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  1. EFILive not connecting to PCM
  2. LS1 MAF removal, utilizing stock MAP
  3. Predator PE vs Spark Advance?
  4. Installed O2 Simms and SES light came back on after reseting the ECM!
  5. Timing tricker
  6. installing files
  7. tuning after header install
  8. tuning after header install
  9. when you guys tune via LS1 edit what do you change?
  10. Computer wiring question
  11. lterms?
  12. Cylinder #8 misfire after B1 cam install, please help
  13. Need some help -- car problem
  14. Cylinder #8 misfire after B1 cam install, please help!
  15. PCM forgetting LS1edit and Tech II programming?
  16. My Car is
  17. Predator - MAF Ends
  18. Help programming for Siemens Deka 30# injectors
  19. LS1 ECM/BCM help needed
  20. Wiring Harness
  21. Dynabatt or Hawker/etc battery users...
  22. File for supercharged Z06
  23. Flow rate for 48lb. injectors?
  24. cruise control nt working
  25. Stock Rev Limiter?
  26. Amateur needs help
  27. WOT AFR after cam swap?
  28. Need Help!!!!
  29. MAF AT 140%,RUNS GREAT
  30. MAF AT 140%,RUNS GREAT
  31. where is the speed sensor?
  32. Knock sensors setting SES
  33. Looking for LS1 Edit in TN
  34. scanmaster
  35. reseting my PCM?
  36. Any updates on Tuner Cat availability?
  37. pcm tuning
  38. LS1Edit vs. HyperTech PPIII (and MAFs)
  39. Knock Retard Problem? Need some expert advice.
  40. PCM codes without scanner tool
  41. Does the corvette have a IAC?
  42. Auto Tap experts please help!!!
  43. 255mph shift points in Performance shift mode?? and other concerns
  44. Paging Matt H.
  45. does having a non VIN# matching PCM affect anything?
  46. HELP! all bolt ons no tuning.
  47. o2 sensor question
  48. o2 sensor question
  49. Stock shift points on a4, is it worth raising them?
  50. 01 M6 2 step wiring ?
  51. Can't get efi-live to connect.
  52. Maybe a dumb question, but where is the PCM?
  53. !ABS INOP Light...How?
  54. Any LS1Edit/Dyno Tuning advice or tips?
  55. HELP w/ LS1 Tuning Analysis 2[1].1
  56. negative LTFT-set MAFT to 5% lean?
  57. need to find shop to tune car!!!!!!!!!
  58. Need help choosing 2-3 shift extensionA4
  59. LS1 Edit Experts Please ,,, Tune for Cam in a A4
  60. Swapping trans to an A4 how do you program the computer?
  61. Trany swap
  62. What to scan with Autotap???
  63. Hooking up AF gauge... How do I read PCM PIN assignments?
  64. Can ls1Edit help this out??
  65. Ls1 edit and A4
  66. TB Bump-Stop Mod
  67. Timing Table setup for 150 shot
  68. what tunning is needed for a cam??
  69. where to download atap?
  70. small problems...
  71. small problems...
  72. Puting In 02 Ls6
  73. 3-4 aided shift with 6-speed
  74. Creating on an EFI Live V5 info site **Online**
  75. All Instrument lights coming on and off setting codes
  76. what sensor is this?
  77. 99 ss with ses light
  78. At whats gms/cyl flow rate do you make timing changes?
  79. How does the PCM just forget LS1edit?
  80. LS6 Manifold Question.....
  81. LS1 Edit- removing EGR AIR
  82. rotating the mass air meter change the A/F?
  83. IAC issue and surging
  84. Tuning with nitrous
  85. Tuning Question
  86. Speed Demon rocks..autotap software is a POS.......
  87. service engine soon light on
  88. LS1 Edit, Easy to use?
  89. LS1 edit question
  90. What do you log when you drag race?
  91. SES code solutions
  92. Experts needed for tuning questions.
  93. Unplugging IAT?
  94. "Service Engine Soon"
  95. converter problem
  96. LS1 TunerCat ........
  97. Wanted... AutoTap info
  98. Question about maf target number
  99. Consant 4 degrees of K/R
  100. How to read knock retard
  101. Early shifting problem, possibly cam related? Please Help.
  102. TCS, NO ABS, BRAKE lights came on after fill up?
  103. What type of replacement O2 sensors?
  104. Using edit w/Pace MAF
  105. MAFT causing car to throw codes!!!
  106. Who Makes High Output Alternators For LS1's?
  107. Timing?
  108. LS1 M6 into my 68 Camaro
  109. What kind of HP seen with Predator on 02 M6?
  110. Predator Tuning Question??
  111. Using edit after changing fuel injectors
  112. Compression ratio and optimum ignition timing
  113. LS1 Edit info needed....
  114. PE vs. everything!
  115. Cooling Fans Come On During Cold Start
  116. Guages Keep Pegging Out Why?
  117. please help mutiple misfire codes
  118. Tuning in Chicago?
  119. SES Light on... someone have advice?
  120. Jayson and MTI, Thumbs up on dyno-tuning!
  121. HPPT3 or Predator ????
  122. emissions equipment removed, how does the PCM act?
  123. speedo program
  124. speedo program
  125. The low coolant light
  126. Injector tuning
  127. Question for tuning experts out there
  128. how do you plumb in egr system onto ls6 intake
  129. if u do ls6 intake swap,what about egr?
  130. Hanging idle at stops
  131. Please help find a place nearby to get tuned !!!
  132. How helpful is autotap at...
  133. atap file
  134. Does the HPP3 work on other cars
  135. SES light
  136. P0171 P0174 Help!!!!!!!!!
  137. copying files
  138. 98-99 and up injectors=Can I swap to 98s ?
  139. Valet Mode???
  140. tuning for high stall convertor help
  141. 7.0 liter tuners inside please..
  142. could my SLP mass air be be my cause of running so rich?
  143. Would torque management be less of an issue for gear change vs. TC?
  144. What exactly does detonation feel like?
  145. What exactly is TM?
  146. Anyone running FAST or DFI 7.0?
  147. what would cause my car to throw this code?
  148. ses light
  149. How can i
  150. ses light
  151. Predator programmer special!
  152. O2's .850 and .860 too lean?
  153. Anyone had to re-tune A/F ratio after cutout install?
  154. Only % Readout from AutoTap ??
  155. Predator and a Granatellie Maf
  156. Bidirectional contols on EFILive?
  157. Tuning
  158. Turning off AIR
  159. Got some specific questions about the Predator...
  160. Can you use larger injectors than what you need?
  161. Running really rich.. Please help!
  162. p0154 code cause flashing SES?
  163. Can I buy?
  164. Autotap and checking OBD readiness monitors / tests.
  165. Help!! My timing is terrible..
  166. Autotap v LS1edit
  167. pcm removal
  168. HPPIII and stall converter?
  169. neat atap trick
  170. help plz in the a-tap .....
  171. Hole in T/B what size?
  172. I need information!!!
  173. battery removal, loose tuning?
  174. fuel economy???
  175. Octane rating and timing questions...
  176. Question about KR, AFR and Spark
  177. Header install and tuning...
  178. Which programmer?
  179. Which programmer?
  180. How do Fuel Cells corespond to the Injector Flow Table
  181. Air/Fuel gauge Vs. Autotap ?
  182. Anyone here use Thunder Racing "Mail Order" tuning?
  183. Best way to solve misfire detection problem after cam Install?
  184. Fastchips Tuning? asap!!
  185. Predetor LS-1 Edit questions
  186. needhelp with 98 firbird 6 spd. computer...
  187. Timing.......
  188. Anyone ever use Auto X-Ray?
  189. What are S-trims
  190. Question about LS1Edit
  191. EGR Block-Off
  192. USP problem
  193. flashing SES light
  194. any use in me getting the predator?
  195. Lower cooling fan T-stats
  196. Do LTRIMS really mean you are rich/lean??
  197. Lterms @ -13.3 to -14.8 while cruising??
  198. Are edit updates worth the cost?
  199. Need to find a tach
  200. Different versions of MAFTs effect what?
  201. Will somebody please help me diagnose a problem with my car?
  202. thoughts on A/F/R tuning
  203. Whats the leanest a/f ratio for tuning
  204. Tuning for Race Gas
  205. Varying o2 voltage at wot???
  206. Varying o2 voltage at wot???
  207. sanity check. ltrims AGAIN
  208. Buy 85mm MAF or edit out +20 trims
  209. predator
  210. Need wiring harness rewired, whos the cheapest?
  211. Wiring Question
  212. Pin assignments and VATS help - Please!
  213. Edit and MA tuning
  214. Still getting misfire codes
  215. short in egr
  216. PCM question
  217. question???
  218. Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Install to pcm?
  219. Crankshaft learn???
  220. Bogus Speed Limiter
  221. Ls1Edit Updates
  222. Need Dyno-Tune for a New Cam in DFW, Texas
  223. got a few problems, need help.
  224. Diagnostic Link/Port/ALDL is not working???
  225. Low-Coolant light.......
  226. New Cam (Large) and now P0106.. anyone got any ideas?
  227. Retune after exhaust mod?
  228. EGR Simulator or AIR simulator?
  229. Do cammed 98's want LESS timing?
  230. Will my AutoTap (models AT1, AT2, AT12) work on '00s, '01s, and '02s???
  231. rigging up a shift light?
  232. HESCO > Questions concerning this new LS1 Dyno tuner in Alabama
  233. High octain timing table for 98-99 cars?
  234. what tunning could be needed for a cam swap?
  235. What causes these codes, and how do I get rid of them?
  236. Question about EFILive and my VIN
  237. knock retard questions
  238. Oh my God
  239. few ls1 edit questions
  240. Auto Tap will not connect
  241. P0405 Code after LS6 Intake install
  242. IAC counts at zero before and after drilling the TB?
  243. Custom Burnt Chip
  244. SES light problems
  245. LS1/LS6 PCM ??
  246. Why is the LS1 slow to rev down?
  247. Would this work?
  248. How much timing made the most power for you?
  249. strange O2 readings
  250. What do you think?