knock
  198. Question on replacing TPS.....
  199. 1998 ram air tuning different?
  200. what's your thought's??
  201. PE tuning ? spikes
  202. Can Someone Help me smooth out my VE Tables?
  203. idle hangs in decel...with clutch pushed in
  204. Need help tuning
  205. Will a diablo predator delete the rear o2's?
  206. Help tune almost complete, few problems!!!!
  207. Wiring diagram for Hurst Line Lock
  208. Need VSS??
  209. could use some help on o2 sensors asap/and codes
  210. VE Tuning question
  211. HP Tuners
  212. Does MAF control PE AFR?
  213. VE question regarding DFCO, and maf tuning
  214. O2's and speed density
  215. surges when stopping
  216. misfire?
  217. calculating new effective area table...
  218. HP tuner- can i change year of PCM?
  219. How do i resolve a P0118
  220. questions about idle airflow with cam...
  221. EFI live or HP TUNE????????????
  222. HPT Enhanced I/O fixed!!
  223. Security thing car wont start sometimes.
  224. GUYS Please can you help me with this O2 Wiring Issue.
  225. Anyone run a multi disc converter?
  226. HP tuner question (A4 - T56 swap)
  227. Predator tuning question
  228. Check out my VE, looks high doesn't it?
  229. min pulse width for SVO injectors?
  230. rear gear correction
  231. PCM swap
  232. Tuning question
  233. what wires from VCM send out signal to Speedo..and is it accurate??
  234. Help me decide on a tuner
  235. MAF-less operation and timing?
  236. problems with a buddies car..need help...
  237. stock car with 4* knock at WOT?
  238. somebody double check me...injectors...
  239. Idle issues, in depth analysis inside.....
  240. My VE sheet
  241. tuning tires sized, troubles, lights come on
  242. BS3 or FAST XFI ?
  243. Idle PIDs in HPT not logging... any ideas?
  244. Crap ,I think myNew HP Tuners EIO Bit the Dust
  245. Ok To Settle The Svo Injector Ratings
  246. 9247 RPM's whats going on?
  247. HELP!!!Can someone check out my tune .bin
  248. Cold start tuning
  249. MAF question...
  250. Mysterious Electrical Problems Discovered and Confronted. Still need help.