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  1. Need to lean out car a bit
  2. Dealer cant reflash my PCM
  3. Getting started with LT1 Edit
  4. !VSS for a conversion
  5. HP Tuners & WIN 95
  6. More Accel Gen 7 Questions
  7. Need Help w/Engine Tune - HPTuners
  8. What kind of 02's are you lt/cam cars using?
  9. who's using a power invertor to power laptop?
  10. Predator Programming for LTs and ORY
  11. PISSED OFF!! help please.
  12. Opinions on my test VE table..inside
  13. HPTuner questions
  14. Yet again.. which tuner
  15. Tech guys, most common knock retard causes??
  16. service engine code po430
  17. LS1Edit guys help me
  18. quick neutral question
  19. Any GP's or vendor discounts for HPTuners VCM Suite?
  20. SES light came on PO300
  21. Tsp 231/237 Mail Order Tune?
  22. Problems with P0410
  23. I may have to break down and buy hptuners
  24. OBDII diagnostic/datalogging?
  25. Hmmm,restrictive exhaust causes screwie Ltrims.
  26. am I missing anything?
  27. Misses, surges, highway speed since lt's and Y
  28. advice on lt fuel
  29. Does 30k miles = SES light?
  30. HELP! SES transmission code - what caused it?
  31. can i send my PCM to someone to get tuned?
  32. Compatibility with non-Gen III TPS/IAC w/ Gen III PCM??
  33. Cam and Crank Triggers
  34. HELP ME BREAK 12s !!!
  35. Any pre-dyno tips?
  36. VE tuning after cam swapping...does anybody change the low-vacuum parts?
  37. LTFTs W/LGs installed. Guru advice?
  38. Predator Data Viewing ?
  39. Where to dyno tune in South Florida?
  40. This is bizarre...
  41. Speedo fix in a A4 to M6 swap.
  42. LTFT's, do they really matter?
  43. Can any tuners make sense of this
  44. my car bucks like a bronco
  45. spark knock and trans component slipping codes after PT4400 install!
  46. What is the difference between
  47. WOT Timing advance
  48. Need help with L Trims
  49. Rev Limiter Problem - In over my head (again...)
  50. cars still miss fireing HELP!!!!!!
  51. Auto tap cods help...
  52. Looking for an '02 Reflash in San Diego
  53. LTFT ? at idle and part throttle
  54. DTC 1416 manuf. controls aux Emis.
  55. Car backfiring after the shift @4K
  56. Bank 2 Misfire - the WHOLE bank
  57. How much timing to pull for spray........
  58. I want tps to read 99% at wot
  59. Tuning needed after ported TB?
  60. P0140 & P0160 h02 circuit to fix?
  61. Tuning to Eliminate Cam Surge and Hesitation
  62. What is the proper Air fuel ratios ??
  63. anyone installed a MOTEC plm in the car ?
  64. Anyone have .bin file for ATI, 42's,WB340 in tank,?
  65. MAFT Question
  66. Need Help
  67. Custom gauge cluster anyone?
  68. Post your editing tables here!
  69. Are local tuners in the NE tuning with HP tuners?
  70. quick help reseting pcm
  71. Little Autotap Question
  72. Mail Order Tune With G5x2?
  73. "Hand Smoothing" Tables in HPTuner or Edit question..
  74. Cold Idle Issues
  75. Somebody check my work & theory
  76. Hurt my tune or not??
  77. Banging rev limiter
  78. HELP - Cylinder 2 misfiring
  79. please help. idle/staying running problem.
  80. New Cam ... where to start w/ HP Tuners?
  81. How do you permantly turn off traction control?
  82. MAF Translators.....What's the difference?!?!
  83. G5X2 Tuning Question. KR problem!!!
  84. Vehicular Computer Accommodation?
  85. ? about predator
  86. HP Tuner- How do I set what paratmeters to scan?
  87. Whats the best way to compare 2 tunes
  88. Misfire and O2 sensor issue
  89. Hypertech tuner or nah?
  90. LS1Edit and 120 shot of Spray
  91. Deleting Torque Management...set max torque enough?
  92. WOT tuning
  93. Any Local Tuning Locations
  94. Problems maybe PCM related or Torque Management
  95. Can you check out my O2 readings? I think I may have an exhaust leak...
  96. Hp tuners "recovery" feature rocks.
  97. Which Tune option after cam install????
  98. timing problems fixed!
  99. Anyone experience heat soak problems.
  100. Best way in Tunning???
  101. Which edit tool???
  102. No MIL or No Error Reported?
  103. iac steps vs iac counts
  104. Programmer help
  105. engine harness
  106. Very slight white "smoke" on cold starts?
  107. '98 Truck PCM Compatible with LS1Edit
  108. EFILive 5 and Oil Pressure
  109. 1998 F-Body fan questions
  110. Is this common with 3.73's and a 3600+ stall?
  111. Anyone have an injector table for Mototron 60's?
  112. Stall Conv Tuning?
  113. Hooking up A/F gauges, few ?'s!
  114. Do any sponsors tune with HP tuner?
  115. LS1 dyno fuel curves
  116. Help w/ code PO 301
  117. 98 starter relay - any idea how it's grounded?
  118. MWAHAHAHA! They delivered my HPTuners a day early. God bless UPS!
  119. Car running to adjust on HP Tuners?
  120. wideband for rear o2's
  121. EFILive help
  122. Anyone know if you can log more than 10,000 frames in HP Tuner?
  123. Big Stuff 3 is out and available
  124. HP Tuner update has been released (v1.3.0)
  125. HP Tuner ??
  126. Predator Tuning??
  127. Auto shifting
  128. narrow injector pulsewidth?
  129. Best Scanning Tool
  130. Rev limiter KING !!!!!!!!
  131. blower car tuners - ve or maf tuning?
  132. What ALL can cause gas mileage to drop
  133. difference between 99 and 02 Pcm???
  134. Just Curious, has anybody "viewed" Hypertech changes with LS1Edit or other?
  135. Swapping over to speed density???
  136. Anyone betatesting EFILive Flashscan?
  137. A/F goes to 11:1 @ 5000 '04 Corvette
  138. Idle dip, rough idle, VE, Oh My! Need advice for HPTuners.
  139. HP Tuners VCM Suite 1.3.0 has been released!
  140. Does this look ok?
  141. Removed EGR. Experiencing some KR at part throttle
  142. Accel Gen 7 kits
  143. jumped 12v into coils fires right up...
  144. A theoretical sort of question, PE vs closed loop
  145. TCC and fuel consumption
  146. Where to get a tune, QUICK!!
  147. dyno tuning.....LS1Speed vs. FLP???
  148. Delete AIR with HP Tuners?
  149. Help! New Engine Will not Idle
  150. Why does my trans not downshift at WOT?
  151. programs????
  152. I'm in a bad place here. Need help
  153. Is it Worth it for Me to Buy HP Tuner at This Time?
  154. where to put fan temperatures?
  155. LS1 Edit and forced induction...
  156. Need Help Uneven Ltrms
  157. where to get custom diablo tune?
  158. hpp3??
  159. computer ????
  160. HP Tuners.....Great Product/Support
  161. LS1 edit help needed w3.73 gears and SS3200
  162. LS1edit,Fuel changes vs CID
  163. Service Vehicle light????
  164. SES Light Question
  165. Knock Retard??
  166. 02 Z28 ECM - whats inside?
  167. New cose today...0758
  168. can the Predator remove HPP3's tuning?
  169. Need a 98 M6 file.
  170. Computer Won't Hold A Tune...HELP!!!
  171. Problems after cam and header swap
  172. EGR tables in HP tuners?
  173. Can any VIN number be programmend into the ECU?
  174. lack of throttle (response) after idle
  175. need 99+ pin outs of gauge cluster
  176. cost of new PCM and dealer flashing????
  177. 02 sensor transition time malfunction code question
  178. Edit or HP Tuners for me?
  179. Which table to adjust Ltrims?
  180. KR Question PLEASE HELP!!
  181. Conditions needed to make A4 shift at WOT?? (HPTuners)
  182. Want to add Trip Computer to 2000 Z28 Camaro
  183. Idle problems
  184. KR question
  185. Vinci Handheld prgrammer
  186. VATS turnned off, car still wont start
  187. HP Tuners .bin file sharing...
  188. No O2 sensors on my Z
  189. just got predator,,got some Q?
  190. How do I fix this broken pcm socket?
  191. !AIR/LS1 Edit question....
  192. help with LPE
  193. Tuning issue w/ Predator-HELP PLEASE???
  194. A/F Ratio Quick Question
  195. Does anyone have LS1edit V1.4 for a 98!?
  196. anyone have an hp tuners .bin for a 2000 A4 vette w/ 3.15s or 2.73s?
  197. hp tuners "lean cruise" settings...
  198. unusual problem
  199. pcm case swappable?
  200. Newbie looking for some help
  201. how does hptuners compare to efilive as far as data logging?
  203. Need HELP- P0758 code
  204. Tuning do's and don'ts.
  205. CODE 0410 & 1133
  206. Predator say's......
  207. Need help with lt1 engine performance
  208. HP Tuner Opportunity....What to edit????
  209. slow PCM and shift light?
  210. Can MAFT noticeably affect VE (and idle) in a cammed car?
  211. how mcuh will ls6 intake throw off the air fuel?
  212. HPtuner for 98's
  213. P0121 and ASR help!
  214. REV Limiter stuck at 6200RPMs
  215. Can somebody explain the volumetric efficiency tables and what affects them?
  216. anyone get a ls1edit tune from Fbodycentral in MD?
  217. Edit links to specific engine types?
  218. HP Tuners Custom Tuning
  219. Lift are staying at 25
  220. whats the best chip or programmer??
  221. New cam/timing ?
  222. Should I switch back to a stock MAF?
  223. Pass side LTFTs almost always leaner than drivers side
  224. Misfire question
  225. Need part #'s for 99 Z28 rear 02's
  226. Auto Tap
  227. Tuning with MAFT after cam/shorty install...same as before?
  228. Pulled BAT SES off
  229. anyone using an impedance converter?
  230. Tuning responsiveness to fuel and spark TR224 car ?
  231. low impedance injector use?
  232. help with my tune
  233. Please explain the relation between ltft's and stft's and why they affect WOT fuel.
  234. Mail-in tuning
  235. Tips for Superchips owners w/3:73 new gears
  236. bad random misfires p0300
  237. Stop drilling those TBs, fix stalling without computer tuning...
  238. any wideband commander users out there?
  239. Quick KR questions
  240. Help!!!???
  241. Burnt the PCM
  242. What is the best thing to use to tune SC and LTH?
  243. Cat Overtemp Thresholds table
  244. Tuning LTFT w/ HP Tuners
  245. LM-1 Wideband & RPM Convertor purchase....
  246. where does the purple wire go?
  247. Basic question on LS1 edit - accessing tables?
  248. A4 unlocked dynojet files...anyone got one ?
  249. LS1-Edit question
  250. New codes how to fix?