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  1. Will someone Help me with MAF Problem with HP Tuners?
  2. 98 PCM on a prob??
  3. Whats my best option to reset??
  4. 98 ws6 HP TUNNING tried but is coded
  5. what exactly is a knock sensor??
  6. Trouble Starting up!! Please Help!!
  7. Any place near pa thats got good tuning?
  8. What criteria sets the limits for Min/Max MAP values?
  9. LTFT it this much a PITA
  10. HpTuner vs. Predator custom tune
  11. How to log MAF hz in SD mode?
  12. Problem VE tuning with vette..
  13. HP Tuner owners ........
  14. Throwing codes Need Help
  15. Rev limiter
  16. '98 knock sensor update?
  17. Will this WBo2 work with HPT EIO?
  18. Is Tuning A Stock Car Dumb?
  19. Dyno tuning in NY?
  20. Need LM-1 help with power cable
  21. Tuning 101 -- Going to APE next week any tips / experiences ?
  22. CAN/ls2 scanner
  23. juicy technical question
  24. Wideband
  25. Possible Sticky IAC giving me a nightmare....
  26. Starting a fresh tune up for the hotrod...need advice
  27. If I dont have TCS will the plug still have power?
  28. Low Dyno numbers.. what you think
  29. o2s locked at .450?
  30. HPTuners guys, can carrying over positive trims into PE mode be disabled?
  31. spark timing Question
  32. ltft tuning???
  33. will a nelson be fine?
  34. Pulling timing for nitrous
  35. XD-1/LC-1 arrived the other day
  36. Will Predator fix my problem?
  37. ECU Harness
  38. No O2 sensors, Export Z28
  39. # of wideband O2s on FAST?
  40. Nitrous .bin
  41. IAC position vs effective area
  42. Question about positive LTFTs at WOT
  43. LM-1 to HP tuners...
  44. completely remove MAF??? VE tune???
  45. Anyone have TPS Voltage over 0.8 volts and 0% TPS at idle?
  46. Ken at HP Tuners shed some light on injector issues
  47. harlan 2 step question
  48. FI *.bin files...
  49. For all the SD-VE-MAF doubters out there...
  50. changiing stoich setting???
  51. AFR and TPS related problems.....Please help
  52. Predator questions
  53. whats the difference in pcm's?
  54. Tunercat OBDII: Any users?
  55. Megasquirt has arived!
  56. Is this the same sensor as the Vette Rear O2's?
  57. Can LS1 edit change charging cycle?
  58. Tranny problems resulting from SD tune?
  59. 98 Knock Sensors compatible with 01 Engine?
  60. HP Tuners bin files
  61. Dyno Tune at Wheel to Wheel or AP Engineering???
  62. Wideband Location LC-1??
  63. Can you swap atap and edit cables while laptop is ON?
  64. anyone ever done this before?
  65. Need ODBII Plug
  66. o2 oscillation question
  67. HP tuner Extract table info to excell to compare???
  68. IAT Relocate Mod!
  69. New GM PCM from parts counter, no flash w/ HPTuners ?
  70. thought i had my injectors running, it would be nice if i could get some help here
  71. Should I swap 98 PCM/harness to 99-02?
  72. Super Tune Your Ls1 Or Ls6?
  73. SD Tuning Issue
  74. hypertech
  75. new to hptuners Q'sabout ve tuning
  76. Bad Crank Shaft Positioning Sensor?
  77. weird maf problem
  78. How often is your LM-1 going through sensors?
  79. It's official....MAF ends are the Devil.
  80. Deleting knock sensor low input codes
  81. AFR Changes and Open Loop Multiplier Table
  82. HPP3 reprogram question.......
  83. will Gen 6 DFI work on our cars??/
  84. Will Gen6 DFI work on our cars?
  85. Does anyone know how to tune VE cells 16-22?
  86. aftermarket computer + emissions?
  87. HPTuner or EFILive?
  88. What tuning is required if any with a set of headers and catback on a 2001 ss
  89. Ltit/stit
  90. L Trims 25%
  91. closed loop proportional base vs airflow mode
  92. my persistant RACETRONIX injector problems, will it ever end??
  93. weird maf problem
  94. PAGING Nick @ Newtech
  95. HELP, bad tune or something else? (pictures included)
  96. Dynojet wideband into Efi live for loging?
  97. which power inverter for hp tuners
  98. Is my TPS sensor bad....? I can only get it down to 10% value with my finger...
  99. Want to remove the PCV ,What do I need to tune with HP Tuners?
  100. Backfiring at WOT? Need help.
  101. just ordered hp 2 bar
  102. Just ordered my HPTuner ...
  103. Cat overtemp protection kicked in
  104. Its missing and i cant find it!
  105. Those getting mega squirt
  106. Will this work?
  107. LT1 guys, how much timing on juice?
  108. HP Tuners, Why can't we get a release date for 2.0?
  109. PO307 andPO300 Codes, Misfire Help
  110. Undrive Pulley Fried My Laptop
  111. LS1 edit to HPtuners
  112. Cam install, tuning question (HPTuners)
  113. disconnecting the battery
  114. WOT A4 Shifting Issue
  115. car runs great but spudders after 4,000 at wot.
  116. Engine Math question
  117. How long does it take for your AFR/Trims
  118. Added .015, then .025 in PE vs. RPM table and 02's went DOWN from 905ish to 885ish??
  119. if IFR table is off will it effect WOT fueling
  120. 10.5 afr what to do?
  121. help with KR
  122. just logged in datamaster, now what?
  123. low speed cruise problem (throttle hang up on decel)
  124. Efilive Is releasing a Free 2 Bar upgrade!!
  125. SCT anybody
  126. help? installed hppIII now car will not start
  127. g5x3 tune?
  128. Need some advice on tuning friend's 2002 ss
  129. P0106 P0300 P1133 P1153 ASA cam
  130. 98 IAC 01 IAC ?? Hybrid tuning questions...
  131. Source for GM connectors?
  132. still working on the injector problem, here is what i have so far
  133. TSP to the rescue, Thanks
  134. Predator or HPIII
  135. Any scan tools for LS2?
  136. Before and After Tuning
  137. AEM Wideband/HPTuners AFR Problem
  138. injector swap=weird fuel trims, whats this mean?
  139. What can change idle speed other than iac
  140. AutoSpeed Article on Engine Management
  141. pcm pin?
  142. Help, Tuning? F13, Fast 90/90, GM 85mm MAF
  143. WTB knock sensors + questions!
  144. VATS PCM pin #
  145. Where to buy weatherpack connectors ....
  146. Tuning supercharger
  147. PO480/481 Cooling fan control Circuit
  148. Doing 224 Cam This Weekend! Will....
  149. Injectors changed form 26 to 30, IFR table?
  150. When VE Tuning
  151. in open loop, but short term fuel trims are still dumping fuel in
  152. Knock in 3rd comes and goes???
  153. Speed Density tuning
  154. service vehicle light with airbag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. Help!!
  156. Electrical Problem
  157. possible MAP problem???
  158. corvette throttle actuator...eliminate surge
  159. SES light on. code P0440 EVAP emiss. cont. malfunction?
  160. Anyone wired up an LC-1 yet?
  161. Ready to buy a tuner program, Tunercat?
  162. Throwing a couple code... need assistance
  163. Anyone have Electro-magnetic interference with MSD wires?
  164. Need a two step quick
  165. my mototron 60lb injector offset experience (o2's work again)
  166. conversion of injector pulse width to duty cycle?
  167. Causes of P0103?
  168. PE mode or a logging problem?
  169. Guys that have had a dyno tune in here
  170. cold start tuning help
  171. Anybody figured out a way to trick the EGR, so no code? Already searched
  172. Failed Inspection, A few questions
  173. Predator reset?
  174. predator work with 00 camaro ss?
  175. Looking for the MAF table for a 85mm GM descreened Z06 Maf
  176. Engine Tuners
  177. ECM Swap
  178. Help i think i broke my friends GTech. Anyone have this problem?
  179. What sensor is this??? quick please
  180. 160* T-stat and Fan Temps
  181. tables knowledge database
  182. Yank SC3000 going in tomorrow 4/14 HELP!!!
  183. Emissions test and have 4 not readys
  184. Screenshot of weird -40+ trims I see sometimes...input appreciated...
  185. Going lean when I crack the throttle
  186. Tunning an A4 with 239 cam
  187. HP Tuner, please check your email.......
  188. Tuner Cat and FreeScan not working.
  189. dfi dyno problems
  190. Speedometer correction
  191. Newbie Question
  192. No Data Link problem
  193. Which ECM
  194. Air/Fuel ratio 11.3 on dyno. Worth a tune, or should i just wait?
  195. Too many codes, explain please!!!
  196. mail order tunes
  197. timing tables, question about the roughness
  198. Hpp3 - LT1 - Settings
  199. dont know what else to do, tuning for injectors
  200. in SD using low octane, how does this effect KR?
  201. Help P0013 P0032
  202. Wanna order HP tuners....wht exactly do I need?
  203. high low octane tables
  204. Hooking up Air/fuel ratio
  205. Turbo tune
  206. Installing larger injectors
  207. connecting wideband and 2bar map to hptuners
  208. Mechanical speedo
  209. Relationship of TCC to shift points
  210. Trouble codes
  211. adjusting injector pulse width, please help
  212. why open loop at idle
  213. Engine starts, runs 5-6 sec, then dies please phelp
  214. Computer Programers Which 1???
  215. How is dynamic airflow calculated?
  216. 1998 PCM??? What's the difference between it and the newer years?
  217. P0500 (vss)
  218. hp tuners question
  219. Hp 2 Bar Or Ls1edit?
  220. KR ? with the predator
  221. Stalling after tune????
  222. Some progress...maybe. I was actually able to create bucking through tuning changes.
  223. viewing IDC... in hptuners...
  224. 112% Injector duty cycle. How bad is that?
  225. IAC reads 0 at this ok?
  226. HP on 2 years of cars?
  227. Need help please!!!! How do you lower TPS voltage???? I can't get it under .8v
  228. newbie question-98 C5 pcm interchange
  229. VE Tuning w/ a Supercharger
  230. Best way to log AFR vs RPM vs MAP
  231. LTFT Learn Steps......
  232. Method for Disabling Proportion idle?
  233. Need good generic OBDII scanner - no tuning needed
  234. In SD mode, a 98-00 USES A SECONDARY VE TABLE??? G^& D^&*#$!!!!!
  235. Texas Speed Mail Order Tuning On Special!!!
  236. Can't see 97 LT1 Knock Sensor in HP Tuner Scanner
  237. MAF grams/sec
  238. Crankshaft position sensor
  239. simple the vin stored in the pcm?
  240. Anybody Seen Or Heard From Jesse Bubb?
  241. 2001 ss header install
  242. No drill idle mod throttle position voltage question.
  243. ve tables driving me nuts!!!!
  244. HP Tuners VS LS1 Edit...
  245. Is this something the dealer can fix?
  246. Guide to VE tuning using fuel trims
  247. reset trims after injectors??
  248. will i have pcm issues without speedometer with th400
  249. Removing A/C and Radio, some questions.
  250. Get It Tuned???