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  1. large cams, HPT and drilled TB's?
  2. Car Stuck in Power Enrichment Mode
  3. SES Light
  4. Speed Density?
  5. Accel Pin out needed
  6. 408 Tuning
  7. Please analyze my HP scan....
  8. FAST wiring diagram
  9. PE Tuning... how much to change?
  10. (tried to search) Help with ordering HPT
  11. Check out my [SA and VE] curves.
  12. New to tuning - where should I start?
  13. Dropping CR and effects on tune???
  14. How to tune idle
  15. Fuel Injector Scaling
  16. need help diagnosing misfires
  17. I need a stock Z06 File
  18. Ecm Help!!!
  19. hp tuner download question
  20. How to make changes real time
  21. P1133/p1153
  22. 98 bin for TR224
  23. Question about injector usage with autotap?
  24. DTC Not Ran...
  25. Dyno Tune????
  26. Is LS1 edit still the best for tuning?
  27. "Service Vehicle" light when sd tuning
  28. RWHP/RWTQ difference: SAE 1.00 vs 1.01
  29. Tune for Gear Ratio change
  30. HP Tuner's 3bar screenshot
  31. engine harness
  32. Question concerning trade in for new HPTuner purchase
  33. EFILive WideBand Logging Question
  34. Screenless Truck Maf
  35. Mystery KR - 2004 GTO
  36. Wanted: VE table cells mapped out in a picture
  37. newb tuning question
  38. advice needed about modding and learning to tune
  39. Dyno Tuning
  40. Can an LS6 intake swap cause pinging/knock?
  41. Which autotap MAP reading is used in VE table?
  42. BS3 manual
  43. HPtuners phone orders?????
  44. Total Timing???
  45. Anyone got their FlashScan yet?
  46. HELP - - bought an used HPPIII, but it will not work on my car
  47. Sts Owners Inside!!!!
  48. Surging Idle
  49. im gunna try out efilive flashscan :)
  50. Maf or MafLess- is 'VE' [ airmass table ] used during a 1/4 mile run ??
  51. LT1 Tuning in NJ
  52. BS3 users
  53. Stand alone question
  54. HELP PLEASE!!! Throwin codes...
  55. Whats next? What else can I do with just a narrow band O2?
  56. P1133/P1153 cause limp mode?
  57. HP tuners- Racetrack tune- Help me
  58. HP Tuners VCM Suite 3bar in action.
  59. Check Engine Light (Flashing)
  60. Thanks Jeremy and RevXtreme!!!
  61. 1st time on dyno with hp tuners what data should i record
  62. Car's Misfiring - Need Help Interpreting Autotap Data
  63. HP Tuners Secondary VE Table for 98-00
  64. Please Help: My Car Wont Idle When Warmed Up?
  65. Diablo tuner
  66. Dialing in MAF tables anyone????
  67. Need a little help
  68. Is there a way to teach the TPS the position?
  69. Predator
  70. lowering engine temprature and disabling CAGS using LS1edit
  71. VE tuning question (HPTuners)
  72. Diablo predator. Trans Shift Points?
  73. EFILive Store is open for FlashsScan orders!
  74. Injector Flow Rate changed, re-adjust idle VE columns?
  75. Hey guys, need help with lean mixture
  76. Got a $10 rebate/gas card with bosch corvette rear 02 sensor purchase.
  77. anti theaft
  78. beat mail order tune?
  79. Torque Managment
  80. learning how to tune
  81. o2 sensor problem and HP tuners. Need help.
  82. Quick Injector tune question
  83. What ohm resistor for IAT sensor?
  84. Could this be a tuning poblem or operator error?
  85. I have a 03 ss silverado and some hand held tuners dont work what should i use
  86. Cylinder 7 misfire? Can anyone help?
  87. Built in load on demand- Wil Handzel??
  88. Edit tune for MTI 2e heads an X1 cam?
  89. Here is a goofy one
  90. Reading, Transforming, and Applying an RPM Signal to Electronically Turn Accessories:
  91. Installing an Autometer lean/rich gauge tomorrow, have 1 question?
  92. which connector is this??
  93. EIO and do I need it?
  94. Diablo programmer/tune downloads
  95. DFCO spark cut...what kind of requirements are there?
  96. LS1Edit MAF Table & VRam
  97. What other scanning software can I use with my HP Tuners cable?
  98. 03 PCM and Electric Fans
  99. High compression spark advance?
  100. Anyone running dual widebands?
  101. '98 to '99+ PCM swap
  102. anyone seen an OBD-II diagnostic tool for the RIM Blackberry?
  103. lead me in tuning my car, with hp tuners
  104. What causes early lock up...
  105. Factory PCM's RPM Limit:
  106. Need help with fans!
  107. Have a service engine light code "P0430" help!!
  108. Hptertech help me????????
  109. hyperpac?
  110. Hp Tuners Telephone Number In Valencia, Ca
  111. gauges
  112. I need help with a rough idle
  113. Questions about PO410 code
  114. Stand alone? For street
  115. What is the highest safe A/F ratio?
  116. car idled down to 300rpms, WTF?
  117. Tuning Calculation Tables!
  118. how to check 02 sensors ?
  119. Flashing Gm Computer
  120. Anybody have Auto Tap 2.10?
  121. P0300
  122. hey guys, how to get LTFTs down to negative?
  123. Help.. someone with any 98 M6 bin file
  124. G5X3 114 hp tuner file needed
  125. LM-1 wideband effort
  126. ok, does HPTuners make
  127. Ordering HPTuners BUT........
  128. laptop does not have the Hp Tuners hook up!
  129. 97 LT-1 6spd. flash file
  130. 400 for LS1 is it a good price?
  131. Who's The Best ???
  132. Deleted AIR, but still have question.
  133. 00 silverado starts and then dies, over and over, please help!!!!!
  134. Speedometer recalibrator
  135. Injector swap tuning W/ HPT
  136. Service Numbers
  137. SD Tuning with EFI Live, Wide Band, and LS1 Edit Questions.
  138. whats the best WIDEBAND o2 SENSOR
  139. LS1M Scanner
  140. Converter does not always lockup since I shoved the stock tune back in the car????
  141. DFI panel done
  142. Thanks Jimmy!
  143. Hot Cam Guys Come In Please
  144. Torque Mng. Tabel
  145. EFIlive new version and new hardrive slow?
  146. Car surgeing at idle!?!?!
  147. How does Wideband O2 hook up to HP Tuner?
  148. Where to start tuning for cam
  149. Diablo Sport Tunning Where Are you
  150. Point me in the right direction........
  151. TB blade this a table in the PCM?
  152. New tuning software
  153. IAT problem with LS6 MAF
  154. Help
  155. Main VE Table ?, Logged data vs VE Table
  156. Newbie Questions
  157. Basic code reader?
  158. hypertech shift points ??? 2.73 with auto
  159. which settings for hypertech
  160. Annual Christmas Day 150MPH run yields suprise?
  161. PCM to keep or return
  162. Need alittle help with tuning!
  163. False knock
  164. I Know this is LS1 Tech but...
  165. New to HPT. Car in garage until weather lets up. Can I do any tuning with HP Tuners?
  166. o2 sensor question
  167. ? for direct port nitrous guys on c5
  168. Dam SES light
  169. Tuning or other issues after Heads Install...need help
  170. predator fan backwards???
  171. Data Logging on Diablo Programmer??? And Timing??
  172. o2 sims... really a dynotune diff?
  173. Good news! My HP tuner arrived. Now the bad news......
  174. How soon for C6 / LS2 Software?
  175. Anyone do tuning in NC?
  176. What is the difference between the LS6 MAF and Z06 MAF?
  177. FAST sequential
  178. tuning myself, what does it involve?
  179. reduced engine power
  180. turn off reduced engine power in c5
  181. Show me the ropes with HP TUNERS?
  182. Bad O2's cause this kind of shit????
  183. 99 ss with code p0305
  184. Best tune in Chicagoland area?
  185. Probably dumb but hey im Paranoid
  186. Torque Management ? Does anyone know
  187. Dyno Tune
  188. brown tailpipes after removing cats????
  189. stock Tuning on MTI Stealth 2?
  190. adding 3" cats to my TD's ?'s inside
  191. are the any multi-tune programs?
  192. hppIII On My Auto Ls1 . Yep Iam retarded .
  193. Dyno Tune Cost
  194. Diablo predator vs Crane Cam power max
  195. banging Revlimiter how to fix?
  196. firehawk abs traction assist, how to disable
  197. zo6 ve table
  198. Anybody that knows anything about OBD-II emisions testing please come in.
  199. How will a bad MAF effect my tunning?
  200. Does anyone do low cost tuning in the Denver/Colorado springs area?
  201. 97LT1 obd II tuning software
  202. Gauge Cluster Pin Out (2002 T56 Trans Am)
  203. Tuning 408
  204. P0401 clean EGR, reset, then comes back
  205. Dyno nothing :(
  206. Service Engine Soon light!!!!!
  207. 40 Degree of Timing on Predator tune?
  208. Courtesy light is on all the time
  209. Tuning after LT's and ORY
  210. Just got my HP tuner
  211. HPtuners for 99 LS1
  212. Occasional stalling after Converter install
  213. Anyone in cen/east FL w/00 HP tuner?
  214. how to turn off traction control with edit
  215. Flash Back To Stock
  216. A4 T-rex File Wanted.
  217. Thrown code P0430??
  218. Who offers the LS1 edit in GA
  219. LT1 tuning software
  220. Need some help from the pros
  221. Where to put the wide band bung
  222. The SERVICE VEHICLE light...
  223. !ASR with HP Tuners
  224. Is an LS1 disassembly available?
  225. What do I need to do use a spare PCM?
  226. edit problems
  227. Math wiz to help solve 'formula' for HPTuner WB program....
  228. Please Help: My Car Wont Start
  229. Help...scanner won't read PCM?
  230. Car cuts off when launching at full-throttle WITH traction!
  231. [b]tuneing Help[/b]
  232. Lid and Cat back only, some KR/detonation, is a tune worth it? Dyno printout included
  233. question about ltft.
  234. P0420 SES light code.....cutout?
  235. Bank 1 Sensor 2 - how do I know what is what?
  236. TAC module update via LS1edit
  237. Open loop for a cam only tr224 car?
  238. Anyone in NC?
  239. Worth getting dynotuned?
  240. body shop customer tracking software...
  241. Need the directions to install edit
  242. Restrictor Plates madness!
  243. Ahhh idle airflow table needed!!
  244. Need Advice/Help
  245. 1 OR 2 Wideband O2
  246. Autotap question/problem
  247. question on the nelson tune
  248. Ordered Z06 MAF, got SLP...should I send it back?
  249. map sensor
  250. Dyno Tuning advise! Important, please read!