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  1. predator on more than 1 car......
  2. PO 171-174
  3. Hiting rev limiter only with et streets...
  4. Part throttle l-trims neg.
  5. 581 lift cam, will I need a custom tune from Predator?
  6. Injector Offset table for a 2001-2002
  7. P0106 Code? MAP Problem?
  8. AFR at 14.6 how to get it down in edit?
  9. Rolling rpm issue
  10. Help me with P0200!!!!
  11. Update on my hard starting problems and more...(LONG)
  12. Need some help with LS1 edit
  13. Threw a Code: P0410
  14. Dos version of A-tap
  15. LTFT's won't come down....not making sense
  16. I think I'm in TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Where does the red 53 spark retard wire lead to?
  18. LS1 16pin OBDII dataport pinout
  19. SES light help
  20. Just installed HPP3 and now I have an SES light. Help!
  21. dyno tuning question
  22. Opinions on Auto Tap EFILiveV5 for LS1's
  23. PCM codes 1125, 1276 & 1278
  24. Info for perspective predator guys....(Long)
  25. predator tuneing
  26. PLEASE help me out with this weird misfire problem.....
  27. predator info
  28. runninwiththedevil
  29. OK I need to find a dyno near Florence SC
  30. Ported/Descreened MAF - Hurt performance?
  31. Anyone ever open their LS1 Edit cable up? jumpers?
  32. did carputing send me the right stuff?
  33. Big thanks to Javan with B & B electronics with help on Atap
  36. ? on wires
  37. P0327 Knock Sensor Low Voltage... help!
  38. Stock Throttle Body hole size
  39. Wat size drill bit for tb butterfly hole?
  40. Computer differences ?
  41. help,,,,,,,proplem after new plugs
  42. predator
  43. G5X2 tunning nightmare!
  44. doesnt shift right
  45. Adjusting MAF to 512g/sec
  46. Disabling TCC lockup function
  47. Need tuning help... getting LTFT's dialed in
  48. i need autotap help, car is running bad
  49. Just got Predator: any basic suggestions on adjustment?
  50. How to move Auto Tap file from PC to Laptop
  51. time 4 tuning, ATAP logs inside
  52. Injector Flow Rate vs MAF table for Fuel Tuning
  53. PE VS RPM Table Question
  54. Will cleaning MAF help my problem?
  55. DTC P0300 (engine misfire detected)
  56. LS1 EDIT
  57. Removing 02s entirely?
  58. All possible reasons for a cylinder not to get spark?
  59. Anyone know a good tuning shop in SoCal Area? *DELETED*
  60. does efilive give you acurate afr
  61. LS6 intake and Z06 injectors installed
  62. wiring question
  63. Predator Newbie
  64. ls1 edit and predator together??
  65. What does TEA use
  66. SES light???
  67. ?? about tuning
  68. Some one Help (Predator)
  69. 1371 code?
  70. Who uses ls1 edit near LA???
  71. O2 Test?
  72. Predator re-sell
  73. How do i get ls1 edit?
  74. Ken Kelly's phone number
  75. SES code, P0430 just after last weeks P0161
  76. Changing torque management?
  77. Anyone experience the P0801 code?
  78. My PCM went poof while using LS1Edit
  79. Idle Problem After Ported TB
  80. What would cause my interior light fuse to keep blowing out
  81. "Black box" questions....
  82. Thanks!! - VE table adjustment
  83. O2 sensors...what brand and where to get??
  84. paging Jim Wilson with the 03 z06 and magnacharger
  85. Is there such thing as "LS1edit archives"?? if so i need it
  86. How do you richen the car
  87. Tuning with EGT.
  88. Speed Inc dialed in my Z!
  89. Will it be safe to run new engine without a full tune?
  91. How to reset HPP3?
  92. predator or hypertech III?
  93. Troubleshooting a hard start???
  94. Need help ASAP please!
  95. STFT and KR question
  96. SLP 85MM MAF - bag it?
  97. Predator problems
  98. Flashing SES light. What's it mean?
  99. what to change first?
  100. LS1 EDIT ??
  101. ls1edit newbie
  102. Paging Harlan ... got some electronic questions
  103. Sending PCM off for tuning
  104. LS1 Edit & converter slip
  105. What type of singal does the EGR looks for?
  106. How did you get your heads/cam car to idle???
  107. LTFT aren't moving on atap
  108. DTC 0420 code?
  109. Tuner near OBX, NC?
  110. Can I delete Knock Retard for good with Edit??
  111. Showing P1416?
  112. Slow PCM?? is that possible?
  113. Throttle Body Cfm
  114. panhandle tuner?
  115. Has a few codes pop up...any advice?
  116. LTRIMS on bank 2 are very positive, while bank 1 looks ok
  117. Quick 02 simms question?
  118. Help, Not getting any Idle Air Counts
  119. Can LS1 Edit be installed...???
  120. why wont my converter lockup (go into OD)???
  121. Effects of Lowering fan turn on/off temps
  122. Got P0327 & P0332 Codes - Won't Go Away, HELP!
  123. Does this make any sense?
  124. MAF-T
  125. fuel tuning
  126. HPP III???
  127. 3.73 shift points
  128. SES help
  129. Will give free dyno time to tuner,for tuning my personal car
  130. SES - 4 Codes
  131. Service engine light on
  132. LTrims stick at +25% almost all the time
  133. Oil Change Light
  134. Need help with LS1 edit A.S.A.P please.
  135. Shift points for A-4
  136. Predator wont communicate?
  137. Can the VE table be adjusted for LTFTs????
  138. Getting a "stumble" at PT only
  139. EASE experts please help
  140. Is it really necessarily to have bigger injectors for better
  141. ed wright
  142. G- Tech Pro
  143. can Autotap check for cylinder compression?
  144. Switched Maf-t
  145. Car wont start randomly, just cranks???
  146. Predator W/3.73s
  148. Need Delphi 55# Injector Tables
  149. FIGURE THIS ONE????
  150. Anyone running WIde Band O2s?
  151. This thing solved my MAF porting high rpm ping!!
  152. Autotap loses connection after 1-2 minutes, how to fix?
  153. HELP !!!!!!
  154. Is autotap difficult to use?
  155. Fan settings in Houston
  156. LS1 Edit / MAF Tuning vs MAF Translater
  157. EASE questions
  158. i really need some/any help
  159. I have a low oil light but plenty of oil
  160. I need autotap dos software
  161. injector scale close to stock for 36lb injectors in 422??
  162. Wo Hoo!! Got My LM-1 Wide-Band Meter Today!!
  163. Gear calibration
  164. Kpa High or low at WOT?
  165. New .xls file for Injector scaling plus misc formulas
  166. For 160* thermostat where should I have my fans set?
  167. anybody want to Turn off my egr/air codes for a few bucks???
  168. p0102 did search and replaced fuse...still have question????
  169. Is there a ODBII scan tool that can....
  170. How much hp can be gained from HPPIII???
  171. How to calc new tire diameter for LS1 edit
  173. got a TC lock prob. help
  174. Edit not working with SP4?
  175. Autotap and Edit questions
  176. 02 codes?
  177. O2's reading .02-.03 at WOT... HELP!!
  178. 2003 z06 pcm p1010 maf problem
  179. LTFT questions
  180. pulse width
  181. Why is my car so slow??
  182. Is the 01 BCM the same as other years?
  183. I have some questions about ls1 edit.
  184. Torque management????? I need help!
  185. misfire on number 4i am putting this in all the places that
  186. misfire on number 4
  187. dyno tuning - table assist please
  188. What to Set MAFT at??????
  189. MAFT instuctions???
  190. 99 computer with 2001 engine?
  191. trouble code p0355 - need help
  192. Will SnapOnOBD11 scanner work to find A/F ratio and other...
  193. IAC count down to 12
  194. Car will not idle
  195. Has anyone fried their laptop with edit?
  196. How to see if u have KR?
  197. Tuner's come in
  198. Tech 2?
  199. Paging Nic00Z28M6: New Timing Table
  200. Constant 4 degrees KR... anyway to edit out w/LS1 Edit?
  201. TCS Won't work
  202. Does Predator work at less than WOT?
  203. TPS modification
  204. Spark Advance Excel Template
  206. Where are injector pulse widths in EFILive 5...
  207. 98ss pulling max knock #'s help!!!
  208. Paging NoGo
  209. SES Light ?????
  210. Autotap guys within?
  211. Auto Tap reg code
  212. P140 no activity o2 Bank 1
  213. Computer chips
  214. ECT??
  215. Do you have to have Autotap to use LS1edit?
  216. Couple LS1Edit Questions
  217. what can LS1 edit
  218. LS1 EDIT?
  219. ATI Procharger Tuning Checklist (LS1Edit)
  220. maf ends and tuning
  221. HELP! Lost communication with PCM while using edit!
  222. Anyone know how to figure out an equivelant BSFC?
  223. Running Really Lean at Idle, what to do in Edit to correct?
  224. Programming and Little Batteries
  225. Minimum Pulse Width
  226. Hypertech vs. Predator
  227. am I too Fuel Rich???
  229. looking for scanner
  230. A4 Flashing SES Light
  231. LS1 edit?
  232. Please Help (tuning)
  233. Car Won't Start Help!
  234. Running Lean Up Top Bad!
  235. A-tap with predator?
  236. Can anybody help
  237. Predator Questions (Quick Help)
  238. Problems on dyno
  239. correct way to hookup wideband on dyno?
  240. troublecode p0757
  241. 224-230/238
  242. Anybody Interested In Tuning Me and Making A Few Bucks??
  243. Help me with MAFT and Headers
  244. Got Ease, did some logging...a few ????
  245. EASE disconnecting every 5 seconds
  246. Do I need new wires & plugs?
  247. funny smell after new cam
  248. HPP3 and a MAFT???
  249. Tuning an auto car with Edit
  250. Any way to trick EVAP system?