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  1. Problem with car starting after h/c
  2. OMG I almost busted a nut
  3. DTC P1631 -- how to fix?
  4. Rough Ride after cam install and tuning
  5. rwhp HELP
  6. newbie to tuning, need help
  7. hptuners wot help
  8. Is it BAD to disconnect the Computer while the Battery is still connected?
  9. Anyone know a good site for wiring diagrams?
  10. Car "resets" while driving?
  11. Question for those who tune your own cars.
  12. Upgrading Injectors some questions
  13. need help!!!!! tuning isnt right........
  14. Cags as a window/TPS switch for N20?
  15. timing advance/retard
  16. Need help with figuring out these code problems.
  17. A/F is off
  18. Running lean on the dyno(dyno graph inside)
  19. Error p0366 please help
  20. LS1Edit getting deeper into set up.
  21. studder off the line after car is warmed up
  22. Post your tips on eliminating cam surge here!
  23. Please look at these timing historograms and give opinions
  24. CAGS used for NO MORE MISSED 3-2 shifts?
  25. hypertech broken or not?
  26. LTFT discovery
  27. What happens w/ Locked PCM
  28. Loss of air conditioning after tune?
  29. Crank position sensor relearn
  30. chips/programmers
  31. CAGS pin outs
  32. MAP reading 25 @ WOT?
  33. Predator tuning help. What temp to set cooling fans with 160 degree T-stat?
  34. tuning experts
  35. How do I reset a code?
  36. PCM swap, what are the issues?
  37. Stupid question....can wheel hop/driveline shock cause knock retard...
  38. New to GM PCM's a simple ? or not
  39. Has anybody (including professionals) eliminated cam surge? Is it just a dream?
  40. Pic of Cam Trigger Please
  41. slp speedo recal
  42. Idle good but car runs by itself after tune
  43. School for learning how to tune EFI??
  44. Anyone using FAST standalone transmission controller?
  45. Pulled Codes
  46. LT1 Tuning
  47. Error code #1153
  48. Had codes pulled
  49. Innovative LM-1 Wide band, in order to read rpm must i buy adapter?
  50. Attention - "!EGR" is a BAD thing!
  51. tuning 230+ cams on a4's?
  52. Help! Engine misfiring. Running out of things to change
  53. Odd Error codes, suspect battery / charging system
  54. Dash lit up like a birthday cake...
  55. Trying to defeat knock...log inside...
  56. Changed air filters...LTFTs went up ~8%?
  57. WTF SES comes on a month after torque converter install
  58. Car wont go past 2500rpm, LS1 Edit?
  59. How Much Tuning Will A Z06 Camw/ 1.85 Rockers Need
  60. I Need Help!!!!
  61. PCM is not giving command to shift to OD
  62. Ls1 Gurus I need some help
  63. HELP: Is there a direct plug in for the LS1 FAST or DFI or anything
  64. Need help...Code P0171
  65. Maxed out my MAF
  66. 160 Degree Ther.
  67. Paging Ryan Karasek regarding your Gen7 Standalone
  68. PE table and IFR question
  69. 85mm MAF and Tuning
  70. HP tuners rocks
  71. Throwing same codes
  72. Can VE adjustments make you lean after LTRIMS adjust?
  73. Hopefully last time: LTFT
  74. added 2 degrees to high octane timing table, no KR, but no ET or mph gain. TYPICAL?
  75. 28lb injectors on a 36lb injector tune????
  76. Would any LS1 EDIT Experts mind if I give them a Call to answer some ??
  77. fired up for first time and i have a rough idle
  78. tuning on my own... good idea?
  79. P1133, P1153
  80. Predator tuning....let's see if I am understanding this right...
  81. Black smoke at WOT
  82. CPS Code
  83. P0401 code
  84. SES light activated after tuning
  85. Diablo tuning help!
  86. alright guys got some codes.
  87. Tuner for LT1
  88. question about Strims/Ltrims
  89. any problems moothing timing tables on c5?
  90. check engine light
  91. trouble codes
  92. Code 1626 after column lock fix at dealer
  93. base shift pressure vs torque table?
  94. Ohio Tuners!!!
  95. What is wrong with my idle
  96. ses code
  97. predator tuning
  98. Have EFILiveV6 and HP Tuners, whats the next step?
  99. 90mmLSX and TPIS TB tuning
  100. Tuning questions. inside tuning magicians..
  101. 99 pcm on a 01 motor
  102. SES light - it's baaaaaack
  103. Small problem with cold starting
  104. Big Stuff 3
  105. Question about tune with header's?
  106. maf table ?
  107. FAST crank decoder box is available
  108. calculated load?
  109. tuning questions
  110. tuning problem?
  111. anyone have tune for a 224/228 cam?
  112. Throwing codes
  113. Need alot of help!!
  114. Ready to Tune: What All Do I Need?
  115. errors 133 and 153
  116. SES after replacing o2 sensors, help!
  117. Counting The Cost:
  118. Idle problem, H/C Corvettes
  119. need help with injector scaleing
  120. Dumb dyno question
  121. Were Can I Get A Tune
  122. Don't waste you time on ImportTuners Magazine Wideband O2 shootout article
  123. FTC boundaries wtf?
  124. Removing AIR and EGR
  125. Innovative
  126. Unplugging front 02 loop?
  127. Are there any HPTuners in Los Angeles / San Gabriel?
  128. Shift Points
  129. do you guys think i should modify my VE table? info w/in
  130. dummy needs help getting 98 to idle
  131. Reset LTRIMS...will it knock until trims are re-learned?
  132. IAC counts always 0? Idle issues after heads/cam
  133. Is HPTuners shiping schedule accurate
  134. throttle tip in
  135. Innovative wideband users: Does the inductive rpm pickup work?
  136. LTFT Boundaries...anybody changing them?
  137. P1136
  138. Still having problem W/ EFILive cutting out on GTO
  139. Hptuners on the way
  140. What map value denote
  141. LTFT's +20
  142. Will this cam work on stock tunning?
  143. Idle Problems...Help!
  144. Calculated VE it enough to smooth?
  145. O2 sensor question...
  146. Mat's VE Tools (Spreadsheets Inside!)
  147. Vibrating driveshaft cause a false misfire?
  148. VE Table
  149. Allow TCC lock during shift.
  150. Where is my Tune??!
  151. map to enable pe
  152. Dry shot tuning, running rich.
  153. Removed jet chip and car is running like CRAP..HELP!
  154. P0420/P0430 Codes...Fuel issue?
  155. Ls1 Safe Mode??
  156. Losing RWHP/RWTQ REALLY need help bad!!!!
  157. LEAN on dyno RICH on street
  158. Air fuel Ratio
  160. Problems with air inlet temp sensor
  161. Ugh...trying to populate a VE table from HPTuner logs...
  162. Oxygen Sensor
  163. HPTuners is.............
  164. Since h/c, car idles like crap and now a code
  165. Code P0404 P1404 rough idle
  166. Need Help Asap
  167. Stock File
  168. Just about given up on my 231/237
  169. TCS light after Predator and gear swap
  170. accel gen7 global cal file share
  171. Emissions
  172. there any way to apply the VE formula using HPTuners?
  173. Air fuel killin me, Help.........
  174. Any pointers on how to set up my predator tune
  175. Tried NoGo's VE tuning, have some questions
  176. How do you obtain a particular timing number?
  177. Studder after Edit tune
  178. What A/F Ratio has been the sweet spot?
  179. g5x2 and bolt-on tune
  180. help with idle please i think i'm lean
  181. Help!
  182. Denso 02 part number?
  183. clearing codes
  184. best hand held tuner
  185. HP tuner or ls1 edit?
  186. LTrims and a supercharger
  187. My 99 HPtuners for my ws6 work on a Z28??
  188. Newbie tuning questions
  189. Idle Tuning Posative LTrims (MAF or VE)
  190. Question regarding scanmaster.
  191. turning off the SES
  192. Timing retard problem, Help.
  193. Mail order tuning the G5X3?
  194. How hard is it to mount crank trigger on ATI superdampner pulley?
  195. Any news on the FAST crank box yet? Release date?
  196. Heads going on....Will it change tune?
  197. Can someone make heads or tails of this for me. (408 Stroker ATAP files)
  198. random lean spike
  199. Almost Sticky Worthy GM EFI Website
  200. Is there anything special the dealer (PCM question)
  201. PE tuning Question.
  202. P0200 and some troubleshooting, comments please.
  203. Need to lean out car a bit
  204. Dealer cant reflash my PCM
  205. Getting started with LT1 Edit
  206. !VSS for a conversion
  207. HP Tuners & WIN 95
  208. More Accel Gen 7 Questions
  209. Need Help w/Engine Tune - HPTuners
  210. What kind of 02's are you lt/cam cars using?
  211. who's using a power invertor to power laptop?
  212. Predator Programming for LTs and ORY
  213. PISSED OFF!! help please.
  214. Opinions on my test VE table..inside
  215. HPTuner questions
  216. Yet again.. which tuner
  217. Tech guys, most common knock retard causes??
  218. service engine code po430
  219. LS1Edit guys help me
  220. quick neutral question
  221. Any GP's or vendor discounts for HPTuners VCM Suite?
  222. SES light came on PO300
  223. Tsp 231/237 Mail Order Tune?
  224. Problems with P0410
  225. I may have to break down and buy hptuners
  226. OBDII diagnostic/datalogging?
  227. Hmmm,restrictive exhaust causes screwie Ltrims.
  228. am I missing anything?
  229. Misses, surges, highway speed since lt's and Y
  230. advice on lt fuel
  231. Does 30k miles = SES light?
  232. HELP! SES transmission code - what caused it?
  233. can i send my PCM to someone to get tuned?
  234. Compatibility with non-Gen III TPS/IAC w/ Gen III PCM??
  235. Cam and Crank Triggers
  236. HELP ME BREAK 12s !!!
  237. Any pre-dyno tips?
  238. VE tuning after cam swapping...does anybody change the low-vacuum parts?
  239. LTFTs W/LGs installed. Guru advice?
  240. Predator Data Viewing ?
  241. Where to dyno tune in South Florida?
  242. This is bizarre...
  243. Speedo fix in a A4 to M6 swap.
  244. LTFT's, do they really matter?
  245. Can any tuners make sense of this
  246. my car bucks like a bronco
  247. spark knock and trans component slipping codes after PT4400 install!
  248. What is the difference between
  249. WOT Timing advance
  250. Need help with L Trims