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  1. Where is all my HP
  2. What do these 02 readings tell you?
  3. tuning shift points
  4. code trouble
  5. Palm based Dyno / Scantools?
  6. car not running good!!!!!!!
  7. Which O2 sensors should I have???
  8. Diablo Sport Predator tuning for 85 mm MAF
  9. How to tune med. load?/Edit
  10. Diablo Sport Predator
  11. LS1Edit, EFILive, AutoTap, Predator, Hypertech, etc
  12. please help- kr? and edit ? (long)
  13. Edit Tuning related issue's Q/ about fuel guage
  14. 01' and 02' cars.....How much timing are you running?
  15. Hpp 2000 on a 2003
  16. need help; engine problem
  17. For those of us who have Ed Wright tunning?
  18. How Do I log Shift Points A4 with A-tap?
  19. My LS1 Edit CD is unreadable? DVD ROM drive won't accept it
  20. Underdrive Pulley after dynotune with LS1Edit... Affects?
  21. Rev Limiter ?
  22. need help, KR problem
  23. Timing and Nitrous
  24. Wideband O2 ?
  25. What do bad O2's read as far as mv???
  26. Question on fixing Speed - O
  27. can I use a-tap with home pc?
  28. Hypertech or JET Chip
  29. Can MAP Numbers Help Detemine if there is a Vacuum Leak?
  30. Mail order tuning???
  31. whats the easiest way to richen across the board?
  32. system readiness efilive v5
  33. what A-tap to get?
  34. Looking for a picture of fuel and timing maps
  35. O2 sim trickery
  36. Surging & High Idle (LS1Edit)
  37. AFR to Mv conversion?
  38. New at this.....any ideas by looking at this graph?
  39. car has tuning issues with fuel!! Please help!!!
  40. MAF table edit with Predator?
  41. where can I find a list of SES codes?
  42. scanmaster reading low 400's WTF
  43. Please help me interpret O2 readings and compression test
  44. EDUCATE ME!!!!
  45. Need help quick - security light cut off the fuel pump
  46. SES light Flashes at end of track, but no code
  47. How much timing is too much?
  48. Tuning "?", more like definitions
  49. Does my scanmaster work on 02's?
  50. Pace MAF??
  51. PMAF cause surging?
  52. IAC Count is too Low?
  53. Autotap o2mv Question?
  54. Autotap not seeing IAC counts
  55. G-Tech Pro accelerometers on eBay
  56. P0153
  57. O2 mV to wideband AFR correlation - post your data
  58. detonation
  59. po748
  60. please need help in tunning (LS1Edit)
  61. Swappin T-56 to TH-400, what about pcm?
  62. LS1 Edit & Moving PCM to Different Car
  63. How do you program a converter to lock/unlock when it should
  64. a/c schematic or help
  65. Tuning results from Rapid motorsports within
  66. HPP3 and my BoltOns?
  67. Anyone know of a Laptop holder for F- bodys?
  68. Need to improve my 01 SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. LS1edit worth it on internally stock car?
  70. I get the P0327 code w/cutout open in cold start...
  71. Those of you with the Predator.
  72. po1153 code
  73. FELPRO F.A.S.T expert needed
  74. Guys using PCMCIA to serial with LS1 Edit or Autotap
  75. LTFT's not close to each other. Also only using 3 fuel cells
  76. Difference between v4 and v5.2 MAFT's?
  77. Autotap or tech 2
  78. COT (cat over-temp) trigger?
  79. is the power programmer full of s#%t
  80. How do you lock the convertor using LS1 Edit?
  81. tuning with longtude headers
  82. LS1-edit - What are IAC and IAC PArk Posn tables?
  83. ATAP - "Attempting Communications" repeating
  84. Need FAST file for 396 N/A
  85. LS1-Edit - what are these tables?
  86. evaporation system readiness failed
  87. Can autotap's vehicle speed reading be incorrect?
  88. HPP 3and predator are they pretty easy to understand ?
  89. How do I get the SES light back on?
  90. ??Best method to keep the battery charged while editing??
  91. Got SES Code w/ these Mods
  92. How long for comp to relearn itself?
  93. MAF Tables
  94. Cleaning MAF?
  95. New H/C and LS1-Edit - power loss under accel
  96. Offsets for 83 lb Siemens injectors?
  97. Factory tuning and after MTI tuning via Auto Tap
  98. Lowering idle w/ LS1 Edit
  99. what do i do with the torque management?
  100. Can stock Tach be improved to read accurately/precisely?
  101. Quick Poll: How many running cats with COTS disabled?
  102. Logging Data From Tech Edge Wide Band O2
  103. Anything wrong with using 40# in a H/C 346?
  104. Anyone tune for money?
  105. Anybody using EFILive with a USB/Serial adapter?
  106. Help - need answers on Ltrims- Please -- Update
  107. What settings for HPP?
  108. ls1edit file for 4.10 gears and 26 inch tall tire.
  109. Rev limiter whats it set at factory
  110. There's something wrong with my car, but what is it?
  111. How much power to gain goin from 18 degrees of timing to 28?
  112. MAF Translator ?
  113. 38 lb. injectors and Edit?
  114. Auto Tap V2.03 users
  115. Need help with Harlan 2-step
  116. Secondary VE table *DELETED*
  117. EFILIve vs Autotap
  118. EVAP SES lights?? whats wrong?
  119. SES Light, Misfiring, and Rough Running ... Need Help
  120. anyone from ohio have an autotap?
  121. Wheres does the overMAF limit DTC grams/sec come from?
  122. SES Light came on, WHY
  123. Random Misfire after H/C ?
  124. Which one's better- ls1 edit or autotap?
  125. what are some basics?
  126. Palm Pilot
  127. SES light is killing me...
  128. Over limit of grams/sec?
  129. Injector swap from 28.8 to Accel 30#,which table in ls1edit?
  130. Diablo Canned Tune + Hammer Cam
  131. PINGING?
  132. Can someone email me ls1edit software? I lost mine
  133. Great webpage for ls1 tuning
  134. tuning for more cubes
  135. HPP3 is it worth it?
  136. What to tune for LTRIMS when MAF tuning doesnt work
  137. code pos 1153
  138. Need info/help with Strims
  139. LTFT at +25 after H/C change?
  140. Fuel-air-ratio settings?
  141. Tuning with a C2 Cam?
  142. Fuel Trim Cells and Tuning?
  143. Why buy a Predator from James at
  144. Code P1635
  145. Where is the idle control motor?
  146. WIDE BAND O2 KIT??
  147. New gears on a C5, need to program?
  148. Service Vehicle Light on
  149. What does unplugged IAT do?
  150. Scanmaster Gauge Mounting Bezel For Sale (Ebay) with picture
  151. idle relearn procedure?? where to find?
  152. Mobile laptop power adapters. Power your laptop in your car
  153. Change stoich from USA 14.7 to CA 14.2 ??
  154. Lost power with stock MAF.
  155. Heads/cam tuning
  156. Changed MAFS back to stock. Now have knock
  157. Oil Pressure reads -106 kPa with EFI Live but car guage ok.
  158. Elive5 & serial to USB connector?
  159. TCS going crazy
  161. Ease, Autotap or EFILive
  162. LS1 Edit Info For Cam Project.
  163. EFLive- can you log 12 or 24 parameters?
  164. Injector Fow rate..
  165. EFILive bidirectional controls?
  166. Tranny cooked? Please read...
  167. instaalled a 160 degree thermostat???
  168. Secruity light
  169. stuck EGR = lean ??
  170. A/F guage
  171. Tuning necessary w/ TR224/114 in A4?
  172. Non-EGR car part throttle timing
  173. Owners in AZ come inside
  174. what are all the codes to delete the EGR crap?
  175. Main Volumetric Efficiency Table - What's it do??
  176. Which tune would be best?
  177. Misfire feature
  178. Timing table
  179. Do they work the same way?
  180. What was adjusted?
  181. More timing how?
  182. What is the real difference?
  183. Oil change %
  184. question on KPA vs RPM
  185. trying to log Spark Retard
  186. Got an SES light today
  187. installed a cam and having problems
  188. diablo
  189. Please Help with Interpreting Numbers!
  190. help with defintions of PCM error codes
  191. maft
  192. phone # for Carputing?
  193. IAC and Advance Question
  194. How bad is PO751 1-2 shift solonoid stuck off?
  196. I have an Edit MAP question :)
  197. Vin # transfer to new PCM?
  198. LS1 Edit Woes
  199. Code P0106 any ideas ?????????
  200. coolant fan relay control circuit!!!
  201. Car running rough, what could it be?
  202. Please help...air intake problems (codes 171,174 ext lean)..
  203. Anyone using LS1Edit on a Laptop with XP??
  204. iat -map timing adjustment
  205. gear shifts with hypertech programmer help!!
  206. Engine dieing at 3000 RPM
  207. P0430
  208. BOOSTAT4500 ? 4 u *DELETED*
  209. hypertech question
  210. HELP! Short-Shifting out the hole - any ideas?
  211. mail order tuning
  212. po121 and 122
  213. LS1edit on 4.3L V6 motors
  214. Autotap laptop question
  215. random misfires seem not so random
  216. Belt slipping off after HPP3
  217. IAT Timing Tricker?
  218. Anybody know where to tune for deceleration??
  219. autotap
  220. what are PE tables?
  221. LS1 edit ?
  222. Quick question about LS1 Edit
  223. LS1 limit
  224. Knock knock...
  225. Tuning/Emissions TR 224/114
  226. Adjust injector PW to bring Ltrims negative?
  227. Scanmaster Owners Help Needed
  228. Do I need tuning or what??
  229. Which side is Bank 2?
  230. Upgrade for my autotap software.....
  231. Surging after startup in gear
  232. what kind of lap top do you need for auto tap?
  233. LT1-Edit ?
  234. cheapest method for adjusting fan turn on?
  235. LS1-Edit Dyno Tune in San Jose area?
  236. LS1Edit question
  237. help. Does this sound about right?
  238. Help, P1154????
  239. Need Help with a 3 pin connector location
  240. Autotap / LS1 Edit and OBDII
  241. AutoTap / EFILive question
  242. TP sensor reading at idle?
  243. Rev limiter limits??
  244. How does the ECM figure which piston is at TDC?
  245. warm startup really pissing me off
  246. Hypertech, Superchips,etc ?
  247. Edit and Trans shift vs. Rev Limiter
  248. Throttle follower w/ engine run-time?
  249. Injector fault?
  250. G5X2 flash files...?