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  1. what is the best tuner for me?
  2. Over Heating ???
  3. Ls1edit Rev Limiter Problems Help!?!?
  4. How much did you advance your diablo's timing?
  5. is that hesitating a miss fire?? or something else?
  6. Quick Help with LTFT tuning
  7. wiring harness
  8. Chips...
  9. help...i have asa cam sould i use...
  10. HP, vs. EFI Live, vs. Edit
  11. question about my diablo sport tuner
  12. +25% fuel correction at idle- why?
  13. Is going from Diablo to LS1 edit to HP tuners bad on the PCM?
  14. Idle proportional fuel tables? On/Off?
  15. hey guys, new scanning PDA, ls1m?
  16. WTF, Lots of rain this weekend and now the car...Help?
  17. verify good tune ??
  18. predator reset ????
  19. People that relocated their battery to the back - question
  20. 2.73 geared vette and WOT shiftpoint and TM questions
  21. is mult. tuneing from different tuners bad?
  22. tach problem
  23. Car wont start!
  24. BS3 Help
  25. Fixed rough idle when very cold TR224 / mild cam
  26. Change in elevation
  27. Mail order tune > Who's is the best?
  28. FMS 30lbers, VE need to be reduced more?
  29. uhhh.....
  30. Excessive VE values?
  31. Recommended diagnostic tool for semi-pro?
  32. missfire for what????
  33. DIY Wideband o2???
  34. ses light still on after installing o2 sims
  35. Help with idle dipping
  36. Serial Port Adapter
  37. got code po102
  38. Rear o2s
  39. Another OBD II inspection question....
  40. run lean?
  41. Newbie tuning questions
  42. How to stay in open loop (obd 1)?
  43. Need help tunning cam and lowering LTFT
  44. Trans Line Pressure Logging - Electric Sender?
  45. need help car won't idle
  46. Tach installation?
  47. Problems with O2 sensors?
  48. Calculated new MAF Table
  49. HPT 2.0 ? or Mega Squirt
  50. Please Help, Wont Go Into PE Mode (Detailed)
  51. PCM Question
  52. will splicing the cranl position sensor wire affect its performance??
  53. what makes fans come on?
  54. can someone give me there file for LT's/ORY/CB on a A4
  55. Another newbie with a question??
  56. What are the symptoms of bad o2's?
  57. can someone with a 98 car go look quick..
  58. Help No Reverse
  59. HELP!!!! Car won't start
  60. Crane Tuner
  61. Begginer's question
  62. Need to get through inspection What "Type" to set DTC's to?
  63. need tune file for TR224
  64. Tuning a 402 (8) from a H/C 346
  65. suggestions on idle problem
  66. need help??
  67. Delphi 42# ?
  68. Finally, How to Tune 101!
  69. what to change in tune for a 100 shot?
  70. line pressure?
  71. Engine Revs between shifts
  72. Timing Low at WOT
  73. DSP tunes
  74. Need A Ls1 Edit
  75. PO102 code Please help
  76. Help with cold start surging
  77. Torque Management
  78. How do I cure rich idle?
  79. Proper tuning order?
  80. Dead Pcm - Ls1edit
  81. I Really Need Some Help! Screen Shots Inside!
  82. A4 to M6 swap reflash?
  83. Any non-LSx/LTx tuners on this board? SD tuning virgin
  84. Another LC-1 update
  85. about to order hptuners, a few ???
  86. Deactivating a Harlan 2 step
  87. Base map suggestions? (Cam, Head, 1st start)
  88. Dash instruments
  89. ? about Long Term Fuel Trim and Timing Advance readings...
  90. LTFT Tuning and tuning below 1500 RPM
  91. HPE now offers tuning for 99-05 Trucks!
  92. What to do with LTFT
  93. computer mod question
  94. Trouble Code Question
  95. anyone ever used a motec engine management
  96. EFILive on a LB7
  97. EFI Live ?
  98. Quick Question About TCS Logic
  99. A/F problems..HELP
  100. knock sensor help...
  101. is it possible to reset the odometer??
  102. how much hp do you lose from 93 to 91 octane?
  103. Anyone tell me what's up with my A/F reading?
  104. Blinking Service Engine Soon Light?????????????
  105. TQ Management Disabled Only at WOT?
  106. question for F.A.S.T users (problem with car )
  107. Help! Need source for connector
  108. G-Tech info
  109. Dead battery , short circut
  110. Tuning Virgin
  111. BS3 / Stock gauges - interface
  112. looking for a good dyno tune in minneapolis
  113. Time to talk dyno's
  114. Po503
  115. knock sensor
  116. Could somebody please look at my O2 sensor readings?
  117. Question about MAF sensor.
  118. Please Help With Timing
  119. Why is tuning needed?
  120. logging transmission
  121. Gear/Tranny Related Tuning, Need Quick Help
  122. TUNE of AFR is BETTER on DYNO or ON THE ROAD ???
  123. Converter slipps
  124. Engine surges at higher rpms and when cold..
  125. Crash course on OS
  126. hp tuner
  127. LM1 EIO question, WB02 says 14.8 HPT fluctuates..
  128. HP tuners tunning for boost
  129. Ve table ?
  130. Stuck the MAF back in to test bucking at takeoff
  131. problems with hptuner
  132. I need a LS1 edit
  133. Tuner Question
  134. What could be wrong with tuning to have TQ so low???
  135. FMS 30lb IFR table tuning.
  136. writing to LS1 edit tune with GM edit?
  137. Looking to buy Efi Live???
  138. Security Light is on..
  139. Constant driver side front 02 heater circ failure!!!
  140. Low Oil Level Sensor
  141. Can someone who's tuned a BIG cam please post steps?
  142. what's going on here (screenshot)
  143. Wideband O2 Cable Question
  144. Chips/ECU upgrade 2002 camaro z28 m6
  145. Tuning help
  146. First Timer Question
  147. ls2 throttle tune
  148. rear o2's
  149. TReX Tune
  150. OMG! WTF I don't know what to do? Is my car gonna pop!?
  151. NEED HELP please!!! (TCS going on and off, O2's shutting off. etc.......)
  152. upping my rev limiter
  153. cant reach a satisfying tune for a TR224
  154. laptop tuning programs
  155. Best way to support 8-8500rpm
  156. Accel gen 7 question
  157. 02mV's and 14.7?
  158. Going crazy...bucking surging sub-1600 rpms impossible to tune out? Magnus? Anyone?
  159. I have been given different advice regarding scaling injectors..
  160. Wiring harness extension?
  161. Torque Converter Tuning
  162. Newbe needs some Help
  163. PCM Connection Problems
  164. All-encompassing tuner???
  165. Adjusting MAF after SD tuning
  166. LS1edit users
  167. RPM Jumps
  168. Tuner Experts- Help This Strange Problem
  169. Links for HP tuner or EFI
  170. anyone ???
  171. How hard is it to use HP Tuners?????
  172. need help please help
  173. redline shifting pcm problem
  175. "PRO-M"..who is this, I need to call them.
  176. A/F ratio on dyno.. Comment on this:
  177. changing M6 pcm to a A4 Car of same year, what will happen..
  178. will these affect the tune any at all?
  179. LM-1 Wideband...
  180. Just received my HP Tuner, have question...
  181. Air fuel from Dyno to track?
  182. question about tuning, open headers/stock exhaust
  183. Emmissions - back to stock cam - UHG!
  184. Scanner?
  185. Big PCM problems after header install....
  186. Guys could someone please help me adjust my Daily Driving HP Tuners. Please
  187. 90mm MAF...any such thing????
  188. gauge cluster swap question
  189. magic stick cam what to tune with?
  190. What should I do????
  191. Wideband 02 bung placement?
  192. secondary ve table question:hp tuners
  193. Rumor about HP TUNERS?
  194. Can anyone spare some HPTuners logs?
  195. O2 problem, car has BIG miss
  196. LS1 edit vs. HPtuners
  197. is this code a problem?
  198. AutoTap configuration
  199. Ok, plugged MAF back in and LTFT are just a tad positives should I...
  200. What is the general opinion on Speed Density tuning?
  201. Auto serial port Question?
  202. DTC codes from LS1 scan beta??
  203. Anyone have speed inc mail order tune??
  204. Car on dyno, is it RICH or LEAN???
  205. Help disable vats
  206. Swapped with ported heads/bigger cam...
  207. P0410 code how to fix?
  208. A4 Trans tuning question.
  209. tune with MAF on if I plan on using it?
  210. What to look for using N20
  211. Scaling MAF affect PE?
  212. Check this out.
  213. maf question, damaged screen?
  214. What to do with PCM?
  215. handheld custom cam tuning
  216. i know it sounds weird !
  217. 99 to 02 pcm
  218. "Professional tuners" H/C bs tune
  219. Let's see your VE graph after tuning..
  220. Dumbfounded by codes
  221. 2004 Corvette PIN assignments
  222. MAF homemade screen ???
  223. Disabling an air bag - will the light always be on?
  224. Wide band to simulate a narrow band.
  225. HPP3 vs mail order tune, etc.
  226. HP tuners connection?
  227. which knock sensor is #1
  228. knock sensor harness
  229. Would my ltrims be off if it was tuned for the wrong cam?
  230. Need help on 97 c5 Surging at idle
  231. 85mm SLP MAF ???
  232. Dynoed today. Still haven't fixed my fuel trims tho..
  233. ABS inop-been lit since I dyno'd last night
  234. Optimum air/fuel ratio on dyno w/ Vararam
  235. Need is stumbling under slight load..
  236. LS1 Edit: Trans type???
  237. Using Wideband O2 in narrowband front O2 bung for testing
  238. Diablo Fuel readings
  239. Do Any Of You Have The Remote Starter With Car Alarm On A M6!?
  240. disable torque mngt on a M6?
  241. Factory Sierra Program
  242. Lucas 42# Injector Offsets
  243. MAF and SD: Who is telling the real deal?
  244. The Juice Box?
  245. help,misfire O2 sensors
  246. O2 simms on a cammed car???
  247. Wideband reports stoich, smells rich at idle
  248. Wideband o2
  249. service engine soon light
  250. car running like crap?