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  1. SES light after torque convertor install-help!
  2. M6 Guys, tell me your IAC settings
  3. Can bolt-on mods offset rich A/F ratio?
  4. *P0153 and P1133* HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. A4 to M6 swap what computer?
  6. Ltft
  7. HP tuners trade-in program?
  8. o2 placement on turbo system
  9. no start?
  10. would a cracked lid, with a tiny hole in it affect A/F?
  11. O2 Sensor Questions
  12. newbie question on hp tuners
  13. HP Tuner ?
  14. P0300 code only at Idle.
  15. C5: Idle stubles or hangs
  16. Need to reset ltrims, where are the bat and ign fuses at?
  17. Put car in gear and it dies
  18. How do you combat a bucking issue around 1500rpm after a cam install?
  19. A4 Transmission question
  20. What would cause my fuel trims to get super rich after I let off the gas?
  21. What should IAC #s be for cammed car at idle ?
  22. SES Light Flashing!?!
  23. help p0420 code
  24. LS1 Edit Communication Error Ideas?
  25. PE table noob question
  26. HELP No idea where to start.
  27. Preditor what sponser has pre loaded program?
  28. Autotap reading help...
  29. what other data programs are there?
  30. help with p0442 code
  31. Explain the Vats system to me
  32. OBD2 software - multiple license problem
  33. question about switching from predator to hp tuners
  34. Truck won't start early in the morning?!?!?
  35. How on earth do you tune these damn Mototron 60lbs? Help me before I go insane! :)
  36. Cam/tuning ?
  37. Its been a while since i did closed loop tuning
  38. The IFR table is such a dirty way to tune trims
  39. Safe RPM limit for stock rockers?
  40. Need some help please! (lm-1 rpm converter)
  41. how well can you tune...
  42. PCM reflash
  43. EFILive VI logging
  44. Will a 02 pcm work with a 99 harness?
  45. will a 01 computer work in a 00
  46. 12v ignition sorce
  47. Optimum A/F
  48. Bucking/surging & cruise affect questions...
  49. Editing MAP Values, other affects
  50. How do I tap into the fuse box
  51. Recommendations using LS1Edit
  52. Increasing VE = Increasing LTFT's??
  53. check engine code???
  54. Tach Wire
  55. Weird rpm rising
  56. HPTuners - Cannot determine correct bootloader!!
  57. P0131 is driving me CRAZY! Gremlins inside.
  58. Scanmaster pinout?
  59. WOT fuel trim questions
  60. ABSINOP and ASR lights on after dyno
  61. "Field Harnesses" and PCM pinouts
  62. ls1edit in shops
  63. air temperature module upgrade necesary?
  64. Who has the best mail order tune?
  65. Worth tuning?
  66. PO336 Crankshaft Position Sensor code...
  67. just finished H/C install on my procharged 98
  68. engine dies on right hand turns
  69. what is all done on a Dyno Tune??
  70. More Performance, Inc
  71. How to delete skip shift with HPtuners?
  72. maf lb/min
  73. reasons to not go into pe
  74. What all is needed to hook LM-1 to HPTuners?
  75. Finally ordered HPTuners
  76. timing drops to -64 degrees
  77. ses misfire after 30lb. injector swap???? help
  78. check engine light, high flow cats??
  79. Is something wrong?
  80. 04 4.8 silverado tunning ??'s knock retard and ve
  81. is there anyway?
  82. is there anyway
  83. which tuner to use
  84. Dual versus Single WB Tuning/Monitoring
  85. Drilling TB vs reseting TPS ?
  86. Ordering HP Tuners today, have a question...
  87. Mail Order Tune Vs Dyno..
  88. Car died at a stop from tuning???
  89. Dont know what tuner to buy. Help?
  90. My first histogram after "magic stick"!!
  91. Anyone ever screwed with a Holley Pro-Jection 4di?
  92. car won't attempt to start! no click or anything
  93. Car won't start on first try???
  94. RWTD timeframe
  95. Any body tried Harlan 2 step with FAST
  96. Code 57 pulled from the BCM
  97. anybody hook there aussie (Techedge) DIY wideband to hp tuners?
  98. SES Light/Header install
  99. rev limiter hp tuners
  100. fan settings hptuners stock thermo
  101. Oil Pressure be read while cranking
  102. Boost referenced regulator PCM tuning questions....
  103. Turing off airbag codes with HP tuners.
  104. My MAFless tune/log results
  105. Tsp Tune ?
  106. transgo shift kits come on in...
  107. Phantom SES light
  108. Car cranks but kills????
  109. No more LSEdit on new GM cars?
  110. Tuning shift points for MPG / in-town driving?
  111. So whats the excepted way of MAF calibration for today?
  112. Lq4 Pcm
  113. unbalanced ltrims
  114. Throttle Control Module...
  115. ls1 edit tune for a bolt on car
  116. HPtuners compare question...
  117. ses light
  118. fuel injector upgrade..../hptuners/????'s
  119. One more time - 98 to 99+ PCM
  120. Someone experienced review these logs please
  121. P0342 and P0343 codes.....know what they are, need advice on the cause
  122. IAC position vs airflow discussion
  123. C5 Timing Drop Out
  124. MAF Tuning
  125. EFI Live Spark Table question
  126. is my engine in limp home mode?
  127. hp tuners questions
  128. DFCO may be the devil...
  129. need help fast!
  130. Some predator questions
  131. 4.8 harness with f body computer??
  132. Experienced HP Tuners help...
  133. Cags..2-3 shift...use as Drag cags??
  134. use Fuel cutoff as valet mode???or speed limiter??
  135. What fuses pulled for idle relearn procedure?
  136. Car doesn't start sometimes?
  137. Increase Idle ?
  138. 2000 LS1 stock tune - timing drops off at peak power!?
  139. Need help with understanding why I can't get VE to stablize for the IDLE area
  140. ls1 edit
  141. What are these codes PO175 & PO172?
  142. wierd fuel pump problem
  143. Stoich Setting??
  144. Where to buy?
  145. injector scaling hptuners
  146. Screenshots of HP Tuners LS2 Product.
  147. Vinci programmer=AWESOME product!
  148. How high should I raise the misfire values?
  149. HPP3 on a stock SS??
  150. please help! race car runs like poo.
  151. anybody have a bunch of screenshots for hptuners more than their site
  152. wideband 02 questions with hptuners
  153. code 83
  154. low egr flow code 0405
  155. Changing rear gear with LS1 Edit HELP!!!
  156. how to tell if running lean??
  157. for all you egg heads.
  158. hptuners 2.0/ls2 screenshot thread
  159. O2 cable extensions - F-Body - codes
  160. Old LS1Edit tune - threw a code!
  161. How can I force the PCM to stay in closed loop mode all the time ?
  162. Bosch 13111 - where to buy?
  163. Dyno tune or strictly tune?
  164. PCM reset and idle took a while to relearn
  165. Need a tune for that stall + cam?
  166. KR on stock timing on 04 GTO...
  167. Primary or secondary??
  168. car idling funny after tranny swap help!
  169. Predator/Crane Programmer/LS1 Edit Dyno tune
  170. 04 Pcm
  171. Well i think my pcm died
  172. Help me find Idle!!
  173. Inlet Air Temp?
  174. question bout hp tuners
  175. Can I borrow somebodies Knowledge! Please
  176. Trex Heads and cam tune
  177. TR224 112lsa tunning question
  178. Problem reseting codes with ATAP
  179. pcm help
  180. SES Flashing
  181. First dyno visit since I bought HPTuners
  182. Failed inspection: "OBDII Communication Failure"
  183. HP Tuners, injector pulse width questions
  184. Weird Tuning issues after LT Headers/ORY
  185. Decel issues with MAF tune...any thoughts? -inside-
  186. removing pcm??
  187. anyone still using v1.4 of HPTuners?
  188. Is there still a trade in program going on still for Flashscan or HP tuners?
  189. No spark no fuel ? no dice
  190. What Are My LTFT's Doing?
  191. HP Tuners Problem HELP?
  192. LTFT's Avg = 21%, WTF?
  193. timing table needed for 6.0L LQ4
  194. 30# Injectors
  195. MAFless tuning Question
  196. SES Lights
  197. computer problems..please help!
  198. Need help!
  199. stock 04 5.3 goes pig rich after 4500
  200. keeping my cam sounding grumpy after tune
  201. EFILive users take a look.
  202. Tune needed with new gears and TC?
  203. Problem with security light on 04 GTO
  204. Help! - HPTuner won't connect to cable
  205. swapping different year pcm's..
  206. Cam sensor
  207. 98 LS1 Programmers
  208. L Trims and S trims?
  209. OBD/Readiness Driving Procedure
  210. Heads and Cam Tunning
  211. Need Help Now, Tuning Racetronix Injectors
  212. Is it ok...
  213. EVAP messing with WOT cells
  214. HPTuner FT min. learn % question???
  215. Need LS1Edit help for heads and cam install
  216. Tune after Heads only swap????
  217. where to get 2-step
  218. HP Tuner Address
  219. HP Tuner how long to receive
  220. how to on connecting wideband to hptuners?
  221. 85mm MAF - which one?
  222. idle hangs at 1500 until I come to a complete stop
  223. Got my Diablosport :)
  224. ECU and emissions codes
  225. anyone know what's up with the Diablosport forums ?
  226. can the ls1 pcm be used on any motor?
  227. EFIlive or LS1 edit?
  228. Hypertech PP3 TUNING ?????
  229. Advise: Just had car tunned, Look at my #'s tell me what you think.
  230. PCM Back to Stock. Confused?
  231. Here is a MAF table for fully ported MAF with a lid
  232. tune below 2500???
  233. Hypertech
  234. tunning ???
  235. Zo6 MAF ?? tables???
  236. Can 2 different handhelds work together?
  237. Need some info, please
  238. 00' Trans Am Code problems
  239. how to disable DFCo
  240. Predator 101 (sticky?)
  241. Is this possible?
  242. timing
  243. Hello t00ners! New to LS1, have basic PCM operations question..
  244. Newbie Tuning question
  245. Do I need a tune yet? Please HELP the new guy!
  246. please help
  247. Any Edit users have this problem???
  248. CASE relearn / HPTuners - need help !
  249. running like crap in closed loop
  250. LS1 timing tuner. is it worth it?