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  1. simple MAF question
  2. is there any way to adjust how fast STIT changes?
  3. AFR 205's installed now tunning with HPtuner ????
  4. Question on swapping files between cars
  5. Stock LS1 engine tune
  6. LS1Edit any way to convert A4 PCM to M6???
  7. is FTC 19 idle? getting knock
  8. changing gears
  9. PCM not sending out Engine Speed (tach) Signal???
  10. LS1Edit cables - UBS Vs. serial ports
  11. Log Ltrims-LS1Edit+diagnostic beta patch??
  12. Who can test my stock engine harness?
  13. Flashing SES light on deceleration....what does it mean?
  14. Under what conditions does the A/C get turned off?
  15. Still cant figure out idle tuning
  16. What tunning software to buy?
  17. what years are alike?
  18. read/was told to raise PE map with a cam, technical explanation of why please?
  19. Fuel added during WOT - LTFT?
  20. Thank you Redline Motorsports! [Dyno #'s]
  21. Question on IFR changes for new injectors..
  22. Cylinder Volume, skew performance??
  23. Accuracy of WBO2 in open headers + 110 race gas
  24. I need a lot of help
  25. Hp Tuner Customer Service
  26. Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics Processor
  27. Need Help!
  28. Short and Long Trim Fuel question
  29. Custom Wiring Harness...
  30. Are these any good?
  31. Easiest/cheapest way to detect knock retard?
  32. Proscan
  33. Getting your cars idle back in range 101: first few steps
  34. what system i need if i wanna run mid to low 9's
  35. Time to start her up...
  36. still having start up issues. come in and help me out, i need ideas
  37. 10* knock, WTF?
  38. EFILive/Flashscan Guys - No More MAF Spreadsheets?
  39. Have trouble with codes
  40. still getting kr, but my timing is higher than what i set it at???
  41. Coolant low problem
  42. does engine temperture reading effect engine performance
  43. what effect does the IAT have on the engine performance
  44. running lean, weak fuel pump?
  45. question for those adding part throttle timing?
  46. Hypertech power programmer?
  47. Anyone used LC-1 with FlashScan??
  48. Diff Year Bin Files
  49. logging LTRIM readings - OBD-2 software
  50. can a GM tech 2 tested be used to adjust timing
  51. Where to run wideband wiring??
  52. Help!! hot and cold idle problems!!!
  53. Philly area W/ 01 HP tuners?
  54. Aftermarket engine management dilemma
  55. hanging hot start idle + ls1edit question
  56. complete noob to tuning
  57. Stays in closed loop at WOT
  58. Excessive Delay in Receiving HPT enhanced Interface
  59. A question about HPT Scanner
  60. SES light flashes at idle with AC only
  61. HPT A4 Tranny Shift Question
  62. Blinking SES NEED HELP ASAP!
  63. Where Is Chris Marsh When You Need Him
  64. 3 Graphs of AFR DATA in REAL WORLD
  65. Inspection help
  66. Equus/Innova OBDII C.A.N. Scanner?
  67. No signal - rear O2 sensors - LS1Edit fix?
  68. correct me if im wrong...
  69. EGR/AIR (limp home mode?)
  70. Transient fuel tuning
  71. Possible TM issue?
  72. Constant high idle when moving off throttle..
  73. Misfire SES....
  74. tuner in SE michigan?
  75. Can someone look at this Autotap file if my car and see if everything is ok??
  76. Mysterous flashing check engine light
  77. Does flashscan have the ablility to unlock a PCM?
  78. last few logs got kr when giving gas at stand still?? what to do?
  79. Idle Sticks at 2000rpm
  80. Help: PLX M-300 Wideband
  81. tuning question
  82. advanced timing timing too high?
  83. Someone check my tune for me
  84. Speed Density Tuning Ready to Take Off????
  85. Generic air-fuel ratio gage with wideband?
  86. Ve OK, Now MAF?
  87. Porting the Throttle Body
  88. O2 Flatlined? Bad sensor
  89. What are you using for a scanner
  90. Ls1 Edit or HP Tuners
  91. Quick disconnect resistance concern
  92. sputtering under light load
  94. Car won't stop starting
  95. working on a new timing table, need some opinions
  96. LTIT Slow or immobile need input...
  97. Cant get the TPS Voltage to reset to zero.
  98. Tuner Experience At Dick & Connies in Clairmont
  99. HP Tuners Customer Support Rocks!
  100. Idle tuned prior to MAF or doesnt matter?
  101. o2 sensor info please help
  102. when entering numbers for iac park airflow, how do you find the right values?
  103. once in closed loop, airflow at idle goes up?
  104. Wiring harness available to run stock gauges/etc with aftermarket engine management
  105. LS1 Edit Upgrade
  106. Need help!! Engine won`t idle...
  107. Wideband AFR is different then what is commanded......
  108. AIR question (hptuners)
  109. No codes but engine check light on dash
  110. Speedometer reading is wrong , after Crane Power Tuner installed !
  111. Have a dip in Spark vs Airflow is it normal?
  112. Injector Control Circuit problems
  113. after part throttle tuning???
  114. All LS1 sensors
  115. A/C + big cams and idle..
  116. AutoTap vs. O2's?
  117. P0140: Bank 1 Sensor 2 (not active)
  118. O2 Sensors?
  119. Emergency help..WTF?
  120. Swapping a 1998 Trans am to a 1999 motor
  121. 90mm TB & Tuning with LS1-Edit
  122. Ok ,after flashing with HP Tuners ,Now I dont Have Cruise control
  123. p0300 misfire code help
  124. What could make my tranny shift late?
  125. spuradic kr at wot pic attached
  126. LS1Edit code reader - beta version
  127. Installing OBD-2 software - error messages
  128. any input?
  129. Best place for me to get tuned for new cam and n2o??
  130. bad idle problems
  131. Going back to stock....tuning questions!!!!
  132. p1154 and p0153
  133. Car Drives Like SH!T!!! MAF Sensor?
  134. Cam tuning?
  135. Tuning VE via the LTRMs Write-Up
  136. converter
  137. More Newbie EFI Live Questions
  138. solid motor mounts
  139. Pics of Monitoring Screen, Wideband/ Maximizer 2
  140. Need tuning or bad converter?
  141. KEN KELLY contact
  142. O2 sim degradation?
  143. Viewing error codes
  144. I need closed loop operation!!!
  145. P1153 Code
  146. afterstart enrichment, ect? how does it work
  147. lo res and hi res commanded afr in hp tuners, what is it??
  148. Can you tune around unbalanced banks (i.e., one leaner than the other)?
  149. some guided wisdom needed
  150. What happened to my car!?!
  151. Re-calibrate the MAF??
  152. m6 to a4 conversion
  153. HELP!!!!!!!!! car studdrs like hell
  154. ? about Pro Scan
  155. 02s, Evap read incomplete
  156. Convert 4 channel to 3 channel?
  157. IAC Park Position Airflow vs IAT, what does it do?
  158. HP tuners connection problem
  159. Check Engine
  160. 80 miles of driving...What kind of driving to I need???
  161. where can I get a good dyno tune Nashville TN area?
  162. laptop holder for the car
  163. Is this real knock retard? I am pretty sure...just looking for another opinion...
  164. Switch to true open loop tune
  165. tuning for the newbie
  166. throttle comes down slowly and jumps before idle
  167. Anyone Have P0171 Code Set?
  168. Last value or average on Histogram??
  169. Part Number for 98 SS PCM?
  170. open loop fueling question
  171. part throttle timing?
  172. little help with tuning ???
  173. Positive LTFT's, stock tune, tuning VE?
  174. Tuning parameter margin with similar cams
  175. Weather effects on idle? Need info
  176. What do i need for Twin turbo? LC-1 + Pyrometer?
  177. How does the IFR table affect the PE table?
  178. loosing idle learn?
  179. C5 will not go into SD mode
  180. Changes to be made with LS2 using LS1 PCM?
  181. Easy MAF Calibration with EFI Live(NO SPREADSHEETS)
  182. LTFT are lean, wideband is rich, now what??
  183. Need a little help please..
  184. WTF could i have done to my car???
  185. Who can tune in Colorado?
  186. LS7 Retrofit could be an issue without using the LS7 PCM!!!
  187. in hpt, can you monitor wheel speed sensors?
  188. Big Troubles with HPT I lost my PCM Please Help!!!!
  189. HELP my 99 Camaro is misfiring on multiple cylinders!!
  190. need help, how to wire in RPM input on LM-1 ???
  191. stumble at idle, help?
  192. Speed limiter
  193. low RPM misfire all of a sudden
  194. Help Please problem after rebuild
  195. Engine cuts off while driving on the highway...??????????
  196. Open LS1 Edit file in EFI Live?
  197. What is a good way to test O2 sensor?
  198. Could really use some advice on tuning after TC install...
  199. Im Curious
  200. help for tuning
  201. Emissions Help
  202. 0405 after SLP LID
  203. lc-1 probs
  204. Question About VE tuning Doc in Sticky Notes???
  205. Need Help with emissions!!
  206. Initial startup rpm drop after cam.
  207. For those with 90mm N.Williams TB and a Ybod
  208. low coolant light, and asr randomly coming on
  209. resetting the pcm after it has been dyno tuned?
  210. car running like shit
  211. Pre-tune
  212. p0174-bad to drive?
  213. Tripped a code
  214. Issues with 98...
  215. vats system
  216. autometer and stock gauge readings off by 10*
  217. Quick WOT PE Tuning Question
  218. Who runs 96 lb injectors with stock pcm & driver??
  219. Vector Motorsports
  220. can any one help me to tuning camshift
  221. This might be a tuning issue or something else.
  222. Woo! Hoo! ordered Flash scan!
  223. Is my crank sensor bad? Will start but pops, backfires, quits until I clear the code
  224. Locked PCM ?
  225. hpt speed density enhanced
  226. tuning ltft's.. changes dont do anything?
  227. Check Engine light with a system lean code
  228. Help Code Thrown
  229. hptuners looking to order any tips 2 start
  230. What temp does the IAT start to retard timing?
  231. Should I reset ECM
  232. Engine code states"slow response from o2"????
  233. Need Help
  234. MAF worksheet for EFILive
  235. Tuning for 97-98 Vette...
  236. Running out of ideas on this cold surging. Please help.
  237. I am stumped on this one
  238. Security Light
  239. Car acts up after wash!!! Help
  240. Throwing 10 Codes Neep Help ASAP
  241. What's a good PE scale factor for 10.5 AFR
  242. 2003 2500 Van wiring harness - compatible with 5.7L??
  243. trying to install Performance Tune from PREDATOR , getting Script Error message !
  244. TCC settings for C5
  245. I dont now How to tune the cam shuft
  246. HPTuners and LM-1 not equal
  247. Second SES light...
  248. WIN!! A $100 discount or Free Car License upgrade for your Efilive!
  249. Issue with connection...HP Tuners
  250. If I move the IAT closer to the TB, would it give better readings?