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  1. Neutral Safety Switch in M6...
  2. Have C6 vette and ready to buy LS2 editing software
  3. taching up and responce comparing
  4. Mystery table...
  5. How to contact Kirk formerly of APE
  6. Question about the bin files?
  7. T/M question
  8. Slight part throttle hesitation....
  9. How to check if PCM is Auto or Manual?
  10. rich/lean switch points and o2 gain vs error
  11. Electrical/Resistor Question! PLEASE HELP
  12. scan tool
  13. MAF values!?!?!?
  14. About a custom wiring harness
  15. Torque management and Tunercat users
  16. LM-1 Box and HP Tuners EIO don't read the same...
  17. Wideband accuracy behind...
  18. OBD2 Code reader - Harbor Freight
  19. iac position vs. effective area
  20. a/f ratio gauge
  21. efilive non transferable?
  22. Best Tuning program?
  23. 100+ degree IAT affect performance?
  24. Throwing Codes..
  25. Crank Sensor Issues?
  26. LS1 Edit's F$@!ed me for the last time!
  27. Fuel guage pegged past full... help troubleshooting?
  28. Another Question about MAF airflow vs.Output Frequency with HP Tuners
  29. Mass air question
  30. what can i do to fix hanging cold revs?
  31. help,,throwing a po106 code
  32. Anyone heard if BS3 is in legal trouble?
  33. LC-1 How-to hook up to EFILive
  34. KR Only in OD on A4
  35. Speed Sensor
  36. EFI Custom GAGE Contest 56k warning
  37. What are the basic tuning no no's?
  38. Falls on face
  39. need H/C tuning help
  40. Keep blowing engine sensor fuse and P0102 SES
  41. EFI How-to
  42. HP Tuners without Laptop?
  43. HP Tuners logging problem...
  44. First WBO2 log/tune
  45. Whats your opinion?????
  46. Required Changes for Increased Fuel Pressure
  47. Looking for cheap way to view knock retard, used Predator or other suggestions?
  48. Using HP Tuners to tune out Codes
  49. EMISSIONS! HELP!!!!!! o2 Simulators?
  50. question about weird o2 problems, inconsistant bank to bank fueling?
  51. any one with HP Tuners have a High Octane Spark Tab I can see, has a cam like mine?
  52. wideband vs o2 voltage results
  53. P0158 and fuel pressure
  54. superchip micro tuner
  55. Threw a p1133 code what is it?
  56. partial log file inside, wierd 02 voltage numbers
  57. Crane/Vinci for stock 99 Trans Am
  58. Need Approximate Coast Down Curve for LS1 F-body
  59. Predator issues... HELP!!!
  60. startup spark correction, with a cam can you increase the numbers?
  61. SLP Speedo Recal Black Box
  62. Help with Trans tuning!
  63. Predator Question & Code
  64. Convert an Edit tune to HP Tuner?How?
  65. Bad O2? or Bad Injector? or ???
  66. 40/60/80 method
  67. question about ECT spark advance correction
  68. question about start up flare control vs rpm error
  69. Diablo Help!!!!!!!!
  70. Knock Retard in Open Loop
  71. where do i start reading guys?
  72. zero degrees timing advance!?
  73. New sensor still throwing 121??
  74. rpms surging during cold start. wtf?
  75. GM Computer Updates?
  76. 2 Step with HPT...
  77. 125% duty cycle on injectors
  78. How do I switch from 3 channel to 4 chan. ABS????
  79. A4 downshift double surge???
  80. rich condition
  81. SES light P0751...HELP!
  82. Anyone ever figure out hot start issues?
  83. hp tuners and tire sizes
  84. air/fuel ratio question?
  85. Please help! Hesitation when shifting! I think it is tuning related.
  86. Idle problem!
  87. Hptuners + wideband + boost = I don't know how to tune it
  88. Hp Tuner Question
  89. Accel Gen 7 My experience
  90. IFR for 42lb Injectors??
  91. open loop vs. closed loop
  92. Power Enrichment Table /rpm
  93. misfire counts are at 0, with cam?
  94. IAC counts were jumpy, used to be 30 now 60? what gives?
  95. computer throwing codes
  96. Looking for IAT sensor pigtail?
  97. IAC in HPTuners help.
  98. Wideband hooked up to HPtuners. Now what?
  99. Very intresting find on Bosch part#0280155868
  100. Want to order HPTuners, got some questions
  101. best to start out
  102. Should I get a tune?
  103. AT1 Download
  104. P0327 Knock Sensor code won't go away
  105. Ram Air and Dyno Tuning???
  106. Desired Torque only 350?
  107. Need Some Help...
  108. tuning help
  109. ls1 edit question
  110. Timing Question
  111. Reflashing the PCM, How does that work?
  112. EFILive .map's/custom PID's
  113. about to install cam, what to change
  114. Quick Timing Lingo Question
  115. HPT VCM Suite Help Guide - Fuel System
  116. hp tuners, what is best to find a misfire
  117. pulling timming?
  118. PE vs. rpm question
  119. good place for instillation and comp. reprograming
  120. Help With Vinci Tuner
  121. How the heck do you read the Excel File once you export?
  122. Tunning question with mew MAF....need input...
  123. Tune & Dyno Costs???
  124. how do i tune for my cam?
  125. Car cranks but won't start.
  126. Dual Wide Band hookup?
  127. Help, I fugged up
  128. 4,000 RPM's and its hits a limiter HELPPPPPPP
  129. Please Help ASAP,Need Bosch Part Number for O2 sensor
  130. Q: Wideband and Air Pump
  131. STFT's still active in open loop?
  132. Efilive Flashscan Rocks
  133. SES Light
  134. modified car- what do i tune? wont run right
  135. where on hptuners do you find the misfire history
  136. Mounting PCM? Does it need grounding?
  137. What VSS values?
  138. o2 code question
  139. Regarding "dynamic air" measurement....
  140. I'm going to take a hammer to this POS
  141. LS2 programming harnesses available now
  142. throwing a code...please help
  143. HP tuners
  144. Crash Tuning Course
  145. Anyone use one of these? could be MEGA cool
  146. ecm problm
  147. Help with engine warning light
  148. LC-1 to HPT Enhanced Input Output wiring
  149. code 1638 5v reference? what is it?
  150. calibrating kr tables
  151. switched and fused +12V source
  152. More "simple" questions
  153. LC-1 and narrowband simulation
  154. Wiring harness/ECM question
  155. Anyone see why there are misfires?
  156. I thought STFT & LTFT range from -25 through +25?
  157. SES Light Code 1133 MAF sensor?
  158. Throttle Position code?
  159. Anyone have an STS tune???
  160. Tranny issues/shift points,etc...
  161. Idle
  162. Transmission calibration table for ls1 edit
  163. ses light
  164. HELP with Idle tuning using HPtuners ASAP!!!!
  165. Where to buy EFILive?
  166. help me with these codes and how to fix please
  167. A4 tuning... ROCK AND ROLL!!!!
  168. Doesn't HP Tuners have a compare function?
  169. HP Tuners Missfire sensitivity
  170. Diablo is jacked up!!!
  171. dead Crank sensor + tach signal?
  172. AFR in SD
  173. intermittent electrical/sensor/VCM problem?
  174. predator and serial cable
  175. Spark VS Airtemp table modifications
  176. Car won't run without maf
  177. wideband o2 questions
  178. timing and AFR from Tech 2 scanner...
  179. EFILive competition
  180. using wideband to tune??
  181. Disable rear o2s
  182. Snap on MicroScan Scan tool
  183. Think I am going to go mafless
  184. Caspers fan switch
  185. code p1870 tranny component slipping
  186. LS1 Edit Repository?
  187. Stock computer??
  188. LS2 Edit.
  189. do i need a tune?
  190. SES, Low Maf signal and Random Miss
  191. my ltfts...they are mostly negative
  192. Where in edit to change max line pressure?
  193. LT1 File database
  194. MAFless tuning question
  195. Unplugged MAF and no code
  196. CAT/lean codes + 25% LTFT
  197. HP Tuners rocks!!
  198. books on tuning ?????
  199. Rev limiter?
  200. 2000 LS1 electronic throttle disable
  201. How much timing are you running with 400+ ci?
  202. MAF descreening-wierd idle after
  203. AFR Question
  204. proper way to desensitize knock sensors
  205. Yet another ve ?
  206. 4 Degrees Knock Retard
  207. o2 sensors are staying above 800 constantly
  208. Vinci Tuner ~SOTP~
  209. Testing Knock sensors??
  210. unexplainable knock retard
  211. Anyone locking up there converter with software?
  212. HP tuners minimum system requirements
  213. It's like its in Cruise Control.
  214. shifting based on rpms alone
  215. PE Question
  216. 100 series micropack connector???
  217. Finally tuned maf steps outlined
  218. open loop tuning question
  219. wideband question (aem uego)
  220. LS2 edit on a Procharged C6
  221. HP TUNERS tune Magna Charged LS2 Auto
  222. The best tuning software
  223. Annoying SES light. any advice
  224. pass n gear problum on my Z
  225. PCM swap and alarm systems
  226. sensor problems???????????Help
  227. How to proper scale injector flow table for SVO 30# injectors
  228. PE table increase when MAF re-enabled?
  229. Has anyone who tuned their car in closed loop
  230. diagnostic programs ?
  231. LTs + TDs + HP Tuners = Service Vehicle Light?
  232. DTC P0327 Knock Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
  233. Could Not Do Full Rewrite - HPTuners
  234. STFT question
  235. Quick EFI Live Flash Scan Question
  236. tire size it wrong?
  237. HPT need help with VIN issue....
  238. IFR table for 28# injectors
  239. P0152 and P0300 after large puddle?!?!
  240. Hp Tuner
  241. ON or OFF, proportional idle...
  242. 3>4 shift, help
  243. Hptuners bin file for 98 ls1 with 02 ls6 cam?
  244. Cam surge on cold/warm startup's, but fine while driving, help???
  245. Autometer 5" tach Help please
  246. Looking for a stock calibration file for....
  247. Ease of tuning Delphi 38#r's
  248. Serial card guys in here
  249. car dies at quick stop when a/c is on
  250. need help with tuning maf