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  1. Does leaning out fuel ratio with predator save gas milage?
  2. What's wrong with my car?
  3. New PCM package!!
  4. Big cams, 346cid, idle issues...
  5. HPTuners....LS1Edit competition....
  6. digimoto diagnostic software
  7. What do ya'll think?
  8. Teach me how to change front 02 sensors.
  9. P0122 code help!
  10. Where could I spice into for power only when the key is on?
  11. surging and missing at low rpms...
  12. Symptoms of bad front o2's?
  13. generic plugs cause knock?
  14. For a turbo can, say, why would the MAF now fuel right if it's not maxed?
  15. Mods: Make This a Sticky. LS1 Edit Table Definition and Help Guide
  16. LS1 Edit Software
  17. 231/237 cold idle great, hot idle ??
  18. Cranks but won't start ...W.T.F.??
  19. How do I get ride of any and all toque limits? LS1 Edit
  20. Injector sizing for 38lb gm ls1 edit.
  21. LS1 Edit, WOT shift Firmness Mods, how?
  22. How do I turn off the rear O2 Sensors?
  23. Low Trac light with no TCS?
  24. high idle...trouble shooting ideas please
  25. Close to stock numbers here
  26. TCS turned off on its own ...
  27. Stock Ls1 with auto....
  28. If you stall right after cold start, REAL hard to restart?
  29. idle fuel trim help
  30. usb autotap?
  31. TSP mail order tune vs. dyno tune.
  32. anybody got a engine harness diagram?
  33. idle problems, hanging @ 2000 rpm?
  34. Help!! getting a 1514 on a supercharged vette.
  35. What constitutes as abuse
  36. LTFT andWOT fuel relation?
  37. Stock shift points-Did search
  38. What's the best tuning program/software for me?
  39. BIG PROBLEM misfires like a SOB!
  40. Help! M6 4.10's Predator!!!!
  41. Autometer question
  42. Ls1 edit mistake
  43. Help me identify this PCM
  44. Ses Light Need Help
  45. Info On GEN 7 ls1 in high performance pontiac magazine
  46. Can Accel DFI Gen VII interchange transmissions by itself?
  47. serious tune
  48. question about gm tech 2
  49. Best Price on ECM Programming
  50. LS1Edit not reading
  51. Has anyone ever heard of this scanner???
  52. Should I get a tune after I get cats?
  53. wide band product
  54. What laptop for efilive & edit
  55. Looking for a good referance book on PIDs
  56. Weird LTFT
  57. Emissions readyness Status
  58. 2002 Motor w/ 98 PCM/Harness
  59. Injector Offsets- Accel 32lb...
  60. Atap F/s...
  61. Tuning
  62. Old MAFTranslator, I'm still running mine
  63. Trim cell 15 versus cell 22 at WOT
  64. Hotcam in A4, needs help with cold start surging
  65. Shift points with HPP3
  66. Why not use an 85mm MAF
  67. LS1Edit shift points/3.73's need help.
  68. Predator/LS1 Edit Tuning Questions for LS1 Electric Fans?
  69. Wideband A/F idea - cheap & data logging
  70. should I get a programmer?
  71. How do you reset the service engine soon light?
  72. Rear O2 sensor question
  73. Should i get a DIABLO tuner??
  74. revs up when i put brakes on!!
  75. EDIT,PE delay RPM???
  76. Needing slight explanations on differences in software
  77. PE vs RPM multiplier question.
  78. LS1 Edit
  79. How To Hook Up Hawker Battery?????
  80. Will MAFT adjust for Idle/Part throttle?
  81. O2 Heater Performance DTCs help.
  82. Misfires in internally stock engine?
  83. ASR Removal...
  84. Can you replace the front O2s wiht the rear ones?
  85. Something Interesting for PCM Tuning
  86. I dont know what to do?!?!
  87. Cluster Guage went out/ would it cause this?
  88. Engine missing!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. Anyone tried EFIlive V6 on a OBDII LTI? accurate?
  90. LS1 Edit tuning with a Dyno sheet
  91. LT1 Dyno Tuning in Houston or Surrounding Areas
  92. Predator Custom Tune Capabilities
  93. Any Good Tunners In Illinois??? For a LS1??
  94. Mail order PCM??
  95. Rapid Motorsports
  96. Timing has a mind of its own???
  97. How About a Sticky or Thread Explaining the Purpose of Each Edit Table?
  98. tuning help needed, car dies after wot runs
  99. Dyno in what gear?
  100. Fuel Additive / Higher Octane Fuel & Knock Retard...?
  101. Any way to Delete TM in A4
  102. I need Stock TRruck PCM Flash files -
  103. help me decide
  104. Help with EFIlive log file
  105. Used Diablosport Predator or LS1 Edit
  106. ECU pinouts needed
  107. Marbles after head install???
  108. looking for...
  109. Spark Advance Dip to -10 degrees
  110. Check Engine Code
  111. ls1 edit worth it?
  112. Rev Limiter?
  113. Fan Settings
  114. Idle surging (cold/hot/etc) take a look at my efilive log jpg
  115. Anyone run Gen 7 on a n/a stroker yet?
  116. Bank 2 Sensor 1
  117. Opinion after tuning with HPP3
  118. LS1 EDIT HOW DO I LOCK UP MY converter
  119. What shops in TX tune w/ wide-band O2 & dyno?????
  120. Dyno / Tuner at Portland OR Area?
  121. Stock #s for 98 Vette A4
  122. Edit gurus quick question
  123. MAF g/cyl way up after ported tb and head swap?
  124. HPP3 worth the money
  125. Low idle
  126. Does a Dead Battery = Lost Program
  127. QUICK! Reset the PCM ? or Battery?
  128. TPS % 100&TPS V=4.3 versus TPS % 100& TPSV=4.71
  129. Lean Condition After LT + ORP Install
  130. who has had their car tuned at ap-engineering in detroit?
  131. Autotap for USB and other updates!
  132. Dyno tune Dallas area??
  133. BayArea,ca Dyno shops
  134. Will hypertech proggrammer do the trick?
  135. Interesting Show on TV
  136. Anyone use these or know if they work??
  137. cam tuning
  138. New predator?
  139. Please explain this DTC!!
  140. Random misfire???
  141. P0239, TCS light on??
  142. p0300, random multiple cylinder misfire
  143. Will I need tuning?
  144. any shops in detroit that dyno tunels LS1's?
  145. Need to find a good tuner
  146. Need help deciding..
  147. SRS Light help!!
  148. Fernco Bellow now SES
  149. WOT and gms/cyl question
  150. should i get a tune...?
  151. hot starts with 231/237
  152. Running Rich..
  153. HPP3 question
  154. efi live
  155. i thought i would pass inspection
  156. New predator with 160 t-stat
  157. $$ no issue-best tuner in TX?
  158. SES light/ O2 simulators
  159. No Cats
  160. tuning question regarding MAF
  161. ported vs unported maf
  162. Transition to PE MODE...what happens?
  163. OBD II Emissions Inspection ?
  164. SES light on P0757
  165. Do i need a tune?
  166. what all could cause this knock sensor code?
  167. PROFORM Shift Light HELP !!!!
  168. SES flashing at stoplight,only. Ideas?
  169. Hpp 3 reset?
  170. Does the PCM know what gear you're in? (6-speed)
  171. MAFless/speed density tune
  172. while cruising, converter comes unlocked?????
  173. Radom misfire in #5
  174. Lets Start a Sticky Thread on Emissions
  175. DAMN SES Light
  176. Easy way to get out of low octane fuel table?
  177. AutoTap USB with EFL Live 5 Pro
  178. MTI tune
  179. O2 Simm question.
  180. Adjusting ifr for new svo 30#er's
  181. Sparkplugs are red?!
  182. Jet Chip
  183. Jet Chip
  184. random missfire codes
  185. So, if you've got an intake leak that you don't know about, or a misfire....
  186. (98 LS1) Removed EGR with header install, A/F went crazy...
  187. open loop when?
  188. keep gettin o2 heater code?
  189. 02 Sensor appearance
  190. When I disconnect my battery car does not like to start?
  191. Complete/Incomplete OBD dianostic test issues....
  192. P0 135,152,302 Help
  193. O2 Sensor Voltages
  194. how do yall get inspection stickers.
  195. People who have cold start issues (FIX INSIDE)
  196. Dallas Texas Tuning?
  197. HELP! i cant get efilive to work...
  198. Fighting excess hydrocarbons
  199. EGT gauge?
  200. Rail vs non rail mounted regulator tuning
  201. help
  202. Reading a PCM with Edit
  203. A/F Ratio - ATap vs Wideband
  204. Another Predator Question
  205. Tuning Ltrims
  206. Can someone shed some light on MAFT please.
  207. How to lower IAC counts with EDIT, no holes...
  208. Random Misfire After Mac Header Install
  209. Anyone one put a Z06 MAF on a LT1?
  210. HELP with Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge !!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. 98 Trans Am, Predator
  212. Can EFILive and LM-1 work together yet?
  213. IFR scaling alone yields uneven LTFT's
  214. Two codes after cam/header install
  215. Is a LS1Edit tune worth it for my mods and 90K miles?
  216. Getting knock
  217. Maft tunning with a mac scanner?
  218. Running lower timing then tables show???
  219. Ltft's ??'s
  220. best tune in pa nj area?
  221. How did i fail PA inspection
  222. Interesting DIY Wideband
  223. O2s lower on one side @ WOT???
  224. What to look for?
  225. Turbo Timing
  226. diablosport or something else like it
  227. predator diagnostic question
  228. AutoTap problems w/ playback of log pass
  229. scan tool input.
  230. to tune or not to tune?
  231. DTC P0430 Catalyst low efficiency bank 2
  232. What is trouble code PO154?
  233. Insight to code
  234. dtc 0131 & 0151 fix ?
  235. MTI PCM tune?
  236. Accel Gen 7
  237. Palm Pilot Diognostics???
  238. why dont they make predator for 98's
  239. Flaky LS1 computers or somthing else?
  240. Will a Predator Work For Me?
  241. Tough LS1 PCM question, let's see who can get it?
  242. 2002 harness w/ 1998 computer
  243. Raising the rev limiter with edit?
  244. Cold start surging?
  245. High altitude tuning, any tips?
  246. new tranny and a P0121?
  247. Removing 02 sensors in LS1 Edit
  248. Low Input on MAF...What's it mean?
  249. Help having problem with Edit on my home pc.
  250. how to check codes???