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  1. long term fuel trims are at -8.75???
  2. Diablo question on shifting
  3. Would a tune be beneficial?
  4. ve table for SC
  5. Small ? About HPTuners
  6. Tuners: Business Name/Location/Contact Info.-How About A Directory...
  7. HPP3 Question
  8. Who is running Z06 VE table?
  9. Computer Requirements?
  10. Engine Balance Test Question
  11. "service vehicle" light... not SES after airbag removal?
  12. M6 PCM vs. A4 PCM .. differences only in calibration section?
  13. Request for VE table
  14. SES Code P0507?
  15. Help with P1518
  16. Big Stuff 3 ??
  17. How does PCM decide to switch between timing tables?
  18. Bad O2s causing high HCs, COs?
  19. Can bad O2s cost you 50 hp
  20. Dyno tuning questions
  21. will a PCM from a '01 '02 vehicle work in a 99?
  22. The Perfect Wideband for HP Tuners
  23. Help with P0122 DTC
  24. how do i get the service engine light off??
  25. Anyone got any table suggestions for 89 or 87(gasp)
  26. EFI Live questions
  27. LS1Edit - reduce timing/fuel?
  28. Bad fuel pressure regulator?
  29. Part Throttle: VE vs. MAF vs. IFR Tuning
  30. Encrypted Files?
  31. HPTuner suite pro
  32. WOW HPTuners Deal
  33. Interesting question...
  34. Quick Spare PCM / LS1 EDIT / HPT question
  35. Problems after cam install
  36. hmmmm gauges arent me
  37. Paging Jimmyblue
  38. SES Code P0135??
  39. Odd drivability problem with LS1, need help...
  40. Help with Pin Out locations on PCM for 99 Corvette
  41. tach signal
  42. WHeel2Wheel or APE for diagnosing a drivability problem and new tuning???
  43. EFI LIVE, AUTO TAP, AND LS1 EDIT.. Should I buy all 3.?
  44. HP Tuners EIO option
  45. What else would cause reduced timing?
  46. need help with a good starting point
  47. Best tuning program for F/I cars
  48. Lean condition "off gas pedal" only..Ideas?
  49. HP Tuner program?
  50. EFI university 101 class
  51. installed o2 sensor simulators now car wont idle after warm up please help
  52. Atap question
  53. Wich Maf
  54. Dying o2s. Denso f-body or Bosch vette rears?
  55. O2 sensor question
  56. Put on catback now have SES light
  57. Injector Offset Voltages
  58. How much horsepower could/has false knock cost you?
  59. Knock sensor symptoms
  60. Would I need to get my car re-tuned if I changed rockers?
  61. Problem with Thermostat-fan program temp. I need HELP BAD**
  62. Can you determine through ATAP is an O2 sensor is bad?
  63. Remove IAC and permenantly delete codes
  64. BS3 for LT1?
  65. Battle of the tuners software
  66. Pretty lean across the board, IFR or VE table adjustment?
  67. Diablo Sport
  68. Data Loggers
  69. Knock Problems from Hell 99 A4 Vette
  70. HPTuners new pricing announcement!
  71. tuning .......first time
  72. Abnormal Timing Values
  73. Need help with this...
  74. tuning A4 tranny with HP tuners...
  75. Am I going the right direction???
  76. New HPTuners Pricing Structure Announced!
  77. DTC PO332 - KS2 Circuit Low Frequency
  78. Reading 02'S with meter
  79. EFI Live and EDIT HELP. Please
  80. HPTuner_surging idle
  81. O2 sims/LS1 EDIT?
  82. At what point DFI???
  83. How does the PCM decide the actual timing?
  84. Starting problem - Suspect ignition switch
  85. Zeitronix and EFI Live.. IT WORKS!!!
  86. Who's using LS1Edit or HPtuners w/ a Toshiba laptop???
  87. How to tune LTFT/KR correctly?
  88. Another gas saving question
  89. New EFILive?
  90. Speed Density + ignition advance?
  91. will anyone read my hp tuners bin file?
  92. SES codes.. header & catback
  93. Roughing in IFR for 60 lb Mototrons? (with fpr?)
  94. On The Futility Of Narrowband Sensor Based Tuning
  95. Fastech
  96. Does Our LS1's idle in open loop?
  97. hp tuners help please.
  98. Converter Stalling problem ,Need Help with HP Tuners
  99. PCM Question....
  100. new pacesetters=8 codes thrown???
  101. wideband hp tuners
  102. hey guys, just got hp tuners, installing now
  103. Engine codes
  104. Whats going on with my MAF.. screenshot inside
  105. HP Tuner site down?
  106. Ported MAFH, bad for my car?
  107. New EFILive V7 Scan/Tune Evaluation Software Released
  108. )2 sensor question. Is it better to use the extensions or just buy longer 02 sensors
  109. ?About mafless in closedloop?????
  110. Surging Poll after Cam; please vote if you don't have surging problems too!
  111. What causes timing to jump while decelerating w/no throttle?
  112. Tech 2 transmission shifts
  113. which handheld or programmer is this?
  114. p0443 code...need help
  115. Hp Tunner 2000 Fbody
  116. Weird injector pulsewidth ?
  117. want to see fire balls shooting out the exhaust? Host my vid
  118. EFI LIve PiD
  119. diffrence 98 -99-02
  120. HP Tuners lean-burn function
  121. Cold weather Start with HP Tuners.
  122. Does PCM use high or low signal O2 feed?
  123. Newest Version of LS1edit..??????
  124. hp tuners used as window switch
  125. Does anyone have a trex tune that I could look at???
  126. octane ?
  127. 1133 and 1153 by the way!
  128. another Question with PCM
  129. Hp Tuners Question.
  130. FTC cell boundaries in late model Fbodies
  131. PCM DEAD? Wrote C5 LS1edit file into Fbody of same year..dead
  132. Would Like Some Input Please!!
  133. Cold Idle is Improving
  134. Engine detuning itself
  135. What does TPS sensor do?
  136. New 408", 1-2 sec into dyno pull, falls flat, shutsdown till you let off, cause?
  137. First things to do while tuning for a supercharger
  138. HPtuners + Hybrid = confused.
  139. VE influence on wot
  140. ECU tuner ever expected for the Colorado platform?
  141. PCM code P1336
  142. Hp tuners all cars of same year compatible?
  143. how to check cam sensor?!?!
  144. Need some help with with PCM!
  145. Innovate LM1 users:
  146. Surging/Bucking...the saga continues...
  147. Should I get a dyno tune...
  148. Is This A Major Tuning Problem?
  149. Holy codes Batman! A story of magnificent proportions
  150. LS1 Edit
  151. Low coolant light on.
  152. About ready to give up on VE tuning, please help..
  153. Smart out of the box thinkers needed!!
  154. Can ANYONE tune a 228/228 114LSA in an A4? with no surging?
  155. A/C idle?
  156. Big Stuff 3
  157. Help need picture of tach wire on PCM!!
  158. HP tuners ordering question
  159. Need Sponser/other-dyno, east TENN
  160. Dyno Dip at 5,300 rpm. Tuner is perplexed.
  161. O2s and WOT
  162. 2000 SS SES code #404
  163. Trying SD tune: How to get car to idle and/or not stall on braking?
  164. tune-up or tune?
  165. A clean MAF is a happy MAF
  166. AFR Issue
  167. Speed Density tune + OBD2 emissions?
  168. is there a "college student budget" version of ANYTHING?
  169. HELP...about to give up on SD open loop
  170. Do I need a tune?
  171. LS1 Wiring Harness
  172. I need advice with a cam tune, and possible solutions with 02 sensors and misfire
  173. How do you delete codes with HP
  174. hypertech power programmer
  175. Faulty MAF translator??
  176. LTFT Spreadsheet?
  177. High LTFT's - need help!!!
  178. Will replacing knock sensors do any good?
  179. How much timing on top end is best for power?
  180. FTC boundary questions, mine are very tight (900, 1200, 1600 RPM) should I space them
  181. where to tap into o2 sensor off pcm??
  182. WHOA! This might be good news.
  183. Editing Program
  184. whats needed to reflash a pcm?
  185. looking for hpt bin for d1 procharger 98 a4
  186. 2002 TA WS6 RA Predator question
  187. Car Keeps Dying
  188. MAF translator directions
  189. need help!!!!!!!!!!!
  190. Help with KR have AutoTap
  191. Help with LM-1 setup
  192. any recomandations on o2 simulators for 2000 z28???
  193. EFILive?
  194. Tunner in or around Kentucky???
  195. YEAA!!! SES light poped on!
  196. Yeah Baby, yeah!
  197. sanity check me on timing advance...
  198. Where can i find another hptuners connector?
  199. Please Help Me, Guys
  200. Tunning a STS Kit w/ Predator?
  201. How does my A/F look?
  202. LS1edit: Runtime Error 7 Out of Memory
  203. LS1Edit, A4 corrupted tables?
  204. Help with cables please
  205. wide band tune or not?
  206. LS1 Edit Qs
  207. Guys I used HP Tuners and this is what I got
  208. Help with tune
  209. Maf reads 0hz!?!?!?
  210. Who has sold their LS1-Edit?
  211. can i use a predator to adjust my speedo with a non stock tune?
  212. Cam tuning
  213. IFR question and bigger injectors
  214. excess vacuum pass test
  215. Anybody ever had a wideband sensor fail?
  216. hp tuners question
  217. C5 A4 strange shifting
  218. FS: LS1 Edit & MAF Translator
  219. question about pcm tuners
  220. 98-99 HO Spark Table File
  221. hpp3
  222. Need tuning suggestion...
  223. what can be upgraded computer wise or in ignition?
  224. Good LS1 Tuners in Pa.
  225. Code Help.
  226. Why does my car untune itself after a couple days?
  227. need big cam LS1Edit file
  228. oh geez, ve tuning. stupid ?
  229. 1st time with wideband - AFR questions
  230. nedd urgent edit help
  231. Is the Hypertech Tuning any good?
  232. SLP MAF (early version) - tuning
  233. Zeitronix Wideband
  234. Wideband Question (EFI Live Related)
  235. tuning = kicking my a$$
  236. Successfully desensitized my knock sensors with HPTuners
  237. Need help with sd tune
  238. HPTuner problem......
  239. problem with speed dommeter a tuning problem or not
  240. Wideband install tip... + a priceless moment..
  241. OEM O2 sensor discrepancy
  242. Went back to Stock MAF
  243. Add timing of lean out a:f?
  244. A4 guys with Hypertech Programmer, shift points?
  245. EFI Live
  246. non GM tuning software
  247. Fast, BS3 vs LTFTs
  248. First ever tune this week
  249. LS1edit vs HP Tuners
  250. Are Predator custom tunes locked..