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  1. If you have a low temp thermostat, observation with HPT 1.6
  2. Egt
  3. Smoothing after injector swap
  4. costs of a Dyno tune, but own HPtuners
  5. HP Tuners VCM Suite 1.6.0 available now!
  6. Electrically Heated O2 Sensors?
  7. Low voltage knock sensor code:24* of KR at 5800rpms. What is wrong?
  8. Mail order tune - who's is best?
  9. HELP!!! Cranks, Got Fuel Got Spark But no Start
  10. ses help!
  11. is this a good tool for tuning your car?
  12. SD redundancy question
  13. Anybody have a Carchip? Need somone to look over my data plz...
  14. Car falls on its face @ Stop signs
  15. Predator probelm!! PLZ HELP!!
  16. tuning dry nitrous with hp tuners
  17. weres a shop in ky that tunes/works ls1
  18. Zeitronix LCD Screen
  19. Long tubes and tunning
  20. 0 stft, but +12 ltft @ idle???? How do I get ltfts - @ idle w/HP Tuners?
  21. Traction Control
  22. How do you lessen true dual fumes at idle with tuning?
  23. Where do install the bung for my wideband oxygen sensor?
  24. people with hypertech tuners!!!
  25. How to replay HP Tuners in gauge display
  26. To clear SES codes... or not to clear SES codes...
  27. surging after tune?
  28. 2005 CTS-V Tuning Software?
  29. Autotap vs. HPTuners Monitoring
  30. What does this mean, just read a note on the back of my dyno graph....
  31. LS1 Megasquirt etc ideas.
  32. installing LT's and TR6's mess with tune????
  33. PCM MAP sensor pin out?
  34. Throwing MAF Codes. Any suggestions on which one to buy?
  35. PCM Identification
  36. LS1/LS6 MAF's
  37. Is it possible to lose my tuning?
  38. Battery Reset... resets Tune?
  39. harness and pcm question
  40. I need to update my laptop to 1.5?????
  41. How do you get HP scanner to monitor IAC #S? MISFIRES?
  42. ls1 edit freezing
  43. wanted to verify
  44. Superchips VIN locked
  45. Venom 400
  46. o2 sensor code please help
  47. I need a bin file
  48. Painless "Perfect Engine Management System"
  49. mc68hc58
  50. Does the LS1 PCM need a VSS input?
  51. MTI C1 cam guys, help?!
  52. vats light on not flashing will not start just got removed
  53. P0305
  54. Whats the easiest way to tune correctly?
  55. What a good tune-up can do for a 4.8!
  56. Does pulling the negative battery terminal reset the computer?
  57. disable active handleing??
  58. Big Stuff 3 is installed
  59. Wanted to share my problem and fix.
  60. Autometer A/F Guage
  61. electronic shift kit
  62. shift firmness
  63. Opinion of Resistors
  64. P1130 Code -> Help
  65. Am I the only one who lost power leaning out A/F??
  66. ecm question
  67. Can HP Tuners edit a PCM that was tuned with LS1edit and then locked?
  68. Open Loop question
  69. Fuel tuning question
  70. HELP! Lean at Idle and Throttle let off...
  71. SD vs MAF Tuning Fudamentals???
  72. ***PCM Mod Mark****
  73. More 408 tuning
  74. Which sponsor for mailorder tune on H/C car..
  75. Reducing VE Table for idle = leaner A/F
  76. MSD coil/ignition developement for LSx engines
  77. Very Lean Idle
  78. Help me install my LS1 edit please
  79. My impressions tuning a 90mm combo without drilling
  80. Iat trick, PROBLEM!!!
  81. IAC park position + 90mm TB
  82. First a PO133 now a PO135 code ???
  83. HP Tuners Featured in Chevy High Performance!!!
  84. ls1 hot cam
  85. Idle lean condition
  86. Fast system or Stock?
  87. Can someone explain these 4 table to me
  88. Regarding HPT's VE PID and calc....
  89. Tuning a Direct port setup question
  90. Anything for Fords?
  91. How to lock verter with HP Tuner?
  92. can tire pressure sensors be edited out w/ HP tuners on my C5?
  93. cam only tsp 233/239
  94. speed density tuning tranny ?
  95. do i need the enhanced IO version?
  96. Misfire problem continues...
  97. Ls1 edit what all should be done.
  98. Will a ZO6 MAF transfer over to......
  99. Idle still crazy pt.2
  100. Problem tuning with HP tuners...
  101. maf translator
  102. What are these codes, where can I find a list
  103. cheap pcm fan control?
  104. How do you tune IAC park position using HP T. to correct tb screw adjustment?
  105. How do you attach an HP tuners scan?
  106. Need help tuning 90mm TB on C5
  107. Idle Air
  108. speed dentisy tuning question
  109. Question on results from "Cylinder Balance Test" with EFILivePro on 2000 Camaro
  110. Is Burst Knock reactive or predictive?
  111. can hp tuners scan obdII codes on other cars as well?
  112. Is HP Tuner thinking about doing this later?
  113. Can it be done?
  114. large cams, HPT and drilled TB's?
  115. Car Stuck in Power Enrichment Mode
  116. SES Light
  117. Speed Density?
  118. Accel Pin out needed
  119. 408 Tuning
  120. Please analyze my HP scan....
  121. FAST wiring diagram
  122. PE Tuning... how much to change?
  123. (tried to search) Help with ordering HPT
  124. Check out my [SA and VE] curves.
  125. New to tuning - where should I start?
  126. Dropping CR and effects on tune???
  127. How to tune idle
  128. Fuel Injector Scaling
  129. need help diagnosing misfires
  130. I need a stock Z06 File
  131. Ecm Help!!!
  132. hp tuner download question
  133. How to make changes real time
  134. P1133/p1153
  135. 98 bin for TR224
  136. Question about injector usage with autotap?
  137. DTC Not Ran...
  138. Dyno Tune????
  139. Is LS1 edit still the best for tuning?
  140. "Service Vehicle" light when sd tuning
  141. RWHP/RWTQ difference: SAE 1.00 vs 1.01
  142. Tune for Gear Ratio change
  143. HP Tuner's 3bar screenshot
  144. engine harness
  145. Question concerning trade in for new HPTuner purchase
  146. EFILive WideBand Logging Question
  147. Screenless Truck Maf
  148. Mystery KR - 2004 GTO
  149. Wanted: VE table cells mapped out in a picture
  150. newb tuning question
  151. advice needed about modding and learning to tune
  152. Dyno Tuning
  153. Can an LS6 intake swap cause pinging/knock?
  154. Which autotap MAP reading is used in VE table?
  155. BS3 manual
  156. HPtuners phone orders?????
  157. Total Timing???
  158. Anyone got their FlashScan yet?
  159. HELP - - bought an used HPPIII, but it will not work on my car
  160. Sts Owners Inside!!!!
  161. Surging Idle
  162. im gunna try out efilive flashscan :)
  163. Maf or MafLess- is 'VE' [ airmass table ] used during a 1/4 mile run ??
  164. LT1 Tuning in NJ
  165. BS3 users
  166. Stand alone question
  167. HELP PLEASE!!! Throwin codes...
  168. Whats next? What else can I do with just a narrow band O2?
  169. P1133/P1153 cause limp mode?
  170. HP tuners- Racetrack tune- Help me
  171. HP Tuners VCM Suite 3bar in action.
  172. Check Engine Light (Flashing)
  173. Thanks Jeremy and RevXtreme!!!
  174. 1st time on dyno with hp tuners what data should i record
  175. Car's Misfiring - Need Help Interpreting Autotap Data
  176. HP Tuners Secondary VE Table for 98-00
  177. Please Help: My Car Wont Idle When Warmed Up?
  178. Diablo tuner
  179. Dialing in MAF tables anyone????
  180. Need a little help
  181. Is there a way to teach the TPS the position?
  182. Predator
  183. lowering engine temprature and disabling CAGS using LS1edit
  184. VE tuning question (HPTuners)
  185. Diablo predator. Trans Shift Points?
  186. EFILive Store is open for FlashsScan orders!
  187. Injector Flow Rate changed, re-adjust idle VE columns?
  188. Hey guys, need help with lean mixture
  189. Got a $10 rebate/gas card with bosch corvette rear 02 sensor purchase.
  190. anti theaft
  191. beat mail order tune?
  192. Torque Managment
  193. learning how to tune
  194. o2 sensor problem and HP tuners. Need help.
  195. Quick Injector tune question
  196. What ohm resistor for IAT sensor?
  197. Could this be a tuning poblem or operator error?
  198. I have a 03 ss silverado and some hand held tuners dont work what should i use
  199. Cylinder 7 misfire? Can anyone help?
  200. Built in load on demand- Wil Handzel??
  201. Edit tune for MTI 2e heads an X1 cam?
  202. Here is a goofy one
  203. Reading, Transforming, and Applying an RPM Signal to Electronically Turn Accessories:
  204. Installing an Autometer lean/rich gauge tomorrow, have 1 question?
  205. which connector is this??
  206. EIO and do I need it?
  207. Diablo programmer/tune downloads
  208. DFCO spark cut...what kind of requirements are there?
  209. LS1Edit MAF Table & VRam
  210. What other scanning software can I use with my HP Tuners cable?
  211. 03 PCM and Electric Fans
  212. High compression spark advance?
  213. Anyone running dual widebands?
  214. '98 to '99+ PCM swap
  215. anyone seen an OBD-II diagnostic tool for the RIM Blackberry?
  216. lead me in tuning my car, with hp tuners
  217. What causes early lock up...
  218. Factory PCM's RPM Limit:
  219. Need help with fans!
  220. Have a service engine light code "P0430" help!!
  221. Hptertech help me????????
  222. hyperpac?
  223. Hp Tuners Telephone Number In Valencia, Ca
  224. gauges
  225. I need help with a rough idle
  226. Questions about PO410 code
  227. Stand alone? For street
  228. What is the highest safe A/F ratio?
  229. car idled down to 300rpms, WTF?
  230. Tuning Calculation Tables!
  231. how to check 02 sensors ?
  232. Flashing Gm Computer
  233. Anybody have Auto Tap 2.10?
  234. P0300
  235. hey guys, how to get LTFTs down to negative?
  236. Help.. someone with any 98 M6 bin file
  237. G5X3 114 hp tuner file needed
  238. LM-1 wideband effort
  239. ok, does HPTuners make
  240. Ordering HPTuners BUT........
  241. laptop does not have the Hp Tuners hook up!
  242. 97 LT-1 6spd. flash file
  243. 400 for LS1 is it a good price?
  244. Who's The Best ???
  245. Deleted AIR, but still have question.
  246. 00 silverado starts and then dies, over and over, please help!!!!!
  247. Speedometer recalibrator
  248. Injector swap tuning W/ HPT
  249. Service Numbers
  250. SD Tuning with EFI Live, Wide Band, and LS1 Edit Questions.