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  1. ls1 edit scanner ....anyone use it yet?
  2. Tuning/computer/maf/??? problem
  3. HPP3 Retunning
  4. Tuning a hybrid/conversion
  5. what does changing the inj offset vs volts do?
  6. SD Tune - Hit a Wall!
  7. Is that Corvette fuel injection book the best book for how our electronics work?
  8. Come behind a custom tune with HPTuners?
  9. my jantzer tb keeps throwing a po121 wtf.!
  10. HELP - Car Making HORRIBLE noise, won't start...
  11. Can we measure 0-60 MPH with HPTuner ??
  12. Knock sensor??
  13. Need Tuning Recommendations
  14. obdii -> rs232 cable/adaptor
  15. change auto pcm to manual??
  16. New to PCM editting
  17. Left Side Running Too Lean?
  18. P0121 (TPS) after LS6 manifold swap?
  19. Idle question
  20. steps for TPS installation with ASR
  21. GMS Maf tuner Any good?
  22. Tuning 8.1 liters...
  23. EfiLive
  24. LTRIM bank 1 and 2 +25 need help
  25. Recovering PCM with HPT v1.6
  26. I'm stopping all Tuning on HPTuners till I get WB. Any suggestions on which WB?PLEASE
  27. Ls1 Edit tune over a Predator tune can it be done??
  28. STS turbo fuel problem
  29. Need a MAF table for a ported/descreened MAF. Not 85mm
  30. Quick Question about 160 t stat
  31. HP Tuners. Test Information versus PE Table.
  32. need a stock file/flash for 2000 trans am M6
  33. ltfts high when letting of the gas
  34. Lt1 Needs To Pass Emissions!!!
  35. Idle transition tuning
  36. HP Tuners: Advanced timing, KR, Fuel Curve and Airflow Questions.
  37. HP TUner EGR Question
  38. Tuned 00 Corvette 233/239 Auto SS3800 Combo
  39. can you run wideband o2's all the time?
  40. Timing 13.5 at WOT
  41. Opinion: SD Tune: Correct?
  42. Is bank2 driver or passenger side?
  43. Harlan Shiftlight Troouble
  44. Can HPT make these lights go away!?
  45. Help Which Tuner
  46. Tuning decision?
  47. Mixture for WOT
  48. G5X3 114 Idle and LTFT w/ HP Tuners
  49. How to adjust tq converter unlock?
  50. MAF less tuning question
  51. PCM reset??
  52. Code???
  53. SD Tuning a 98-00 Fbod w/ LTFT's Using EFILive FlashScan
  54. Tuning help, PLEEZE
  55. Help Please!!!!!
  56. EPROM Tuning?
  57. HPTuner question. Cant get chart display to work.
  58. 97 a4 C5 with TC/ABS problems
  59. 98 PCM/harness
  60. Tune issues, HP help..
  61. Predator service
  62. headers and intake tuning?
  63. Misfire on transition from open loop/closed loop, cyl 2,4,6,8
  64. wide band 02 bung
  65. RPM surging!! GM mechanics cant fix, need help!!
  66. WideBank in CAT Replacement Pipe??
  67. Running Lean?
  68. Exactly what does HPP3 do.
  69. driver side missfires
  70. 100dry shot mess up original tune?
  71. EFI 101 Class
  72. SD Tuning
  73. ABS and Brake light on...
  74. warm starts, what am I missing
  75. Gonna need to pull a rabbit out of a hat on this one!!!
  76. Need LT1 Tuning Info!!
  77. HPP3 Question???
  78. so who has a trex or similar cam.hptuners bin
  79. HP Tuner Newb, can someone explain the copy/paste..
  80. Warning Light!!!
  81. Am i "rich" bexause my gutted cats..?
  82. holding up during 2-3 shift
  83. What is needed?
  84. Rev Limiter on & off
  85. PCM reprogra????
  86. Best Replacement 02 / Oxygen Sensor?
  87. Feedback from recent Vinci tunner folks.
  88. abs light on afer slicks..
  89. PLEASE HELP! Thrown the same code for over a year!
  90. VE tables effect WOT?
  91. HP Tuners questions
  92. Help w/ startup.... too rich...
  93. Torque managment question?
  94. How To Start Off Tuning!!!
  95. Idle Problems:
  96. Holden vs GM programs
  97. HPTuners multiple trades
  98. knock sensor codes
  99. after injector install
  100. Tuning w/ cats vs. no cats (AFR?)
  101. predator programmer ???.......
  102. Alarm Upgrade??
  103. i need an advice!!!
  104. Crankshaft RElearn HELP!!!!
  105. 1st day of HP tuner Use. Already lost.
  106. can i buy hp tuners for just one car?
  107. Hp Tuner Problems !!!!!
  108. DTC P1153 problem... (long story!)
  109. where is your temp gauge needle at?
  110. Tuning timing
  111. HP tuners kit came in today. MY Laptop only has usb though.
  112. PO343CMP Cam Postion Sensor Code.
  113. Closed Loop Proportional Idle
  114. I just got my update from pcmforless
  115. One side LTFT 25% at idle
  116. another hp tuners question
  117. Which wires can I delete?
  118. HP Tuners.. Worth it for a 98?
  119. Any one use a LS1 Scanmaster
  120. Trouble codes? what is the problem
  121. Low Octane Table
  122. MAF Massager Question!
  123. do i need a tune? stall and headers newb.
  124. lt1 -ls1 coil per cylinder conversion
  125. Use of Main VE Table
  126. Going to the dyno. need help before 1/22/05
  127. Help
  128. P0420 and P0230 Question
  129. Deknock Sensoring???
  130. tuners in eastern NC
  131. Fuel Injectors, IFR Table, and Scaling
  132. Circuit Design Question -- Scale voltage in half
  133. Can you run autotap or other software on in dash recievers?
  134. What programmer should I buy? If any??
  135. tuning timing with the predetor after longtubes
  136. Newbie question
  137. LT1edit and 2 or 3 Bar MAP's
  138. Shift Points
  139. cam tuning
  140. *NEW* Mail order tuning by HPE
  141. Delphi MAF table for fbody
  142. The New ^^^ Yellow Stuff!!
  143. LS2 programming
  144. What should the stock Auto or M6 idle speeds be?
  145. VIN Number translation
  146. changing a 98 car to a 99 pcm what is needed
  147. Will a LS1 PCM run a LS6 engine
  148. 98 Pcm
  149. what tuner?...turbo,42lbs injectors
  150. Help on ltft
  151. Ls1 Edit Experts Please Help
  152. Pcm is locked....what now?
  153. P0412 and P0418 Codes..... HELP!
  154. Who can tune good in or around Orlando?
  155. Anyone have a TSP Magice Stick tuning file?
  156. HP Tuners Upgrade Pricing?
  157. Timing stuck in low octain table?
  158. If you have a low temp thermostat, observation with HPT 1.6
  159. Egt
  160. Smoothing after injector swap
  161. costs of a Dyno tune, but own HPtuners
  162. HP Tuners VCM Suite 1.6.0 available now!
  163. Electrically Heated O2 Sensors?
  164. Low voltage knock sensor code:24* of KR at 5800rpms. What is wrong?
  165. Mail order tune - who's is best?
  166. HELP!!! Cranks, Got Fuel Got Spark But no Start
  167. ses help!
  168. is this a good tool for tuning your car?
  169. SD redundancy question
  170. Anybody have a Carchip? Need somone to look over my data plz...
  171. Car falls on its face @ Stop signs
  172. Predator probelm!! PLZ HELP!!
  173. tuning dry nitrous with hp tuners
  174. weres a shop in ky that tunes/works ls1
  175. Zeitronix LCD Screen
  176. Long tubes and tunning
  177. 0 stft, but +12 ltft @ idle???? How do I get ltfts - @ idle w/HP Tuners?
  178. Traction Control
  179. How do you lessen true dual fumes at idle with tuning?
  180. Where do install the bung for my wideband oxygen sensor?
  181. people with hypertech tuners!!!
  182. How to replay HP Tuners in gauge display
  183. To clear SES codes... or not to clear SES codes...
  184. surging after tune?
  185. 2005 CTS-V Tuning Software?
  186. Autotap vs. HPTuners Monitoring
  187. What does this mean, just read a note on the back of my dyno graph....
  188. LS1 Megasquirt etc ideas.
  189. installing LT's and TR6's mess with tune????
  190. PCM MAP sensor pin out?
  191. Throwing MAF Codes. Any suggestions on which one to buy?
  192. PCM Identification
  193. LS1/LS6 MAF's
  194. Is it possible to lose my tuning?
  195. Battery Reset... resets Tune?
  196. harness and pcm question
  197. I need to update my laptop to 1.5?????
  198. How do you get HP scanner to monitor IAC #S? MISFIRES?
  199. ls1 edit freezing
  200. wanted to verify
  201. Superchips VIN locked
  202. Venom 400
  203. o2 sensor code please help
  204. I need a bin file
  205. Painless "Perfect Engine Management System"
  206. mc68hc58
  207. Does the LS1 PCM need a VSS input?
  208. MTI C1 cam guys, help?!
  209. vats light on not flashing will not start just got removed
  210. P0305
  211. Whats the easiest way to tune correctly?
  212. What a good tune-up can do for a 4.8!
  213. Does pulling the negative battery terminal reset the computer?
  214. disable active handleing??
  215. Big Stuff 3 is installed
  216. Wanted to share my problem and fix.
  217. Autometer A/F Guage
  218. electronic shift kit
  219. shift firmness
  220. Opinion of Resistors
  221. P1130 Code -> Help
  222. Am I the only one who lost power leaning out A/F??
  223. ecm question
  224. Can HP Tuners edit a PCM that was tuned with LS1edit and then locked?
  225. Open Loop question
  226. Fuel tuning question
  227. HELP! Lean at Idle and Throttle let off...
  228. SD vs MAF Tuning Fudamentals???
  229. ***PCM Mod Mark****
  230. More 408 tuning
  231. Which sponsor for mailorder tune on H/C car..
  232. Reducing VE Table for idle = leaner A/F
  233. MSD coil/ignition developement for LSx engines
  234. Very Lean Idle
  235. Help me install my LS1 edit please
  236. My impressions tuning a 90mm combo without drilling
  237. Iat trick, PROBLEM!!!
  238. IAC park position + 90mm TB
  239. First a PO133 now a PO135 code ???
  240. HP Tuners Featured in Chevy High Performance!!!
  241. ls1 hot cam
  242. Idle lean condition
  243. Fast system or Stock?
  244. Can someone explain these 4 table to me
  245. Regarding HPT's VE PID and calc....
  246. Tuning a Direct port setup question
  247. Anything for Fords?
  248. How to lock verter with HP Tuner?
  249. can tire pressure sensors be edited out w/ HP tuners on my C5?
  250. cam only tsp 233/239