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  1. Missing star connector ???
  2. Need some help with burst knock
  3. i think im lean? tuning needed?
  4. Questions on h/c car passing Ohio emissions
  5. adjust timing down low?
  6. Anyone with a ls1edit file close to my setup?
  7. adjust timing down low?
  8. What maf with a 90mm LSX
  9. Driveability Guru's...
  10. car won't start
  11. EGR and AIR delete
  12. LS1 edit help with ABS going off due to different tire sizes
  13. Disparity w/ IFR calc sheets and Edit IFR table?
  14. Stock F-body MAF tables / poly fit?
  15. If I don't use HPP III for power tuning?
  16. misfire problem
  17. Edit & line pressure?? (exhausted search)
  18. wide band commander
  19. camaro weight
  20. Getting 13 degrees of knock retard
  21. service engine codes
  22. Stupid LS1Edit Question on Trans
  23. Picked up HPP III/power tuning good/bad?
  24. Anyone use a ACTRON autoscanner?
  25. Misfire History ... Number counts then back to zero
  26. I need your advise on ls1-edit
  27. Tunning idle after cam swap?
  28. What do you think about these O2 readings?
  29. any way to clean o2 sensors
  30. who has had their car tuned by mike at norris motorsports
  31. Dyno tuning question....part throttle A/F issue.....
  32. i need help, dieing problem after WOT nitrous run.
  33. connector C105 question, 98, 99+
  34. Anyone been using the GEN7?
  35. Knock Sensor Question.
  36. AutoTap or EFILive?
  37. Serious help regarding LS1EDIT/PREDITOR????
  38. shift set with tuner.
  39. Which bank is which?
  40. Simple Question...
  41. this is shit
  42. max micro tuner
  43. P0135 - bank 1 heater circuit
  44. PE/RPM Change
  45. When braking lightly on dry road, ABS engages?
  46. LS1-Edit Version 1.4
  47. Is my pcm dead?
  48. VE Tuning Questions - Those in the know please come in
  49. O2 sensor bad??
  50. car wont run after th400 and 9 inch swap?
  51. X1 cam issues
  52. VE Tuning for boosted cars, can it be done using the 105 MAP reading?
  53. Whats the GM part # for O2 sensor
  54. tuners around charlotte
  55. ls1 edit
  56. Why won't my car shift at 6500 rpm with Predator?
  57. When does the stock LS1 computer stop reading
  58. Cleaning Electrical Connectors????
  59. Just got my Edit 1.4 update
  60. Anyone Else Have Tunning Issues With Tsp 231/237 Cam
  61. LS1 edit tuning in SoCal?
  62. Is this a programming problem?
  63. Hypertech Hacked !
  64. LTFT's Change After Pumping Gas
  65. Best place to find O2 sensors?
  66. URGENT - Problem with Predator PC Interface
  67. Need a cable for EFILive
  68. How hard is LS1 edit to use?
  69. does my lt1 car need tuning? it has heads and cam and runs like crap? help!
  70. can i pull codes with edit?
  71. VENOM 400 Vicious mod?
  72. qustions about autotap
  73. tuning required?
  74. Setting car back to stock ?
  75. Wiil It Idle??????????????????
  76. Threw a P1404...
  77. anyone with ls1-edit from west TN?
  78. Diablo Predator Vs HTPP 3
  79. Running lean on one bank......
  80. Wideband logging rear O2s, paging ChrisB
  81. MAF housing porting
  82. Nelson Performance Tuning
  83. edit wont hold changes?
  84. problems with hpp3
  85. Ls1 Edit Help
  86. EGR, AIR, Rear O2 Removal, and PCM Programming Question
  87. Another ve tuning question
  88. how much gain with a hpp3
  89. 2-1/16 wideband display
  90. installed built auto and new converter and now shifts 500 rpm earlier
  91. MAF Translotar Good Idea?
  92. Should i get it tuned???
  93. What causes
  94. Need help with code P0420
  95. can I control an auto with my manual trans computer?
  96. Damn car won't start!
  97. looking to professionally tuned my car with LS1Edit..sponsors??
  98. Selling a Timing Tuner/Nitrous controller
  99. Anyone have a 382 Stroker .LS1 file?
  100. Is the IAT responsible for just timing advance and not fuel trim?
  101. No more USB adapters?
  102. Setting P0106 MAP performance
  103. Car won't go into PE (open loop 2)
  104. Rwhp
  105. Which is correct A-TAP or EDIT ?
  106. Bad PCM
  107. P0200 Help Please!!
  108. Maft with Chevy Truck
  109. P0410
  110. maft with hpp3
  111. Dyno tune ???
  112. Help with idle on 98 Camaro
  113. Can Autozone reset PCM?
  114. if me and my buddy have edit
  115. 02 sensor??
  116. LS1 IAT sensor read the same as LT1?
  117. o2 sensor go bad ...
  118. Super Chip dyno what they sent me... Ls1 2002
  119. wtb Motec M48
  120. re-tune needed after LS6 intake install???
  121. maft
  122. 2000 C5 PCM Diagram
  123. General Concensus on Predator
  124. How to tune ATI @ 5psi on stock 98 /w no ls1edit
  125. maf translator
  126. What is the best WOT Air Fuel Ratio?
  127. anyone heard of a guy named dave viniger who tunes ls1's?
  128. What side is a Bank 1 and Bank 2????????????
  129. OBDll code PO430 Bank 2 1996 TAURUS NEED HELP!!
  130. SES Light on. Codes checked and...
  131. SO, is that a NO GO on the LS1 Edit instruction sticky thread? Seems like we need it
  132. Questions About the Tune in My Car
  133. Getting 3* of KR in third gear....
  134. AutoTap won't connect, Please Help!!
  135. Need help tuning a Vette. Reduced Engine Power Code
  136. Wester's computer programming
  137. Lock out module?
  138. Will removing the AIR tubes require programing
  139. Does anyone have a 2000 hypertech fs
  140. Stalling after high RPM to stop
  141. SUPERCHIP PROGRAMMERCamaro 5.7L LS1 1999-2002 2725 Not required +32HP +17ft/lb ?
  142. o2 Sims ?
  143. Bench harness and LS1 edit unlimited
  144. Is a HPP3 really necessary??
  145. Hunting idle and unusually hard lope
  146. Low coolant light....
  147. Predator
  148. Tuners- Help With Idle Surge On Big Cam A4
  149. VE pid in EFILive 6.3
  150. What can I safely set my shift points at? (Hypertech and Cam)
  151. cags bypass
  152. The EFI live tunning thread- share info about it.
  153. Codes Galore....
  154. Converted from M6 to 200-4R, will I need any tuning whatsoever?
  155. Please Help!
  156. PO420 Catalyst Low
  157. How Much
  158. warrenty on LS1edit cable.
  159. If the O2 codes are edited out....
  160. How far will a computer correct afr?
  161. LS1Edit question
  162. Do I need tuning when swapping injectors?
  163. Security Kill switch
  164. IAC counts?
  165. check coolant light on?
  166. Dumb question about timing....
  167. spark timing behavior question
  168. hypertech worth it...
  169. Computer Swap HELP
  170. Superchip vs Hypertech III
  171. Speed limiter on F-body????
  172. wideband o2 sensor on stock pcm
  173. MTI Dyno Tuning or FastChips (edd Wright)
  174. Low Idle
  175. How do you put on a mail order tune?
  176. LM1 users, I need a log
  177. code 1153??
  178. Pull fuses to prevent engine startup?
  179. Engine Diagnostic Display dash mounted?
  180. For an A$ to TH400 conversion, what PCM changes?
  181. SES light? P1416?
  182. How I used EFILive to capture LM-1 Wide band O2 data
  183. Gm PCM Tune Up?
  184. SES fan relay control circuit.
  185. Flashing SES light need help..
  186. Any news on the TunerCat tuner
  187. EFILive and FlashScan EXCLUSIVE at
  188. Car idles too high
  189. Tuning for TC lock-up
  190. Speed Calibration on car with LS1 Edit
  191. help please, what does this code mean?
  192. When you program using Edit, does it reset the PCM trouble codes?
  193. Is all this normal before tuning?
  194. A/F ratio
  195. Can my speedo be this far off?
  196. what makes your run rich?
  197. Having trouble wiring in an LED for my SLP line lock, need help!
  198. class project on tuning, need some help please
  199. Ve tuning question
  200. Any one own a Superchips tuner?
  201. 224 112lsa in a auto
  202. Granatelli High Flow Calibrated MAF
  203. Lengthen maf wires?
  204. maft tuning question (PLEASE HELP)
  205. Crank position Sensor?
  206. Does HPP3 Clear DTC's Now?
  207. Re-Installed my GMAF - what to look for?
  208. MAF Identification
  209. Thanks to Scott at
  210. EFIlive? Why no LS1/LS6 data
  211. Guage Cluster Question..
  212. Help with Delivered Torque
  213. Help, Flashing SES light
  215. ABS delete.....
  216. Low voltage MAF - Surging HELP
  217. bank 1 and 2 going lean
  218. Tuning Q's for new SS
  219. Who delete's KR
  220. Little electrical gremlin, need help.
  221. Misfire Problems
  222. Canadian-to-American
  223. nitro daves dyno tune?
  224. programming a programmer
  225. Dyno Tune ?????
  226. Air to Fuel
  227. Anybody know if there's a Fordish version of LS1 edit?
  228. Does leaning out fuel ratio with predator save gas milage?
  229. What's wrong with my car?
  230. New PCM package!!
  231. Big cams, 346cid, idle issues...
  232. HPTuners....LS1Edit competition....
  233. digimoto diagnostic software
  234. What do ya'll think?
  235. Teach me how to change front 02 sensors.
  236. P0122 code help!
  237. Where could I spice into for power only when the key is on?
  238. surging and missing at low rpms...
  239. Symptoms of bad front o2's?
  240. generic plugs cause knock?
  241. For a turbo can, say, why would the MAF now fuel right if it's not maxed?
  242. Mods: Make This a Sticky. LS1 Edit Table Definition and Help Guide
  243. LS1 Edit Software
  244. 231/237 cold idle great, hot idle ??
  245. Cranks but won't start ...W.T.F.??
  246. How do I get ride of any and all toque limits? LS1 Edit
  247. Injector sizing for 38lb gm ls1 edit.
  248. LS1 Edit, WOT shift Firmness Mods, how?
  249. How do I turn off the rear O2 Sensors?
  250. Low Trac light with no TCS?