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  1. New .xls file for Injector scaling plus misc formulas
  2. For 160* thermostat where should I have my fans set?
  3. anybody want to Turn off my egr/air codes for a few bucks???
  4. p0102 did search and replaced fuse...still have question????
  5. Is there a ODBII scan tool that can....
  6. How much hp can be gained from HPPIII???
  7. How to calc new tire diameter for LS1 edit
  9. got a TC lock prob. help
  10. Edit not working with SP4?
  11. Autotap and Edit questions
  12. 02 codes?
  13. O2's reading .02-.03 at WOT... HELP!!
  14. 2003 z06 pcm p1010 maf problem
  15. LTFT questions
  16. pulse width
  17. Why is my car so slow??
  18. Is the 01 BCM the same as other years?
  19. I have some questions about ls1 edit.
  20. Torque management????? I need help!
  21. misfire on number 4i am putting this in all the places that
  22. misfire on number 4
  23. dyno tuning - table assist please
  24. What to Set MAFT at??????
  25. MAFT instuctions???
  26. 99 computer with 2001 engine?
  27. trouble code p0355 - need help
  28. Will SnapOnOBD11 scanner work to find A/F ratio and other...
  29. IAC count down to 12
  30. Car will not idle
  31. Has anyone fried their laptop with edit?
  32. How to see if u have KR?
  33. Tuner's come in
  34. Tech 2?
  35. Paging Nic00Z28M6: New Timing Table
  36. Constant 4 degrees KR... anyway to edit out w/LS1 Edit?
  37. TCS Won't work
  38. Does Predator work at less than WOT?
  39. TPS modification
  40. Spark Advance Excel Template
  42. Where are injector pulse widths in EFILive 5...
  43. 98ss pulling max knock #'s help!!!
  44. Paging NoGo
  45. SES Light ?????
  46. Autotap guys within?
  47. Auto Tap reg code
  48. P140 no activity o2 Bank 1
  49. Computer chips
  50. ECT??
  51. Do you have to have Autotap to use LS1edit?
  52. Couple LS1Edit Questions
  53. what can LS1 edit
  54. LS1 EDIT?
  55. ATI Procharger Tuning Checklist (LS1Edit)
  56. maf ends and tuning
  57. HELP! Lost communication with PCM while using edit!
  58. Anyone know how to figure out an equivelant BSFC?
  59. Running Really Lean at Idle, what to do in Edit to correct?
  60. Programming and Little Batteries
  61. Minimum Pulse Width
  62. Hypertech vs. Predator
  63. am I too Fuel Rich???
  65. looking for scanner
  66. A4 Flashing SES Light
  67. LS1 edit?
  68. Please Help (tuning)
  69. Car Won't Start Help!
  70. Running Lean Up Top Bad!
  71. A-tap with predator?
  72. Can anybody help
  73. Predator Questions (Quick Help)
  74. Problems on dyno
  75. correct way to hookup wideband on dyno?
  76. troublecode p0757
  77. 224-230/238
  78. Anybody Interested In Tuning Me and Making A Few Bucks??
  79. Help me with MAFT and Headers
  80. Got Ease, did some logging...a few ????
  81. EASE disconnecting every 5 seconds
  82. Do I need new wires & plugs?
  83. funny smell after new cam
  84. HPP3 and a MAFT???
  85. Tuning an auto car with Edit
  86. Any way to trick EVAP system?
  87. Tach slow and limiter hard?
  88. LTFT's +5 - +11
  89. Site w/example .LS1 files?
  90. (LONG) I am going to be installing a new motor and....
  91. New cam.... need tuning help (KR)
  92. PCM swapping between 98 & 99-00 T/A's
  93. Alarm systems can cause misfire and damage Cats
  94. what program to buy for my application?????
  95. Can you use ls1 edit on top of hpp3?
  96. trouble code question
  97. Diablo Diagnostics
  98. Part Throttle Tuning Tables
  99. Headers are throwing codes. I might be SCREWED
  100. ANyone familliar with MAF workings / budget GMAF?
  101. Very rich on Startup only??
  103. Is LS1edit our only option?
  104. VATS bypass box??
  105. what version of ls1edit is out now? advantages of it ?
  106. running lean
  107. Surging issues
  108. trans lock up
  109. I wan't to buy LS1 Edit but fear its to hard to use
  110. Can someone explain gms/cyl?
  111. Team ZR1 EASE won't connect
  112. New LS6 FUBAR - Need HELP BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!!
  113. At which point would a rich A/F cause black smoke at WOT?
  114. Ping under slight throttle?
  115. what would cause this
  116. Monitoring bump stop mod with Atap?
  117. Can u increase wot timing on a Z06 after a "big cam" install
  118. Simple (?) LS1 Edit question... adjusting A/F
  119. Where do you buy LS1 edit?
  120. misfire question
  121. Which will work best for my needs?
  122. Strange problem, need help.
  123. tuning problem????
  124. fan settings
  125. Still having problems with hotstarts with new cam in a C5
  126. Looking for online engine diagnostic site...
  127. ls1 edit 8.1l injector values
  128. my car shut off today?
  129. What is the resistor ohm!!!!!!
  130. Any good tuners in so cal?
  131. Has anyone had good results superior auto in so california?
  132. Tuning L-trims with MAF vs Injector scaling
  133. when to stop using hpp3?
  134. Palm OBDII Scanner----LS1M Review
  136. Changing VE under 1200 RPM, or just in the idle area?
  137. Anyone know the exact # of re-writes the PCM can take?
  138. Shift Points and Rev Limiter for 4:10 Gears
  139. Can I "program out" TCS/ASR???
  140. Open Loop Fuel/Air Multiplier Table
  141. PO106-how to get rid of it?
  142. MAFT and WOT Timing
  143. NEED HELP ASAP!! Please Read--MAFT
  144. Where was the LS1 Edit user guide, and where else.....
  145. If my car has already been tuned via LS1 Edit.....
  146. What PID to monitor O2mv with EFILive.??
  147. LS1 Edit
  148. Questions about interpreting LTRIM & O2 data in Atap
  149. ? for all you ls1 edit gooroos
  150. Looking for PCM whitepapers and/or tech info
  151. Emissions testing and computer codes.
  152. best tuner in northeast ?????
  153. Why is autotap showing deleted codes being thrown?
  154. Making the computer think the AIR & EGR is still there
  155. Eating Gas
  156. PCM Parts Numbers
  157. car stalls when shifting into reverse on M6
  158. Anyone have Emission Insight for NY, I may be moving...
  159. can someone help me please
  160. Could cut-out cause P 420 code?
  161. Is this correct for SVO 36lb injectors
  162. Getting MAF low frequency
  163. CRANK A.I.R ????
  164. Please Help!! SES code
  166. Idle RPMs drop below what is set in Edit....why?
  167. Stock PCM limits
  168. How hard is it to tune the ls1 cars and what would i need?
  169. Anyone know the normal MAP value for a cammed car?
  170. Interest in a digital knock guage with memory recall?
  171. LS1 Shop, Arlington, TX
  172. running rich
  173. what to do?
  174. "knock code" is it the Knock sensor??
  175. Chips By Al
  176. pcm controlling 4l80e
  177. Diablo predator or hpp3 whats better?
  178. settings with hypertech
  179. Best way to correct speedo? Options? Please!!!
  180. Changin misfire detection alter how many misfires Atap reads
  181. Dyno results got a few questions???
  182. I want all your opinions, remove the MAF screen or not?
  183. Mystery Code?
  184. how much gain from a good tune?????
  185. Can a usb to serial adapter work with LS1 edit?
  186. 0 KR
  187. speedo problem
  188. Best logging hardware/software ?
  189. IAC's how else can i get them lower
  190. Anyone seen this wideband?
  191. IAC's How else can i get them down?
  192. Will an HPP programmer or Predator make an ET Improvement?
  193. Where can I find a calibration table for a stock Z06 MAF?
  194. Air Temp Sensor - is this needed?
  195. rich at idle - fine elsewhere??
  196. My tune is screwed. Someone please look at my log.
  197. Will an LS6 PCM work...??
  198. o2 sencors
  199. How to reset PCM and return to stock tuning?
  200. Taking Ed Wright PCM back to stock ?
  201. Laptop issues.
  202. Need LS1 EDIT file from similar car.
  203. MAFT splice
  204. HELP! She just won't run!
  205. LS1Edit issue
  206. LS1 Edit and Autotap/EFI Live
  207. Can I buy the shop version of ls1 edit?
  208. TPS voltage on a VETTE-Autotap
  209. Will unplugging the EGR on a 99 make the car run bad?
  210. Anyone replace their knock sensors?
  211. Getting full knock retard, 12-15 WOT timing, F/R Knock codes
  212. What does flashing the computer do?
  213. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor???????
  214. 110 OCTANE RUINED O2'S?
  215. copy of auto tap?
  216. Problems and more problems
  218. Threw codes, replaced 02 sensor, and codes came back
  219. Pause Playback in EFILive
  220. Get lots of misfires @ to desensitize?
  221. Car horribly tuned after 30# inj, +25% Ltrims, 4 deg knock
  222. LS1Edit - Idle by Cyl
  223. Ls1 Edit
  224. Tuning methods for getting a cammed car to run?
  225. Access XP database to track Mods to your....
  226. I hear ACCEL DFI gen7 for LS1 is coming out very soon
  227. Throttle Position Sensor "voltage"?
  228. LS1 only runs for 3-5 seconds??
  229. KR setting off Low Octane tables... HELP
  231. Does anybody have any experience with FAST?
  232. Where can I buy EASE and what will it do?
  233. Revs up quick, revs down slow (cruise effect?)
  234. HP Loss From Speed Density Mode
  235. hypertec question
  236. HPP3 Question!!!
  237. Evap error codes and Emission Testing
  238. Questions about tuning a Heads/Cam car with LS1 Edit
  239. Maf question?
  240. KR question...
  241. Reocuring problem please help
  242. HELP--What to expect untuned???
  243. Atap EFI Live Pro & Ls1 Edit
  244. Predator help with running rich on headers?
  245. Air Fuel Ratio Gauge very lean at idle
  246. is 02 sims suposed to blink red on and off??
  247. HELP - Service Engine Soon light (P0107)
  248. Tunercat? How much and is it better than LS1 Edit
  249. Autotap and a PP3?
  250. Anyone with AutoTap in the West Michigan Area?