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  1. swapping PCM's and I already have edit??
  2. Bad O2 Sensor
  3. A/F is black(Pro Stock John, anyone?)
  4. does anyone in houston area do tuning on a 5.3 truck????
  5. i need help about total timing
  6. ses light?? please!
  7. car won't lean out at WOT?
  8. WTF is check sum error
  9. PCM Settings for Cooling Fans On/Off vs Temps?
  10. Accel DFI Gen7 w/ Wideband O2 option
  11. High LTFT even after alot of tunning?
  12. Firmer quicker shifts
  13. Please Help SES Light On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Misrouted harness cause codes???
  15. Getting high and low MAF frequencies, CKP sensor code
  16. Hypertech?
  17. too much background noise while on dyno
  18. Converter lockup problem after cam install.Misfire code del.
  19. PE vs. RPM...max enrichment allowed...?
  20. Dead Battery.. now no gauges???
  21. A4 shift points with edit
  22. What do I look for when testing a N2O setup w/autotap?
  23. ses light
  24. P0300 DTC after cam install?
  25. Going from ported MAF to stock MAF
  26. Where to learn F.A.S.T. system in-depth?
  27. Idle stumbles when coming to a stop, then recovers
  28. How to lean out part throttle in LS1Edit?
  29. 42's n/a anyone have a file?
  30. Who can explain how the tach signal wire works?
  31. when adding heads to cam-only, is retune (LS1edit) needed?
  32. Closed versus Open Loop
  33. so does this look right?
  34. Significance Of LTFT & Tuning
  35. whats P1153
  36. log screen shots.......... HELP
  37. tunning
  38. car throwin codes??
  39. Right Bank Running Lean
  40. Car dies when I let off the gas quickly
  41. woohoo, got my auto tap today (some ?'s)
  42. EFI V5 Live users........ Help
  43. Reprograming PCM using LS1 edit & HPP3
  44. Speartech conversion car throwing a P0102 code
  45. Printing in LS1 Edit?
  46. Correcting Speedometer in LS1 Edit for non stock tranny
  47. shifting help
  48. RPM switch
  49. Where to get dyno tuned in south Georgia/north Florida area?
  50. Fast or DFI ???
  51. pinging still?? i want everyones imput please
  52. predator or custom tuning???? i need help!!!
  53. Predator Custom tuning???Where to start??
  55. hurry COT help!! no cats can i delete?
  56. Reseting PCM
  57. Rev limit and shift points?
  58. threw P0172 and P0175 have questions
  59. Spark plugs
  60. welp... still 4* KR at WOT ... can MAF be culprit?
  61. idle going up and down till warm
  62. Car won't start after swap to A4
  63. what is COT ?? and how do you disable torque managment ???
  64. Need A Tuner in South Florida or Orlando
  65. In car laptop holder
  66. KR question
  67. racing chip
  68. SES Light On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. a few questions on hpp3
  70. About to order some questions!
  71. autotap efiliveV5 pro ???>>>>
  72. Procharger timing issues
  73. Dataloggers for use with OBDII?
  74. After the basic.................
  75. Car stays in low octane map all the time, why?
  76. anybody with wideband setup
  77. autotap-are timing advance readings less any knock retard?
  78. Proper tunning vs RWHP Races - come inside
  79. how to tune out knock retard
  80. running super rich while in idle & pt
  81. Can i remove the cruise controll anyone done it?
  82. cooling fan temps
  83. HPP3 questions please help
  84. My buddy's Jetta
  85. Breathing mods and edit
  86. Cincinatti area tune
  87. Timing and tuning questions
  88. ses light, WTF?
  89. not hitting 100% TPS at WOT...big deal?
  90. Disconnected MAF ???
  91. Surging issues
  92. vehicle speed sensor code??
  93. Code P1415, WTF???
  94. Can you re-sell a Predator?
  95. EFI Live MAF Help Please
  96. closest place for tuning?
  97. pulling cats what do I toggle off in ls1edit
  98. Why won't my misfire problems end?
  99. What ways can you tell if a car is in open or closed loop.
  100. Make sure I got this straight, on idle vacuum kpa to In Hg
  101. HKS Super AFR tuning
  102. First Dyno after H/C
  103. what's causing my P0101 code
  104. Do I need a tuning?
  105. Anyone use this cable with EFILive or A-Tap?
  106. Will LS1 edit log diagnostics like autotap?
  107. Shift Kit + LS1 Edit
  109. Why wont car start?
  110. 160 Thermo
  111. harlan 2 step
  112. Where is BCM
  113. Installed Ati and now getting PCM codes p1111 and p0113...
  114. Will someone help me interperet my first ever A-tap logs
  115. Main VE?
  116. Fuel trims goto 0.0% @ WOT, 16-18 deg timing max
  117. KR in 3rd gear + only?
  118. Ordered LS1_Edit, When do I supply my VIN?
  119. Pinging @ WOT (what to do with predator?)
  120. anyone with EFI LIVE please help once more....
  121. Help with hestation
  122. New headers and high flow cats
  123. Wiring Pillar Guages
  124. DELETED
  125. EASE unavaliable parameters?
  126. Shift points and firmness in Edit??
  127. anyone with efi live please help!!!!!
  128. Colds Idle Starts
  129. shift points
  130. MAF gm/s
  131. O2 B1S1 & B2S1 off
  132. Request for information on Aftermarket ECM flashing and pos
  133. How to desensitize misfire detection at idle?
  134. TB drilled for cam, now on stock cam have bad drivability
  135. tuning after lt's???
  136. tranny not shifting right and tc not locking up right either
  137. SES Light
  138. LS1EDIT at TA Nationals??
  140. timing
  141. Any tuners in the house. Need some help diagnosing
  142. LS1 Edit problem. What went wrong?
  143. Is this an injector offset issue?
  144. Please help soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. more predator newbie questions
  146. Why do I keep getting PO 448
  147. Best place to buy Predator?
  148. Autotap or Ls1edit / Which to buy first?
  149. Predator Problem!!!
  150. Heeeelp, I think they're screwing me...
  151. Predator Tuning Problem
  152. WOT fuel help please
  153. Help with ls1 edit
  154. EASE, trans temp??
  155. air bag light on
  156. How to lean out A/F ratio in closed loop?
  157. Hesitation Problem, Need help
  158. predator newbie with dumb questions
  159. new LS1 Edit forums
  160. possible false knock?
  161. Dealer ship can not communicate with vehical??
  162. I am stumped!!! Help! *DELETED*
  163. VE table vs Tip -In
  164. tuning questions, best a/f ratio and timing?
  165. Ls1 edit and O2's
  167. AutoTap question?
  168. Predator custom tuning
  169. Predator
  170. Don't know where to go.
  171. Need help with edit
  172. EFILiveV5 and Oil Pressure
  173. LS1 Edit - KR, COT, TC
  174. Bone stock autotap #s...weak? please opine
  175. KR help
  176. NEEDED : 98 F-Body PCM, ASAP!
  177. Traction control
  178. Speedometer help and edit
  179. throwing codes
  180. p0121
  181. trouble codes, P-1133 and PO102
  182. HELP!!!! service engine soon light
  183. P0133 slow o2 response
  184. How to tell if prev. owner had my computer reprogrammed
  185. LS1 edit or ed wright tune
  186. I need a stock LT1 dyno sheet!
  187. I randomly lose TCS after working with fuel system.
  188. quick autotap question?
  189. cam and headers....need a tune?
  190. Car running after 7 months.. just 1 code now..
  191. Trans shifting into 2nd way too soon, only at the track
  192. any ls1edit gurus in the Sacramento area
  193. PCM has wrong tire size????
  194. ABS and O2's?????
  195. Idle help
  196. need help tuning
  197. Power programmer around Lexington, Ky area??
  198. Who makes the MAFT?
  199. Need help ASAP. Having a prolem at 5k-5.5k, car breaking
  200. auto tap
  201. Paging Supercharger/LS1Edit gurus...
  202. Is the factory speed slow under hard acceleration?
  203. What has to occur to activate the Low Octane Table???
  204. PCM
  205. Need Help!!! ATAP, LS1 edit not recognizing computer!!
  206. 99 motor in a98. PCM Differences???
  207. cooling fan help
  208. Threw code P0135
  209. Two Guys Garage - Hypertech = 120HP gain?????
  210. Pic of LS1 Wiring Harness inside
  211. Does any one know where i can buy a new computer
  212. Temperature Gauge fix for '99 & up?
  213. How good is the Predator?
  214. Low octane spark advance & high octane...
  215. Car running weird... help pls
  216. Can i gain from dyno tuning at the bolt on level?
  217. Can you tune with a stock O2 sensor?
  218. Tach not working?
  219. Predator axle ratio change
  220. First Autotap log tonight, help needed....*UPDATED*
  221. question about using laptop w/ ls1edit
  222. 1998 Diablo Sport Predator?!?!
  223. gm's tech 2 and ls1edit work together?
  224. Knock sensor conversion on 98
  225. ecm or bcm
  226. Help car wont rev past......
  227. is that bad 1.7 KR
  228. Adjusting Ltrims... What table in LS1 Edit?
  229. Help me with this code my car threw....
  230. What is the easiest way to calibrate my car for my 4.10s??
  231. why did my fuel trims go down to -8 or more after gettin gas
  232. MAFT directions?
  233. Tuning Questions about injectors....
  234. MAFT, new vs old
  235. Need edit file for 427 stroker
  236. I need diagnostic help
  237. Do I need differn't Injectors?
  238. Will LS1 edit work on the LS1 trucks?
  239. Will i be able to use my EDIT with a replacement ECM?
  240. ATI P-1SC timing issues (LS1Edit)
  241. O2 Sensor Question - Values varying widely
  242. does any one have info on the flash chips??
  243. High IAC's, how can I lower?
  244. Help, car running like crap!
  245. Help Knock from nowhere (long)
  246. Serial to USB converter for LS1 Edit
  247. i think i might have detonation but i dont know, help me!!!
  248. Just thew a code...P0171 ...........
  250. Which AUTO TAP to get?