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  1. 2004 Corvette PIN assignments
  2. MAF homemade screen ???
  3. Disabling an air bag - will the light always be on?
  4. Wide band to simulate a narrow band.
  5. HPP3 vs mail order tune, etc.
  6. HP tuners connection?
  7. which knock sensor is #1
  8. knock sensor harness
  9. Would my ltrims be off if it was tuned for the wrong cam?
  10. Need help on 97 c5 Surging at idle
  11. 85mm SLP MAF ???
  12. Dynoed today. Still haven't fixed my fuel trims tho..
  13. ABS inop-been lit since I dyno'd last night
  14. Optimum air/fuel ratio on dyno w/ Vararam
  15. Need is stumbling under slight load..
  16. LS1 Edit: Trans type???
  17. Using Wideband O2 in narrowband front O2 bung for testing
  18. Diablo Fuel readings
  19. Do Any Of You Have The Remote Starter With Car Alarm On A M6!?
  20. disable torque mngt on a M6?
  21. Factory Sierra Program
  22. Lucas 42# Injector Offsets
  23. MAF and SD: Who is telling the real deal?
  24. The Juice Box?
  25. help,misfire O2 sensors
  26. O2 simms on a cammed car???
  27. Wideband reports stoich, smells rich at idle
  28. Wideband o2
  29. service engine soon light
  30. car running like crap?
  31. Wideband/Dyno tuning Help
  32. I need help!
  33. Changed cam and other goodies, how much is the tune affected?
  34. EFIlive or HP Tuner
  35. MAF vs SD: List PROS and CONS
  36. A/f
  37. anyone know this code?
  38. Question on OBDII and a/c delete
  39. consistent 20-40mV difference between O2's at WOT
  40. high low octane tables spark advance
  41. How does the PCM control C/C?
  42. The MAF sensor really sucks.
  43. IFR Scaling; 28.8 lb/hr to 42 lb/hr;??
  44. Quick general tuning questions (aka help a slow car out)...
  45. No room left for the MAF, might have to consider mafless tuning.
  46. noob to turning
  47. Fuel cells locked in 20, 22
  48. I really could use some help
  49. KR or LT FT: Fix which one first?
  50. SES lights. Best practices?(HP Tuners)
  51. Improvements!
  52. Low CR, 91 octane guys - What's Timing Curve Look Like?
  53. Some questions about SD tuning
  54. PCM removal/install
  55. HP Tuners and diagnostic tests
  56. Need a good tuner in TX ASAP!
  57. how can i solve these "codes"
  58. Factors for KR are?
  59. question on what to do after SD tune
  60. few questions about hp tuners
  61. Looking for a good quality tuner that know's LS1's in So California
  62. any tuners in st.louis area? also which tuner
  63. Tuning Noob
  64. po748
  65. Getting code p1626.....
  66. PCMforless questions
  67. P0153 ... will this code affect performance?
  68. 2 Vehicles for HP tuner??
  69. Kansas Tuner?
  70. msd digital 6 and ls1
  71. Are 42# injectors going to be an issue...?
  72. G1 (115lsa +4) to F13 (112lsa +4) swap...
  73. Ga/Sc tuners?
  74. Question about stock computer..?
  75. ready to tune
  76. New software/old tune?
  77. Predator Programmer
  78. tunning help
  79. Will I pass?
  80. ATTN: EFI LIVE users
  81. IAC Question
  82. Question about the PCM, and ingnition timing
  83. Took my car for fist untuned ride but have some ???'s
  84. can this be a pcm issue?
  85. O2 sensor
  86. noob question
  87. MAF choice for forced induction.
  88. i need 98 pcm pinouts for fuel pump relay control
  89. Need a little Help with my LTFT tunning!
  90. Which tuning to get
  91. what gauges should i get?
  92. Predator isn't changing my speedometer for the gears
  93. Will this LS6 cam need immediate tunning?
  94. Anyone use Nelson Performance mail order tune??
  95. Is the Preditor EVER going to get the Promissed upgrades?
  96. Anyone else notice this about idle surging?
  97. Laptop freescan
  98. 99 ECM on 98 car???
  99. Smog Check Failure
  100. shift points
  101. inj. Pulse width 16+ KR
  102. Engine/Code Diagnostics???
  103. IFR table
  104. looking for good tuner in Florida
  105. FYI: MAF tuning with EFILive/Flashscan
  106. Another "Wideband Commander" Question
  107. anyone near jax that can help?
  108. idle is high, TPS sensor? Predator data within...
  109. weired car act when at WOT?
  110. how the hell do i get this out?!?!?!
  111. Need Help - Local Person to do Crankshaft Position Relearn.
  112. Loking for a tunner that uses LS1 Edit
  113. help with 427 idle?? throttle body blade hole?
  114. 427 CI build C5 corvette......inside need help
  115. How hard is it?????
  116. P0131 and P0151
  117. Lm-1 To Hp Tuners?
  118. HP Tuners Phone # ?
  119. need some help with hp tuners
  120. AIR system removal?
  121. Optimal Map reading in HG for WOT?
  122. How about this?
  123. mail order tunes
  124. smoothing ve table?
  125. TH350 tuning
  126. Gauges
  127. T-rex tune?
  128. Do you HAVE to swap PCM's doing a A4/M6 swap?
  129. keep throwing codes..171 and 174
  130. Hot start engine hunts for idle speed
  131. one minute it is fine the next its trying to die on me....
  132. ETC/TAC LIMITERS on take off after Torque management removal
  133. MAF Sensor 0101
  134. Which maf for custom tune?
  135. Security light?
  136. Dyno tuning??
  137. New to tuning
  138. Why Wont BS3 Turn Fuel Pump On???
  139. Maxing maf problem (with Hptuner files)
  140. Car is lean at idle and it will not richen up!
  141. Exactly how hard and fast can you add timing on a cammed car?
  142. Trails and tribulations with AutoTap Software…Good Ending, Long
  143. Has anyone used TSP's mail order tuning?
  144. knock retard 11 ?
  145. cam tuning...
  146. Shift points/rev-limiter tunning help please
  147. few SD tuning questions with hp tuners
  148. .bin for 99 SS with STS kit?
  149. tuning the timing
  150. O2 switching question. Over what time frame
  151. tuning tips for TR224 cam
  152. DFCO causing fueling problems?
  153. ls1 edit, knock sensors
  154. Idle
  155. where do i start?
  156. A tuning issue? Missfires while cruising with low load
  157. "unable to connect with cable"
  158. Heat soak starting problems
  159. hptuners still doing trade ins?
  160. Any other way to read trouble codes
  161. accel dfi cable!!
  162. Is Tuning the Same for Supercharged Cars?
  163. i need help bad
  164. Ve Tuning Nightmare
  165. Weird Wideband Readings
  166. EOP Switch?
  167. WHat HP Tuning Adjustments do I need to make to accomadate my new mods...
  168. Service Vehicle?
  169. what the heck do you do with an old predator????
  170. Advice on A/F ratio please (Picture of wideband results)
  171. Need LS1 Programming Info
  172. Need MAF help
  173. New to tuning, do these tables look right and a q
  174. Can I safely re-flash my PCM with my car in pieces?
  175. Who has an LS1 Holden MAF table?
  176. Who has tried out the hptuners 2 bar yet?
  177. stock program vs. herter program on boosted setup
  178. Will a 04 GTO MAF Work on my 98z??
  179. Error Loading LS1 Edit
  180. Can 99+ knock sensors be used on a '98 LS1?
  181. Anyone with hp tuner close to mobile,al???
  182. Car Failed Smog after ATI and Tunning Install
  183. the ABS Inop/ Brake light
  184. Best place to be a TECH2 scanner??
  185. HP Tuners V1.6 Question?
  186. 01 Pcm ?
  187. JUst Got LT's installed now. Severe Driveabiliyt issues. Can I fix with my HPTuners?
  188. GD I hate wires.
  189. Rev Limiter
  190. Experts I Need Your Help, Car Acting Crazy [HP Tuner Log File Inside]
  191. tunning help
  192. 02 SS and Timing Issues.
  193. Is BS3 worth the extra cash?
  194. Do i really need a tune?
  195. PE/VE table question
  196. Edit Question
  197. Worked on my TB volt reading for WOT.
  198. Help picking base MAF table
  199. Best Computer chip(Programmer) for 99 Vette...
  200. Stoich. changes with all perf. mods?
  201. Which "no drill tb blade" idle tune mod should I use? confused
  202. ( Pocket PC ) OBDII Scanners / Data Loggers requested – recommendations?
  203. HP tunning
  204. Need help with tuning
  205. Misfire Issues?
  206. Why do LS1 and LS6 PE Tables differ so?
  207. Got my Ltrims in I have a bigger question...
  208. Will this disable air bag without deploying?
  209. Cold Start Timing question
  210. Traction control w/ HP tuners
  211. Does EFI Flash Scan Support 2 Bar
  212. o2 problem....bogging. ???
  213. Which O2 sensors?
  214. need help with PCM.
  215. Any electronic engineering gurus in here?
  216. Swapping to a T56
  217. A.I.R. code question
  218. Map sensor question
  219. Will Disableing EGR in HP Tuners cause the car to run richer or leaner. 97% DutyCycle
  220. LS2 Edit is coming......
  221. Is There Any Way To Make My '02 Temp Gauge Work?
  222. diablo sport tunners help!
  223. USB or PCMCIA to Serial adapter ?
  224. What is the point of open loop with maf
  225. car wont start on first try after warming up
  226. Question about sharing computer circuits?
  227. Update on the LC-1 wideband
  228. Need Copy of Diacom Plus
  229. MAFless tranny (A4) tuning
  230. HP Tuner logging question
  231. what is a wideband?
  232. What decides whether OL or SD tuning is better for the application?
  233. Anyone wideband a stock vehicle at startup?
  234. FAST-nitrous
  235. An odd issue after tuning... As the car warms up, the voltage goes down :(
  236. tuning for MAF, try and go with me on this for a second
  237. hp tuners, car won't idle when put in drive or reverse...
  238. quick ecm question?
  239. Idle Issue when A/C is on any help is good
  240. Help! misfires on ALL cylinders.....
  241. Reflash and Edit
  242. Idle/Fuel Pressure/VE/DFCO
  243. Replacing 99 injectors with svo 30lb. Need scaling figure.
  244. New Wideband Gauge
  245. 2000 SS Tuning Help
  246. help with tuning
  247. Help me get my car to idle please Hp Tuners 1.6
  248. Accelerometers with analog voltage output?
  249. Need help in St. Louis LS1 Edit
  250. Where is the IAC Park and DesIAC Procedure?