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  1. electrical problem..
  2. HP tuners Computer requirements
  3. 02 Rich/Lean
  4. Stall & Big Cam
  5. AIR/FUEL ratio changes after ls6 and true dual install
  6. Traction control
  7. Mail order or dyno tune?
  8. Can I dump my current .bin file into spare PCM?
  9. Edit tune - still smell raw fuel at idle
  10. new motor does my computer need tuned?
  11. readiness bits - pre inspection troubles
  12. Another P0440 question
  13. can i fire the stock coils with an external ground source?
  14. how do i retard the timing for n2o and then swap back for n/a?
  15. Need Advice On Ecu!!!!!!
  16. HP Tuner or EFI Live
  17. tuning for fuel pump
  18. Help on a Code: P0300
  19. Reading HPTuner Files ?
  20. po171 & po174
  21. Fan settings - hp tuners
  22. clutch switch cancel code thrown...cannot use cruise control..
  23. Low coolent light question
  24. OBDII Code Question
  25. custom HPTuner/LS1Edit/... cables?
  26. Could a bas TPS sensor cause a lean condition?
  27. Tuning tow/haul mode
  28. Had the car dyno tuned but still surges..
  29. How to set PE delay to zero, with HP Tuner???
  30. TReX Tune
  31. Took computer out now car doesnt run right
  32. Superchip Programmer
  33. What size hole? TB blade (G5X3/114 cam)
  34. P0342 and P0343 since new engine installed
  35. Will the KS w/locating tab work on 98 PCMs?
  36. Mounting a wideband sensor at an angle??
  37. Torque Management - MAX=350?
  38. 80mm TB tuning issue
  39. n2o and n/a tuning....
  40. Glowing headers and fuel odor after ls6 and dual ex. install.
  41. Tuning other cars with diablo
  42. Does Anybody Have the Predator PC Interface File ?
  43. HPTuners 1.5 Version Question
  44. Lobe while in idle
  45. PCM Reflash
  46. P0352 Code
  47. How much tuning involved? Auto + 23X-23X Cam
  48. Anyone using the LM-1 Aux Box?
  49. 2001 computer in a 98 car
  50. hard start
  51. ls-2 knock sensors with ls1 computer
  52. HP Tuners ver 1.6 tidbit [ VE tuning ]
  53. Ideas? Need to reduce HC Hydrocarbons
  54. Can't get ls1edit programer to open
  55. Pay to tune or buy a good programmer?
  56. LS1 EDIT Proof??
  57. would big cam and ported heads on stock tune
  58. mega squirt write up, long with lots of pic's. no more maf limit for me and cheap!!
  59. need the best tuner
  60. Why does the timing decrease in the HO table?
  61. MAF end tuning observation and question
  62. NYVIP Emissions test info....
  63. What would be a good LTFT at idle.
  64. 2003 SS Silverado
  65. Tuning a cam...
  66. Fully wired LS1 FAST for sale-->
  67. Full Open loop tuning on the dynojet with wideband
  68. hard starts in the cold - HPTuners
  69. Question about narrow band o2's and WB
  70. NY new Emission testing
  71. Getting KR at 2>3 shift.
  72. Question about HPtuners and "Locked" PCM.
  73. Could be a stupid MTI Air Lid question but......
  74. Which is better, easier to use.
  75. ABS INOP...getting annoyed now...
  76. Best PDA scan software?
  77. Trouble Codes P0133 P0153
  78. 2002 Chevy S-10 Code - P0128
  79. Simple HPtuner Stuff...
  80. SES light due to a MAF
  81. look at my a/f
  82. EFI LIVE v7 Tuning and scanning software out yet
  83. FAST "Crank Box"
  84. Should I start considering something other than the stock PCM?
  85. Tuning Experts Needed, Questions Inside?
  86. tuning WOT without PE vs RPM?
  87. Ditching the stock PCM?
  88. HP Tuner Newbie...Help
  89. PCMCIA RS232 serial card for LS1edit
  90. Complete Wideband Confusion.....
  91. LTFT Boundries
  92. Where to upload hp tuners logs
  93. Anybody tune a lsx 90mm intake
  94. Engine running wierd after tune!
  95. Car running VERY lean for unknown reason. Help!
  96. Logging Injectors - PID?
  97. Code after Ls6intake install
  98. Codes PO135 and PO155?
  99. A question about 02 Rich/Lean vs. Airflow with Hp Tuners
  100. What do I need to log data?
  101. Looking for a "Cannon Plug" for firewall pass through connection
  102. LTFT issues. Look at these averages.
  103. Opinions on my MAFless tune? Horist approved it for download.
  104. Targeting exact cells for SD tuning??
  105. Closest Tuning Location?
  106. wide band o2??
  107. Edit/HP tunner/mail program???
  108. Weird problems
  109. Idle Operation Part II
  110. Can anyone help me, help a friend?
  111. Codes P0410, P0412, P0418
  112. Problems with OBD2 connection
  113. Would You...
  114. Threw code P0161
  115. reading Predator tune
  116. Anyone wanna check my .bin?
  117. EFILive do you like it?
  118. air fuel ratio
  119. installed wideband
  120. Need help with 2 DTC's
  121. What do you LM-1 owners think of this?
  122. Anyone ever used TSP mail order tune??
  123. Pease Help! Problem with a BMW 750iL.
  124. Help - Upgraded to EFI Live V.6. what now.
  125. need tuning help
  126. Transmission Swap
  127. will the truck pcm work on a F-body?
  128. Idle LTRIM question
  129. custom pred vs. LS1 edit
  130. Whats a good way to handle this...
  131. looking for an experienced tuner to mentor me
  132. cam sensor help needed
  133. Predator Tuner ... compatable with Australian LS1??
  134. Best o2 readings for NA street tuning???
  135. Will HP Tuners correct pcm for hotcam install
  136. LS1Edit: USB?
  137. Need help with predator tuner
  139. Surging/Bucking: If you have HPTuners, then I have a change that may help!
  140. Help I'm Stranded
  141. put in new tune, now fuel trims are really far negative
  142. OB1 Question...w/background
  143. HP tuners rookie question
  144. Looking for a stock HPTuners log...
  145. HP Tuner Help!!
  146. LS1 tuning + LS1 edit....what do I need for tuning?
  147. HP Tuner / Programming new VIN + vehicle type into spare PCM
  148. How easy is it to pick up false knock?
  149. translate for me
  150. DFCO tuning for best fuel economy
  151. Effect of exhaust cut out on A/F ratio?
  152. Optimum WOT AFR for street driving?
  153. Knock sensors - low octane table?
  154. What about the computer?
  155. Hp Tuners stoch value
  156. tune 2 computers n2o-n/a?
  157. LS1 Edit Question: Reflashing A4 to M6
  158. Just Passed My First Inspection
  159. Fuel pressure too high - replace regulator?
  160. multiple misfires in cylinder one!!
  161. Need Help Figurin Out SES codes....
  162. Wiring Guru's I need help
  163. Tuning costs
  164. Surging and bucking at low rpm and load.
  165. GM Engine Managment Threshold
  166. IAC not responding while on engine dyno, any ideas?
  167. random on/off miss?
  168. What does it take to get started with a laptop tuning set up
  169. Tazzo EFI Monitor???
  170. IFR Question
  171. 02 sensor help....
  172. kr issues- should i worry.
  173. 231/237
  174. Min requirements for HP Tuners
  175. o2's going crazy
  176. Surging/Bucking Related: How much does timing affect airflow requirements? (rambling)
  177. long term fuel trims are at -8.75???
  178. Diablo question on shifting
  179. Would a tune be beneficial?
  180. ve table for SC
  181. Small ? About HPTuners
  182. Tuners: Business Name/Location/Contact Info.-How About A Directory...
  183. HPP3 Question
  184. Who is running Z06 VE table?
  185. Computer Requirements?
  186. Engine Balance Test Question
  187. "service vehicle" light... not SES after airbag removal?
  188. M6 PCM vs. A4 PCM .. differences only in calibration section?
  189. Request for VE table
  190. SES Code P0507?
  191. Help with P1518
  192. Big Stuff 3 ??
  193. How does PCM decide to switch between timing tables?
  194. Bad O2s causing high HCs, COs?
  195. Can bad O2s cost you 50 hp
  196. Dyno tuning questions
  197. will a PCM from a '01 '02 vehicle work in a 99?
  198. The Perfect Wideband for HP Tuners
  199. Help with P0122 DTC
  200. how do i get the service engine light off??
  201. Anyone got any table suggestions for 89 or 87(gasp)
  202. EFI Live questions
  203. LS1Edit - reduce timing/fuel?
  204. Bad fuel pressure regulator?
  205. Part Throttle: VE vs. MAF vs. IFR Tuning
  206. Encrypted Files?
  207. HPTuner suite pro
  208. WOW HPTuners Deal
  209. Interesting question...
  210. Quick Spare PCM / LS1 EDIT / HPT question
  211. Problems after cam install
  212. hmmmm gauges arent me
  213. Paging Jimmyblue
  214. SES Code P0135??
  215. Odd drivability problem with LS1, need help...
  216. Help with Pin Out locations on PCM for 99 Corvette
  217. tach signal
  218. WHeel2Wheel or APE for diagnosing a drivability problem and new tuning???
  219. EFI LIVE, AUTO TAP, AND LS1 EDIT.. Should I buy all 3.?
  220. HP Tuners EIO option
  221. What else would cause reduced timing?
  222. need help with a good starting point
  223. Best tuning program for F/I cars
  224. Lean condition "off gas pedal" only..Ideas?
  225. HP Tuner program?
  226. EFI university 101 class
  227. installed o2 sensor simulators now car wont idle after warm up please help
  228. Atap question
  229. Wich Maf
  230. Dying o2s. Denso f-body or Bosch vette rears?
  231. O2 sensor question
  232. Put on catback now have SES light
  233. Injector Offset Voltages
  234. How much horsepower could/has false knock cost you?
  235. Knock sensor symptoms
  236. Would I need to get my car re-tuned if I changed rockers?
  237. Problem with Thermostat-fan program temp. I need HELP BAD**
  238. Can you determine through ATAP is an O2 sensor is bad?
  239. Remove IAC and permenantly delete codes
  240. BS3 for LT1?
  241. Battle of the tuners software
  242. Pretty lean across the board, IFR or VE table adjustment?
  243. Diablo Sport
  244. Data Loggers
  245. Knock Problems from Hell 99 A4 Vette
  246. HPTuners new pricing announcement!
  247. tuning .......first time
  248. Abnormal Timing Values
  249. Need help with this...
  250. tuning A4 tranny with HP tuners...