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  1. injector question ...enrichment
  2. Just a heads up...
  3. Why do I keep blowing a fuse??
  4. What do I need to log with Autotap.....
  5. Has anyone used the AEM wideband O2?
  6. Car doesn't want to start after new heads and fuel filter
  7. hpp3 gains?
  8. short?
  9. Secondary Injection System??
  10. hptuner is way cool
  11. whats a better tunner
  12. Max air ETC
  13. Big Truck Keeps throwing ABS codes after driving?
  14. Dyno Tuning
  15. Whats up with no 98 tuners
  16. autotap for sale
  17. R Mods worth tuneing?
  18. o.k to spray with ses light on?
  19. s.e.s light flashing.
  20. Pcm ?
  21. How to order ls1edit ?
  22. Open Loop AFR vs, w/ Power Enrichment?
  23. Timing on a blower car?
  24. palm pilot tuning?
  25. Daytime Running Lights
  26. Autotap clears SES codes?
  27. Removing pcm controls from manual tranny
  28. Rev Limiter problems on 97 C5
  29. Where do I buy a cable for my ATAP...........
  30. 1-2 shift lag
  31. I want to install a 85MM MAF and resistor - need help
  32. TPS voltage?
  33. Headers burned after cam install/tuning?
  34. Please confirm my understanding of O2 readings and MAFT settings
  35. Predator V1.04 Upgrade - Official Kiss-Off.
  36. PO300 code delet???
  37. P1637 Code
  38. Predator Programer ?????????????
  39. Anyone have the Wideband O2 kit from PLX Devices?
  40. PROBLEM....possible tuning issue???
  41. car running super rich? bad o2 sensor
  42. In dash gauge info..look!
  43. if battery is unhooked does programming go by by?
  44. should you reset pcm after every mod?
  45. lm-1 rpm hookup
  46. How do I edit CAT Test count to pass value?
  47. 01-02 LS6 MAF Sensor Pinout?
  48. grams/sec airflow to HP conversion question
  49. Black soot on acceleration – otherwise tuned dead nuts…need suggestions please
  50. Front O2 sensors disconnected...
  51. ABS and BRAKE lights on!! HELP!!!!
  52. Fuel trims
  53. PO343 SES code Thrown
  54. i was looking around and seen?
  55. LT1 hybrid question
  56. Headers Installed - ? - Codes.
  57. Z06 Maf freq, spark, PE, IFR, and VE tables wanted
  58. Tips for tuning 231/237 cam
  59. MAF Accuracy - Supply Sensitivity
  60. SES Light on after Transmission Rebuild
  61. How does Skip Shift Work
  62. A4 issues- Short shifting, logs here. Also, lockup in 4th @ 33mph. Nogo? anyone?
  63. need help car not pulling
  64. Accelerating Problem
  65. car running rich - bad MAF
  66. does your motor lag or ping due to cat removale (ls-1's only)
  67. Is there a way to use LS1edit to help with 02 heater codes with headers?
  68. Speedo calibration for 28's & 4.10's
  69. KR everywhere
  70. Dyno Tune
  71. Predator users I have a ?
  72. does ur motor ping or lag when check engine is on for cat reasons
  73. Need Retuning question answered
  74. did a bcm scan...
  75. KR from running too rich?
  76. Very unique Navigation install. But have problems need help!!
  77. Paging SuperTuners
  78. Tranny gauge mounted in cupholder...
  79. Why does my car sound like popcorn at 5100rpms?
  80. Temperature Gauges?!?!
  81. Problems after H\C install...
  82. How can you use live to determine actual converter effeciency?
  83. can anyone ID this wire?
  84. Newbie VE question
  85. How to calculate AF ratio with Atap?
  86. how traction control works
  87. V-6 to V8
  88. Closed Loop Question
  89. SES light came on....00 T/A
  90. gauges doesnt show milage throttle body clicking
  91. tuner??
  92. maf model year question
  93. NoGo Your PM box is full...
  94. S.E.S light after Tune
  95. map help.!!
  96. Since converter is unlocked WOT, lower mph shift points ?
  97. Oil light must go.
  98. SES light..high octane gas the culprit?
  99. Obdii Meter-any Info???
  100. Bad O2 sensor?
  101. SES light not comming ON (bulb not out)
  102. Excessive RF noise and Dyno/EFI Live Issues
  103. A4 Short shifting
  104. Ever have "one of those days?" tuning?
  105. Tsp Mail Order Tuning 231/237
  106. Need Help Updating VE Table - Getting weird #'s
  107. SES light only fuel and temp up and down?!?!?!
  108. What are the Ltrims after a head and cam install?
  109. Transmission Tuning - Shift & TCC Philosophy
  110. LS-1 Edit, in Broward County
  111. P0101 code is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!
  112. SuperChips OR Predator??????
  113. Custom Tuning on my 97 C5 (LS1Edit?)
  114. BRAKE/ABS INOP lights...
  115. VCM Suite by HP Tuners, 1.0.1 Updated Info
  116. Help Calculating VE
  117. ls1 tuning
  118. Can anyone in Chicagoland area tune my car within couple days - Paying good $$$
  119. fixed the stock temp gauge
  120. can't check codes
  121. Will I need tuning w/ new headers?
  122. FAST Edist Wiring - Any Helpful Suggestions?
  123. Governor?????
  124. A4 2-3 shift going redline - help!
  125. autotap, look at IAC counts or desired IAC counts??
  126. How do I test a Idle Air motor?
  127. shift points
  128. Torque management removal
  129. Need Some Help
  130. Testing O2 sensor
  131. Autotap giving bad (spiking) data
  132. Why does my TPS angle not go below .4%?
  133. Part Throttle Surging/Bucking
  134. Customers C5 came in with a bunch of codes, cant figure out problem
  135. power increase
  136. Wideband O2 "keeper"?
  137. LS1 Edit -- adjusting LTRIMs on an already dyno tuned car?
  138. Throwing P0103 code at track...need help
  139. o2 Sensors suck
  140. installing LT headers with tuning required?
  141. Edit question
  142. LS1-Edit help plz
  143. EGR/AIR disable questions...
  144. Help me to adjust the idle.... plz
  145. knock retard=how much lost HP?
  146. Tuning Spread Sheet 1.0.0
  147. IAC Counts at 0 after LSX intstall
  148. Fuel surge on Shifts
  149. F.a.s.t. Engine Management Help
  150. Help me choose the "best" Wideband O2 kit....
  151. dtc 1155 and 1133
  152. Cleaning O2 Sensors
  153. What values to shoot for? KR = 0, etc...
  154. Crank position sensor relearn?
  155. Need Urgent Help! IFR Table
  156. Scanner won't read my codes...
  157. can't stop the kr and ping
  158. any problems w/ a 98 pcm and harness...
  159. Where to get Wideband o2?
  160. New SLP MAF
  161. Throttle body plate openning adjusment
  162. MAFT question....
  163. pinging when it's hot out???
  164. P0420
  165. Limit of MAF reported.
  166. ls1 edit by me after a pro dyn tune?
  167. 4 codes from computer!!
  168. whats the best tune
  169. What do you guys think about HP tuners Product?
  170. Help The Afr Is Flatlining!!!!
  171. were could i find the ls1 edit
  172. simplify tuning for me....
  173. anybody play with their HP tuners this weekend?
  174. RWTD seem kinda slow
  175. Need to Retune the car after LSX install???
  176. Get IAC counts down ls1edit? Drill ?
  177. tuning experts, what all is there too it? just fuel and timing?
  178. o2 info??????????
  179. Quick question about LS1Edit
  180. Tuning For Large Cubic Inch Motors
  181. Safe to drive car?
  182. Free PCM Diagnostics Progs?????
  183. shift points on 95 lt1
  184. Help Please
  185. Nitrous Tuning - GMAF, Timing, O2, General Qs?
  186. Tach not working?
  187. What could all cause this?
  188. system readyness tests - need troubleshooting help
  189. My LS1 runs, but the PCM seems dead (no gauges/only starts via hotwiring)
  190. 160 Thermostat
  191. At what temp does the inst panel "check gauges" light?
  192. Can Autotap show rear end gear setting ?
  193. TPS shows 2.8 volts @ WOT.
  194. Need clarification: Tung Base
  195. ported maf tuning
  196. Dtc 1571
  197. why 2 diff part numbers for the o2's?
  198. need tuning?
  199. just a simple ????
  200. f body race tomarrow need help
  201. AIR code after air lid install
  202. Can bad check values in the A.I.R. system cause these codes:
  203. FAILED INSPECTION (stock car with LS6 engine)
  204. Predator Info Request
  205. PCM tuning
  206. Shift Adaptation Time Programming - Minimum
  207. LS1Edit or HP Tuners???
  208. Purchasing LS1Edit
  209. o2 sensor part number`
  210. P0315?
  211. Are Air bags VIN locked??
  212. ODOMETER resets everytime i start??
  213. eliminating steering wheel air bag: please help
  214. TQM/Tune question from Super Chevy Mag
  215. my "abs inop, brake, asr off lights came on!!! help
  216. SES light after MAF, high flow air cap, K&N
  217. Predator News
  218. is my o2 sensor shot?
  219. o2 sensor questions
  220. Help, SES light
  221. Modifying spark timing?
  222. Location of 02 Bung: Wideband
  223. Need tuning advice on injectors
  224. odd tuning issue came up...need help
  225. Fans wont turn on
  226. predator cust tune - do I install like canned tune?
  227. Just Washed My Car - Won't Start??
  228. so confussed! someone help!
  229. Runs perfect! Then dies?!
  230. Flashing!!??
  231. Just Got DynoSim . . .
  232. ls1 file
  233. How much from tuning???
  234. John at Speartech
  235. help
  236. need help -SeS-
  237. HP Tuners?
  238. Reset P0300, nothing yet
  239. NOT an LS1, but still need some help????
  240. Predator
  241. Hpp3 ???
  242. Those who have LS1Edit and HP Tuner ...
  243. Using Ls1edit With Turbos
  244. Where to get QD Electronic Cleaner?
  245. anti theft
  246. Transmission tuning
  247. Is this a bad maf?
  248. Cheapest/easiest way to tune an LS1?
  249. Best HPP3 settings? What is your set up?
  250. hpp3 --> tuning shift points and rev limit