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  1. I hear ACCEL DFI gen7 for LS1 is coming out very soon
  2. Throttle Position Sensor "voltage"?
  3. LS1 only runs for 3-5 seconds??
  4. KR setting off Low Octane tables... HELP
  6. Does anybody have any experience with FAST?
  7. Where can I buy EASE and what will it do?
  8. Revs up quick, revs down slow (cruise effect?)
  9. HP Loss From Speed Density Mode
  10. hypertec question
  11. HPP3 Question!!!
  12. Evap error codes and Emission Testing
  13. Questions about tuning a Heads/Cam car with LS1 Edit
  14. Maf question?
  15. KR question...
  16. Reocuring problem please help
  17. HELP--What to expect untuned???
  18. Atap EFI Live Pro & Ls1 Edit
  19. Predator help with running rich on headers?
  20. Air Fuel Ratio Gauge very lean at idle
  21. is 02 sims suposed to blink red on and off??
  22. HELP - Service Engine Soon light (P0107)
  23. Tunercat? How much and is it better than LS1 Edit
  24. Autotap and a PP3?
  25. Anyone with AutoTap in the West Michigan Area?
  26. air fuel ratio
  27. HELP, I need a stock 2002 M6 edit file...
  28. Bite the bullet and get Edit or hold out for tunercat???
  29. HPP3 ?
  30. how to disable electronic throttle?
  31. LTFT are +25 and not moving!! LOTS of valve train noise
  32. air system?
  33. 02 Z06 Vet PCM problems with rear gear change
  34. Was going for a drive today and check engine light came on
  35. Is there a aftermarket maf for LS1's for boost?
  36. Question about LS1 edit
  37. If different size injecors are used, is tuning required?
  38. Need 3 guys to buy LS1edit. $250 a piece instead of $550
  39. problem with A.I.R.
  40. Could idle/surging problem be related to ABS module failure?
  41. anyone in se missouri area with atap or similar??
  42. Palm OBD-2 Scanner ?
  43. how does tire size affect pcm?
  44. Car still dies when it's hot with new cam.
  45. DTC P0741
  46. question regarding running wires through firewall on 01' Z
  47. Any programming that can fix 01-02 w/ TC shifts???
  48. Bog off the line
  49. Good OBD II scanner
  50. Misfires & TC unlocking
  51. Why tuning based on O2 readings can be a bad thing...
  52. Any good tuning shops in Michigan?
  53. Jet stage 2 for a 2000 SS???????????????
  54. Edit Issues
  55. Who can perf tune 99 Camaro LS6 w/ LS1 Edit in N. Illinois??
  56. another injector offset ?
  57. a4 shift points (this ones for the ls1 tech gods)
  58. LS1 edit/stock motor
  59. Code P0106 ???
  60. Can you get an idea of exhaust emissiions using EFILive V5?
  61. NFB: Need some help with my laptop I use for my car
  62. Can't get Converter to lock. Please help.
  63. quick question about a/f mixture and 0 knock at wot
  64. Changed VE Table now i have a slight Hesitation!
  65. Pcm reprogram after engine swap a must?
  66. EFI Live V5 ?
  67. stock ls1 rev limit
  68. Installed Cam Need Help on Tuning Issues!
  69. Diablo Predator custom tune install problems.
  70. p1336 code wtf??
  71. ltrims and fuel pouring in? (Long)
  72. HELP non LS1, How do you reset an air-bag dash light ??
  73. I lower "IFR" by 2% , did this make PE WOT go up 2% or ??
  74. LS1-Edit/Program Can't "establish" connection???
  75. Installed new LS6 in 99 SS but no HP gain - computer issue?
  76. ATAP start-up question
  77. Now I'm getting pissed off........................
  78. Predator problems?
  79. Recurring P102
  80. ATAP for palm being a PITA!
  81. Segment 1 Check Sum is Wrong! WTF?!?
  83. LS1 Edit help
  84. ecm tuning
  85. What can make one bank run leaner than the other?
  86. ABS and TCS Delete
  87. I think I'm retarded!! Really! Please help
  88. Cooling Fans don't Turn On?!?!
  89. MAFT causing 4 degrees of KR
  90. Whats the best
  91. SES Light.....??
  93. Anyone ever had Ls1 Edit not work?
  94. Need to reduce timming with LS1 Edit - How?
  95. Swapped to 30# acell injectors, now has horrible bog
  96. Any Body Know How to Figure Injector Offset
  97. Idle tuning?
  98. Thoughts on this AFR after cam???
  99. DTC 121???? TPS
  100. Are My LTFT's to Negative?
  101. P0449 how do I fix?
  102. MAFT Mounting Location
  103. Generator L-Terminal Circuit P1637 -- AIR System code PO410
  104. How to Reduce Timming with LS1 Edit?
  105. Tech Edge A/F meter???
  106. How much for Autotap and LS1Edit?
  107. stock 2001 ls1 file
  108. 2 sets of LTFT's in autotap, which should I use?
  109. Understanding Air/Fuel Ratio
  110. IAT tricking... except I need it to say the air is hot! help
  112. user manual
  113. Need some help tuning 224/227 Cam--Starts
  114. 2003 Z06 Top Speed Limiter Removal??????
  115. New spark plug wires and plugs installed, now the car is....
  116. Do You Have This Module??
  117. Efexts of H/C on A/F
  118. throttle sticks on my 96 LT-1
  119. P1637 Generator L-Terminal Circuit??
  120. Error DTC P0782 2-3 Shift Malfunction?
  121. stock tune anyone?
  122. file does not have a segment 1 ID???
  123. Anybody watch EGT's?
  124. 99 and up pcm on a 98
  125. LS1edit and new cam Idle problems??
  126. P1683 - Metering oil pump temp sensor circuit malfunction?
  127. Can I use a stock tune from...
  128. H/C Airflow....what is your max w/ your setup? .....
  129. EFI Live For Sale
  130. Tuning for turbo... Where do I start?
  131. Big Cam/Low Vacuum tuning at idle and part throttle?
  132. SLP Air-Temp Module OK with aftermarket MAF?
  133. MAF?
  134. 99 MAF on 01 Z28?
  135. locked computer?
  136. Warm starts car wont idle??
  137. predetor
  138. p0336 and p0327 code
  139. Anyone with similar mods and LS1 Edit inside please
  140. EFILIVE or LS1 Edit
  141. Will this LS1Edit file work with my PCM?
  142. 99 Camaro Cluster
  143. How Hard is it to Tune a Cam?
  144. what do IAC in park and in gear fields do?
  145. Rich at idle after cam
  146. can someone get me some screen prints of ls1 edit please
  147. PO137 and PO157 - which O2 sensors are these???
  148. Can you have your PCM reprogrammed with a new vin?
  149. Removing PCM?
  150. Tuning the GTP Bosch injectors?
  151. back to stock rev limiter?
  152. the cost of sequential management? *DELETED*
  153. EFIlive ??? '01Z06
  154. How would you tune this?
  155. Abuse mod ?
  156. LS1Edit problem....need help....
  157. not charging
  158. Lost timing
  159. Codes after Header Install..........HELP!!!!
  160. Plese help: Signal wire for Oxygen Sensors
  161. Should I get LS1 EDIT?
  162. Is EFIlive necessary if you have LS1edit?
  163. How important is the MAP sensor?
  164. Problems in first gear
  165. Running Air flow
  166. Torque managment
  167. What is VE? (tuning for hot starts)
  168. Revisiting Shift Points - N/A Compared to On The Juice
  169. 97 C5 ATI 9lb.-P1518, P1514, P1571 - Reduced Engine Power
  170. hear that IAC counts inop in A Tap 2.04. Any others?
  171. LS1 EDIT
  172. Barely passed NY State inspection - HC 0.57 out of 0.60
  173. Low voltage warning b4 edit
  174. Can LS1 Edit...
  175. How do I turn off my ABS INOP light?
  176. What program would u recommend?
  177. Just ordered a pocket dyno?
  178. Diablo Predator performance tune download help
  179. Setting Target A/F ratio at idle / cruise with ls1edit
  180. autotap ?'s
  181. What is the correct way to eliminate torque management?
  183. Autotap and converter lockup
  184. Running Atap w/USB Serial Adapter
  185. Help with hot starts
  186. Torque management; please explain/help...
  187. Atap Analysis Question
  188. LS1 edit
  189. IAC counts too high how do I lower w/o drilling hole larger?
  190. Diablo Predator and TR224 or TR220 cam users here please..
  191. ATAP and Nitrous
  192. RPM's holding at 1800 for 10 seconds before going to idle...
  193. What is too low for O2 millivolts?
  194. Help with tunnig
  195. Throwing phantom codes....SES light flashing but no codes?
  196. Laptop Mount
  197. anyone in the READING, PA area
  198. PE versus injector flow.
  199. 2001 LS1 PROBLEMS!!
  200. What happens if you max grams per cylinder?
  201. Where is all my HP
  202. What do these 02 readings tell you?
  203. tuning shift points
  204. code trouble
  205. Palm based Dyno / Scantools?
  206. car not running good!!!!!!!
  207. Which O2 sensors should I have???
  208. Diablo Sport Predator tuning for 85 mm MAF
  209. How to tune med. load?/Edit
  210. Diablo Sport Predator
  211. LS1Edit, EFILive, AutoTap, Predator, Hypertech, etc
  212. please help- kr? and edit ? (long)
  213. Edit Tuning related issue's Q/ about fuel guage
  214. 01' and 02' cars.....How much timing are you running?
  215. Hpp 2000 on a 2003
  216. need help; engine problem
  217. For those of us who have Ed Wright tunning?
  218. How Do I log Shift Points A4 with A-tap?
  219. My LS1 Edit CD is unreadable? DVD ROM drive won't accept it
  220. Underdrive Pulley after dynotune with LS1Edit... Affects?
  221. Rev Limiter ?
  222. need help, KR problem
  223. Timing and Nitrous
  224. Wideband O2 ?
  225. What do bad O2's read as far as mv???
  226. Question on fixing Speed - O
  227. can I use a-tap with home pc?
  228. Hypertech or JET Chip
  229. Can MAP Numbers Help Detemine if there is a Vacuum Leak?
  230. Mail order tuning???
  231. whats the easiest way to richen across the board?
  232. system readiness efilive v5
  233. what A-tap to get?
  234. Looking for a picture of fuel and timing maps
  235. O2 sim trickery
  236. Surging & High Idle (LS1Edit)
  237. AFR to Mv conversion?
  238. New at this.....any ideas by looking at this graph?
  239. car has tuning issues with fuel!! Please help!!!
  240. MAF table edit with Predator?
  241. where can I find a list of SES codes?
  242. scanmaster reading low 400's WTF
  243. Please help me interpret O2 readings and compression test
  244. EDUCATE ME!!!!
  245. Need help quick - security light cut off the fuel pump
  246. SES light Flashes at end of track, but no code
  247. How much timing is too much?
  248. Tuning "?", more like definitions
  249. Does my scanmaster work on 02's?
  250. Pace MAF??