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  1. very confused! I need some help!
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  3. hp tuners question
  4. Crane's programer for ls1
  5. tac is off i think...*maybe wrong forum*
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  7. hp tuners question
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  9. pcm reflash by dealer
  10. Nelson tune for Z06?
  11. trouble getting rpms to recover, fuel trim problem???
  12. How much Hp can I get from a tune?
  13. Turn Signal?
  14. How acurate is Gtech?
  15. the only change was a converter!
  16. Errors in HP Tuners??? Can someone explain why...
  17. idle isnt rich anymore, YES!
  18. question about timing in SD mode
  19. false knock
  20. 98 Locked Hypertech
  21. 2nd gear start for A4 1998 LS1
  22. could rail pressure be reason for rich at idle?
  23. is it really worth keeping the MAF? read inside
  24. timing problem after TH400 install
  25. how does the IFR table work?
  26. help, car stumbles at idle, injector ? too
  27. can I change out my 98 computer??
  28. Question about PLX wideband - help
  29. converter tuning?? HELP
  30. P0121
  31. How do you delete Knock sensors?
  32. New to tuning
  33. po171 / po174
  34. Dfi Gen 7 Questions?
  35. Running Rich at Idle Question??
  36. How to make converter lock up firm instead of PWM?
  37. Injector Scaling 28lb. to 60lb
  38. Tuning STS Turbo Car
  39. 75 mp every 1/2 tank and strong smell of fuel..WTF!!??
  40. 98 computer question
  41. Insane O2 Voltages?
  42. Positive L-trims going to kill people help
  43. MAF calibration>after descreen and port
  44. Need help with Accel DFI
  45. Questions about EFILive V7/Flash/Scan..
  46. IS the VATS tied to the Compuer?
  47. needs help
  48. Code P0327 Help!!
  49. logging MAF freq in SD?
  50. Cold Cranking Issue/Tuning?
  51. need your help guys
  52. Need Some Ideas - Idle Went Nuts On Me
  53. Why is my PCM setting the wrong Fuel Trim Cells?
  54. Throttle hold on decelerate?
  55. Futral tunes?
  56. guys need your help here!!!
  57. Does HP Tuner have Increment?
  58. What happens when you go into boost?
  59. How much power would you guess I left on the table?
  60. new to tuning, help w/ LTFT's
  61. need help on code:po121
  62. Give me suggestions
  63. hp tuner gp
  64. tuning choices
  65. Sweeping guages at each start up
  66. Converter unlocking question
  67. Intrested in AEM EMS anyone??
  68. Time Again, Dyno Talk:
  69. Quick LTFT ?
  70. fuel problem while crusing
  71. TPI Tuning
  72. Dyno Jet Wide Band Sensor Install before or after cat, Y pipe ect.
  73. PE Tuning?
  74. Can a friend with a GM Preditor load a tune I make for him using HP Tuners?
  75. evap test NEVER completes
  76. Need help with SES
  77. Another Open/closed loop question
  78. Anyone use "Pro Scan"
  79. What scan tool/tuner to buy
  80. Reading knock sensors without a stock computer?
  81. Aftermarket ECU
  82. Sputtering under light load again!!!
  83. Pics of the F.A.S.T XFI ECU
  84. Question about idle
  85. Help!! WOT Sputter
  86. learning curve
  87. P0748 How to get rid of it
  88. Delete THIS
  89. need some codes help
  90. Changing to 28#s
  91. Open Loop Required?
  92. o2 narrow mV Vs. Actual AFR wide
  93. high idle
  94. Idle Air Park Position
  95. No rear o2 sims?
  96. Is a Diablo Predator worth $350
  97. Speed Density Tune
  98. LS1 Edit---------Unknown PCM
  99. Throwing P0135 and P0300 codes
  100. engine code need help
  101. I Need Tuning Please Help
  102. Having a "stutter" at 4500rpms mis fire? Have ATAP sheet..
  103. Is HP Tuners for me? Please Advise
  104. there anywhere to get an un-bias...
  105. Do I [I]need[/I] to wait for HPT 2.0?
  106. Question about F-Body PCM hardware
  107. sensor help?
  108. New MAF Table Spreadsheet and RAF Table
  109. Need 04 GTO stock Bin...Anyone????
  110. What should the LTRIMS be at idle for a properly tune cam car?
  111. Gorillachipz?
  112. knock sensor question
  113. HP Tuner Question
  114. B2961?
  115. anyone ever heard of this?
  116. NYS inspection - finally passed emmisions!!!!!!!
  117. Pcm Problem
  118. Is not buying the EIO cable a mistake?
  119. Predator Wiring
  120. Set boost w/ls1 edit or adj. boost with HP tuner 2-bar/E-boost?
  121. Running Airflow Spreadsheet (LTIT/STIT)
  122. Accel Gen VII keeping me from joy....
  123. Fuel Trims and Fixed Orifice PCV
  124. diablo help
  125. Power loss at 5300 on dyno
  126. Setting Up MAFT #'s
  127. Iam getting a heater code of 1133 Why?
  128. I need to test somebodies knowledge
  129. need help on code po121
  130. Here are some EFi logs i want you guys to glance at!
  131. Confused - diff between EFILive 6 & Flashscan
  132. Got a M6 224 112 bin?
  133. Lockup converter programing
  134. LTIT & STIT
  135. Nothing like messing it all up with a Mod
  136. p1133 ? and p1153 ? What?
  137. When I make changes to the idle parameters does the PCM need a learn time?
  138. Predator internet tune files?
  139. passenger side bank = no fire! help me out please...
  140. P1637 code messages-help :(
  141. OBDII maxes out at 7000 rpm?
  142. Help with HPP3
  143. Thanks to .....................
  144. Any way to see if Im close W/O Wideband?
  145. Diablo tunes
  146. Got rid of my Granatelli MAF but car is still running lean
  147. ProScan OBD-II / Dyno / Quarter Mile Analysis Tool - $99 GP!!!
  148. Should I bite the bullett and buy HP Tuners?
  149. coolant temp gauge jumps..?
  150. WideBand Sensor Placement
  151. Q about AEM wideband wiring....
  152. The new F.A.S.T XFI
  153. longer time users of HPT
  154. which two fuses do i pull to reset my pcm (lost cover)
  155. Help! Am I running out of fuel?
  156. Wide Band in Stock Sensor Hole
  157. Dyno and Tune in SE Michigan
  158. Melted loom causing P0131?
  159. SES Light After Cam Install
  160. disabling pass. airbag?????
  161. Am i going in the right direction? VE related
  162. Some VE Table Values at 0. Idle at 2,700 rpm. Help!
  163. new to tuning need some help
  164. How high should I set my rev-limiter
  165. Idle timing ?
  166. vats
  167. 0.01 g/cyl @ 15.05 stock map (muuuccch higher in reality) WTF??
  168. NEEDED: LT1 MAF Table in Excel format
  169. problems with emission test ?
  170. need 04 z06 ve table
  171. DTC 1515 - Electronic Throttle position sensor
  172. Idle (STIT/LTIT)???
  173. how to delete the rear O2 sensors using LS1edit?
  174. Dynamic cylinder air.. got a question
  175. Is this a good sign?
  176. HPtuners Wrong software??
  177. HP tuners + wideband help
  178. Should we create a Wiring (working title) Forum?
  179. How Do You Log at the Track?
  180. engine start up
  181. Thottle cracker and throttle follower tables
  182. what effect does adding timing have on A/F?
  183. car bogging
  184. HP Tuners 3 bar MAP Setup. When?????
  185. ok to tune with multi. programs?
  186. Difference between Dyno Tuining and PCM mail-in
  187. Prob with O2's. Help
  188. Open Loop, Closed Loop???
  189. Check engine light
  190. PLX Wideband
  191. looking for a know mail order tuner who uses HPT
  192. What O2 Sensor is best?
  193. Sticky Consolidation Poll... Also what else do we need?
  194. *READ ME FIRST-- Tuning Docs,VE/MAF, SES Lights, FAQS!!!! + more! *01/31/07*
  195. 2 bar speed density?
  196. Car backfires/hesitates/feels like its losing power
  197. Tuning After 233/233 Cam
  198. Anyone share a .bin for 30lb injectors?
  199. Open loop Vs WOT
  200. EFI live flashscan users:
  201. pcm fried or reflashing!!!???
  202. Need help with trouble code: P0011
  203. I'm a fast learner, but...
  204. What controls converter unlock throttle position?
  205. HP Tuners v2.0 release date?
  206. what is the best tuner for me?
  207. Over Heating ???
  208. Ls1edit Rev Limiter Problems Help!?!?
  209. How much did you advance your diablo's timing?
  210. is that hesitating a miss fire?? or something else?
  211. Quick Help with LTFT tuning
  212. wiring harness
  213. Chips...
  214. help...i have asa cam sould i use...
  215. HP, vs. EFI Live, vs. Edit
  216. question about my diablo sport tuner
  217. +25% fuel correction at idle- why?
  218. Is going from Diablo to LS1 edit to HP tuners bad on the PCM?
  219. Idle proportional fuel tables? On/Off?
  220. hey guys, new scanning PDA, ls1m?
  221. WTF, Lots of rain this weekend and now the car...Help?
  222. verify good tune ??
  223. predator reset ????
  224. People that relocated their battery to the back - question
  225. 2.73 geared vette and WOT shiftpoint and TM questions
  226. is mult. tuneing from different tuners bad?
  227. tach problem
  228. Car wont start!
  229. BS3 Help
  230. Fixed rough idle when very cold TR224 / mild cam
  231. Change in elevation
  232. Mail order tune > Who's is the best?
  233. FMS 30lbers, VE need to be reduced more?
  234. uhhh.....
  235. Excessive VE values?
  236. Recommended diagnostic tool for semi-pro?
  237. missfire for what????
  238. DIY Wideband o2???
  239. ses light still on after installing o2 sims
  240. Help with idle dipping
  241. Serial Port Adapter
  242. got code po102
  243. Rear o2s
  244. Another OBD II inspection question....
  245. run lean?
  246. Newbie tuning questions
  247. How to stay in open loop (obd 1)?
  248. Need help tunning cam and lowering LTFT
  249. Trans Line Pressure Logging - Electric Sender?
  250. need help car won't idle