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  1. Finally tuned maf steps outlined
  2. open loop tuning question
  3. wideband question (aem uego)
  4. LS2 edit on a Procharged C6
  5. HP TUNERS tune Magna Charged LS2 Auto
  6. The best tuning software
  7. Annoying SES light. any advice
  8. pass n gear problum on my Z
  9. PCM swap and alarm systems
  10. sensor problems???????????Help
  11. How to proper scale injector flow table for SVO 30# injectors
  12. PE table increase when MAF re-enabled?
  13. Has anyone who tuned their car in closed loop
  14. diagnostic programs ?
  15. LTs + TDs + HP Tuners = Service Vehicle Light?
  16. DTC P0327 Knock Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
  17. Could Not Do Full Rewrite - HPTuners
  18. STFT question
  19. Quick EFI Live Flash Scan Question
  20. tire size it wrong?
  21. HPT need help with VIN issue....
  22. IFR table for 28# injectors
  23. P0152 and P0300 after large puddle?!?!
  24. Hp Tuner
  25. ON or OFF, proportional idle...
  26. 3>4 shift, help
  27. Hptuners bin file for 98 ls1 with 02 ls6 cam?
  28. Cam surge on cold/warm startup's, but fine while driving, help???
  29. Autometer 5" tach Help please
  30. Looking for a stock calibration file for....
  31. Ease of tuning Delphi 38#r's
  32. Serial card guys in here
  33. car dies at quick stop when a/c is on
  34. need help with tuning maf
  35. hp tuners keeps losing connection, getting very frustrating
  36. Touble codes
  37. Roommate took HP Tuners CD, how do I get software?
  38. PCM Gasket Question
  39. Want to get a new Laptop,But How do I run HP Tuners without a 9 pin Port?
  40. Detonation Please Help
  41. lm-1 configuration
  42. Tuning My LS1
  43. *** Update 90mm TB + 48% Effective table
  44. check engine light
  45. Where is the table for changing LTFTs?
  46. IFR table and SD/VE tuning
  47. Mass Air Extender's
  48. 1-2 shift issue
  49. Broke into my Gtech - Made my own dynamometer
  50. Where to find fuel injector connectors male/female?
  51. Tuning idle? hard for the pro's??
  52. pcm change 00 to 02 quick question about HP TUNERS
  53. Do i have a tunning problem?
  54. Quick question
  55. Help my car is kicking my a__
  56. OBDII question
  57. simple tranny tuning question
  58. Crazy O2 readings
  59. College degree to tune?
  60. different method for tuning ltft
  61. Rev limiter ?
  62. To0ning
  63. force motor current troubles
  64. tuning hints
  65. 04'Vette rich condition???
  66. cold start: how to fix rpm over/undershoot
  67. Question on Vinci/crane programmer
  68. does anyone use Holley FI?
  69. Does anybody know the address for diablosport?
  70. Aeroforce intercepter gauge
  71. Rear tires, how tall can I go witout the abs inop light comming on?
  72. my 1st tune
  73. do i need a tune
  74. vortec supercharger
  75. SLP MAF or Stock MAF??
  76. Can wet O2 sensors dry out?
  77. help
  78. Anyone max their MAF table?
  79. Do all stock programs run THIS lean?!?
  80. Tune idle or VE first?
  81. speed is off
  82. needed 2000 truck 6.0 bin
  83. Mounting a 5" tack?
  84. Disable/Delete VATS vs Security light...
  85. torque converter will not lock
  86. Tuning question on new setup...
  87. LS1Edit vs. NYS inspection...
  88. p0106 map values, engine diagnostics
  89. Iac counts
  90. security light stays on with vats disabled
  91. Fuel trim Data logs (help)
  92. LTFT's + and other ?'s
  93. Will MAF Frequecy change my A/F Ratio For WOT?
  94. Please help me understand MAF Frequencies?
  95. PCM Won't Reset
  96. TPS problem.
  97. Efi Live Ve Table
  98. Pike's Peak
  99. my car stalls at stoplights when its warm. why?
  100. Missing caused by transient fueling?
  101. typical adjustments after installing FAST 90
  102. Anyone have a F13 HP file?
  103. A4 to T56 swap, now occasional security light and no start condition
  104. EFI Live Tuning
  105. New shift points fail, why?? ... newbie.:)
  106. Should I just leave it in SD????
  107. Anyone have an STS tune??
  108. Link for the MAF and VE tuning at same time?
  109. Looking for a modified 4L80e shift table
  110. removing California emmissions
  111. traction control problem
  112. Tired of my fake cam at startup!
  113. Idle issues
  114. H/C Idle Question (already searched)
  115. Software reviews
  116. cam and check engine light
  117. autotap
  118. hp tuners over ls1edit
  119. Holley Ignition System ??
  120. What are the advantages in tuning via speed density?
  121. WTF- Short Fuel Trim "Blip"?
  122. Nitrous window switch controlled by pcm!
  123. Vats
  124. Mix softwares? Ls1eidt and EFI Live 6.0
  125. New Handheld Tuner...SCT XCalibrator 2
  126. WTF!! No one knows what's going on
  127. looking for someone who wants tune my car at distance..
  128. Timing bouncing at idle, why?
  129. Please Help at Whitts end with Start up Idle Surge
  130. Torque management?
  131. LS2 GTO Dyno Tune Results with HP Tuners VCM Suite 2.0
  132. header installation
  133. whats the best place for a dyno tune?
  134. anyone want to look at a dastamaster file for me
  135. '00 WS6, knocking in 3rd and 4th only.. options?
  136. Idling
  137. 112lsa, 3500+stall 230+duration.... help
  138. Could these codes be from an exhaust leak?
  139. setting shift points, firmness?
  140. Rookie
  141. PO480/481 Cooling fan control Circuit
  142. PCM going insane
  143. secondary ve table
  144. throttle cracker and follower, nothing about it in the help file??
  145. Racetronix and the Inj Offset table - help!!
  146. Newbie at tuning?????
  147. need good tuner
  148. cant seem to get there???
  149. How do you disable Onstar on an 05 Crew Cab Silverado.
  150. Asking People Who Know
  151. P0342 + no run....
  152. All 90mm TB users inside....
  153. question about max effective area
  154. 02 Sensor readings question.
  155. Local tuner
  156. Different AFR readings
  157. 5.3 to 5.7 tune
  158. IAC Counts and TPS voltage
  159. Mail In Tune?
  160. Trim learn Disabled
  161. still having some odd idle issues
  162. Programmer
  163. 90mm Throttlebody calculations and thoughts
  164. P0300 & P0307
  165. FAST-Can someone take a look...
  166. Adjusting air/fuel ratio
  167. What *PIDs to log for cold start stutter?
  168. Can you calculate the Effective Area of your TB?
  169. narrow band 02's
  170. Knock retard in low gear only
  171. F13 Bin ?
  172. HPT me read my scan ??
  173. how much power loss with PE disabled
  174. when i put the throttle down fast, acts like it wants to cut out
  175. A4 to MN6...How To Wire Clutch Neutral Safety Switch
  176. 98 4* knock was gone on the way home today could it be the new Drive Shaft?
  177. What's Up with this IFR, still rich
  178. ls1-ls6 intake manifold swap, will i need retuned?
  179. VATS is killing me! Please, I need help!
  180. HPP3 on 2001 3.8 Camaro
  181. HP Tuners primary VE
  182. hptuners eio problems (help)
  183. code numbers
  184. Code scan question?
  185. IFR and Fuel Pressure
  186. cold starting issues, not getting air??
  187. For all you tuning guys I have a question
  188. Help this n00b
  189. Need tranny controller for automatic!
  190. Injector Scaling Ques.
  191. Anyone care to comment on the tune?
  192. Car wont frickin idle!
  193. Where does WOT start?
  194. idle hangs when driving, just started happening
  195. tuning for a stall...what do I need to change??
  196. Diablo Tune
  197. which side
  198. please help identify why car won't start
  199. is this possible??
  200. Weird Problem?
  201. WTF is up with my car? O2 pegged?????
  202. Is it possible?
  203. Sts turbo tune (5psi) for drive home from shop doing install
  204. Please Help-VE Tuning and still NEG Trims???
  205. search aint workin, buddy got a p1336 after dropping ls1 in truck
  206. temp gauge goes crazy, car chugs, ??
  207. Best place to get a predator custom tune?
  208. AFR at idle and part throttle? Good or bad?
  209. 4l80e swap programming?
  210. Unexpected SES light... questions
  211. BS3 and stock guages
  212. Vinci tuner error
  213. Help Vinci/Crane Tuner error / Car won't start
  214. cold start issue
  215. Tech Edge testers wanted
  216. i think my iac is maxed out, tb screw all the way in, now what??
  217. P0430 Code and Burning smell...
  218. BS3 Knock control?... You bet-cha!
  219. Almost finished. Just need quick IFR scaling factor...
  220. Cheapest way to pull 2-4 deg @ 1500 rpm
  221. Swapping PCM's?
  222. Purchase HPT now or wait for 2.0
  223. how do i permenantly clear/delete a SES code???
  224. GM tech 2 info needed
  225. anyone who had P0118 and rewired
  226. Twin turbo, megasuirt, hptuners, + wideband
  227. open loop f/a vs coolant temp
  228. Strange stumble from 5,000-5,300 rpm
  229. Best LS1 tunning program for PC
  230. what is the max iac value
  231. car throwing a check engine code,help.
  232. help with hptuners ordering
  233. TH350 Tuning
  234. Here's a wierd one, fans come on all the time since wideband hookup
  235. Is my car running to lean??
  236. HP tuners in Wisconsin???
  237. EFI Live Prices
  238. Can you use...
  239. Need Help
  240. HPTUNNERS AND LT'S W/Magnaflow Exhaust
  241. PE Question
  242. Serial to USB adapter won't work with Autotap Any ideas?
  243. O2 sensor longevity issues??
  244. bigger injectors what do i change?
  245. If it's not broke don't fix it?....HELP
  246. gonna try to get a wide band, whoever has them come in please
  247. Results: Tuning IAC effective area and Idle Airflow
  248. getting some KR on takeoff??
  249. gauges going crayz after a night of bad rain
  250. Few PCM Questions