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  1. increased fuel pressure, LTFT changed how do i get
  2. Emissions test in AZ
  3. base performance tune on stock car?
  4. How do you improve part throttle response?
  5. How to order LS1 Edit
  6. P0102,P0135,P0158, HELP!!!
  7. ses light, please help
  8. Paging HVAC Gurus, HELP!
  9. optimum air/fuel ratio???
  10. anyone else having limiter problems?
  11. WOT KR showing timing change
  12. 14.5:1 for 5 minuites then 12.0:1 tired of ls1 com
  13. P0430 Code
  14. Quick LS1Edit Bigger Injector Tuning Question...
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  16. Second License of LS1edit
  17. Can someone explain this?
  18. What could cause this ?
  19. C5 Automatic with 3:15 gears
  20. Torque Converter queston with Edit?
  21. LS1 tuning question... (without PC tuning)
  22. Help, predator wont work
  23. HELP Freaking Out here!
  24. I need advice please
  25. need help with next step in tune
  26. Have Predator and H2
  27. need help with flow rate table
  28. Predator rev limit and gear shift setings
  29. Trouble codes on ECU, deletion and questions
  30. Predator and A4 shift settings
  31. changing shift points in A4 with Tech II >>???
  32. throttle postions code...what gives?
  33. REALLY bad gas mileage? boltons and cam....
  34. LS1 Edit Question! (a real one!)
  35. O2 sensor question
  37. Not reading IAC's ?
  38. LS1 Edit Question *DELETED*
  39. torque management what doe's it do
  40. help! Too lean!
  41. A4 w/ 382/229 cam basic tuning suggestions?
  42. Anybody tried this scanner?
  43. Where is the Evaporative Vent Solenoid?
  44. Lots of backfiring at idle....why??
  45. 36lb SVO injector tune....
  46. ECM reflash
  47. knock sensor code and 4*knock!! HELP
  48. Need help bad !!!
  49. turning off rear o2
  50. ls1 edit gains!!
  51. A4 / TCS-ABS / TPS - wierd behavior ? Help !
  52. wideband tuning with cats?
  53. Preadator programming not allowing WOT
  54. Another Tuning Option?
  55. Predator? Got a few questions.
  56. how do i make the lockup clutch engage faster
  57. Need Tuning help For 85mm maf I just descreened...
  58. wich 02 censor goes can guage go to????????
  59. Is anyone runing a aftermarket computer system
  60. trying to figure out problem
  61. P0480 + P0481 + P0507
  62. Spies in your car
  63. Please help with WOT shift points!!
  64. high octane vs low octane table
  65. Should I be tuning with MAF or Injector Pulse?
  66. will this upset the computer???
  67. LS1 Edit and Autotap woes
  69. KR in cells 14 and 15
  70. LS1 esit - can it download the stock PCM program?
  71. Computer doesnt read o2s?
  72. How do i check for a dead cylinder with autotap???
  73. decelerating in gear very rich. Any ideas?
  74. Help diagnosing codes....
  75. please help
  76. trouble codes on my LS1 swap.
  77. I'm looking for info on a predator programmer
  78. need 96 lb injectors, WOW
  79. Hayden Adj Fan Switch
  80. Phone # for Speartech?
  81. Large CFM MAF Sensors: What's Available?
  82. So many little knowledge..
  83. How do I find out what year PCM is in my Hawk?
  84. Help me crank my car without holding the gas....
  85. P0702 - Trans Control Sys Electrical - in an M6?
  86. P0108 and MAP troubles
  87. Question about flashing my PCM
  88. Tuning Needed in OHIO
  89. What is considered normal knock on LS1?
  90. Another tuning newbie!!!
  91. Tuning question, can someone help find the answer.
  92. How can you tell what A/F ratio is?
  93. Has anyone used Toluene to boost octane?
  94. service vehicle light-pt throt adjust???
  95. Torque management
  96. what will prevent P.E tables from working
  97. what is the best way to tune my car!!
  98. Does anyone provide Autotap instructions?
  99. AutoTap were is best place to get it.
  100. I know it has been done before!
  101. Can LS1 Edit...
  102. Just got my LS1 Edit(need help)
  103. turned off rear 02's and COT-can i still run cats?
  104. How do you clear an SES light?
  105. 140, 160, 1133, codes after long tubes
  106. For thos interested in hacking the PCM...
  107. Tuning tool and analysis for ATAP
  108. how to edit shift points
  109. Predator & gear change
  110. tuning for 12.6:1 then pcm alters
  111. No PCM in car question
  112. Unplug Air Bag Sensor?
  113. dyno tuning
  114. had a close call with ls1 edit crash
  115. Lots of backfiring and weird AF problems
  116. o2 sims and nitrous tuneing???? help..............
  117. MAF translator on 1999 SS
  118. HELP with timing stuff
  119. Gurus - what is considered rich/lean Pulsewidth at
  120. Car won't rev. over 3500 rpms?
  121. Adjusting Injector Size using LS1 edit
  122. Wideband O2 sensor placement?
  123. 30lb injector flow table for edit
  124. Help me get the car to idle....
  125. What value in ATAP tells me IAC levels?
  126. What are the reasons that a cam causes hot start
  127. Strange problem with speed calibration
  128. Car will not stay running, HELP! *DELETED*
  129. Car backfires on cold startups
  130. Any problem using LS1 Edit over Predator Tune?
  131. Deleting Insufficient code?
  132. A/F ratio dropping into the 9's, how do I fix this
  133. Idle speed too high until car is FULLY stopped?
  134. secruity light is on?
  135. ls1 edit?
  136. Predator tune for a 99+ gm truck
  137. 3 Tuning/logging/autotap/Edit ??'s
  138. Couple of MTI tuning ??
  139. O2 Heaters??
  140. Can some explain *knock*
  141. 8MPG! How come?
  142. tuning blower on an A4
  143. timing tables
  144. Which tune is best
  145. Flashing ses light but won't log to memory.
  146. Where are best dyno tuners for ls1 near detroit???
  147. what year gauge cluster?
  148. anybody using Fast Sequential System??
  149. need help edit timing table
  150. ls1 edit
  151. Stupid Stupid Idle
  152. heads and cam tuning help please
  153. MAF table tuning question. Effects at WOT?
  154. LS-1 Edit tuning, does elevation matter?
  155. Best Place to buy O2 Sensors?
  156. please help dial in my MAF Table
  157. Need help with o2 sensor totally lost!!
  158. truck won't start- cranks won't fire.
  159. Which Tables to Edit to help with Lockup Issues...
  160. Please help me fool this tach...
  161. tune job and a pulley
  162. 18% lean ltrim's at idle
  163. Cars running rich help!!
  164. Open loop A/F ratio adjustment?
  165. Help, Heads/Cam Swap Complete, PCM dead
  166. Shooting Flames!
  167. check engine is on
  168. Help! Low IAC counts, injector problems & misfires
  169. Is/was there a 98 egr valve recall?
  170. tach phantom
  171. Heads and Cam tuning help please?
  172. Hypertech Problem!
  173. Error Code P1416
  174. LS1edited car, now injectors will not fire,
  175. would tuning do this
  176. why do people use after market comuters like fast?
  177. dash engine light??
  178. What is a GOOD AFR
  179. maft tunning
  180. downloadind my current tune job to a CD
  181. Has anyone heard from Tunercat??
  182. Downshifting causing SES? Please help!
  183. Predator modified tune ??
  184. ses light dim and flickering
  185. Anyone have tuning done by Rapid motorsports?
  186. Help my car IDLE.... NEW CAM.....
  187. Misfires that won't go away help!
  188. o2 sensers shut down
  189. Auto Tap results
  190. p0106, p0101, p0103 after cam install...
  191. hit 120 MPH and car died
  192. F.A.S.T vs tecIII
  193. Is This Normal O2's reading lean in 1st and 2ed???
  194. EFILIVE V5
  195. 1999 Camaro SS desperately seeking advice on MAF
  196. injector flow rate ques for edit
  197. How do put stock 98 PCM file /w LS1edit?
  198. O2's are killin' me!!!
  199. Keyspan USB/serial adapter problem
  200. Somebody please try and shed some light here.
  201. Where can I get custom tuning??
  202. Predator settings
  203. MAT sensor
  204. Gains with HPP3??
  205. More and more O2 sensor issues
  206. Who would be willing to rent LS1 edit for $100week
  207. SES, knock sensor question
  208. Will EFILIVE work well with 2000 gmc truck w/5.3??
  209. ls-1 edit ? adjusting, surging Idle w/ new cam
  210. Predator and NOS
  211. Rich Idle on SC car
  212. Long term FT
  213. Adjusting AF using LS1Edit "?"
  214. Will MAF-T stop surging and stalling ?
  215. Will MAF-T stop surging and stalling ?
  216. how can torque management effect an m6?
  217. Is LS1-Edit difficult to use...
  218. spark knock
  219. how many of you turn off misfire detection?
  220. LFTs and LTRMs? What are they?
  221. Predator and a MAFT
  222. Need Help Quick about MAF
  223. How to get an extra ls1 edit cable
  224. 02 sensors?
  225. Can someone explain this with the Advance
  226. backfiring
  227. Removing Knock??
  228. dyno in charlotte area?
  229. no accelration? 4-3 gear changing.
  230. Timing Tuner.. *DELETED*
  231. Shift points on Hpp3 after gear swap???
  232. Dont want SES light, can I re-use stock O2 sensors
  233. What is the pre-programmed predator tune?
  234. 2 Autotap runs, need help
  235. WTF??? What the hell is going on with my HPP???
  236. mustang dyno questions.
  237. does predator email you programs or....
  238. Anyone had a defective 02 sim replaced..
  239. someone please reply to this post
  240. Best place for Dyno tune in Detroit area?
  241. Tuning in Dallas Area
  242. Question on TPS voltage
  243. have a few questions with edit
  244. Predator Problem?! Need Urgent Help Please
  245. My rev limiter just lowered itself?
  246. LS1 Edit and HPP3
  247. Predator vs. MTI Custom Tuning
  248. Will programing be the same
  249. Getting a PO327 code. Is it the front or rear KS?
  250. o my goodness!!! programming woes!? everyone help!