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  1. WOT timing at 15*...
  2. HP tuner for 98s?
  3. Opinions Please
  4. hpp3 strictly for tuning Torque Cnvertr
  5. Can you program ECU for different Tranny?
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  7. installing a new PCM
  8. LS1 Wiring Diagram
  9. who got tracking for hptuner?
  10. Looking for edit file
  11. Exhaust temp gauge sensor mounting.
  12. computer for boosted car
  13. Predator timing question
  14. Speed Density vs. MAF system?
  15. Superstar Tuners... I need some help PLEASE!
  16. If you are running FAST or Gen7 right now please post in here!
  17. Quick Question
  18. Changing to LS6 Intake, What tuning needs to be DONE?
  19. fuel filter question
  20. A new code thrown
  21. LS1Edit tuners, comments on this A/F?
  22. Please Help, Huge Problems!!
  23. (c5) LS1 Edit help
  24. advise on ls1-edit plz
  25. LS1 Edit - High Octane vice Low Octane Tables ?
  26. The answer to most of the check engine threads.
  27. Check Engine Light
  28. just got a-tap, where can i learn all the lingo?
  29. guage cluster is possessed!
  30. throttle position codes
  31. Base (stock) real data, feedback needed
  32. Missfires are driving me CRAZY!!!! on a cammed 98 SS
  33. can ls1 edit or other be reversed?
  34. Hwlp with surging
  35. Some Important LS1 HP Tuner Questions
  36. Please Help - Dash Problem
  37. Why doesn't TQ management just die?
  38. PCM and Wiring harness Diagram
  39. Please help me diagnose SES problem
  40. can i use a maft and timing tuner togather?
  41. Help! fuel issues and O2/knock codes...
  42. WOT Timing values?
  43. Flashscan Update - 19 March
  44. logging iac with efi-live?
  45. Where to get all the necessary LS1 edit equipment
  46. Another lame question
  47. ls1edit vs. HPP3
  48. Tuning basics?
  49. Tuners - Need Opinions on Data Logging Software
  50. PCM reprogramming for 4L80E swap.
  51. maf code
  52. Peculiar Truck MAF - or normal?
  53. Will a LS1Edit program for a '01 work with a '99?
  54. I have a question on changing TC lockup.
  55. How many Tuners are working on MAFless tuning out there?
  56. Question on timing file for nos
  57. Sounds Crazy....
  58. Ls1 edit questions
  59. Predator 1.04 progress?
  60. KR Problem- Help
  61. What triggers the Cam position sensor??
  62. SES light
  63. Idle and part throttle tuning?
  64. HP tuners
  65. Tuning the TReX
  66. When's MAFT switch between base and WOT?
  67. Ported MAF with resistor mod and LTRIMs?
  68. misfires
  69. MAF readings, what do they mean?
  70. Need stock 99 c5 A4 3.15 file
  71. Code PO410? HELP!
  72. hypertech? ls1edit? dyno tuning? what do i do? (e-newbie)
  73. Help! Failed emissions.....
  74. Primary fuel correction = MAF tables or VE?
  75. fast- wideband o2 set up dont make sense to me.-->>>
  76. SES-Bank 1 and 2 system to rich
  77. LS1 Edit crashed - PCM gone!
  78. For Sale EFILive V5 Professional for GM LS1/LS6
  79. need help!! po138 code!
  80. Will bad O2 sensors cause a lean condition?
  81. Z06 tuned with edit problem
  82. rear O2 sensor-- what voltage can i feed it?
  83. STFT verses 02 Volts
  84. MAF Driven Load?
  85. HELP!!! Scanner works but ATAP won't read anything from my car......
  86. Dfi Gen 7 Vs Fast System
  87. Flashing SES
  88. VE Table Cracked
  89. VE Table Cracked
  90. VE Table Cracked
  91. HPP3 throwing a code - questions
  92. how hard is it to tune with HP tuning...
  93. Any warranty issues with predator??
  94. Any warranty issues with predator??
  95. Have 99 LS1edit can I have carputing add a 00
  96. Can the Diablo do this?
  97. knock sensors..
  98. Ok I got an Innovative wideband, now what's the easiest/cheapest way to tune the a/f?
  99. Anyone notice the new 'tune' menu in EFI live ver 6?
  100. PE vs RPM changes: are they really needed in the lower RPMs?
  101. Autotap logging results after cam install Need Tuning?
  102. USB ---> Serial Adapter
  103. Anybody know how to convert an F-Body MAF to Z06 or vice versa?
  104. Is there a better way to tune a car that maxes the MAF at 3700rpm beside PE?
  105. after my Vig3200 install
  106. GGW Guages gone wild
  107. Got a cam from, they tuned for it for only $150!
  108. What should I do?
  109. Can you buy a used predator and get it reflashed
  110. Help with trouble codes and warranty info
  111. LS1 to Z06 MAF Sensor Conversion
  112. Which ECU do I buy for 382 Stroker?
  113. O2 Codes after header install
  114. Help with O2 B1S2 as wideband input
  115. WOT LTFT question when using Predator
  116. c0056 code? help please
  117. best place to get 98 pcm tuned
  118. Atap questions
  119. Help with P0133 and P0153 ?!?!?!??!?
  120. Tuning out the maf?
  121. No power to my Autotap?
  122. Snap On MTG2500?????
  123. low timeing
  124. low timing
  125. need help!!!
  126. effects of part throttle tuning on WOT
  127. After boost idle stays at 1500 until I come to complete stop. How to fix?
  128. Trouble codes
  129. pcm cost ??
  130. 91 vette pcm plus 496 big block
  131. Anyone get their LS1 tuned at Livernois Motorsports/Speedworks?
  132. Part Throttle Timing in LS1 Edit
  133. Predator tuning for headers
  134. c5 tune need help
  135. What is the stock rev limiter?? 99SS M6
  136. Buying a new computer, do I need dealer flash before LS1Edit???
  137. HPP3 and LS1edit...can they be used together?
  138. LS1 Edit program into a Predator?
  139. Wideband convertor box for Autometer gauges? Think this works?
  140. GEN7, HP Tuners etc...need an answer
  141. Cam tuning ?$
  142. GMS Diablo Sport Programmer Pro and Cons
  143. new to edit just got today any suggestions
  144. No lockout for Reverse P0803
  145. Can inconsistent O2 reading SES light be tuned out?
  146. What would make idle 25 higher than set value?
  147. Code 0430: Where do I start? HELP!?!?!
  148. code P0420???Please help!
  149. Code 0751... HELP!
  150. have predator will travel...but
  151. LS1 stops while driving along
  152. can anyone diagnose thsi problem
  153. Attn: HP Tuners
  154. hypertech power programmer (code 6)
  155. auto taped car: throwing codes P0157 & P1153
  156. Turning down the burst knock
  157. Tuning for a new converter
  158. Good temp sender Location?
  159. Transmission tuning with LS1 Edit
  160. Efi live vs AutoTap vs LS1edit vs HPtuner
  161. vats and efilive
  162. How will a disconnected O2 affect the accuracy of wideband AFR measurements?
  163. EFI LIve crank relearn Problems
  164. New Cam and LT's what to tune?
  165. MAF and SD - from gameover
  166. Tuning issue or injectors?
  167. Hard start, Diagnostion needed. HELP
  168. A/F questions
  169. Need IFR table for 28.8 inj. from Z06
  170. Autotap/Windows XP
  171. Clearing the pcm
  172. New scan tool on the market...
  173. Need shift tabel help auto w/ 4.10s
  174. Idle questions
  175. Trying to get a hold of AP-Engineering in MI
  176. adjusting tranny shift points and what not
  177. Car died! Dashboard madness
  178. how long does it take PCM to learn?
  179. need help with shift points and TCC stuff..
  180. Need help with Idle surge problem
  181. How you get your car to run open loop all the time?
  182. PCM Pin Assignments
  183. Tuner Cat software ???
  184. How do you program Ls1 after Cam install?
  185. uneven ltrims solved
  186. New TunerCat
  187. 2001 different from 2002
  188. O2 reading question...
  189. Paging Paul Blackmore, Anyone GTO datalogging
  190. Autotap good enough...
  191. LS1Edit? Dyno/wideband a must?
  192. still pinging and kr dammit
  193. P1810- Manifold Pressure Switch?
  194. Running rich
  195. Huh? Removed rear O2's w/ no SES light...
  196. NOS-Wet or Dry?????????
  197. Decreased Timing
  198. 90 degree bend right after MAF - Can our MAF's handle that?
  199. PCM not ready
  200. Shift Points after converter and gears
  201. Rev limiter Question..
  202. Is there a fix for the GMAF?
  203. What is LS1 Edit?:
  204. LS1 Edit What is it?:
  205. o2sensor
  206. diablo sport programmer question?
  207. Please evaluate, how do these numbers sound after tuning?
  208. Anyone know of good tuner near Bristol,TN
  209. Torque Converter lockup after gear change need some advice/help
  210. 98 alternator; 12 or 5 volt reference?
  211. timing goes from 30.5 (6089) -> 0 - >25.5 (4600) on 2nd gear shift
  212. Low coolant light is on, but it's not low ???
  213. Throttle Follower Airflow Decay - Throttle Cracker Airflow
  214. Ls1 Edit-should I?
  215. do i need a tune?
  216. Ok, autotap'ed my car, what does this mean...
  217. Trouble codes and performance?
  218. A.I.R & EGR Removal???
  219. Used HPP3 Warning
  220. Can EFILive remove the speed limiter?
  221. Accel Gen 7 work for 99 vette?
  222. Trouble Codes
  223. Anyone know the best price for mail order tune?
  224. ANyone know anything about the G Tech Pro meter adapter?
  225. What is the differences in the PCMs in the 2000 and 2002 Z28's?
  226. HP Tuners is now accepting orders.
  227. Adjusting the PE table for IFR table changes, need expert help!
  228. SES question
  229. Maft
  230. LTRIMS - 17.5 what does this mean....
  231. TB only shows 2.8V @ WOT
  232. Safe to run nitrous?
  233. Some questions about Scanners....
  234. Will i need Ls1edit?
  235. cost of gen 7 vrs FAST system
  236. What OBDII tool would be best for me?
  237. got codes
  238. were to take timing out on nitrous
  239. I need help with the 2002 LS1 PCM PIN Assignment?
  240. Knock Sensor codes, what causes them? Nogo?
  241. IFR table and effects on Injector Duty Cycle
  242. Stock MAF Calibration - Tolerances?
  243. Fast
  244. LS1 Edit ? about VSS
  245. Looking to buy Good Scanners or Software for Laptop?
  246. SES light help!
  247. Could knock be from not using a bilot bearing
  248. Security Lite
  249. affordable wideband
  250. P0327 code where do I start?