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  1. Help
  2. Main VE Table ?, Logged data vs VE Table
  3. Newbie Questions
  4. Basic code reader?
  5. hypertech shift points ??? 2.73 with auto
  6. which settings for hypertech
  7. Annual Christmas Day 150MPH run yields suprise?
  8. PCM to keep or return
  9. Need alittle help with tuning!
  10. False knock
  11. I Know this is LS1 Tech but...
  12. New to HPT. Car in garage until weather lets up. Can I do any tuning with HP Tuners?
  13. o2 sensor question
  14. ? for direct port nitrous guys on c5
  15. Dam SES light
  16. Tuning or other issues after Heads Install...need help
  17. predator fan backwards???
  18. Data Logging on Diablo Programmer??? And Timing??
  19. o2 sims... really a dynotune diff?
  20. Good news! My HP tuner arrived. Now the bad news......
  21. How soon for C6 / LS2 Software?
  22. Anyone do tuning in NC?
  23. What is the difference between the LS6 MAF and Z06 MAF?
  24. FAST sequential
  25. tuning myself, what does it involve?
  26. reduced engine power
  27. turn off reduced engine power in c5
  28. Show me the ropes with HP TUNERS?
  29. Bad O2's cause this kind of shit????
  30. 99 ss with code p0305
  31. Best tune in Chicagoland area?
  32. Probably dumb but hey im Paranoid
  33. Torque Management ? Does anyone know
  34. Dyno Tune
  35. brown tailpipes after removing cats????
  36. stock Tuning on MTI Stealth 2?
  37. adding 3" cats to my TD's ?'s inside
  38. are the any multi-tune programs?
  39. hppIII On My Auto Ls1 . Yep Iam retarded .
  40. Dyno Tune Cost
  41. Diablo predator vs Crane Cam power max
  42. banging Revlimiter how to fix?
  43. firehawk abs traction assist, how to disable
  44. zo6 ve table
  45. Anybody that knows anything about OBD-II emisions testing please come in.
  46. How will a bad MAF effect my tunning?
  47. Does anyone do low cost tuning in the Denver/Colorado springs area?
  48. 97LT1 obd II tuning software
  49. Gauge Cluster Pin Out (2002 T56 Trans Am)
  50. Tuning 408
  51. P0401 clean EGR, reset, then comes back
  52. Dyno nothing :(
  53. Service Engine Soon light!!!!!
  54. 40 Degree of Timing on Predator tune?
  55. Courtesy light is on all the time
  56. Tuning after LT's and ORY
  57. Just got my HP tuner
  58. HPtuners for 99 LS1
  59. Occasional stalling after Converter install
  60. Anyone in cen/east FL w/00 HP tuner?
  61. how to turn off traction control with edit
  62. Flash Back To Stock
  63. A4 T-rex File Wanted.
  64. Thrown code P0430??
  65. Who offers the LS1 edit in GA
  66. LT1 tuning software
  67. Need some help from the pros
  68. Where to put the wide band bung
  69. The SERVICE VEHICLE light...
  70. !ASR with HP Tuners
  71. Is an LS1 disassembly available?
  72. What do I need to do use a spare PCM?
  73. edit problems
  74. Math wiz to help solve 'formula' for HPTuner WB program....
  75. Please Help: My Car Wont Start
  76. Help...scanner won't read PCM?
  77. Car cuts off when launching at full-throttle WITH traction!
  78. [b]tuneing Help[/b]
  79. Lid and Cat back only, some KR/detonation, is a tune worth it? Dyno printout included
  80. question about ltft.
  81. P0420 SES light code.....cutout?
  82. Bank 1 Sensor 2 - how do I know what is what?
  83. TAC module update via LS1edit
  84. Open loop for a cam only tr224 car?
  85. Anyone in NC?
  86. Worth getting dynotuned?
  87. body shop customer tracking software...
  88. Need the directions to install edit
  89. Restrictor Plates madness!
  90. Ahhh idle airflow table needed!!
  91. Need Advice/Help
  92. 1 OR 2 Wideband O2
  93. Autotap question/problem
  94. question on the nelson tune
  95. Ordered Z06 MAF, got SLP...should I send it back?
  96. map sensor
  97. Dyno Tuning advise! Important, please read!
  98. Having some knock retard and lots of red in the ltft
  99. FAST tuning issues when cold.
  100. worth trying?(free)
  101. LS1 tuning maps - more for 32# or 37# injectors?
  102. HP Tuners Questions....
  103. Megasquirt EFI
  104. How Do U Know When Your Maf Is Bad?
  105. Fuel trim question???
  106. Question on Accel DFI
  107. using hp tuners for a window switch
  108. reprogramming computer for a4 to m6 swap
  109. ASR problems with turning on and off
  110. Lean Popping??
  111. Cold weather tuning questions???
  112. Hypertech Power Programmer
  113. I need a tune DFW Area cheap
  114. How ot extend MAF table/range
  115. a dyno tune for a b/o spray car?
  116. P0101 Help
  117. anybody knows what these codes are? PO102 AND PO803
  118. Paging NOGO
  119. EFIlive - Flashscan pic
  120. Chevy Racing Street Rod Computer???????
  121. new to tuning
  122. SES Light!!
  123. Stumped on Warning Light
  124. LS1 Accel Gen 7 please help- lots of fire!!!
  125. tuning VE, question about disconnecting maf
  126. Security light comes on randomly???
  127. Car stalls/bucks when reversing, wtf?
  128. 98 z28 w/ new headers, lost hp
  129. Newbie Questions
  130. ses light
  131. Timing Question
  132. Speedo = Tach? Other issues too...
  133. Problems after porting tb and adding new maf
  134. knock sensor
  135. dyno tuning around Oklahoma City
  136. Quick question ve tuning with a WB
  137. New turbo setup. What to tune with????!
  138. Tuners in seattle, tacoma, everett, marysville?
  139. Accel Gen 7 vs F.A.S.T vs BIGSTUFF3
  140. Q: Editing DTC for Readiness State- evap misfire
  141. How did you guys get so smart?
  142. Tuning problem or not?
  143. AIR/FUEL Ratio number???
  144. do i need tuning???
  145. cold start surge
  146. wich is better fuel reg 92 or 93 with alcohol
  147. Using a WB SD tune to calculate a new MAF table
  148. Missfire?
  149. Need Help with Cold Starts - Rich
  150. Need help on SES code
  151. Question about performance chips
  152. codes 137 and 430 any one can tell how to fix them?
  153. SES light
  154. Thrown codes: P0135 & P0137; after LT install
  155. tuning with the daiblo sport tuner
  156. o2 troubles
  157. CKP - Reading a Negative 15???
  158. What do I need to change to put 30lb injectors in.
  159. Tm & Predator?
  160. BS3 and Stock Gauges?
  161. Got a nasty problem!
  162. Dyno tuning near Pittsburgh????
  163. Code 336? Need some Help
  164. VE tune begins, questions and observations inside
  165. When to stop adding timing???
  166. Tuning?
  167. Editing transmission tables - HPTuners
  168. Knock sensor
  169. Why won't Autotap clear my Traction control or Airbag light...
  170. ECM Programming
  171. Locked HPIII for 98 Chevy
  172. Narrowband output from Wideband O2
  173. Where is S120 breakout circuit 121 white tach wire?
  174. Raw fuel smell coming out tail pipes!!!!
  175. electrical problem..
  176. HP tuners Computer requirements
  177. 02 Rich/Lean
  178. Stall & Big Cam
  179. AIR/FUEL ratio changes after ls6 and true dual install
  180. Traction control
  181. Mail order or dyno tune?
  182. Can I dump my current .bin file into spare PCM?
  183. Edit tune - still smell raw fuel at idle
  184. new motor does my computer need tuned?
  185. readiness bits - pre inspection troubles
  186. Another P0440 question
  187. can i fire the stock coils with an external ground source?
  188. how do i retard the timing for n2o and then swap back for n/a?
  189. Need Advice On Ecu!!!!!!
  190. HP Tuner or EFI Live
  191. tuning for fuel pump
  192. Help on a Code: P0300
  193. Reading HPTuner Files ?
  194. po171 & po174
  195. Fan settings - hp tuners
  196. clutch switch cancel code thrown...cannot use cruise control..
  197. Low coolent light question
  198. OBDII Code Question
  199. custom HPTuner/LS1Edit/... cables?
  200. Could a bas TPS sensor cause a lean condition?
  201. Tuning tow/haul mode
  202. Had the car dyno tuned but still surges..
  203. How to set PE delay to zero, with HP Tuner???
  204. TReX Tune
  205. Took computer out now car doesnt run right
  206. Superchip Programmer
  207. What size hole? TB blade (G5X3/114 cam)
  208. P0342 and P0343 since new engine installed
  209. Will the KS w/locating tab work on 98 PCMs?
  210. Mounting a wideband sensor at an angle??
  211. Torque Management - MAX=350?
  212. 80mm TB tuning issue
  213. n2o and n/a tuning....
  214. Glowing headers and fuel odor after ls6 and dual ex. install.
  215. Tuning other cars with diablo
  216. Does Anybody Have the Predator PC Interface File ?
  217. HPTuners 1.5 Version Question
  218. Lobe while in idle
  219. PCM Reflash
  220. P0352 Code
  221. How much tuning involved? Auto + 23X-23X Cam
  222. Anyone using the LM-1 Aux Box?
  223. 2001 computer in a 98 car
  224. hard start
  225. ls-2 knock sensors with ls1 computer
  226. HP Tuners ver 1.6 tidbit [ VE tuning ]
  227. Ideas? Need to reduce HC Hydrocarbons
  228. Can't get ls1edit programer to open
  229. Pay to tune or buy a good programmer?
  230. LS1 EDIT Proof??
  231. would big cam and ported heads on stock tune
  232. mega squirt write up, long with lots of pic's. no more maf limit for me and cheap!!
  233. need the best tuner
  234. Why does the timing decrease in the HO table?
  235. MAF end tuning observation and question
  236. NYVIP Emissions test info....
  237. What would be a good LTFT at idle.
  238. 2003 SS Silverado
  239. Tuning a cam...
  240. Fully wired LS1 FAST for sale-->
  241. Full Open loop tuning on the dynojet with wideband
  242. hard starts in the cold - HPTuners
  243. Question about narrow band o2's and WB
  244. NY new Emission testing
  245. Getting KR at 2>3 shift.
  246. Question about HPtuners and "Locked" PCM.
  247. Could be a stupid MTI Air Lid question but......
  248. Which is better, easier to use.
  249. ABS INOP...getting annoyed now...
  250. Best PDA scan software?