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  1. Copying High Octane table to low table???
  2. Tunning In Texas??
  3. Is HP Tuner Going to Change Anything?
  4. Question about Surging on Hot and Cold Starts
  5. Preditor Question
  6. OPEN LOOP TUNING Special in Texas..
  7. hp tuners or ls1 edit?
  8. COTS, o2 delete, rich idle
  9. o2 sensor error codes
  10. Auto Tap
  11. accel Gen 7 HELP!!
  12. Voltage limitations of TPS and "PE" mode issues (FAST intake & TB)
  13. Please Help me ,why does my 2nd auto tap run have KR
  14. Throwing P1132 and P1152 Lack of Upstream Heated Oxygen Sensor Switch codes
  15. Common 98 Issue? P0103 and Blowing Engine Control Fuse
  16. idle setting problem with set screw, filled hole, already searched
  17. Running RICH......I need to resolve this,,, i'm stumped
  18. Aha...I figured out why I am in cell 22.
  19. Question On Choosing Tuner
  20. Reset PCM before warranty - Possible??
  21. code isnt setting off the SES light
  22. what codes do i remove for stall for 02
  23. Getting codes without scanner
  24. Speedo with Gen VII
  25. Scanned my car with FreeScan. Can anyone analyze data please?
  26. Should I smell like I bathed in 93 octane after sitting still?
  27. What could cause a misfire??
  28. WARNING: LS1 Edit & GM Column Lock Recall Don't Mix
  29. Some tuning issues
  30. Question for guys with engine management Accel/Fast/BSIII
  31. What is the formula to convert HP Tuners airflow to IAC counts?
  32. cam install
  33. Rich idle, o2 voltages normal, medium cam
  34. Hp tuning on nitrous
  35. Running boost on a 1 bar MAP sensor
  36. TC lockup with tuning?
  37. Hypertech Question. ( yes another one )
  38. Who is the Cheapest for Bosch o2 sensors?
  39. Anyone do tuning on an exchange basis?
  40. Emissions code questions
  41. Where to get a good deal on a used laptop
  42. short term fuel trims
  43. Desired Shift Time
  44. Does anyone know what the TCC logs numbers should be?
  45. PCM > 02 Sims vs. Sensors > Cats vs. no Cats
  46. Idle Tuning - is it rich or lean?
  47. LS6 Swap HELP
  48. Weird Idle after throwing P1133 code???
  49. Stoich 98 has 14.62857, every other year I've seen has 14.737?
  50. Torque Managment, Yes or No
  51. Body Control Module Problems after Dash Removal(Pics and Questions)
  52. Should I be concerned,Greyish-white smoke,Tune or something else?
  53. MAF Table
  54. What is normal g/cyl at WOT on an LS1?
  55. cam installed, accessory problem
  56. Runs bad
  57. help with neighbors car
  58. How much does tuning help drivability?
  59. need help with these codes
  60. Need to lookup an SES Code? look here
  61. USB to Serial Adaptor - LS1 Edit
  62. hey guys, just threw my first SES light at 41k, questions
  63. Hypertech Power programer hp/tq ?
  64. can anyone help battery meter prob.
  65. afr w/o wideband, only nose :-)
  66. Predator
  67. Drill the throttle body or Adjust the Screw??
  68. After Reflash PCM with HP Tuners,Do you need drive time?
  69. Horist,Jimmyblue,anyone tell me about the closed loop proportional Idle?
  70. What is the best programmer???
  71. injector flow rate
  72. idle help plz ??
  73. Help in P0300 misfire code ??
  74. trouble codes...
  75. Predator question
  76. Heads/Cam
  77. Help my
  78. Help Me pleeeez
  79. Dissapointed with Hypertech have some Questions
  80. PCM Gurus Need Help fast: Overheating, Car Dying
  81. Computer can learn?
  82. Can A PCM Be Locked...
  83. Edit Experts
  84. I am really HP Tuner Illiterate?
  85. What is the Purpose of resetting your L Term trims?
  86. Why is my PE adder table look like this?
  87. where can I find sample tables
  88. moderators :)
  89. problem w/trip odometer
  90. showing more timing than I should???
  91. 99 z28 383 where in dallas can i get comp. flashed or burned whatever
  92. Vacum trouble
  93. Can it be done/ hypertech?
  94. Tuners near N Central Ohio, Toledo, Cleveland?
  95. This can't be right! Can it???
  96. Predator Tunning
  97. Can someone edit my LS1edit a4 file to m6?
  98. car keeps going back lean after adding to p.e
  99. was told computer would need to be "burned' not modifyable???
  100. HELP have ls1 edit installed cam cannot get to idle
  101. Crap...FTC 22 comes up randomly...Bink...Anybody?
  102. LS1 edit vs. HP tuners
  103. California Smog Laws
  104. How do I copy a table/tab from LS1 Edit?
  105. Bad O2 ? Help please!
  106. Tunercat Tutoring
  107. engine misfire
  108. 96 Grand Voyager P0140 code
  109. O2 sensors staying low...long post
  110. What happened to
  111. predator computer reflash question
  112. LS1Edit software
  113. Reset PCM after changing collant temp sensor?
  114. How critical is my situation???
  115. hypertech or diablo? sorry if repeat
  116. What is wrong with my car? Tuning related???
  117. ses light flashing
  118. Need help with my first tune!
  119. hp tuners vs dyno tune
  120. New tune shows FTC 22 when engine idles cold?
  121. WideBand question
  122. torgue management???????
  123. How can I tell if I am staying in closed loop?
  124. What mods that should do tune?
  125. How much timing with heads/cam & 91 octane?
  126. ASR light on after service... help !
  127. Help With Choosing Tune
  128. wiring diagram
  129. wideband users: which do you have and how do you like it?
  130. Trouble Codes - Help Please!!!
  131. how much can you detune an engine??
  132. Help! P0300, 6*kr, +16LTFT!!
  133. Dealer loaded new PCM, car feels weaker
  134. switching a 98 pcm with 99&up??
  135. Need a table.....
  136. What do you think...
  137. VE, IFR, PE, (afr)
  138. HP Tuner qustion.....
  139. diablo for 98?
  140. Help w/gear ratio shift points
  141. anybody know anything about the evap system?
  142. Strange situation -- after shift car holds an RPM then feels like it got kicked
  143. What to do with knock sensors?
  144. LS1 Edit guru's. I need help with De-accel Fuel Cut Off and Throttle Follower/Cracker
  145. question
  146. Which A4 shift table do I use?
  147. DTC P0106 H help!
  148. New heads installed and now the car bucks under light loads under 1700 rpm?
  149. lean after intake - what to tune?
  150. acting weird
  151. What parameters must be met for the pcm to ue the HOT mode tables?
  152. What should my TPS Voltage be at Idle and WOT?
  153. DTC test: SES light, why?
  154. Possible to Re-Flash Computer????
  155. o2 sensor question
  156. what all does the tech 2 do???
  157. P0101 code and superchargers
  158. How can I reset my computer to the HO Timing Table at the track??
  159. Need help on a choosing a programmer
  160. PLASE HELP!!misfire in multiple cylinders!
  161. AutoTap set up question
  162. Tach lag
  163. so what else can the GEN7 do?
  164. G5X2 tune on a G5X1 cam- lot of questions
  165. LS1Edit tuning with dual cutouts
  166. Chicken or the Egg ?? Bad 02 or rich condition ??
  167. What exactly does the VE table affect during driving?
  168. HELP!! someone in S.Jersey area
  169. code po300 and po463 after fuel pump install
  170. WOT run and the O2's are between 940 and 950, is that lean or rich?
  171. Where Do I Get Tuning Done ?????help???
  172. ls1 edit timing
  173. I really dig TPTuner but what can I read
  174. Tuning The SVO 30# ??
  175. Here is help for new tuners
  176. Gauge Questions - Opinions Needed
  177. Ok my Surge Problem is the Yank SS4000 Converter,Hp Tuner guys inside Please!
  178. PE adjustments affecting shift points?
  179. What made the LTFT's go positive...
  180. Uploading another vehichles flash file?
  181. Vette Doctors tuning
  182. What happened to
  183. Just a quick question!
  184. Help needed with tuning large cam/high stall converter
  185. why did I make no power???
  186. Help! Anyone do PCM repair in/around Dallas??
  187. Need flash file for a 99 Z28 6spd
  188. 16 volt battery any good?
  189. Help can't lean out car in PE !! w/ HP tuners
  190. Need help fast my WOT run was 13.9.1 A/F ratio
  191. Right bank LTRIMS WAY off....
  192. HP Tuners: Can you have a look at my Tune?
  193. What would cause a P0506 code?
  194. Help! Negative MAF readings????
  195. Just want to swap files
  196. How would you wire Drive By Wire into a throttle cable fbody style car?
  197. new stall / transmission
  198. Stumped on high LT's
  199. Shorted my PCM with edit. What will happen.
  200. hptuners question but for a v6 model
  201. My car is F'in with me!! It threw a code that doesn't exist!! Code P0D87?!?!?
  202. Predator?
  203. P0154 ????
  204. Engine pops then dies when going to WOT
  205. Wheel question
  206. Where to get a tune in NC?
  207. hand held tuning
  208. HP Tuners is making my VE table so purdy :D
  209. MAF question...
  210. question: if you descreen your maf, should you change the MAF airflow table?
  211. Ve Map
  212. SES light on. Help please!!
  213. Question about idle
  214. How do I Richen up my Idle with HP Tuners?
  215. New Tuning Software?
  216. HELP! O2 Simulator
  217. Stock MAF vs. Cal'd 85mm
  218. Vats problem....Edit not disabling it....
  219. VE data collecting w/ HPTnr's
  220. What Will A Tune Do For My 2k2 Ws6?
  221. knock sensor
  222. hptuners question
  223. Nx Maf Kit\codes
  224. Cruise LTRIMS and AF after injector scaling
  225. comp cam programer
  226. A4 owners, what WOT shift points did you pick?
  227. New to LS1's and Programming
  228. Code P0327
  229. where to get ls1 edit / hp tuners?
  230. HELP ME ... My Car switches cells and Ltrims go +25 ( in cell 22 )
  231. threw a code, EVAP?
  232. How can you tell if your MAF sensor is bad?
  233. Someone Please Help!!!
  234. how to turn off air bag light with tech 2
  235. 02 sensor question
  236. On a 99 PCM, is there a 12v switched lead anywhere?
  237. new to edit
  238. FTC 15 vs 22
  239. Question for those messing with the ve table
  240. So who's gonna write the book??
  241. Best Way To Tune ???
  242. A-Tap and data logging software
  243. LTFT help please
  244. Decent ECM diagnostic set up?
  245. Bring idle down
  246. Need help. P1637 code
  247. HPE is the place to go!!!
  248. O2 voltages - narrowband to wideband correlation
  249. Whats more important...correct idle airflow, or correct IAC counts?
  250. Help me understand something about tuning