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  1. Catalyst test in AutoTap?
  2. Remove Maf ends for tuning?
  3. grams/cyl = ????
  4. TB screw
  5. ls1 edit procedure
  6. any "little Mods" before tune??
  7. Pids
  8. Changing custom program with HPP 3
  9. efi live saving screen shots ?
  10. c5 covertte owners, what is your idle TPS?
  11. Edit quirks - and a problem
  12. Dead O2 sensor?
  13. question on 3 DTC's found today
  14. Engine surges at idle after WOT runs...otherwise ok
  15. can u check codes with edit?
  16. accel dfi gen7 help
  17. Would love some help with edit
  18. Fuel trims
  19. egr low voltage?
  20. Do I need a new tune ?
  21. Tuning a blower with predator
  22. can someone explain the direct relationship STFT has on LTFT?
  23. Ws6
  24. OIL CHANGE light on and off sporadically
  25. Some EFILive guages dont function.
  26. Where to get a tune in Houston?
  27. Question on selling my LS1 Edit
  28. thinking about open loop...
  29. Range between B1S1 and B2S1?
  30. New here, questions re: timing in hp tuners
  31. someone please help with throttle follower table
  32. Need help tuning this HUGH cam
  33. help with #3 misfire
  34. Using MAP data to understand LS6 Intake restrictions....
  35. newbie tuneing question
  36. LFTF B2 is that on the drivers or passenger side?
  37. Best way to tune injectors that are "too big."
  38. Looking for autotap analysis tool - what to scan for, etc
  39. What could cause this??
  40. dyno after Predator custom - worth it?
  41. Motor Swap - What about the ODO
  42. ltrim question
  43. I need help tuning Gran Am Cam A4
  44. HP Tuner users please nudge a novice
  45. what should i go with
  46. My car won't goes past 6000RPMs, any ideas?
  47. My experience with Accel DFI
  48. Help With Codes Please!!!
  49. witch tuner to go with??
  50. Little help getting started?
  51. Hypertech Progammer 3 problem
  52. PCM and programing guys please look in here
  53. Procharger Tuning
  54. AC overcharged - compr. shut down?
  55. A/C clutch intermediate cut off ???
  56. what the...?
  57. rear o2's and more?
  58. Need PCM advise
  59. Dtc P0420
  60. Predator help
  61. car doesn't like A/C
  62. Help! Car has been dead far too long!
  63. tq manag?
  64. headers install - open loop now?
  65. ls1 edit info please
  66. P0327 knock sensor?
  67. TR 224 with stock tune. Is it ok?
  68. bad plug in port
  69. Hypertech programmer or Predator tuner
  70. switched from draw thru to push thru ltrims swing 15%
  71. Starts bad
  72. anyone have
  73. Need the ASA pcm pinout
  74. tuners:please check my diablo live data
  75. o2 sims
  76. SES Light Any Idea's
  77. LS1 Edit and Hypertech/Diablo
  78. fueling problems, pcm seems to go into speed density mode
  79. Quick HPP3 Question.NEEd Quick Response
  80. Tuners: Timing vs. MPH??
  81. Need some tuning just dies at half throttle
  82. looking to buy efilive or atap
  83. when to replace o2's and a/f gauge question
  84. Carputin Blows a big one
  85. Will an Impala (baby LT1) PCM work in a F-body?
  86. Engine to Dash Pinouts
  87. DTC P1336 (Crank positon relearn)
  88. Timing Table for LS1Edit
  89. Timing Table for LS1Edit
  90. need a tuner in the North Arkansas or South MO area
  91. Programming with a laptop
  92. Those Ebay performance chips
  93. HPP3 shifting question
  94. How will engine respond to larger injectors?
  95. what does all the live data from Diablosport mean?
  96. questions about fuel trims at idle
  97. secondary ve table
  98. need help
  99. need explanation of air/fuel ratio measuring, guages, narrow vs wideband
  100. How accurate is the LS1 Scanmaster?
  101. disable the security???
  102. PCM tuning in Sun valley Idaho?
  103. Change Injector Size w/ Hp Tuner
  104. I see we have a new moderator!
  105. help
  106. Predator Or Hpp Tuner Question
  107. Help me get rid of this dredde Knock Retard!!
  108. looking for 02/03 Z06 VE table...
  109. LS6 PCM Table
  110. Considering HP Tuner Suite
  111. Aspect Ratio???
  112. Installing new PCM with remote start??????
  113. Venom 400
  114. Worth adding EFILive to ATAP Enhanced?
  115. PCM pin-out question ... not an LS1 (3800 GP motor)
  116. ECM Scanner Options - what's hot, what's not?
  117. UK LS1 owners. Assistence required.
  118. Crank sensor relearn
  119. Is this a low idle?
  120. Wester's vs. Nelson Performance
  121. Anyone at HP Tuners help me out?
  122. Fuel Trim Question
  123. Would code P0121 (TPS) cause built trans not to downshift at WOT? tuning problem?
  124. What is this called? Re: Coasting down a hill
  125. Speedo way off. HELP!!
  126. HP Tuner Users..........
  127. ABS Issue with slicks?
  128. IAC's too low? Did I go to big with drill bit?
  129. Need tuning help for TR224/112
  130. anyone live near whittier, ca?
  131. How to run open loop?
  132. fixed idle and now hangs up
  133. DAMMIT!!!! need help
  134. performance chip
  135. Car is really lean and other problems too HELP?
  136. Dumb Question: How do you delete the rear 02's using LS1Edit?
  137. Edit tuner in Minneapolis/st. paul?
  138. quik question....
  139. How to tune for a turbo???
  140. Help, Is it ok to drive the car???
  141. TCS acting wired lately...
  142. Mechanical vs. Electric gauages---whats the diffrence?
  143. I just pre-ordered HPTuners:Have questions
  144. Tuners - Where do you start pulling timing on a blower car?
  145. 02 SS Fuel Pressure adjustment
  146. Speedo not correct even after changes in Edit
  147. Issue with dyno numbers. Is it PCM related?
  148. WooHoo!!. justed fixed all my idle and driveability problems
  149. Autotap Oil Pressure Voltage = 0 ?
  150. Service Engine Light Came On
  151. what number to change to get the quickest knock recover
  152. Time for tuning yet?
  153. SES P0135 Code, HELP PLEASE!
  154. Need factory IFR table for 2001 C5 coupe, 6spd
  155. IDLE provblems in gear...
  156. Timing Tuner issues..
  157. fuel trims changed big time, what gives?
  158. just went TH400, now wont idle
  159. So fuggin mad with Edit
  160. 98 z28 cats removed
  161. hypertech or diablo?
  162. ve table adjustment question?
  163. question on using someone elses flash?
  164. Running lean - losing HP?
  165. LS1 edit retune after LS6 intake swap?
  166. Is it possible to hook up a MSD Digital-7 plus box or retard box to an ls1?
  167. What should I adjust using predator after 231 cam install?
  168. High/Low Octane tables...
  169. A4 Tranny Slipping After Programming
  170. book on ls1 tuning?
  171. LS1 TunerCat possible this month.
  172. OBDII and EGR @ inspection
  173. Using Tuning to lock converter up top?
  174. Tuning my 98 Trans am ws6
  175. need help problem with my 02 z28
  176. first time autotap
  177. A/F HP difference from 11.8:1 to 13.0:1
  178. Strange A4 Tuning issue... shifting at 63mph .. shoud be 73mph
  179. No more edit
  180. Help with nitrous activated timing retard
  181. Timing Tables
  182. Broadcast code problem? (messed up PCM?) Please help
  183. WOT and street tuning??
  184. having issues with starting
  185. spending alot of time in cell 22?
  186. idle problems and 15*timing at WOT
  187. predator tuning problems
  188. Cats and A/F Ratio
  189. no comunication with pcm after reprogram?
  190. Flashing a PCM
  191. question about hp tuners
  192. does nogo do mail order tuning
  193. tuning question
  194. need stock program for 97 6 spd corvette
  195. Ordered 98 HPtuners today!
  196. P4010 Secondary air problem
  197. O2 Sims - side-side difference?
  198. Predator after dyno tune?
  199. HP Tuners is now accepting 98 pre-orders!
  200. Motor or Tune
  201. Help with MAP
  202. a/c Problem
  203. Atap question: Closed loop or open loop?
  204. Tuning tips for emission test
  205. A4 PCM with M6
  206. Short in the ALDL port, any suggestions???
  207. HPtuners and LS1 edit
  208. Southwest MO Needs An LS1 Tune
  209. A4 guys, post your shift speed settings
  210. Any users of the Dynojet Wideband Commander?
  211. Car hesitating now
  212. Will the car run poorly with ORP and no O2 simms or programming?
  213. Power programer with 6 speed
  214. B1B1 O2 not switching after header -y install
  215. How negative is to negative dealing with LTrims???
  216. Car Hickups??
  217. effects of a burned plug wire??
  218. TQ managment problem????????
  219. Need Help: SES light on after catbypass and O2 sim install
  220. Help codes p0131 and p0106 after heads install
  221. What is the max possible timing for stock pcm?
  222. A4 to T400 swap, tunning?
  223. Need Help Using Edit To Lock Converter On Dyno
  224. o2 sensor part number
  225. Predator PE question
  226. Idles rough on cold start
  227. idle won't drop until I come to a complete stop
  228. Tsp Question?
  229. Wideband O2...
  230. mass air to fuel translator
  231. Idle air vs IAC park position
  232. Fast and 90mm TB tuning still some idle issues tips welcomed
  233. Question about O2 sensors
  234. In car Wide Band ?s
  235. Do you loss HP by pulling timing (running NA)?
  236. help me stop missing
  237. LTrims still positive at WOT
  238. Injectors and PE vs RPM
  239. How do you scale large injectors?
  240. How do you adjust ltft cells 19 and 20?
  241. Where are the Computers in these cars ('99 T/A)?
  242. How to run open loop?
  243. SES Light: P0171
  244. Wires from computer that powers the AC Motor
  245. Damn o2 sensors again
  246. what`s the best tuning for the hpp3 ?
  247. stream linning obd2
  248. What kinda laptop do I need for HP Tuners?
  249. high idle and in cell 22
  250. Can a Predator tune be modified with Edit?