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  1. VE Tuning, Which IFR do I use?
  2. A code and a question
  3. Bad PCM
  4. Just got Dyno'd and I am runnig an A/F of...
  5. Help me figure out this mystery PCM
  6. Car bucks at low RPMs
  7. P0440 EVAP Code
  8. I need emergency help
  9. Obd Ii Vpw
  10. Argg I did the inevitable this morning
  11. o2 sensor question
  12. HP Tuners 1.5 is out!
  13. Injector Pulse Width and O2 sensor readings Question
  14. Noise/Tune help needed
  15. Futral Tune or Dyno Chassis?
  16. Futral Tune or Dyno Chassis?
  17. Headlights go up and down by themslefs. Help
  18. tach off by 300, how can I fix it?
  19. p0200, injector circuit open.....
  20. Throttle Cracker -> airflow && airflow decay
  21. Need some help tuning @ idle...makeshift logs within
  22. tuning help???
  23. Autotap Config Files
  24. surging after converter install
  25. PCM Differences?
  26. This is why your butt-o-meter sucks for tuning
  27. Transmission -> Shift Firmness
  28. EFILive Flashscan set to be released in Nov
  29. In Car dyno!
  30. Looking for a STOCK 2000 M6 .Bin file
  31. Dropping Idle Speed
  32. big stuff 3 ecu
  33. Compression ratio & cubic Inch Calculator
  34. Need a tune but dont know where to start??
  35. Looking for a data logger.
  36. HPTuner methods
  37. Transmission Tab / Shift Speed
  38. Tech 2
  39. down shifting/ p0171 & 0174
  40. cylinder size
  41. need halp asap...gotta set my injector tables back closer to stock!
  42. Where could find a programmer with tune?
  43. MAF Translators, worth it or not.
  44. quick wiring question
  45. PCM data issue
  46. Emissions testing
  47. SES Light on after Heads & Ls6 intake installed?
  48. MAP voltage - help?
  49. HPTuner site down...HHMMMM!!!!
  50. Code P0704......
  51. #7 cylinder aweful misfire, checked everything. Tuning?
  52. On a 99 SS, does the PCM read oil pressure?
  53. Finding an intake leak question(poss parts damage)
  54. hey guys, im getting 9mpg, im gettin the car atapd, anything i should look for?
  55. Open Loop Question
  56. How to fix DTCs for insufficient switching O2"s?
  57. MAF relocation
  58. help with spark map
  59. HP Tuner TC tuning
  60. Shift Points
  61. WOT at 5600RPM car shuts off/backfire HELP!!
  62. Quick need help coil ground.
  63. Auto tranny tuning tables
  64. Light throttle surging...interesting find...
  65. 2004 Gto
  66. Supercharged C5 with lots of SES codes..
  67. What options available for a 1998 Chev Silv for VCM Tuning?
  68. Help with Predator in OC, CA
  69. 93 octance tuning = perfecto
  70. LM-1 O2 replacement ... which to get? and where?
  71. New to HP Tuners - Couple Questions???
  72. Tuning a Turbo or Supercharger.
  73. Arg! My HPT Cable is a potato! It sprouted!
  74. need some numbers, plz.
  75. tuning for new cam?
  76. VE Calculator
  77. HPTuners
  78. Tuning in circles... SD & IFR
  79. Looking for a tune
  80. anyone tune timing after 160 thermostat
  81. LS2 coils much better!
  82. Deteriorating Idle on 2004 A4 GTO; requesting help from experts...
  83. COT Question
  84. HP Tuners and XP Service Pack 2
  85. If I want to do a tune WITH the MAF, should I unplug it and speed density tune 1st??
  86. what should i chaneg on my tune now?
  87. What's all the hype over HP tuner?
  88. Speed density user guide
  89. Lm1 users need help!
  90. Ed Wright Tune and HP Tuner
  91. can someone please help me???
  92. Need Tunning Help Asap!!
  93. PCM #P0306 & 0356 Coil Trouble?
  94. HP Tuner customer issue
  95. My comp wont put out a reading
  96. Slp Maf..
  97. Can i use a 2 step??
  99. Temprature sensor on Air Box..
  100. High idle
  101. Adding transgo + SS3800 + 3.90s: tuning question..
  102. BCM/APM (little black boxes) questions
  103. Atap questions
  104. MAFT settings
  105. Knock sensors flooded w/ H20
  106. Problem !! Help needed
  107. Granatelli MAF screwing me up a little? if so, will LS1edit dyno tune definitely fix?
  108. Stroker Motor ?
  109. stock tuning tables
  110. How to get rid of abs light after 9" install
  111. MAF Wiring Schematic
  112. Accel Gen 7 and MAF-less
  113. 2002 PCM in 99 harness will it work?
  114. Can anyone reflash a PCM?
  115. Idle tuning... sound related
  116. Best soldering iron?
  117. Need some help with a code
  118. Some new HP Tuners EnhancedIO (1.5) screenshots *LARGE PICS*
  119. my 2001 camaro won't start
  120. hi idle/tcs inop/no codes= tcs prob?? NEED HELP
  121. Meaning of Upshift Torque Reduction?
  122. battery lost tunning
  123. Check out my !MAF mod
  124. Programmers
  125. Timing drops to Zero on decel?
  126. Killed PCM! Will edit work with reflashed pcm
  127. Need to lower desired IAC counts...
  128. Confused after reading VE sticky
  129. download a custom tune to a predator from a pc
  130. no power at ALDL connector, any suggestions?
  131. Diablosport Programmer Quick Question
  132. swapping pcm's ???
  133. Excellent tuning info inside...
  134. Where is the Headlight sensor on a 1999 Maro?
  135. Got a good deal on a DiabloSport Predator
  136. Should I get a tune....
  137. How to get a big cam to idle in speed density???
  138. looking for a tuner in il
  139. Car hesitating and stumbling don't know why???
  140. Tuning Spread Sheets
  141. KR when pulling 2000-6200 rpm in 2nd gear, only
  142. Shop & Tuner in CT or near Springfield, MA?
  143. No closed loop at WOT and low eng load
  144. tuner cat?
  145. Diablo tunes
  146. knock sensor code questions.
  147. Is Anyone logging with PLXDevices M-500
  148. Tuning without the o2 sensors
  149. MAF vs. SD tunes, pros and cons.
  150. 75 lb injector tuning ?
  151. running 89ish octane on a 93 octane program?
  152. LM-1 O2 sensor lasting 2 months ! WTF???
  153. predator is rich
  154. MAF calibration Vs. Year ???
  155. Idle Airflow: Why is it such a pain... (already searched and tested stuff...)
  156. What determines the L-Trims?
  157. EFI VEpcm and ls1edit map vs rpm table
  158. Hego sensor?
  159. SES light flashing...WTF???
  160. LS1 Edit file...
  161. What is best method to find vacuum leaks?
  162. p0101 Maf performance code after heads install
  163. Is The Maf Translator Any Good? Is It Easy To Use?
  164. Running MAF'less..
  165. Understand how MAF works - DON'T DE-SCREEN IT!!
  166. What changes for larger injectors?
  167. BULLSH** codes....po410 and p0300
  168. HP Tuners/LS1 Edit Problem/Question
  169. Dyno tune
  170. WTF this is driving me banannas
  171. Car misfire P0300, NEED HELP! PLEASE!
  172. F.A.S.T. question
  173. P0102 !?!?
  174. p0327 and p0332
  175. CA Emissions, What Are People Doing?
  176. DFI7 or FAST?
  177. How to tune high load points on VE table???
  178. help with OBD-II code P1415
  179. PCM exchangeability?
  180. Hit 12.5 A/F on the dyno but o2's read 820 on the street. Normal?
  181. how to read oil pressure
  182. 230/238 cam tune help
  183. 2002 Z06 VE table
  184. is it possible that my tps voltage is low, causing my trans not to downshift at WOT?
  185. When is cam sensor triggered?
  186. Installed h/c, idles but tries to stall when I let off the throttle.
  187. HPTuners Need some insight
  188. MAFLESS...perhaps this will open new doors in intakes?
  189. tps voltage at WOT, what should the voltage be?
  190. Does anyone have ls1edit v1.3 or v1.4
  191. Tuning timing
  192. Need help. Falling on its face.
  193. how to connect efilive to other GM vehicle
  194. AFR question mine is not right.
  195. Knock sensor short circuit?
  196. LS1 Edit
  197. Question on the PE/RPM table and A/F results from Dyno
  198. 98 maf same as 99 and up?
  199. Afr - Help
  200. New Predator software
  201. Which one is better?
  202. MAF Table Scaling
  203. Bank 1 LTFTs go positive after I let off
  204. Poll: Have you switched tuners?
  205. SES light, P0102??
  206. Accel Gen 7 Users HELP..MST Sensor?
  207. Changing Gage Cluster help
  208. can I put 2001 pcm in a 1999?
  209. HP Tuners and LS1 Edit Comparison?
  210. Help....Fuses
  211. wont respond to mods
  212. knock sensor different types
  213. HELP - Predator & Dyno Tune together?
  214. Need help diagnosing odd problem with LS1
  215. Frustrating dyno day, need some help
  216. USB to serial Connector?
  217. fuel setting on hypertech
  218. Problems with knock sensors, PLEASE HELP!
  219. Need Help FLP wont shift to 3rd at WOT (Racing Tomorrow)
  220. Shot in the dark...
  221. Need Help!!
  222. Just installed h/c and 30lb injectors, need startup advice...
  223. TH400 tuning help
  224. IFR Table for 42# SVO Injectors?
  225. Air fuel reading needed.
  226. Please Sanity check my HPTune
  227. VE Tablel Correlations - to LTFT Correction
  228. Does anyone know a place in South Florida wheres they tune C5s or F-bodies?
  229. tach install
  230. What PCM's are compatible with my Tahoe?
  231. MAF tuning question after pivot table analysis
  232. help with hypertech ...
  233. Ls1 Edit and HPP3 Possible?
  234. Best Programmer?
  235. So where is the OPTIMIZE Button ?
  236. Great Setup For Tuning At Home?
  237. Changing pulley sizes
  238. WTF...HPtuners site down???
  239. Review my LTFT and advise
  240. When tuning off the MAF...
  241. 02 pcm in 99 Truck
  242. Oil pressure reading 129 lbs.
  243. Tuning Websites
  244. I need a Hand.
  245. predator tuning with cam
  246. any way to turn off adaptive learning?
  247. o2 help
  248. How do I get a sample of higher MAF frequency?? (what kind of driving sample)
  249. Carputing
  250. Need to get a tune ?