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  1. Does your SLP MAF "flatline"?
  2. VE tables the best way to tune?
  3. any problems with using a 98 pcm and 99 A4 tranny ??
  4. fuel trim lean????
  5. Clockspring R+R?
  6. FFV Program How Does it Adapt?
  7. PCM help pls?
  8. Should I disable Torque Managment with my setup?
  9. open loop tuning, timing???
  10. How much does the exhaust system
  11. Car stumbles terribly with MAF unplugged
  12. Need some advice on parameters to change
  13. what LS1Edit tuning do I do for the mods I have
  14. Edit readout my a/r?
  15. What causes an o2 sensor to go out?
  16. O2 readings .995 to 1.000
  17. Can Stock Cam Run on Aftermarket Cam Tune?
  18. WTF is up with my SES light???
  19. 2004 Chevy Colorado LS1
  20. lt fuel help
  21. New code tonight - HELP!
  22. Whats the best software to tune LT1's??
  23. Thanks to Jason @ TSP
  24. Need HPTuner help, quick!
  25. HELP with 2-step install
  26. Reading timing on efilive
  27. running lean #5 cyl. only
  28. go buy hptuners/ls1edit or just use the $500 to get a dyno tune?
  29. HPtuners for the 98's
  30. Knock sensor code. What do i need to do
  31. HPTuners - MAP to KPA Vac?
  32. Tuners?
  33. PE vs RPM Question
  34. Open Loop Tuning W/O Wide Band
  35. Flashing Ses Light?
  36. Big Stuff have a website
  37. does iac track rpm or massflow
  38. Who carries the HP tuner?
  39. Code after Header Install - Help!
  40. Can you check you MIL status with ATAP?
  41. HPP3 & Granatelli MAF issues?
  42. hpp3 ?
  43. new to tuning....
  44. Engine shuts down in 20-30 seconds
  45. Fair?
  46. RPM sticking when car is taken out
  47. ZO6 MAF Table?
  48. Required time delay not expired
  49. Anyone ever use Chip Master Revolution??
  50. NY ODBII Inspection?
  51. Pulled my MAF tonight
  52. HP Tuners .bin file Repository -- Search for bins , upload your own bins!
  53. Help with autotap V2.05 for windows please.
  54. Cam tuners help! Car sporadically shutters with TR 224-114
  55. Not happy with Granatelli Predator
  56. What RPM to spin my stock ls1
  57. Total newbie quesiton for "what product do I need"...
  58. Electical problem or pcm problem or both?
  59. Open loop tunes
  60. Edit file for HotCam
  61. Another + For HPTuners
  62. How slow does the ve table move
  63. HPtuners vs. Ls1edit
  64. Direct port & tuning?
  65. Diablo Question
  66. EFILive's New Scan/Flash Tool
  67. 98 HP Tuner in Detroit area?
  68. wow no one can figure this one out?!?!? PLZ HELP
  69. 98 PCM To 99???
  70. TA's got electrical(?) problems
  71. Need wiring diagram help ASAP
  72. HPTuners and ID Numbers...
  73. Maft Settings Question
  74. Need a primer on tuning a cam with LS1 Edit.
  75. Any tuning changes needed when going to TH350??
  76. Will unhooked fuel gauge cause low octane mode?
  77. Do any scanners act like the GM tech 2
  78. Diagnostic codes
  79. Scan logs, need help.
  80. multiple misfires
  81. Code Po430
  82. Any F.a.s.t. Tuning Help - 5.7 With 13.5 Psi
  83. Looking for help!!!
  84. exhaust leaks and tuning problems
  85. Wtf?? 02 Voltages
  86. G5x3 tune with an A4
  87. What WOT 02 Voltage do you shoot for???
  88. Code p0412, im clueless, PLEASE HELP!!!
  89. please help this idiot
  90. will a wiring harness for auto work on 6sp?
  91. Surge while cruising, and (unrelated) dropping revs too fast...
  92. TCS Issues? WS6 TA vert gas mileage? Possibly modded?
  93. Something I just noticed going through logs, adding PE affects Ltrims
  94. g5x3 / hp tuners anyone?
  95. Measuring and Recording Boost
  96. What is needed for stock PCM, HP Tuner
  97. Advanced Predator question
  98. 85mm MAF....4 wire vs. 5 wire?
  99. how to lean car wean coasting
  100. 6.0 swap... What do I change?
  101. Why am I slower???
  102. Cam guys quick question
  103. WTF? Car is throwing 1134 and 1154 codes?
  104. ifr usage
  105. Crazy O2 readings: offscale rich or super lean?
  106. please someone help
  107. please someone help
  108. Are LTFTs directly applied to the VE table?
  109. Mis-fires at WOT
  110. 02 Sims Not Working?
  111. bin file sharing?
  112. What to tune? (Basic Tune)
  113. realy dumb question
  114. p0412= bad check valve???
  115. Uneven fuel trim readings between banks. Why?
  116. Converter not unlocking
  117. Injector tuning with a manifold vacuum regulator...
  118. Please define, total misfire count and history.
  119. A few words about Diablo Sport customer service.
  120. HP and IFR question, idle use 80kpa value?
  121. Cheapest way to adjust Idle speed?
  122. Verify Knock Sensors Before Engine Goes In??
  123. pcm reading question
  124. Care to critique my newest timing table?
  125. Need help with basic HPTuners tune tomorrow!
  126. IAT's, ECT's and tuning
  127. N/A and Dry Nitrous in the same tune?
  128. WTF o2 bank 2 sens 1 reading 225mv
  129. Need a stock *.bin for a '02 M6 F-bod
  130. the Z is killing me
  131. At my wits end w/ lean Codes 171 & 174
  132. RPM Drops...fuel...temp...lights! HELP
  133. Reduced Engine Power Warning
  134. i need to get dyno tuned in Oklahoma area
  135. Some Tuning questions
  136. ECT vs. MAP question tuning experts inside
  137. Couple questions about Edit, please help guys.
  138. What is Code P0120
  139. how does c5 ecm determine KR and amount of timing
  140. Problem with car starting after h/c
  141. OMG I almost busted a nut
  142. DTC P1631 -- how to fix?
  143. Rough Ride after cam install and tuning
  144. rwhp HELP
  145. newbie to tuning, need help
  146. hptuners wot help
  147. Is it BAD to disconnect the Computer while the Battery is still connected?
  148. Anyone know a good site for wiring diagrams?
  149. Car "resets" while driving?
  150. Question for those who tune your own cars.
  151. Upgrading Injectors some questions
  152. need help!!!!! tuning isnt right........
  153. Cags as a window/TPS switch for N20?
  154. timing advance/retard
  155. Need help with figuring out these code problems.
  156. A/F is off
  157. Running lean on the dyno(dyno graph inside)
  158. Error p0366 please help
  159. LS1Edit getting deeper into set up.
  160. studder off the line after car is warmed up
  161. Post your tips on eliminating cam surge here!
  162. Please look at these timing historograms and give opinions
  163. CAGS used for NO MORE MISSED 3-2 shifts?
  164. hypertech broken or not?
  165. LTFT discovery
  166. What happens w/ Locked PCM
  167. Loss of air conditioning after tune?
  168. Crank position sensor relearn
  169. chips/programmers
  170. CAGS pin outs
  171. MAP reading 25 @ WOT?
  172. Predator tuning help. What temp to set cooling fans with 160 degree T-stat?
  173. tuning experts
  174. How do I reset a code?
  175. PCM swap, what are the issues?
  176. Stupid question....can wheel hop/driveline shock cause knock retard...
  177. New to GM PCM's a simple ? or not
  178. Has anybody (including professionals) eliminated cam surge? Is it just a dream?
  179. Pic of Cam Trigger Please
  180. slp speedo recal
  181. Idle good but car runs by itself after tune
  182. School for learning how to tune EFI??
  183. Anyone using FAST standalone transmission controller?
  184. Pulled Codes
  185. LT1 Tuning
  186. Error code #1153
  187. Had codes pulled
  188. Innovative LM-1 Wide band, in order to read rpm must i buy adapter?
  189. Attention - "!EGR" is a BAD thing!
  190. tuning 230+ cams on a4's?
  191. Help! Engine misfiring. Running out of things to change
  192. Odd Error codes, suspect battery / charging system
  193. Dash lit up like a birthday cake...
  194. Trying to defeat knock...log inside...
  195. Changed air filters...LTFTs went up ~8%?
  196. WTF SES comes on a month after torque converter install
  197. Car wont go past 2500rpm, LS1 Edit?
  198. How Much Tuning Will A Z06 Camw/ 1.85 Rockers Need
  199. I Need Help!!!!
  200. PCM is not giving command to shift to OD
  201. Ls1 Gurus I need some help
  202. HELP: Is there a direct plug in for the LS1 FAST or DFI or anything
  203. Need help...Code P0171
  204. Maxed out my MAF
  205. 160 Degree Ther.
  206. Paging Ryan Karasek regarding your Gen7 Standalone
  207. PE table and IFR question
  208. 85mm MAF and Tuning
  209. HP tuners rocks
  210. Throwing same codes
  211. Can VE adjustments make you lean after LTRIMS adjust?
  212. Hopefully last time: LTFT
  213. added 2 degrees to high octane timing table, no KR, but no ET or mph gain. TYPICAL?
  214. 28lb injectors on a 36lb injector tune????
  215. Would any LS1 EDIT Experts mind if I give them a Call to answer some ??
  216. fired up for first time and i have a rough idle
  217. tuning on my own... good idea?
  218. P1133, P1153
  219. Predator tuning....let's see if I am understanding this right...
  220. Black smoke at WOT
  221. CPS Code
  222. P0401 code
  223. SES light activated after tuning
  224. Diablo tuning help!
  225. alright guys got some codes.
  226. Tuner for LT1
  227. question about Strims/Ltrims
  228. any problems moothing timing tables on c5?
  229. check engine light
  230. trouble codes
  231. Code 1626 after column lock fix at dealer
  232. base shift pressure vs torque table?
  233. Ohio Tuners!!!
  234. What is wrong with my idle
  235. ses code
  236. predator tuning
  237. Have EFILiveV6 and HP Tuners, whats the next step?
  238. 90mmLSX and TPIS TB tuning
  239. Tuning questions. inside tuning magicians..
  240. 99 pcm on a 01 motor
  241. SES light - it's baaaaaack
  242. Small problem with cold starting
  243. Big Stuff 3
  244. Question about tune with header's?
  245. maf table ?
  246. FAST crank decoder box is available
  247. calculated load?
  248. tuning questions
  249. tuning problem?
  250. anyone have tune for a 224/228 cam?