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  1. Accel Gen7 & MSD 7AL-3 Ignition Box
  2. See if you can figure this out
  3. Can Someone Help Me Locally With Hp Tuner
  4. Pcm Question?
  5. Predator rev limiter....
  6. tunning with a diablo
  7. Low rpm KR after cam install.
  8. Has anyone turned off Throttle Cracker, and 2nd...why does my idle timing jump around
  9. Has anyone tuned off that darn IAC?
  10. Hand held tuner for cam?
  11. Corvette software into F-body PCM?
  12. How long tipicaly for RWTD to write a tune?
  13. G5X3 (and similar), care to share your Idle airflow, IAC park, and decay tables
  14. 1997 Corvette Programmer
  15. Check Engine Light.
  16. Harlan Shift light install problems
  17. High altitude Idle/MAP out of range problem
  18. EGR Removal and Timing Changes
  19. HP tuners questions
  20. NA timing tuning
  21. Drive by wire, and HPT. Help with TR220 idle tuning.
  22. Can U Reflash A Ecm With A Different Vin #
  23. Cruise Control not working?
  24. Code P0113
  25. LS1 Edit on a C5
  26. A/F mixture question
  27. how to keep idle out of closed loop?
  28. which route to go for self tuning????
  29. TCI SSF 3500 installed last night--Now Questions
  30. Turning off AIR completely in HP Tuners
  31. HP tuners tuning for headers and intake, where do I start??
  32. Car Won't Start
  33. SES/catalytic converter?
  34. HumpinSS....................................
  35. Reduce Timing with EGR Removal?
  36. knock sensor
  37. before and after tuning?
  38. Tuning for MPG?
  39. Autotap Help Pls.
  40. Reading HP Tuner Log
  41. What is the proper way to delete O2, EGR ect
  42. A/C on or off tables
  43. anybody got an hptuners file for a 98 with these mods
  44. Mix and match electronics for 6.0
  45. Why am I running Lean??
  46. Hpp3
  47. Excel Calculator for Gear based on Speed and RPM!
  48. Autometer Tachometer
  49. Help!! With Ls1edit!!
  50. got to tune with use of Innovate Wideband! thanks to Roman for driving my car!
  51. idle and cam
  52. when does injector pulse start
  53. TPS Code and Tranny issue
  54. map sensor was unplugged/ now strange>
  55. Anyone Have a HP Tuner File with the Stock VE Table?
  56. What WB to get?
  57. Pcm Help!?
  58. PE questions and modfying only certain g/cyl and rpm areas
  59. What should I change?
  60. Zo6 Maf
  61. LS-1 tuning just with LS-1 Edit?
  62. Cheapest place to get a DynoJet Wideband Commander??
  63. LS1Edit for holden ls1 Vehicle..
  64. Why no SES light?
  65. ifr and open loop
  66. HP tuner owners, help needed
  67. Bink, NoGo, anyone air/fuel change???
  68. has anyone ever seen an LS1 take 32 degrees of timing? Think I need some help!!
  69. what year has best pcm
  70. LS1edit VE tables vs HPtuners VE tables???
  71. Going back to stock, need reflash help.
  72. running a ford maf, on a GM/LS1 car
  73. Troubleshooting Code P0200
  74. What fan activation temps for 160 thermo?
  75. LTFT in the -24 range at idle
  76. Troubleshooting P0200 Code
  77. Just got my HP Tuners... need some help
  78. Need Help Please
  79. Need a copy of Ls1edit.
  80. newbie to tuning..just a couple of basic ?'s
  81. HP Tuners question....
  82. Will this hurt my tune?
  83. Lterms 25% Sterms 20% to 30% IAC 0 at idle
  84. Problem with ls1edit
  85. code 0315?
  86. Why should I buy a Predator? What can I do?
  87. HP tuners no response
  88. Stubble on decel and light throttle with 42.5's
  89. Downloading an Edit file written on a different version?
  90. Those with 42lb injectors....
  91. Hats off to Speed Inc.
  92. trans kind of slipping after h/c install?
  93. Idle problem HPtuners help
  94. installed a radix s/c.. no start
  95. Strange problem form 2k to 3k need some help please.
  96. what to expect....
  97. air bag light is on
  98. Need HP Tuner Help with Hot and Cold Start
  99. HP Tuners, disabling post cat O2 sensors..
  100. predator?
  101. Need help: Predator wont fix speedo!
  102. Knock Sensor
  103. can i add a 01 vin to my 98 edit
  104. Final question before Wideband purchase
  105. Final question before Wideband purchase
  106. What tables to change for Stroker engines?
  107. Open Loop/Cold Start A/F ????
  108. scanner, all maxed out at 24 paramaters?
  109. Tuner
  110. Wiring Problems Need Help From All!!!
  111. pcm and dyno tuning
  112. WOT but not in cell 22?
  113. help!! passenger side VERY rich, drivers side fine
  114. What's a Safe A/F mixture on a D-1SC
  115. What is the best wideband on the market?
  116. High Voltage 02 sensor???
  117. info on VE for big CI LS1s
  118. SES light came on
  119. Help...Several HPTuner questions?
  120. Help With SES Light
  121. Secondary VE Table
  122. cleaning wideband sensor
  123. HP Tuning Questions
  124. HPP3 questions
  125. knock senor problems
  126. P0335?
  127. Positive Ltrims feel quicker...
  128. Tuning questions
  129. Where is closest place to get my car tuned?
  130. Random idle surge, hangs high and automatic cruize w/90mm lsx 427, help please!
  131. How do i convert map sensor voltage
  132. ATTN Lou or Louis
  133. Mail Order tune question
  134. Just got HP tuners
  135. Question on ignition on stroker motor
  136. Tach stops working
  137. LS! edit ???
  138. How can I check for updates for my PCM?
  139. closest place to memphis to get a tune?
  140. A/F vs Wideband guage whats the diff?
  141. HPT: EGR spark advance correction.
  142. knock sensor help
  143. What Happened
  144. Innovate Motorsports Wide Band
  145. LTRIM part throttle vs WOT question
  146. shift points? w/predator
  147. 02's reading 940 spark 27.4
  148. HP tuners help
  149. I want to get a spare computer to get flashed for a new tune but how ?
  150. Setting shift point for 231/237
  151. P0153 code.
  152. fast system ... need help..
  153. Tuning tonight. Removed EGR with HPTuners...interesting...
  154. Tuning question
  155. change oil light on after I changed it what to do
  156. can I have my "AIR" code disabled in a custom tune?
  157. Diablosport Predator questions
  158. A4 cars with aftermarket trannies--inside please
  159. Few tuning questions for Turbo.
  160. Who has SLP MAF?
  161. Wide Band pre-release screenshots
  162. HI,1 opinion and 2 questions...
  163. HPTuner cable
  164. Scan logs, please decipher for me.
  165. Strange problem, need help pinpointing it (long)
  166. A few of my tuning issues solved
  167. Throwing codes left and right today- HELP, PCM GURUS!!!
  168. F.A.S.T. Cost and install
  169. Accel Gen 7 Users Inside!
  170. need help w/hpp3please!!!!!!!!!!!1
  171. deleting cags with hptuners?
  172. Tuning on a "load style" dyno vs Dynojet ?
  173. PCM Tuning for 383 Stroker and Nitrous!!!!
  174. Random KR. (screen capture)
  175. Help (Knocking)
  176. Help Me Please ! Dealership Srcewed My Car.
  177. Got some of my tuning issues worked out
  178. tire height???
  179. Lesson Learned! (I Think?)
  180. Does anyone have an injector offset table for SVO 30# injectors?
  181. improving performance with hp tuners over stock tune
  182. Just another Reasuring question about the HP Tuner
  183. Maf Question
  184. FAST or Gen 7...
  185. 18 volts?
  186. Tuning for 231/237 with Predator
  187. Trans Temp Guage acting strange
  188. Using Hypertech and LS1 Edit at the same time?
  189. computer tuners for...
  190. Where's the torque?
  191. Anyone have HPT for an '02....
  192. New to Dynotuning, whats involved
  193. What controls AC air/fuel?
  194. help plz!
  195. 02 help please
  196. Safe A/F Ratio for N/A ?????
  198. 6.0 Tuning (timing) questions
  199. HPPIII Qs
  200. Code help
  201. tuning support software question?
  202. Anyone familiar with ACCEL CALMAP?
  203. Hp tuner LS1 edit list?
  204. Tuner for a 98 trans am?
  205. HELP!! bolt that holds the wiring harness on the pcm stripped...
  206. ?'s about wideband o2 sensors
  207. Hypertech 3 shift rpm setting
  208. How does changing the VE relate to A/F?
  209. SES Light..code P0430?
  210. Paging Nogo!!!!!!
  211. Re Calibrated MAP sensor to read Boost w/Stock PCM
  212. Dyno Tuning vs. Doing it myself
  213. Damn P0300 code Need some advice
  214. 93,95 ECM Same???
  215. LTFT Adjustment: Airflow vs Output Freq verses Rescaling IFR
  216. Questions about HP Tuner?
  217. Whats the best way to disable Knock Retard at specific RPM?
  218. Air Pump & WB O2 sensor
  219. Help Unsolved Misfire on Cylinder #5
  220. Flickering "Check Gages" light
  221. Edit software question
  222. a4 to th400 and custom tune...
  223. Attention all PCM EXPERTS!! Question...
  224. Help I got extremely low timing
  225. Tip-in KR
  226. throwing evap sys code, help please
  227. Tuning Help PLEASE
  228. Can My Tuner use His Edit If I have Edit?
  229. Wot tps sensor values
  230. 03 Wiring For Cluster
  231. how to hook up an oil pressure gauge?
  232. Best tuning software
  233. WOT spak plug Timing & WOT fuel curve
  234. LTFT Numbers
  235. What are these codes?
  236. What Does This Mean?
  237. LT1 with Tunercat...Can anyone help??
  238. Computer trouble!!!
  239. hp tuner or having a pro tune
  240. HP Tuners + Stock LS1 MAF or LS6 MAF?
  241. P0645 AC Clutch Relay Control, error.....How do I trick this out
  242. Low voltage o2 DTC
  243. HP Tuners - .bin mod question
  244. Just gutted cats wonderful check engine light on any homemade tricks
  245. Pro M
  246. anyone have any info on the zeitronix wideband? Looks very neat!!
  247. LS1 Edit........PLEASE HELP
  248. How much should a tune cost ?
  249. Finally O2's are looking better,tan not black soot.
  250. A few noob questions