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  1. HPP3 questions
  2. Newbie moving up to LS1Edit. Remove HPP3 first?
  3. A/F with predator
  4. Tuning individual cells..
  5. Setting P0332 & P0507, what are these and how do I fix it?
  6. Traction control kicks off/on by itself
  7. AZZHAULER runs bank1 off of the LM1!
  8. where to get ls1edit?
  9. Think I messed up my LS1Edit tune w/ Diablo
  10. ls1 edit?
  11. GMS/Diablo users within...
  12. What table takes care of this???
  13. LS1.Edit; downloaded file now can't re-connect??
  14. Good tuner/installer needed in Ga.
  15. LS1Edit newbie tip
  16. Something isn't righ...
  17. Newbie Autotap questions (creating config, helpful perameters)
  18. EGR removal
  19. LTFT's +20 on Bank 2 after Removing Cats.
  20. Innovate LM-1 users
  21. LS1M wideband help..
  22. Anybody know about LT1 Fbody MAF tables vs. ls1?
  23. Help Needed with O2's
  24. Gen VII or try stock pcm first?
  25. Just bought ATAP...How to output files to EXcel??
  26. Brake Torque Timing Table??
  27. Rear defroster trouble
  28. random misfire code wtf? P0300
  29. Tuner can't get LS1 Edit to connect. WTF?
  30. Getting 42# SVO's to idle.....
  31. Smoothing out truck timing curve?
  32. Any cure for surging/jerking effect when cruising at low RPMs/steady speed?
  33. Dynamic Air PID - EFILive
  34. Can I program the car to prevent misshifts? Check this out.
  35. WTF is going on??
  36. I have idle problems! Throttle position?
  37. Torque Managment question.
  38. Autotap code question on a 96 Z71 Tahoe???
  39. Part throttle tuning question
  40. LS1 Timing Tuner
  41. Any updates on AEM, or discuss using the race box
  42. how to "fix" factory tach?
  43. Service vechile light?
  44. NXL kit EDIT question
  45. ok, here are my logs...
  46. tuning for headers?
  47. Best way to replace Knock sensors and what parts are needed
  48. Heavy rims make a difference in rear wheel numbers?
  49. Detonation @ 4800 RPM
  50. 02 sensors???
  51. High or Low Octane tables w/ ATAP
  52. noob question
  53. EFI Live Connection Question?
  54. where can I find
  55. Tuning with Granatelli???
  56. Car won't start?
  57. Gen 7 Piggg back my A$$
  58. P.O. 342 Code After Heads Cam Swap..Pinched Wire??
  59. mech or elec gauges??
  60. New member (need Help)
  61. ABS question
  62. SES code list?
  63. Tach wire from the PCM on an LT1 car?
  64. Accel Gen 7 for Sale
  65. What does a Scan Master do looking to upgrade from HPP3
  66. USB to Serial Adapter? I need one for PDA Scan tool
  67. MAF Vs. Vibrations.
  68. Help on HPP3 shift points with 3.73 gears?
  69. Shift points with Predator help!
  70. Cheapest Place to get '02 Knock Sensors and Harness??
  71. Steps to reduce hydrocarbons for emissions test???
  72. EFI live information
  73. Just put a 9" in the car...
  74. Emissions question - add timing to idle?
  75. SES Light???
  77. Should EFIlive display slight A/F fluctuations?
  78. "Oil Change" light is on, how to turn it off?
  79. LS1 Edit
  80. Log file review please!!!
  81. Idle question
  82. Rich @ Idle vs. Injector Offset
  83. will turning off COT with cats on the car kill them?
  84. Tweaking dynotune on the street
  85. How to remove Vin from HPP3
  86. Take timing out for a cam ?????
  87. What parameters are needed to initiate a WOT downshift?
  88. Car runs great sometimes....sometimes it stutters
  89. will this work?
  90. 99 and 02 MAF's are different? According to GM they are.
  91. How EXACTLY are LTFT's calculated?
  92. Formula for gms/cyl different for different cubic inches?
  93. Pros or Experts Needed, Tuning on a draw through MAF S/C?
  94. 12-17% to much fuel.
  95. 2002 Z06 injectors
  96. Stock tach quit working
  97. Screwdriver tuning the SLP85mm MAF
  98. Problems w/ car????
  99. Knock Learn??
  100. Enable Torque Management
  101. just installed my EFI Livev5
  102. torque management
  103. Is the new Accell DFI right for my car?
  104. RPMs float ~2k when clutch goes in. LS1 Edit Solution?
  105. codes?
  106. Atap Log for my '03 Z...Take a look
  107. Dying at stops after intercooler project
  108. How to turn these codes off?
  109. Ideas on my laptop tray
  110. TPS Voltage
  111. Injector offset w/svo's whos done it, interesting results?
  112. 5000-5500 RPM stumble - KR
  113. Anyone using Predator and LS-1 edit?
  114. A4 RPM Shift Points / Diablo Programmer
  115. Y not disable rear O2's with LS1edit?
  116. Does TC lockup in 3rd gear at WOT?
  117. EFIlive/Autotap not working
  119. P327 code
  120. EFI Live v5 maf conversion function question
  121. No misfires and have a flashing ses light...
  122. Tip > Removed your AIR system? > Remove the fuse too
  123. Bosch O2's ???
  124. MAF Question
  125. Ls6 tuning
  126. rubber gaskets on pcm
  127. Can ATAP do Tranny Diagnostic?
  128. Does less than a 1/2 tank =low octane advance by pcm
  129. ls1edit and "drive be wire" question
  130. PCM
  131. Quick dyno/afr question
  132. best spark plug wires?
  133. Reprogramming after heads and cam
  134. Help with tuning
  135. HPP3 help.
  136. Lap top computer stand for our cars?
  137. Do I need tuning?
  138. C5 and cam, what is idle relearn for M6...
  139. Hydro carbon limit is 60PPM - WTF?
  140. Really lean in open loop paging ...NoGo or someone
  141. Pulling a Knock Sensor Code
  142. Hanging idle ? any cure for it?
  143. LS1edit? Tuning? Advice please...
  144. Closest dyno/LS1 edit tunning from Jacksonville FL?
  145. P101 CODE
  146. running really lean at idle and at end of 1/4.. someone help
  147. PCM speeding up car by itself??????
  148. Tech II question
  149. Autotap Log Help (NoGo)
  150. EFI Live STD vs. PRO?
  151. whats the best tuner for a 98 ls1 with basic free mods?
  152. Is a reprogramming via LS1Edit considered...
  153. predator and maft help at wot
  154. Bullets replacing cats, O2 sim question
  155. Ses light engine knock sensor
  156. LS1 Edit in Florida?
  157. P0172 & P0175 anyone here cure these?
  158. ??????ls1 edit or not?????
  159. Granettlei VS Slp MAF
  160. P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input?
  161. Granatelli(sp?) MAF Shorted out(maybe??)
  162. Please help with L Trims
  163. Is it worth upgrading to EFILive?
  164. Help me Tune with Predator
  165. PCM
  166. MAFT worth 80 bucks?
  167. Can I drive the car with out front O2's temporarily
  168. Need tuning going from 26# to 29# injectors??
  169. What to get first
  170. VERY INTERESTING thread on dyno tuning vs real world
  171. DIABLO TUNER 98?
  173. Shift firmness questions any one help..
  174. NoGo help with tuning of maf sensor..
  175. Clearing the previous fault code in PCM after the repair?
  176. if I am throwing codes for being too rich?
  177. Anyone know a website for C5 pcm wiring?
  178. Anyone downloaded a custom tune to your Predator?
  181. Anyone tried the stage 2 chip?
  182. Well it matter if u take of your themostat?
  183. Will the car still run right without rear O2's?
  184. Turning on Fans with LS1 Edit
  185. uneven ltrims
  186. Throwing Codes.....
  187. Autotap and Pulsewidth.
  188. H/C car - failed inspection!
  189. SES Light > No Autotap > Can Autozone check the code ?
  190. MAFT tuning and O2 code questions
  191. Fried my Cats!
  192. PCM Flash
  193. Timing help needed, NoGO and Chris B please give insight.
  194. Best location for wideband o2 sensor?
  195. My idle is messed!
  197. lt1 edit compatable with ed wright program?
  198. More Performance
  199. C0035,C0056,C0550
  200. motor felt like it didnt want to rev over 5500 in 4th?! help
  201. need yalls opinions....
  202. Diablo or Hypertech??
  203. o2 bank 1 and bank 2 #1 pcm wire ?????
  204. O2's Tell me the difference
  205. Need to go back to stock tune after LS1 Edit
  206. diablo wot for stock engine?
  207. OK, misfires. *DELETED*
  208. 02s
  209. best stand alone computer setup for an ls1?
  210. LS1 Edit .... where can I purchase
  211. Car stumbling, What could be causing it?
  212. SES light came on......4 tripped codes...HELP!!
  213. Home Made O2 Sims?
  214. Th400 swap and timing wont see what it is supposed to. HELP!
  215. ls1 edit ? about o2's
  216. turn key engine- crock o' $H*t
  217. Car stays at 2000RPM out of gear
  218. Injector Offset for Lucas 42's
  219. LINK ecu
  220. Predator scanning question
  221. 42lb.Bosch/SVO Injectors
  222. Guys with the Predator Programmer
  223. dyno tuning
  224. Did PCM reset.What to expect?
  225. Edit and A Tapp/EFI Live
  226. TPS relearn
  227. does predator log any data or is it only "real time"
  228. how to convert MAF gms/sec to lbs/min?
  229. Innovative wideband users...
  230. So the GEN 7 DFI can be run as a standalone?
  231. Reduced Engine Power
  232. Help me analyze my O2 readings and Fuel Trims
  233. diablo tuning
  234. How does the pcm determine barometric pressure?
  235. PCM Bad?? How to find out??
  236. question for those of you with a wideband
  237. NEWBIE ?
  238. Why does the belt keep jumping off
  239. Diagnose SES Problem
  240. want to buy edit
  241. MSD Programmable Digital 7
  242. Special Pricing on GEN7DFI
  243. Formula for shift points
  244. Beginner's guide to tuning
  245. Is this worth it? Or Just a HOAX?
  246. Extremely weird LT's
  247. Help me diagnose this KR issue
  248. Full custom tune??? (Dyno)
  249. Paging RWTD or Diablosport- cant set rev limit past stock
  250. Here are the 85mm MAF tables