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  1. 02 question
  2. O2 sim???
  3. Tuning Racecar on Dynojet
  4. LFT and STFT ?
  5. P0133
  6. Newbie with HPT...just installed ATI procharger
  7. SVO green top 42# injector question...
  8. What is this code?
  9. RPM Gauge off
  10. Problem VE tuning
  11. Pics of ls1edit scanner
  12. Tach stops moving at 6600 rpm on dyno
  13. just replaced airbag module?? now what???????
  14. Dyno tune vs. handheld?
  15. Reccomended scan/datalogger software?
  16. cant get car to idle... i have read stickies
  17. Meaning of Max allowed Enrichment
  18. Connecting Oxygen sensors with differing plugs
  19. Anyone have a Tech 2 in PA?
  20. Hpt
  21. ls1 edit problem with 97 corvette.
  22. 12200411 PCM, wich tuner?
  23. ? ECT Spark Correction Add
  24. Looking for an EFI Live tune
  25. pretune for cam? what can i do before i fire her up!!
  26. Are all .bins created equal?
  27. Possible to make '01 temp gauge work like '98?
  28. Hypertech power programer 3 98 Ls1
  29. Constatnt P0101 code, possible MAF failure?
  30. Newb Idle Question
  31. timing tables question...
  32. superchips?
  33. Tuning fuel trims
  34. HPTuners 2.0 question
  35. LTFT not balancing, what could cause this?
  36. What's going to happen when I start up the new 11.5:1 motor with the 233/239 cam??
  37. autotap help
  38. How do you measure 0-60times with HP tuners?
  39. OBDII pinout diagram?
  40. Looking for a Forced Induction to to look at.
  41. *****Troubleshooting,please help!!!********
  42. LTFT's positive, STFT's negative???
  43. HELP, HELP please..major tuning issue
  44. Difference in wideband and HPtuners...
  45. Iam getting crappy gas milage. CAn to much timing cause this/bad o2s??
  46. 98 T-Rex .bin File Request
  47. Where did my timing go???
  48. Cant get my injector pulsewidth below 3.0 ms
  49. High Speed fan tuning?
  50. Best "Chip"
  51. Seems like the rear vette O2s didnt help p1153/p1133 for me.
  52. Bad O2 sensor or something else? (picture)
  53. Got locked HPPIII to work using a Tech2....
  54. What could be the problem with these codes?
  55. Which Ignition and Fuel Systems?
  56. Operating Systems For Hp Tuners
  57. still fighting getting my car to idle right...
  58. Lc-1
  59. looking at getting denso o2's, opinions please
  60. Diagnostic checks to pass inspection????
  61. AFR - Dyno Tune
  62. O2 sensor's
  63. tuning a nearly stock car
  64. HPTuners, I/O interface repair thread, need help getting some answers
  65. CAN I USE HPTuners to check Injectors for possible bad one?
  66. I reset my TPS to 0 at idle, WOT shifts at 7200 RPM and only 80% TPS!!
  67. Electro/Mechanical Troubleshooting, plz help...
  68. Some help and info on my 98 PCM please
  69. LS1 Tune
  70. Problem with HPT Scanner
  71. Curiosity ? About HPTuners
  72. Can trucks use Corvette rear O2s up front?
  73. SES code 0405
  74. Will Autotap Enhanced do this?
  75. Cell 22 during start up normal?
  76. What is the different O2 Parameters in HPT (listed)
  77. Will overlap cause a false rich or false lean condition?
  78. Newbie impressions of HP Tuners
  79. How to reset ltft w/ls1edit?
  80. Got my HP Tuners today and have one question
  81. MoTeC?
  82. Learning process?
  83. got proscan today!?
  84. Lean Cruise
  85. TSP relearn same as Nelson?
  86. Problem with HP Tuners
  87. LS1 Edit Question
  88. Any way to remove rev limiter...
  89. HPTuners and O2 info
  90. my results using MAF excel sheets...
  91. Anyone using ProScan?
  92. Alarm is acting Weird!!!! (Help)
  93. Car doesnt kick down when pedal to floor!?!
  94. HP Tuner purchase.
  95. Hesitation
  96. No luck with SD tuning, Help?
  97. No Way! Check this out!
  98. LT1 A4 to M6 PCM Ques
  99. STILL throwing knock sensor low input codes
  100. Welcome our new PCM Scan and TUne Sponsor
  101. HPTuners and winXP ?
  102. New era performance parts
  103. trans tune for a stock truck
  104. What data logging software/cables to buy for LS1?
  105. Fans low/hi, what temp to kick on?
  106. Search = no luck...Someone had a link to .cfg files for downloading
  107. G5X3, AFR 205, FAST 90, NW 90, 85mm calibrated MAF
  108. Any writeups on how to log, and tune IAC and Airflow
  109. $10 O2 Sims?
  110. Question about tuning programs?
  111. 97 c5 need tuner software
  112. How do I disable the MAF for SD tuning?
  113. P0240 or P0204 code (bank1)??
  114. code p0748
  115. Anyone got a Dialed in VE table for a cam?
  116. Discount
  117. Tuning 101 need to be updated?
  118. Hptuners and vortech injectors
  119. Drilled hole now what?
  120. Torque Managment
  121. Efi FlashScan
  122. Anybody have a twostep
  123. Non-flashing SES light???
  124. lc-1 and HPTuners
  125. mailorder tune ?
  126. how do I optomize spark advance???
  127. Easy question for people who changed throttle cracker/follower tables!
  128. Tuning in SD for MAF
  129. code p0171
  130. HPtuners ?
  131. how to scan/log line pressure
  132. wester's mail tune?
  133. What changes will I need for just headers?
  134. idle problem
  135. Tip KR and Burst Knock
  136. Help w/ Codes...
  137. Need some serious help, quick...
  138. car is bad
  139. MAF tuning advanced discussion
  140. Trying to tune VE tables, but LTFT & STFT won't update.
  141. SES code & Car runs horrible
  142. random knock????????
  143. Any MegaSquirt systems up and working yet??
  144. IAT in the 2000 EGR spot in the intake...just an idea...
  145. VE table: if you have a perfect table from...
  146. Idle Tuning Question
  147. Adjusting Timing for Cam?
  148. Sensor problems??? please help
  149. Copy/Paste Problems with HPTuners
  150. what A/f ratio?
  151. Dynamic Airflow ?
  152. Idle problem after disconnecting battery
  153. getting smooth sinewave o2 response
  154. What could be wrong???
  155. moving o2's for headers, how does voltage change?
  156. can't rid the ping
  157. tuning conflict
  158. High idle rough runing,Short bad ground
  159. Big differences between M6 and A4 closed loop fueling?
  160. Turbo tuning?
  161. Tach Reading Twice The Rpm
  162. Hp Tuners
  163. Reprogram of PCM
  164. pcm flashing???
  165. Problem with my lt-1
  166. usb to serial converter
  167. HP Tuners was just delivered
  168. is there any DIY tuning?
  169. Vette Rear O2s - experience / performance / longevity
  170. VE and idle
  171. Tuning VE for larger displacement?
  172. How to add a pin to the PCM connector?
  173. 98 -> 99+ conversions.....
  174. Completely baffled... one O2 bank locked rich, the other lean.
  175. MAF or SD
  176. Using HPT to Check, Test and Clear DTC's???
  177. I want to go MAF less... how do I tune it??
  178. Has anyone experienced...
  179. Hp Tuners....
  180. will it work ???
  181. wideband 02 conversion
  182. LT/ST basics????...
  183. LS1 PCM wiring diagram??
  184. Dropping Idle problem/question..
  185. I dont see a timing thread in the sticky! Set me straight!
  186. short pulse limit and adder question
  187. who would want a write up of all the "other tables"
  188. Idle problems need help please.
  189. alternator problems
  190. choosing a programer
  191. closed loop mode vs airflow question
  192. LTFTs at idle with previous "cam tuning of VE Table"
  193. Diagnostic port
  194. M6 spark smoothing?
  195. ive got a problem
  196. installed cam,still throwing!!
  197. My STFT's are near 0 to -2 for whole histo, can someone look at my log?
  198. dyno last week (readouts!!??) HELP
  199. Went from an Edit tune to HPT and runs like shit
  200. Any Word on Vinci Handheld Tuners for 98's
  201. 2bar MAP discussion, come on in
  202. Ses P1336?
  203. LTFT question...
  204. Fried PCM
  205. question about dynamic airflow, SD tune
  207. Will someone Help me with MAF Problem with HP Tuners?
  208. 98 PCM on a prob??
  209. Whats my best option to reset??
  210. 98 ws6 HP TUNNING tried but is coded
  211. what exactly is a knock sensor??
  212. Trouble Starting up!! Please Help!!
  213. Any place near pa thats got good tuning?
  214. What criteria sets the limits for Min/Max MAP values?
  215. LTFT it this much a PITA
  216. HpTuner vs. Predator custom tune
  217. How to log MAF hz in SD mode?
  218. Problem VE tuning with vette..
  219. HP Tuner owners ........
  220. Throwing codes Need Help
  221. Rev limiter
  222. '98 knock sensor update?
  223. Will this WBo2 work with HPT EIO?
  224. Is Tuning A Stock Car Dumb?
  225. Dyno tuning in NY?
  226. Need LM-1 help with power cable
  227. Tuning 101 -- Going to APE next week any tips / experiences ?
  228. CAN/ls2 scanner
  229. juicy technical question
  230. Wideband
  231. Possible Sticky IAC giving me a nightmare....
  232. Starting a fresh tune up for the hotrod...need advice
  233. If I dont have TCS will the plug still have power?
  234. Low Dyno numbers.. what you think
  235. o2s locked at .450?
  236. HPTuners guys, can carrying over positive trims into PE mode be disabled?
  237. spark timing Question
  238. ltft tuning???
  239. will a nelson be fine?
  240. Pulling timing for nitrous
  241. XD-1/LC-1 arrived the other day
  242. Will Predator fix my problem?
  243. ECU Harness
  244. No O2 sensors, Export Z28
  245. # of wideband O2s on FAST?
  246. Nitrous .bin
  247. IAC position vs effective area
  248. Question about positive LTFTs at WOT
  249. LM-1 to HP tuners...
  250. completely remove MAF??? VE tune???