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  1. MAF Question
  2. Ls6 tuning
  3. rubber gaskets on pcm
  4. Can ATAP do Tranny Diagnostic?
  5. Does less than a 1/2 tank =low octane advance by pcm
  6. ls1edit and "drive be wire" question
  7. PCM
  8. Quick dyno/afr question
  9. best spark plug wires?
  10. Reprogramming after heads and cam
  11. Help with tuning
  12. HPP3 help.
  13. Lap top computer stand for our cars?
  14. Do I need tuning?
  15. C5 and cam, what is idle relearn for M6...
  16. Hydro carbon limit is 60PPM - WTF?
  17. Really lean in open loop paging ...NoGo or someone
  18. Pulling a Knock Sensor Code
  19. Hanging idle ? any cure for it?
  20. LS1edit? Tuning? Advice please...
  21. Closest dyno/LS1 edit tunning from Jacksonville FL?
  22. P101 CODE
  23. running really lean at idle and at end of 1/4.. someone help
  24. PCM speeding up car by itself??????
  25. Tech II question
  26. Autotap Log Help (NoGo)
  27. EFI Live STD vs. PRO?
  28. whats the best tuner for a 98 ls1 with basic free mods?
  29. Is a reprogramming via LS1Edit considered...
  30. predator and maft help at wot
  31. Bullets replacing cats, O2 sim question
  32. Ses light engine knock sensor
  33. LS1 Edit in Florida?
  34. P0172 & P0175 anyone here cure these?
  35. ??????ls1 edit or not?????
  36. Granettlei VS Slp MAF
  37. P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input?
  38. Granatelli(sp?) MAF Shorted out(maybe??)
  39. Please help with L Trims
  40. Is it worth upgrading to EFILive?
  41. Help me Tune with Predator
  42. PCM
  43. MAFT worth 80 bucks?
  44. Can I drive the car with out front O2's temporarily
  45. Need tuning going from 26# to 29# injectors??
  46. What to get first
  47. VERY INTERESTING thread on dyno tuning vs real world
  48. DIABLO TUNER 98?
  50. Shift firmness questions any one help..
  51. NoGo help with tuning of maf sensor..
  52. Clearing the previous fault code in PCM after the repair?
  53. if I am throwing codes for being too rich?
  54. Anyone know a website for C5 pcm wiring?
  55. Anyone downloaded a custom tune to your Predator?
  58. Anyone tried the stage 2 chip?
  59. Well it matter if u take of your themostat?
  60. Will the car still run right without rear O2's?
  61. Turning on Fans with LS1 Edit
  62. uneven ltrims
  63. Throwing Codes.....
  64. Autotap and Pulsewidth.
  65. H/C car - failed inspection!
  66. SES Light > No Autotap > Can Autozone check the code ?
  67. MAFT tuning and O2 code questions
  68. Fried my Cats!
  69. PCM Flash
  70. Timing help needed, NoGO and Chris B please give insight.
  71. Best location for wideband o2 sensor?
  72. My idle is messed!
  74. lt1 edit compatable with ed wright program?
  75. More Performance
  76. C0035,C0056,C0550
  77. motor felt like it didnt want to rev over 5500 in 4th?! help
  78. need yalls opinions....
  79. Diablo or Hypertech??
  80. o2 bank 1 and bank 2 #1 pcm wire ?????
  81. O2's Tell me the difference
  82. Need to go back to stock tune after LS1 Edit
  83. diablo wot for stock engine?
  84. OK, misfires. *DELETED*
  85. 02s
  86. best stand alone computer setup for an ls1?
  87. LS1 Edit .... where can I purchase
  88. Car stumbling, What could be causing it?
  89. SES light came on......4 tripped codes...HELP!!
  90. Home Made O2 Sims?
  91. Th400 swap and timing wont see what it is supposed to. HELP!
  92. ls1 edit ? about o2's
  93. turn key engine- crock o' $H*t
  94. Car stays at 2000RPM out of gear
  95. Injector Offset for Lucas 42's
  96. LINK ecu
  97. Predator scanning question
  98. 42lb.Bosch/SVO Injectors
  99. Guys with the Predator Programmer
  100. dyno tuning
  101. Did PCM reset.What to expect?
  102. Edit and A Tapp/EFI Live
  103. TPS relearn
  104. does predator log any data or is it only "real time"
  105. how to convert MAF gms/sec to lbs/min?
  106. Innovative wideband users...
  107. So the GEN 7 DFI can be run as a standalone?
  108. Reduced Engine Power
  109. Help me analyze my O2 readings and Fuel Trims
  110. diablo tuning
  111. How does the pcm determine barometric pressure?
  112. PCM Bad?? How to find out??
  113. question for those of you with a wideband
  114. NEWBIE ?
  115. Why does the belt keep jumping off
  116. Diagnose SES Problem
  117. want to buy edit
  118. MSD Programmable Digital 7
  119. Special Pricing on GEN7DFI
  120. Formula for shift points
  121. Beginner's guide to tuning
  122. Is this worth it? Or Just a HOAX?
  123. Extremely weird LT's
  124. Help me diagnose this KR issue
  125. Full custom tune??? (Dyno)
  126. Paging RWTD or Diablosport- cant set rev limit past stock
  127. Here are the 85mm MAF tables
  128. Putting a big cam in.. Where to start off stock tune?
  129. Can big cams set MAP sesor codes?
  130. Which Bank is #1?
  131. instrument cluster died on a hard launch
  132. LTRM defnitions
  133. P1635 P1639 are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  134. MAFT gets "learned out"
  135. Line pressure
  136. Car's Idle/SES light
  137. Cold start problems
  138. Strange A4 shifting after mods
  139. What is the reset IAC park position?
  140. How to get the computer back to stock?
  141. tech 2
  142. Can you adj. A/F ratio with Stoich Ratio changes?
  143. Which white wire is for tach on WS6?
  144. Please explain closed loop and open loop to me
  145. New MAF
  146. Weird MAP problem.. P0106
  147. Can't get my Predator to raise fuel shut off-- help!
  148. Trying to tune by VE, but crazy MAF readings make it hard!
  149. Maybe retarded, but why are the gms/cyl so low,high HP car?
  150. Volumetric efficiency/ power production
  151. please help diagnose this problem post head install
  152. Codes 0101 & 0500
  153. edit questions
  154. Code P1416
  155. C5 + Cam,how to stop idle surge
  156. TB wiring
  157. What PID for Misfires and Burst knock - EFILive?????
  158. Can't compare downloaded file with LS1 Edit.
  159. Setting rev limit on Predator for 6 speed
  160. Does the Autotap V2 cable draw power when the car is off?
  161. Problems on the dyno - can you help
  162. Serious Cam Sensor Related Issue
  163. How many misfires at idle?
  164. jet performance chips
  165. So is VE table used in normal driving or not??
  166. Who has LS-1edit and EFILive...need some answers
  167. No tuning cause KR?
  168. What table on LS1Edit to delete TQ management??
  169. HPP3 for a 2001 Z28 on a 99 SS???
  170. a-tap is pissing me off!!!!!!!
  171. 2001 HPP3 for a 99???
  172. GEN VII...can you make stock gauges work?
  173. Strange Electrical Problems?!?!
  174. tranny shifts early, even after ls1 edit!!
  175. Trying to diagnose a problem with AutoTap
  176. Anyone have any TRUCK shift settings for Predator 3.73LS
  177. why is there no Predator for 1997 - 1998 LS1 cars ??
  178. Richen A/F tough <4k, easy >4k
  179. PCM install
  180. Car likes to die and I have the CCE, any ideas?
  181. Detailed diagnostic info for the LS1
  182. How can U tell if Coil Pack is crap?
  183. More Performance Inc
  184. can a bad o2 sensor cause lterm's to max
  185. part throttle tuning (LTFT's)
  186. help plz with dtc 0155 & 0300 and EFI live
  187. i was about to buy autotap, UNTIL...
  188. MAxed out LTrims how to correct?
  189. What injector flow rate and injector offset to use?
  190. Why does PCM drive car to certain A/F Ratio?
  191. Will using predator delete LS1 edit tuning?
  192. what could be causing multiple misfire's?
  193. Extremely slow 99 SS. What could auto tap show?
  194. DATALOG after HallTech Airbox
  195. Broken o2 sensor?
  196. 02's acting funny, Maf was?
  197. would anyone know how to fix a irratic idle untill warm
  198. Are people getting good results with Predator Tuning?
  199. bad o2 ?'s
  200. What is an acceptable range for misfires
  201. Help! How to solve this code P0416?
  202. hpp3 to ls1edit
  203. anybody got a good fuel & spark maps?
  204. I could use a little help with what I think is surging.
  205. Pids and EFILive Pro
  206. MAF Bad?
  208. programmer???
  209. o2 sensors
  210. EFIV5 Pro ?'s
  211. Aftermarket tach hookup?
  212. First question with LS1edit
  213. Where to download autotap?
  214. what program do I need???
  215. SES P0137
  216. Does this sound right?
  217. LS1Edit V1.3 - Knock Volume
  218. Need help with Predator 4.10 tuning
  219. Autotap doesnt work on my car...?
  220. setting the fan on-off limits
  221. Inspection done with X1 cam and all!
  222. Can anyone post a tuned timing map.....
  223. Stolen Predator
  224. SES Code P0121
  225. Retard Timing based on IAT?
  226. Friends, Romans, Countrymen... Lend me your ear
  227. Tuning Pros...NoGo, Chris B,...Help
  228. maft instructions?
  229. ls1 edit?
  230. 85 m MAF vs 75mm MAF
  231. Retard timing for N2O by resistor in IAT...?
  232. new MAF question
  233. What is causing this and why is car so slow? (A-tap logs)
  234. Will removing the A.I.R. cause me to fail emissions?
  235. Where to get car tuned near Asheville NC????
  236. LT1 scanmaster on LS1 ? Will it work ?
  237. Speedometer stuck on 160
  238. PPIII and TCS
  239. To Lower or NOT lower Rev Limiter
  240. volumetric eff cause idle/rpm surge?
  241. is this for real?
  242. rear 02's, edit or sims?
  243. About how much to scale the IFR table with TR230? Please???
  244. Car Threw Lights at 161 mph!!
  245. weird problem, can't figure out what's up?
  246. Can someone check my IFR math for my 42lb/hr injectors??
  247. tip in throttle really messed up. help if you can
  249. timing retarded sometimes???
  250. I have a file from Predator that.....