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  1. Predator Problem?! Need Urgent Help Please
  2. My rev limiter just lowered itself?
  3. LS1 Edit and HPP3
  4. Predator vs. MTI Custom Tuning
  5. Will programing be the same
  6. Getting a PO327 code. Is it the front or rear KS?
  7. o my goodness!!! programming woes!? everyone help!
  8. How to program a blank PCM?
  9. Intermittent P0420, P0430 and P0748
  10. cam position sensor-startup only?
  11. Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) ????
  12. Which is best?
  13. what and how can programming mess up my motor?
  14. Passenger side pre-cat O2 sensor problems.
  15. o2sim problems, SES light, scanned codes what next
  16. Having problems LS1 Editing for 30lb injectors
  17. Where to buy LS1Edit?
  18. Anybody in Sweden have a Tech II ?
  19. Changing injector scale for 42lbers?
  20. Any company can tuning my car by e-mail ??
  21. how do I fatten up PE
  24. car wont shift please help
  25. setting my rev limit with diablo
  26. predator problem possibly
  27. LS1 Edit Fan Settings
  28. Is a MAFT WOT adjustment instant?
  29. When Do I need to get the Predator reprogrammed???
  30. LTFT numbers and o2 numbers
  31. Laptops for LS1 Edit
  32. predator performance
  33. Autotap log looks pretty bad
  34. Any Recommendations on the Diablo Predator?
  35. A TC ,Torque management , $500???
  36. Having KR issues and losing MPH - EFI Live files
  37. Predator diagnostic monitoring
  38. Added a little timing to 2000 WS6...
  39. Diablo Predator custom tune how does this look.
  40. Auto Headlights LS1 Edit
  41. i accidentally logged 02% instead of mv.. convert?
  42. 02 problems
  43. Heads/cam computer tuning ?
  44. MTI 427 engine startup problems
  45. For those of you using Keyspan USB/Serial adaptor
  46. predator tuning help please
  47. Remidies for Knock
  48. Do the years have to be the same on flash files?
  49. hyptertech
  50. Random 2000rpm idle / 2 part question
  51. Diablo /Predator..Torque Management ??
  52. ATTENTION! All registered members inside please.
  53. Simple o2 questions
  54. Car hunting for idle...what do you think??
  55. a/f question for you guys...
  56. SES Light...need help!
  57. LS1 Edit, MAF calibration=Out of byte range
  58. ATAP or EFI Live Pro
  59. service engine soon light
  60. Fuel Cell shows 15 always..instead of
  61. Will the ObdII that only goes to 99 work on 01ls?
  62. LS1Edit: How to adjust timing?
  63. M6 Idle Question
  64. MAF 11250 Hz limit
  65. SVO injector?
  66. egr & air/smog removal ls1 edit?
  67. LS1 VE Tables
  68. Have a bad maf sensor on a tuned heads/cam car
  70. Question on multiply by a % with edit
  71. Boost Tuning ?'s
  72. trans fix
  73. Predator Questions
  74. still have o2 problem
  75. Z-Industries tuning????
  76. A/F RATIO WITH THE PREDATOR?????????????????????
  77. Has anyone measured stock motor IAC counts?
  78. Tweak Fan on Temp setting with stock thermostat?
  79. check out my turbo atap log, race tomorrow.
  80. Got Wideband Tuned At MTI!!!
  81. Injector, PE vs RPM, and MAF table tuning info?
  82. Attention Newbies: Learn from my mistakes!
  83. Should ATAP disconnect when you start the car?
  84. What do you think I should do...Tuning with MAFT
  85. Used LS1Edit for first time, now car wont start???
  86. can I tune my cammed ls1 with predator?
  87. Programmer for 2002 Sunfire
  88. Good Deal...
  89. Going to dyno tune tomorrow - any tips?
  90. Display dissapeared?
  92. LS1 Edit...... PE vs. RPM?
  93. Lost 5 MPH in the 1/4 and 4 tenths Any Ideas????
  94. Tuning for startup
  95. Oil Light Indicator
  97. Flashing SES light, but no codes thrown?
  99. The REAL truth about Idle and IAC counts....
  100. ALDL cable for LS1 edit
  101. diablo predator tuning Help
  102. LS1 edit won`t connect
  103. Diablo sport users > Some ?'s
  104. How do you lean the car out at idle?
  105. RPM SHIFT POINTS?????
  106. Need atap help: 02's read 0, timing is 4.5, and...
  107. Help with Maf tuning with LS1 Edit
  108. Can edit make a A4 pcm work in a M6 swap?
  109. ATAP Needed near Cleveland Ohio.
  110. Which kind of tuning software/hardware to get?
  111. Rev Limiter for 98 LS1 LS1Edit?!?!?!!??!
  112. Using Cags As A Shift Light?
  113. Could somebody help me out with an Excel Question?
  114. What could cause random multiple misfire code?
  115. IAC counts.
  116. Help tuning w/MAFT
  117. Help
  118. My ls1edit file
  119. M6---A4 PCM question
  120. Wiring Harness and PCM question????
  121. Goods and Bads of Setting Your REV limiter lower
  122. First time trying to tune with MAFT
  123. misfire at idle on 2 cyl clears up after 3500rpm
  124. Need help with troubleshooting: engine bogs
  125. Serial port connector
  126. Can rear o2's be used as front's?
  127. need info on tuning VE table
  128. Simple PCM swap question...
  129. Dyno Pull in 2nd Gear.. how much loss?
  130. HPP3 Question
  131. Help! Car running very lean!
  132. OBD-II connector on car - warrenty question
  133. SES Code PO135 what is it?
  134. Should DTC0108 MAP High/Low cause a no start?
  135. Hesitation after LS1-Edit
  136. 4.7 degrees of knock in a 98 z28
  137. Anyone know of any tuners in Tenn. area?
  138. Cooling fan problem
  139. Torque Converter Chatter and Misfire Programming
  140. how are these numbers? and why wont my car start?!
  141. my knock sensors donīt work, need help
  142. Car dies on startup, but idles high when hot
  143. After 30 seconds on cold start car surges for.....
  144. Toasted PCM
  145. car wont turn over!! security light is on?
  146. converter plug supplied with HPP 3
  147. Car stumbles off after 30 lb injector install?
  148. What causes High Voltage in temp circuit???
  149. cany you clean o2 sensors?
  150. Car just dies out of nowhere while driving
  151. i wanna hear what your a/f is with these mods
  152. air/fuel after predator and getting !CAGS
  153. Test forum 3
  154. Pros and cons of open loop tuning?
  155. Does Atap support Fuel Trim Learn and Loop parameters?
  156. A/F ?
  157. Need help on tanslating Codes
  158. Help with shift points and TM
  159. Accel DFI
  160. how long for ls1 edit
  161. anyone know the link for PC program for predator?
  162. question about adding fuel in Edit
  163. Hotcam installed, idles great, BUT hard to start?
  164. Fan temp settings for 160 stat???
  165. 02 signal wire
  166. Code help please!
  167. someone?? anyone?? predator questions
  168. Wiring Diagram for '98 LS1
  169. Autotap?
  170. Using O2 Simm while dynotuning?
  171. I am completly confused
  172. Install AutoTap on 2 computers??
  173. High Idle Issue .............
  174. skip shift not eliminated help me please!!
  175. NEED HELP FAST! fan temps and air/ fuel
  176. FAST HELP PLEASE!! fan temps please, and air fuel
  177. Need Predator tuning tips!!!
  178. atap ?'s
  179. Building a PCM Breakout Box - need connectors
  180. Question about LTrims
  181. problems with right 02sensor
  182. will LS1live Pro work on a non-LS1 engine?
  183. For Sale LS1Edit and Two 98 PCMs
  184. Could a wire short cause this?
  185. Looking for a stock 98 vette ls1 edit file
  186. ls1 edit program
  187. Best place to have my Computer Programmed
  188. help
  189. M6 Rev Limit woes... Anyone please help
  190. speed sensor symptoms?
  191. LS1 Analyzer Timing Question
  192. O2 SIMs
  193. Questions about routing the MAFT inside the car
  194. If you have changed your knock sensors, inside please
  195. Do u need O2 simms w/ LS1 Edit?
  196. Hypertech Programming
  197. Weird O2 reading.
  198. ran through puddle of problems
  199. Can knock sensors be 'de sensitized' with LS1Edit?
  200. PCM tuning options with a 98...
  201. LTRIM's confusion / headaches
  202. Can you get the P0410 from...
  203. Car Threw A Code. Car Needs Reprogramming. Lost For Help
  204. Help with Iac count problem with atap
  205. surging at idle
  206. Can you program an A4 PCM for a T350
  207. few ?'s about predator
  208. pcm connector question
  209. EFILive question, loop display
  210. Tuning Factoids - Spark, Fuel, etc. - Looking for Individual Results
  211. help with po121
  212. please help...SES light
  213. best replacement o2 sensor?
  214. Hypertech Take care of TC Swap Probs
  215. Changing Shift Point With LS1 Edit!
  216. seen this before??
  217. ed wright programming or ls1 edit
  218. Is LS1Edit Resellable?
  219. How to erase trouble codes
  220. Anyone mount their Autotap laptops in their cars? Where?
  221. Maf tunning with bassani mid length headers?
  222. torque management
  223. torque management
  224. hey, what do you think about predator logging??
  225. F.A.S.T. bank/bank or sequential ?
  226. hey guys, how can I set my knock retard with predator?
  227. Predator reveiws.(post up)
  228. WTF just happened
  229. Is it suppose to do this
  230. Who Here has had their Ed W PCM flashed by the Dealer back to Stock?
  231. Help! tuning question for an A3
  232. 3.5-4.0 Degrees K Retard > Please look at this
  233. Fuel Trim Cells only in 20-22
  234. Silverado Refuses to Start
  235. Cruise Control Problem
  236. Damn 2-3 shift still will not work.. Need help
  237. New Timing Table Values, What Do You Thin?
  238. Why Set the Rev limiter
  239. you are a car god if you can answer this one
  240. ed wright's phone #??
  241. O2 and LTFT readings
  242. Please Help, Which AUTOTAP software to buy...?
  243. Spark Advance Primer Needed
  244. Anyone have an edit file for the G5X-2 cam?
  245. Need advice on where to tap in for gauges
  246. Need help with a misfire that isn't related to coil packs, plugs, or wires...
  247. PCM shut down code P 0601
  248. Throwing PO420, what does my EFILIVE crap mean?
  249. Throwing PO420, what does my EFILIVE crap mean?
  250. Would a bad cat make me misfire? What would it do? Showing PO420 on the scan...