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  1. new to tuning
  2. how to fix bucking
  3. Need someone with autotap
  4. need help richening my afr
  5. PE Table
  6. Leaning out my A/F ratio with Edit?
  7. No live mapping?
  8. HYPERTECH Sucks right?
  9. Predator newbie, need help with my first tune>>
  10. Help Me Out Here
  11. failed emmissions, HC's too high
  12. Understanding Injector Pulse Width...
  13. How do I get Rid of this Stupid low Oil Light?
  14. HP Tuners please look @ this problem
  15. TPS Voltage at Idle
  16. Predator reset?
  17. normal misfire on 2 and 3 cylinder after new engine install
  18. Dyno Tune AFTER Predator Custom Tune?
  19. Wester's, Nelson's, etc...
  20. could my car actually be slower?
  21. Car stumbled and guages zeroed when driving???
  22. Ok guys, Need help with MAF
  23. illinois
  24. First drive with LS1 Adjustment and LS1 Edit Scanner
  25. 13.8 AF @WOT way too hot Adjust with Predator?
  26. Timing Tuner Questions
  27. headlights pop up when doors lock/unlock
  28. Expert opinion required...
  29. Problem Help!
  30. Paging NoGo for A Tune!
  31. Risk of Removing Codes P1133/1153 With Edit
  32. Safe, effective way to raise the idle?
  33. Can I tune WOT with O2s
  34. missin driving me wild!!
  35. missfire driving me nuts!
  36. Ls1 Maf
  37. WOT AFR is bouncing between two levels??
  38. Step by step SD tuning?????????
  39. Does IAC effect WOT?
  40. Best Tuner for 98s
  41. KR problem
  42. hypertech
  43. E-Tune Is Gone?
  44. what the heck are these codes!
  45. wideband o2
  46. Dyno tuner in Oklahoma?
  47. Converter locking causing car to shake!
  48. High idle problem....Suggestions??
  49. dfw tunners
  50. HPtuner help needed in NH.
  51. looking for!
  52. got ls1 edit programmer installed today and still doesn't have 2nd downshift at wot
  53. What tuning required for FAST 90mm?
  54. MAP sensor- Lets talk about it...........
  55. Anything wrong with using Boch O2 sensors
  56. New to hp tuners help!
  57. Idle Hiccup
  58. AutoEnginuity Software
  59. Best practices for open loop (with MAF) tuning
  60. A4 inconsistent shift rpm ls1edit
  61. Is Auto Tap Usefull?
  62. help me out with upping the line pressure...
  63. I have a HP Tuner question about Cruise control effect
  64. wow, got a dyno pull to do with this mess?
  65. need help diagnosing problem
  66. have a question about bringing my car to get a ls1 edit tune for my A4 trans
  67. SoCal Tuning
  68. Big problem with my Predator
  69. Knock Retard
  70. LT Headers, now running rich where do I make adjustments?
  71. PCM Problem
  72. HP tuner?
  73. header leak? codes 420 / 430 / 1133
  74. Does the Predator have 'return to stock' feature?
  75. OBD2 LT1 Edit Probs
  76. Is there a free scanning software (or low priced)?
  77. Help
  78. Tach busted - Cam sensor related?
  79. P0736 - Reverse Incorrect Ratio
  80. Codes P0172 & P0175, Help!
  81. Another question on a Predator
  82. Used Hypertech Programmer
  83. idle tuning
  84. IAT question...ECU use F or C????
  85. New 408" on dyno, LS1edit Tuning, car acts like rev limiter 1500 rpm after WOT
  86. bad gas = P0430??
  87. Adding a resistor inplace of the IAT(nitrous - retard timing)
  88. i need an exorsist.
  89. Look Ma - no Tack-o-metor?
  90. Cam sencor bad - now what?
  91. Kinda wierd O2 question??
  92. Open Loop
  93. PCMForLess Reputation???
  94. Knock, Knock who's there? (VE Table Question)
  95. CKP circuit code...found problem.
  96. proportional and o2 error tables
  97. Odd Voltage Problem
  98. Need advice.
  99. running rich
  100. Open loop all the time, slow O2s???
  101. will this help me pass inspection?
  102. PCM reflash.
  103. IAT sensor + nitrous timing retard quesion..
  104. Would it be worth it for me to get a predator?
  105. Predator or Vinci????
  106. PCM read time
  107. OBD II Information
  108. Injectors Maxed Out?
  109. HP Tuner Log File: Please have a look for me.
  110. Any help with 2535 code on PCM (power mode)
  111. Are these codes all related?
  112. codes? Is this bad?
  113. what does this code mean
  114. Dynojet Wideband Commander......suggestions?
  115. crank relearn
  116. Hypertech or Predator
  117. How much power is to be gained if i get my AF at 13.1
  118. Predator Question...
  119. please help-kilometers to miles!!
  120. Hp tuner -- How to delete this
  121. Predator
  122. High idle
  123. Speedo calibration for 4.56's with diablo?
  124. added ls6 intake + 1.8 rockers/918 springs gained NOTHING at the track!
  125. VE Tuning....what temperature is ideal?
  126. Technical Injector questions, Injector comp batt volt
  127. How to engage open loop in HP Tuner?
  128. HP Tuner and A/F Ratio
  129. how exactly is the AFR of about 14.7 regulated in closed loop?
  130. VE tuning, baffled, 2000 c5, 30% swing, no affect!!
  131. Is there a cam limitation with the computer?
  132. Maf table
  133. SES light and 14:1 A/F ???????????????
  134. whats wrong w/ diablo?
  135. Alright guys, I need some help..Car's getting tuned tomorrow!
  136. Just got home from TEA....
  137. Help with my hp tunes logs
  138. ls1 edit
  139. oxygen censor?
  140. Need Help On Cam Tuning
  141. Car just accelerates to 110mph! Please Help
  142. TCC stuck open
  143. newbie pc laptop question
  144. 8 PSI still made no power???
  145. best way to tune
  146. Bad cam sensor - now what?
  147. Computer crashed so now I lost LS1edit
  148. dyno tuning in 2 weeks, what to expect?
  149. kr when converter unlocks-tranny downshifts?
  150. MisFire
  151. Help my trip odometer auto resets back to 000.0
  152. AFR or Timing power loss/gain
  153. Need Stock File
  154. Zeitronix WBO2 GP
  155. Zeitronics WB o2 for $279. anybody use one before
  156. Mafless VS Maf open loop?
  157. Can you mix O2 sensor brands side to side?
  158. Surging while cruising with light throttle
  159. injector
  160. Code 0172 only?
  161. Ltrims & Supercharged cars, what a pain in the....
  162. Diablo Predator(Hurrcaine Iven)
  163. Push clutch pedal in, RPM's drop way below idle
  164. LSX 90 w/FAST 90 TB idle tuning
  165. people using hptuners in Texas, south OK, sw AK or west LA come in!
  166. GM messed my Z up
  167. [B]injectors shut off, cant figure out why[/B
  168. P1416
  169. Tuning software
  170. car had ls1edit before i put in the 383 assembly, what now w/ hp tuners?
  171. I've aquired autotap HELP!!!!!
  172. How much power can be gained by going from
  173. bogging problem...........fuel pump??
  174. cruise control not working no blown fuses
  175. Ltb2 10.5
  176. Tripometer Randomly Resetting and other probs
  177. PCM code P0430
  178. not to throw a wrench into this whole negative Ltrim = 0 WOT ltrim but..
  179. MAFLESS VE Tuning
  180. Bad o2's
  181. How to fix "railing" O2's??
  182. "Real Time" LS1 tuning for the US Market.
  183. Used HP Tuners for the first time today!! :)
  184. Multiple codes - short circuit?
  185. Dumbass 87 octane
  186. 94 Lt1::Going from 52mmTB to a 48mm stocker????
  187. traction control
  188. what does ve actually stand for? etc.
  189. (LS1Edit) Ltrims by RPM, sudden change from + to -
  190. (LS1Edit) Car is lean on initial WOT tip in... what to change?
  191. Need Help ASAP! Unable to connect to PCM!
  192. Cylinder Volume
  193. Generator Code
  194. P0336, questions!
  195. Cyl Volume
  196. My PCM is done, where to buy a new one
  197. 2 DTCs, and what do i look for to fix them..
  198. LS1 Edit: Can a table be copied in from Excel?
  199. LTB2 Running 11.7
  200. Just bought hp tuners
  201. P0123
  202. wtf.! getting this nagging PO121 code
  203. tuning ?
  204. Car keeps dying when I turn the A/C on.
  205. Mucho codes here - Yikes!
  206. Mail order pcm?
  207. Question on VMC "learning" your driving habbits.
  208. Help, P1133 HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 1 Sensor 1
  209. I can't toggle my 121 code??
  210. 02 Z06 MAF table help
  211. po106 after h/c install.
  212. Need help , PCM trouble?
  213. TR224/114/112 tuning question
  214. Speed Density and Timing
  215. M6 and Skip Shift Question
  216. HP Tuners Question about Open Loop F/A Vs.Coolant Temp vs. MAP
  217. a/c and heater controls
  218. MAF observation I made, Holden LS1
  219. Speed density people...what to replace my MAF with?
  220. Tuning problem with STS turbo
  221. o2 voltages on decel low, because of long tubes?
  222. The infamous P0101 after BIG cam, anyone been here before?
  223. Something to consider with HP Tuner...
  224. gameover...question regarding an incomplete speed density related post
  225. looking
  226. Misfire at high speed
  227. Anyone have stock '03 Z06 LSIEdit file?
  228. WB 02 result & Question
  229. looking for pinout for bench harness.
  230. Where to start to tune new 408 with ls1edit?
  231. EFIlive flash scan VS HP tuners VS LS1 edit.which one to go with?
  232. Can't get my laptop to talk with my car.(help)
  233. slp tune?
  234. 231/237 cam red line??
  235. Help... need help asap.. 02 not cross counting with maf plugged in...
  236. Switching to 6.0L.... what do I change?
  237. 3.42 A4 guys, can I see your shift tables?
  238. how do you guys attack KR? Average or max?
  239. who has there hands on a big stuff?
  240. A/F mixture Guage Question
  241. Tranny shifting early/late
  242. Service vehicle light and crank relearn.
  243. A/C Idle issues in Y-Body and stalling when the throttle is slammed shut
  244. Survey: How much airflow at idle.
  245. Will O2 extentions affect tuning????
  246. How much HP from tuning stock car?
  247. Need the MAF Table
  248. Hot and Cold Start up surge Open Loop Question
  249. crunk down the mv on bank1/2 o2
  250. a place to tune near Greenville SC?