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  1. F.A.S.T for LS1
  2. GEN 7 DFI a plug n play my arse!!
  3. tuning Issues with new heads and cam
  4. Car seems to have no throttle response?
  5. OBII check engine soon
  6. Long term fuel trim's
  7. how much to adjust PE? running rich
  8. Flashing a 99 PCM with 00+ VIN?
  9. Can someone send me full version of Fast ccom
  10. GM 85mm MAF - Hz?
  11. '01 and '02 PCM's interchangeable?
  12. Not ls1-EGR question
  13. Having issues with a Holley 50# injecter in a turbo
  14. Checking O2 crosscounts, w/ EFILive to see their condition
  15. need your helps folks...what is best aftermarket fuel management system? and why?
  16. quick ls1 edit question...
  17. Predator and its new features vs. Dyno tune?
  18. predator and tm on the base tune
  19. PCM - acting weird?
  20. Can i use a 99pcm on 01 motor?
  21. EFI Live?
  22. I got 24 more HP over MTI's Mail order tune
  23. Why does LPE have unlimited access to ECU while other tuners don't?
  24. Using Corvette Oxygen Sensors in F-body
  25. detonation on run 1 but not after, and o2 ?'s
  26. Anybody know how to get ahold of the people that make Predator?
  27. Fuel Injector Duty Cycle, EFI Live please help.
  28. Another flashing SES!!!
  29. Kind of don't understand EFI Live, how to setup different tables (logging)?
  30. who on the east coast should I have tune my car?
  31. Deleting TM issues.....
  32. trans pressure?
  33. Need Help!!!
  34. Predator application????
  35. Got a code I can't figure out
  36. What is a good shift time with Edit?
  37. Anyone know when the AEM will come out for our cars?
  38. Ahh Help Save My Eyes!!!
  39. Personal Tuning via LS1 Edit vs. Shop's Dyno Tune
  40. Flashing SES....
  41. computer doing wierd stuff when i start the car
  42. Predator Questions
  43. Knock Gauge
  44. LS1 Edit question... PLEASE HELP!!
  45. ANy way in EFILive to make this PID?
  46. P0300 Is this the fix for it?
  47. Mail order tune?
  48. TM with Predator
  49. Anyone that has ED W. Tuning have problems with him returning your PCM back to stock?
  50. Reset the Air bag light?
  51. o2 sesnor -Help
  52. tuning turbo 427 with ls1 edit?
  53. How long does ls1edit take
  54. Has anyone ever seen this?
  55. G-TECH COMP HP Ratings HELP
  56. P0121 code. what is it exactly?
  57. Car starts making hella power then...
  58. Looking for a stock PCM program for a 99 F body with an A4 and 3:23 gears.
  59. what temps to turn on fans with 160 stat
  60. Strange fueling problem...
  61. lm-1 opinions
  62. Crankshaft Position Sensor
  63. Can I Use A Pcm Form An Auto Lt1 For A 6-speed Lt1 Car
  64. new 373's, will i hurt anything
  65. ? about falshing PCM
  66. Predator confusion
  67. P0101, I have no idea what is wrong.
  68. predator customer service
  69. Trying to shake the cob webs.
  70. getting knock on one run then not again?
  71. o2 simms question???
  72. What enables COT? Rear O2 inputs?
  73. cold crank and really high air fuel??
  74. why do headers make u run rich?
  75. Got a lean bank 2 code - need a little guidance.
  76. easiest (cheapest) way to retard timing
  77. how high is too high for rev limit
  78. Code Reader for $39, is this one ok?
  79. Can you use a Corvette PCM in an F body?
  80. Help with Code P0138
  81. pinging/detonations questions and WOT fuel
  82. hp &TQ predator base tune
  83. Diablo Rev Limits On/Off ???
  84. Traction Control question
  85. edit fails read ?
  86. 4L60E and Edit Tune-Any Way This Could Happen?
  87. Innovative Wideband users...
  88. What MAF table do i use for a SLP maf?
  89. timing is adjusted, i loged some numbers...can i get some help?
  90. PCM Question?
  91. 2-Step For LS1s
  92. Anyone use TTS?
  93. dyno'd in open loop?
  94. Which option from autotap to get...
  95. Were can I buy Accel Gen 7 DFI
  96. Dialbo Predator Programer
  97. My timing is doing its own thing....
  98. LS1 Edit order form question.....
  99. predator performance tune in California
  100. catalytic code
  101. 98 99 fbody comp question
  102. a-tap software?
  103. Laptop for tuning
  104. Anybody have the dyno sheets for the various programmers out there?
  105. Why are my A/F ratios not consistent?
  106. EFI LIVEv6 which is better
  107. airbag light
  108. Can't Get A Data Stream Or Codes Out Of My Car
  109. tune in OHIO
  110. low rpm timing?
  111. engine temp to go into closed loop?
  112. Wot Advance..... How Much Is Safe????
  113. Wideband going lean??
  114. P102 MAF low circuit Input Code
  115. LS1 Edit Newbie
  116. Help With SES Light (Code P0121)
  117. P0300 random cly mis-fire
  118. Predator & SLP MAF
  119. How do you import spark/fuel into EFILive v5?
  120. timing?@wot
  121. Wacky LTFTs at idle???
  122. What Laptop is everyone using for EDIT?
  123. Be careful with EFIlive V6
  124. Aftermarket Coil Packs?
  125. deleting rear o2 sensors???
  126. SES question
  127. ls1 in a miata
  128. Fan On/Off settings 180 t-stat
  129. Predator to pc help
  130. So, finally got this dang Z06 in the - LTFT's, but seems like it took too much.
  131. need help asap
  132. EFI Live, No Inj. Duty Cycle? How long pulsewidth is too much?
  133. Help me figure out what is wrong w/ this car
  134. Accel gen 7 or FAST??? Will be selling edit.
  135. Hard time holding idle > please help
  136. Anyone have trans issues as a result of lockin the converter on the dyno
  137. Ported MAF ends
  138. Diablo Predator Programmers
  139. NON OBD2 Codes...Dealer Codes???
  140. connecting predator to pc
  141. MAF Table ?
  142. predator and quartermile time?
  143. predator and tourque management
  144. GMAF and predator
  145. jet power control module
  146. P1416=Air system bank 2...question inside
  147. P0449 code ( HELP)
  148. Do I need larger Injectors
  149. Please help with spark knock problem...
  150. predator problem
  151. Looking for cell data
  152. Automatic Guys? Timing question.
  153. Hypertech Problems FYI
  154. Dyno tuning or not?
  155. Reading Injector PulseWidth??
  156. What is----------->
  157. disable CAGS w/Diablo???
  158. torque management and drive by wire help
  159. My Long Tubes =(
  160. Westers Tuning
  161. My LS1Edit isn't working???
  162. Is KR Easy To Spot on Dyno Graph?
  163. When changing PE vs RPM my LTRMS change
  164. Running very rich- ok to drive, bad for new muffler?
  165. MSD shift light Qs...
  166. Diablo for tuning after cam install??
  167. NeedNeed Help ASAP.. Tried all that I know to do, but still nothing works.....
  168. G-Tech/Pro??
  169. Predator's capabilities w/eliminating lean cond
  170. EGR/AIR removal on LT1?
  171. Question about a diagnostic code
  172. About MAFstock vs. 500hp
  173. do i need to wideband my car or will ls1 edit do the trick..
  174. VE tables
  175. Can buy used Predator for $300
  176. Jet performance Chip?
  177. How rich does it get to throw a P0172/P0175 code
  178. Idle Problems?
  179. Any ideas on fixing racing idle when slowing down?
  180. dyno tuning
  181. Logging VE's
  182. SES light = Knock Sensor... does it matter?
  183. LM-1 RPM Cable now available
  184. Any reason for tuning for idle that wont learn
  185. So, how can an LS1 actually run rich?
  186. I have a code, help
  187. Off Road Long tubes with no tuning.
  188. piggy back module for boost control.
  189. Whats the difference betwen High Octane and Base spark in gear??
  190. Laptop ports for edit and ATAP?????
  191. Upgrading LS1-Edit from v1.1 to v1.2 or v1.3 ?
  192. Obd - No Power
  193. Been gone for awhile....
  194. P102 MAF Low Circuit Input
  195. how do I Disable second gear starts.
  196. Running open loop question.
  197. How Low Can you Go
  198. Honeycut you know who this is, tuning question?
  199. PE tuning after ported heads
  200. IAC counts at 0
  201. Closed Loop Fault
  202. Reprograming a 1999 LS1 PCM for a 2004 LS6 ?
  203. Fuel Trim Won't Adjust!
  204. car sucks after tunning
  205. another question about predator
  206. o2 readings? .900+ rich or lean?
  207. Knock retard
  208. Need Help Quick
  209. Throttle follower tables?
  210. P0200 anybody?
  211. Cam install tuning???
  212. PCM question for conversion
  213. Is tuning needed for 30lbs injectors
  214. Need PCM for LS6 ?
  215. Anyone had a tune "dump" on them??
  216. Can someone help me out with an atap datalog?
  217. 93 Octane = 9* KR...100 Octane = 0 KR, now what?
  218. Oil usage caused by rich idle after cam?
  219. IAC counts
  220. ed wright tunning
  221. Maxium injector duty cycle - OBD-2 software
  222. How To Reset Hypertech Settings (for Resale)
  223. Any tuner's in AL?
  224. Tuning
  225. Jeremy Formato@FasterProms...Great Tune!
  226. Do I need to tune?
  227. Where to get a PCM?
  228. Stock timming and AFR
  229. Fuel trim & Timing
  230. 1st time trying to use Edit????
  231. Will this work with autotap software?
  232. Help, SES "lean"
  233. Question for you LS1edit and computer guru's
  234. Cheapest way to change shift points?
  235. Anyone know if a MMS 229 v2.1 can pass sniffer w/cats and tune?
  236. Have the 1415 bank 1 code after heads/cam/exhuast install. Any ideas?
  237. questions about tuning
  238. programmers?
  239. Need Info: First time for a Knock Retard Code.
  240. Question about tuning(please help)....
  241. Ported ends vs. stocker for tuning?
  242. What does the PCM do when you gas
  243. LS1 edit vs. Predator...
  244. Can I delete the ABS INOP, brake light,
  245. Loading .ls1 files in ls1 edit
  246. Stock vs hhp3 tuning w/tr220
  247. O2 sensor code 1133,1153
  248. PE Multiplier too small?
  249. Running much lost hp??
  250. Predator programmer!!!